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Full text of "A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland"

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SIR   BERNARD   BURKE,   C.B.,    LL.D.. 


THOU    OK  "the    peerage    AND    UAROXETAGE,"  'THE    DOUMANT    AND    EXTIXOl    PEERAGE," 

'•  THE    VICISSITUDES    OE    EAMILIES,"    &C.,    tV:C. 


Vol.  IL 





§O0liSdler  to  f  [ic  ^m\\  aiii)  |].|l|).  tijc  |Uinft  of  Mhilcs. 













VOL.  II. 

Lacox,  John  EDirrsD,  Esq.  of  Diintviine,  co. 
orfar,   J.P.,  b.  2  Nov.  1810 ;   m.  14  May,  184-4, 
louisa  Matilda,  dau.  of  Edward  Shewell,  Esq.,  and 
ad  an  only  son, 

Frederick  Graham,  6.  7  June,  1849,  Lieut.  17th  regt. ;  m. 
1875,  Annie  Margaret,  dau.  of  the  Ven.  Arthur  Macdonald 
Hopper,  Archdeacon  of  Norwich,  and  is  deceased. 

yLilXtilQt. — The  Grahams  of  Duntrune,  and  the  Grahams 
f  Claverhouse  were  descended  from  a  common  ancestor,  John 
raham  of  Claverhouse,  who  was  the  2nd  son  of  Sir  Robert 
raham  of  Kincardine,  chief  of  the  name  (ancestor  of  the 
'ukes  of  Montrose),  who  in  1406  m.  the  Lady  Mary,  dau.  of 
oBEBT  III.,  King  of  Scotland.  When  the  lines  of  Graham  of 
laverhouse.  Viscounts  Dundee,  became  extinct,  the  Grahams 
f  Duntrune  succeeded  as  nest  of  kin. 

John  Gbaham,  Esq.  of  Claverhouse  and  Duntrune  (2nd  son 
f  Sir  Robert  Graham  of  Fintry),  obtained  from  Archibald, 
,arl  of  Angus,  a  charter  of  the  lands  of  Balargus,  co.  Forfar, 
[e  m.  Matilda,  dau.  of  Sir  James  Scrimgeour,  Constable  of 
>undee,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

John  Graham,  of  Balargus,  who  acquired,  1530,  the  lands  of 

irkton,  and  subsequently  those  of  Claverhouse.  He  m. 
Targaret,  dau.  of  John  Bothune,  of  Balfour,  and  had  a  son  and 

John  Graham,  of  Claverhouse,  living  1541,  m.  Anne,  dau. 
.  Robert  Lundin,  of  Balgony,  in  Fife,  and  was  s.  at  his  decease, 
bout  1580,  by  his  eldest  son, 

Sib  William  Graham,  of  Claverhouse,  d.  1642,  leaving,  by 
larian  his  wife,  dau.  of  Thomas  Fotheringhamc,  of  Powrie, 
ivo  sons, 

George,  his  heir,  of  Claverhouse,  d.  1615,  leaving  two  sons. 
The  elder,  Snc  William  Gbaham,  of  Claverhouse,  was 
father  of  John  Graham,  the  heroic  Graham  of  Claverhouse, 
"Viscount  Dundee,  killed  at  KiUiecrankie,  26  May,  1689  (see 
Bubke's  Lxtinct  Pccraf/e). 

Walteb,  ancestor  of  the  Gbahams  of  Duntrune. 

lir  William  was  s.  by  his  2nd  son, 

Walter  Graham,  Esq.  of  Duntrune,  m.  1630,  Elizabeth, 
istcr  of  Alexander  Guthrie,  Esq.,  and  was  father  of  David 
iRAHAM,  of  Duntroon,  who  d.  1706,  leaving  a  son, 

William  Graham,  of  Duntrune,  who  assumed  at  the  decease 
if  David,  3rd  Viscount  Dundee,  the  title  of  Viscount,  as  heir 
Male  of  the  gallant  Claverhouse.  He  was  out  in  1715,  and 
ttainted  by  Act  of  Parliament.    His  eldest  son, 

James  Graham,  of  Duntrune,  likewise  assumed  the  title, 
cined  in  the  rising  of  1745,  and  was  also  attainted  of  treason. 
'jTviously,  however,  1735,  he  had  sold  Duntrune  to  his  uncle, 

Alexander  Graham,  who  settled  the  estate  upon  his  brother, 

David  Graham,  who  then  became  of  Duntrune.  He  was  6. 
1687,  and  d.  1767,  leaving  by  Grisell  Gardync  his  wife,  an 
only  surviving  son, 

Alexander  Graham,  Esq.  of  Duntrune,  d.  1782,  leaving, 
by  Clementina  his  wife,  dau.  of  David  Gardyne,  Esq.  of 
Middleton,  co.  Forfar,  with  several  daus.,  one  son,  Alexander, 
of  Duntrune,  who  d.  s.  p.  1802,  whereupon  his  sisters  became 
his  co-heirs.  Of  those  ladies,  the  only  two  who  married  were 
Amelia,  of  whom  presently  ;  and  Clementina,  m.  1794,  Gavin 
Drummond,  Esq.,  and  had  an  only  child,  Clementina,  ,a.  7  Oct. 
1812,  David,  8th  Earl  of  Airlie.    The  elder  dau., 

iVjiELiA  Graham,  m.  18  April,  1781,  Patrick  Stirling,  E^q.  of 
Pittendriech,  co.  Forfar,  son  of  William  Stirling,  Esq.  of 
Pittendriech,  by  Jean  Cook  his  wife,  and  had  issue, 

William,  his  heir.  Alexander,  6.  July,  1796;  d.  1801. 

Clementina,  of  Dimtrune,  6.  2  May,  1782  ;  d.  1877. 

Jane,  m.  John  Mobtlock  Lacon,  Esq.  of  Great  Yarmouth, 
2nd  son  of  Sib  Edmund  Lacon,  Bart.,  and  d.  1  Sept.  1SC8, 
having  had  issue, 

1  John  Edmund,  J. P.,  now  of  Duntrune. 

2  rienry,  E.N.,  d.  in  the  West  Imlic  . 

3  William  Stirling. 

4  Graham,  M.D.,  v/i.  Harriet,  dau.  of  Rev.  M.  Love,  and 
d.  in  India  1857,  leaving  two  daus. 

5  Mortlock,  deceased. 

6  Francis,  B.N.,  d.  in  the  West  Indies. 

1  -Amelia,  m.  Charles  John  Palmer,  Esq.  2  Jane. 

3  Clementina  Louisa,  ra.  Capt.  Thomas  Spankic,  Intlian 

4  Harriot,  m.  Major-Gen.  Ommaney,  E.A. 

Mrs.  Stirling  assumed,  with  her  husband,  on  inheriting  Dun- 
trune, the  surname  and  arms  of  Graham;  she  (il.  24  Aug.  1824. 
Her  only  surviving  son, 

William  Stirling  Graham,  Esq.  of  Duntrune,  h.  12  June, 
1794;  d.  Dec.  1844,  was  s.  by  his  eldest  sister, 

Clementina  Stirling  Graham,  Esq.  of  Duntrune,  h.  2  May, 
1782  ;  d.  1877,  and  was  s.  by  her  nephew,  John  Edmcnd 
Lacon,  Esq.,  now  of  Duntrune. 

Arnn — Quarterly,  per  fess  indented  erminois  and  az.,  in  the 
2nd  quarter  a  wolfs  head  erased  arg.,  quartering  Graham  of 
Duntrune;  Or,  three  piles  wavy  sa.,  within  a  double  trcssure 
flory  counterilory  gu.,  on  a  chief  of  the  second  as  many 
escallops  of  the  iirst.  Crest — A  mount  vert,  thereon  a  falcon 
ppr.  beaked  and  belled  or,  charged  on  the  breast  with  a  cross 
tlory  and  gorged  with  a  collar  gu. 
honos.  Seat- 

JSlolto — Probitas  verus 
Duntrune,  Dundee. 


Laxoe,  Thomas,  Esq.  of  Cregg,  co.  Tipperary, 

J.P.  and  D.L.  co.  Tipperary,  High   Sheriff   ISfiO, 

J. P.  CO.  Kilkenny,  Gcntleman-at-Large  to  H.E.  the 

I  Earl  of  Bessborough  when  Lord-Lieut,  of  Ireland. 

3  O 





iHflTfajr.— The  O'Lalors,  or  Lalors,  are  of  Milesian  origin. 
At  an  early  period,  they  migratecl,  with  the  0"3Iores,  from 
tJlster  to  the  extensive  district  of  Leix,  in  the  Queen's  Co.,  of 
■which  country  the  O'JIores  became  powerful  princes,  and, 
under  them,  the  OLalors  were  influential  chieftains,  possessing 
considerable  landed  property  between  Stradbally  and  Jlary- 
fcorough.  Their  principal  seat  was  at  Disert,  near  the  rock  of 
Dunamase.  Thence  a  branch  sprung  which  settled  in  the 
CO.  of  Tipperary. 

DioKTsius  Li^LOB,  of  Ballywoney,  was  a  member  of  this 
family.  His  name  was  signed  to  the  new  form  of  oath  and 
declaration  of  the  Confederate  Catholics  of  Ireland,  dated 
10  Jan.  1646,  o.s.,  amonsst  the  signatures  of  several  other 
personages,  who  are  styled  by  historians  "  veluti  comitiales  in 
Domo  Communium." 

The  first  member  of  the  O'Lalor  family  who  became  a  resi- 
dent in  CO.  Tipperary  was 

Jeeemiah  Lalob,  b.  1626,  who  removed  from  Disert,  Qoeen's 
Co.,  about  the  year  1666,  after  having  taken  a  prominent  part 
in  defending  the  fortress  of  Dunamase  against  the  Parliamen- 
tarians during  the  war  of  1641.  He  held  the  rank  of  Major  in 
the  Irish  forces,  and  his  father  was  nephew  to  Winifred,  dau. 
of  O'Lalor,  of  the  Queen's  Co.,  and  wife  of  John  Crosbie, 
Bishop  of  Ardfert,  who  d.  1621.  The  lands  of  Farran-g  cahill, 
near  Templemore,  and  also  several  other  denominations  in 
that  neighbourhood,  were  Major  Jeremiah  Lalor's  estates. 
Farrenagahill  at  the  present  day  pays  a  chief-rent  to  his 
descendant,  Mr.  Power  Lalor,  of  Long  Orchard  after-men- 
tioned. Major  Jeremiah  Lalor,  although  then  far  advanced 
in  years,  fought  as  a  volunteer  under  King  James  II.  at  the 
Eoyne.  After  he  had  become  resident  in  co.  Tipperary,  he  iii. 
Judith,  dau.  of  Kedragh  O'Meagher,  Esq.  of  Boulebane  Castle, 
eame  co.,  and  had  issue  five  sons.  He  d.  9  July,  1709, 
ivged  83.    His  eldest  son, 

jEREinAH  Lalob,  Esq.  of  Barnagrotty,  King's  Co.,  m.  the 
dau.  of  Samuel  Smith,  Esq.  of  Lisduffe,  co.  Tipperary,  and  had 
two  sons, 

John,  of  Long  Orchard,  of  whom  presently. 
Jeremiah,  of  Barnagrotty. 

The  eldest  son, 

John  Lalob,  Esq.  of  Long  Orchard,  and  Crcg,  co.  Tipperary-, 
m..  Elizabeth,  sister  of  John  Doherty,  Esq.  of  Outrach,  co. 
Tipperary,  and  d.  9  May,  1782,  aged  75,  leaving  issue, 

Thosias,  his  heir. 

Kieholas,  of  Dunmore  and  Ballyragget,  co.  Kilkenny,  m. 
Cecilia,  dau.  of  ITlick  Burke,  Esq.  of  Meelick,  co.  Galway, 
and  d.  g.  p.  29  June,  1798. 

John,  of  Ciannagh  and  Long  Orchard,  co.  Tipperary.  (See 
Powee-Laloe  nf  Lon(i  Orchard.) 

Jeremiah,  of  Glasshouse,  m.  1st,  Lydia,  dau.  of  AVilliam 
Smith,  Esq.  of  Burriscastle,  Queens  Co.,  by  whom  he  was 
father  of  John,  of  Gurteen,  co.  Tipperary,  who  'm.  Sarah, 
dau.  of  Edward  Kennedy,  Esq.  He  m.  2ndly,  Anne,  dau.  of 
John  Doherty,  Esq.  of  Outrath,  co.  Tipperarj'. 

James,  of  Riverstown,  m.  Miss  Bray,  a  niece  of  Dr.  Thomas 
Bray,  Pvoman  Catholic  Archbishop,  and  had  by  her  a  dau., 

Joseph,  a  law  student,  d.  young  and  unm. 

Bridget,  wife  of  Noble  Luke  Usher,  Esq.  of  Gurteen,  co. 
Tipperary,  d.  .«.  p. 

AUce,  wife  of  William  Keating,  Esq.  of  Brooklcy,  co.  Tippe- 
rary, d.  s.  p. 

Susan,  d.  unm. 

The  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lalob,  Esq.  of  Cregg,  co.  Tipperary,  J.P.,  and  a 
Deputy-Governor  of  cos.  Tipperary  and  Kilkenny,  m.  Bridget, 
dau.  of  Edmund  Power,  Esq.  of  GamaviUa,  and  d.  27  May, 
1812,  leaving  (with  two  daus.,  Maria,  m.  D'Arcy  Jlahon,  Esq., 
and  Alice,  m.  John  Power,  Esq.  of  Churchtown)  a  son  and 

Thomas  Edml-nt)  Lalob,  Esq.  of  Cregg,  J.P,  and  D.L., 
High  Sheriff  1840-41,  m.  Anne,  dau.  of  PachardX'ower,  Esq,  of 
Carrick-on-Suir,  and  had  issue, 

Thomas,  now  of  Cregg, 

John,  12th  Infantry,  d.  11  Jfov.  1850,  aged  26. 
Kicholas,  d.  18  Oct.  lt:48,  aged  22. 
Mary  Anine, 

EUza,  m.  1856,  William  O'Meagher,  Esq.  of  Kilmoyler. 
Louisa,  wife  of  Clement  Sadleir,  Esq.  of  Castle  Blank,'  co. 

Mr.  Lalor  d.  22  Feb.  1847,  aged  62;  his  widow  survived  until 
31  Jan.  1848. 

Arms — Vert,  a  lion  rampant  or,  armed  and  langued  gu. 
Crest — An  arm  embowtd  vested  gu.  cuffed  vert,  the  hand  ppr 
grasping  a  short  sword  also  ppr.    Motu — Fortis  et  fidelis. 

Seat — Greg,  Carrick-on-Suir,  co.  Tipperary. 


Poweb-Laloe,  Geoege  Eichabd,  Esq.  of  Long 
Orchard,  co.  Tipperary,  b.  29  Aug.  1864. 

ILtliraCJC* — Paternally  this  family  is  a  branch  of  Poweb  or 
DE  LA  PoEB  of  Garteen,  co.  Waterford,  and  maternally  a  branch 
of  Lalob  of  Cregg  {see  those  families),  springing  from 

John  Lalob,  Esq.  of  Crannagh  and  Long  Orchard,  co. 
Tipperary,  J.P.,  and  Deputy  Governor,  3rd  son  of  John  Lalor, 
Esq.  of  Long  Orchard  and  Cregg.  He  m.  Mary,  dau.  of 
Thomas  Phelan,  Esq.  of  Kodstown,  co.  Tipperary,  aud  had 

John  Thomas,  6,  1793;  d.  1823,  v.nm. 

Thomas  Phelan,  Barrister-at-Law,  d.  v.nm.  4  June,  1825. 

Anastasia  Phelan,  of  whom  hereafter. 

Mary,  m.  Richard  Montesquieu  Bellew,  Esq.,  M.P.,  brother 
of  the  1st  Lord  Bellew,  and  d.  s.p. 
Mr.  Lalor  d.  7  Sept.  1828.    His  eldest  dau., 

Anastacia Phelan  Lalob,  m.  1st,  1815,  Edmund  Po  -■,  Esq. 
of  Gurteen,  co.  Waterford,  and  had  issue, 

I.  John  William,  who  s.  his  father  at  Gurteen  (see  De  la 
PoEE  of  Gurttea  la  Poer). 

II.  Edwaed  James,  who  assumed  the  additional  surname  of 
Lalob,  of  whom  hereafter. 

III.  Richard  Francis,  rn.  Sara  Gordon,  of  Virginia,  North 
America,  and  had  two  daus.  Anastacia  and  Mary. 

I.  Mary,  ni.  1846,  Henry  Petre,  Esq.  of  Dunkcnhalgh,  D.L.  co. 

II.  Eleanor,    m.    1843,    Patrick   William    Power,   Esq.    of 
Pembroke's  Town,  co.  Waterford. 

Mrs.  Power  m.  2ndly,  Right  Hon.  Richard  Lalor  Shiel,  M.P., 
and  d.  4  Aug.  1852.    Her  2nd  son, 

Edmund  James  Poweb  Lalob,  Esq.  of  Long  Orchard,  J.P. 
and  D.L.  co.  Tipperary,  High  Sheriff  1817,  Capt.  1st  Dragoon 
Guards,  s.  to  his  maternal  grandfather's  estates,  and  assumed 
as  above  the  surname  of  his  mother's  family.  He  was  6.  18 
Oct,  1S17,  and  m.  1858,  Mary  Frances,  dau.  of  George  Ryau, 
Esq.,  of  Inch  House,  D.L.  co.  Tipperary,  and  had  issue, 

I,  Geoege  Richaed,  his  heir,        ii,  Edmund,  d.  unm. 
I.  Mary  Anastacia.  ii.  Coralie  Evelyn  Mary. 

iiL  Elen  Georgiana,  d.  1874.  iv.  Grace  Mary. 

Mr.  Power  Lalor  d.  4  Aug.  1873,  and  was  s.  by  his  son,  |j 

Geoege  Richaed  Poweb  Lalob,  Esq.,  now  of  Long  Orchard. 

Arriis — Quarterly:  1st  and  4th.  or,  a  lion  rampant  guardant 

gu. ;  2nd,  arg.,  a  chief  indented  sa. :  3rd,  arg.,  on  a  chief  gu. 

I  three  escallops  of  the  first.    Crests — 1  st.  An  arm  embowed  vested 

gu.  cuffed  vert,  the  hand  ppr.  grasping  a  short  sword  also  ppr. ; 

2nd,  A  stag's  head  affrontee  or,  between  the  horns  a  tiucitix 

ppr.     Mottoes—  Fortis  et  fidelis ;  and  Per  crucem  ad  coronam.  

Seat — Long  Orchard,  Templemore,  co.  Tipperary. 


Lamb,  Eichabd  Westbeooe:,  Esq.  of  West  Den- 
ton, ]S^orthumberland,  J.P.  and  D.L,  for  co,  Durham, 
b.  11  Aug.  1826  ;  m.  6  Eeb.  1855,  Georgiana  EKza- 
beth,  youngest  dau.  of  Stephen  Eaton,  Esq.  of 
Ketton  Hall,  co.  Eutland,  aud  by  her  (who  d.  17 
March,  1868)  has  had  issue, 

I.  Joseph  John  Talbot,  b.  27  Sept,  1857. 

II.  Stephen  Eaton,  b.  28  July,  I860. 
in.  Edmund  George,  b.  8  July,  lt.G3. 
IV.  Richard  Scott,  6.  12  Jan.  1S66. 

I.  Marie  Georgiana  Elizabeth. 

HtltCajC. — This  family  is  a  younger  branch  of  the  Lakhs 
of  Scat  Hill,  Cumberland,  in  which  county  they  held  lands 
for  centuries. 

Richaed  Lamb,  Esq.  of  Seat  Hill,  Cumberland,  6.  1G80; 
m.  Alice  Graham,  of  Edmond  Castle,  Cumberland,  and  had 
issue  a  numerous  family,  of  which  the  youngest  son, 

Joseph  Lamb,  Esq.  of  Ryton  House,  co.  Durham,  b.  1732, 
J.P.,  m.  1st,  the  heiress  of  the  Humble  family,  of  Ryton,  co. 
Durham,  and  had  issue  two  daus.,  who  d.  in  infancy  ;  and 
2ndly,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Warren  Maude,  Esq.  of  Sunnyside,  co. 
Durham,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Humble,  J.P.,  b.  1774,  6thWrf.nglerandB,A.of  Emmanuel 
CoU.  Cambridge;  m.  Jane,  dau.  of  Alexander  Chalto,  Esq. 
of  Main  House,  Roxburghshire,  and  had  issue, 
1  Joseph    Chatto,    m.  Eleanor,   dau.   of   William  Oliver 
Eutherfurd,    Esq.  of    Edgerston,   Roxburghshire,    and 
has  issue.  2  Alexander,  deceased. 

3  Charles,  m.  Frances  Onglcy,  dau.  of  Capt.  Frederick 
Burgoyne,  R.X.,  and  has  issue. 





1  Elizabeth,  in.  'William  Maude,  Esq.,  ynnnccest  son  of 
Jacob  Maude,  Esq.  oi  Suniiysidc  and  Sclaby  Hall,  co. 
Durham.  2  Sarah. 

8  Jane,  m.  1st,  John  Steavcnson,  Esq.  of  Ryton,  co.  Dur- 
ham,  and  has  issue;  she  m.    2ndly,    the  llev.    Henry 
Bourchier  Wrcy,  Esq.  Rector  of  Tawstock,  co.  Devon. 
4  Isabella,  m.  Bcwicke  Blackburn,  Esq.,  and  has  issue. 
II.  "Warren,  b.  1778;  m.  1811,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Robert  liiuiter, 
Esq.  of  Hunter  Hill,  co.  Durham,  and  has  issue, 

1  Warren  Maude,  (/.  1840. 

2  Frederick,  iii.  Lilla  Louisa,  dau.  of  Adam  Wallace 
Elnislie,  Esq.  of  London,  and  has  issue. 

3  Tliomas  Cornwallis. 

1  Sarah  Maude,  deceased. 

2  Louisa,  m.  Col.  St.  Aubyn,  of  Belvedere  Honse,  Jersey, 
and  (/.,  having  had  issue. 

3  Harriet,  ni.  George  Falle,  Esq.,  and  is  deceased. 

4  Caroline  Laura,  m.  Col.  St.  Aubyn,  jun.,  and  has  issue. 
lir.  Joseph,  of  whose  line  we  treat. 

I.  Harriet,  m.  Robert  Scott,  Esq.  of  Shincliffe  Hall,  Durham, 
and  had  issue, 
1  William,  b.  1804;  5ii.  Georgina,  dau.  of  Col.  Hen-ies,  and 
d.  having  had  issue.  "2  Dudley,  b.  19  May,  1S31. 

1  Georgina,  deceased. 
ir.  Sarah,  m.    George  Broadrick,   Esq.   of  Hamphall  Park, 
CO.  York. 
ni.  Helen,  m.  Capt.  Fead,  R.N.,  and  had  issue. 

rhe  3rd  son, 

Joseph  Lamb,  Esq.  of  West  Denton,  Northumberland,  and 
remmon,  Cumberland,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  b.  11  Nov.  1781  ;  m.  4 
ilay,  1S24,  Amelia  Mary,  dau.  of  Joseph  Westlirook  Michael, 
Jsq.  of  Stamford,  Lincolnshire,  and  d.  8  Oct.  1859,  having  had 

I.  Joseph,  b.  12  May,  182.3;  d.  31  July,  1812. 

II.  Richard  Westbrooke,  now  of  West  Denton. 

in.  William  Wentworth,  b.  14  July,  1830;  late  Capt.  7th 
Dragoon  Guards;  cF.  26  Not.  1876. 

IV.  John  Henry,  6.  21  July,  1834;  d.  12  Aug.  1S51. 

V.  Robert  Ormston,  b.  5  Nov.  1836. 

I.  Amelia  Mary,  m.  8  April,  1856,  Capt.  Nugent  Chichester, 
eldest  son  of  Joseph  Chichester  Nagle,  Esq.  of  C.dverleigli 
Court,  Devon. 

n.  Josephine  Mary  Agnes.  lu.  Mary  Emma  Blanche. 

Arm.t — Sa.,  on  a  fess  erm.  between  three  cinquefoils  ars;. 
wo  mullets  of  the  field.  Crest — A  paschal  lamb  ppr.  Jfloito — 
.'alma  non  sine  pulvero. 

Residence — West  Denton,  Newcastlc-on-Tyne. 


Lambaede,  Mtjlton,  Esq.  of  Beechmont,  Seren- 
jaks,  Kent,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  6.  31  Oct.  1821 ;  m.  28 
ilarch,  18i8,  Marianne  Teresa  Livesey,  dau.  of 
Edmund  Turton,  Esq.  of  Brasted,  Kent,  and  Upsall 
Jastle,  CO.  York,  and  has  issue, 

I.  John  Bell  William  Edmund,  b.  18  Oct.  1849. 

II.  Multon  Thomas  George,  b.  15  Sept.  1850. 
m.  William  Gore,  b.  22  May,  18G4. 

I.  Mary  Teresa  Louisa,  b.  17  May,  1S55. 

II.  Ellen  Grace,  b.  20  Feb.  1857. 

III.  Maude  Eleanor,  &.  1  Sept.  1859. 

rv.  Harriet  Beatrice  Anna,  b.  24  July,  ISGl. 

V.  Ethel  Julia,  b.  27  Dec.  1862. 

■VI.  Edith  Gwendoline,  6.  12  Feb.  1868. 

ICtnCagC— John  Lambarde,  Esq.  Sheriff  of  London  in 
1551,  son  of  William  Lamearde,  of  Ledbury,  co.  Hereford, 
ind  grandson  of  Thomas  Lambaede,  of  the  same  place,  Gent., 
who  was  living  29  Henry  VI.,  m.  Juliana,  dau.  and  heir  of 
William  Home,  of  London  ;  and  d.  4  Aug.  1554,  leaving  (with 
1  younger  son,  Giles,  of  London,  who  m.  Margaret,  dau.  and 
;o-heir  of  John  Stevenson,  Esq.  of  London,  who  re-married 
Humphrey  Windham)  an  elder  son, 

William  Lambarde,  Esq.  of  Greenwich,  h.  18  Oct.  1536 ;  d. 
i9  Aug.  1601,  and  was  buried  in  Greenwich  Church ;  he  wag 
idmitted  of  Lincoln's  Inn,  1C56,  and  became  a  Bencher  1578, 
jublished  Archceonomia,  1568,  obtained  from  Queen  Elizabeth 
icense  to  build  an  hospital  at  Greenwich  in  1574,  published 
The  Perambulation  of  Kent,  1576,  Eirciorcha,  1581,  and  was 
ippointed  Deputy  Keeper  of  the  Rolls  1597.  Many  of  the 
?aluable  genealogical  collections  of  the  author  of  The  Pcram- 
ndalion  are  still  preserved  at  Beechmont.  He  7);.  1st,  1570, 
lane,  dau.  of  George  Multon,  Esq. ;  and  2udly,  1583,  Silvestria, 
lau.  and  heir  of  Robert  Deane,  of  Hallinge,  Kent,  and 
.vidow  of  William  Dalison,  Esq.,  and  by  the  latter  had  (svith  a 
lau.,  Margaret,  !,i.  Thomas,  2nd  son  of  Thomas  Godfrey,  of 
seUingc),  three  sons.  Gore  and  Fane,  d.  in  infancy,  and 

SibMdlton  Lambarde,  Knt.  of  Westcombe,  in  Greenwich, 

6.  1.534,  ill.  Ann,  dau.  of  Z\r  Thomas  Lowe,  Knt.,  Alderman  of 
London ;  and  d.  1634,  leaving  a  son, 

Thomas  Lambarde,  Esq.,  b.  1G15,  who  sold  his  estate  at 
Greenwich.  He  m.  1638,  Isabella,  dau.  of  Sir  John  Garrard, 
Bart,  of  Lamer,  by  whom  he  had  (with  two  daus.,  Isabella  m., 
Alington  Paynter,  Esq.  of  Gillingham,  Kent  ;  and  Mary,  m. 
Thomas  Ilatton,  Esq.  of  London)  five  sons,  who  d.  a.  p. ;  and 

William  Lambarde,  Esq.  of  Sevenoaks,  d.  2  Aug.  1711, 
leaving,  by  Blagdalen,  dau.  of  William  Humphreys,  of  .Alaird- 
lew,  his  wife  (with  a  younger  son,  Sir  Multon  Lambarde,  Knt., 
in.  Jane,  sole  heir  of  Edmund  Fowler,  of  Ash,  near  Ridley, 
Kent,  and  d.  s.  p.  1758)  an  elder  son, 

Thomas  Lambarde,  Esq.  of  Sevenoaks,  h.  1670 ;  in.  Mary, 
youngest  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Sir  John  Beale,  Bart,  of  Farning- 
ham,  in  Kent,  and  d.  19  Dec.  1745,  having  had,  with  other 
issue,  who  d.  young  or  umn.,  a  son, 

Thomas  Lambarde,  Esq.  of  Sevenoaks,  6.  1705  ;  in.  1747, 
Grace,  dau.  of  Sir  William  Parsons,  Bart,  of  Stanton,  Notts, 
and  had  (with  four  daus.,  Grace;  Mary,  Jii.  the  Rev.  John 
Hallward  ;  Araie,  m.  the  Rev.  Sackville  Austen;  and  Jane,  r,i. 
John  Randolph,  Bishop  of  London)  two  sons,  Multon,  of 
whom  presently;  and  Thomas  (Rev.),  Rector  of  Ash,  near 
Wrotham,  m.  3  June,  1783,  Miss  Otway.  Mr.  Laaibardc  d. 
1769,  and  was  s.  by  his  elder  son, 

Multon  Lambarde,  Esq.  of  Sevenoaks,  6.  1757 ;  in.  1773, 
Aurea,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Francis  Otway,  Esq.  of  Ashgrove, 
Sevenoaks,  and  had  issue,  i.  William,  his  heir;  ii.  Thomas 
(Rev.),  6.  1798;  in.  Multon,  6.  1800,  d.  1803;  I.  Sophia,  d. 
1838;  II.  Fannj-,  d.  1821;  ni.  Bridget  Aurea,  -„;.  John 
Gurdon,  Esq.  of  Assington  Hall,  Suffolk,  and  d.  1826,  leaving 
issue;  iv.  Juliana,  jii.  1829,  Admiral  C.  G.  Randolph,  R.N.  : 
Y.  Jane,  d.  1810;  and  vi.  Mary,  rn.  1832,  the  Rev.  Richard 
Salway,  Rector  of  Fawkham,  Kent,  and  d.  1848,  leaving  issue. 
Mr.  Lambarde  d.  April,  1836,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

William  Lambarde,  Esq.  of  Beechmont,  J.P.  and  D.L., 
b.  IS  Nov.  1796;  in.  1  Oct.  1818,  Harriet  EUzabeth,  5th  dau.  of 
Sir  James  Xaesmyth,  Bart,  of  Posso,  co.  Peebles,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Multon,  now  of  Beechmont. 

II.  John,  b.  1823;  m.  1847,  Mary  Anne,  dau.  of  Capt.  Has- 
1am;  and  d.  1848,  leaving  a  dau.,  Harriet  Charlotte. 

III.  William,  Lieut.  R.N.,  6.  1824 ;  d.  1808. 
rv.  Francis,  b.  1830,  1st  Stafford  Mihtia. 

V.  Charles  James  (Rev.),  b.  28  Aug.  1833,  Vicar  of  Southill, 
Biggleswade,  Beds. 

VI.  Thomas  Murray,  b.  1836  ;  Indian  Navy. 

VII.  Henry,  6.  March,   1840;  54th  regt. 

I.  Eleanora,  in.  1854,  Robert  W.  P.  Battiscombo,  eldest  son 
of  the  Rev.  R.  Battiscombe,  Rector  of  Barkway,  Herts,  and 
has  issue. 

II.  Julia,  71!.  1857,  James  Christie,  eldest  son  of  James  Traill, 
Esq.,  and  has  issue.  iii.  Jane. 

n'.  Haniet.  v.  Jane  Aurea.  vi.  Alice  Mary. 

Mr.  Lambarde  d.  1  June,  1866. 

Arms — Quarterly  of  four,  1  LAJmARDE :  gu.,  a  chevron  vair 
between  three  lambs  passant  arg. ;  2  Horne,  of  Llndon ; 
3  Deane,  nf  Hatlin(i ;  4  White,  of  Bnerleii.  Crest — ^iV  rein- 
deers head  erased  arg.    Motto — Deo  patriae  tibi. 

Seat — Beechmont,  Sevenoaks,  Kent. 

liAMBART    OF    BEAU    PARC. 

Lambart,  Gustavus  William,  Esq.  of  Beau  Pare, 
CO.  Meath,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  Secretary  of  the  Order 
of  St.  Patrick,  formerly  Major  of  the  Royal  ileath 
Militia,  B.A.  Trin.  Coll.  Dublin,  State  Steward  to  the 
Lord-Lieut,  of  Ireland  1858-59  and  1874-5,  b.  7  Aug. 
1813 ;  in.  5  June,  1847,  Lady  Frances  Caroline 
Maria  Conyngham,  2nd  dau.  of  Francis,  2ud  3Iur- 
quess  Conyngham,  K.P.,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Gdstavus  Francis  William,  Chamberlain  to  H.  G.  the 
Lord  Lieutenant  of  Ireland,  b.  25  March,  1848. 

II.  Cyril  Henry  Edward,  b.  29  May,  1866. 

III.  James  George  Richard,  b.  20  Dec.  1867. 

I.  Amy  Gwendoline  (Hon.)  Maid  of  Honour  to  the  Queen,  h. 

10  Aug.  1852.  II.  Cecil  Jane,  b.  22  Sept.  ls')4. 

in.  Constance  Una  Elizabeth,  6.  16  Sept.  1856;  5;i.  18  DeJ. 

1876,  the  Hon.  Henry  Bourke  {see  Mayo,  E.). 

IV.  Georgiana  Rose,  b.  19  Nov.  1859. 

V.  Violet  Anne  Blanche,  b.  14  Aug.  1861. 

VI  Juliane  Hamilton,  b.  19  June,  d.  14  Aug.  1863. 
vn.  Lillian  Fannie  Ermangarde,  6. 21  Aug.  1864. 

VIII.  Bertha  Madeline  Frances,  6.  29  Aug.  1869. 

IX.  Adeline  Octavia,  &.  10  Jan.  1872. 

5LlUeaQe.— Charles  LAstcARX,  Esq.  of  Painstown,  ?I.P. 






for  Kilbeggan,  son  (by  Eleanor,  his  2nd  wife,  only  child  of 
Simon  Creame,  Esq.)  of  the  Hon.  Oliver  Lambart,  of  Pains- 
town,  M.P.,  3rd  son  of  Charles,  1st  Earl  of  Cavan,  m.  EUza- 
beth,  only  dau.  of  Gustavus  Hamilton,  Viscount  Boyne,  and 
bad  issue, 

Chaeles,  M.P.,  d.  unm.  Dec.  1740. 

GcsTAVcs,  heir  to  his  father. 

Hamilton,  Major-Gen.  in  the  army. 

Elizabeth,  to.  1754,  Nicholas  Ogle,  Esq. 

Eleanor,  m.  Thomas  Elrington,  Esq. 

Mary,   m.  Christopher  Nicholson,  Esq.  of  Balratli. 

Sophia,  m.  Rev.  Robert  Gregory. 
Mr.  Lambart  d.  1753,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Gustavus  Lambart,  Esq.  of  Beau  Pare,  co.  Meath,  M.P.  for 
KUbeggan,  m.  Thomasine,  dau.  of  George  Rochfort,  Esq.  of 
Eochfort,  CO.  Westmeath,  and  sister  of  Robert,  Earl  of  Belvi- 
dere,  and  had  a  son  and  successor, 

Chables  Lasibaet,  Esq.,  of  Beau  Pare,  m.  Frances,  dau.  of 
James  Lenox  Naper  Dutton,  Esq.  of  Sherborne,  co.  Glou- 
cester, and  sister  of  James,  1st  Lord  Sherborne,  by  whom 
(who  d.  1806)  he  left  at  his  decease  (with  two  daus.  (Frances 
Thomasine,  in.  Charles  Chetwynd,  Earl  of  Talbot ;  and  Eliza- 
beth, m.  Sir  Rose  Price,  Bart,  of  Trengwainton)  an  only  son, 

Gustavus  Lambart,  Esq.  of  Beau  Pare,  J. P.  and  D.L., 
M.P.  for  Kilbeggan,  b.  16  Sept.  1772;  m.  1810,  Anna  Butler, 
dau.  of  Sir  John  Stevenson,  JIus.  D.,  and  had  issue, 

Gustavus  William,  now  of  Beau  Pare. 

Charles  James  (Rev.),  b.  4  Feb.  1817,  Rector  of  Navan,  co. 

Meath,  vi.  Maria  Smith,  and  has  Badulph  and  other  issue. 
Olivia  Florence. 
Frances  Anne  Catherine,  m.  Robert  Westley  Hall-Dare,  Esq. 

of  Fitzwalters,  Essex. 

Mr.  Lambart  d.  22  Sept.  1850. 

^)-m.s— Gu.,  three  narcissuses  arg.  pierced  of  the  field. 
Crest — A  centaur  ppr.  drawing  his  bow  gu.  arrow  or.  Motto — 
Ut  quocunque  paratus. 

Toirn  Jiesidence — Harley  Street,  Cavendish  Square.  Seat — 
Beau  Pare,  Slane,  co.  Meath. 


Lambert,  John  Walter  Henry,  Esq.  of  Ag^ard, 
CO.  Galway,  J.P.,  High  Sheriff  1850,  b.  5  Oct.  1811 ; 
m.  Feb.  1833,  Anne,  only  dau.  of  William  Fetherston 
Haugh,  Esq.  of  Derrahiny,  co.  Galway,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Thomas  Walter,  6.  24  March,  1841. 

K.  John  Henry,  6.  16  Dec.  1844. 

III.  William  Fetherstonhaugh,  b.  20  Nov.  1853. 

I.  Anne  Caroline. 

II.  Cluirlotte,  m.  Col.  Cuthbert  Barlow,  10th  foot. 

III.  Emily,  m.  Charles  Kelly,  Esq.  of  Luneston,  Westmeath. 

IV.  Elizabeth  Jaue,  m.  Thomas  Barlow,  Esq. 

V.  Marian    Marcella,   m.    Charles    Brcreton,    Esq.,    Royal 

VI.  Adelaide,  m.  Rev.  Robert  O'Callaghan,  Eathmines. 

VII.  Fanny. 

VIII.  Alice,  m.  Jonas  Lamprey,  M.B.,  Surgeon  General  C7th 

HtnCrtflC.— John  Lamhert,  Esq.  of  Mil  ford,  co.  Galway, 
eldest  son  of  Walter  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Cregclare,  co.  Galway, 
by  his  2nd  wife,  Miss  Martyn,  of  Tullyra  Castle),  to.  Blary,  dau. 
of  Sir  Henry  Burke,  of  Glynsyke  Castle,  and  dying  1787,  left 
issue  three  sons,  1  Henry;  2  Walter,  who  d.  s.  p.;  and 
3  Thomas,  of  whom  presently;  besides  three  daus.,  Jane  and 
Eliza,  who  both  d.  unm. ;  and  Letitia,  m.  John  Fallon,  Esq.  of 
Rimnemead,  co.  Roscommon.    The  3rd  son, 

Thomas  Lambert,  Esq. ,  was  of  Aggard ;  he  m.  5  Sept.  1805, 
Lydia  Fetherstonhaugh,  of  Mosstown,  and  d.  1822,  leaving 
issue,  John  Walter  Hesrt,  now  of  Agganl;  Cuthbert  Fether- 
stonhaugh; Marian,  to.  Cuthbert  Barlow,  Esq.;  Lydia,  to. 
William  Marshall,  Esq. ;  Cecilia,  m.  W.  Nixon,  Esq. ;  'and 
Chario'.te,  ni.  Capt.  Henry  Marshall. 

/Sea£— Aggard,  Craughwell,  co.  Galway. 


Lambert,  Alexakder  Clendining,  Esq.  of 
Erookliill,  co.  Mayo,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  Treasurer  of 
the  CO.  since  1836,  b.  7  Nov.  1808  ;  m.  12  Se^Dt.  1848, 
Emma  Maria,  dau.  of  Guy  Lenox  Prendergast,  Esq.' 
formerly  Member  of  Council,  Bombay,  and  M.P.  for 
Lymington,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Joseph  Alexander,  b.  7  April,  1855. 

u.  Guy  Lennox,  b.  30  Dec.  1857. 

1.  Emma  Mary  Louisa.  ii.  Flora  Marion. 

III.  Louisa  Matilda.  iv.  Florence  Amy. 

ILtnCagC. — This  family  claims  descent  from  that  of 
Gen.  John  Lambert,  so  distinguished  in  the  civil  wars  of 
England  and  Scotland,  during  the  Protectorate,  and  it  is  stated 
that  his  nephew, 

John  Lambert,  Esq.  settled  in  the  West  of  Ireland.  He  was 
father  of  two  sons,  of  whom  the  younger, 

Joseph  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Toher  and  Thomastown,  estab- 
lished himself  in  co.  Mayo  1699.  He  to.  Anne,  dau.  of  Peter 
Rutledge,  Esq.  of  Cornfield,  and  had  a  son, 

Francis  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Toher  and  Thomastown,  m.  1st, 
Rebecca,  dau.  of  Thomas  Lindsey,  Esq.  of  Turin  Castle,  co. 
Mayo,  and  sister  of  Thomas  Lindsey,  Esq.  of  Hollymount,  and 
had  by  her  a  son,  Joseph,  his  heir;  and  two  daus.  ;  the  elder, 
Letitia,  to.  Thomas  Elwood,  Esq.  of  Ashford,  co.  Galway  ; 
and  the  younger  m.  Francis  Goodwin,  Esq.  Mr.  Lambert  to. 
2ndly,  Bliss  Ormsby,  co.  Mayo,  and  had  by  her  a  son,  Francis, 
R.N.,  who  rf.  leaving  issue.    The  only  son  of  the  first  marriage, 

Joseph  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Brookhill,  High  Sheriff  of  Mayo 
1796;  m.  1st,  Barbara,  dau.  of  Thomas  Ruttledge,  Esq.  of 
Bloomfield,  and  sister  and  heir  of  Robert  Ruttledge,  Esq.  of 
the  same  place,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

Thomas,  who  d.  unm. 

Francis  (Rev.),  of  Bloomficlfl,  co.  Mayo,  J.P.,  who  assumed 
the  name  and  arms  of  Ruttledge  (sec  Ruttledge  of 

Barbara,  to.  Arthur  Knox,  Esq.  of  Bushfield,  co.  Mayo. 
Mr.  Lambert  m.  2ndly,  Mary,  eldest  dau.  of  Rev.  Alexander 
Clendining,  D.D.,  Prebendary  of  Lackan  and  Rector  of  West- 
port,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

Joseph,  late  of  Brookhill,  J.P.,  d.  unm.  1855. 

Alexander  Clendining,  now  of  Brookhill. 

Eleanor,  to.  David  Ruttledge  Courtenay,  Esq.,  Ban-ister-at- 
I'S'W.  Rebecca,  d.  unm. 

Letitia,  to.  John  Veevers,  E.sq.,  R.N.  Elizabeth. 

Georgiana,  m.  Charles  Bowen,  Esq.,  of  Milford. 
Mr.  Lambert  d.  1813. 

^rm.s— Gu.,  a  cross-crosslet  or,  between  three  cinquofnila 
pierced  arg.  C,-est—k  centaur  ppr.  charged  on  the  shoulder 
with  a  cross-crosslet  or.     Motto— Vi  quocunque  paratus. 

SecU— Brookhill,  Clarcmorris,  co.  Mayo. 


Lambert,  Henry  Patrick,  Esq.  of  Carna^h  co 
Wexford,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1864, 5.  2  Dec! 
1836 ;    m.  23  Sept.  1863,  Elizabeth,  eldest  dau.  of 
Thomas  Williams,  Esq,  of  Tan-y-Craig,  Anglesey, 
and  has  issue, 

George,  b.  5  Aug.  18CG.  Elizabeth. 

UllXraflC.— This  family  was  established  in  Ireland  by 
MiLo  DE  Lamporte,  temp.  Henry  II.    His  descendant, 

Philip  de  Lamporte,  of  Ballyhire,  in  the  barony  of  Fortli, 
m.  Marian,  dau.  of  John  Synnott,  Esq.,  and  from  him  tho 
fourth  in  descent  was, 

James  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Ballyhire,  who  d.  1631,  leaving.  Iiv 
Mary,  his  wife,  eldest  dau.  of  Robert  Esmondc,  Esq.  of  Johns- 
town, a  son, 

Patrick  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Ballyhire  (deprived  of  his  estates 
by  Cromwell),  father,  by  Mary  his  wife,  dau.  and  heir  of 
Peter  B  iinewall,  Esq.  of  Drimnagh,  of 

Nicholas  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Carnagh,  m.  Marian,  dau.  and 
eventual  co-heir  of  Richard  Stafford,  Esq.,  and  left  a  son, 

James  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Carnagh,  to.  Anstuce,  dau.  and 
heir  of  Nicholas  Sutton,  Esq.,  and  was  father  of 

Patrick  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Carnagh,  m.  Catherine  White, 
acquired  with  her  estates  in  the  co.  Kilkenny,  and  had  two 
sons  and  a  dau.    The  eldest  son, 

James  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Carnagh,  dying  at  Bath  without 
issue,  1757,  was  s.  by  his  brother, 

Henry  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Carnagh,  m.  Margaret  FitzSimon, 
of  the  House  of  Glancullen,  co.  Dublin,  and  had  three  son? 
and  two  daus.    The  eldest  son, 

Patrick  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Carnagh,  to.  1781,  Mary  Anne, 
eldest  dau.  of  George  Lattin,  Esq.  of  Morristown  Lattin,  co. 
Kildare,  representative  of  the  very  ancient  family  of  Lattin, 
and  had  issue, 

Henry,  his  heir. 

Ambrose,   of  New  Grove,  co.  Kilkenny,  h.  1789  ;  in.   1823, 

Eliza,  dau.  of  John  Snow,  Esq.;  and  d.  5  July,  1856,  leaving 
1  Ambrose,  of  New  Grove,  J.P.  {m.  1864,    Mary,   dau.   of 

Francis  Coppingcr,   Esq.,  and  d.  11  Aug.   1878),    leaving 
issue  ;  2  Sydenham  John  ;  and  daus. 

Catherine,  in.  1811,  Gerald  Aylmer,  Esq.  brother  of  tho  lata 

Countess  of  Kenmare. 





Margaret.  Letitia,  aXun,  d.  1854. 

Jane,  m.  Awley  Banon,  Esq.,  M.D.,  of  Irishtown,  co.  West- 
Mr.  Lambert  d.  July,  1S08,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Heney  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Carnagh,  J.l'.  and  D.L.,  M.P.  for 
CO.  AVexford.  b.  1  Sept.  1786;  m.  11  June,  1835,  Catherine, 
youngest  dau.  of  William  Talbot,  Esq.  of  Castle  Talbot,  and 
sister  of  Maria  Theresa,  Countess  of  John,  16tti  Earl  of  Shrews- 
bury, and  d.  20  Oct.  1861,  leaving  issue, 

Henry  Patrick,  now  of  Carnagh. 

George  Thomas,  b.  9  Nov.  1837. 

Mary  Jane,  m.  P.  J.  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Rose  Park,  co.  Dublin. 

Anne,  m.  27  Jan.  1870,  Edwin  Windham,  3rd  Earl  of  Dun- 
raven  and  Mountearl,  K.P.,  who  d.  6  Oct.  1S71. 

Catherine,  d.  xiani.  8  March,  1S57. 

Juliana  Margaret.  Letitia.  Fanny. 

yj /•)»«— Quarterly :  1st  and  4th,  vert,  a  lamb  arg. ;  2nd  and 
3rd,  crm.,  an  eagle  displayed  gu.  Crest — A  sagittary  per  pale 
gu.  and  arg.,  charged  with  a  trefoil  vert  the  bow  and  arrow  or. 
Motto — Deus  providebit. 

jSeai— Carnagh,  Xew  Boss,  co.  Wexford. 


Lambert,  Walter  Macclellan,  Esq.  of  Water- 
dale,  CO.  Galvray,  late  Capt.  41st  regt.,  b.  31  Aug. 

3iillC(t(IC. — Thi.=  family,  which  claims  descent  from  John 
Lambert,  2nd  son  of  Lambert,  of  Calton,  co.  York,  settled  in 
CO.  Galway  1C06.  John  Lambert,  the  first  settler's  son,  who 
m.  Janet,  dau.  of  Walter  Taylor,  Esq.,  was  killed  at  the  siege 
of  Derry,  leaving  a  son, 

Walter  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Creg  Clare,  m.  1st,  Miss 
Hamilton,  and  by  her  had  one  son,  Charles,  of  whom 
presently.  He  ra.  2ndly,  Jliss  Martyn,  of  Tullyra,  by  vrhoni 
he  had  (with  several  daus.,  of  whom  one  ra.  Francis  Butler, 
Esq.  of  Gregg;  and  another  m.  Morgan,  of  Monksfield)  several 
sons,  ancestors  respectively  of  the  Lamberts  of  Castle  Lambert 
(see  that  famUy),  Lamberts  of  KUqiiain,  Lamberts  of  Castle 
EUen,  <bc.    The  eldest  son, 

Cuarles  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Creg  Clare,  m.  1742,  Blargaret, 
dau.  of  Dominick  Browne,  Esq.  of  Castle  Macgarrett,  co. 
Galway,  and  by  her  had  (with  six  other  children,  who  d.  unm.) 
a  son,  Walter,  of  whom  presently,  and  three  daus.,  Elizabeth, 
5)!.  John  Burke,  Esq.  of  Tyaquin;  Catherine,  m.  —  Wilson, 
Esq.  of  Belvoir,  co.  Clare;  and  EUice,  m.  —  Donnelan,  Esq.  of 
Killagh,  CO.  Galway.    The  son, 

Walter  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Creg  Clare,  m.  1st,  1779,  Honoria 
Dillon,  sister  to  the  1st  Lord  Clonbrock,  by  whom  he  had  no 
issue;  and  2ndly,  1784,  Catherine,  dau.  and  co-heiress  of 
James  Staunton,  Esq.  of  Waterdale  House,  co.  Galway,  and  by 
her  had  three  daus.,  Harriet,  d.  1829,  unm.  ;  Maria  Margaret, 
d.  1853,  unm.;  and  Emily,  d.  1830,  x'.nm.;  and  two  sons, 
James  Staiston,  his  heir;  and  Thomas  Dominick,  6.  July, 
1791.  Mr.  Lambert  d.  25  Sept.  1832,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest 

Jasies  Staunton  Lambert,  Esq. of  Waterdale,  J. P.  and  D.L., 
High  SheiiCf  1813,  and  M.P.  for  co.  Galway  from  1826  to  1S33; 
6.  5  March,  1789  ;  to.  25  Sept.  1832,  tlie  Hon.  Camden  Eliza- 
heth  Macclellan,  only  child  of  Camden  Gray,  last  Lord  Kirk- 
cudbright, and  by  her,  who  d.  1  July,  1874,  had  issue, 

Walter  Macclellan,  now  of  Waterdale. 

Cliarlcs  James,  b.  11  Oct.  1837;  d.  6  Feb.  1855. 

Thomas  Camden,  b.  5  Oct.  1841,  Capt.  in  the  army. 

Robert,  h.  4  Feb.  1844.  James  Henry,  b.  6  Sept.  1851. 

Sarah  Elizabeth,  m.  2  Oct.  1858,  Charles  Edward  Lewis,  Esq. 
of  St.  Pierre,  co.  Monmouth. 

Harriette,  m.  2  Oct.  1856,  Somerset  Molyneux  Clarke,  Esq., 
Capt.  93rd  Highlanders. 

Kathcrine  Isabella,  b.  21  Sept.  1839;  d.  4  Dec.  1854. 

Mr.  Lambert  d.  1  July,  1867. 

Arms — Quarterly  :  1st  and  4th,  gu.,  three  cinquefoils  pierced 
arg.,  for  Lambert;  2nd  and  3rd,  arg.  two  chevrons  sa.,  for 
Stalnton.  C'/-(4(—.\  centaur  ppr.  bow  gu.  arrow  or.  Motto — 
Ut  quocunquo  paratus. 

Seat — Waterdale  House,  co.  Galway. 


Lambert,  Thomas  Etre,  Esq.  of  Castle  Lambert, 
CO.  Galwaj,  J.P.,  late  Capt.  38th  regt.,  b.  1820  ;  m. 
1850,  Sarah,  3rd  dau.  of  John  Wilson  Trousdell, 
Esq.  of  Fort  House,  Kilrush,  co.  Clare. 

JLinCnfJC— Thomas  Lambert,  Esq.,  son  of  Waller  Lam- 

bert, Esq.  of  Creg  Clare  (see  irrecedhirj  Article),  m.  Miss  E. 
Wood,  dau.  of — Wood,  of  Chappell  Field,  co.  Sligo,  and  had 
(with  two  daus.,  Margaret,  r/i.  —  Boat,  Esq.  of  Duck's  Pool, 
CO.  Waterford;  and  Anne,  vu  Henry  Lambert,  Esq.  of  co. 
Galway),  a  son  and  successor, 

Walter  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Castle  Lambert,  ™.  1791,  Eliza- 
beth, 3rd  dau.  of  Burton  Persse,  Esq.  of  Persse  Lodge,  now 
Moyode  Castle,  co.  Galway,  and  d.  Dec.  1824,  leaving  issue, 

Walter,  of  Castle  Lambert. 

John,  Td.  Jane,  only  dau.  of  Col.  Peyton,  of  Eaheen,  co. 
Leitrim,  and  has  issue,  six  sons  and  two  daus. 

Richard  (sec  Lambert  ofZyston  Hall).      Parsons,  deceased. 

Charles,  deceased    >  j     ..x,  j  •     . 

Robert  5  '"■•  ^^^  settled  in  America. 

Sarah,  deceased,  to.  1st,  Charles  Barry,  2nd  Baron  Clan- 
morris;  and2ndly,  1830,  Edward  S.  Hickman,  Esq. 

Bessy,  deceased,  ni.  Matthew  St.  George,  Esq.  of  Kilcolgaa 
Castle,  CO.  Galway. 

Anna  Maria,  m.  B.  Eathbome,  Esq.  of  Ballymore,  co. 

Walter  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Castle  Lambert,  J.P.,  D.L.,  and 
High  Sheriff  1828,  6.  10  Sept.  1795;  m.  21  Oct.  1817,  Ann, 
eldest  dau.  of  Col.  Giles  Eyre,  of  Eyre  Court  Castle,  and  has 


Thomas  Etre,  now  of  Castle  Lambert. 

Giles  Eyre,  m.  May,  1850,  the  only  child  of  Francis  Rca,  Esq. 

of  Richview,  Sandymount,  co.  Dublin. 
Walter,  m.  and  settled  in  America. 
Richard,  m.  6  Dec.  1870,  Jean  Mary,  dau.  of  James  Eraser, 

Esq.  of  Achnagairn,  co.  Inverness. 
Annie  Sophia,  m.  July  1837,  John  Edmund,  2nd  son  of  the 

late  O'Moore,  of  Cloghan  Castle,  King's  Co. 
Anchoretta  Maria,    in.    P.   Savage,   Esq.,  youngest  sou   of 

James  Savage,  Esq.  of  Finglass  Wood,  co.  Dublin. 
Ada,  rii.  the  eldest  son  of  Dr.  Price,  of  Dublin. 

Mr.  Lambert  d.  9  Aug.  1867. 

Arras — Gu.,  three  cinquefoils  pierced  arg.    Crest — A  centaur 
ppr.  bow  gu.  arrow  or.    Motto — Ut  quocunque  paratus. 
Seat — Castle  Lambert,  Athenry,  co.  Galway. 


The  late  Eichard  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Ljston 
Hall,  Essex,  formerly  Surgeon  in  the  Eoj.  Art.,  b. 
7  April,  1807 ;  m.  27  June,  1828,  Elizabeth" Charlotte 
Louisa,  eldest  dau.  and  heiress  of  the  late  John  Camp- 
bell, Esq.  of  Lrston  Hall,  Accountant- Cfeneral  of  the 
Court  of  Chancery,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

I.  John  Campbell,  now  of  Lyston  Hall,  in  the  War  O.fice, 
m.  18  Dec.  1367,  Catherine  Elizabeth,  eldest  dau.  of  Robert 
Chambre  Vaughan,  Esq.  of  Burlton  Hall,  co.  Salop. 

II   Eichard  Blake,  Commander  R.X. 

III.  Walter  Miller,  Capt.  R.M.A. 

I.  Elizabeth  Blackwell  Campbell,  ra.  27  May,  1851,  Wynn 
E.  Williams,  Esq.,  late  Lieut.  4th  Dragoon  Guards,  eldest 
son  of  Eobert  Vaughan  Wynne  WiUiaras,  Esq.  of  Bedford. 

II.  Anne  Henrietta  Campbell,  to.  Major-Gen.  Hawkins, 
Bombay  N.I. 

III.  Julia  Campbell,  ra.  22  July,  1869,  Capt.  Eobert  Gordon 
Sanders  Mason,  late  of  the  8th  regt. 

Mr.  Lambert,  Lord  of  the  Manor  and  Patron  of  the 
Living  of  Lyston,  4th  son  of  the  late  Walter  Lambert, 
Esq.  of  Castle  Lambert,  co.  Galway,  d.  25  Jan. 
1878  (see  preceding  Article) . 

Arms,  Crest,  and  Motto — Same  as  Lambert  of  Castle  Larabcrt. 
Scat — Lyston    Hall,    Sudbury,     co.    Suffolk.      Residence — 
MervUle,  Taylor's  Hill,  co.  Galway. 


Lambert,  Walter  Petee,  Esq.  of  Castle  Ellen 
J.P.,  CO.  Galway,  High  Sheriff  1859,  b.  4  Nov.  1816 ; 
m.  5  March,  1845,  Elizabeth,  only  child  of  William 
McO'Boy,  Esq.,  tvnd  has  issue, 

Peter,  6.  8  Dec.  1848. 

UlUCagC— This  family  is  a  branch  of  Lambert  of  Creg 

Clare  and  Waterdale. 

Peter  Lambert,  Esq.,  son  of  Walter  Lambert,  of  Creg 
Clare,  by  his  2nd  wife,  Bliss  Martyn,  m.  aiiss  Carioll,  of 
Ardagh,  and  had  issue. 





Walter  Peteb  Lamcert,  Esq.,  m.  Hiss  Lubbs,  and  had 
sever  1  sons.      I'iie  eldest, 

Tetek  Lambert,  Esq.,  m.  Mn^s  Seymour,  of  Ballymorc 
Castle,    ilr.  Lambert  d.  J84-1,  ami  was  -'.  by  liis  eldest  son, 

Walter  Peter  Lambert,  now  of  Castle  Ellen. 

Ar.ju,  <£r.— .Same  as  Lambert  of  Woterdale  and  Creg  Castle. 
Siv.t — Castle  Ellen,  Athenry,  co.  Galway. 

Laiioxt.   John   Hexet,  Esij.   of   Lamont,   co. 
ArzxU,  b.  10  March,  lS5i. 

ILi'.ir.tgC. — The  family  of  Lamost  of  Lam-mt  dates  from 
tile  eleTenth  century.  Interesting  details  are  giren  of  tliem 
in  Skene's  H'tcildaad  Ciam.  The  grandfather  of  the  late 
representative  of  this  lone  descended  line. 

Jobs  Lamost,  Esq.  of  Lament,  ra.  1773,  Helen,  dan.  of  D. 
Campbell,  of  South  Hall,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1S40)  had  a  son, 

3LiJ0R-GEx.  John  Lamoxt.  of  Lament,  m.  Is05,  Rebecca, 
dau.  of  George  Hobbs,  Esq.  of  Barnaboy,  Ireland,  and  d.  IS27, 
having  had  issue, 

Archibald  Jasces,  of  Lament. 

Amelia  Helen,  in.  James  G.  Davidson,  Esq.,  and  d.  1S40. 

Augusta  Charlotte  Matilda,  d.  1830.  Georgina,  d.  1847. 

The  son  and  heir, 

Archibald  JA^rES  Lamont,  Esq.  of  Lnmnnt,  .T.P.  and  D.L., 
formerly  an  ofBcer  in  the  army,  b.  1313;  -m.  1st,  Sept.  1839, 
Adelaide,  dau.  of  James  Hewitt  Massy  Dawson,  Esq.  of  Bally- 
nacourte,  co.  Tipperary,  only  son  of  the  Hon.  James  Massy 
Dawson.  2nd  son  of  the  1st  Lord  Massy,  and  by  her  (who  d.  24 
June,  1841)  had  an  only  child,  Adelaide  Augusta.  He  to. 
2nd!y,  March,  1844,  Harriet,  dau.  of  Col.  Alexander  Campbell, 
of  PossU,  and  had  issue. 

Jobs  Hen"rt,  now  of  Lamont. 

Ctlestine  Xorman.  Evelyn. 

Amelia  Georgina  Adelaide,  m.  15  D?c.  1374.  Ilov.  Eowjarid 
Taylor  Plummer.  3Iarion  Alice. 

Arriii — Az.,  a  lion  rampant  arg.  within  a  bordure  of  the 
■second.  Citit — An  open  hand  cjuped  ppr.  SapjJOitas — Two 
wild  men.    Motto — Ne  parcas  nee  spernas. 

Heal — Lamont,  near  Greenock,  K.B. 


Lamoxt,  James,  Esq.  of  Enockdow,  co.  Argrll, 

D.L.  and  J.P.  for  Bute  and  Arsvll,  and  M.P.  "for 

Buteshire  1865  to  1S68,  F.G.S.,  F.K.G.S.,  h.  1829  ; 

s.  his  father  1861 ;   m.  10  March,  1868,  Adelaide 

Eliza,  elder  dau.  of  Sir  G-.  W.  Denvs,  Bart,  of  Dray- 

cott,  York,  and  has,  with  other  issue, 

XcEMAs,  6. 1869. 

Mr.  Lamont,  Tvho  ■was  educated  at  Eugby,  is  only 

son  of  the  late  Ales.  Lamont,  Esq.,  J.P.  and  D.L., 

of  Enockdow  (son  of  James  Lamont,  of  Knock dow), 

and  Jane  his  wife,  dau.  of  Alexander  Chi-ystie,  Esq. 

of  Balchrystie,  Fife. 

Ar.iii — Az.,  a  lion  rampant  arg.    C-cst — A  naked  hand  couped 
holding  a  dagger  erect  ppr.    ilMo — \e  parcas  nee  spernas, 
/Seat— Kjiocidow,  Argyllshire. 

See  Beooksbahk. 


■Eamsat-L'Amt,  Johx,  Esq.  of  Dimkenny,  co. 
Forfar  and  Xetherbyres,  co.  Berwick,  J.P.  and  D.L. 
CO.  Forfar,  and  J.P.  co.  Berwick,  h.  9  April,  1813  ; 
m.  10  June,  1845,  Mary  Eiche  Macleod,  only  dau. 
«[  William  Mitchell  Innes,  Esq.  of  Ayton,  co.  Ber- 
wick, and  by  her  (who  d.  27  April,  1875)  has  issue, 

I.  James,  6.  19  Aug.  1307  :  d..  9  Jan.  ISC5. 

II.  William,  b.  11  Aug.  IsoO;  EaiTister-at-Law;  m.  23 May, 
1878,  Christian,  dau.  of  Alexander  Mitchell  Innes,  Esq.  of 

in.  John  Alexander  Eams.iy  (Bev.),  M.A.  Oxford,  6. 10  June, 
1352.  IV.  Eustace  George,  h.  27  Jan.  1857. 

V.  Simpson  Macleod,  6.  9  July,  1860. 

I.  Christina,  d.  1359.  ii.  Mary  Williamina. 

iLincatlC. — The  family  of  L'Ainy,  of  Dunkenny,  is  one 
of  ci.nsidcrable  antiquity.  The  writings,  or  land  rights,  by 
which  the  present  possessor  holds  the  lands  of  Dunkenny, 

and  in  which  occur  the  names  of  his  ancestors  who  succeeded 
to  the  inheritance,  go  back  as  far  as  lO.'.O;  and  in  the  Lord 
Lyon's  patent  of  ai-ms  it  is  mentioned,  that  a  "  Lamy,  of  Dun- 
kenny," was  one  of  the  witnesses  to  a  Royal  Charter  in  1401. 
The  surname  appears  at  a  much  earlier  period  (1329)  in  the 
Chamberlain's  Eoll,  in  the  Scotch  Exchequer  Records. 

JoHX  Ramsay  L'Amt,  Esq.  of  Dunkenny,  m.  17G0,  Agnes, 
dau.  of  Robert  Hamilton,  Esq.  of  Kilbrackmont,  co.  Fife, 
and  by  her  (who  d.  1782)  left  at  his  decease,  1814,  with  four 
daus.  (Agnes,  m.  Rev.  Dr.  Lyon,  D.D. ;  Margaret,  m.  George 
Kerr,  Esq.,  younger,  of  Dumbarrow,  co.  Fife ;  Hamilton,  r;z. 
Gore  Daly,  Esq. ;  and  Helen,  d.  unm.),  one  son, 

James  L'Amt,  E'iq.  of  Dunkenny,  D.L.,  an  Advocate  at  the 
Scotch  Bar,  and  Sheriff  of  Forfarshire,  6.  8  July,  1772 ;  in. 
5  Xov.  1811,  Mary,  dau.  of  Joseph  Carson,  Esq.,  M.D.,  of 
Philadelphia,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1336)  had  issue, 

John  Rams  at,  now  of  Dunkenny. 
Sylvester,  late  H.E.I.C.S.,  6.  13^0. 
Helen.  iia.-y  Georgina,  d.  1S48. 

Mr.  L'Amy  d.  15  Jan.  1S54. 

Amu — Quarterly:  1st  and  4th,  az.,  three  crosiers  raleways 
in  fess  or,  and  in  base  a  saltier  cnuped  arg.  ;  2iid  and  3rd,  arg., 
an  eagle  displayed  sa.  beaked  and  membered  gu.  charged  on 
the  breast  with  an  escutcheon  of  the  last  a  border  of  the 
second.  Cmt — A  dexter  hand  erect  ppr.  holding  a  crosier  or. 
Mo^to — Per  varios  casus.  Supporter j — Two  naked  savages 
wreathed  about  the  head  and  middle  with  laurel,  and  holding 
oak  batons  over  their  shoulders  all  ppr. 

Seats — Dunkenny,  near  Forfar;  Xetherbyrcs,  Ayton,  co. 
Berwick.  Ciubs — Junior  United  Service;  Kew  Club,  Edin- 

Laxdoe,  Aexoid  Savage,  Esq.  of  Ipsley  Court, 
CO.  Warwick,  and  Llanthony,  co.  Monmouth,  s.  his 
father  1865. 

iLtlTCaflC. — In  the  time  of  Charles  I.,  John  Lafndeb,  of 

Rugeley,  was  a  Capt.  in  the  Royal  Army  ;  and  temp.  AVilliam 
and  JIari,  Walter  Laxdor,  Esq.  of  Rugeley,  served  as  High 
Sheriff  for  co.  Stafford. 

Walter  Lakdor,  U~q.  of  Ipsley  Court,  co.  Warwick  (son 
and  successor  of  Robert  Landob,  Esq.  of  Rugeley,  by  Mary 
his  wife,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Walter  Xoble,  Esq.  of  Longdon, 
and  grandson  of  Robert  Landor,  Esq.  of  Rugeley,  b.  6  June, 
1630,  by  Elizabeth  his  wife,  dau.  and  heir  of  the  Rev.  John 
Taylor),  m.  1st,  May,  1760,  Mary,  only  child  of  Richard  Wright, 
Esq.  of  Warwick,  and  had  by  her  an  only  dau.,  Maria,  ra.  her 
cousin,  Humphrey  Arden,  Esq.  lie  m.  2ndly,  1774,  Elizabeth, 
eldest  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Charles  Savage,  Esq.  of  Tachbrook, 
CO.  Warwick,  and  had  by  her,  with  three  daus.,  whe  d.  unm., 
four  sons, 

Walter  Savage,  late  of  Ipsley  Court. 

Charles  .Savage,  b.  7  May,  1777,  Rector  of  Colton,co.  Stafford; 
m.  Jan.  1812,  Catherine,  only  child  of  Joseph  Willson,  Esg. 
of  Marston  Montgomery,  co.  Derby;  and  d.  July,  184a, 
leaving  one  son,  Charles  Willson,  M.A.,  Vicar  of  Lindridge, 
Tenbury,  co.  Worcester,  formerly  Rector  of  Whitaere ;  and 
three  daus.,  of  whom  the  eldest,  Elizabeth  Sophia,  is  now  of 
Taclibrooke,  co.  Warwick. 

Henry  Eyres,  of  Tachbrook,  near  Leamington,  Lord  of  the 
Manor  of  Whitnash,  b.  Jan.  1780;  il.  .?.  p. 

Robert  Eyres,  M.A.,  6.  May,  17»1,  Rector  and  Patron  of  Bir- 
lingham,  Pershore,  co.  Worcester. 

llr.  Landor  d.  Xov.  1S05,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Walter  Savage  Landob,  Esq.  of  Ipsley,  b.  30  Jan.  1775; 
educated  at  Eugby  and  Trin.  Coll.  Oxford;  m.  May,  1811, 
Julia,  dau.  of  Jean  Thaillier,  Baron  Neuveville,  of  Bath,  a  lady 
of  Swiss  extraction,  and  had, 

Absold  Savage,  now  of  Ipsley  and  Llanthony. 

Walter  Savage.  Charles  Savage. 

Julia  Elizabeth  Savage. 
Walter  Savage  Landor  was  distinguished  as  a  poet,  and  is 
known  as  the  author  of  Imaginai-y  Converso.tioni  of  Literary 
Men  and  Statesmen,  and  several  other  productions.  He  was 
formerly  a  Col.  in  the  Spanish  army,  and  resided  chiefly  in 
Italy.    He  d.  1865. 

Arms — Arg.,  two  bends  gu.  each  surmounted  with  a  bendlot 
dancettee  or.  Crest — A  dexter  arm  gu.  banded  with  two  cut- 
tises  or,  holding  in  the  hand  a  fleur-de-lis  arg. 

.Seafi— Ipsley  Court,  Eedditch,  co.  Warwick;  Llanlliony 
Abbey,  co.  Monmouth. 


Laxe,   Johx    Hexet    Bagot,   Esq.   of    King's 
Bromley  Manor,  co.  Stafford,  Lieut.-Col.  Coldstream 





Jr.ards,  M.A.,  J.P.,  h.  24  Feb.  1829  ;  m.  28  Jan. 
.8Ui,  Susan  Anne,  dau.  and  co-lieiress  of  Henry 
?'incent,  Esq.  of  Lily  Hill,  Berks,  and  Eradwcll 
Jrove,  CO.  Oxford,  and  has  issue, 

I.  John  Henby  Heevet  Vincent,  6.  3  Oct.  1867. 

u.  Arthur,  b.  28  Aug.  1871.       in.  George,  b.  10  July,  1875. 

I.  Agnes  Susan,  b.  21  Oct.  1864;  d.  13  May,  1871. 

II.  Florence,  6.  17  Dec.  1865. 

III.  Constance,  b.  27  April,  1869. 

3IinC<l5C. — The  ancient  family  of  Lane  came  into  Eng- 
nnd,  according  to  llollinshed,  with  the  Conqueror.  Its 
)cdigrce  commences  with 

Sir  Reginald  de  Lone,  grandfather  of  Adam  de  Lona,  of 
IVcst  Hampton,  co.  Stafford,  whose  grandson,  Kiciiard  de  la 
jONE,  9  Edward  II.,  living  at  Hampton,  was  direct  ancestor  of 
JouN  Lane,  Esq.  of  Bcntley,  m.  Margaret,  dau.  and  heiress 
)f  Thomas  Partrich,  of  King's  Bromley,  and  dying  19  Eliza- 
JETU,  was  «.  by  his  son, 

Thomas  Lane,  Esq.  of  Bentley  and  Hyde,  m.  Catherine, 
lau.  of  Richard  Trentham,  Esq.  of  Eochester,  and  aunt  of 
Elizabeth  de  Vere,  Countess  of  Oxford,  and  had  issue,  John, 
lis  successor;  Thomas;  Richard,  of  Kearns,  co.  Monmouth; 
ind  Cassandra,  m.  Thomas  Littleton,  3rd  son  of  Sir  Edward 
Littleton,  of  Pillaton.  He  d.  31  Elizabeth,  and  was  s.  by  his 
;ldest  son, 

John  Lane,  Esq.  of  Bcntley  and  Hyde,  in.  Jane,  dau.  of  Sir 
Edward  Littleton,  of  Pillaton,  and  had  issue,  Tuomas,  his 
successor;  and  Alice,  hi.  Alexander  Wightwitk,  Esq.  He  d. 
i  James  I.,  and  was  .9.  by  his  son, 

Thomas  Lane,  Esq.  of  Bentley  and  Hyde,  who  assisted  in 
the  preservation  of  King  Cuakles  II.,  after  the  battle  of 
Worcester,  and  suffered  severely  for  his  attachment  to  the 
royal  cause.  He  m.  Anne,  eldest  dau.  of  Walter  Bagot,  Esq. 
of  Blithfield,  co.  Stafford,  and  sisterof  Sir  Hervey  Bagot,  Bart., 
and  had  several  children,  I.  Johx,  his  successor ;  ii.  William, 
of  Shetton,  from  whom  the  Irish  family  sprang;  iii.  Richard, 
a  Groom  of  the  Bedchamber;  i.  Jane,  celebrated  for  her 
heroic  conduct  in  saving  the  life  of  King  Cuakles  II.  after  the 
battle  of  Worcester,  in.  subsequently,  Sir  Clement  Fisher,  of 
Packington,  co.  Warwick,  Bart. ;  ii.  Withy,  m.  —  Petre,  Esq.; 
III.  Anne,  in.  Edward  Birch,  Esq.  of  Lcacroft;  iv.  Mary,  m. 
Edward,  son  of  Sir  Oliver  Nicholas  (cupbearer  to  James  I., 
and  Carver  to  King  Cuaeles  I.).  Mr.  Lane  d.  1660,  and  was 
s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

CoL.  John  Lane,  who  was  so  instrumental  in  saving  King 
Charles  II.  after  the  battle  of  Worcester,  and  received  His 
Majesty  at  his  scat  at  Bentley,  from  which  place  he  was  conveyed 
in  disguise  by  Miss  Lane,  to  Mrs.  Norton's,  at  Abbot's  Leigh, 
near  Bristol.  For  these  signal  services  the  family  was  dignified 
with  an  especial  badge  of  honour,  viz.,  the  Arms  of  England 
in  a  canton,  in  augmentation  of  its  paternal  coat,  and  a  crest, 
a  strawberry  roan  horse,  bearing  between  his  forelegs  the 
royal  crown.  There  is  a  tradition  that  Col.  Lane  was  likewise 
offered  a  peerage,  but  declined  it.  He  m.  Athaliah  Anson, 
and  had,  with  other  issue,  Sir  Thomas,  his  successor ;  Lettice, 
who  d.  23  Nov.  1709;  Frances,  m.  William  Offley,  of  Madcley 
Jlanor,  CO.  Stafford  ;  Mary,  m.  Sir  Humphrey  Jcrvis,  Lord 
Mayor  of  Dublin.  Col.  Lane  d.  1667,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest 

.Sir  Thomas  Lane,  Knt.  of  Bentley,  m.  Abigail,  Lady 
■Williams,  widow  of  Sir  Henry  Wilhams,  Bart,  of  Gwernevet, 
and  dau.  of  Samuel  Wightwick,  Prothonotary  of  the  King's 
Bench;  and  dying  25  Jan.  1715,  was  s.  by  his  only  surviving 

John  Lane,  Esq.  of  Bcntley,  b.  12  Dec.  1669;  m.  30  April, 
1702,  Mary,  dau.  and  co-heiress  (with  her  sister,  Sybill,  wife 
of  the  Rev.  Dr.  Birch),  of  Ilumfrey  Wyrley,  Esq.  of  Hampstead, 
CO.  Stafford,  by  Mary,  his  wife,  eldest  dau.,  and  in  her  issue, 
co-heir  (with  her  sister,  Jane,  in.  William  de  Zulstein,  Earl  of 
Eochford)  of  Sir  Henry  Wroth,  Knt.  of  Durance,  co.  Middlesex, 
and  had  issue.  Mr.  Lane  d.  25  Oct.  1748,  and  was  s.  by  his 

Thomas  Lane,  Esq.  of  Bcntley,  b.  23  April,  1703;  m.  1st, 
Miss  Anno  Austen,  and  had  issue,  John,  his  successor; 
Thoma.s,  (/.young;  Mary,  lii.  John  Taylor,  Esq.  of  Walsal;  Ann, 
d.  young;  Elizabeth  Sybilla,  jft.  Roger  Holmes,  Esq.  Mr.  Lane 
»i.  2ndly,  Miss  Anne  Sayer,  and  by  her  had  issue,  i.  Thomas 
<Eev.),  Rector  of  Handsworth,  in.  1779,  Esther  Barbara, 
<lau.  of  Sir  Thomas  Birch,  Judge  of  the  Common  Pleas;  ii. 
Charles,  d.  young;  in.  William,  of  Lancsville,  Col.  in  the 
army,  and  for  some  time  Governor  of  St.  Helena,  m.  1787, 
Margaret,  dan.  of  Jolm  Cumac,  Esq.  of  Lurgan,  co.  Armaj;h, 
and  stster  of  Col.  Jacob  Camac,   E.I.C.S.,    of  Greeumoojit 

Lodge,  CO.  Loutli,  and  by  her  had  issue ;  rv.  Edward,  d.  1784; 
I.  Jane,  in.  John  Freer,  of  liirniiiigham  ;  ii.  Anne,  m.  1776, 
George  Birch,  Esq.  of  Harborne  and  Hampstead,  co.  Stafford. 
Mr.  Lane  d.  1775,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

John  Lane,  Esq.,  b.  1723;  m.  1750,  Surah,  dau.  and  co- 
heiress of  Richard  Fowler,  Esq.  of  Pcndelord,  co.  Stafford  (see 
Fowler  of  Pendefovd),  and  had  issue, 

I.  John,  his  successor. 

II.  Thomas,  of  Leyton  Grange,  Essex,  6.  30  Sept.  1754;  m. 
4  Sept.  1784,  Barbara,  dau.  of  Thomas  Fowler,  Esq.  of 
Pcndeford,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 

1  Thomas  Goldsmith  Fowler,  b.  5  Nov.  1786;  m.  Rebecca, 
relict  of  Capt.  Napier;  and  il.  10  April,  1810,  .«.  p. 

2  John,  b.  6  June,  178S,  who  .«.  his  father  in  the  estate  of 
Leyton  Grange,  Essex;  in.  1st,  1!)  Aug.  1817,  Jane,  2nd 
dau.  of  the  Rev.  John  Williams,  M.A.,  Vicar  of  Marston 
Magna,  Somerset,  and  Prebendary  of  Wells;  she  d. 
7  July,  1818.  He  m.  2ndly,  17  Jan.  1825,  Elizabeth,  only- 
surviving  dau.  and  heir  of  William  Carter,  Esq.;  she  rf. 
17  June,  1852.  Mr.  John  Lane  d.  10  Jan.  1852,  leaving 
issue  by  his  1st  wife, 

Mary  Jane,  m.  12  June,  1839,  John  Salt,  Esq.,  who  d.  12 

Jan.  1865. 
By  his  2nd  marriage  he  had  issue, 
Newton  John,  of  Elmhurst  Hall,  co.  Stafford,  b.  25  Nov. 

la28  ;  d.  5  Feb.  1869,  having  tn.  '26  Oct.  1854,  Maryanne 

Emily,  only  dau.  of  Henry  Martin  Blair,  Esq.,  by  whom 

he  had  issue, 

Arthur  Lister  Newton,  b.  23  Sept.  1S53;  d.  16  Jane, 

Minnie  Florence  Newton. 

Menina  Mary  Newton,  d.  20  Aug.  1864. 
William  Goldsmith  Lister,  b.  7  Dec.  1835. 
Charles  Leveson,  6.  21  March,  1839. 
Harry  Thomas  Fowler,  /).  3  July,  1842;  d.  2  April,  1871. 
Mary,  rn.  9  Jan.  1850,  William  Fowler  JInunttord  Cope- 
land,  Esq.,  eldest  son  of  Williaa  Taylor Copeland,  Esq., 

M.P.,  b.  4  Nov.  1S23. 
Adelaide  Lucy,  d.  21  .July,  1831. 
Florence,  d.  31  Dec.  1851.  Ada  Barbara. 

Amelia  Sarah  Lucy.  Alice  Julia. 

3  Charles,  6.  2  Feb.  1793,  of  Queen's  Coll.  Oxford,  M.A. 
(1817),  Rector  of  Wrotham,  Rural  Dean  of  Shoreham,  co. 
Kent,  and  Hon.  Canon  qf  Canterbury  Cathedral,  drc. ;  m. 
1  July,  1»16,  Frances  Catherine,  2ni  dau.  of  the  Right 
Rev.  Daniel  Sandford,  D.D.,  Bishop  of  Edinburgh  (see 
Sandford  of  Sandford),  and  has  issue, 

Thomas  Sandford,  b.  28  Sept.  1818;  d.  10  July,  1830. 

Charles  Edward,  b.  23  July,  18-.'0  ;  d.  20  Aug.  18'22. 

Richard  Douglas  Hay,  late  Capt.  17th  Lancers,  b.  9  Dec. 
1823 ;  m.  30  April,  1851,  Elizabeth  Middleton,  only  dau. 
and  heir  of  the  late  Thomas  Ward,  Esq.  of  Heath  House, 
Middlesex,  and  by  her  (who  d.  12  Feb.  1874)  has  issue, 

Reginald  Charles  Douglas,  b.  6  April,  1852. 
Beaufort  Cosmo  Douglas,  b.  5  July,  18.54. 
Cecil  Thomas  Edward  Douglas,  b.  29  Nov.  1856. 
Charles  Robert  Middleton  Douglas,  6.  2  Feb.  1864. 
Blanche  Elizabeth  Lydston  Douglas. 

Charles  Henry,  b.  16  Jan.  1829  ;  d.  29  May,  1832. 
Thomas  Bruce,  Hon.  E.I.C.  Civil  Service,  Pre- 
sidency, b.  29  April,  1831;  )».  20  July,  1853,  Adelaide 
Fanny  .Sjiring,  4th  dau.  of  William  Hallows  Belli,  Esq. 
of  the  Hon.  E.I.C.  Civil  Service,  and  has  issue, 

Cecil  Bruce,  6.  II  Dec.  1857. 

Arthur  Bruce,  b.  3  Dec.  1858. 

Frederick  Charles  Bruce,  6.  5  Jan.  1800. 

Ernest  Henry  Bruce,  b.  19  Oct.  1861. 

Herbert  Edward  Bruce,  b.  29  Sept.  1862. 

Eva  Frances  Bruce,  d.  30  Dec.  1856. 

Henry  Murray,  Chester  Herald  of  Arms,  b.  3  March, 
1833;  in.  9  Oct.  1862,  Mary  Isabella,  eldest  dau.  of 
Richard  Fiennes  Wykeham  Martin.  2nd  son  of  Fiennes 
AVykeham  Martin,  Esq.  of  Leeds  Castle,  Kent,  and  has 
Gerald  Stratford  Murray,  h.  6  Dec.  1863. 

Francis  Charles  De  Lona  (Rev.),  6.  21  June,  1834,  M.A., 
Rector  of  Whissonsett  cum  Huniiiigtott,  co.  Norfolk. 

Jane,  in.  24  Aug.  1843,  Sir  Edward  Charles  Warde, 
K.C.B.  (Kee  Wakde  of  Squerrks). 

Eleanor  Sarah,  in.  22  June,  1854,  John  Bourryau  Broad- 
ley,  Esq.  of  Kirk  Ella,  co.  York,  late  Capt.  17th  Lancers, 
who  d.  s.  p.  29  June,  1867. 

Frances  Lennox  Meneage,  m.  23  Nov.  185,3,  Arthur 
Vendigaid  Davies  Berrington,  Esq.,  only  surviving  son 
and  heir  of  J.  Davies  Berrington,  Esq.  of  Woodland 
Castle,  CO.  Glamorgan.     She  ((.  27  May,  1859. 

Louisa  Anne.  Alice  Howley,  d.  1  Jan.  1850. 

Blanche  Emma,  d.  28  Sept.  1860. 
4  Richard,  b.  2  Oct.  1794  ;  m.  24  April,  1827,  Sarah  Pink, 
3rd  dau.  of  George  Thomas  Tracy,  Esq.  of  Liskcard,  co. 
Cornwall,  and  d.  27  Jan.  1870,  leaving  issue, 

Richard  Stuart,  b.  14  July,  ls29  :  ni.  31  Aug.  1862,  Emily 
Eliza,  eldest  dan.  of  Samuel  Levison,  Esq. 





Charles  Stewart,  Col.  in  the  army,  6.  9  Feb.  1831 ;  m. 

23  Sept.  1832,  Anne  Josephine,  3rd  dau.   of  the  Rev. 

Richard  Bcthuel  Eoyes,  and  has  issue. 
Thomas    Blomefield,    late   Hon.    E.I.C.    Civil    Service. 

Bengal  Presidency,  b.  9  June,  1832;  d.  unm.  30  Oct. 1872. 
"Wilmot,  Hon.  E.I.C.  Civil  Service,  Bengal  Presidency, 

6.  19  Sept.  1833;  m.   1st,   17  Oct.  1854,  Louisa  Anne, 

eldest  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Charles  Patten  Vale,  Esq., 

and  by  her  (who  d.  26  Sept.  1855)  has  issue,  Louisa 

Anne.    He  m.  2ndly,  16  Dec.  1862,  Martha,  eldest  dau. 

of  the  late  Lieut.-Col.  Henry  Roche  Osborn,  Bengal 

Henry,  h.  26  May,  1835,  who  assumed  the  surname  and 

arms  of  Luoas,  in  addition  to  and  before  those  of  Lane, 

by  royal  license,  dated  4  March,  1856.    Mr.  Lucas  Lane 

d.  17  Feb.  1860. 
Frances  Bain,  d.  26  Oct.  1835. 
Sarah  Magdalene,    m.  22  July,   1857,  Capt.   Frederick 

Helbert  Helbcrt,  5th  Madras  Light  Cavalry,   and  d. 

8  March,  1874. 
Emily,  m.  17  Jan.  1862,  Edward  Bernhard  Licbort,  Esq. 

18th  Hussars,  of  Swinton  Hall,  co.  Lancaster. 

1  Sarah,  m.  14  Feb.  1812,  William  Cotton,  Esq.  of  Walwood 
House,  Essex,  one  of  the  Directors  of  the  Bank  of 
England,  and  Governor  in  the  years  1842-3-4,  6.  12  Sept. 
1786;  d.  1  Dec.  1866.     She  d.  22  Dec.  1872. 

2  Jane,  b.  21  May,  1791;  d.  21  July,  1791. 
Mr.  Thomas  Lane  d.  10  Jan.  1824. 

III.  Richard,  Capt.  R.N.,  b.  6  June,  1761 ;  d.  s.  p.  28  Feb.  1799. 

IV.  Newton  Charles  (Rev.),  b.  16  Feb.  1763,  Rector  of  lu- 
goldsby,  CO.  Lincoln;  d.  s.  j).  6  March,  1840. 

I.  Sarah,  b.  2  Nov.  1751;  d.  young. 

II.  Maria,  b.  29  Jan.  1757;  m.  28  April,  1788,  the  Rev.  John 
Lucy,  of  Charlecote  Park,  co.  Warwick,  and  had  issue  {ace 
Lucy  of  Charlecote). 

in.  Sarah,  b.  30  March,  1759;  d.  young. 
Mr.  Lane  d.  28  June,  1782,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

John  Lane,  Esq.  of  King's  Bromley,  b.  25  Dec.  1752,  Fellow 
of  Queen's  Coll.  Camb.,  Barrister-at-Law,  Deputy-Lieut,  of  co. 
Stafford,  High  Steward  of  the  town  of  Burton-upon-Trent,  &c. 
&c. ;  m.  20  Jan.  1800,  Sarah,  only  surviving  dau.  of  Thomas 
Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Wyle  Cop,  Shrewsbury,  and  widow  of  Thomas 
Amler,  Esq.  of  Ford  Hall,  co.  Salop,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1 
April,  1855)  had  issue, 
John  Newton,  his  successor. 

Thomas  Leveson,  b.  28  Sept.  1802,  of  St.  John's  Collcco 
Cambridge,  M.A.,  ordained  1827,  Vicar  of  Raswick,  co. 
Stafford  (183G),  and  of  Wasperton,  co.  Warwick  (1834);  and 
Rural  Dean. 

Mr.  Lane  d.  21  Dec.  1824,  and  was  s.  by  his  oldest  son, 

John  Newton  Lane,  Esq.  of  King's  Bromley  Manor,  J. P. 
and  D.L.,  b.  4  Dec.  1800;  m.  8  Jan.  1828,  the  Hon.  Agnes 
Bagot,  2nd  dau.  of  William,  2nd  Lord  Bagot,  by  the  Lady 
Louisa  Legge,  his  wife,  dau.  of  George,  3rd  Earl  of  Dartmouth, 
K.G.,  and  had  issue, 

John  Henry  Bagot,  b.  24  Feb.  1829,  now  of  King's  Bromley. 

Albert  William,  b.  12  April,  1830;  and  d.  7  Jan.  1831. 

Sidney  Leveson  (Baldersby  Park,  near,  and  Wykeham 
Abbey,  Scarborough),  6.  13  April,  1831,  late  Capt.  1st 
Staffordshire  Militia;  m.  6  Jan.  1862,  Isabel  Mary, 
Viscountess  Downe,  relict  of  Henry,  Viscount  Downe,  and 
youngest  dau.  of  the  lion.  Richard  Bagot,  Bishop  of  Bath 
and  Wells,  by  the  Lady  Harriet  Bagot,  and  has  issue,  Sidney 
Ralph  and  Beatrice  Mary. 

William,  b.  14  Feb.  and  d.  15  April,  1832. 

Cecil  Newton,  b.  27  May,  1833,  C.M.G.,  late  Col.  1st  Stafford- 
shire Militia,  late  Her  Majesty's  President  of  the  Island  of 
Cephalonia,  m.  12  Dec.  1876,  Adela  Mary,  youngest  dau.  of 
the  Hon.  and  Rev.  Frederic  and  Lady  Georgina  Bertie. 

Greville  Charles,  b.  i  Nov.  1834,  Capt.  (half-pay)  late  Rifle 

Ernald  (Rev.),  b.  3  March,  18.36,  Rector  of  Leigh,  co.  Stafford. 

Arthur  Lewis,  b.  18  July,  1840;  d.  3  March,  1846. 

Edward  Alfred  Reginald,  b.  12  Aug.  1841  ;  d.  29  Sept.  1854. 

Ronald  Bertram,  b.  19  Feb.  1847  ;  Rifle  Brigade. 

Agnes  LouLsa,  d.  15  June,  1842. 

Alice  Frances  Jane,  d.  17  Feb.  1846. 

Edith  Emmeline  Mary,  m.  25  Aug.  1868,  Walter  Henry,  only 
son  of  Sir  Walter  C.  James,  Bart,  of  Betteshanger,  and  Up 
Down,  Kent,  and  nephew  of  Viscount  Hardinge. 

Isabel  Emma  Beatrice,  in.  11  April,  187'2,  Percy  Brodrick 
Bernard,  Esq.,  eldest  son  of  the  Hon.  and  Right  Rev.  Charles 
Bernard,  Bishop  of  Tuam,  and  the  Hon.  Mrs.  Bernard,  and 
had  issue,  a  ilau.,  who  d.  an  infant,  and  a  son,  Ronald 
Percy  Hamilton.     Mrs.  Percy  Bernard  d.  I  May,  1876. 

Mr.  Lane  d.  13  Oct.  1869. 

Arms — Per  fess  or  and  az.,  a  chevron  gu.  between  three 
mullets  countcrchanged ;  on  a  canton  of  the  third,  the  royal 
lions  of  England  (the  latter  added  for  the  reason  mentioned 
above) ;  quartering  De  t,A  Hytje,  Wyrley,  Fowleb,  and  many 
others.  Crest — A  strawberry  roan  horse  saliant  couped  at  the 
flanks  bridled  sa.  bitted  and  garnished  or,  supporting  between 
the  feet  an  imperial  crown  ppr.  Motto — Garde  le  Roy. 
4i'ea{— King's  Bromley  Manor,  near  Lichfleld,  co.  Stafford. 


The  late  Charles  Lane,  Esq.,  of  Badgemore,  ro. 
Oxford,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  Barrister-at-Law,  h.  27  Oct. 
1793  ;  m.  3  Jan.  1824,  Emily  Maria,  2nd  dau.  of 
the  late  John,  Thornhill,  Esq.,  and  by  her  (who  <(. 
21  July,  1877)  left  at  his  decease,  9  Dec.  1878, 

I.  Charles  Powlett,  now  of  Badgernore,  Major-Gen.,  6.  3 
Feb.  1821;  in.  1st,  2  Sept.  1857,  Caroline,  youngestdau.  of 
the  late  G.  Lucy,  Esq.  of  Charlecote  Park,  co.  Warwick, 
and  by  her  (who  d.  6  March,  1864),  had  issue,  Charle3 
Aymer  Powlett,  b.  10  July,  1860.  He  m.  2ndly,  14  Sept. 
1869,  Bertha  D'Albiac,  only  dau.  of  J.  Du  Boulay,  Esq.  of 
Donhead  Hall,  Wilts,  and  by  her  has  issue  two  sons,  R. 
Powlett,  6.  14  Oct.  1871  ;  and  M.  Elton,  6.  6  Oct.  1S74. 

II.  Thomas  Thornhill,  b.  14  Nov.  1833;  d.  3  April,  lci73. 

III.  John  Reynolds  (Rev.),  b.  14  Nov.  1835. 

IV.  Cudbert  William  Jones,  b.  10  March,  1842;  d.  unm, 
9  Sept.  1864. 

I.  Francina  Maria,  m.  16  May,  1865,  the  Right  Rev.  Thomas 
Baker  Morrell,  D.D.,  late  Bishop  (coadjutor)  of  Edia 
burgh,  who  d.  15  Nov.  1877. 

II.  Henrietta  Catharine,  m.  28  April,  1856,  Valentine  Dudley 
Henry  Cary  Elwes,  Esq.,  late  of  the  12th  Lancers,  only 
son  and  heir  of  Cary  Charles  Elwes,  Esq.  of  Great  liilliii;; 
Hall,  CO.  Northampton ;  d.  28  April,  1864,  leaving  no  issue 
{see  Elwes  of  Great  Billing). 

HI.  Emily  Rose,  m.  15  April,  1857,  Rev.  Henry  George 
Eland,  M.A.,  Vicar  of  Bedminster,  near  Bristol. 

IV.  Anna  Maria,  d.  16  May,  1836.         v.  Helena  Ursula. 

HtlTCilQC. — This  branch  of  the  Lane  family  is  of  some 
antiquity  in  co.  Northampton.  In  1469  (9  Edward  IV.),  Wil 
liam  Lane  was  possessed  of  Orlingbury  Manor  or  Lordship, 
and  d.  1546,  leaving  it  to  his  eldest  son.  Sir  Ralph  Lane 
During  the  civil  wars  the  family  removed  into  co.  Bucks, 
where  Thomas  Lane,  son  of  the  above  Sir  Ralph,  purchased 
the  manor  and  estate  of  Hitchenden  or  Ewenden,  and  had  two 
sons,  John,  his  heir;  and  Robert,  Vicar  of  Hitchenden,  who 
was  buried  there  27  Nov.  1572.    The  eldest  son, 

John  Lane,  of  Hitchenden,  who  d.  1578,  was  father  of 

Robert  Lane,  ra.  Alice,  dau.  of  Robert  Saunders,  of  HamblO' 
don,  CO.  Bucks,  and  had  issue.     His  4th  son, 

Francis  Lane,  of  London,  Merchant,  bapt.  5  Nov.  1587;  iit. 
twice,  and  had  issue  by  both  wives.  His  2nd  son  (by  the  first 
wife),  John  Lane,  also  of  the  City  of  London  6..  about  1621 ; 
fined  for  Sheriff  and  Alderman;  ra.  1st,  Elizabeth  Taylor,  of 
CO.  Stafford;  and  2ndly,  Anne,  eldest  dau.  of  Sir  John  Trevor, 
Knt.  of  Trevalyn,  and  widow  of  Alderman  Welden.  By  the 
former  (who  d.  '22  Nov.  1677)  Mr.  Lane  left  (witha  dau.,  Mury, 
m.  Paul  Foley,  of  Stoke  Edith,  co.  Hereford,  Speaker  of  tho 
House  of  Commons)  a  son  and  successor, 

Sir  Thomas  Lane,  Knl.,  Alderman  of  London,  ShcritT  o) 
that  city  1693,  and  Lord  Mayor  1G95.  He  m.  1st,  Mary,  sistei 
of  Sir  Henry  Ashhurst,  Bart. ;  and  2ndly,  Elizabeth,  relict  ol 
Sir  Thomas  Cudden,  Knt.,  Chamberlain  of  London.  By  the 
former  (who  d.  29  Nov.  1098)  he  had  (with  several  daus.,  one 
of  whom,  Elizabeth,  m.  Sir  David  Hamilton,  M.D.),  four  sons, 
of  whom  the  eldest, 

John  Lane,  Esq.,  h.  1677 ;  in.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Ilenrj 
Hovenor,  Merchant,  of  London,  and  by  her  (who  d.  21  Dec 
1732)  had,  with  other  issue,  Thomas,  a  Master  in  Chancery; 
and  a  4th  son, 

William  Lane,  Esq.,  b.  1709;  in.  Elizabeth  Pynsent,  of  th( 
family  of  Sir  William  Pynsent,  Bart,  of  Burton  Pynsent 
Devon,  and  by  her  (who  had  been  previously  ?ii.  to  Mr.  Ander 
son,  and  d.  1807)  had  issue, 

William,  who  m.  twice;  by  his  1st  wife  he  had  William: 
Thomas;  Mary;  and  Eliza,  ?«.  Benjamin  Whitelock,  Esq. 
and  by  his  2nd  (Susan,  dau.  of  Rev.  Dr.  Pollocli)  he  ha( 
Charlton,  of  Jesus  Coll.  Cambridge,  M.A.,  Rector  of  Hamp 
stead,  Middlesex,  d.  leaving  issue;  Charles  Thomas,  Bar 
rister-at-Law,  deceased ;  and  Susan. 

Thomas,  of  whom  presently. 

John,  Rector  of  Sawbridgcworth,  Herts,  .nnd  High  Roading,' 
Essex,  TO.  Molly  Impey,  niece  of  Sir  Elijah  Impey ;  aud  d 
1817,  leaving  issue. 

Mr.  Lane  d.  1785.     His  2nd  son, 

Thomas  Lane,  Esq.,  h.  2  Jan.  1759;  m.  23  May,  I78S, 
Charlotte,  only  dau.  of  John  Williams,  Esq.  of  Dorset,  and  o 
Winipole  Street,  by  Charlotte  Thornhill  his  wife ;  and  d 
15  Nov.  1822,  leaving  an  only  surviving  child,  the  laic  Charll; 
Lane,  Esq.  of  Badgernore. 

Arms — Per  ;  ;ilc  az.  and  gu.  three  saltiers  couped  avg 
Crest — Two  griffins'  heads,  one  gu.  the  other  az.  issuing  out  o 
a  crescent.     Motto — Nee  degenero. 

iScat— Badgernore,  near  Henley-on-Thames,  Oxford. 






Lane,  Theopiiiltjs  William,  Esq.,  of  Ejclnnrl?, 
).  Hereford,  J. P.  and  D.L.  co.  Hereford,  b.  May 
317,  educated  at  Trin.  Coll.  Cambridge,  M.A. ;  w. 
uly,  18-48,  Emily,  dan.  of  Charles  Eo^vcn,  Esq.  of 
iilna  Court,  Queen's  Co. 

jLinfiigC— This  branch  of  the  family  of  Lano  has  boon 
(tiled  for  many  generatinns  in  co.  Hereford,  and  represents 
le  very  ancient  House  of  Rodd  of  th:  Rodd. 

Theopiiilus  Lane,  Esq.  (elder  son,  by  Anne  his  wife,  of 
heophilus  Lane,  Esq.),  ni.  Juliana,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Banip- 
rlde  Rodd,  Esq.  of  the  Rodd,  co.  Hereford,  and  of  Stoke 
anon,  Devon,  by  his  wife,  the  only  dau.  of  Mr.  Justice  Price, 
f  the  Common  Pleas,  of  Foxley,  co.  Hereford,  and  had,  with 
ivo  daus.  and  a  son,  another  son, 

EoBEBT  Lane,  Esq.  of  Ryelands,  to.  1777,  Anne,  dau.  of 
eter  Symons,  Esq.  of  Plymouth  {see  Stjions  of  Cluxddlfwood), 
nd  dying  1817,  was  s.  by  his  only  son, 

Robert  Lane,  Esq.  of  Ryelands,  J.P.,  High  Sheriff  1841,  h. 
larch,  1785 ;  m.  Oct.  1813,  Ann,  dau.  of  John  Livesey,  Esq. 
f  Coppul  Hall,  CO.  Lancaster,  by  Mary  his  wile,  dau.  of 
amuel  Clowes,  Esq.  of  Broughton  Hall,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Robert,  b.  1815;  d.  v/am.  1836. 

II.  Theophilus  William,  now  of  Ryelands. 

I.  Juliana,   m.  1855,  Capt.  Godfrey  Colpoys  Bloomfleld,  son 

of  John  Bloomfield,  Esq.  of  Castle  Caldwell,  co.  Fermanagh, 

and  is  deceased. 
u.  Mary  Harriet,  m.  Rev.  Vernon  George  Guise,  Rector  of 

Longhope,  co.  Gloucester,  4tli  son  of  Gen.  Sir  John  Guise, 

Bart.,  G.C.B. 
le  d.  1873. 

Armst — Per  pale  az.  and  gu.  thr»e  saltiers  couped  artr.  Cvst 
—Out  of  a  crescent  or,  two  griffins'  lieads,  one  gu.  the  other  az. 
Motto — Celeritate. 

Scat — Ryelands,  near  Leominster,  co.  Hereford. 


See  Fox. 


See  Eueke's  Peerage,  Motvbeay  akd  Stouetox. 


Langlet,  George,  Esq.  of  Coal  Brook,  co.  Tip- 
peravy,  J.P.,  h.  9  June,  1838;  vi.  2  Oct.  1862, 
Katherine  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Eev.  George  Peacocke, 
Rector  of  Holycross,  and  has  issue  three  daus., 

X.  Katherine  Georgina. 

n.  Elizabeth  Dorothea  Villiers.         iii.  Ilenrietta. 

He  s.  his  brother  18GS. 

S>iUCt{(];C. — Henry  Langlet,  a  Lieut,  in  Capt.  Thomas 
Ask's  troop  in  Col.  Hierom  Sankey's  regt.  of  horse  in  Crom- 
well's army,  went  to  Ireland,  and  was  put  in  possession  of 
lands  in  the  Earony  of  Slievardagh,  co.  Tipperary,  1655.  His 
wife's  name  was  Ann,  and  his  sister,  Dorothy  Langley,  was  of 
Bury,  CO.  Lancaster.  Henry  Langley,  whose  will  bears  date 
2  Feb.  16G6,  was  dead  1667.    His  son, 

Charles  Langlet,  Esq.,  of  Lisnamrock,  eo.  Tipperary,  to 
whom  his  father  left  lands  in  the  Earony  of  Slievardagh,  d. 
before  29  March,  1723,  whenhiswill  was  proved.    He  leftason, 

Eenrt  Langlet,  Esq.  of  Lisnamrock,  iii.  and  had  issue, 

I.  Charles,  his  heir. 

n.  Henry,  of  Priestown,  co.  Tipperary,  ancestor  of  the  family 
of  Langley  of  Brittas  Castle. 

m.  Lawrence,  Capt.  R.N. ;  d.  unm. 

IV.  Thomas,  of  Archerstown,  co.  Tipperary,  r,i.  1780,  Cathe- 
rine, dau.  of  John  Nicholson,  Esq.  of  Turtulia,  co.  Tip- 
perary ;  and  d.  1807,  having  had 

1  Henry,  of  Archerstown,  m.  1815,  Lydia,  eldest  dau.  of 
Richard  Levinge,  Esq.  of  Belmont,  co.  Kilkenny,  and  d. 
28  Dec.  1858,  having  had  surviving  issue, 

Henry  Langley,  Esq.,  of  Archerstown,  Thurles,  co. 
Tipperary,  J. P.,  b.  20  Oct.  1820;  m.  7  Aug.  1860, 
Catherine  Maria  Victoria,  dau.  of  John  Toler,  Esq., 
and  has  a  son,  Henry,  6.  7  July,  1S62,  and  a  dau., 
Catherine  EUz.ibcth.  Charles. 

2  I/awrence.  3  Thomas. 

1  Blanch.  2  Anna  Maria.  3  Catherine. 

T.  Rachel,  m.  —  Blackmore,  Esq.  of  CO.  Kildare. 
Henry  Langley "s  son  and  successor, 

CtiARLEs  Langlet,  Esq.  of  Lisnamrock,  who.'?e  will,  datctt 
13  Oct.  1791,  was  proved  21  March,  1793,  vi.  Alice  Croker,  of 
the  family  of  Choker  of  IkiUinagardc,  co.  Limerick,  and  haJ 

I.  IIenrt,  his  heir.  ii.  Charles,  d.  un:n. 

III.  Thomas. 

IV.  Lawrence,  r,i.  a  dau.  of  Going,  of  Ballyphilip,  d.  s.p. 

The  eldest  son, 

IIexry  Langlet,  Esq.  of  Lisnamrock,  co.  Tipperary,  m. 
Frances,  dau.  of  Jeremiah  Jackson,  Esq.  of  Fannin^stown, 
CO.  Limerick,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Charles,  his  heir. 

II.  Jeremiah,  ,ii.  Lydia,  eldest  dau.  of  Godfrey  Taylor,  Esq. 
of  Noan,  co.  Tipperary,  and  had  issue, 

1  Henry,  Lieut.  E.I.C.  Xavy,  murdered  in  a  mutiny  atsc3. 

2  Charles. 

1  Frances.        2  Lydia,  in.  Lieut.  George  Jackson,  U.M. 
I.  Catherine,  iii.  George  Tuthill,   Esq.   of  Ballyteigue,   oo. 
Limerick,  and  had  issue. 

The  eldest  son, 

Charles  Henry  Langley,  Esq.  of  Lisnamrock  and  C'^r. 
Brook,  a  Deputy  Governor  of  co.  Tipperary,  m.  24  July,  1791, 
Frances,  dau.  of  Col.  John  Bagwell,  of  Kihnore,  co.  Tippc:ai>/ 
and  had  issue, 

I.  Henry,  his  heir.  ii.  Charles,  d.  unm. 

III.  John,  (/.  inuii. 

IV.  Hamilton  William,  to.  Isabella,  dau.  of  Ion  Studdert, 
Esq.  of  Elm  Hill,  co.  Clare;  and  d.  in  Buenos  Ayres,  ls(;7, 
leaving  issue,  Charles;  Ion;  Hamilton;  Henry;  George: 
Emily,  m.  John  Eraser,  Esq. ;  and  Frances. 

I.  Frances,  m.  16  Feb.  1816,  William  Atkinson,  Esq.  oi 
Retains,  co.  Mayo.  ii.  Isabella,  d.  young. 

III.  Catherine,  «i.  Piercy  Bagwell,  Esq.,  Commander  11. N.; 
and  d.  s.  p.  iv.  Elizabeth,  d.  young. 

V.  Jane,  to.  Rev.  David  Whitty,  of  Rathvilly,  and  has  issue, 
John,  m.  Emily,  dau.  of  Willinm  Garde,  Esq.;  Charles, 
M.D. ;  Irwin;  Frances;  Anne,  „i.  John  Bury,  M.D. ;  Eliza- 
beth, m.  Arthur  English,  Esq.;  and  Gertrude. 

VI.  Gertrude,  m.  Rev.  William  Whitty,  M.A.,  of  Cromwell's 
Ford,  CO.  Carlow,  and  has  issue,  William  (Eev.);  Charl.s 
Langley,  late  66tli  regt. ;  Richard  Lawrence ;  and  Anno 
Elizabeth,  d.  young. 

VII.  Dorcas,  ra.  James  Kickson,  Esq.  of  Clane,  co.  Kil- 
kenny, and  has  issue,  Arundel,  R.A. ;  Frances;  and  Hen- 

Mr.  Langley  d.  10  April,  IS-Tl,  and  was  .5.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Henry  Langlet,  Esq.  of  Coal  Brook  and  Lisnamrock,  to. 
9  April,  1S32,  his  cousin,  Elizabeth  Dorothea,  dau.  of  George 
Tuthill,  Esq.  of  Ballyteigue,  co.  Limerick,  and  d.  16  Aug. 
1860,  having  had  three  sons, 

I.  Charles  Henry,  late  of  Coal  Brook,  d.  v.nm.  7  Aug.  1863. 

II.  George,  now  of  Coal  Brook. 

III.  Henry  Percy,  d.  young,  11  June,  1S44. 

Anns — Arg.,  a  fess  sa.  in  chief  three  hurts.  Crest — A  cocka- 
trice, wings  addorsed  sa.  combed  and  wattled  gu.  Jictto — 
Fide  sed  cui  vide. 

Seat — Coal  Brook,  New  Birmingham,  co.  Tipperaiy. 


La>'GLEY,  Henet,  Esq.,  formerly  of  Brittas 
Castle,  CO.  Tipperary,  now  possessed  of  landed  pro- 
perty near  Thurles,  Fethard,  and  Ardflnan,  co.  Tip- 
perary, J. P.  and  D.L.,  late  2nd  Life  Guards,  b.  19 
Sept. 1820;  m.  15  Dec.  1815,  Harriet  Maria,  only 
child  of  James  Bradshaw,  Esq.,  M.P.  for  Canter- 
bury, and  has  issue, 

I.  Henrt  FiTzEoT  James,  b.  8  Dec.  IS-IG. 

II.  Gerald  Charles,  R.N.,  6.  13  Oct.  1848. 

III.  Hubert  Boyle,  6.  5  March,  1S52. 

IV.  Walter  Louis  Frederick  Golcz,  b.  22  Feb.  ISCS. 
v.  Algernon  Arthur,  b.  25  March,  1S63. 

VI.  Claude  Spencer,  b.  25  Sept.  1867. 

1.  Grace.         11.  Isabel  Augusta  Kitty.         m.  Florence. 

IV.  Constance  Laura  Mary.  v.  Marion. 

^inCilQC. — Henkt  Langley,  Esq.  of  Priestown,  co.  Tip- 
perary (2nd  son  of  Henry  Langley,  Esq.  of  Li.~namrock,  who 
was  son  of  Charles  Langley,  Esq.,  and  grandson  of  Lieut. 
Henry  Langley,  of  Col.  Hierom  Sankey's  regt.  of  horse  in 
Cromwell's  army),  ',;i.  Margaret,  dau.  and  heiress  of  Oliver 
Grace,  Esq.  of  Brittas  Castle,  who  was  grandson  of  John 
Grace,  Esq.  of  Brittas  Castle,  by  Joan  his  wife,  dau.  of  Thouias 
Butler,  Esq.  of  Brittas,  great-grandson  of  Tibbott  Butler, 
brother  of  Edmund,  Lord  Dunboyne.  Jolin  Grace,  of  Brituis 
Castle,  was  great-grandson  of  Sir  Oliver  Grace,  of  Eallyliu>;li, 
whose  falher,  John  Grace,  Baron  of  Courtstown,  was  reprc- 






SL'iitative  of  the  great  Anjrlo-K'orman  family  of  Grace.    By 

JlavRaret  liis  wife,  Ilcnry  Lan^lcy  liad  issue, 
Henky  Grace,   of  Brittas  Castle,    m.  Ist,  Sophia, 'clan,  of 
Tenison;  and  2iitlly.  Slary,  dau.  of  John  Bagwell,  of  Marl- 
fisld,  CO.  Tippcrai-y,  M.l'.;  and  d.  s.p-  Oliver. 

The  2na  son, 

Oliver  Lanclet,  Ksq.,  m.  17S3,  Elizabeth  Butler,  and  left 
issue  at  his  decease,  182-1, 

Hexrv,  his  heir.  riichard.  Lieut,  in  the  army. 

(Oliver  (llcv.).  La\v)-cnec,  m. 

John.  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Xatt.  Taylor,  Esq.  of  Somorville,  co. 
Tijiperary,  and  had  issue,  .Susanna,  Helena,  and  Adelaide. 
Mai'garet,  m.  Kieliard  Phillips,  Esq. 
Mary,  m.  John  liunt,  Esq. 
The  eldest  son, 

Henr?  Langlet,  Esq.  of  Brittas  Castle,  Major  in  the  army, 
m.  7  May,  1807,  Maria,  dau.  of  Ilcnry  Tenton,  Esq.  of  Pcnton- 
ville,  Middlesex,  M.P.  for  Winchester,  and  had  issue, 
Henry,  present  representative  of  the  family. 
Oliver  Grace,  Col.  in  the  army,  m.  Marie,  dau.  of  J.  E.  Wil- 
Idnson,  Esq.  of  Pottcrton  Hall,  co.  Corli,  and  has  issue,  one 
son  and  one  dau. 

Elizabeth  Maria,  m.  Col.  Henry  Pcnton,  of  Pentonville,  and 
has  issue. 
Catherine  Fanny,  m.  Percy  Gough,  Esq.,  and  has  issue  four 
sons  and  two  daus. 
Mary,  hi.  William  Perry,  Esq.  of  WoodroofT,  Clonmcl,  J.P. 

and  D.L.,  and  has  issue  one  son  and  one  dau. 
Sophia,  (I.  unni. 

Isabella  Petronella,  in.  Edward  Bagwell  Purefoy,  Eector  of 
Greenfields,  J.P.  and  D.L.  for  Tipperary. 
Major  Langley  d.  12  Oct.  1834,  and  his  widow,  Maria,  Feb. 

Avma — Arff.,  on  a  fcss  sa.  a  crescent  or,  in  chief  three  hurts, 
quartering,  Grace  of  Brittit.i  C'aitle. :  gs.  a  lion  rampant  per 
less.  arg.  and  or.  Crrst — A  cockatrice,  wings  addoi'scd  sa., 
combed  wattled  and  spurred  gu.,  charged  with  a  crescent  or. 
Motto — Fide  sed  cui  vide. 

liesidcHce — 31,  Queen's  Gate  Terrace,  London,  W. 

See  GoEE. 


L ANGTON,  Eexnkt  Rothes,  Esq.  of  Langton  Hall, 
CO.  Lincoln,  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1874,  b.  9  May,  1810; 
m.  6  June,  18G5,  Lucy  Katlieriiic,  only  dau.  of  the 
Ecv.  Langliorne  EurLon  Burton,  Esq.  of  Somursby, 
and  has  issue, 

I.  Bennet,  h.  1870.  TT.  Another  son, 

I.  Mabel  Katherine  Marlon  Burton. 

II.  Diana  Ciiarlotte  Lee  Mainwaring. 

lu.  Dora  Florence  Geraldine.         iv.  A  dan,         v.  A  dau. 

iljlVCrfCJC. — The  manor  of  Langton  has  been  for  a  very 
considerable  period  in  tlie  possession  of  this  very  ancient 
family,  which  derives  its  name  from  the  parish,  and  has  its 
pedigree  entered  in  the  Visitation  of  co.  Lincoln  of  1G34. 
"The  village  of  Langton,"  says  Allen,  in  his  IlUlonj  of 
lincolnshire,  "is  celebrated  as  liaving  been  the  birthplace 
of  three  distinguished  characters:  1st,  .Stephen  Langton, 
Cardinal- Archbishop  of  Canterbury  in  the  reign  of  King  John; 
2nd,  Dr.  William  Langton,  President  of  Magdalen  Coll.  Ox- 
ford, temp.  James  I.;  and  3rd,  Bennet  Langton,  whose  name 
is  associated  with  Dr.  Samuel  Johnson."  George  Langton, 
Esq.,  eldest  son  and  heir  of  George  Langton,  Esq.,  by  his 
wife.  Miss  Feme,  m.  Diana,  dau.  of  Edmund  Turnor,  Esq.  of 
Stoice  Rochford,  co.  Lincoln,  and  had  issue,  i.  Bennet,  his 
heir;  ii.  Feme,  d.  young;  i.  Diana,  m.  Rev.  Dr.  Ovedale;  and 
II.  JuUet,  m.  Itev.  Wilham  Brackenbury.  The  eldest  son  and 

Bennet  Langton,  Esq.  of  Langton,  to.  1770,  Mary,  Dowager- 
Countess  of  Itothes,  dau.  of  Gresham  Lloyd,  Esq.,  by  Mary 
Hult  his  wife,  great-niece  of  tlie  Lok^  Chief  Justice  Holt,  and 
had  is.sue  (with  six  daus.,  Mary,  Diana,  Jane,  Elizabeth, 
Isabella,  and  Margaret),  three  sons, 

George,  of  Langton. 

Peregrine,  who  assumed  the  surname  of  BTassingbekd  (see 
Massinoberd  of  Ganliji). 

Algernon,  b.  1781;  originally  a  military  officer,  subsequently 
in  holy  orders;  m.  Mary  Anne,  sister  of  Edwai'd  Drcwe, 
Esq.  of  Grange,  Devon;  and  d.  1821),  leaving  one  child, 

The  son  and  heir, 


I      George  Langton,  Esq.  of  Langton,  m.  Elizabeth,  dau. 

I  Thomas  Mainwaring,  Esq.,  and  was  father  of 

;      John  Stephen  Langton,  Esq.,  m.  1825,  Alice,  dau.  of  Johc 
Armstrong,  Esq.,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1833)  had  a  son, 

George  Bennet  Langton,  Esq.,  m.  1839,  Marianne,  youngest 
dau.  of  Langley  Brackenbury,  Esq.  (son  of  Langlcy  Cart 
Brackenbury,  Esq.  of  Panton  Hall,  co.  Lincoln).  He  and  his 
wife  both  d.  1844,  leaving  issue,  Bennet  IIothes  Langton, 
Esq.,  now  of  Langton  Hall;  John  Stephen  Algernon,  h.  1842; 
and  George  Bennet,  b.  1844. 

Arni^ — Quarterly,  sa.  and  or,  a  bend  arg.     Crcat — An  eagle 
or,  and  a  wivein  vert,  interwoven  and  erect  on  tUeir  tails 
(b't(t(— Langton  Hall,  Spilsby,  co.  Lincoln. 



Langton,  Fkancis  Albert  Eomuald,  Esq.  of 
Danganmore,  co.  Xilkenny,  b.  7  Feb.  1810 ;  m.  8 
April,  18G9,  Margai'et  Cecilia,  2ud  dau.  of  the  late 
John  Michael  Tobin,  Esq.  of  Montreal,  Canada,  by 
Catherine  Lis  wife,  eldest  dau.  of  Col.  Maxwell, 
l.jth  Fusiliers,  and  has  with  other  issue  a  son, 

Henry  Francis,  &.  12  Feb.  1870. 

ILiuCrtgC. — The  Langtons  of  KlUccnny  arc  a  family  of 
great  antiquity,  and  have  been  settled  in  Ireland  from  a 
remote  period.  Tliey  were  previously  of  cos.  Lcieester  and 
Lancaster,  deriving  descent,  through  the  junior  bran-jh,  the 
Langtons  of  Low,  co.  Lancaster,  Lords  of  Hindley,  from  the 
Langtons,  Barons  of  Newton,  whose  Arms,  "Arg.,  thitc 
chevroncls  gu.,"  the  Kilkenny  family  has  invariably  borne. 
For  centuries  they  were  among  the  first  citizens  of  Kilkenny, 
intermarrying  with  the  Eothes,  the  Blanchvillcs,  the  Archcis, 
the  Shoes,  the  Butlers,  &c. 

Nicholas  Langton,  Esq.  of  Grcnnan,  Queen's  Co.,  M.P, 
for  Kilkenny,  son  of  Richard  Langton  FitzJohn,  of  Kilkenny, 
was  mainly  instrumental  in  obtaining  from  King  James  I.  the 
"  Great  Charter  of  Kilkenny."  His  son,  Michael  Langton, 
Esq.  of  liilkenny,  b.  1606,  was  father  of 

Nicholas  Langton,  Esq.  of  Kilkenny,  b.  1C30,  who  was 
banished  by  Cromwell  to  3allinakill,  but  returned  to  Kilkenny 
1G32.  He  m.  1059,  Jane,  dau.  of  William  Shee,  Esq.  of  Cloran; 
and  d.  1G83,  leaving,  with  younger  issue,  a  son, 

Michael  Langton,  Esq.  of  Kilkenny,  6.  1663-G4;  in.  1703, 
Eleanor,  dau.  of  Pierce  Eothe,  Esq.,  and  was  s.  at  his  death, 
1737,  by  his  eldest  son, 

Nicholas  Langton,  Esq.,  &.  in  Kilkenny  1705;  in.  17.10, 
Frances,  dau.  of  Laurence  Carew,  of  Cadiz;  and  d.  in  Spain 
1779,  leaving,  with  younger  children,  a  son  and  heir, 

Michael  Laurence  Joseph  Langton,  Esq.  of  Cadiz,  b.  1737 ; 
TO.  1st,  Mary  Ellen,  dau.  of  Gerard  Wadding,  Esq.,  and  had 
by  her  three  daus.,  of  whom  the  2nd,  Mary,  j?;.  P.  Cruise,  Esq. 
He  in.  2ndly,  176G,  Mary,  dau.  of  Thomas  Dillon,  Esq.,  aud  by 
her  had  issue, 

Nicholas,  an  officer  in  Dillon's  regt.,  in  France,  and  after- 
wai'ds  Capt.  in  the  Spanish  service;  d.  v.nm.  1794. 

Michael  Theobald,  of  whom  presently. 

Thomas  Marie  del  Carmen  Edward,  d.  young. 

Fi'ancis  Christina  Nimpha,  in.  1785,  Julm  Claud  Gabet, 
Director  of  the  Mint  House,  at  Lyons;  and  d.  1829. 

Marie  Christine  Seraphine  Julienne,  to.  1794,  Baron  Andilla, 
Knt.  of  Valencia;  and  d.  s.  jj.  1841. 

Jlai-ie  Carmen  Joseph  Andrea,  m.  1798,  Bias  Aranza,  Knt.  of 
St.  James,  Intendant  of  Catalonia. 

Josofa  Teresa  Ramona  Donata,  m.  1792,  Don  Jose  Brun 
y  Yassi,  Macstrante  de  Ronda,  Intendcnte  Honorai'io  de 
i'rovineio,  and  Treasurer  ot  Cadiz;  and  d.  170C. 

Henrietta  Nimphe,  d.  unm.  180C. 

The  2nd  son 

Michael  Theobald  Langton,  Esq.  of  Bath,  m.  21  Nov.  1820, 
l\Iary,  eldest  dau.  and  co-heiress  of  .Icrcniiah  Ryan,  Esq.  of 
Newtown,  co.  Waterford,  by  Jlargaret  his  wife,  dau.  of  Joseph 
Burko,  Esq.  of  Rockville,  co.  Tipperary,  and  by  lier  (who  d, 
22  Jan.  18G4)  had  issue, 

Henry  Michael  Faustinds,  late  of  Danganmore. 
Theobald  Arthur  Lambert,  in  holy  orders  of  the  Church  of 
Rome,  b.  17  Sept.  1830;  d.  8  Aug.  18GG. 
Francis  Albert  Romdald,  now  of  D.inganmoro. 
Mary  Frances  Chrl-itina,  in.  1845,  Peter  Cirehnn,  Esq.,  eldest 

son  of  Stephen  Grclian,  Esq.  of  Rutland  Square,  Dublin. 
Margaret  Caroline  Felicia,  a  Sister  of  Charity,  d.  i  1  Oct. 

Josephine  Jane  Simonna,  a  Nun  in  tiio  Ursuline  Convent, 
Cork;  d.  19  Dec.  18e9. 
I'leanora  Mary  Susanna,  if.  8  Sept.  1847. 
ICIiza  Mary  Frances. 
CaUierineWilhelmina  Pauline,  d.  au  infant,  15  Dec.  1835. 







3  eldest  son, 

Henbt  Micuael  Facstinits  Lanctos,  Esq.  of  Danfranmore, 
.Kilkenny,  Capt.  Loutli  Rifles  <-•  !•'>  I^'-'b.  182iJ;  i(.  1871, 
a  was  s.  by  his  brotlicr,  now  of  Uansanmore. 

4i;hs — Arg.,   three    chevroncls    gu.      Crest — A   heart    gu. 
tneen  two  v,inc,s  displayed  arg.     Jioiio— Sursum  corda. 
^■^.^; — Danganmore,  Thomastown,  co.  Kilkenny. 


Laslett,  William,  Esq.  of  Abberton  Hall,  co. 
.''orcestci-,  J.P.,  Bamster-at-Law,  M.P.,  b.  9  Oct. 
Wl ;  m.  3  Feb.  1842,  Maria,  eldest  dau.  of  the  late 
iglit  Rev.  Dr.  Carr,  IBishop  of  Worcester.  lie  was 
L.P.  for  Worcester  from  1852  to  1860 ;  contested 
isiiccessfullv  the  Eastern  Uivision  of  the  co.  of 
.'oncstcr  with  the  Hou.  G-.  E.  Lyttelton  1868  ; 
id  was  returned  for  the  city  of  Worcester  ia  the 
me  year. 

iLlUCaCJC— Thomas  Laslett,  Esq.,  i;!.20  July,  17C0,  Jane, 

ily  child  of  Ralph  Euunersun,  Esq.,  d.  3  Aug.  1788,  leaving 

son  and  heir, 

Thojias  Emmerson  Laslett,  Esq.,  d.  19  Dec.  ISlC,  leaving 

sue  by  Sophia  liis  wife, 

William,  now  of  Abbcrtnn  Hall. 

Sophia,  d.  unni.  i  Dec.  laol. 

Sea<.3— Abberton  Uall,  near  Pershorc;  and  Ilinton,  near 

Latham,  G-eoege  William,  Esq.  of  Eradwall 
all,  CO.  Chester,  J.P.,  M.A.  Brasenose  Coll.  Ox>:.n. 
852,  of  the  Inner  Temple,  Barrister-at-Law,  J. P., 
.  4  May,  1827  ;  m.  21  Aug.  1856,  Elizabeth  Sarah, 
Idest  ciau.  of  the  Eey.  H.  Luttman  Johnson,  of 
iinderton  House,  Sussex,  and  has  issue, 

I.  John  Done  Oskatel,  6.  1858;  d.  1859. 

II.  .Alexander  Mere,  b.  20  Aug.  18G2. 
1.  Honora  Ehzabeth  Ann. 

3LtllCil5C. — This  family  claims  to  be  a  junior  branch  of 
;ie  ancient  Cheshire  House  of  Lathom  of  Lathom  and  Kiimcs- 
')j,  which  terminated  in  an  heiress,  Isabella  Lathom,  who 
}.  Sir  John  Stanley,  Knt.,  ancestor  of  the  Earls  of  Derby.  In 
he  reign  of  Henry  VIII.,  Alexander  de  Latham  occurs  in 
xisting  deeds  as  seised  of  lands  in  Astbury,  and  using  the 
ame  arms,  and  from  him  property  descended  lineally  to 
he  Lathams  of  BradwxU. 

Rev.  John  Latham,  Rector  of  Lawton,  co.  Chester,  h.  1G3G 
son  of   John  Latham,   of   Conglcton,    whose  father,   John 

atham,  of  the  same  place,  was  grandson  of  Alexander  Latham, 

.Iso  of  Congleton,   living  Ump.  IIesby  VIII.),  m.  31  March, 

G32,  Maria  Moreten,  and  d.  5  June,   1705,  leaving  (with  a 

lau.,  Hester,  m.  Rev.  WilHam  Hall,  Rector  of  Gawsworth,  and 

\l.  s.  p.)  an  only  son  and  heir. 

Rev.  John  Latham,  Minister  of  Bunney,  co.  Notts,  and  of 
ItVoolstrop,  CO.  Leicester,  6.  11  Xov.  1694;  r,t.  Margaret,  dau. 
ijf  WiUiam  Knott,  Esq.  of  Great  Gonerby,  co.  Lincoln,  anil 
aad  two  sons,  John,  his  successor;  and  Charles,  of  Waltham, 
20.  Leicester,  m.  and  had  issue.  The  elder  son, 
i  Rev.  John  Latham,  B.A.,  Minister  of  Siddington,  co.  Chester, 
6.  23  Nov.  1725;  ?u.  9  June,  1753,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Richard 
Podmore,  Esq.  of  Sandbach,  and  had  issue, 

John,  M.D.,  his  heir. 

Itichard,  of  Sandbach,  m.  Sarah,  dau.  of  Charles  Latham, 
Esq.  of  Waltham,  co.  Leicester,  and  had  issue  four  sous. 

Mr.  Latham  d.  21  June,  1783,  and  was  .s.  by  his  son, 

John  Latham,  Esq.,  M.D.,  at  some  time  President  of  the 
Royal  College  of  Piiysicians,  London,  F.R.S.,  L.S.,  &o.,  b. 
29  Dec.  17G1,  who  purchased  Bradwall  1802.  lie  in.  12  April, 
1784,  Mary,  eldest  dau.  and  co-heiress  of  Rev.  Peter  Meyer, 
Vicar  of  Prestbury  (descended  from  Mere  ofJIere,  co.  Chester), 
by  Martha  his  wife  (second  dau.  and  co-heir  of  John  Ardernc, 
Esq.  of  Sutton,  sprung  from  a  scion  of  Arderne  of  AU-anloj), 
and  bad  issue, 

John,  D.C.L.,  sometime  Fellow  of  All  Souls'  Coll.  Oxford, 
his  heir. 

Peter  Mere,  M.D.,  Fellow  of  the  Royal  College  of  Physicians, 
b.  1  July,  17b9;  m.  1st,  Sept.  1824,  Diana  Clarissa,  dau.  of 
Major-Gen.  tlie  Hon.  Granville  Anson  Chctwynd  StapyUon, 
ami  that  lady  dying  s.  p.  23  Sept.  1825.  he  rn.  2ndly, 
14  Feb.  1833,  Grace  Mary,  3rd  dau.  of  David  Chambers, 

Esq.,   Commander  R.N.   (who    d.  March,   13GS);    and   d 
20  July,  ISi'l,  having  by  her  had  issue. 
Henry  (Kev.),  JI.A.,  6.4  Nov.  1794;  m.  27  July,  1824,  Maria 
3rd  dau.  and  co-heir  of  James  Halliwell,  Esq.  of  Broumtiuiu' 
CO.  Lancaster,  and  had  issue.     He  </.  Aug.  1867.  ' 

Sarah,  m.  2  Aug.  1808,  Georce  Ormerod,  Esq.,  D.C.L. 
F.R.S.,  A-c,  of  Sedbury  Park,  co.  Gloucester,  andTylde«ley' 
CO.  Lancaster  {see  Ormerod  of  Ti/lUutey).  ' 

Frances,  U.  unm.  1829. 
Dr.  Latham  d.  1843,  and  was  ».  by  his  son, 

John  Latham,  Esq.  of  Bradwall  Hall,  D.C.L.  All  Souls'CoIl. 
Oxford,  b.  18  March,  1787;  ai.  24  May,  1821,  Elizabeth  Annei 
eldest  dau.  of  Sir  Henry  Dainpier,  Knt.,  one  of  the  Judges  of 
the  Court  of  King's  Bench,  and  by  her  (who  d.  21  May,  1839) 
had  issue, 

John  Henry,  6.  14  Feb.  1823;  d.  4  July,  1S:3. 

George  William,  now  of  Bradwall  Uall. 

Thomas  Dampier,  </.  young,  1837. 

Fiancis  Law,  Brasenose  College,  Oxford,  B.A.,  b.  5  Aug. 
1837;  m.  18.55,  Caroline,  dau.  of  Rev.  C.  Hutchinson,  Canon 
of  Chichester,  and  has  issue. 

Blary  Frances,  m.  Rev.  A.  Jones. 
Mr.  Latham  d.  30  Jan.  1S53. 

^ )•))!«— Erminois,  on  a  chief  indented  az.  three  bezants,  over 
all  a  bend  gu.  Crest — On  a  rock  ppr.  an  eagle  with  wings 
elevated  eiTuinois,  preying  on  a  child  ppr.  swaddled  az.  bonded 
arg.     Mnlto — Expertus  fidelcm. 

^'eai— Bradwall  Hall,  Sandbach,  co.  Chester. 


La  Touche,  William  Kobekt,  Esq.  of  Belleruc, 
CO.  Wicklow,  D.L.  for  co.  Leitrim,  J. P.  for  Wick- 
low,  High  Sheriff  for  Wicklow  1860,  and  for 
Leitrim  1865,  m.  18  July,  1867,  Ellen,  dau.  of  the 
late  William  Henn,  Esq.,  Master  in  Chancery. 

ItiUCilCJC.— The  family  of  La  Touche  was  cstaUishcd  ia 
Ireland  by  David  Digces  de  La  Toi:cnE,  a  Huguenot,  who 
settled  in  that  kingdom  after  the  Revocation  of  the  Edict  of 
Nantes,  having  served  first  as  volunteer,  and  afterwards  as 
Lieut,  and  Capt.  in  the  Princess  Anne's  regiment  of  infantry. 
He  was  the  4th  son  of  a  noble  Protestant  family  of  the  Blesois, 
which  possessed  considerable  estates  between  Blois  and  Orleans, 
and  in  other  parts  of  France.  He  first  fled  to  Holland,  where 
a  branch  of  his  family  had  for  some  time  been  established,  and 
shortly  afterwards  embarking  with  the  Prince  of  Orange, 
served  the  Irish  campaign  under  him.  At  the  conclusion  of  the 
war,  Mr.  La  Touche,  with  many  of  his  countrymen,  settled  in 
Dublin.  He  iu.  twice;  by  his  2nd  wife  he  had  no  issue,  bmt 
by  the  1st  (whom  he  ra.  5  Jidy,  1G90),  Judith  Biard,  dau.  of 
No^  Biard  and  Judith  Chevalier  his  wife,  he  hud,  with  two 
daus.,  issue, 

I.  David,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  James  Digges  La  Touche,  of  Dublin,  m.  1st,  1735, 
Klizabeth,  dau.  of  David  Chaigneau,  Esq.,  and  had  issue  by 
her  an  only  child, 

Eiizabeth  Wilhelniina,  wife  of  Robert  Barry,  Esq.,  3rd  son 
of  Sir  Edward  Barry,  Bart. 
He  );).  2ndly,  1743,  Matilda,  dau.  of  William  Thwaites,  Esq. 
(will  dated  17  Nov.  1752,  and  provid  29  Sept.  17G3.,  and  had 
issue  by  her, 
1  Vrilliam  Digges  La  Touche,  Esq.  of  Dublin,  r.i.  Grace, 
dau.  ot  John  Puget.  Esq.  of  London,  and  had  issue, 
James  Digges  La  Touche,  Esq.  of  Sans  Souci,  co.  Dublin, 
T,i.  Isabella,  dau.  of  Sir  James  Lawrence  Cotter,  Bart., 
and  left  issue  at  his  decease,  1827,   William  Digges, 
';i).  13  Sept.  1842,  Louisa,  dau.  of  Christopher  L'Estrange- 
Carleton,  Esq.  of  Market  Hill,  co.  Fermanagh,  and  has 
issue;  James  Digges;  John  George  Digores;  Ediuond 
Robert  Digges,   Barrister-at-Law;    isabelia  Digfees; 
Grace  Digges;   and  Elizabeth  Digges.    ■ 
AVilham  Digges,  d.  unm. 

Tliomas  Digges,  m.  Anne,  dan.  of—  Necdham,  Esq. 
Esther,  wiieof  Rev.  Benjamin  Waller. 
Elizabeth,  )/(.  Rev.  Caisar  Otway. 
Grace,  wife  of  Rev.  George  Edmond  Cotter. 

dau  of  Rev.  Ca;sar  Otway,  and  had  issue;  Thiophilus 
Dirges,  (?.  wiu/i.;  William  Digges,  </.  .-■.  ;>. :; 
Eiiiily,  wife  of  John  Brcnnan,  Esq  ,  a  six  Clerk  in  Chan- 
cery;  Frances:  Harriett:  and  Sophia.    •  ___ 

3  Theophilus  Digges,  of  Du'ulin,  </.  u.i.n.  1777. 

4  David  Digges,  of  Dublin,  U.  aum.  1778. 

Mr.  La  Touche  d.  17  Oct.  1745,  and  was  s.  iu  the  Bank  which 
he  had  established  in  Dublin  by  his  son, 

Davo  La  Todche,  Esq.,  6.  31  Dec.  170.;,  who  had  been 
educated  in  Holland  with  his  relation,  Digues  de  la  Motte,  of 





Eotterdara.     lie  m.  8  Feb.   1724-25,    Mary  Anne,   dau.  of 
Gabriel  Canasilhes,  and  bad  issue, 

Galiriel  David,  b.  1728;  d.  v.  p. 

DAvro  (Right  Hon.),  of  Marlay.        James,  J<.  1730;  d.v.iJ. 

John,  of  Harristown. 

Petek,  of  Belk'vue,  M.P.,  of  whom  presently. 

Gabriel,  b.  26  Dec.  1734.  Mattliew,  b.  1738. 

Mary  Anne,  b.  172G.  Martha,  h.  17:!6. 

Elizabeth,  twin  with  Martha.  Judith,  b.  1742. 

Mr.  La  Touche  d.  Feb.  1875.    The  eldest  son, 

The  Eight  Hon.  David  La  Todche,  of  Marlay,  co.  Dublin, 
many  years  M.P.  for  his  own  Borough  of  Newcastle  and  otlier 
places,  TO.  1762,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  the  Eight  Eev.  George 
Marlay,  D.D.,  Bishop  of  Dromore,  son  of  Chief  Justice  Marlay, 
and  by  her  (who  was  first  cousin  to  the  Bight  Hon.  Henry 
Grattan)  had  issue, 

David,  his  heir.  George,  d.  wim.  1823. 

John  David,  of  whom  presently. 

Peteb,  b.  1777;  of  whom  hereafter,  as  successor  to  his  uncle 
of  Bellevue. 

Eobert,  Lieut. -Col.  of  the  Carlow  Militia,  and  for  some  years 
M.P.  for  Carlow,  b.  1783;  d.  s.  p.  William,  </.  young. 

Elizabeth,  m.  1781,  Robert,  3rd  Earl  of  Lanesborough. 

Harriet,  m.  Sir  Nicholas  Colthurst,  3rd  bart.  of  Ardrum,  co. 

Emily,  m.  Nov.  1790,  Col.  George  Vcsey,  of  Lucan  House, 
CO.  Dublin. 

Anne,  m.  George  Jeffreys,  Esq.  of  Blarney  Castle,  co.  Cork. 

Maria,  r,i.  1801,  the  Eight  Hon.  Maurice  Fitzgerald,  Knight 
of  Kerry. 
Mr.  La  Touche  d.  June,  1816.    His  eldest  son, 

David  La  Toccue,  Esq.  of  Marlay,  Col.  of  the  Carlow  Jlili tin, 
and  for  many  years  M.P.  for  that  co.,  m.  24  Dec.  1789,  Lady 
Cecilia  Leeson,  dau.  of  the  Earl  of  Milltown,  and  left  issue, 
I.  David,  d.  warn.  1830;  ii.  John  (Rev.),  Vicar  of  Mountrath, 
in.  and  had  issue;  in.  George,  b.  1798,  ra.  and  had  children; 
IV.  Peter,  Col.  E.I.C.S.,  m.  a  dau.  of  Gen.  Maxwell,  and  had 
issue;  V.  William,  d.  v.nm.;  vi.  Robert,  Capt.  in  the  army, 
TO.  and  had  issue;  vii.  Cecil,  d.  unm.;  i.  Elizabeth,  m.  Lord 
Brandon ;  ii.  Harriett,  m.  Villiers  Hatton,  Eear-.UImiral  E.N. ; 
III.  I' ranees,  d.  mvn. ;  iv.  Emily ;  and  v.  Mary.  Col.  La 
Touche  sold  Marlay  to  his  brother, 

John  David  La  Touche,  Esq.,  b.  2  Jan.  1772;  m.  JIarch, 
1799,  Anne  Caroline,  dau.  of  Charles  Tottenham,  Esq.  of  New 
Ecss,  CO.  We.'cford  (sec  Tottenham;,  and  d.  Aug.  1833,  leaving 

David  Charles,  late  of  Marlay,  Col.  cf  the   co.  Dulilin 

Militia,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  6.  18  April,  ISOO;  High  Sheriff  of 
^Vit•klow  ls38,  and  of  the  co.  of  the  City  of  Dublin,  1843, 
d.  until. 

Charles  John,  b.  21  March,  1811;  m.  June,  1850,  Mademoi- 
selle Marie  dc  Fouchier,  and  has  a  son,  John  David,  6.  May, 

Frances  Caroline  Sarah,  d.  1877.  Elizabeth  Louisa. 

Anne  Caroline,  d.  utiui.  1844. 

Petee  La  Touche,  Esq.  of  Bellevue,  Crd  surviving  son  of 
David  Digues  La  Touche,  Esq.  of  Bellevue,  by  Mary  Anne  iiis 
wife,  sat  for  many  years  in  Parliament  as  Knight  of  the  Shire 
for  Leitrim.  He  m.  1st,  1766,  Eebecca,  only  dau.  of  Eobert 
Vicars,  Esq.  of  Grantstown,  Queen's  Co.,  which  lady  d.  s.  ii. 
1786;  and  2ndly,  EUzabeth,  dau.  of  Eichard  Vicars,  Esq.  of 
Lavally,  which  lady,  who  had  no  children,  survived  her 
husband  a  considerable  time.  Having  no  issue,  Mr.  La  Touche 
adopted  (the  4th  son  of  his  brother,  the  Right  Hon.  David  La 
Touche,  of  Marlay)  his  nephew, 

Peter  La  Touche,  Esq.  This  gentleman,  who  was  b.  1777, 
m.  1806,  the  Hon.  Charlotte  Maude,  dau.  of  Comwallis,  1st 
Viscount  Hawarden,  and  by  her  (who  rf.  2  Dec.  1874)  had  issue 

Peter,  his  heir.  Cornwallis,  d.  in  India. 

William  Robert,  now  of  Bellevue  (xee  above). 

Ashley,  ru.  2  May,  1861,  Sarah  Julia,  dau.  of  Col.' Sir  W.  Cox, 
of  Coolcliffe.  Charles  Henry,  d.  1876. 

Francis,  late  High  Sheriff  of  co.  Leitrim.        James,  d.  1854. 

Octavius,  -Hi.  Cecilia  La  Touche.  John  Alexander. 

Isabella.  Charlotte.  Mary. 

Eliza,  in.  Eev.  James  Godley.  Elizabeth,  d.  young. 

3Ir.  La  Touche  d.  11  Feb.  1830,  and  was  «.  by  his  son, 

Peter  La  Touciie,  Esq.  of  Bellevue,  whose  brother  and  heir 
is  the  present  William  Robert  La  Touche,  Esq.  of  Bellevue. 

^)-//!s— Arg.,  a  pomegranate  slipped  in  pale  ppr.  on  a  chief 
of  the  last,  two  mullets  of  the  field.  tVti(— A  mullet  of  live  piints 
pierced  arg.     J/o»f<— Quid  verum  atque  decens  euro  et  le^o 

Seat — Bellevue,  Delgany. 

16  May,  1843,  Maria,  only  child  of  Rcj 
Price,  Esq.  of  Treiigwaiutou,  co.    Coj 


La  TorcHE,  John,  Esq.  of  Harristown,  co.  Kil- 
darc,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1846,  b.  16  Sei^t. 

1814;  m. 

wall  (by  his  wife,  Catherine,  Countess  Dowager] 
Desart)  and  has  issue.  i 

I.  Eobert  Percy  O'Con.vor,  J.P.,  6. 12  July,  1846;  m.  9  W  ' 

1870,  Lady  Annette  Louisa,  2nd  dau.  of  John,  3rd 

of  Clonmell. 

I.  Emily  Maria,  w.  27  June,  1865,  Hon.  Bernard  Matt 
Ward,  32nd  Light  Infantry,  4th  son  of  Viscount  Eaiij    ,tH 
and  d.  1  June,  1868,  leaving  issue. 

II.  Eose  Lucy,  d.  v.nm.  25  May,  1875. 

i£tltCHCJC. — John  La  Touche,  Esq.  of  Harristown, 
ICiUlure,  M.P.,  2nd  surviving  son  of  David  Digues  La  Tou 
Esq.  of  Marlay  (see  La  Touche  of  JJcllerue),  m.  1763,  Gurtl 
Fitzgerald,  dau.  of  Eobert  XJniacke,  Esq.  of  co.  Cork 
took  the  name  and  arms  of  Fitzgerald),  and  had  issue, 

Eobert,  his  heir.  t. 

John,  many  years  M.P.  for  co.  Leitrim,  d.  vnm.  f 

Gertrude,  m.  Francis  Mathew,  2nd  Earl  of  Llaudaff.  I 

Marianne,  m.  Ralph  Peter  Dundas,  Esq. 
Tlie  elder  son,  f- 

Eobert  La  Touche,  Esq.  of  Harristown,  M.P.  for  co.  Kild  • 
m.  17  April,  1810,  Lady  Emily  Le  Poer  Trench,  youngest  i  ' 
of  William  Power  Keating,  1st  Earl  of  Clancarty,  and  by 
who  d.  3  April,  1816,  has  issue, 

John,  now  of  Harristown. 

Eobert,  twin  with  John,  d.  8  Sept.  1846. 

William,  6.  1815;  d.  10  Jan.  1867. 

Anne,  d.  young. 

Gertrude,  m.  1841,  her  cousin,  Stanley  McClintock,  Esq.,  r 
of  John  McClintock,  Esq.  of  Drumcar,  by  his  wife,  the  I| 
Elizabeth  Le  Poer  Trench.  Emily,  d.  young 

Mr.  La  Touche  d.  May,  1844. 

Arms,  ifc. — As  La  Touche  nf  Bellevue. 
lieaJ— Harristown,  Brannoxtown,  Newbridge. 


Bennet,   Esq.    of     Eothams 


Sir. I 


Lawes,   John 
Park,  CO.  Herts,  J.P.,  b.  28  Dec.  1815  ;  m.  28  I 
1812,  CaroUne,  youngest  dau.  of  the  late  And 
Fountaiue,  Esq.  of  Karford  Hall,  Norfolk,  and 
I.  Charles  Bennet,   b.  Oct.   1843  ;    m.   1869,   his   cot 
Marie  Amelie  Rose,  dau.   of  Charles  George  Fount; 
Esq.,  and  lias  a  son,  6.  187 
I.  Caroline. 

ILilTCfttJC— John  r>ESNET,  Esq.,  J.P.  (grandson  of 
Bennet,  Esq.  by  Elizabeth  his  wife,  dau.  of  James  Witte 
Esq.  of  Rothamsted,  Recorder  of  St.  Albans,  son  of  Sir  J 
Wittewrong,  Bart.,  by  Elizabeth  Middleton  his  wife),  der 
Rothamsted  from  his  cousin,  Thomas  Wittewrong,  Esq., 
last  of  the  Wittewrongs,  who  d.  unm.  1763,  and  dying  < 
was  s.  in  the  estates  by  his  nephew  (son  of  his  sister  Mary 
Thomas  Lawcs,  E.^q.,  her  husband), 

John  Bennet  Lawes,   Esq.  of  Rothamsted,  D.L.,  m.  i 

1812,  Marianne,  dau.  of  John  Sherman,  Esq.  of  Drayton 

Oxford,  and  relict  of  Rev.  David  George  Knox,  and  had  is 

John  Bennet,  now  of  Rothamsted  Park. 

Marianne,  m-  30  Oct.  ]»34,  Charles  Thomas  Warde,  E» 

Welcombe  Warwick,  and  d.  1877,  leaving  sum 

issue,  three  daus. 

Emily  Catharine,  m.  1845.  Lewis  Mathias,  Esq.  of  Lamj 
Court,  CO.  Pembroke,  and  has  surviving  issue,  two  sons 
two  daus. 

Mr.  Lawes  d. 


22  Oct.  1825. 

Arms — Or,  on  a  chief  az.  three  cstoiles  of  the  field. 
On  a  ducal  coronet  or,  an  ermine  pas.sant  ppr. 
Seat— Rothamsted  Park,  near  St.  Albans. 



Shine-Lawloe,  Denis,  Esq.  of  Castlelough  ; 
Grenagh  House,  Killarney,  co.  Kerry,  J. P.,  H 
Sheriti'  1840,  b.  30  March,  1808 ;  s.  on  attair 
his  majority ;  m.  1st,  4  June,  1840,  Isabella,  el( 
dau.  of  Edward  Huddleston,  Esq.  of  Sawston  B 
CO.  Cambridge,  and  by  her  (who  d.  25  Sept.  18 
has  issue, 

I.  Denis  Alexander,  h.  8  July,  1843. 
I.  Isabella  Ellen,  in.  25  April,  ls6l,  Daniel  O'Connc 
of  Darrynane  Abbey,  co.  Kerry. 





Mary  Jane,  m.  26  Feb.  1876,  Capt.  C.  W.  Fondall,  of 
)akhni,  Ilyde,  Isle  of  AVisrlU. 

Frances  Mary,  m.25  June,  1863,  Daniel  James  O'Connell, 
;sq.  of  Grenagh,  J.P.,  2nd  son  of  Sir  James  O'Connell, 
Bart,  of  Lakeview. 

Shine-Lawlor  m.  2ik11t,  26  Aug.  1878,  Alice 
•y,  2ncl  clau.  of  Charles  Kiloy,  Esq.,  of  55, 
■ensborough  Terrace,  Hyde  Park. 

lUE<l(tC. — Denis  Shine,  Esq.  of  Killarney  (son  of  Denis 

?,  Esq.  of  Mount  Infant,  co.  Cork,  by  Eliza  Barrett,  his 

,  ill.  21  Jan.  1807,  Ellen,  only  dau.  of  Martin  Lawlor,  Esq. 

Jlarney,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1867)  left  issue, 

;nis,  now  of  Castlelough  and  Grenagh  House. 

irtin,  M.D. 

iry  Anne,  a  Nun. 

shine  was  killed  by  a  fall  from  li'^  horse,  17  June,  1S12. 
%t — Grenagh  House,  Killarney,  co.  Kerry. 



'/AWEENCE,  Chkistian  William,  Esq.  of  Seven- 
ipton  and  Sandywell   Park,  co.  Gloucester,  iu 

Diplomatic    Service,    2nd    Secretary    to    "' 
bassy  at  St.  Petersbui-g,  b.  7  April,  1836 ;  . 
icr  1877. 

iUCtlQC— From  Sia  Eobeut  Lawrence,  Knt.,  stated  to 
;  been  great  grandson  of  James  Lawrence,  of  Ashton  Hall, 
L,ancaster,  living  37  Heket  III.,  by  Matilda  his  wife,  dau. 
heir  of  John  Washington,  of  Washington,  co.  Lancaster, 
illy  descended, 

ALTER  Laweence,  Esq.  of  Sevenhampton,  «o.  Gloucester, 
;.  11  April,  1689,  w^ho  was  son  of  Walter  Lawrence,  Esq.  of 
iswick,  and  grandson  of  Eobert  Lawrence,  Esq.  of  Seven- 
pton,  who  was  4th  in  descent  from  William  Lawrence, 
,  living  1503,  who  purchased  Sevenhampton.  He  m. 
•>b.  1762,  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Cocks,  Esq.  of  Woodman- 
,  CO.  Gloucester,  grandson  of  Rev.  Peter  Cocks,  Rector  of 
op's  Cleeve,  co.  Gloucester,  1593  to  1612,  who  m.  Catho- 
,  dau.  of  the  Hon.  Charles  Brydges,  2nd  son  of  John, 
Lord  Chandos,  and  of  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Edmund  Lord 
J  de  Wilton,  through  whom  this  famUy  derives  a  royal 
ent  from  Edward  I.,  King  of  England  {sec  Burke's  Royal 
■enU).  Mr.  Peter  Cocks  was  2nd  brother  of  Richard  Cocks, 
.  of  Caslleditch,  ancestor  of  Lord  Somers.  Mrs.  Lawrence 
762.  Her  husband  survived  her  two  years,  and  was  s.  at 
lecease  by  his  elder  surviving  son, 

ALTER  Lawrence,  Esq.  of  Sevenhampton,  m.  22  Oct.  1766, 
cousin  Mary,  only  surviving  child  of  Thomas  Hayward, 
,  by  Dorothy  his  wife,  another  dau.  and  co-heir  of  the  said 
a  Cocks,  Esq.  of  Woodmancote,  and  left  at  his  decease, 
me,  1810  (by  her,  who  d.  18  Kov.  180-1),  an  only  surviving 


ABY  Lawrence,  of  Sevenhampton,  representative,  through 
two  grandmothers,  of  the  family  of  Cocks  of  Woodmancote, 
her  descendants  inherit  a  portion  of  their  original  estate. 
m.  16  Dec.  1790,  William  Morris,  Esq.,  brother  of  Robert 
Tis,  Esq.,  M.P.  for  Gloucester,  and  by  him,  who  d.  20  Nov. 
1,  left  at  her  death,  19  Sept.  1839,  an  only  surviving  child, 
''alter  Lawrence  Lawrence,  Esq.  of  Sevenhampton  and 
dywell  Park,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  assumed  by  royal  license, 
Aug.  1815,  the  surname  and  arms  of  Lawrence,  by  the 
re  of  his  maternal  grandfather,  Walter  Lawrence,  Esq.  He 
6.  21  May,  1799;  m.  24  July,  1824,  Mary,  only  dau.  of 
istian  Speldt,  Esq.  of  Stratford,  Essex,  and  d.  3  Dec.  1877, 
ing  had  issue, 

Walter,  b.  21  Oct.  1834;  d.  24  Dec.  1853. 
.  Christian  Wiluam,  now  of  Sandywell  Park  and  Seven- 

I.  Anthony  Cocks  (Rev.),  6.  15  March,  1843;  Rector  of 
Whittington,  co.  Gloucester;  m.  10  Aug.  1876,  Mary  Anne, 
2nd  dau.  of  the  late  Rev.  Dr.  Ogilvie,  Canon  of  Christ 
Church,  and  Rector  of  Ross,  and  has  a  dau.,  Katheriue 
Mary,  6.  17  May,  1877. 

Mary  Elizabeth.  ii.  Alice.  iii.  Agatha. 

'rms — Arg.,  a  cross  raguly  gu.,  for  Lawrence  ;  and  several 
rtcrings,  among  others  that  of  Washington.  In  Harleian 
,  891,  f.  99,  a  curious  Badge  is  recorded  as  belonging  to 
family,  attached  to  the  coat  of  Lawrence,  quartering 
sHiNGTON.  Ci-esi — The  tail  and  lower  part  of  a  fish  erected 
couped  ppr. 

V. :— Sandy  well  Park  Sevenhampton  Manor,  both  near 


Lawrexce,  Eev.  Chaeles,  of  Lisrcaghan,  co. 
Galway,  formerly  Vicar  of  Thurton,  Diocese  cf 
Norwich,  b.  28  Oct.  1828 ;  m.  26  Feb.  1866,  Cecil, 
yoitngest  dau.  of  the  late  Gen.  Sir  Charles  Wale, 
K.C.B.,  of  Shelford,  co.  Cambridge. 

3LUTC33C. — This  family  claims  to  be  a  younger  branch  of 
the  very  ancient  and  distinguished  family  of  the  Lawrences  of 
Lancashire,  descended  from  Sir  Richard  Lawrence,  of  Ashton 
Hall,  in  that  co.,  and  was  established  in  Ireland  temp.  Queca 

John  Lawrence  settled  at  Ballymorc,  co.  Galway,  and  bad 
issue,  Walter,  his  heir ;  John ;  Edward  ;  Peter ;  Joseph. 

Walter  Lawrence,  of  Ballymore,  «.  his  father,  for  whose 
distinguished  services  he  was  rewarded  with  large  grants  of 
lands,  imder  patent  from  James  I.,  dated  1617.  He  m.  1603, 
Ciceley,  dau.  of  GarrettMoore,  Esq.  of  Brieze,  co.  Mayo,  and  d. 
1635,  when  he  was  s.  by  his  only  son, 

John  Lawrence,  of  Ballymore  and  Lisreaghan,  m.  1st, 
1G40,  a  dau.  of  John  O'Donelan,  Esq.  of  Ballydonelan,  co. 
Galway,  by  whom  he  had  no  issue ;  and  2ndly,  Mabella,  dau. 
of  Killagh  O'Kelly,  Esq.  of  Aughrim,  co.  Gahv.iy,  and  had  (with 
a  dau.,  Mabella,  m.  J.  Kelly,  Esq.  of  Ballaffh,  co.  Galway)  a 
son,  Walter,  of  whom  presently.  He  d.  1675  (his  widow  r,i. 
2ndly,  James  Deane,  Esq.),  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Walter  Lawrence,  Esq.  of  Lisreaghan,  in.  1673,  Cieily, 
dau.  of  Col.  Garrett  Moore,  of  Cloghan  Castle,  King's  Co.,  by 
his  wife,  the  Lady  Margaret,  2nd  dau.  of  Richard,  6th  Earl  of 
Clanricarde,  and  by  her  (who  7n.  2ndly,  John  Kelly,  Esq.)  left 
at  his  decease,  1677  (with  a  dau.,  Honoria,  m.  H.  Pelly,  Esq.  of 
Kill,  CO.  Galway),  two  sons,  minors,  John,  d.  s.  p.,  under 
age;  and, 

AV alter  Lawrence,  Esq.  of  Lisreaghan,  m.  1669,  Mary,  dau. 
of  Nicholas  Arcedekne,  Esq.  of  Gortnamona,  co.  Galway;  and 
dying  1706,  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son  (his  youngest  son,  Peter,  d. 
1758,  a  Rear-Admiral), 

John  Lawrence,  Esq.  of  Lisreaghan,  m.  20  April,  1727, 
Mary,  only  dau.  and  heiress  of  John  Scott,  Esq.  of  Greenish 
and  Cappavarnagh,  co.  Galway,  and  of  Mont  Serat,  West 
Indies,  by  his  wife,  Anastasia,  dau.  of  Robert  ffrench,  Esq.  of 
Rahasane,  co.  Galway ;  and  dying  1730,  was  s.  by  his  only  son, 

Walter  Lawrence,  Esq.  of  Lisreagan,  6.  1729,  m.  1  May, 
1760,  Margery,  only  dau.  of  Edmond  Netterville,  Esq.  of  Long- 
ford, CO.  Galway,  and  had  issue,  Peter,  b.  Aug.  17C2,  d.  s.p. 
July,  1790;  and  Maria,  c?.  WMft.  1823.  Mr.  Lawrence  iH.2ndly, 
Aug.  1791,  Catherine,  dau.  of  John  D'Arcy,  Esq.  of  Ballykine, 
CO.  Mayo  (by  Margaret  his  wife,  youngest  dau.  of  Denis  Daly, 
Esq.  of  Raford,  co.  Galway,  and  grand-dau.  of  Michael,  lOth 
Earl  of  Clanricarde),  and  by  her  had  issue, 

W.4LTER,  late  of  Lisreaghan. 

Matilda  Margaret,  iii.  1822,  Thomas  Seymour,  Esq.  of  Bally- 
more Castle,  CO.  Galway,  and  has  issue. 

Mr.  Lawrence  d.  Oct.  1786,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 
I  Walter  Lawrence,  Esq.  of  Lisreaghan,  J. P.,  High  Sheriff 
1820-21,  6.  15  Dec.  1793;  m.  1  March,  1813,  Georgiana,  3rd 
dau.  of  the  late  Charles  Blake,  Esq.  of  Moyne,  co.  Mayo,  and 
of  Merlin  Park,  co.  Galway  (by  his  wife,  Georgiana,  eldest 
dau.  of  the  late  Sir  G.  Browne,  Bart,  of  the  Neil,  co.  Mayo,  and 
sister  of  the  1st  Baron  Kilmaine),  and  by  her  (who  d.  1863)  lisa 

I.  Walter,  late  Capt.  4Ist  regt.  subsequently  Capt.  91st  Gal- 
way Militia  ;  m.  1848,  Olivia,  eldest  dau.  of  the  late  Sir 
Michael  Dillon  Bellew,  Bart.,  and  d.  1863,  leaving  by  her 
(who  d.  10  Jan.  1874)  adau.,  HonoraMary,  in.  18G8,  Charles 
Blake,  Esq.  of  Coolcon,  co.  Mayo,  and  d.  in  1873,  leaving  a 
dau.,  Violet  Olivia. 

II.  John,  d.  22  Feb,  1872. 

III.  Charles,  now  of  Lisreaghan. 

IV.  Peter.  v.  Denis  Joseph. 
VI.  George  Edward.                          vii.  Henry  AVilliain. 

I.  Georgiana. 

II.  Catherine  Elizabeth,  m.  John  Clarke,  Esq. 

III.  Mary  Dorothy. 

IV.  Margaret  Maliella. 

V.  Frances  Cicely. 

VI.  Anne  Helena  Christian. 

VII.  Adelaide  Bridget  Octavia. 

He  d.  21  Sept.  1873. 

/4 rms— Quarterly,  1st  and  4th,  arg.,  a  cross  ra.guly  gu.,  for 
Lawrence;  2nd  and  3rd,  sa.,  a  catherinc-wheel  between  two 
crescents  in  chief  and  a  trefoil  in  base  or,  for  Scott.  Crat — 
A  demi-turbot  tail  erect  ppr.     Motto— In  cruce  salus. 

Scat — Lisreaghan  (or  Bellevue),  Lawrencetown,  Ballinasloe, 
CO,  Galway. 






Lawsox,  Andrew  Sheklock,  Esq.,  of  Ald- 
borougli  Manor,  and  Boroiighbridge  Hall,  co.  York, 
J.F.,  h.  22  Feb.  1855  ;  s.  Ids  father  22  May,  1872. 

ILiltC.t  (JC— Sir  George  Lawson,  Knt.,  Treasurer  of  Ber- 
Tvick,  was  ilayor  of  the  city  of  York  1530.  He  left  a  dau. 
Anne,  m.  William  Lawson,  and  a  son,  his  successor, 

Thomas  Lawson,  of  York,  Mayor  of  that  city  1502.  He  m. 
Christian,  dau.  of  Uugh  Atkin.son,  of  Castleford,  co.  York, 
and  had,  with  two  daus.,  three  sons,  of  whom  the  eldest, 

Peter  Lawson,  of  I'oppleton,  living  15S4,  ni.  Elizabeth, 
dau.  of  Ambrose  Bcckwith,  of  StiUingfleet.  and  had  two  sous 
and  two  daus.    The  elder  son, 

Geouce  LAW.'ioN,  of  Foppleton,  and  subsequently  of  Moreby, 
6. 1575 ;  m.  Anne,  dau.  of  George  Twisilcton,  of  Barley,  near 
Selby,  and  had  issue  three  sons  and  eight  daus.    The  eldest  son, 

The  Kev.  George  Lawson,  of  Moreby,  Hector  of  Eakring, 
Notts,  bapt.  13  Nov.  1608;  m.  1G5C,  Eleanor  More,  of  Norman- 
ton,  CO.  Lincoln,  by  whom  (who  was  buried  IGSG)  he  had  a 
son  and  heir, 

George  Lawson,  Esq.  of  Moreby,  m.  1C30,  Elizabeth,  only 
dau.  and  heir  of  Marmaduke  Bosville,  Esq.  of  Seaton  llosse,  in 
the  East  Hiding,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1G9S)  had  two  sons, 

I.  Marmaduke,  his  heir. 

II.  KicHARD,  b.  1G97;  Mayor  of  York  1741  and  1754.  He  m. 
Barbara,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Thomas  Burton,  M.A.,  Vicar  of 
Halifax,  by  Elizabeth  his  wife,  dau.  of  Francis  Jcssop,  Esq. 
of  Broom  Hall,  great-great-grandson  of  Kichard  Jessop, 
Esq.,  by  Anne  his  wife,  eldest  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Robert 
Swyft,  Esq.  of  Broom  Hall,  descended  from  Robert  Swylt, 
"  the  rich  mercer  of  Rotherham,"  and  had  issue, 

1  Marmaduke,  of  whom  presently. 

1  Dorothy,  m.  her  cousin,  Andrew  Wilkinson,  Esq.  of 
Boroughbridge,  Capt.  B.N.,  eldest  surviving  son  of 
Andrew  Wilkinson,  Esq.,  Member  for  Aldbro'  in  many 
Parliaments,  by  Barbara,  sister  of  the  last  Lord  D'Arcy, 
of  Navan,  being  dau.  and  co-heir  of  William  Jessop,  Esq. 
of  Broom  Hall,  M.P.,  and  the  Hon.  Mary  Jessop. 

Mr.  Lawson  d.  1699,  and  was  s.  by  his  elder  son, 

Marmaduke  Lawson,  Esq.  of  Moreby,  bapt.  16S5,  who  had, 

by  Susannah  his  1st  wife  (who  d.  1711)  two  sons,  who  both 

d.  s.  p.    Mr.  Lawrence's  nephew, 
TuE  Rev.  Marmaduke  Lawson,  M.A.,  Rector  of  Sproatlcy, 

and  Prebendary  of  Ripon,  6.  1749  ;  m.  Barbara  Isabella,  dau. 

of  John  Wilson,  Esq.  of  the  Middle  Temple,  brother  of  the 

Kev.  James  Wilson,  Vicar  of  Sheffir-ld,  of  Broom  Hall,  near 

that  place,  and  of  Boroughbridge  Hall,  co.  York,  and  had 


Marmaduke,  his  heir. 

Andrew,  heir  to  his  brother. 

James,  Vicar  of  Buckminster,  co.  Leicester. 

John,  Incumbent  of  Seaton  Carew,  co.  Durham. 


Doi-othy,  m.  1831,  the  Ecv.  Edward  Bird,  Rector  of  Tatten- 
hall,  CO.  Chester. 

Mary,  m.  1833,  the  Eev.  Alexander  Stewart,  M.A.,  Rector  of 
Burford,  Worcester,  eldest  son  of  the  Hon.  Montgornerie 
Stewart,  and  nephew  to  the  Earl  of  Galloway.    He  d.  1836. 

Mr.  Lawson  d.  1814  (Mrs.  Lawson  d.  1838),  and  was  s.  by  his 
eldest  son, 

Marmaduke  Lawson,  Esq.  of  Boroughbridge  Hall,  J. P., 
M.P.,  a  gentleman  distinguished  by  his  literai'y  pre-eminence 
at  Cambridge.  He  d.  uivm.  10  March,  1823,  when  the  Wilkin- 
son estates  devolved  upon  his  next  brother, 

Andrew  Lawson,  Esq.  of  Aldborough  Lodge  and  Borough- 
bridge Hall,  M.P.  for  Knaresborough,  b.  1800;  i,i.  1  Feb.  1823, 
Marianne  Anna  Maria,  eldest  dau.  of  Sir  Thomas  Sherlock 
Gooch,  Bart,  of  Benacre  Hall,  Suffolk,  M.P.,  and  had  issue, 

Andrew  Sherlock,  his  heir. 

Edward  John,  Lieut.  R.N.,  b.  8  April,  182G. 

Marmaduke  Charles,  Lieut.-Col.  Madras  Horse  Artillery,  h. 

16  Oct.  1827;   m.  6  Jan.  1870,  Mary  Eliza,  dau.  of  W.  M. 

Caddell,  Esq.,  of  the  Madras  Civil  Service,  and  has  issue, 

one  son. 

James  George,  h.  14  Nov.  1828  ;  d.  Aug.  1878. 
Thomas  William,  Capt.  74th  Highlanders,  b.  1  March,  1833; 

m.   "2:1   Dec.    1863,    Harriet  Frances,   dau.    of   Rev.   Barry 

O'Meara  Deane  (Chaplain  of  Black  Town,  Madras),  and  has 

issue,  one  son  and  three  daus. 
Richard,  b.  11  April,  1833;  d.  May,  18G3. 
Septimus,  ').  1  July,  1836;  d.  1874. 
Octavius    Ridley,  an  officer  l8th  Royal  Irish  regt.,   h.  23 

March,    1810;    drowned  whilst    bathing  in  New  Zealand, 

Dec.  18G5. 
Marianne  Barbara  Isabelle,  h.  April,  1824,  d.  1824. 
Mary,  m.  9  Dec.  1847,  John  Dunn  Gardner,  Esq.  of  Chatteris, 

CO.  Cambridge  ;  and  d..  April,  1851,  leaving  a  son  and  a  dau. 
Aaae  Matilda,  m.  3  Feb.  1868,  Rev.  William  Henry  Thomp- 

son, Incumbent  of  EosclifTc,  near  Boroughbridge,  and  h; 
issue,  two  daus. 

Mr.  Lawson  d.  28  Feb.  1853,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  sen, 

Andrew  Sherlock  Lawson,  Esq.  of  Aldborough  Manor  an 
Boroughbridge  Hall,  J. P.   and   D.L.,  6.  1  Nov.  1824;    to. 
July,   1852,  Isabella,  younger  dau.  of  the  late  John  Gram 
Esq.  of  Nuttal  Hall,  co.  Lancaster,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Andrew  Sherlock,  now  of  Aldborough  and  Borough 
bridge.  ii.  John  Grant,  b.  28  July,  la'M. 

HI.  Edward  Charles,  h.  9  Nov.  1860;  d.  in  infancy. 

IV.  Richard,  b.  9  March,  1864. 

I.  Jane  Grant,  m.  1  Oct.  1874,  John  Wilmot  Smith,  Esq. 
eldest  son  of  Charles  Wilmot  Smith,  Esq.  of  Bullynantr 
CO.  Limerick,  and  KUlaran,  co.  Clare,  and  has  issue. 

II.  IsabeUe  Grace.  iii.  Mary  Florence. 
IV.  Roberta  Grant. 

Arras — Paly  of  four  gu.  and  vert,  on  a  chevron  or,  a 
hound's  head  erased  sa.,  between  two  cinquefoils  az.  :i  <  ii;i 
of  the  third  charged  with  an  ogress,  thereon  a  demi-lion  raiiipan 
arg.  between  two  crescents  sa.,  on  each  three  plates.  Crrst- 
A  wolf's  head  erased  ppr.  charged  on  the  neck  with  tiire 
bezants,  a  collar  vert.     Motto — Loyal,  secret. 

tScats  —  Aldborough     Manor,     near    Boroughbridge;    aiii 
Boroughbridge  Hall,  co.  York. 


La"WSON,  Rev.  Edward,  of  Longhirst  Hall,  co; 
Northumberland,  M.A.,  h.  10  Sept.  1824;  m.  2j 
Oct.  1853,   Mary  Eliza,  dau.  of  the  late   Gcor 
Maule,  E.sq.,   Solicitor  to   the  Treasury,   and  hi 

I.  William  Edward,  b.  4  April,  1855. 

II.  Edward  Maule,  b.  3  Oct.  1859. 

III.  Henry  Cyril.  iv.  Algernon. 
I.  Mary  Louisa.                                   ii.  Eleanor  Evelyn. 
III.  Muriel  Frances.                           iv.  Alice. 
ILillCaCIC.— This  family  of  Lawson  has  been  resident  al 

Longhirst  since  the  beginning  of  the  IGth  century  (sec  Hodo 
soil's  History  of  JS'oilhuraberla'iid).  Conveyances  of  land  ii 
Longhirst  to  Robert  Lawson,  of  Longhirst,  dated  1584,  are  ii 
the  possession  of  the  present  Rev.  Edward  Lawson. 

William  Lawson,  Esq.  of  Longhirst,  living  1C52,  son  a 
Robert  Lawson,  of  Longhirst,  whose  will  bears  date  1C32,  ani 
grandson  of  Robert  Lawson,  of  Longhirst,  hud,  by  Margarei 
his  wife  (who  rii.  2ndly,  Anthony  Mitford,  Esq.),  a  2nd  son, 

John  Lawson,  Esq.  of  Longhirst,  m.  4  Dec.  1679,  Barbara) 
dau.  of  Edward  Cook,  Esq.  of  Amble  New  Hall,  and  had  issufl 
William,  his  heir;  Edward,  b.  1686;  John,  whose  son,  John 
sold  Old  Moor,  1828;  Margaret,  b.  1682,  wife  of  Mr.  Hcnrj 
Atkinson  (and  mother  of  Jane  Atkinson,  who  ra.  William  Scotl| 
Merchant  of  Newcastle,  and  had,  with  other  issue,  the  Lon 
Stowell  and  Eldon);  Jane,  m.  Ralph  Watson,  Esq.  of  Nort 
Seaton;  Mary,  in.  Mr.  George  Barker;  and  Sarah,  m.  174, 
the  Rev.  John  Walton.    The  eldest  son, 

William  Lawson,  Esq.  of  Longhirst,  6.  21  May,  1634; 
29  Dec.  1722,  Ann,  dau.  of  Robert  Carnaby,  Esq.  of  Fullwe 
Durham,  and  had  issue.  Mr.  Lawson  d.  1  March,  1769,  ai 
was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

John  Lawson,  Esq.  of  Longhirst,  b.  31  Dec.  1731;  d.  ^:n■ai 
17  Sept.  1822,  and  was  s.  by  his  nephew, 

William  Lawson,  Esq.  of  Longhirst,  J.P.  and  D.L.  (son 
William  Lawson,  and  his  wife,  Jane  Smith,  of  Togston).  I 
was  b.  21  Jan.  1775;  ra.  24  Feb.  1821,  Jane  Hester,  dau.  oft] 
late  Mr.  John  Clark,  of  Haddington,  and  had  issue, 

William  John,  his  successor. 

Edward,  now  of  Longhirst.  Henry.  J 

Susannah.  Jane  Hester,  d.  1838.  Louisa  Carolinfl 

Mr.  Lawson  d.  20  Oct.  1855,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

William  John  Lawson,  Esq.  of  Longhirst,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  I 
5  March,  1822.  He  d.  G  Nov.  1859,  and  was  s.  by  his  broUiel 
the  present  Rev.  Edward  Lawson. 

Arms — Arg.,  a  chevron  between  three  martlets  sa.  Cr.".;'-! 
Two  arms  embowcd  couped  at  the  elbow  vested  erm.,  ccf 
arg.,  supporting  in  the  1  .,nds  ppr.  the  sun  in  sjilendour  gold, 

ibc'tii — Longhirst,  Morpeth,  co.  Northumberland. 


L.vwton,  William  John  Peect,  Esq.  of  Lnvrlo 

Hall,  CO.  Chester,  b.  27  Dec.  1849  ;    m.  1872,  Aim 

Maud,  eldest  dau.  of  Hon.  Edward  Morris  Erskiui 

and  has  issue, 

I.  JouN  William  Edward,  b.  24  June,  1873. 

II.  Ralph  Lupus  Erskine,  b.  26  June,  1873. 
I.  Gwcndoliu  Maud,  U.  31  March,  1876. 





JLt  IT  fit  5c.— This  family  have  possessed  the  mnnor  of 
wton  since  the  reisn  of  Henry  VI.,  a«cl  by  a  well  founded 
dition.  from  a  much  earlier  period.  The  pedigree,  liow- 
;r,  prior  to  that  date  cannot  be  perfectly  traced;  we  phall, 
?reforc,  begin  with  the  earliest  member  of  the  family  from 
10m  there  is  a  clear  deduction,  viz., 

iluc.a  Lawton,  of  Lawton,  m.  Isabella,  dau.  of  John  Madoc, 
d  widow  of  Bekyn  Bernys. 

John  Lawton,  Esq.  of  Lawton,  h.  1606  (eldest  son  and  luir 
William  Lawton,  Esq.  of  Lawton,  and  grandson  of  Joliu 
wton,  Esq.  of  Lawton,  living  1.5S0) ;  m.  Clare,  dau.  of  IJaliili 
cyd,  Esq.  of  Keel,  co.  StalTord,  by  whom  he  had  an  eldest 
1  and  successor, 

kViLLiAM  Lawton,  Esq.  of  Lawton,  b.  1G.30;  Sheriff  of  eo. 
ester  1G72;  m.  Hester,  2nd  dau.  of  Sir  Edward  Lonsucville, 
rt.,  by  Margaret,  dau.  of  Sir  Thomas  Temple,  of  Stowe,  and 
her  had  issue.  Mr.  Lawton  d.  Sept.  1G93,  and  was  s.  by  his 
est  son, 

John  Lawton,  Esq.  of  Lawton,  b.  7  May,  1G5G;  m.  1st, 
ine,  dau.  of  George,  younger  son  of  Henry,  1st  Earl  of  Man- 
5Ster,  and  sister  of  Charles,  Earl  of  Halifax.  By  this 
ly  Mr.  Lawton  had  issue,  William,  d.  s.  p.  171-1:  Edward,  id. 
arlotte,  dau.  of  William  Trafford,  Esq.  of  Swithamlcy,  and 
1730;  John,  M.P.  for  Kcwcastlc-under-Lyme,  d.  18  June, 
10;  Anne,  'in.  1735,  John  Lawton,  Esq.  of  Wybunbury; 
.ry,  m.  Ralph  TrafTord,  Esq.  Mr.  Lawton  m.  2ndly,  :5Iary, 
ict  of  Sir  Edward  Longuevillc,  Bart.,  by  whom  he  had  an 
ly  son,  his  successor, 

lOBERT  Lawton,  Esq.  of  Lawton,  bapt.  G  May,  1723;  .Slieriff 
CO.  Chester  1754;  m.  Sarah,  dau.  of  John  OfHey,  Esq.  of 
deley,  M.P.  for  co.  Chester,  wlio  assumed  afterwards  tlie 
■name  of  Chewe.  By  this  lady  Mr.  Lawton  had  an  eldest 
I  and  successor, 

roHN  Lawton,  Esq.  of  Lawton,  h.  Sept.  1746.  Heiii.  Anne, 
and  co-hciress  of  Charles  Crewe,  Esq.,  M.P.  for  co. 
ester,  and  d.  25  March,  1S04,  leaving  issue, 

^^L^s'Boubne,  }  successively  of  Lawton. 
fohn, )/!.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  John  Carter,  Esq.,  and(?.  leaving, 
with  other  issue,  a  sou, 
John,  late  of  Lawton  Hall. 

'hilip,  a  Lieut,  in  the  S3rd  Light  Infantry,  d.  on  his  passage 
to  the  West  Indies. 

!  eldest  son, 

ViLLiAM  Lawton,  Esq.  of  Lawton,  s.  his  father  1S04,  but 
ng  «.  p.,  was  s.  by  his  next  brother,  Charles  Bourne  Law- 
,  Esq.  of  Lawton  Hall,  J.P.,  m.  1st,  Anne,  dau.  of  Henry 
ither.stonhaufih,  Esq.  of  Tooting,  Surrey ;  and  2ndly,  Mari- 
le  Percy,  dau.  of  William  Belcombe,  M.D.  of  York,  but 
.  p.  18G0,  and  was  s.  by  his  nephew, 

ToHN  Lawton,  Esq.  of  Lawton  Hall,  co.  Chester,  J.P. ;  m. 
5,  Emily  Anne,  youngest  dau.  of  the  late  Thomas  Legh,  Esq. 
A.dlington,  and  by  her  (who  m.  2ndly,  18C5,  Frank  Kenaud, 
1.,  M.D.,  of  Manchester)  had  issue, 

WrLMAM  John  Percy,  now  of  Lawton. 
.  Robert  Charles  Montague. 

Louis  Elizabeth.  11.  Agnes  Fanny  Adine. 

u.  Evelyn  Frances  Christabel.         iv.  Iwsamond  Minnie. 
d.  1864,  and  was«.  by  his  eldest  son,  now  of  Lawton. 
irms — Arg.,  on  a  fess  between  three  eross-crosslets  fitehcc 

a  cinquefoil  of  the  first.     Cnst—A  demi-wolf  rampant  arg., 
cing  a  wound  in  the  right  shoulder. 
>eat— Lawton  Hall,  near  Stoke  on-Trent. 

Arms— Arg.,  a  dexter  gauntlet  sa.  garnished,  a  crescent  for 
difference.  Vrest—A  cock  arg.,  combed  jcllopcd  and  legged  "u. 
supporting  with  a  dexter  claw  a  gauntlet  sa.  JV/ot Jo— Semper 

itai.s-— Low  Gosforth,  Newcastle-on-Tync;  Lintz,  co.  Dur- 
ham; Wiseton  Hall,  co.  Notts;  Castle  Carr,  co.  York.  CUj 
— Devonshire  Club,  Loudon. 


Latcoce,  Jost-pit,  Esq.  of  Low  Gosfortb  and 
Mttonstall,  Northumbcrlaiicl,  Lintz,  co.  Durham, 
iseton  Hall,  co.  Notts,  Castle  Carr,  co.  York, 
P.  for  Durham  and  JN'^ewcastle,  J.P.  and  D.L. 
)rthumbcrland  ;  w.  1st,  Barbara,  dau.  of  Jolin 
cholson,  Esq. ;  2ndly,  H.  C.  Dalton,  widow  of 
^v.  T.  DaUou,  and  sister  of  Admiral  Sir  E.  Col- 
son.    By  the  former  he  has  issue, 

loBERT,  M.A.,  Trinity  Coll.  Cambridge,  Barristcr-at-Law, 
J.P.  for  CO.  Northumberland,  J.P.  and  D.L.  force.  Notts, 
m.  Annie,  dau.  of  C.  AUhuson,  Esq.  of  Stoke  Court,  and 
has  issue. 

oseph  Frederick,  b.  1SC7. 

-nnie  Barbara. 

Lineage— This  family  was  formerly  settled  in  Notts  and 


Leader,  Nicholas  PniLroT,  Esq.  of  Dron-.anh 
Castle,  CO.  Cork,  J.P.,  M.P.  for  co.  Cork  ISGllo 
18G8;  s.  his  father  183G. 

Jltlir<10C.— About  the  middle  of  the  17th  century,  two 
brothers,  Henry  and  John  Leader,  settled  in  the  co.  Cork. 
The  younger  brother,  John,  was  ancestor  of  the  Leaders-  cj 
Kcale,  CO.  Cork.     The  elder, 

Henry  Leader,  Esq.,  purchased  very  considerable  estates  in 
the  CO.  Cork,  amongst  others,  the  family  resiJence  of  Mount 
Leader.  He  r,i.  1689,  Margaret,  dau.  of  Thomas  Radley,  Esq., 
by  Marvella  Chinnery  his  wife,  and  d.  circa  1733,  having  had 

John,  of  Mount  Leader,  b.  1C98;  m.  1718,  Margaret,  C;a 
dau.  of  Edward  Herbert,  of  Kilc.jw,  co.  Kerry,  and  d.  clrci 
li3i,  leaving  by  his  wife  (who  in.  2ndly,  liev.  Craven 
Stanley),  with  six  daus.,  of  whom  the  eldest,  Mary,  m. 
Richard  Edward  Hull,  Esq.  of  Leamcon,  three  sons,  Edward 
whose  only  son,  John  Leader,  Esq..  sold  Mount  Leader  to 
his  cousin,  William  Leader  (see  Leader  0/  Mount  Leader)  ■ 
Thomas ;  Richard,  Capt.  in  the  army,  of  Oldcastle,  co*. 
Cork.  Thomas,  6.  1700 ;  d.  1727. 

Henry,  of  Tullig,  co.  Cork,  of  whom  presently. 

Mary,  m.  1711,  John  Purccll,  Esq.  of  Gurtcenaid. 

Margaret,  m.  Charles  O'Keefe,  Esq.  of  Cullen. 

Marvella,  m.  John  Leader,  of  Keale. 

The  3rd  son  of  Henry  Leader,  by  Margaret  Radley  his  wife, 

Henry  Leader,  Esq.  of  Tullig,  co.  Cork,  0.  1705;  m.  1741,. 
Christabella,  dau.  of  WiUiam  Philpott,  of  Dromagh,  co.  Coik, 
and  by  her  (who  d.  1794)  left  issue, 

I.  John,  6.  1742,  d.  1801.  He  m.  20  Oct.  1767,  Deborr-l-r 
eldest  dau.  of  Emanuel  Hutchinson,  Esq.  of  Mount  Massv, 
and  had  an  only  son,  Henry  Leader,  Esq.,  formerly  of  lllv,. 
CO.  Donegal,  and  of  Adelaide  Road,  Dublin,  h.  1768.  He ,',(. 
Mary,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Thomas  Stewart,  andrf.  1844,  leaving 
a  son,  Henry,  of  Dromaneen,  near  Kanturk,  co.  Cork ;  m. 
1835,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Thomas  Woodcock,  Esq.  Banker,  of 
Wigan,  and  had,  William,  and  other  issue  ;  and  five  daus. 

Elizabeth,  d.  unrn.  ;  Deborah,  rn.  1845,  John  Allen,  Esq. ; 
Mary,  m.  1844,  WiUiam  Ribton  Ward,  Esq.  ;  Charlotte,  m, 
Francis  Foster,  Esq.  of  Rushine  Lodge,  co.  Donegal :  and 
Margaret,  m.  Aug.  1834,  John  Herbert  Orpen,  Esq.,  M.D 

II.  William,  of  Mount    Leader  (which  he  purchased    fn 
his  cousin,  John  Leader),  J.P.  6.  1743;  rf.  April,  1828; 
April,  1768,  Margaret,  dau.  of  Warham  St.  Lcgcr,  Esq.  of 
Hey  ward's  Hill,  and  by  her  (who  d.  Feb.  1828)  had  issue, 

1  Nicholas  Philpot,  M.P.  for  Kilkenny,  m.  Margaret, 
dau.  and  co-heir  of  Andrew  Nash,  Esq.  of  Nashvilfe,  co. 
Cork,  and  rf.  1836,  leaving  issue  by  her  (who  d.  8  Oct. 

Nicholas  Philpot,  now  nf  Dromagh  Castle. 

William,  J.P.,  of  Rosnale.^  Kanturk,  co.  Cork,  m.  29 
June,  1847,  Dorothea,  2nd  dau.  of  MacGillvcuddy, 
of  the  Keeks;  and  </.  ItGO,  having  had  issue,  Williaiu 
Nicholas,  6.  1853;  Francis  Henry  Mowbray,  6.  Ib55; 
Dora  Margaret;  and  Margaret. 

Henry,  who  in.  1st,  Margaret,  dau.  of  John  Eirmirg- 
ham  Miller,  Esq.,  Q.C.,  and  has  is.sue  two  sons ,  and  a. 
dau.  m.  1864,  Rev.  Edward  L.  Puxley  ;  hem.  2ndlv, 
1864,  Annette,  dau.  of  the  late  Rev.  John  EUison,  ai;d 
sister  of  J.  W.  Ellison  Macartney,  Esq.,  M.P. 

Margaret,  rn.  John  Newman,  E.-sq.  eldest  son  of  Adar.i 
Newman,  Esq.  of  Dromore,  co.  Cork. 

Elizabeth,  rn.  14  April,  1849,  Sir  George  Richard  Waldic- 
Griffith,  Bart.,  of  Hendersyde  Park,  co.  Roxburgh. 

2  Warham,  Rector  of  St.  Anne's,  Shandon,  Cork,  rn.  Hen- 
rietta, dau.  of  Robert  Atkins,  Esq.  of  Firvillc,  co.  Coil;, 
and  (/.  «.  J). 

3  William,lCurate  of  St.  Peter's,  Cork,  d.  v.nm. 

4  Henry  (see  Leader  of  Mount  Ltadcr,  co.  Cork). 

1  Elizabeth,  m.  1799,  Rev.  Matthew  Piircell,  of  Burton, 

2  Harriett,  rn.  Matthias  Henley,  Esq.  of  Mount  Rivers,  co. 
Cork,  and  d.  s.  p.  1833. 

3  Emilia,  m.  1810,  John  Rye  Coppinger,  Esq.  of  Carhue, 
CO.  Cork,  and  d.  s.  p.  1832. 

4  Louisa,  m.  Richard  Harris  Purcell,  Esq.  of  Annabella. 

in.  Henry,  of  Tullig,  m.  Mary  Kearney,   and  d.  in  livO, 
leaving  issue,  an  only  child,  Henry,  who  d.  s.  p. 
IV.  Nicholas,  who  went  to  .America. 
I.  Elizabeth,  mi.  Joseph  Barry,  Esq.,  M.D.  of  Mallow. 







II.  Christabella,  6. 1833  ;  m.  1773,  Christopher  Hendley,  Esq. 
of  Mount  Rivers. 

HI.  Catherine,  d.  s.  p.  1772.         rr.  Mavella,  d.  s.  p.  1773. 

Arms— Arg.,  on  a  fess  sa.  between  three  ogresses,  each 
charged  with  an  escallop  of  the  field  a  lion's  head  erased 
beiween  two  boars'  heads  also  erased  or,  aU  within  a  bordure 
cn-'railed  az.  Crest— An  arm  habited  paly  of  six  vert  and  gu. 
holding  in  the  hand  ppr.,  a  branch  of  three  roses  barbed  and 
leaved  ppr. 

(StaJ— Dromagh  Castle,  Kanturk,  co.  Cork. 

Leader,   Heney  Williamson,  Esq.  of   Mount 
Leader,  co.  Cork,  b.  18  July,  1869 ;  s.  his  father 


iLtUCatlC.— Henkt  Leadek,  Esq.  of  Mount  Leader,  J. P., 
7).  i  June,  1793  (4th  son  of  William  Leader,  Esq.,  by  Marsaret 
liU  wife,  dau.  of  Warham  St.  Leger,  Esq.  of  Hey  ward's  Hill 
(  e  preceding  Memoir);  in.  Aug.  1830,  Elizabeth  Anna,  2nd 
<l:iu.  of  Rev.  Charles  Eustace,  of  Eobertstown,  co.  Kildare, 
claimant  of  the  Baltinglass  Peerage  (see  Bdbke's  Dormant 
Pcrage),  and  d.  5  April,  1868,  leaving  by  her  (who  d.  1858)  an 
orly  child, 

Henry  Eustace  Leader,  Esq.  of  Mount  Leader,  J.P.,  Capt. 
lG:h  Lancers,  b.  1833;  m.  1  Oct.  1868,  Helen  Augusta, 
yr.angest  dau.  of  Lieut. -Col.  Williamson,  of  Carrowkeal,  co. 
Curk  ;  and  d.  1  June,  1876,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Henbt  Williamson,  now  of  Mount  Leader. 

II.  Lionel  Frederic. 

Arm.?,  &c. — Same  as  Leadee  of  Promnr/h, 
rSeat— Mount  Leader,  Millstreet,  co.  Curk. 



ui.  Koland  William. 


LeA'dee,  Thomas  Leoxabd,  Esq.  of  Ashirrove, 
CO.  Coi'k,  J.P.  (son  of  the  late  Thomas  Leader,  Esq. 
of  Springmount,  formerly  an  ofBcer  of  the  1st 
Somerset  Militia,  and  Margaret  Maria  his  -wife,  dau. 
and  co-heiress  of  the  late  William  Power,  Esq.  of 
Cork,  great  niece  to  the  late  Eight  Reverend  Dr. 
McKenna,  Bishop  of  Cloyne  and  Ross,  the  founder 
and  benefactor  of  the  Irish  College  in  Paris  for 
the  education  of  ecclesiastical  students),  formerly 
an  officer  in  the  2nd  Queen's  Royals,  and  no'w  a 
Magistrate  and  Grand  Juror  of  co.  Cork,  saw 
much  service  in  India  ;  he  was  subsequently  a  Capt. 
in  the  5th  Royal  iliddlesex  MiUtia,  b.  20  Sept. 
1823  ;  m.  Airlie,  only  dau.  of  the  late  Capt.  Mac- 
dougaU,  42nd  Royal  Highlanders,  by  Jean  Cameron 
his  wife,  only  dau.  of  the  late  Alexander  Macdonald, 
Esq.  of  Glencoe,  chieftain  of  his  clan,  great  niece 
to  the  late  Sir  Duncan  Cameron,  Bart.,  r.nd  cousin 
lo  Charles  Bro-nnlow,  Lord  Lurgan,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Chables  Eeginald  De  Vebe,  b.  29  Nov.  1847;  w.  Nov. 
1871,  Fanny,  dau.  of  Capt.  Moore,  late  35th  regt.,  and  has 
issue  a  son.  ii.  Thomas  Brownlow,  b.  1854. 

III.  Harry  EUesniere,  b.  1858. 

I.  Jean  Margaret. 

II.  Blanche  Louisa,  m.  Sept.  1872,  Robert 'Warren,  Esq.  3rd 
son  of  the  late  Sir  John  Borlaso  Warren ,  Bart,  of  Warrens 
Court,  CO.  Cork.  in.  Kathleen  AirUe  Adelaide. 

Arms  —  Arg.,  on  a  fess  sa.  between  three  ogresses  each 
<hargcd  with  an  escallop  of  the  first  a  lion's  head  erased 
between  two  boars"  heads  also  erased  or,  all  within  a  bordure 
vavy  gu.  Crest — An  arm  embowed  habited  paly  wavy  of  six 
-vert  and  gu.  the  hand  grasping  a  branch  of  three  roses  barbed 
xind  leaved  all  ppr.    Motto — Probum  non  poenitet. 

Seal — Ashgrovc,  co.  Cork. 


Leahy,  JoH>'  White,  Esq.  of  SouthhiU,  co.Kerry, 
I.  29  May,  1852,  J.P.  for  co.  Kerry,  High  Sheriff 

■Ullirilgt.— The  Sept  from  which  this  family  is  descended 
formed  a  subdivision  of  the  O'Brien  race,  and  are  found  in  the 
Occupation  of  a  considerable  tract  of  country  in  the  neigh- 
bourhood of  Abbeyfeale,  on  the  borders  of  cos.  Kerry  and 
Limerick,  temp.  Elizabeth,  where  they  are  supposed  to  have 
been  established  as  early  as  the  13th  century.  These  lands, 
which  were  held  in  dependence  on  the  head  of  the  O'Brien 
family,  were  forfeited  for  rebellion  in  the  time  of  Cko.mwell. 

John  Leaht,  b.  at  Abbeyfeale  1720,  settled  at  Killarney  ia 
the  year  1754.     He  d.  1785,  leaving  issue, 

John  Leahy,  b.  1770;  m.  1809,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Richard 
Ashe,  Esq.  of  Ashgrove,  co.  Cork,  and  d.  1846,  leaving  issue, 

I.  .John,  b.  1810,  of  whom  hereafter.  I 

II.  Richard,  6.  1811 ;  m.  1841,  Eleonora,  dau.  of  Rev.  C.  Nash,; 
of  liallycarthy,  co.  Kerry;  d.  1865,  leaving  issue. 

III.  Edward,  b.  1812.  IV.  Henry,  b.  1820;  d.  1870, 
v.  David,  b.  1826;  d.  1866.  vi.  Thomas,  b.  1828. 

VII.  Arthur,  b.  1830,  Lieut.  Col.  R.E.;  m.  1st,  in  1856,  Hal 
riet,  dau.  of  M.  Tabuteau,  Esq.  of  Simmonscourt,  co.  Dublin, 
which  lady  rf.  1862,  leaving  issue;  and  2ndly,  Sept.  1866, 
Eliza,  only  dau.  of  late  Thomas  Poynter,  Esq.,  of  West- 
bourne  Terrace,  Hyde  Park,  and  has  issue. 

VIII.  Charies  John,  6.  1833;  m.  186'2,  Susan,  dau.  of  William 
Thornton,  Esq.  of  Cork,  and  d.  1866,  leaving  issue. 

I.  Elizabeth. 

II.  Mary,    m.    1847,   Right    Hon.  and  Most  Rev.   Samuel 
Butcher,  D.D.,  P.C,  late  Bishop  of  Meath,  and  has  issue 

III.  Frances,  d.  young. 

The  eldest  son, 

John  Leaht,  Esq.,  b.  1810,  called  to  the  Irish  Bar  1833  (Q.C. 
1859),  Chairman  of  Quarter  Sessions  co.  Limerick;  m.  Is51, 
Matilda  Emma,  eldest  dau.  of  the  late  William  White,  Esq.  of 
Shrubs,  CO.  DubUn,  and  Keildra,  co.  Leitrim,  and  d.  1874, 
leaving  issue, 

John  White  Leaht,  Esq.,  now  of  SouthhiU. 

Seat — SouthhiU,  Killarney. 

* } 


Maetix-Leake,  Stephen,  Esq.  of  Marshalls, 
Herts,  J.P.,  b.  19  March,  1826 ;  m.  24  Sept.  1859, 
Isabel,  dau.  of  William  Plunkett,  Esq.  of  Lincoln's 
Inn,  Barrister-at-Law,  and  has  issue, 


I.  Stephen,  b.  2  Nov.  1861.  | 

II.  WiUiam,  6.  24  June,  1865. 

III.  Richard,  6.  22  Feb.  1867, 

IV.  Francis,  6.  16  March,  1869.  v.  Another  son. 
I.  Gcorgiana.                                         ii.  Another  dau. 

ILinCiltJC. — Stephen  ilAKTiN,  Esq.,  Capt.  R.N.,  who  d. 
1730,  aged  70,  took,  by  royal  license,  1721,  the  additional  sur- 
name and  arms  of  Leake,  in  honour  of  his  brother-in-law, 
Admiral  Sir  John  Leake.  He  m.  Catherine  Hill,  and  was 
father  of 

Stephen  Martin  Leake,  Esq.  of  Thorpe  HaU,  Essex,  6. 
1702,  Garter  King  of  Arms,  m.  1734,  Anne,  dau.  of  Fletcher 
[  PoweU,  Esq.  of  New  Radnor,  and  of  Marshall's,  co.  Herts, 
and  by  her  (who  el.  1803,  aged  88),  had  six  sons  and  three 
daus.,  Mr.  Martin  Leake  was  the  author  of  a  life  of  Admiral 
Sir  John  Leake,  and  some  works  on  heraldry  and  numis- 
matics.    He  d.  1773,  aged  72,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

John  Maetin  Leake,  Esq.  of  Thorpe  Hall,  m.  Sept.  1761, 
Mary,  dau.  of  Peter  Calvert,  Esq.  of  Hadham,  eo.  Herts,  and 
by  her  (whot?.  27  Oct.  1821)  had  issue, 
John,  of  Thorpe  Hall. 

William,   retired  Lieut.-Col.   Royal  Artillery,  F.R.S.,   and 
honorary  LL.D.  Oxford,  b.  1776,  who  -/,*.  Charlotte  Eliza- 
beth, dau.  of  Sir  Charles  Wilkins,  and  reUct  of  W.  Marsden, 
Esq.,  F.R.S.,  but  d.  s.  p.  6  Jan.  18C0. 
Stephen  Ralph,  successor  to  his  brother. 
Mary,  d.  v.nm.  in  her  92nd  year. 

Susannah   Maria,  m.  Admiral  R.  G.    Middleton,   and  d. 
1831,  leaving  issue. 
Mr.  Martin  Leake  d.  April,  1836,  aged  97. 

John  Maetin  Leake,  Esq.  of  Thorpe  Hall,  J.P.  and  D.L., 
M.A.  St.  John's  CoU.  Cambridge,  Barristtr-at-Law,  b.  5  Dec, 
1773  ;  m.  29  March,  1810,  Helen,  dau.  of  James  Ore,  Esq.,  and 
relict  of  Capt.  Thomas  Lacy,  R.E.,  and  had  issue, 


Helen,  ra.  the  Rev.  Frederic  Pyndar  Lowe,  son  of  the  Rev 
Robert  Lowe,  Rector  of  Bingham,  co.  Notts. 
Mr.  Martin  Leake  was  a  Bencher  of  the  Middle  Temple,  anC 
Chairman  of  the  Quarter  Sessions  of  Essex.    He  d.  16  May 
1862,  and  was  s.  by  his  brother, 

Stephen  Ralph  31aktin  Leake,  Esq.  of  Thorpe  Hall,  Assis- 
tant Secretary  to  the  Treasury,  b.  1782;  m.  18  June,  lal8. 
Gcorgiana,  dau.  of  Capt.  George  Stevens,  E.I.C.S.,  and  hac 

Stephen,  now  of  Thorpe  HaU.  John. 

William,  m.  Louisa,  dau.  of  Gen.  Tennant,  and  has  issue 
Ralph,  Mary,  Edith,  and  Lilian. 

Susannah,  w.  Spencer  Shelly,  Esq.,  and  has  issue,  Spencer 
Francis,  Georgiana,  Florence,  and  Rosamond. 

He  d.  7  April,  1865. 





A  rws— Quarterly :  1  st  and  4th,  or,  on  a  chevron  engrailed  az. 
iht  annulets  arg.  on  a  canton  gu.  a  castle  triple  towered  of 
third,  for  Leake;  2nd  and  3rd,  paly  of  six  or  andaz.,  on  a 
u'-f  gu.  three  merlinsof  the  first,  for  Martin*.  Cn.<t — A  ship 
un-carriage,  on  it  a  piece  of  ordnance  mounted  all  ppr. 
futto — Pari  animo. 
/Salt— Marshalls,  near  Ware,  co.  Herts. 


Leaemonth,  Alexander,  Esq.  of  Dean,  co. 
idinburgh,  M.P.  for  Colchester,  J. P.,  Lieut.-Ccl. 
ite  I7tli  Lancers,  b.  26  Aug.  1829 ;  m.  2  April, 
859,  Charlotte  Salter,  eldest  clau.  of  Licut.-Gen. 
lumphrey  Ljons,  Bengal  army,  and  niece  of 
Idmund,  1st  Lord  Lyons,  and  has  with  other  issue, 

John  Henby,  6.  H  March,  IfiGO. 

^itXttlQC. — John  Leakmosth,  Esq.  of  Edinburgh,  son  of 
ohn  Leurmonth,  and  Jessy  Cleland  his  wife,  m.  Grace 
oung,  and  by  her  (who  d.  184S)  left  at  his  decease,  1812,  a 
jn  and  three  daus.,  viz.,  John,  his  heir;  Elizabeth;  Jessy, 
1.  Charles  Parker,  Esq.,  E.N. ;  and  Margaret,  m.  1821,  Sir 
ohn  Sinclair,  Bart.    The  only  son, 

John  Leabmonth,  Esq.  of  Dean  and  Murieston,  co.  Edin- 
urgh,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  Lord  Provost  of  Edinburgh,  6.  26  Jlay, 
rSD;  7ft.  Feb.  1824,  Margaret,  dau.  of  James  Cleghorn,  M.D., 
tate  Physician  in  Dublin,  and  d.  1853,  having  had  issue, 

Alexander,  his  successor. 

Agnes,  »i.  15  June,  1859,  Capt.  George  Sinclair,  Bengal  army. 
Arms — Or,  on  a  chevron  sa.  three  mascles  of  the  first.     Crust 
dove  holding  in  the  beak  an  olive  branch  ppr.    Motto — Dum 
piro  spero. 

Sen<s— Murieston  House,  Midcalder,  co.  Edinburgh ;  Dean, 
dinburgh.  To,ij,i  Mouse— 93,  Eaton  Place,  S.W.  CIj.Iis — 
arlton  and  Boodles. 



LEATHA3I,  William  Hexey,  Esq.  of  Hemsworth 
lall,  CO.  York,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  a  Deputy  Chairman  of 
Juarter  Sessions,  Author  of  "  Lectures,  delivered  at 
/[echanics'  Institutes,"  "  Poems,"  "  Tales  of  English 
jife  and  Miscellanies,"  elected  M.P.  for  Wake- 
eld  1859,  but  unseated  on  petition,  re-elected  1865, 
ontinued  to  sit  until  ^ov.  1868,  when  he  retired  ; 
.  6  July,  1815  ;  m.  21  Feb.  1839,  Priscilla,  4th 
.au.  of  the  late  Samuel  Grurney,  Esq.  of  Ham 
louse.  West  Ham,  Essex,  and  has  surviving  issue, 

I.  Samuel  Gurnet,  b.  13  Dec.  1840;  m.  28  Feb.  1867,  Annie 
Gertrude,  3rd  dau.  of  John  Frederic  Bateman,  Esq., 
F.R.S.,  Moorpark,  and  has  a  son  and  heir,  Frederic 
Gurney,  i.  1868. 

II.  Edmund  Ernest,  6.  3  Dec.  1847. 

lu.  Charles  Alfred,  6.  11  Sept.  1849;  in.  5  Oct.  1876,  Sarah 
Adelaide,  2nd  dau.  of  Henry  Ford  Barclay,  Esq.  of  Monk- 
hams,  Essex. 

IV.  Gerald  Arthur  Buxton,  6.  SO  April,  1851. 

V.  Herbert  Barclay,  h.  15  Nov.  1852. 

VI.  Octavius,  6.  17  April,  1854. 
■VII.  Claude,  b.  18  April,  1856. 

I.  Agnes  Georgina,  b.  29  Oct.  18G0. 

ILittCagC— William  Leatham,  Esq.  of  Heath,  rear  Wake- 
eld,  Banker  at  Wakefield,  Pontefract,  and  Doncaster,  author 
f  "Letters  on  the  Currency,"  m.  1S13,  Margaret,  dau.  and 
eirof  Joshua  Walker,  M.D.  (by  his  wife  Mary  Arthington,  of 
«eds),  and  d.  19  Oct.  1842,  leaving, 

John  Arthington,  b.  1814;  d.  unm.  lS-57. 
WiLLLAM  Henry,  now  of  Hemsworth  Hall. 
Charles  Albert,  6.  1825;  m.  Eachel,  dau.  of  Joseph  Pease, 

Esq.  of  Southend,  Darlington ;  and  d.  1858,  leaving  issue 

five  daus. 
Edward  Aldam,  M.A.,  of  Wliitley  Hall,  Huddersfleld,  now  of 

Misaden,  co.  Gloucester,  6.2  Aug.  1828;  M.P.  for  Hudders- 

field;  m.  1851,  Mary  Jane,  only  dau.  of  John  Fowler,  Esq., 

of  lilm  Grove,  Mclksham,  and  has  issue  four  sons  and  four 

Margaret  Elizabeth,  m.  1847,  the  Ptight  Hon.  John  Bright, 

M.P.,  of  One  Ash,   Eochdale,  sometime  President  of  the 

Board  of  Trade,  and  by  her  (who  d.  13  May,  1878)  has  issue 

three  sons  and  three  daus. 
Mary  Walker,  m.  Joseph  Gurney  Barclay,  Esq.  of  Lombard 

Street,  London;  and  d.  10  Feb.  1848,  leaving  issue  two  sons. 
.<<mw— Per  saltire  erm.  and  or,  on  a  chief  engrailed  az.  three 
ezants  each  charged  with  a  saltire  gu.  Crest— A  nest,  thereon 
n  eagle,  wings  elevated  or,  the  nest  and  wings  frety  vert. 
lotto — Virtute  vinces. 

&at— Hemsworth  Hall,  Poutcfract,  W.  E.  Tork:hii-e. 

Leathek,  John  Towlehtox,  Esq.  of  Leven- 
thorpe  Hall,  co.  York,  and  of  Middletou  Hall, 
Northumberland,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1875, 
Patron  of  Leveu,  co.  York,  and  Capt.  of  the  2ncl 
Dorset  Artillery  Volunteers,  b.  30  Avig.  1 804 ;  m. 
1st,  2  Aug.  1832,  Maria,  dau.  of  George  Leather, 
Esq.  of  Leeds,  and  by  her  (who  d.  22  Jan.  1849) 
had  issue, 

I.  Frederick  John,  of  The  Friary,  Tickhill,  co.  York,  J. P., 
b.  21  Nov.  1835;  m.  8  July,  1863,  Gertrude  Elizabeth 
Sophia,  dau.  of  Eev.  Charles  Walters,  M.A.,  Vicar  of 
Wardington,  Oxon,  and  has  issue  four  sons  and  four  daus. 

II.  Arthur  Hugo,  b.  30  March,  1846;  m.  27  Feb.  1878,  Jane 
DarUng,  only  child  of  George  Culley,  Esq.  of  Fowberry 
Tower,  Northumberland. 

I.  Emily,  </.  an  infant. 

II.  Ellen  Eliza,  m.  27  Sept.  1853,  Eev.  William  Medcalfe, 
M.A.,  and  had  issue. 

III.  Annie  Maria.  iv.  Catherine  Eosa,  d.  9  Feb.  1849. 
Mr.  Leather  m.  2ndly,  19  May,  1852,  Harriet 
Spencer,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Isaac  Spencer  Page, 
Esq.  of  Shirlaud,  co.  Derby,  and  by  her  (who  d. 
18  May,  1859)  had  issue, 

Edith  Harriet. 

HtUCagC— James  Leather,  Esq.  of  Beestort  Park,  Leeds, 
b.  21  Jan.  1779  (eldest  son  of  George  Leather,  of  Beeston,  an 
extensive  coal  proprietor  in  the  West  Kiding  of  the  co.  of  York) ; 
/ft.  15  June,  1803,  Mary,  eldest  child  of  John  Towlerton,  Esq. 
of  Kirkham  Gate,  Wakefield,  and  by  her  (who  d.  10  June,  1850) 
had  issue, 
John  Towlerton,  now  of  Leventhorp  and  Middlcton  Hall. 
George,  of  Sheffield,  co.  York,  m.  14  Feb.  1838,  Maria,  eldest 
dau.  of  Eev.  Joseph  Wardle,  Incumbent  of  Beeston,  and  d. 
William  Henry,  of  Bradford,  co.  York,  m.  9  March,  1852, 
Sarah  Anna,  dau.  of  George  Leather,  Esq.  of  Leeds,  and 
has  issue. 

Charles  James,  to.  11  Nov.  1847,  Charlotte  Anna,  dau.  of 
Eev.  Joseph  Wardle,  Incumbent  of  Beeston,  and  has  issue. 
Mary  Anne,  d.  28  Oct.  1819. 

Anne  Eliza,  m.  21  Dec.  1831,  Charles  Wetherell  Wardle,  Esq. 
of  Leeds,  and  has  issue. 

Mr.  James  Leather  d.  17  Oct.  1849. 

Anus — Arg.,  on  a  bend  sa.  cottised  compony  or  and  of  the 
last,  a  fountain  between  two  mullets  of  six  point^  also  or.  Crest 
— A  demi  lion  rampant  sa.  charged  on  the  shoulder  with  three 
mullets  of  six  points  two  and  one  or,  holding  between  the  paws 
a  fountain.    Motto — Nil  nisi  quod  honestum. 

Seats — Leventhorpe  Hall,  Leeds;  and MidcUeton Hall,  Belford. 
Toicii  Mes'ukiice — 19,  Carlton  House  Terrace. 


Leathes,  Hill  Mussexdex,  Esq.  of  Herring- 
fleet  Hall,  Suffolk,  J.P.,  b.  23  Jan.  1829,  late  Major 
Suffolk  Artillery  Militia,  and  late  Lieut. -Col.  Com- 
manding 3rd  Battalion  Suffolk  Eifle  Tolunteers ; 
m.  20  Aug.  1856,  iMary  Louisa,  dau.  of  the  late  J.D. 
Thompson,  Esq.,  J.P.,  of  Sunny  Bank,  co.  Brecon, 
and  has  issue, 

I.  Bernard  de  Mussenden,  b.  23  Aug.  1S.')7. 

II.  Herbert  de  Mussenden,  6.  16  Nov.  1863. 

III.  Carteret  de  Mussenden,  b.  19  Sept.  18G9. 

I.  Frances  Mary  de  Mussenden. 

II.  Gertrude  Kate  de  Mussenden. 

III.  Beatrice  Georgina  de  Mussenden. 

IV.  Evelyn  Maud  de  Mussenden. 
v.  Kathleen  Hilda  de  Mussenden. 

Mr.  Leathes  is  Patron  of  three  Livings,  and  Lord  of 
the  Manors  of  Herringfleet  and  Ecedham.  As  such, 
he  is  Lay  Prior  of  St.  Olave's.  The  Bishop  has 
consequently  no  ecclesiastical  control  therein,  and 
Mr.  Leathes  is  paid  an  annual  sum  by  the  Kector 
of  Burgh  WaUis  in  acknowledgment  of  his  rights. 

JLllTCtlQC.— The  family  of  the  De  Mussenden  came  over, 
it  is  stated,  with  Willi.\m  the  Conquekok,  and  became  pos- 
sessed of  the  lordship  and  lands  of  Mussenden  (or,  as  it  is  now 
written,  Missenden),  Bucks,  about  that  period.  The  Eev. 
Francis  Mussenden,  of  Leak  and  Leverton,  co.  Lincoln,  a 
descendant  of  the  Buckinghamshire  family,  passed  over  into 
Ireland,  and,  16  Jan.  1C70-71,  was  collated  to  the  Prebend  of 





Bunsport,  Catlipclral  of  Down,  and  settled  at  Hillsboroiif;!!, 
He  h;iil  two  sons,  John,  of  whom  presently ;  and  Francis. 
Registrar  cf  the  Diocese  of  Down  and  Connor,  ancestor  of 
AViLLiAM  MussEKDEN,  Esq.  of  Larchfield,  co.  Down.  The  elder 

JonN  aicssENDEN,  Vicar-Gcncral  of  Down  and  Connor,  m. 
Penelope  Hill,  of  Hillsborough,  and  had  a  son, 

John  Mussenden,  Esq.,  m.  Jane,  dau.  of  Adam  Leathes,  Esq., 
and  sister  of  William  Leathes,  E.5q.,  Minister  at  the  Hague  (de- 
scended from  a  very  ancient  family  originally  settled  at  Lcathes- 
■water,  Cumberland),  and  d.  1700,  leaving  issue,  Caktebet, 
bis  heir;  Hill,  b.  1G99,  M.P.  for  Harwich,  d.  s.p.  1722,  having 
bequeathed  Herringflect  to  his  brother,  Caeteret  ;  and  Jane, 
5/1.  William  Johnstone,  Esq.  of  co.  Antrim.    The  eldest  son, 

Cakteeet  Mcsse.nden,  Esq.,  M.P.  for  Harwich  and  Sudbury, 
I.  1G9S,  took  tlie  suniame  and  arms  of  Leathes.  He  d.  1787. 
By  his  marriage  with  Loveday,  dau.  of  S.  Garrod,  Esq.  of  co. 
Lincoln,  who  d.  1758,  he  had,  with  one  dau.,  three  sons, 

I.  John,  his  heir.  ii.  Geoege,  successor  to  his  brother. 

in.  Edward,  Ptcctor  of  Ecedham,  Norfolk,  m.  Elizabeth,  dau. 

of  llev.  James  Beading,  of  Woodstock,  co.   Oxford,  and 

dying  1786,  left  issue, 

1  Edwaed  (Eev.),  Rector  of  Ecedham,  d.  a.  p.  1847. 

2  George  Reading  (Rev.),  m.  1821,  Sarah,  eldest  dau.  of 
Lieut.-Gen.  Hethersett,  of  Shropham  Uall,  Norfolk,  but 
d.  «.  p.  18.36. 

1  Elizabeth,  m.  Rev.  James  Tompson,  of  Norwich,  and  has  issue,  James  (Rev.),  d.  1819;  Edward,  d.  in  India; 
Elizabeth,  m.  Rev.  Frederick  Leathes;  Hannah,  vi.  J. 
Kitson,  Esq.,  Secretary  to  the  Bishop  of  Norwich,  and 
Registrar  of  the  Diocese;  Maria;  and  Amelia,  m.  1852, 
Lieut.-Col.  Prior,  H.E.I.C.S. 

2  Mary,  m.  1st,  Horatio,  son  of  James  Beevor,  Esq.,  and 
nephew  of  Sir  Thomas  Beevor,  Bart. ;  and  2ndly,  Sir 
John  Mortlock,  one  of  tlie  Commissioners  of  Excise.  By 
her  1st  marriage  she  had  one  son,  Horatio,  Capt.  E.I.Co.'s 
Service;  Mary,  who  d.  1837;  and  Harriet,  and  by  her 
2nd,  six  daus.,  Elizabetli,  m.  Major  Prior,  and  d.  1839; 
Acnes;  Eleanor,  m.  Rev.  J.  Donaldson,  D.D.,  and  d. 
ISoO;  Louisa,  in.  AVilliam  llarcourt  Rankin,  Esq.,  M.D., 
and;/.  1843;  Matilda,  m.  1840,  D.  Maitland,  Esq.;  and 

The  eldest  son, 

John  Leathes,  Esq.  of  Reedham,  co.  Norfolk,  and  of  Tler- 
riagfleet,  Suffolk,  ra.  Miss  Death,  and  d.  s.  p.  178S.  His  widow 
re-married  Anthony  Merry,  Esq.,  many  years  3Iinister  Pleni- 
potentiary at  the  Courts  of  France,  Sweden,  Denmark,  and 
the  United  States.    Mr.  Leathes  was  .?.  by  his  next  brother, 

Geoege  Leathes,  Esq.  of  Bury  St.  Edmunds,  0.  1745;  many 
years  a  Major  of  Dragoons,  and  served  in  the  German  War 
from  1760  to  1763.  He  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  J.  Moore,  Esq.  of  co. 
AVorccster,  and  d.  1817,  having  had  issue, 

I.  George  Augustus,  Lieut.-Col.  Ofith  regt.  of  infantry,  d. 
v.)im.  at  the  Island  of  Antigua,  1808. 

n.  John  Feancis,  late  of  llerring-flcet  Hall  and  Ecedham, 
d.  s.  I).  1848. 

HI.  Henet  Mussenden,  late  of  Herringflect. 

IV.  Frederick,  of  St.  John's  College  Camliridge,  B. A. .Rector 
of  Keedham  1844,  and  of  Wickhampton  1836;  m.  1821,  his 
cousin,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Rev.  James  Tompson,  by  Eliza- 
beth his  wife,  dau.  of  Rev.  Edward  Leathes,  of  Reedham, 
and  by  her  (who  d.  1842)  he  has  issue, 

1  George  Cerjat,  late  of  H.M.  Indian  army,  d.  July,  1858. 

2  Frederick  de  Mussenden. 

3  John  Thuvlow,  late  Royal  Artillery.  4  James. 
6  William  Dollen  (Rev.)  d.  July,  1865, 

1  Elizabeth. 

2  Georgina  Maiy,  m.  Feb.  1S59,  Major  James  Smith  Baird, 
lioyal  Artillery.  3  Ellen.  4  Louisa. 

5  Augusta  Decima,  m.  Dec.  1868,  D.  Capel  Rose,  Esq., 
Lieut.  21st  Royal  Fusiliers.  6  Jane. 

V.  Edw'ard,  of  Normanstono,  J. P.  and  D.L.  for  Suffolk,  late 
1st  Royal  Dragoons,  m.  Eliza  Maiy,  dau.  of  the  late  John 
Galloway,  Esq.  of  Exeter,  Devon,  and  d.  1871,  having  by 
her  had, 

1  George  Galloway,  late  Capt.  12th  Bombay  N.I.,  Political 
Agent  in  India,  deceased.      2  Edward  Charles,  deceased. 

3  Joseph  Francis,  deceased.        4  Francis  Henry,  d.  1848. 
5  William  Charles  Edwardes,  of  Normanstone,  Lowestoft, 

b.  1842.  6  Philip. 

1  3I:ny  Louisa,  d.  18-55. 

2  Hairiet,  m.  1867,  G.  C.  E.  Bacon.  Esq.,  J.P.,  of  Ipswich. 

3  Frances  Galloway,  m.  1858,  J.  Duff  Gordon,  Esq.,  of  the 
Lodge,  Pembridge. 

4  Kliza  Millicent,  m.  1850,  T.  D.  Grissell,  Esq.,  eldest  son 
of  Thomas  Grissell,  Esq.  of  Norbury  Park,  Surrey. 

5  Agnes  Jane,  m.  1857,  H.  Yelverton  Beale,  Lieut.-Col. 
12th  Bombay  N.I.,  son  of  the  late  Thomas  Beale,  Esq.  of 
Heath  House,  Shropshire. 

6  Katherine  Reeve  (deceased),  m.  1853,  Rev.  Daniel  F. 
\\  ilson,  of  Mitcham,  Siurey,  grandson  of  Daniel  Wilson, 
Bishop  of  Calcutta.  7  Mar;- Parker. 

The  3rd  son, 

Henet  Mcssenden  Leathes,  Esq.  of  Herringfleet  Hall,  I 
13  Aug.  1789;  «.  his  brotlier,  John  Francis,  la4S;  was  foruie: " 
in  the  Royal  Horse  Artillery,  and  received  honorary  medal 
for  the  Peninsular  War  and  Waterloo  ;  m.  June,  1827,  Charlottt 
dau.  of  Thomas  Fowler,  Esq.  of  Guuton  llal!,  Suffolk,  and 

I.  Hill  Mussenden,  now  of  Herringflect. 

II.  Carteret  Henry  (Rev.),  Rector  of  Keedham,  Great  Tai 
mouth,  b.  4  March,  1832;  m.  17  Dec.  1856,  Lucy  Ellen,  dan 
of  Rev.  William  H.  Clarke,  and  has  issue, 

1  Carteret  Eustace  de  Mussenden,  b.  6  Sept.  1867. 

2  Hill  Mussenden,  6.  8  June,  1809. 
1  Edith  Mary.  2  Millicent. 

I.  Henrietta  Katherine,  m.  1850,  Eev.  Richard  Drougl 

II.  Jane  Charlotte,  m.  1867,  Eev.  Dennis  Carey. 
He  d.  16  Dec.  1864. 

Arms — Az.,  on  a  bend  between  three  fleurs-de-lis  or,  as  man; 
mtdlets  pierced  gu.,  quartering  Mussenden.  Oi-ests — 1st,  A  de 
griffin  rampant  armed  and  langued  gu.,  for  Leathes;  2nd 
dove  with  an  olive  branch  in  its  beak  all  ppr.,  lor  Mussenden." 

Mntloe.i  — In  ardua  virtus,  for  Leathes;  Tending  to  peace, 
for  Mussenden. 

Seat— Herringflect  Hall,  Lowestoft,  Suffolk. 


Lkche,    John    Huelestone,    Esq.  of  Cavclei 
Park,  CO.  Chester,  J.P.   and   D.L.,   High   Sheri 
1851,  6.  25  Feb.  1827  ;  s.  on  attaining  his  majoi 
rity ;  m.  1st,  18  July,  1850,  Caroline,  youngest  da 
of  Edwin  Corbett,  Esq.  of  Darnhall,  co.  Cheste: 
and  by  her  (who  d.  1853)  had  two  daus., 

I.  Caroline  Maude,  d.  7  Sept.  1807. 

II.  Florence  Anna,  to.  20  Oct.  1875,  the  Hon.  George  Thomi 
Kenyon,   second  son  of   Lloyd,   3rd    Baron    Kenyon, 
Gredington,  co.  Flint,  by  his  wife,  the  Hon.  Georgian! 
de  Grey,  dau.  of  Lord  Walsingham. 

He  m.  2ndly,  18  June,  1855,  Eleanor  Frances,  2n( 
dau.  of  the  late  Capt.  Cliarlcs  Stanhope  Jones, 
5Sth  regt.,  and  has  issue  by  her, 

I.  John  IIuelestone,  6.  19  Nov.  1858. 

ni.  Ermentrude  Eleanor  Augusta. 

IV.  Gwendoline  Mary.  v.  Violet  Alice. 

ILtllCit  gc— John  Leche,  living  in  the  reign  of  Henet  IV. 
a  scion  of  the  family  of  Leche,  of  Chatsworth,  co.  Derl>y,  m. 
Lucy,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  William  de  Caw aeden,  of  Garden, 
CO.  Chester,  and  was  father  of 

John  de  l'Leche,  living  temp.  Henet  IV.,  father,  by  Hand, 
his  wife,  of  John  Leche,  Esq.  of  Garden,  whose  name,  with 
that  of  his  wife  Isabel,  dau.  and  heir  of  William  Johnson,  ol 
Farndon,  occurs  in  a  deed  in  1  Edwabd  IV.  His  son  and 

John  Leche,  Esq.  of  Garden,  m.  14  Edwaed  IV.,  Marg.oret, 
dau.  and  sole  heir  of  George  Mainwaring,  Esq.  of  Ightfield, 
and  had  issue,  i.  John,  his  heir;  ii.  Henry,  who  m.  Mary, 
dau.  of  Andrew  Wilson,  and  was  father  of  John,  who  «.  h]| 
uncle  at  Garden;  iii.  George,  Alderman  of  Chester,  ancestqi 
of  the  Leches  o/il/o?;mir?on/  iv.  William;  v.  Robert;  i.  Annej 
and  u.  Margaret,  m.  Hugh  Catherall.     The  eldest  sou  and  lieir^ 

John  Leche,  Esq.  of  Garden,  survived  until  6  Edwaed  VI.( 
as  appears  by  his  will  dated  in  that  year,  and  dying  withoojj 
issue,  was  s.  by  his  nephew,  j 

JouN  Leche,  Esq.  of  Garden,  in.  before  27  Henet  VII1.J 
Jane,  dau.  of  Eobert  Fitton,  Esq.,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

John  Leche,  Esq.  of  Garden,  bapt.  1548,  m.  Ursula,  dau 
Eev.  John  Mainwaring,  of  Drayton,  and  had  (with  two  daus, 
Mary,  the  elder,  m.  Thomas  Bebington,  of  Chorley;  and  the 
younger  to.  John  Hinde,  of  Stanney)  a  son  and  heir, 

John  Leche,  Esq.  of  Garden,  to.  1613,  Alice,  dau.  of  William 
Aldcrsey,  Alderman  of  Chester,  and  dying  1507,  was  s.  by  his 

JonN  Leche,  Esq.  of  Garden,  aged  fifty,  29  July,  IG^i,  m. 
1st,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  John  Newton,  of  Highley,  in  Salop,  and 
by  her  (who  d.  1054)  had  four  sons  and  four  daus.,  i.  John,  hi{ 
heir;  ii.  Francis,  Deputy-Registrar  of  the  Diocese  of  St.  Asaph} 
III.  Thomas,  a  Minister  in  Cambridge;  iv.  Charles,  of  Chester, 
m.  Frances,  dau.  of  George  BuclJey,  Esq.,  and  had  a  son, 
Samuel;  i.  Mary;  ii.  Sarah,  rn.  10  Dec.  1682,  Huniphrej 
AV'alley,  of  Chester ;  in.  Elizabeth  ;  and  iv.  Alice.  Mr.  Leche 
TO.  2ndly,  20  April,  1665,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  —  Best,  Esq.,  and 
relict  of  Richard  Alport,  Esq.  of  Overton,  by  whom  he  had 
Richard  and  Bridget.    He  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son. 






TonN  Leche,  Esq.  of  Carden,  m.  23  Sept.  1C74,  Grace,  dau. 
f  Hugh  Currer,  Esq.  of  Kildnick,  co.  York,  and  had 
sue,  I.  John,  his  lieir;  ii.  Thomas,  bapt.  1(579,  Rector  of 
Uston;  III.  Henry;  and  i.  Elizabeth,  i,i.  Kev.  Thomas  Lloyd, 
f  Plas  Power,  in  co.  Denbigh,  and  d.  1746.  The  eldest  son, 
John  Leche,  Esq.  of  Garden,  High  Sheriff  of  co.  Chester 
'12,  m.  Sarah,  dau.  and  heiress  of  Thomas  Hargrave,  Esq.  of 
elsby,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

John  Leche,  Esq.  of  Garden,  High  Sheriff  1753,  m.  7  May, 
'28,  Mary,  2nd  dau.  of  John  Hurleston,  Esq.  of  Newton,  and 
)-heir  of  licr  uncle,  Charles  Hurleston,  Esq.,  and  by  her  (who 
.  29  Dec.  1763)  left  at  his  decease  (with  three  daus.,  1  Pene- 
pe,  m.  Thomas  Puleston,  Esq.  of  Emral,  but  d.  s.  p.;  2  Sarah; 
May,  Hi.  Tliomas  Roberts,  Esq.  of  Mollington),  several  sons, 
1  of  whom  d.  s.  ji.,  except 

William  Leche,  Esq.  of  Garden,  High  Sheriff  for  co.  Chester 
74,  r.i.  26  April,   1805,  Hannah,  dau.  of  James  Newell,  by 
bom  he  left  at  his  decease,  8  May,  1812,  aged  S3,  a  son, 
John  Hcbleston  Lecue,  Esq.  of  Garden,  b.  23  May,  1805, 
igh  Sheriff  of  co.  Chester  1832 ;  m.  25  May,  1826,  Elizabeth 
Dtonin,  eldest  dau.  of  Anthony  Innys  Stokes,  Esq.   of  St. 
jJolph's,  CO.  Pembroke,  and  had  issue, 
John  Hurlestone,  now  of  Garden. 
William  Randolph,  6.  10  Feb.  1S2S;  d.  7  Jan.  1830. 
William  Edward,  6.  4  Aug.  1830;  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Samuel 

Harrison,  Esq.  of  the  co.  Cork,  and  d.  May,  1874,  having 

had  issue,  John  Hurleston,  b.  24  March,  1854,  </.  1873. 
Hugh  Richard  Anthony  Evergreen,  6.  5  April,  1S32. 
Charles  Henry,  6.  30  May,  1833. 
Eendal,  6.  22  Jan.  1835;  d.  19  Sept.  1875,  umn. 
James  Thomas,  6.  30  May,  1837  ;  d.  leb.  1874. 
Victoria  Penelope. 
Johanna  Hurlestone,  m.  1867,  Capt.  Augustus  Morgan,  60th 

Rifles,  and  has  one  son,  John  Augustus. 
Artii-i — Erm.,  on  a  chief  indented  gu.  three  ducal  coronets  or. 
est — On  a  ducal  coronet  or,  a  cubit  arm  ppr.  the  hand  grasjiing 
;nake  vert,    ihittr, — Alia  corona  fidisimo. 
6eoi— Garden  Park,  near  Chester. 

more,  m.  1846,  Sophia  Drew,  of  Taunton,  Somerset,  and  has 

Arms — Gu.,  a  fess  or,  and  in  chief  two  pelicans  arg.  Crest 
—A  pelican  az.  vulning  herself  ppr.  J>/oito— Ducit  amor 

-S'lict^— Fownhope  Court,  near  Hereford. 


See    Mtjneo. 


Lechmeee,  Thomas,  Esq.  of  Fowuliope  Court, 
'.  Hereford,  J.P.,  b.  21  Dec.  1818;  m.  1  May, 
•46,  Elizabeth,  only  dau.  of  tlie  Eev.  Joliu  Eeklej, 
Credenhill  Court,  near  Hereford,  and  has  had 

I.  John  Scndamore,  6.  8  Sept.  1850,  deceased. 
a.  Edmund  Sandys,  6.  18  March,  18.52. 
in.  Capel  Tliomas,  6.  4  April,  1854,  deceased. 

IV.  Arthur,  h.  5  June,  1857. 

V.  Robert  Hughes,  b.  9  Nov.  1864. 

^L  Frederick  Charles,  6.  31  Dec.  1865. 

I.  Elizabeth  Maud,  deceased.  ii.  Mary  Jant. 

ui.  Elizabeth.         rv.  Annie  Maria.  v.  Edith  Bridget. 

VI.  Eleanor  Lechmere,  deceased. 

ILtttCa^C. — Sandts  Lechmere,  Esq.  of  Fownhope,  co. 
xeford  (2nd  son  of  Sir  Nicholas  Lechmere,  Knt.,  Baron  of 
e  Exchequer,  by  Penelope  his  wife,  dau.  of  Sir  Edwin  Sandys, 
Northborne),  m.  Joanna,  widow  of  John  Holmes,  Esq.,  and 
ly  dau.  of  Robert  Clarke,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  left  at  his 
cease,  1694,  an  only  son, 

Nicholas  Lechmere,  Esq.  of  Fownhope,  in.  Martha,  dau. 
d  co-heir  of  John  Scudamore,  Esq.  of  Treworgan ;  and  dying 

II,  was  .s.  by  his  son, 

ScnDAMOKE  Lechmeke,  Esq.  of  Fownhope,  mi.  Jane,  2nd  dau. 
Edmund  Pateshall,  Esq.  of  AUensmore,  co.  Hereford,  and 
d,  with  two  daus.,  five  sons, 
John  Scudasiore,  his  heir. 

Edmund,  of  AUensmore,  assumed  the  surname  and  arms  of 
Pateshall  {ue  that  Famil,</). 

Edwyn  Sandys,  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Rev.  Mr.  Jones,  of  Foy, 
CO.  Hereford;  and  by  her,  who  d.  1822,  had  issue. 
Nicholas,  d.  at  sea. 

Thomas  Allen,  m.  Jane,  youngest  dau.  of  John  Whitmore, 
Esq.  of  The  Haywood,  and  left  issue, 
e  eldest  son, 

•John  Scddamore  Lechmere,  Esq.  of  Fownhope.  m.  Catherine, 
d  dau.  of  John  Whitmore,  Esq.  of  the  Haywood ;  and  d. 
fan.  1801.    His  son, 

Dapel  Lechmeue,  Esq.  of  Fownhope  Court,  m.  26  May,  1817, 
iry  Walker,  of  Mordiford,  co.  Hereiord;  and  d.  23  July, 
H,  leaving  by  her  (who  is  deceased)  three  sons,  Thomas,  now 
fowuliope;  G;.pel  Thomas,  who  is  m.;  and  George  Scuda- 


Lecet,  Hugh,  Esq.  of  BeardiviUe,  Bushmills, 
CO.  Antrim,  High  Sheriff  1835,  b.  29  Aug. 
1804;  m.  Aug.  1837,  Matilda,  dau.  of  George 
Hutchinson,  Esq.  of  Ballymouey,  co.  Antrim  {by 
Ehzabeth  his  M-ife,  dau.  of  Thomas  Leckj,  Esq.  of 
Ballymoney),  and  has  issue, 

I.  Hugh,  J.P.,  co.  Antrim,  6.  21  Oct.  1839;  m.  13  Jan.  1876, 
Rebecca  Mary,  dau.  of  Robert  Crookshank,  Esq.,  of  Glen- 

II.  George,  Capt.  St.aff  Corps  H.  M.  Indian  army,  6.  1841; 
m.  17  Aug.  1865,  Frances  Harriett,  dau.  of  A.  Macaulay 
Dobbs,  Esq.,  and  has  issue, 

1  Charles  Hugh,  b.  22  Sept.  1SG7. 

2  Harry  Francis.  3  John  Gage. 
1  Mary  Matilda  Eva. 

III.  John  Gage,  b.  1844;  Capt.  75th  regt. 

IV.  Harry,  6.  1846. 
1.  Elizabeth. 

ittncagc— This  family  is  of  Scotch  extraction,  and  settled, 
it  is  stated,  in  the  co.  of  Derry  in  the  17th  century. 

Capt.  Alexander  Leckt,  who  served  at  the  siege  of  Lon- 
donderry, was  father  of 

Harry  Lecky,  Esq.  of  Agivy,  co.  Derry,  m.  1724,  Mary, 
dau.  of  Randal  McCoOum,  Esq.  of  Limnalary,  Glenarm,  co. 
Antrim,  and  had  a  son, 

Hugh  Lecky,  Esq.  of  Agivy,  m.  1705,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  the 
Rev.  John  Gage,  of  Rathlin,  co.  Antrim,  and  had  issue, 

I.  John  Gage,  his  heir. 

II.  Hugh,  b.  1773;  m.  1803,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  James  Orr, 
Esq.  of  Keeley,  co.  Londonderry;  and  d.  1817,  having  had 
by  her  (who  d.  14  April,  1865)  issue, 

1  Hugh,  now  of  BeardiviUe. 

2  James  Orr,  m.  1855,  Harriett,  dau.  of  John  Knox,  Esq.  of 

3  John  Gage,  Lieut.-Col.,  late  of  the  38th  regt. ;  m.  1846, 
Tamazina,  dau.  of  William  Edie,  of  ThornhUl,  co.  Tyrone. 

4  Andrew  )  .„.        ,  , 

5  William  i*^'°^'''«"^^'^''- 

6  Gonolly,  m.  Mace  Wynne,  dau.  of  William  H.  Hawker, 
Esq.,  and  widow  of  Lieut.-Col.  Cuddy,  55th  regt. 

I.  Mary,  in.  John  Caldwell,  Esq.,  M.D.,  Londonderry. 

II.  Anne,  ra.  John  Ball,  Esq.  of  Dublin,  Barrister-at-Law. 
The  eldest  son, 

John  Gage  Leckt,  Esq.  of  Agivy  and  Bushmills,  &.  1772; 
TO.  1818,  Ehzabeth,  dau.  of  Rev.  Oliver  McCausland,  and 
d.  s.  p.  1819,  when  he  was  s.  by  his  nephew,  the  present  Hugh 
Leckt,  Esq. 

/Stai— BeardiviUe,  BushmUls,  co.  Antrim. 


Leckt,  John  Feedeeice,  Esq.  of  Ballykealey, 
CO.  Carlow,  J.P.,  High  Sheriff  1863,  b.  26  May, 
1826  ;  m.  28  July,  1853,  Frances  Margaret  Fether- 
stonhaugh,  only  dau.  of  John  Beauchamp  Brady, 
Esq.  of  Myshali,  co.  Carlow,  and  has  issue, 

John  Rupert  Robert,  b.  18  Feb.  1855. 
Frederick  Beauchamp,  6.  11  Oct.  1859. 
Frederick  James  Smith,  6.  26  Feb.  1861. 
Robert  St.  Clare,  b.  11  Feb.  1863. 

?LtnCHSE. — ^This  is  an  ancient  family  deriving  originally 
from  CO.  Stirling,  and  settled  in  Ireland  since  the  reign  of 
Elizabeth.  The  estates  of  Ballykealey,  Kilnock,  co.  Carlow, 
have  been  in  their  possession  for  more  than  200  years. 

Robert  Leckt,  Esq.  of  Kilnock,  co.  Carlow,  son  of  James 
Lecky,  Esq.  of  the  same  place,  d.  1780,  leaving  a  ^on, 

John  Lecky,  Esq.  of  Ballykealey,  m.  17S0,  Ehzabeth,  dau. 
of  Jacob  Goff,  Esq.  of  Horetown,  co.  Wexford,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  Jan.  1841)  had  issue, 

Robert,  d.  young.  John  James,  of  Ballykealey. 

Eliza,  r,i.  June,  ISOO,  John  Watson,  Esq.  of  Kilconner  House, 
CO.  Carlow,  and  d.  leaving  issue. 

Mary,  )/;.  James  Forbes  KusseU,  Esq. ;  and  d.  leaving  issue. 

Anne,  m.  J.  PhclpF,  Esq.;  and  d.  leaving  issue. 

Jane  Sophia,  d.  unm. 

3  F  2 





Sarah  Maria,  m.  J.  Cliristy,  Esq.  of  Stramore  House,  co. 

Down  ;  and  d.  leaving  issue.        Hannah  Matilda,  il.  v.inn. 
Lydia  Matilda,  m.  Bichard  Goff,  Esq.  of  Tottenham  Green, 
CO.  Wexford. 
Mr.  Lecky  of  Ballykealcy  c?.  Dec.  1799,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 
John  Ja.hes  Lecky,  Esq.  of  Ballykealey,  J. P.  and   D.L., 
High  Sheriff  1828,   b.  2  Oct.  1799;  r,i.   13  July,   1825,  Sarah 
Lucia,  only  dau.  of  John  Smyth,  Esq.  of  Balby,  co.  York,  and 
of  Marlborough  Place,  Surrey,  and  had  issue, 

John  Frederick,  of  Lenham,  co.  Carlow,  of  Ballykealcy. 
Mary    EUzabeth    Adelaide,    rn.    21  June,   18.53,  Very  Hev. 
Francis  Metcalf  Watson,  Dean  of  Leighlin,  and  d.  10  March, 
Mr.  Lecky  (J.  1  Feb.  1878. 
Seat — Ballykealey,  Ballon,  co.  Carlow. 

LEE    OF    BARNA. 

Lee,  Albeet  Henet,  Esq.  of  Barna,  co.  Tip- 
perary,  b.  27  April,  1853;  s.  his  father  10  Jan. 

iCfjlCitCJC.— The  first  of  the  family  to  whom  we  can  trace 
with  certainty, 

Henry  Lee,  of  Craig  Castle,  co.  Tipperary,  is  .'lupposcd, 
according  to  family  tradition,  to  have  been  grandson  of  Cbom- 
■WELL  Lee  (brother  of  Sir  Henry  Lee,  K.G.  temp.  Queen  Eliza- 
beth, and  son  of  Sir  Anthony  Lee,  of  Quarendon),  m.  Mary, 
dau.  of  Sir  Jolin  Harcourt,  by  whom,  at  his  death  in  ICOl,  he 
left  issue,  settled  in  Ireland.  This  Henry  Lee  purchased,  1G78, 
the  lands  of  Barna,  Barony  of  Owny  and  Arra,  co.  Tipperary, 
and  d.  circa  1693,  leaving  a  son  and  heir, 

Hesrt  Lee,  Esq.  of  Barna,  according  to  the  family  tradition, 
partially  disinherited  by  his  father,  in  consequence  of  his  mar- 
riage. He  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Lane,  Esq.  of  co.  Tip- 
perary, and  d.  1702,  leaving  a  son, 

Benjamin  Lee,  Esq.  of  Barna,  co.  Tipperary,  who  (by  Martha 
his  wife)  left  two  daus.,  Elizabeth,  m.  John  Spunner,  of  King's 
Co.,  and  Mary,  m.  James  McCorrol,  of  Cnol,  co.  Tipperary, 
and  an  only  son, 

Edward  Lee,  Esq.  of  Barna,  in.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  George 
Eyan,  Esq.  of  Silver  Stream,  and  widow  of  William  Keating, 
of  Cranagh.  co.  Tipperary.  His  will  is  dated  29  March,  1724, 
proved  172C.  By  his  wife,  who  survived  him,  he  left,  with 
another  son,  Edward,  an  elder  son, 

Henry  Lee,  Esq.  of  Barna,  underage  at  his  father's  death, 
TO.  10  Feb.  1747,  Mary,  dau.  of  Evan  Phillips,  Esq.  of  Killeeu 
(Mount  Piivers),  co.  Tipperary,  and  d.  1803,  leaving  issue, 
George,  his  heir;  Evan,  of  Lodge,  co.  Tipperary,  and  other 
issue.    The  eldest  son, 

George  Lee,  Esq.  of  Barna,  m.  1778,  Alice,  dau.  of  John 
Norris,  Esq.  of  Limerick,  and  left  at  his  decease,  June,  1815, 

I.  Henry,  his  successor. 

i:.  John,  m.  1st,  Emma,  dau.  of  Henry  Bevan,  Esq.  of  Camus, 

CO.  Limerick,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 

1  William    Norris,   of    Bettyville,   co.   Limerick,  m.   his 

cousin,  Alicia,  dau.  of  .James  Thomas  Dickson,  Esq.,  and 

has  issue,  John  Theodore,  William,  Anne,  Emma,  Alice, 

and  Elizabeth. 

1  Elizabeth,  ra.  1st,  George  Henry  Heard,  Esq.,  one  of  the 
six  Clerks  in  the  Court  of  Chancery,  and  had  issue.  She 
m.  2ndly,  Hamilton  Geale,  Esq.,  Barrister-at-Law,  of 
Darragh,  co.  Cork,  brother  of  the  Countess  Fortescuc. 

2  Alice,  deceased. 

3  Anna,vii.  Lieut.-Col.  FrancisKussell,  H.E.I.C.S.,  d.  18C1, 
leaving  issue. 

He  m.  2ndly,  Ellen,  dau.  of  Edmund  Morony,  Esq.  of  Bally- 
clough,  CO.  Clare,  by  whom  he  had  a  dau.,  EUen.  Ho  d. 
III.  William  (Kev.),  Scholar  of  Trin.  Coll.  Dublin  (1799), 
appointed  1825  to  the  Rectory  of  Hore  Abbey,  Diocese  of 
Cashel;  became  successively  Rector  of  MoyalilTe,  Vicar  of 
Eiiily,  and,  1829,  a  Vicar-Choral  of  Cashel.  He  r,i.  1813, 
Jane,  dau.  of  lUchard  White,  Esq.  ot  GreenhaU,  co.  Tip. 
perary,  and  d.  1835,  having  had  issue, 

1  William  (Ven.),  D.D.,  Professor  of  Divinity  in  the  TJni- 
ver.^ity  of  Dublin,  Fellow  of  Trin.  Coll.  and  Archdeacon 
of  Dublin.  He  m.  Anne,  dau.  of  William  English,  Esq. 
of  Farmley,  co.  Dublin,  and  has  issue,  William,  Thomas 
Richard,  Henry,  Alice,  Anne,  and  Jane. 

2  George,  -ni.  Agnes,  dau.  of  John  Brown,  Esq.  of  London, 
by  Mhom  he  has  issue,  George,  Alfred,  Agnes,  and 

3  Richard,  r,i.  Jane,  dau.  of  Robert  H.  levers,  Esq.  of 
Castle  levers,  CO.  Limerick;  and  (/.  1850,  leaving  issue, 
Richard,  William,  Jane,  and  Maria. 

4  Henry,  m.  Maria,  dau.  of  Robert  H.  levers,  Esq.  by  whom 
he  has  issue,  W  iUiam  Henry,  Robert,  Henry,  Maria,  and 

IV.  Richard,  d.  viTin.  1842. 

V.  Edward,  of  Dublin,  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  M.  Eyan,  Esq., 
and  d.  1860,  leaving  by  her,  who  predeceased  him,  an  only 
child,  Elizabeth. 

I.  Anne,  ni.  James  Thomas  Dickson,  Esq.,  Barrister-at-Law, 
and  by  him,  who  is  deceased,  has  issue. 

His  eldest  son, 

Henry  Lee,  Esq.  of  Barna,  J. P.,  Cornet  5th  Dragoon?, 
6.  2  March,  1779;  m.  2  Jan.  1808,  Mary,  2nd  dau.  of  Chris- 
topher Crofts,  Esq.  of  Stream  Hill,  Doneraile,  co.  Cork;  and 
d.  18  Jan.  1848,  leaving  issue,  Henry  Albert,  his  heir; 
Charles  Edward ;  George  Augustus ;  Anne ;  Alicia  Maria ; 
Catherine  Louisa;  Charlotte,  deceased;  Emily;  and  Maria 
Louisa.    His  eldest  son, 

Henry  Albert  Lee,  Esq.  of  Barna,  h.  2  Aug.  1818;  5ii. 
31  July,  18.52,  Susan  Kate,  eldest  dau.  of  John  Benn,  Esq.  of 
Dromore  House,  near  Newport,  co.  Tipperary,  and  d.  10  Jan. 
1861,  leaving  issue, 

Albert  Henry,  now  of  Barna. 
William  Alexander,  b.  13  Aug.  18-54. 
George  John  Francis,  b.  12  April,  1853. 
Henry  Ewer,  b.  11  Feb.  1858. 

Arms — Arg.,  a  fess  between  three  crescents  sa.  Cml — On 
a  column  arg.  encircled  with  a  ducal  coronet  or,  a  falcon  ppr. 
standing  on  a  bird's  leg  az.  erased  gu.  Motto — Fide  et  cun- 

/S'ccti— Barna,  near  Newport,  co.  Tipperary. 


Lee,  Ret.  Haert,  of  Kingsgate  House,  Hants, 
J.P.,  B.D.  of  New  Coll.  Oxford,  Vicar  of  North 
Bradley,  near  Trowbridge,  1832,  a  Prebendary  of 
Hereford,  and  Fellow  of  Winchester  Coll. ;  b.  1795  ; 
m.  1831,  Julia,  eldest  dau.  of  Gorges  Lowther, 
Esq.,  late  of  Kilrue,  co.  Meath.  The  Eev.  Harry 
Lee  is  eldest  son  of  the  Rev.  Harry  Lee,  of  Kings- 
gate  House,  Hants  (by  Philippa  his  wife,  dau  of 
Sir  William  Blackstone,  Knt.,  of  the  Priory,  Wal- 
lingford),  who  d.  1838,  leaving  also  another  son, 
William,  b.  1796;  m.  1836,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of 
Thomson,  Esq.  Master  in  Chancery,  of  Awbry, 
Sussex.  Mr.  Lee  represents  the  very  ancient 
family  of  Lee  of  Coton  Hall,  co.  Salop,  which  has 
continued,  in  a  direct  line,  from  father  to  son,  from 
the  reign  of  Edward  I.  to  the  present  time,  and  in 
which  the  same  property  remained  until  convoyed 
by  an  heiress  to  the  Wmgflelds  cf  Ticlicncote,  co. 

ScaJ— Kingsgate  House,  Winchester. 

Jane  Henrietta. 
1  Anne  Lsetitia. 

Alice,  d.  young,  uwn. 


Vaughan  -  Lee,  Vaughan  Hanning,  Esq.  ol 
Dillington,  Somerset,  and  Rheola  and  Lanelav 
CO.  Glamorgan,  M.P.  for  West  Somerset,  D.L.,  J.P 
cos.  Somerset  and  Glamorgan,  late  Capt.  21st 
Fusiliers,  and  Major  Glamorganshire  Militia,  Higl 
Sheriff  Glamorganshire  1871 ;  b.  25  Feb.  1836  ;  m 
7  Aug.  1861,  Cla)'a  Elizabeth,  eldest  dau.  of  George 
Moore,  Esq.  of  Appleby  Hall,  co.  Leicester,  auc 
has  issue, 

I.  Arthur  VAroHAN  Hanking,  h.  13  Aug.  1802. 

II.  John  Edwards,  b.  27  Sept.  1863. 

III.  Charles  Lionel,  b.  27  Feb.  1807. 

IV.  Alec  George,  b.  23  Nov.  1868. 

I.  Jessy  Isabel.  ii.  Katherine  Mary.  , 

III.  Christine  Caroline.         iv.  Alice  Clara. 

?t,(lVr<iriC.— Edward  Lee,  Esq.  of  Pinhoc,  Devon,  wa 
father  of  a  dau., 

Harriett  Lee,  of  Orleigh  Court,  Devon,  m.  1800.  Williati 
Hanning,  Esq.  of  Dillington,  Somerset  (son  of  John  Hanninp 
Esq.  of  Dillington,  by  Susan  his  wife,  dau.  of  T.  Harvarc 
Esq.  of  Whitelaokington,  Somerset),  and  had  issue, 

John  Lee  Hanning,  who  assumed  the  surname  of  Lee  onl 

by  royal  license  1822,  of  whom  hereafter. 
Georgina  Elizabeth,  m.  Nov.  1824,  William  Speke,  Esq.  ( 

Sophia  Harriett,  m.  June,  1S2S,   John  B.   Fuller,   Esq.  < 

Neston  Park,  co.  Wilts. 

The  only  son, 





John    Lee    Lee,   Kfq.    of    Di!1in;:ton    and    Orlcijrii,   M.P.  | 
I  Wills,  1831-37;  J.P.  and  D.L.,  lliRh  Sheriff  li>4r);  6.   11 
1S0.J;  m.  1st,  18  Feb.  1834,  Jessy,  dau.  of  John  Edwards 
iiin,  Esq.  of  Rheola,  co.  Glamorgan,  M.P.,  and  by  her 
;     '.  183G)  has  one  son, 

I.  VAroHAN  Hanmsg  Lee,  now  of  Dillington,  Ehcola,  and 

JniUy,  17  AuR.  1841,  the  Hon.  Mary  Sophia  Hood,  eldest 
t  Samuel,  '2nd  Lord  Bridport,  and  has  by  licr. 

:  ilward  Hanninff,  6.  26  Aug.  1845. 
William  Uunning,  6.  9  Dec.  1S40. 
aiily  Mary.  ii.  Alice  Georgina,  d.  24  June,  18G0. 

e  d.  1S74,  and  was  s.  by  his  son  Vauguan  Hanxino 
uan-Lee,  Esq.,  now  of  Dillington. 

(^amiln  of  OniTgl^'-iit. 

J.inN  Edwards,  Esq.  of  Ehcola  (son  of  John  Edwards,  Esq. 
Llyrela),  having  s.  by  bequest,  1829,  to  the  estate  of  William 
AUGHAN,  Esq.  of  Lanelay,  assumed,  1833,  the  additional 
irname  and  arms  of  VAUcnAN.  He  m.  1st,  Ann,  dau.  and 
•ircss  of  Williams,  of  Court  Herbert,  co.  Glamorgan ;  and 
idly,  1809,  Sarah  Parkins,  of  Wandsworth,  widow  of  John 
.alton,  Esq.,  and  dying  1833,  left  issue, 

NAsn  Vaoghan,  late  of  Eheola. 

Jessie,  m.  John  Lee  Lee,  Esq.  of  Dillington  Park,  Somerset, 
and  had, 

Vaughan  Hasnikg,  now  Vaughan-Lee  of  Dillington. 
tie  son  and  heir, 

Nash  Vadghan  EnwAitDS  VAcr.nAN,  Esq.  of  Eheola  and 
anelay,  co.  Glamorgan,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  6.  22  May,  ISll ;  ■ni. 
.t,  4  March,  1S44,  Harriet  Amelia,  2nd  dau.  of  Edward 
vainston  Strangwayes,  Esq.  of  Alne  Hall,  co.  York,  by  whom 
3  had  a  dau.,  Frances  Matilda  ;  and  2ndly,  May,  1859,  Anna 
aria  Louisa,  3rd  dau.  of  Edward  Swainston  Strangwayes, 
iq.  He  d.  5  Sept.  18G8,  witliout  surviving  issue,  and  was  s. 
f  his  nephew,  Vaughan  Hannisg  Vacguan-Lee,  Esq.  of 
illington  Park,  Somerset,  M.P. 

Aiins  of  YAVGMAf! — Sa.,  a  che^Ton  arg.  between  three  boys' 
!ads  couped  ppr.  crined  or,  enwrapped  about  the  necks  with 
lakes  vert,  on  a  chief  of  the  2nd  three  bugle  horns.  Crest — 
boy's  head  as  in  the  arms,  hanging  from  the  neck  a  bugle- 
)rn.  Motto — Ascrhe  Llan  Diogel  ei  Phcrchcn. 
Seats — Dillington,  near  Ilmiastcr ;  Eheola,  near  Xeath;  and 
anelay,  near  Cardiff. 


Lee,  HE^"ET  Heebert,  Esq.  of  Dynas  Po-svis,  co. 
rlamorgan,  Major  in  the  Royal  Engineers,  b.  4  Oct. 
838 ;  m.  16  Sept.  1873,  Constance  Mary,  dau.  of 
reorge  Lyall,  Esq.  of  HecUey  Park,  Surrey. 

ittUril0C. — Henry  Lee,  Merchant,  of  Hull,  and  at  one 
me  Mayor  of  that  town,  m.  Catherine  Freeman,  great-grand- 
ant  ot  Lord  Brougham,  and  had  issue,  Hesrt  ;  Thomas,  Capt. 
.N.,  lost  at  sea  1770,  while  in  command  of  the  "Aurora" 
igate ;  Catherine,  lu.  Sir  Arthur  Clarke,  Bart,  of  Snailwell. 
he  elder  son, 

The  Eev.  Henry  Lee,  Vicar  of  Willoucihby-with-Wolfliam- 
Dte,  CO.  Warwick.  6.  1727;  m.  Margaret,  dan.  of  Edward 
!urst,  Esq.  of  Upton,  Bucks,  and  sister  of  William  Hurst, 
sq.,  High  Sheriff  co.  Glamorgan  1776,  and  had  two  sons, 
ENKY,  hij  heir;  and  Thomas,  in  the  navy,  lost  at  sea  1770. 
^r.  Lee  d.  1768,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Henry  Lee,  Esq.,  6.  1753,  J.P.  and  D.L. ;  m.  Mny,  1779, 
arah,  only  dau.  of  the  Eev.  Samuel  Eoberts,  of  Salisbury, 
ad  dying  Dec.  1832,  left  (with  three  daus.,  Sarah  Margaretta, 
I.  Dec.  1798,  Thomas  Lane  Thompson,  Esq.  of  Elackhcath; 
rthuretta  Clarke;  and  Anna  3Iaria)  an  only  son, 
Edward  Herbert  Lee,  Esq.  of  Dynas  Powis,  J.P.  and  D.L. 
.  Oct.  17S6;  m.  June,  1810,  Mary  Anne,  2nd  dau.  of  Thomas 
hompson,  Esq.  of  Loudon,  and  dying  Jan.  1802,  left  au  only 

Eev.  Hen-ry  Thomas  Lee,  M. A.,  for  25  years  Vicar  of  IIcl- 
oughton  with  South  Eaynham,  and  Rural  Dean,  h.  21  April, 
811;  m.  Aug.  1837,  Catherine  Frances,  5th  dau.  of  James 
iroadwood,  Esq.  of  Lyne  House,  Surrey,  and  dying  29  Jan. 
377,  at  Dynas  Powis,  left  issue, 

I.  Henry  Herbert,  present  representative  of  the  family. 

II.  John  Eobert,  late  of  the  Bombay  iulantry. 
lu.  Francis  Ashmore,  d.  1846. 

IV.  Edward  Broadwood,  d.  1851. 

V.  Augustus  Charles  (Eev.). 

I.  Mary  Anne  Elizabeth,  d.  1817.  ii.  Cirbara  Stewart. 

III.  Charlotte  Mary,  m.  Oct.  1SG9,  William  Fitzgerald,  Srd 
sonot  Hon.  and  Eev.  Kcnelm  Digby,  of  Tittleshall  Eectory, 

IV.  Sophia,  )H.  April,  1874,  Charles  Ed.  Coffey,  Lieut.  E.A. 

V.  Katharine  Margaret. 

Armit — Arg.,  on  a  chevron  engrailed  between  three  leopards' 
heads  sa.  a  crescent.  tVis^— Out  of  a  ducal  coronet  or,  a 
leopard's  head  sa.    il/o»o— Fortiter  scd  suaviter. 

Ji';.tidrnc':— The  Mount,  Dynas  Powis,  CaidilT,  co.  GlaiEor^.an, 
E.I.U.S,  Club,  St,  James'  Square,  S,W. 

LEE    OF    GROVE    HALL. 

Tlie  late  Eichard  Thomas  Lek,  Esq.  of  Gvoro 
Hall,  CO.  York,  J,P,  for  the  West  Riding,  b.  10  May, 
1808  ;  vt.  1  Sept.  1853,  Louisa  Elizabotb,  2nd  dau. 
and  co-beiress  of  Licut-Gren.  Sir  Andrew  Pilkington, 
K.C.B.,  of  Catsfield  Place,  Sussex  (by  Elizabeth 
his  wife,  dau.  and  heiress  of  Sir  Vicary  Gibbs, 
Chief  Justice  of  the  Common  Pleas),  and  had  issue, 

I.  William  Frederick,  now  of  Grove  Hall,  0.  Feb.  1857. 

II.  Eichard  Kenneth,  6.  Jan.  1863. 

I.  Alice  Mary,  deceased. 

II.  Georgina  Mary,  m.  1S74,  Mathew  Amcott  Wilson,  eldest 
son  of  Mathew  Wharton  Wilson,  and  grandson  of  Sir 
Mathew  AVilson,  Bart,  of  Kshton  Hall,  Gargrane,  and  has 
one  son  and  one  dau. 

III.  Diana  Louisa.  iv.  Florence  Maria. 
Mr.  Lee  d.  18  Feb.  1878. 

ILtUCStJC. — Thomas  Lee,  of  Leeds,  6.  1695;  ni.  Mary 
Eereby,  of  Woodhouse,  by  whom  (who  d.  1750)  he  had  eight 
sons,  I.  Thomas,  of  whom  presently ;  ii.  Timothy;  in.  James; 
IV.  John,  M.P.  for  Higham  F^errers,  Solicitor  and  Attorney- 
General  to  George  III. ;  v.  William,  d.  s.  p. ;  vi.  John, 
rf.  s.  p.;  VII.  Jonathan,  d.  s.  p.  1731;  viii.  Joseph,  d.s.p.; 
also  two  daus.,  Sarah  and  Hannah,  who  both  d.  u7im.  Mr. 
Lee  d.  1736.    His  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lee,  of  Leeds,  m.  Margaret  Markham,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  30  May,  1788)  had  issue,  i.  Thomas,  ancestor  of 
Lee  of  Kno/re-horov.oh ;  n.  Eobert,  d.  10  Sept.  1762; 
III.  Eichard,  of  whose  line  we  treat;  i.  Margaret,  d. 
The  3rd  son, 

Eichard  Lee,   Esq.  of  Leeds,  hi.  Jane,  dau.  of  Williaai 
Fenton,  Esq.  of  Carr  House,  co.  York,  by  whom  he  had, 
^VILLIAS^,  of  whom  hereafter. 

James,  of  Eetford,  J.P.  for  co.  Nottingham,  to.  1st,  Caroline, 
dau.  of  James  Meyrick,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  had  a  dau.,  Anne, 
lie  m.  2ndly,  Mary,  dau.  of  Harry  Verelst,  Esq.  of  Aston 
Hall,  CO.  York,  and  rcUct  of  Eichard  Sutton,  Esq.  of  West 
Eetford  House,  Notts. 
Thomas,  d.  s.  p.  Eichard,  d.  s.  p. 

Leonard,  m.  Sliss  Holmes,  by  whom  he  had  a  son,  Leonard, 
and  two  daus.,  Mary  and  Emma. 
Charles,  M.A,,  Hon.  Canon  of  Durham  1853,  and  Incumbent 
of  Lee,  Northumberland,  in.  Mary,  dau.  of  Thomas  Ikin, 
Esq.,  and  sister  to  Thomas  B.  Crosse,  Esq.  of  Sliaw  HiU,  co. 
Lancaster,  formerly  M.P.  for  Wigan.     He  d.  April,  1862. 
Margaret  Jane,  6.  March,   1768;  m.  Archibald  Paris,   Esq., 
late  of  Beech  Hill  Park,  Middlesex,  by  -whom  she  had  Ave 
sons  and  four  daus. 
Mr.  Lee  d.  aged  85.     His  eldest  son, 

William   Lee,  m.  1792,  Sophia,   2nd  dau.   of  Sir  Thomas 
Wentworth  Elackett,  Bart,  of  Bretton  Hall,  co.  York,  through 
which  lady  (who  d.  1862)  Mr.  Lee  became  possessed  of  the 
estate  of  Grove  Hall.    He  had  issue, 
Wentworth,  d.  s.  p. 
Eichard  Thomas,  late  of  Grove  Hall. 

Sophia,  m.  1st,  Eev.   William  Verclst,  of  Aston  Hall,  co. 
York;  and  2ndly,  Lieut.-Col.  Hay. 
Harriet  Mary.  Caroline. 

Jane,  tn.  Capt.  E.  B.  Beaumont,  10th  Lancers,  4th  son  of 
Col.  Beaumont,  M.P.,  of  Bretton  Hall. 

Mr.  Lee  d.  1837. 

Anns  and  Crest— As  Leb  of  The  Abbey.     J/o»o— Aut     unc 
aut  nunquam. 
-Seai— Grove  Hall,  Knottingley,  co.  Y'ork. 

LEE    OF    THE    ABEE"Z. 

Lee-Mainwaeixg,  Charles  Eexjamix,  Esq.  cf 

The  Abbcv,  Knarosborougb,  b.  IG  Feb.  17'c'7;  m.  28 

Aug.  1839,  the  Hon.  Mary  Stuart  Forbes,  dau.  of 

James  Ochoncar,  Lord  Forbes,  and  has  had  issue, 

I.  Charles  Walter,  Capt.  Coldstream  Guards,  6.  18  Sept. 

1840;  d.  20  June,  1866. 
I.  Isabella  Ann,  ra.  1st,  8  May,  1866,  Major.-Gen.  Milman, 
Commander  of  the  Forces  at  Mauritius  (who  d.  23  Oct. 





18R9,  son  of  Lieut. -Gen.  Fiancis  Mile.?  Milman  and  Marie 

Marsaretta  Morgan,    liis  wife,   sister  to    tlie   late    Lord 

Tredegar;  slie  m.  2ndl}-,  1872,  Hon.  W.  Massy,  son  of  the 

late  Lord  Clarina. 

ItltragC— John    Lee,    Esq.    of    Tlie    Abliey,    Knares- 

boixJUj;!!,  D.L.   (son   of  Thomas  Lee,   K.sq.   of  Leeds,  of  tlie 

same  family  as  Lee  nf  Grove  Ball,  by  Ann  Tester  his  wife), 

h.   6  Sept-    1706;    m.   2  t"eb.    1794,   Maria    Mainwaring,    of 

Goltlio'  Hall,  CO.  Lincoln,  and  by  lier  (who  d.  G  May,  1S30) 

had  insue, 

John,  i.  179.5 :  d.v.nm. 

Charies   Bekjamin,  who  assumed  the  surname  of  Matn- 


Frederick,  6.  1800;  m.  Jan.  1832,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Stephen 
Thomas  Cole,  Esq.  of  Stoke  Lyne,  by  the  Lady  Elizabeth 
Stanley  his  wife,  and  lias  issue. 

George,  b.  13  Feb.  Ia02;  m.  Oct.  1831,  Mary  Stark,  and  has 

Charlotte.  Emma  Maria,  d.  unm. 

Arms — Sa.,  three  crowns  or.     Cral — An  arm  in  armour, 
holding  a  battle-axe.     Mntln — Dum  spiro  spero. 
Seat — Old  Palace,  Kichmond,  Surrey. 


Lee,  Edwaed  Dyke,  Esq.  of  Hartwell,  co.  Bucts, 
and  of  Tofcteridge  Park,  co.  Herts,  J. P.,  Capt.  Royal 
Bucks  Militia,  b.  16  Sept.  1843;  ,s.  to  Ihe  entailed 
estates  of  his  paternal  uncle,  John  Lee,  Esq.,  LL.D., 

ILtilCatJC. — It  is  stated  that  this  family,  one  of  great 
antiquity,  is  an  offshoot  of  Lee,  or  Legh,  oJ  Hiijli  Leghand 
Lyme,  co.  Chester,  and  that  it  has  held  its  present  estates 
from  about  1268  through  an  uninterrupted  succession. 
Browne  Willis,  in  his  MS.,  written  more  than  a  century  ago, 
says  that  very  few  can  show,  for  so  long  a  series,  viz.,  upwards 
of  500  years,  such  an  unbroken  possession  of  an  estate,  whicli 
has  never  been  alienated  otherwise  than  as  it  has  passed  in 
marriage  by  failure  of  male  issue,  wherefore  it  may  be  said  to 
continue  in  the  same  family.  For  further  account  of  the 
pedigree,  see  2Edr:s  Ilarlicelliana,  by  Capt.  Smith,  K.S.I''., 
D.C.L.,  and  F.Il.S.,  or  Lipscomb's  HUlory  of  Lhz  Coanly  of 

Thomas    Lee,   Esq.   of  Hartwell,   co.   Bucks  (eldest  son  of 
Thomas  Lee,  E.^q.  of  Morefon  and  Hartv.ell,  by  Elizabeth  his  1 
wife,  dau.  of  Sir  George  Croke)  was  created  a  Bart.  IG  Aug. 
1660.     His  son  and  heir  (by  Anne  his  wife,  dau.  and  heir  of 
Sir  John  Davis,  Knt.)  was 

Sir  Thomas  Lee,  2ndbart.,  of  Hartwell,  M.P.,  whom.  Alice, 
dau.  and  heir  of  Thomas  Hopkins,  Esq.  of  London,  Merchant, 
and  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  his  successor. 

II.  William,  (Sir),  Lord  Chief  Justice  of  England,  and  a  Privy 
Councillor,  m.  1st,  Anne,  dau.  of  Mr.  Goodwin,  of  Bury,  and 
had  a  son, 

William,  who  m.  Philadelphia,   dau.  of  Sir  .John  Dyke, 
Bart.;  and  dying  1778,  left(with  four  daus.,  Philadelphia; 
Harriet,  m.   1782,   John    Fiott,   Esq.  of   London,   son  of 
N.  Fiott,   Esq.,  Lord  of  the  Fee  and  Scigneury  of  Me- 
lesches,  Jersey ;  Louisa;  and  Sophia)  a  son, 
AVilliam,  who,  in  pursuance  of  the  will  of  Mr.  Antonie,  of 
Colworth,  CO.  Bedford,  took  the  name  of  Antonie. 
Sir  William  Lee  ra.  2ndly,  Margaret,  relict  of  Mr.  Melmoth, 
and  dau.  of  Eoger  Drake,  Esq.,  but  by  that  lady  had  no 

III.  John,  Col.  in  the  Guards,  to.  1st,  a  dau.  of  Sir  Thomas 
Hardy,  Knt. ;  and  2ndly,  Mary  Browne,  of  Arlsey,  co.  Bed- 
ford.    By  the  latter  (who  ta.  2ndly,  Col.  Schutz)  he  had, 

1  Thomas,  of  Hampton  Court,  Equerry  to  the  Duke  of 
Gloucester.  2  John,  an  Ensign  in  the  Foot  Guards. 

Col.  Lee  d.  1760. 

IV.  George  (Sir),  LL.D.,  a  Privy  Councillor,  one  of  the  Lords 
of  the  Admiralty,  and  Treasurer  to  H.K.H.  the  Princess 
Dowager  of  Wales,  vi.  Judith,  dau.  of  Humphrey  Morice, 
Esq. ;  but  dying  without  issue,  18  Dec.  1768,  left  his  fortune 
to  his  nephew.  Sir  William  Lee,  Bart. 

I.  Sarah,  d.  1693. 

Sir  Thomas  was  s.  at  his  decease  by  his  eldest  son. 
Sir  Thomas  Lee,  Bart.,  M.P.  for  Bucks,  ra.  Elizabeth,  dau. 

and  heir  of  Thomas  Sandys,  Esq.,  and  had  issue, 
William,  his  heir.  Thomas. 

Anne,  m.  George  Vernon,  Esq.,  created  1702,  Lord  "Vernon, 
of  Kinderton. 

He  d.  Dee.  1749,  and  was  .9.  by  his  son. 

Sir  William  Lee,  Bart.  Tliis  gentleman  devoted  himself 
to  the  improvement  of  his  seat  at  Hartwell,  displaying  great 
taste  in  his  manner  of  planting  and  laying  out  the  grounds. 

successive  Baronets. 

and  his  additions  to  the  mansion  house,  the  east  and  sout 
fronts  of  which  he  rebuilt.  He  also  rebuilt  the  parish  church 
to  which  his  uncles  contributed,  viz.,  the  Lord  Chief  Justice 
£1,000,  and  Sir  George  Lee,  £500.  Sir  William  m.  1703,  Lad; 
Elizabeth  Harcourt,  dau.  of  Simon,  Earl  of  Harcourt,  and  hu( 

William,  h.  1764) 
George,  U.  1767   | 

He  d.  6  July,  1799,  and  was  s.  by  his  elder  son. 

Sir  W^illiam  Lee,  who,  adopting  a  military  life,  was  Lieut, 
Col.  of  the  16th  Light  Dragoons,  in  which  he  served  severa 
campaigns  in  Germany.  E.xchan;;ing  into  the  25th  Ligh 
Dragoons,  he  went,  in  May,  1800,  to  join  that  regiment  it 
Madras,  and  dying  there  7  Feb.  1801,  luuii.,  was  s.  by  hil 

Sir  George  Lee,  Bart.,  Eector  of  Hartwell,  and  "Vicar  oi 
Beachampton.  He  was  distinguished  by  his  benevolence  tc 
the  poor,  and  having  studied  the  science  of  medicine,  was 
their  gratuitous  physician.  He  d.  xmm.  1827,  when  the 
baronetcy  expired,  and  the  estates  devolved,  by  Sir  George'i 
will,  on  their  late  possessor, 

John  Lee,  Esq.,  LL.D.,  the  next  heir  in  blood.  He  was! 
son  of  John  Fiott,  Esq.,  by  Harriet  his  wife,  2nd  dau.  of 
William  Lee,  Esq.  of  Totteridge,  ut  svpra,  who  was  son  of  the 
Right  Hon.  Sir  William  Lee,  Chief  Justice  of  England,  2nd 
son  of  Sir  Thomas  Lee,  2nd  bart.  of  Hartwell.  This  Dr.  Lee, 
of  Hartwell,  liucks,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  b.  28  April,  17S3,  s.  his 
maternal  uncle,  William  Lee  Antonie,  Esq.,  and  assumed^ 
under  that  gentleman's  will,  the  surname  of  Lee,  in  lieu  oi 
his  patronymic,  Fiott.  To  the  Hartwell  property  he  .■?.  by  the 
bequest  of  his  kinsman,  the  Eev.  Sir  George  Lee,  6th  bare, 
Mr.  Lee  was  several  times  a  candidate  for  the  representation 
of  the  county.  Dr.  Lee's  brother,  the  Uev.  Nicholas  Fiott, 
Vicar  of  Edgeware,  assumed  by  royal  letters  patent  the  family 
name  of  Lee,  in  accordance  with  the  will  of  Antonie  Lee,  Esq.! 
of  Colworth  Park,  Bedford,  and  Totteridge  Park,  Herts,  as 
heir  to  the  entailed  estates.  Ho  m.  Harriet  Jenner,  2ud  dau, 
of  Sir  Percy  vail  Hart  Dyke,  Bart.,  of  Lullmgston  Castle,  Kent, 
and  had  issue, 

I.  Edward,  now  of  ITartwell  House,  and  Totteridge  Park. 

II.  Lee  Percyvale,  who  d.  IS.'iS. 

I.  Louisa,  VI.  Feb.  1805,  William  R.  Luard,  Esq. 

II.  Harriet  Sarah. 

III.  Pliiladcliihia  Bruce,  9;i.  Oct.  1876,  Liebert  Edward,  only" 
son  of  the  Rev.  J.  J.  Goodall,  of  Dinton  Hall,  Bucks. 

IV.  Fanny  Charlotte. 

Arriis  —  Quarterly:  1st  and  4lh,  az.,  two  bars  or  a  bend 
chequy  of  the  and  gu. ;  2nd  and  3rd,  az.,  on  a  chevron 
between  three  lozenges  or,  an  anchor  sa.  Crtats — 1st,  A  bear 
passant  sa.  muzzled,  and  chain  reflexed  over  the  back  arg. ; 
2nd,  A  dcmi-horse  rampant  arg.,  charged  on  the  shoulder  with 
a  fleur-de-lis  for  difference.  J/oWoes— Verum  atque  deceus; 
and  Malgre  I'injustice. 

Scaix — Hartwell  House,  Aylesbury,  Bucks;  and  Totteridge 
Park,  Biu'net,  Herts.     Clubs — Carlton;  Boodles. 



Lee,  William,  Esq.  of  Holborough  Court,  Kent, 
J.P.  and  D.L.,  M.P.  for  Maidstone  1853  to  1857, 
and  1859  to  1870,  b.  23  Aug.  1801 ;  m.  2  April,, 
1820,  Christiana,  2nd  dau.  of  Samuel  Reynolds^ 
Esq.  of  Thejdon  Hall,  Essex,  and  by  her  (who  d, 
1871)  has  issue, 

I.  Anne,  m.  June,  1845,  W.  Henry  Roberts,  Esq.,  Capt.  R.E., 
who  is  deceased. 

II.  Sarah,    m.  Oct.   1S53,   the  late  xVlfred  Smith,   Esq.  of 

Mr.  Lee,  of  Holborough,  a  merchant  in  London  and 
Eochester,  is  3rd  son  of  Henry  and  Susannah  Lee, 
of  Camps  Hill,  Lewisham,  Kent. 

Arms — Az.,  two  bars  erminois.  Crest — ^A  hear  statant  ppr. 
muzzled  gu.  collared  and  chained  arg.  Motto — Verum  atqu* 

Seat— Holborough  Court,  near  Rochester. 


Leech,  Rev.  John,  B.D.,  of  Clooncoura,  co.  Mayo, 
h.  30  Aug.  1808  ;  m.  9  May,  1839,  Mary,  2nd  dau. 
of  William  Darley,  Esq.  ■)£  St.  John's,  co.  Lublin, 
and  has  issue, 





I,  William  Ansdell,  Esq.,  B.A.,  Emmanuel  College  Cam- 
liridse,  and  of  Lincolu's  Inn,  Eanister-;it-Law,  0.  SO  Sept. 

a.  Henry  Erougliam,  Fsfi.,  B.A.,  Fellow  of  GonvUlo  and 

Caius    College,    Canibrulge,   and  of  the    Queen's   luns, 

Barrister-at-Law,  b.  15  Nov.  1843. 
m.  Joseph  Fanan,  &.  25  July,  1S45. 
IT.  Frederick  John,  b.  30  Jan.  1847 ;  m.  22  Aug.  1877,  Lily, 

dau.  of  the  Rev.  Canon  Wolseley,  Kector  of  Kilrush. 
V.  Graves  Atkinson,  b.  13  Nov.  ls-50,  B.A.  Trin.  Coll.  Dublin. 
I.  Anna  Darley,  m.  5  March,  1867,  Henry  J.  Bourchier,  Esq., 

eldest  son  of  John  Bourchier,  Esq.  of  Baggotstown,  co. 

Limerick,  and  has  issue  a  son. 
n.  Mary  Waller  Barbara  Farran,  m.  3  Oct.   1873,  William 

Fleming   Mease    Smyth,    Esq.   of   Galloway  House,    co. 

ui.  Elizabeth  Catherine. 
IV.  Kicharda  King. 

Ht'lICilGC— Geoege  Leech,  Esq.,  traditionally  the  descen- 
;ant  of  an  ancient  family  of  that  name  in  the  co.  of  Cliester, 
ettled  in  Ireland  circa  1C67,  at  Eosserk,  co.  Mayo.  He  m. 
Elizabeth,  eldest  dau.  of  Samuel  Nicholson,  Esq.  of  Castle 
Jonnor,  co.  Sligo,  and  left  an  only  son, 

John  Leech,  E.?q.  of  Frankfort,  co.  Sligo,  6.  1694;  iji.  Mary, 
West  dau.  of  Robert  Orme,  Esq.  of  Carne,  co.  Mayo,  and  by 
ler  (who  d-  10  Deo.  1793,  aged  80)  had  issue,  besides  several 
laus.,  of  whom  Mary,  the  eldest,  ??i.  1759,  James  Wood,  Esq., 
.  John,  his  heir;  ii.  Robeet  (see Leech  of  Raihkcale  Abbey); 

II.  James,  b.  1746,  d.  at  Stoke  Newington,  21  Feb.  1826, 
iged  80.  Mr.  Leech  d.  2  June,  1770,  aged  76,  and  was  s.  by 
lis  eldest  son, 

John  Leech,  Esq.  of  Rathroan,  co.  Mayo,  J. P.,  and  Deputy 
xovernor  of  tlie  co.  of  Sligo.  and  of  Dublin,  b.  1742;  m.  1760, 
Jlizabeth,  eldest  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Samuel  Ansdell,  Esq., 
md  by  her  (who  was  b.  9  June,  1742,  and  d.  4  Feb.  1834,  in 
ler  92nd  year)  had  issue  to  survive,  two  daus.,  Marianne,  b. 
.775,  m.  1808,  Richard  Perceval  Moulson,  Esq.  ;  Lydia, 
I.  unra.;  and  one  son,  William  Ansdell,  his  heir.  Mr. 
dicech  d.  8  Aug.  1822,  aged  80,  and  was  .s.  by  his  son, 

William  Ansdell  Leech,  Esq.  of  Rathroan,  co.  Mayo,  a 
UoUector  of  H.M.  Customs  in  Ireland,  b.  11  July,  1777;  m.  15 
Vlay,  1806,  Mary,  2nd  dau.  of  Charles  Atkinson,  Esq.  of 
Sehins,  co.  Mayo,  and  dying  19  Oct.  1837,  in  the  61st  year  of 
lis  age,  left  issue, 

I.  John  (Rev.),  his  heir. 

II.  Charles,  ot  Hermitage,  co.  Sligo,  and  North  Great  George's 
Street,  Dublin,  Barrister-at-Law,  M.A.  T.C.D.,  Q.C.,  b.  16 
Dec.  1810;  ra.  19  Aug.  1840,  Anna  Maria,  2nd  dau.  of  Hunt 

.  Walsh  Chambre,  Esq.  of  Hawthorn  Hill,  co.  Armagh,  and 
by  her  has  issue,  1  William  Ansdell,  6.  11  June,  1841  ; 
2  Hunt  Walsh,  b.  4  Dec.  1842;  3  Charles,  b.  28  June.  1844; 
4  Thomas  Archibald,  b.  April,  1853;  5  John,  b.  22  May, 
1857;  1  Rebecca  Olivia;  2  Anna  Maria;  and  3  Emily 

in.  William  Ansdell,  &.  23  Dec.  1812 ;  vi.  7  Nov.  1854,  Eleanor, 
2nd  dau.  of  George  Gibson,  Esq.  of  Lower  Pembroke  Street, 
Dublin,  by  Elizabeth,  eldest  dau.  of  John  Gibson,  Esq.,  and 
by  her  has,  1  William  Ansdell,  b.  21  Aug.  1857;  2  George 
Gibson,  b.  7  Nov.  1859;  3  Arthur  Henry  William,  b.  12  July, 
1862;  1  Elizabeth  Marian  Susaona;  and  2  Florence  Cathe- 
rine Sinclair. 

IV.  Edward,  b.  9  Oct.  1814,  A.B.  T.C.D.  ;  m.  3  Oct.  ISoo, 
Wilhelmina  Frederika,  dau.  of  Richard  Hammersley,  Esq. 
of  Corrolanty,  King's  Co.,  J. P. 

T.  Arthur  Henry  (Rev.),  of  Ballycloughduff,  co.  Westmeath, 
B.A.  T.C.D. ,  Vicar  of  Emly,  6.  23  March,  1817;  m.  18 
Dec.  1845,  Ellen,  2nd  dau.  of  Thomas  Maunsell  Wilson,  Esq. 
of  Cahirconlish  House,  co.  Limerick,  by  Isabella  his  wife, 
younuer  dau.  of  Charles  Stanley,  1st  Viscount  Monck,  and 
sister  to  the  late  Earl  of  Rathdowne,  and  has  issue,  1  Wil- 
liam Thomas  Atkinson,  b.  2  April,  1860,  d.  27  April,  18G0; 
1  Isabella  Monck;  2  Mary  Wilhelmina  Monck  ;  3  Eleanor 
Elizabeth;    4  Henrietta  Maria;  5  Edith. 

VI.  James  Ansdell,  6.  27  Nov.  1818;  d.  in  Spain,  6  May,  1855. 

I.  Mary. 

n.  Elizabeth,  m.  Aug.  1846,  William  Crawford  Poole,  Esq., 
M.D.  of  Ardmore,  co.  Waterford.        iii.  Catherine  Anne. 

rv.  Marianne  Charlotte,  m.  11  Dec.  1844,  Henry  Connor 
White,  Esq.  of  Golden  Hills,  co.  Tipperary,  Registrar  of  the 
Royal  Dublin  Society. 

T.  Maria  Isabella,  m.  1st,  27  Feb.  1815,  William  Thomas 
Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Upper  Mount  Street  Crescent,  Dublin,  A.M. 
T.C.D.,  Barrister-at-Law  (who  d.  13  Dec.  1857):  and  2iidly, 
9  Oct.  1860,  Richard  Augustine  Fitz  Gerald  Studdert,  Esq., 

Arms — Erm.,  a  trefoil  vert,  on  a  chief  indented  gu.  three 
ducal  coronets  or.  Crest — Out  cf  a  ducal  coronet  or,  charged 
with  a  trefoil  vert  an  arm  erect  ppr.,  grasping  a  snake  en- 
vironed about  the  arm  also  vert.    MoUo — Virtute  ct  valore. 


Leech,  George  Williams,  Esq.  of  Eathkeale 
Abbey,  co.  Limerick,  Barrister-at-La'sv-,  J. P.,  b.  30 
Aug.  1810  ;  m.  1st,  12  Nov.  1834,  Anna  Maria,  dau. 
of  Gen.  George  Eellasis,  and  by  lier  has  a  son, 

I.  Robekt  S.  B.,  retired  Capt.  94th  regt..  Barrack  Master 
in  Mauritius,  b.  21  May,  1830. 

He  m.  2ndly,  28  Sept.  1846,  Catherine,  dau.  of 
Hunt  Walshe  Chambre,  Esq.  of  Hawthorn  Hill, 
CO.  Armagh  {see  that  name),  by  -whom  he  has  issue, 

I.  HuntChambrfe,  A.B.,  LL.B.,  6.20  Dec.  1847. 

II.  John  Bourke  Massy,  b.  21  July,  1S54. 

I.  Helena  E.  Susanna.  n.  Catherine  Rebecca. 

III.  Ehza  Georgina.  iv.  Mary. 

iLtUraflC. — Robert  Leech,  Esq.,  2nd  son  of  John  Leech, 
Esq.  of  Frankfort,  co.  Sligo  (see  preccdinej  Article),  el.  1823, 
leaving,  by  Julie  Bourke  his  wife,  with  other  issue,  an  eldest 

John  Boubke  Leech,  Esq.  of  Rathkeale  Abbey,  b.  19  Dec. 
1763,  who  left,  by  Helena  E.  Susannah  his  wife,  six  sons  and 
one  dau., 

I.  William,  b.  1798 ;  m.  E.  C.  Macdougall,  and  had  one  son, 
William,  deceased. 

II.  George  Williams,   now  of  Rathkeale  Abbey. 

III.  James,  of  Somerset  House,  London. 

IV.  John,  d.  1859.  v.  Robert. 

VI.  Arthur  Blennerhassett,  J. P.  for  co.  Sligo,  3Iajor  Eifle 
Volunteers,  Captain  of  the  Irish  Rifle  Team. 
I.  Julie. 

Seal — Rathkeale  Abbey,  Rathkeale,  co.  Limerici. 


Leeke,  Ralph  Meerick,  Esq.  of  Longford  Hall, 
Salop,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  SherifP  1850,  a  Capt. 
South  Salop  Yeomanry  Cavalry,  b.  4  Sept.  1813  ;  m. 
26  Oct.  1847,  Lady  Hester  Urania,  dau.  of  Newton 
Fellowes,  4th  Eai-1  of  Portsmouth,  by  Catherine  his 
wife,  dau.  of  Hugh,  1st  Earl  Eortescue,  and  has 
issue  (with  three  other  daus.), 

I.  Ralph,  Capt.  Grenadier  Guards,  b.  1849. 

u.  Thomas  Newton  (Rev.),  b.  1854.         iii.  Henry,  b.  1856. 

IV.  William,  6.  1862. 

I.  Hester  Catherine.  ii.  Charlotte  Urania. 

ILinCclQC. — This  family  has  for  several  centuries  been 
of  importance  in  the  county  of  Salop.  For  an  accoimt  of  it 
see  Blakew ay's  Sheiiffs  of  Shrupshire.  The  immediate  an- 
cestor of  the  present  line. 

Ralph  Leeice,  of  Ludlow,  was  living  1334.  His  seal  is 
represented  in  a  pedigree  of  the  family,  which  is  attested  by 
Sir  WiUiam  Segar,  as  bearing  his  shield  of  arms,  the  same  as 
now  used  with  the  legend,  "  Sigill,  Radi  Leeke  Armigeri." 
From  him  descended 

Ralph  Leeke,  Esq.,  2nd  son  of  Thomas  Leeke,  Esq.  of  the 
Vineyard,  near  Wellington,  6th  in  descent  from  Ralph  Leeke, 
and  whose  eldest  son,  Thomas,  was  one  of  the  Barons  of  the 
Exchequer,  acquired  a  large  fortune  in  the  Civil  Service  of 
the  E.I.  Company.  Returning  to  England  17S6,  he  purchased, 
the  following  year,  from  the  Earl  of  Shrewsbury,  the  manors 
and  estates  of  Longford  and  Church  Aston,  Salop,  and  was 
High  Sheriff  of  that  co.  1796.  He  m.  13  Dec.  1787,  Honoria 
Frances,  only  dau.  of  Walter  Hervey  Thursby,  Esq.,  and  by 
her  (who  d.  1843)  had  issue,  Thomas,  his  heir;  Ralph  Harvey, 
Rector  of  Longford,  b.  4  Oct.  1794;  Augusta;  Caroline,  »/i.  , 
7  Sept.  18'24,  William,  4th  Earl  of  Abergavenny;  Emily; 
Frances  Anne,  m.  29  Oct.  1835,  the  Rev.  Sir  Henry  Thompson, 
Bart.    He  c^.  30  Sept.  1829,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Leeke,  Esq.  of  Longford  Hall,  Barrister-at-Law, 
J.P.,  b.  21  Nov.  1788,  m.  1st,  13  Nov.  1812,  Louisa,  youngest 
dau.  of  the  late  Brigadier-Gen.  Robert  Shawe,  and  by  her  (who 
d.  16  April,  1816)  had  issue, 

Ralph  Merrick,  present  representative. 

Egerton,  b.  23  March,  1816;  d.  1876. 

Charlotte,  ra.  Rev.  Wyndhani  Madden,  M.A.  Cantab.,  Rector 
of  Bergh  Apton,  near  Norwich. 
Mr.  Leeke  iii.  2ndly,  21  Jan.  IS'22,  Anna,  only  dau.  of  the  late 
Hon.  Matthew  Pluukett,  brother  to  the  10th  Lord  Louth.    He 
d.  1836. 

Arm-^  —  Arg.,  on  a  chief  gu.  a  fleur-de-lis  or,  over  all  a 
bend  engrailed  az.  Cre.H—A.  leg  couped  at  the  thigh  arg., 
charged  with  two  fleurs-de-lis.     il/o«o— Agendo  gnavitcr. 

i'eut— Longford  Hull,  near  Newport,  Salop. 






LE    FLEMINa    OF    EYDAL. 

Hughes  ie  Fleming,  Stanley,  Esq.  of  Ejdal 
HaU,  Westmorlaud,  J.P.,  High  Sheriff  1878,  b.  12 
Aug.  1855  ;  s.  his  father  1877,  Lord  of  the  Manors 
of  Beckermet  aud  Skirwith,  Cumberland,  Coniston, 
CO.  Lancaster,  and  Eydal,  Westmorland,  and  Patron 
of  four  Livings,  twenty-fourth  in  descent  from  Sir 
Michael  le  Fleming,  vel  de  Furness,  the  founder  of 
the  family. 

JCtltragC— Sm  Danidl  FLE:inNG,  Knt.  of  Eydal  Hall. 
Cumberland,  M.P.  for  Cockermouth  in  the  latter  end  of  tlie 
17th  century,  was  the  representative  of  this  very  anciont  Cum- 
herland  family.  He  to.  Barbara,  eldest  dau.  of  Sir  Henry 
Fletcher,  Bart,  of  Button,  and  had,  with  other  issue  (see 
Bukke's  Peerage  and  Baronetage,  Fleming),  an  eldest  son, 

William  Fleming,  Esq.  ofRydalHall,  who  represented  the 
CO.  of  Westmorland  in  Parliament  from  169a  to  1707,  and  was 
created  a  Bart.  4  Oct.  1705,  with  remainder,  in  default  of 
male  issue,  to  the  male  descendants  of  his  father.  Sir  William 
m.  Dorothy,  dau.  of  Thomas  Eowlandson,  Ksq.  of  Kendal,  by 
whom  he  had  three  daus., 

Dorothy,  m.  Edward  Wilson,  Esq.  of  Dallam  Tower,  West- 
Barbara,  m.  Edward  Parlcor,  Esq.  of  Browsholme. 
Catherine,  /,<.  Sir  Peter  Leicester,  Bart,  of  Tabley. 
Sir  WilUam  d.  29  Aug.  173G,  and  the  title  devolved  upon  his 

Sm  George  Fleming,    2nd   bart.,  consecrated  Bishop   of 
Carlisle  30  Oct.  1734.    His  lordship  vi.  23  Oct.  1708,  Catherine, 
dau.  of  Robert  Jefferson,  Esq.,  and  had  issue, 
I.  William  (A>n.),   b.  10  Aug.  1709,  Archdeacon  of  Carlisle 
1734;  m.  27  Dec.  1739,  Dorothy,  eldest  dau.  of  Daniel  Wil- 
son, Esq.  of  Dallam  Tower,  Westmorland,  and  d.  17  March, 
1742,  leaving  an  only  dau., 

Catherine,  6.  9  Jan.  1742,  to.  Thomas  Ascough,  Gent. 
I.  Mary,  m.  Humphrey  Senhouse,  Esq.  of  Netherhall,  Cum- 
berland. II.  Barbara,  d.  young. 

III.  Catherine,  to.  Joseph  Dacre  Appleby,  Esq.  of  Kirklin- 
ton,  Cumberland. 

IV.  Mildred,  m.  Edward  Stanley,  Esq.  of  Ponsonby  Hall, 
Cumberland.  v.  Elizabeth,  </.  young. 

Sir  George  d.  2  July,  1747,  and  was  s.  by  his  nephew. 

Sir  William  Fleming,  3rd  bart.  of  Kydal,  son  of  Michael 
Fleming,  Major  of  Foot,  6th  son  of  Sir  Daniel,  High  Sheriff  for 
Cumberland  1754,  M.P.  for  the  co.  1755-56;  m.  1745,  Elizabeth, 
dau.  of  Christopher  Petyt,  of  Skipton-in-Craven,  co.  York, 
Gent.,  by  whom  (who  d.  31  March,  1757)  he  had  issue, 

I.  MicHAELLE,  of  whom  hereafter. 

II.  Amelia,  d.  unm. 

III.  Barbara,  to.  Edward  Parker,  Esq.  of  Browsholme,  co. 
York.  rv.  Dorothy,  d.  young. 

V.  Ehzabeth,  m.  Andrew  Hudleston,  Esq.  of  Hutton  John, 
Cumberland,  and  had  issue,  a  son, 

Andrew  Fleming  Hcdleston,  of  whom  hereafter. 

VI.  Dorothy  m.  12  Aug.  1774,  George  Edward  Stanley,  Esq. 
of  Ponsonby  Hall,  Cumberland.  She  d.  1786,  having  had 
issue,  a  son,  Edward,  who  d.  in  infancy,  and  two  daus.,  co- 
heiresses of  their  mother,  the  elder  of  whom,  Slildred,  d. 
unm.,  and  the  younger, 

Elizabeth,  m.  18C5,  John  Cumberland  Hughes,  Esq.  of 
Bath,  and  d.  2  Dec.  1856,  leaving  a  son, 
George  Ccmberland  Hcghes  le  Fleming,  of  Eydal. 
Sir  William  being  desirous  to  restore  the  early  form  of  the 
family  name,  by  adopting  the  prefix  "le,"  the  use  of  which 
had  been  discontinued  from  the  time  of  Edward  IV.,  incor- 
porated it  with  his  son's  Christian  name,  at  baptism,  who 
accordingly  s.,  upon  his  father's  death,  1756,  as, 

Sir  Michael  le  Fleming,  4th  bart.,  of  Eydal,  the  "  brilliant 
Baronet,"  whose  remarkable  social  and  literary  gifts  have 
been  incidentally  recorded  by  the  biographer  of  Dr.  Johnson, 
6.  10  Dec.  1748,  High  Sheriff  for  Cumberland  1770,  M.P.  for 
Westmorland  1774-1806;  to.  Lady  Diana  Howard,  only  dau. 
and  heiress  of  Thomas,  14th  Earl  of  Suffolk  and  Berks,  by 
whom  (who  d.  20  June,  1816,  he  had  one  dau.,  his  heiress. 
Sir  Michael  d.  19  May,  1806,  and  was  .s.  in  the  Baronetcy  by 
Daniel  Fleming,  of  Crostiiwaite,  Westmorland,  great-grandson 
of  Eoger  Fleming,  Vicar  of  Brigbam,  Cumberland,  the  8th 
6on  of  Sir  Daniel  Fleming,  of  Eydal.  The  estates  descended 
to  his  only  dau.  and  heiress, 

Anne  Fbederica  Elizabeth  le  Fleming,  of  Eydal,  6.  1784; 
7)1.  1807,  her  cousin.  Sir  Daniel  Fleming,  5th  bart.,  who 
d.  s.  23.  1821.  Lady  le  Fleming  d.  5  April,  1861,  having  settled 
the  estates  on  her  cousins,  the  descendants  ot  her  aunls  Eliza- 

beth and  Dorothy.  The  estates  consequently  devolved,  first, 
on  Andrew  Fleming  Hudleston,  of  Hutton  John,  who  d.  uavn. 
2  Sept.  1861,  and  was  s.  by  his  cousin, 

George  CdiMberland  Hughes  le  Fleming,  Esq.  of  Eydal, 
Major-Gen.  in  the  Indian  army,  J. P.  for  Cumberland  and 
Westmorland,  and  D.L.  for  the  latter  co.,  who  assumed  by  royal 
license,  dated  1  April,  1862,  in  compliance  with  tlie  terms  ofiJ 
the  entail,  the  surname  of  "  Le  Fleming,'"  in  addition  to  hisi 
own  patronymic.  He  was  b.  21  July,  1807.  Through  his 
paternal  grandmother,  a  dau.  of  Denison  Cumberland,  Bishop 
of  Clonfert,  afterwards  of  Kilmore,  and  sister  to  Richard  Cum- 
berland, the  Politician  and  Dramatist,  Major-Gen.  Hughes  lej 
Fleming  was  lineally  descended  from  Richard  Cumberland, 
upon  whom  the  See  of  Peterborough  was  conferred  by! 
William  III.  in  1691.  Through  the  same  ancestress  he  also 
inherited  the  blood  of  Dr.  Bentley,  the  eminent  Master  o; 
Trin.  Coll.  Cambridge.  He  entered  the  army  in  1823,  an. 
his  service  in  Burmah  and  Southern  India,  extended  overil 
34  years;  was  Col.  of  the  Madras  Native  Infantry,  retiring 
with  the  rank  of  Major-Gen.  in  1861.  He  m.  1st,  10  Oct.! 
1843,  Mary  Grant,  youngest  dau.  of  John  Macpherson,  Esq, 
of  Banchor,  in  Badenoch,  co.  Inverness,  by  whom  (who  d.  211 
March,  1851)  he  had  issue,  two  daus., 

I.  Elizabeth  Emily,  6.  9  Blarch,  18.50;  d.  28  Dec.  1852. 

II.  Mary  Louisa,  6. 17  March,  1851 ;  ra.  12  April,  1871,  George 
Godfrey  Cunninghame,  Esq.,  Edinburgh,  Advocate,  and  haa 
issue.  1 

He  m.  2ndly,   15  Sept.    1853,   Anne  Jane,   youngest  dau.  ofl 
Alexander   Rennick,   Esq.  of  Derryargan,    co.    Fermanagli| 
Major  in  the  Bengal  army,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

I.  Stanlet,  his  heir,  now  of  Eydal. 

II.  George  Fleming  Alexander,  b.  28  April,  1858. 

I.  Alice  Catherine,  6.  17  July,  1856. 

II.  I'.lizabeth  Constance,  b.  17  Dec.  18.59, 
in.  Mildred  Jane  Frederiea,  6.  29  May,  1861. 

Major  Gen.  Hughes  le  Fleming  had  three   brothers  and  ono' 
sister,  viz. 

I.  John  Edward  Hughes,  h.  11  Aug.  1809,  lata  Col.  of  47t: 
.Madras  Native  Infantry:  ra.  11  Jan.  1870,  Caroline  Gertrudi 
youngest  dau.  of  Gen.  Sir  George  Cornish  AVhitlock,  K.C.B.| 
and  lias  issue. 

II.  William  Wyndham  Hughes,  b.  16  Oct.  1814:  ra.  1st,  6  Dec, 
1842,  Susanna,  2nd  dau.  of  Robert  Hope,  Esq.  of  Derby, 
She  (?.  13  Nov.  1852,  leaving  issue.  He  ru.  2ndly,  23  Sepi 
1802,  Ellen,  2nd  dau.  of  John  George  Batcheler,  Esq.  ol 
Gosport,  Hants.    She  d.  12  Oct.  1870,  leaving  issue. 

III.  Henry  le  Fleming  Hughes,  6.  5  April,  1819;  m.  3  Julyj 
1857,  Nancy  Emma  Capcley,  youngest  dau.  of  Lieut.  Jolil 
Walker,  of  Bridgewater,  Somerset;  shed.  29  Oct.  1861. 

1.  Elizabeth  MUdred,  6.31  March,  1806;  m.  18  June,   1832, 
John  Robert  a  Court,  Esq.  of  Kingwe.ston,  Somerset;   haSJ 
d.  9  Aug.  1872.    Their  only   dau.,   Emma  Frederiea,    TO.ij 
22  June,  1852,  Rev.  Charles  Vere  Spencer,  M.A.,  of  Wheat-I 
field,  CO.  Oxon,  and  has  issue,  ] 

Major-Gen.  Hughes-lc-Fleming  d.  7  June,  1877,  and  was  s.  by 
his  eldest  son, 

Stanley  Hughes  le  Fleming,  now  of  Eydal. 

A^-ins — Quarterly;  1st  and  4th,  gu.,  a  fret  arg.,  for  Le 
Fleming;  2nd  and  3rd,  quarterly  or  and  arg.,  a  lion  ram- 
pant az.,  between  three  fountains,  for  Hcghes.  Crests — 1st, 
Le  Fleming  :  A  serpent  nowcd,  in  its  mouth  a  wreath  of  olive 
and  vine  leaves  all  ppr. ;  2nd,  Hcghes  :  Upon  a  mount  vert  a 
lion  couchant  or,  gutte  de  larmes,  the  dexter  paw  resting 
on  a  fountain  ppr.     ilottn — Pax,  copia,  sapientia. 

Seai— Eydal  Hall,  Ambleside. 


Lefeoy,  Anthoxt,  Esq.  of  Carrig-glas  Manor| 
CO.  Longford,  D.L.,  LL.D.,  M.P.  for  the  Uuiversitj 
of  Dublin  1858  to  1870,  and  for  co.  Longford  183'J 
to  1837,  and  1841  to  1847,  High  Sheriff  co.  Long^ 
ford  1850  ;  m.  1824,  Hon.  Jane  King,  eldest  dauJ 
of  Robert  Edward,  1st  Viscount  Lortou,  and  grand-^ 
dau.  of  Robert,  2nd  Earl  of  Kingston,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  1868.)  has  issue, 

I.  Frances,  to.  22  March,  1849,  Col.  David  Carrick  Buchanan, 
D.L.  of  Drumpellier,  CO.  Lanark,  (see  that  FaniUy). 

II.  Mary  Louisa,  m.  June,  1852,  Hon.  William  L.  P.  Talbot, 
Lieut. -Col.,  7th  son  of  James,  3rd  Lord  Talbot  de  Malahide. 

3£,inCagC. — The  Lefroys  are  of  Flemish  extraction,  and 
emigrated  to  England  in  the  time  of  the  Duke  of  Alva's  perse- 
cutions. The  first  who  settled  in  this  country,  a.d.  1569,  was 
Antuont  LEFKOi".     His  desceiuLinr, 






aoMAs  Lefkot,  of  Canterbury,  to.  Plicebe,  h.  1C79.  dan.  of 
las  Thomson,  Esq.  of  Kenfield,  by  Phoebe  his  wife,  ilau. 
:lUam  Hammond,  Esq.  of  St.  Alban's  Court.  Kent,  and  by 
who  d.  1761)  had  a  son, 
\NTiioxT  Lefkoy,  of  Loghom,  n.  EHzabeth,  sister  of  Bcn- 
1  Langlois,  Esq.,  M.P.,  many  years  Under  Secretary  of 
,  and  liad  (with  one  dau.,  PhcEbe,  m.  to  an  ItaUan  noble- 
,  Slaffetti  Del  Jlcdico,  Count  di  Carrara)  two  sons, 
-Vntuont,  Lieut. -Col.  9th  Dragoons,  m.  1.5  Xov.  1769, 
une  Gardiner,  and  d.  8  Sept.  ISlt),  having  had  issue, 

1  IJiGHT  Hox.  TuoMAS  Lefkot,  Lord  Chief  Justice  of 

2  .Antliony,  late  Capt.  65tli  regt.,  ra.  and  had  issue. 

3  Itenjamin,  Capt.  K.A.,  'in.  and  had  issue.  His  3rd  dau.. 
Lacy,  III.  11  Sept.  1S5S,  Robert  Exham  Turbett,  Esq.  of 
Owenstown  House,  co.  Dublin. 

■i  Henry,  31. A.,  Vicarof  Santry,  near  Dublin,  i/i.  Dorothea, 
■Jncl  dau.  of  0"Grady,  of  Kilballyowcn  {icc  that  naiiu), 
and  had  issue, 

Anthony  O'Grady,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Col.  Bruce. 
Gerald  de  Courcy,  in.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  William  Brook- 
man,  Esq.,  and  settled  in  Australia. 
Henry  M;.'in»oll,  m.  Ellen,  dau.  of  James  Shine,  Esq.  of 
Ballymacrcse,  co.  Tipperary,  and  had  a  sun,  Henry,  b. 
Eliza  Waller. 

Ann  Langlois,  m.  James  Stein,    Esq.  of  Charrington, 
Dorset,  and  Kennetpans,  K.B.,  and  has  issue. 
JIary  Elizabeth  O'Grady.  Dorothea  Thomasina. 

1  Lucy,  rii.  Hugh  Byvcs  Baker,  Esq. 

■J  PhcBbe,  m.  Capt.  Butler.    3  Sarah,  m.  Capt.  Courtenay. 
-  Anne,  i;i.  Major  Power. 
6  Eliza,  m.  Richard  Sadleir,  Esq. 

.  I^aac  Peter  George,  Fellow  of  All  So«ls',  Oxford,  Rector 
r ;  Ash  and  Compton,  Surrey,  m.  Anne,  eldest  dau.  of  Kd- 
■,d  Brydges,  Esq.  of  Wooton  Court,  Kent,  by  Jemima, 
-  wife,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  William  Egeiton,  LL.D., 
.ndson  of  John,  2nd  Earl  of  Eridgewater,  and  by  ho-r 
iio  d.  in  1S04)  left  at  his  decease,  Jan.  1S06, 

1  John  Henry  George,  of  Ewshott  House,  Hants,  Rector  of 
Ash  and  Compton  6.  17S2;  //i.  Souhla,  youngest  dau.  of 
l;ev.  Charles  Jeffreys  Cottrell ;  and  d.  1823,  leaving  issue, 

George,  f?.  v.nm.  1824. 

CUARLE3  Edward,  of  Ew.?hott  House,  Fnrnhnm,  Surrey, 
J. P.,  M.A.  Ch.  Ch.  Oxon,  Barrister-at-LMw,  Secretary 
to  the  Speaker  of  the  House  of  Commons,  Taxing 
Officer  of  that  House  185G,  6. 1810;  .s.  his  brother  George 
18.:  1;  m.  184-5,  Janet,  dau.  of  James  Walker,  Esq, 
LL.D.,  F.R.S.,  C.E.,  and  d.  1861,  leaving  a  son, 
Charles  James  Maxwell  Lefbot,  of  Itchell  Manor, 
Hants,  late  Capt.  14th  Hussars,  m.  14  Aug.  1872,  Eliza- 
Ijeth,  eldest  dau.  of  Alfred  Henry  McClintock,  M.P., 
uf  ilerrion  Square,  Dublin  {see  Bukke's  Peerage,  Rath- 
DONNELL,  B.)   and  other  issue. 

Anthony  Cottrell,  Christ  Church,  Oxford,  M.A.,  Incum- 
bent of  Crookham,  near  Farnham,  Surrey,  ra.  Anne, 
dau.  of  John  Hickman,  Esq.,  and  has  three  dans. 

John  Henry  (Sir),  Licut.-Gen.,  K.C.M.G.,  C.B.,  Governor 
of  Bermuda  1871  to  1877,  rn.  1st,  Emily  Mary,  dau.  of 
the  late  Chief  Justice  Robinson,  of  Toronto,  Canada,  and 
by  her  has  two  sons  and  two  daus.  He  iii.  2ndly,  ISliO, 
Charlotte  Anna,  dau.  of  Col.  Dundas,  of  i'lngask,  and 
widow  of  Col.  Armine  Mountain,  C.B. 

Henry  Maxwell.  Frederick,  deceased. 

Ann,  ra.  John,  Lord  Eathdonnell. 

F;nnces  Phoebe,  m.  George  K.  Richards,  Esq.,  Barrister- 
at-Law,  and  d.  22  Sept.  1859,  having  had  issue  a  son 
and  three  daus.  Anna  Sophia. 

Isabella  Elizabeth.  Lucy,  deceased. 

2  Christopher  Edward,  b.  1785. 

Benjamin  (Rev.),  Rector  of  Ash,  i)!.  Jane  Anna  Eliza- 
beth, eldest  dau.  of  the  late  Rev.  James  Austen,  Rector 
oiSteventon,  Hants,  and  dying  1829,  left  issue,  George 
Benjamin  Austen,  and  six  daus. 

1  Lucy,  iii.  the  Rev.  Henry  Rice,  of  Xorton  Coiut,  near 

le  grandson. 

The  Right  Hon.  Thomas  Langlois  Lefrot,  LL.D.  of  Car- 
?-Rlas  Manor,  Lord  Chief  Justice  of  Ireland,  b.  1776;  ?ii. 
99,  Mary,  only  dau.  and  heir  of  Jeffry  Paul,  Esq.  of  Silver 
•ring,  CO.  Wexford,  member  of  the  younger  branch  of  the 
inily  of  Sir  Robert  Paul,  Bart.,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Anthony,  now  of  Carrig-glas  Manor. 

II.  Thomas  Paul,  Q.C.,  ),('.  1  July,  1835,  Hon.  Elizabeth 
Massy,  dau.  of  Hugh,  3id  Lord  31assy,  and  has  issue, 
Thomas  Langlois,  and  several  other  children. 

III.  JelTry  (Very  Rev.),  M.A.Trinity  College,  Dublin,  Dean  of 
Dromore ;  to.  Helena,  eldest  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Frederick 
Trench,  by  Lady  Helena  his  wife,  sister  of  George  James, 
6th  Earl  of  Egmont,  and  has  issue,  Charles,  and  other 

IV.  George  Thomson,  late  Treasurer  to  the  Ecclesiastical 
Commissioners,   High  Sheriff  of  Longford  1846;  la.  Is69, 

Mary,  widow  of  AVilliam  Mavtlcy  Blaekburne,  Esq.  of  Tank- 
ardstuwn,  co.  Meatli,  and  dau.  oi  Rev.  William  Thorpe,  D.D. 
1.  Jane.  ii.  Anne.  iii.  Mary. 

Lord  Chief  Justice  Lefroy,  one  of  the  most  distinguished 
Lawyers  of  his  time,  was  called  to  the  Bar  1797,  and  appointed 
a  Bencher  of  the  King's  Inn  1819.  He  sat  in  Parliament  as 
Jlember  for  the  University  of  Dublin  from  1830  till  his  eleva- 
tion to  the  Bench,  which  took  place  1841,  when  he  was 
appointed  a  Baron  of  the  Exchequer.  Ue  became  Lord  Chief 
Justice  1852,  andtt  1868. 

^i-/i!.?— Quarterly,  1st  and  4th,  vert,  fretty  arg.  on  a  chief 
of  the  second  a  hood  or  cap  (allusive  to  the  badge  assumed  by 
the  party  opposed  to  the  Duke  of  Alva)  between  two  wyvcrns 
gu.,  for  Lefroy;  2nd  and  3rd,  az.,  a  chevron  or,  betwt'cn 
three  crescents  arg.  on  a  chiet  gu.  three  mullets  of  the  third, 
for  Langlois.  Crcd — Ademi-wyvern  gu.  gorged  with  a  collar 
dancettee  arg.  fretty  vert.  :iio»o— Mutare  sperno  (adopted 
at  the  period  of  the  Huguenot  persecutions). 

i^toi— Carrig-glas  Manor,  near  Longford.  CMjs — Carlton; 
and  National,  London;  Kildare  Street;  University;  and  Sack 
ville  Street,  Dublin, 


Legge,   "William   Wallace,   Esq.   of    irnlore 
House,  CO.  Antrim,  b.  18  March,  1841 ;  s.  his  fathex' 

iltnratJC.— In  167G,  William  Legge,  an  officer  in  the 
army,  with  recommendations  from  James  II.,  then  Duke  of 
York,  served  under  the  Duke  of  Schomberg  in  Flanders,  and 
accompanied  him  to  Ireland  1690.     His  son, 

Vi'iLLiAM  Legge,  settled  at  Malone,  co.  Antrim,  and  d.  7  Nov. 
1723,  leaving  w  ith  other  sons, 

William  Legge,  who  d.  Nov.  1750. 

Alexander  Legge  (his  eldest  son),  then  .■!.,  and  sewed  as 
High  Sheriff  for  the  co.  Antrim  1770.  He  d.  1777,  leaving 

I.  AVilliam,  his  heir,  d.  20  Sept.  1821. 

I.  Elinor,  m.  Hill  Wallace,  Esq.,  an  olfieer  in  the  army,  and 
had  issue, 

1  William,  late  possessor. 

2  Hill,  iii.  Maria,    younger  dau.    of  Major  Tophar_i,   of 
Slcdmere,  co.  York;  he  d.  1861. 

3  Matilda,  deceased.        4  Eliza,  deceased.  5  Ellen. 
6  Marcella,  deceased.        7  Louisa,  deceased. 

II.  MarceUa,  m.  .iVnthony  Semple,  Esq.  of  Malahide,  and  d. 
without  issue. 

The  son  and  heir, 

William  Legge,  Esq.,  High  Sheriff  co.  Antrim,  d.  20  Sept. 
1821,  and  was  «.  by  his  nephew, 

William  Wallace  Legge,  of  Malone  House,  Belfast,  co. 
Antrim,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  LL.B.,  High  Sheriff  1823;  b.  1789; 
adopted  the  surname  of  Legge;  ra.  27  Sept.  1833,  Eleanor 
Wilkie,  3rd  dau.  and  co-heiress  of  Thomas  Forsttr,  Esq.  of 
Adderstone,  Northumberland,  and  had  issue, 

WiLLi.vM  Wallace,  now  of  JIalone  House. 

Florence  Wallace,  ra.  1861,  Viscount  Harberton. 

Mr.  Legge  d.  3  March,  1868.    Mrs.  Wallace  m.  2ndly,  II  May, 
1874,  the  Hon.  Robert  Jack  Ncedham. 
Siat — Malone  House,  Belfast. 

Legh,  John  Pexnixgton,  Esq.  of  ^'orbury 
Booths  Hall,  co.  Chester,  J.P.,  M.A.,  b.  20  ^s^ov. 
1827;  m.  12  Aug.  1858,  Emily  Jane,  2iid  dau.  of 
the  Rev.  Eohert  Grant,  Ticar  of  Bradford  Abbas, 
Dorset,  a  Prebendary  of  Salisbury,  and  has  issue, 

John  Robert  Pennington,  b.  4  April,  1865. 

Ruth  Isabel,  6.  25  Aug.  1870. 

3LinCH(JC. — Agnes  de  Legh  (only  dau.  and  heir  of  Richard 
de  Legh,  great-grandson  of  Hamon,  Lord  of  the  Mediety  of 
High  Legh  temp.  Henky  II.)  iii.  1st,  Richard  de  Ly.mme,  and 
had  by  him  a  son,  Thomas,  who  took  the  name  of  Legh,  and 
half  the  mediety  of  High  Leigli ;  his  son,  Thomas  Legh,  was 
progenitor  of  the  Leighs  of  the  West  Hall,  Hi-jh  Leigh.  Agnes 
TO.  2ndly,  William  de  Hawardyn,  and  had  another  son,  Ralph 
de  Hawardyn,  who  had  the  other  half  of  the  mediety  of  High 
Legh,  and  sold  it  to  Sir  Richard  Massey,  of  Tatton,  1206.  Agnes 
5ii.  3rdly,  Sir  William  Venubles,  Knt.,  2nd  son  of  Sir  William 
Veuables,  Baron  of  Kinderton,  and  by  him  had  a  3id  son, 
John,  who  took  the  name  of  Legh,  and  purchased  Knutsford 
Booth  before  28  Edward  I.  By  his  1st  wife  he  had  a  son 
John  (Sir).  He  ra.  2ndly,  Ellen,  dau.  of  Thomas  dc  Coiona,  of 
Adlingcon,  and  by  her  had,  Rouert,  progenitor  of  the  Lechs 





of  Adlington,  Anneslaj,  Lyme,  Rklge,  StoneUiglh  Stockwdl,  &c.  : 
William  "(Sir),  ancestor  of  the  Leoiis  of  Isail :  Peter,  founder 
of  the  Leghs  of  Bcchton;  and  Gilbert,  whose  son,  John,  r,i. 
Cecilia  de  Towneley,  and  was  ancestor  of  the  Townelets  of 

SiE  John  de  Legh,  living  temp.  Edwaed  III.,  eldest  son  of 
John  Lesh,  the  1st  of  Knutsford  Booth,  was  direct  ancestor  of 
the  family  of  Legh  of  Booths,  whose  eventual  heiress, 

EnTH  Legh,  of  Booths,  only  dau.  of  Peter  Legh,  Esq.  of 
Booths,  m.  Thomas  Pennington,  Esq.  of  Chester,  and  was  s.  at 
her  decease,  1715-16,  by  her  only  surviving  son, 

Thomas  Pennington,  Esq.  of  Booths,  who  assumed  the  sur- 
name and  arms  of  Legh.  He  to.  Helena,  dau.  of  Sir  Wil- 
loughby  Aston,  Bart,  of  Aston,  and  was  s.  by  his  only  son, 

pIter  Legh,  Esq.  of  Booths,  b.  4  March,  1722-3,  who,  in 
174.5,  completed  the  erection  of  Norbury  Booths  Hall.  He  vi. 
20  Juno,  1741,  Anne,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Peter  Wade,  Esq.,  by 
whom  (who  d.  1794)  he  had,  with  other  issue,  who  d.  s.  p., 
AViLi.ouGHBY  and  John,  and  Anne  Helena,  wlio  m.  1792,  Jolm 
Matthews,  Esq.,  Capt.  K.N.,  and  d.  s.  p.  the  following  year. 
He  d.  12  Aug.  1804,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  surviving  son, 

WiLLOUGHBT  Legh,  Esq.  of  Xorbury  Booths  Hall,  b.  25  May, 
1749,  who,  dying  unm.,  was  s.  by  his  brother, 

John  Legh,  Esq.  of  Bedford  Square,  London,  and  Torldng- 
ton,  CO.  Chester,  Barrister-at-Law,  '»!.29  March,  1792,  Isabella, 
dau.  and  co-heir  of  Edmund  Dawson,  Esq.  of  Wharton,  co. 
Lancaster,  and  by  her  (who  d.  19  Feb.  1849)  had  issue, 

I.  Peter,  his  successor. 

II.  Edmimd  Dawson  (Rev.),  of  St.  Botolph's,  London,  M.A., 
b.  1801 ;  TO.  1826,  Catharine,  eldest  dau.  of  the  liight  Hon. 
Sir  Christopher  Ptobinson,  Judge  of  the  Court  of  Admiralty ; 
and  d.  9  March,  1845,  leaving  issue, 

1  John  Pennington,  now  of  Norbury  Booths  Hall. 

2  Edmund,  b.  1831  ;  d.  1840. 

3  William  Dawson  (Rev.),  b.  1834;  d.  18.58. 

4  Christopher,  b.  1838;  to.  Jane,  dau.  ot  A.  Anderson, 
M.D.,  of  Newotead,  Australia,  and rf.  30 Sept.  1878,  having 
had  issue,  three  daus.  and  six  sons. 

5  Henry  Eamund  (Uev.),  b.  1840;  m.  Grace,  dau.  of  Rev. 
Mr.  Kite,  and  has  issue. 

1  Catherine  Louisa,  m.  Edward  Penrose  Hathaway,  Esq. 
of  Lincoln's  Inn. 

2  Isabella  Helen.  3  Frances  Ann. 
f.  Ann,  m.  William  Clowes,  Esq.,  who  d.  21  April,  1835. 

II.  Isabel,  in.  Rev.  Bertie  Johnson,  Rector  of  Lymme,  co. 
Chester;  and  d.  26  May,  1855. 
Mr.  Legh  d.  April,  1826,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Peter  Legh,  Esq.  of  Norbury  Booths  Hall,  D.L.  and  J. P., 
6.  11  June,  1794,  who  served  as  High  Sheriff  for  co.  Chester 
1827.  He  d.  unm.  29  Aug.  1857,  and  was  .<:.  by  his  nephew, 
the  present  John  Pennington  Legh,  Esq.  of  Norbury  Booths. 

Arms — Az.,  two  bars  or,  over  all  a  bend  gu.  Crest — An  arm 
embowcd  coupedat  the  shoulder  vested  gu.,  handppr.,  holding 
a  sword  erect  also  ppr.  a  snake  twisting  round  the  same  arg. 
Motto — Prudens,  fidelis,  et  audax. 

Seat — Norbury  Booths  Hall,  near  Knutsford,  co.  Chester. 

LEGH    01'    ADIilNGTON". 

Legh,  Charles  Eichaed  Banastee,  Esq.  of 
Adlington  Hall,  co.  Chester,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  h.  4 
March,  1821  ;  m.  29  April,  1846,  Mary  Jane  Anua- 
bella,  2nd  dau.  of  the  Eev.  Henry  Wright,  of  Blott- 
ram  Hall,  Cheshire,  by  Mary  Catherine  his  wife,  and 
has  issue, 

I.  Charles  Henry  Americus,  b.  22  April,  1S.')3. 

I.  Florence  Hester  Lavinia.  n.  Edith  Mabel. 

ULilXCtltit, — Robert  de  Legh,  2nd  son  of  John  Lesh,  of 
Booths,  by  Ellen  his  wife,  dau.  and  heir  of  Thomas  de  Corona, 
of  Adlington,  living  (ou;).  Edward  II.,  m.  Matilda,  dau.  and 
heir  of  Adam  de  Norley,  and  was  father  of 

Robert  Legh,  of  Adlington,  rn.  Matilda,  dau.  and  co-heir 
of  Sir  John  de  Arderne,  Knt.  of  Aldford  and  Alvanley,  and 
had  two  sons,  Robert  (Sir),  his  heir;  Piers  (Sir),  ancestor  of 
the  Leghs  nf  Lyme.    From  the  elder  son. 

Sir  Robert  Legh,  Knt.  of  Adlington,  Sheriff  of  co.  Chester 
17  and  22  Richard  II.,  the  8th  in  descent  was 

Sir  Uriah  Legh,  Knt.  of  Adlington,  aged  thirty-five 
44  Elizabeth,  who  was  knighted  by  the  Earl  of  Essex  at  the 
siege  of  Cadiz,  and,  during  that  expedition,  is  traditionally 
said  to  have  been  engaged  in  an  adventure  w-hich  gave  rise  to 
the  well-known  ballad  of  "  The  Spanish  Lady's  Love."  Another 
gallant  knight,  Sir  John  Bolle,  however,  disputes  the  fact  of 
being  the  hero  of  that  romantic  affair.  Sir  Urian  was  Slieriff 
of  CO.  Chester  in  the  year  of  Sir  Richard  St.  George's  Visitation 

of  the  CO.,  1613,  and  survived  until  3  Charles  I.,  when  his  in- 
quisition W.1S  taken.     His  direct  male  descendant, 

Charles  Legh,  Esq.  of  Adlington  (only  son  of  John  Lep^ 

Esq.  of  Adlington,  by  Lady  Isabella  Robarts  his  wife,  sister  q 

the  Earl  of  Radnor,  and  grandson  of  Thomas  Legh,   Esq.  qI 

Adlington,  High  Sheriff  of  co.  Chester  14  Charles  II.),    "" 

Hester,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Robert  Lee,  Esq.  of  Winchani, 

Chester,  and  had  an  only  child, 

Thomas,  of  Wincham,  in.  Mary,  dau.  of  Francis  Reynold 

Esq.  of  Strarigeways,  co.  Lancaster;  and  d.  v.  p.  1775,  agi 

40,  without  surviving  issue. 

Mr.  Legh  d.  at  Buxton,  July,  17S1,  and  was  s.  under  settlcmei 

by  his  niece, 

Elizabeth    Davenport,   in.    1752,    John    Rowlls,   Esq.    of 
Kingston,  Receiver-General  for  Surrey,  and  by  him  (who  d, 
1779)  had  issue, 
John  Rowlls,  TO.  Harriet,  sister  and  co-heir  of  Sir  Peter  ■\\'av- 
hurton,  Bart,  of  Arlcy;  and,  predeceasing  his  motlier,  kfl 
an  only  dau.  and  heir, 
Elizabeth  Hester  Rowlls,  to.  Thomas  Delves  Broughtoii, 
Esq.,  4th  son  of  Sir  Thomas  Rroughton,  Bart. 
William  Peter  Rowlls,  slain  in  a  duel  at  Cranford  Bridge.      i 
Charles  Edward  Row'lls,  d.  without  issue.  '•'A- 

Elizabeth  Rowlls,  to.  1st,  1778,  Thomas  Browne  Galley,  Esq.  '' 
of  Burderop,  Wilts;  and  2ndly,  Thomas  Haverfield,  Eiiij. 

Mrs.  Rowlls,  who  assumed  the  surname  of  Legh,  d.  180G,  wlier 
the  Adlington  estates  devolved  on  her  kinsman. 

Richard  Crosse,  Esq.  of  Shaw  Hill,  near  Preston,  co.  Lan-  ' 
caster  (only  son  of  Thomas  Crosse,  Esq.,  by  Sarah  his  wife, 
and  grandson  of  Richai'd  Crosse,  Esq.  of  Crosse  Hall,  co.  Lan- 
caster, by  Ann  his  wife,  eldest  dau.  of  Robert  Legh,  cl 
Chorley,  2nd  son  of  Thomas  Legh,  Esq.  of  xVldington,  the 
High  Sheriff  of  co.  Chester  14  Charles  II.).  Mr.  Crosst 
assumed,  in  consequence,  the  surname  and  arms  of  Legh.  H( 
in.  1787,  Anne,  only  surviving  dau.  of  Robert  Parker,  Esq.  c 
Cuerden  Hall,  by  Anne  his  wife,  dau.  and  heir  of  Thomas 
Townley,  Esq.  of  Royle,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1807)  had  issue  (will: 
a  younger  son,  Richard  Townley,  who  d.  v.nm.  1825,  and  three 
daus.)  a  son  and  successor, 

Thomas  Legh,  Esq.  of  Adlington,  6.  Sept.  1792 ;  m.  Louisa 
dau.  of  George  Newnham,  Esq.  of  New  Timber  Place,  Sussex, 
and  by  her  (who  lii.  2ndly,  12  May,  1830,  Thomas  Americus, 
3rd  Lord  Er.skine,  and  d.  10  March,  1867)  had  issue, 

Charles  Richard  Banastre,  now  of  Adlington. 

Mary  Anne,  ?n.  6  Dec.  1830,  the  Hon.  aud  Rev.  Augustu.- 
Cavendish,  4th  son  of  Lord  Waterpark. 

Marcella  Louisa,  d.  22  Nov.  1866. 

Emily  Anne,  m.  1st,  John  Lawton,  Esq.  of  Lawton  Hall;  ant 
2ndly,  13  Dec.  18G5,  Frank  Renaud,  Esq.,  M.D. 

Mr.  Legh  d.  25  April,  1829. 

Arms — Az.,  two  bars  arg.  dchruised  by  a  bend  compon'c  oi 
and  gu.  for  difference.  Crest — A  unicorn's  head  couped  arg 
armed  and  maned  or,  on  the  neck  a  cross-patonce  gu. 

HuU — Adhngton  Hall,  Macclesfield,  co.  Chester. 

LEGH    OF    HIGH    LEGH. 

Legh,  Heney  Maetin  Coenwail,  Esq.  of  Higli 
Legh,  CO.  Chester,  J.P.,  late  Capt.  and  Lieut.-Col 
Grenadier  Guards,  b.  14  Nov.  1839. 

ILtlTCatJC. — Thomas  de  Lega,  of  East  Hall,  in  the  parisl' 
of  Rostherne,  co.  Chester,  son  of  Hugh  de  Lega,  son  of  Oswald 
de  Lega  de  Easthall,  was  father  of  Thomas  de  Lega,  of  East 
hall,  whose  son,  Adam  Legh,  of  the  Easthall,  was  father  o) 
H0GH  de  Legh,  of  the  Easthalls,  who  had  a  son, 

John  DE  Legh,  of  Easthall,  in  High  Legh,  in.  Jane,  dau.  and 
co-heir  of  Matthew,  Lord  of  Alpraham,  co.  Chester,  and  had 
three  sons.    The  2iul  son, 

John  de  Legh,  of  Alpraham,  had  a  son  and  heir,  John  de 
Legh,  who  was  father  of  Thomas  de  Legh,   of  Northwood, 
father  of  Thomas  I,egh,  of  Northwood,  30  Henry  VI.,  145: 
whose  son,  Thomas  Lech,  rn.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Godfrey  Mi 
lington,   and    was  father  of  another  Thomas   Legh,    livinj 
4  Henry  VIII. ,  in.  Margaret,  dau.  of  Richard  Charlton,  and 
by  her  had  a  son,  Robert  Legh,  who,  by  Alice  his  wife,  dui 
of  Hugh  Starkey,  of  Olton,  left  a  son  and  heir, 

Thomas  Legh,  of  High  Legh,  m.  Isabel,  dau.  and  heir 
Rafe  Trafford,  of  co.  Lancaster,  and  was  .<!.  by  his  son  and  heir, 

Robert  Legh,  of  High  Legh,  to.  Eleanor,  dau.  of  Randoll 
Spurstow,  of  Spurstow,  and  by  her  had  an  elder  son  and  heir, 

George  Legh,  of  High  Legh,  m.  1st,  a  dau.  of  Leycester,  ol 
Tabley ;  and  2ndly,  Anne,  dau.  of  John  Booth,  of  Barton,  and 
l«ft  a  son  and  successor, 

TuoiiAS  Legh,  E^q.  of  High  Legh,   in.  Barbara,   dau. 







las  Brooke,  Ksq.,  of  Norton,  co.  Chcstcv,  and  by  her  liail 
I    three  dans.)  three  sons,   IIenhy,   his    heir;    Tlioniiis, 
,1. ;  and  George,  a  Cavalier,  slain  in  the  civil  war.    The 
'  son, 

Miv  Legh,  Esq.  of  ITich  Legh,  52  years  old  anno  1CC3, 
Dorothy,  dau.  and  sole  heir  of  Uev.  Gregory  Turner,  of 
■lanley,  Uector  of  Scpliton,  co.  Lancaster;  and  d.  in  ICdi, 
avin^'  an  eldest  son  and  lieir, 

KiciiAUD  LiiGii,  Esq.  of  High  Legh,  31  years  old  in  IfiCS,  m. 
7.5,  Mary,  dau.  of  Thomas  Legli,  Ksq.  of  Adliugton,  co. 
liester;  and  dying  1705,  was  ,■?.  by  his  son, 
IIexbv  Lkoh,  Esq.  of  lligli  Legh,  6.  1G79;  r.i.  Lctilia,  dau. 
Sir  Kichard  Brooke,  Hart.,  of  Norton;  and  (/.  17;')?,  having 
ad  two  sons  and  a  dau.,  GiiOKGE.  his  heir;  Henry,  d.  iinm. 
dy,  1752,  aged  about  71;  and  JIary,  wife  of  Itev.  Legh 
chmond,  Hector  of  Stockport,  co.  Clicster,  who  d.  llti'J. 
he  son  and  successor, 

George  Legh,  Esq.  of  High  Legh,  b.  10  July,  1703;  r,i. 
nnc  Maria,  dau.  and  heir  of  Francis  Cornwall,  liaron  of 
urford,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1741)  had  (witii  twodaus.,  Letitia, 
.  l!ev.  Egcrton  Leigh,  Archdeacon  of  Salop;  and  .Vuna 
aria)  two  sons,  Henry  Cornwall,  his  heir;  and  George 
langton,  6.21  May,  1739;  d.  an  infant.  Mr.  Legh  d.  ll'JO, 
id  was  .■!.  by  his  son  and  heir, 

Henrv  Cornwall  Legh,  Esq.  of  High  Legh,  b.  24  May, 
34;  High  SlierilT  1791;  m.  17G1,  Elizabeth,  dau.  and  co-heir 
Robert  Ilopkinson,  Esq.  of  Heath,  co.  York,  and  by  her 
ho  i^.  April,  1808)  had  (with  two  daus.,  Elizabeth  Dorothea, 
Kiiiji.  1777;  and  Anna  Maria,  m.  3  Jan.  178S,  Thomas  Pitt, 
sq.  of  St.  James',  Westminster)  two  sons,  George  John,  liis 
;ir;  Henry  Cornwall,  who  d.  iinm.  in  the  West  Indies,  1793. 
r.  Legh  d.  1791,  and  was  s.  by  his  elder  son, 
George  John  Legh,  Esq.  of  High  Legh,  b.  17G8;  High 
icritT  1S05;  -«;.  14  July,  1803,  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Elack- 
ime,  Esq.  of  Hale,  co.  Lancaster,  M.P.,  and  had  issue, 

T.  George  Cornwall,  late  of  High  Legh. 
II.  Henry   Cornwall,  M..\.,  Kcctor  of"  Welsh  Hampton,  co. 
Salop,    6.    1811;    m.    1839,  Mary,   eldest  dau.    of    Martin 
Williams,  Esq.  of  Bryngwyn,  co.  Montgomery ;  and  dying 
1817,  left  issue, 

Henry  Martix  Cornwall,  present  representative. 
Gertrude  Idary  Cornwall.        EveUne  Cornwall. 
Fanny  Elinor  Cornwall. 
Maria  .'Vgnes  Cornwall,  d.  1S62. 

I.  Anna  Elizabeth,  ?u.  8  March,   1832,  Sir  Philip  dc  Slalpas 
Grey-Egerton,  Bart. 

II.  Frances,  i«.  Rev.  Beilby  Porteus  Hodgson,  son  of  the  Dean 
of  Carlisle,  and  is  deceased. 

III.  Harriet,    vi.   Herbert  Taylor,   Esq.,   Capt.   S.ith    Light 
Infantry,  eldest  sou  of  Edward  Taylor,  Esq.  of  Bifrons. 

r.  LegU  d.  1832,  and  was  s.  by  his  elder  son, 

George    Cornwall  Legh,  Esq.   of  High  Legh,   J. P.   and 

L.,  High  Sheriff  1838,  M.P.  for  BUd-Cheshire,  B.A.  Ch.  Ch. 

con.  Col.  2nd  Roj-al  Cheshire  Militia,  6.  1804;  m.  1828, 
ouisa  Charlotte,  2nd  dau.  of  Edward  Taylor,  Esq.  of  lUfrons, 
ent,  and  niece  of  Lieut. -Gen.  Sir  Herbert  Taylor,  G.C.B., 
.CH. ;  and  dying  16  June,  1877,  was  s.  by  his  nephew,  now 

High  Legh. 

Arms — Arg.,  a  lion  rampant  gu.  langucd  az.  quartering 
iBNWALL,  MoRTiJiER,  Lenthall,  Gbey,  and  Bassett.  Crests 
•1st,  Legh  :  A  demi-lion  rampant  gu.  langued  az.,  collared 
•;  2nd:  A  Cornish  chough  sa.  beaked  and  membered  gu. 
,pporters—Two  lions  rampant  gu.  bezantee  and  ducally 
owned  or.  Motto— ha,  vie  durante. 
Seat — High  Legh  HaU,  near  Knutsford,  co.  Chester. 

LEGH    OF    LYME. 

Legh,  William  Jonx,  Esq.  of  Lyme  Parle,  co. 
tester,  and  Haydock  Lodge  and  Golborne  Park, 
).  Lancaster,  D.L.  and  J. P.,  Lieut. -Col.  Lancashire 
Lussars,  and  Honorary  Col.  4th  Cheshire  Eiflo 
bluntecrs,  late  Capt.  21st  Fusiliers,  M.P.  for  South 
ancashire  1859  to  1865,  and  now  M.P.  for  East 
heshire,  b.  1828;  m.  29  May,  1856,  Emily  Jane, 
au.  of  the  Ecv.  Charles  and  Lady  Jauo  Wodchouse, 
ad  has  issue, 

1.  Thomas,  b.  1S.")7.  ii.  Gilbert,  b.  1853. 

I.  Dulcibella  Jane.  li.  Mabel  Maud. 

2,inCn(IC.— Thomas  Legu,  Esq.,  LL.D.  and  F.A.S.,  of 
rme  Park,  eo.  Chester,  and  of  Haydock  Lodge  and  Golborne 
MTk,  CO.  Lancaster,  J. P.  ;  m.  14  Jan.  1829,  Kllen,  <lau.  of 
illiam  Turner,  Esq.  of  Shrigley  Park,  co.  Cluster,  M.P.  for 
lackburne,   and  by   her  (who  d.   1831)  had  au  only  child, 

Ellen  Jane,  m.  1847,  Rev.  Brabazon  Lowthor,  4th  son  of 
Gorges  Lowther,  Esq.  Mr.  Legh  represented  Newton  in  I'ar- 
liament  from  1819  to  1831.  He  d.  8  May,  1857,  and  was  s.  by 
his  nepheu',  the  present  William  John  Legh,  Esq.,  son 
and  heir  of  William  Legh,  Esq.  of  Brymbo,  co.  Denbigh,  by 
Mary  his  wife,  dau.  and  heiress  of  Joiin  Wilkinson,  Esq.  of 

Arms — Gu.,  a  cross  engrailed  arg.  in  the  chief  point  on  an 
Ineseutcheon  sa.  semee  of  esioiles  an  arm  in  arniDur  em- 
bowed  of  the  second,  the  liand  ppr.  holding  a  peniioa  silver, 
the  wliole  within  a  bordure  wavy  or.  Crest — Issuant  out  of  a 
ducal  coronet  or,  a  ram's  head  arg.  armed  gold,  in  the  mouth  a 
laurel  slip  vert,  over  all  a  pallet  wavy  az. 

iyeats—hymo  Park,  Stoclcport,  co.  Che.>tcr;  Golborne  Park, 
Warrington,  co.  Lancaster. 


Le  Hunte,  George,  Esq.  of  Artramont,  co.  Wex- 
ford, and  Llanrian,  co.  Pembroke,  J.  P.  for  co. 
Wexford,  and  High  Slierill'  1837,  M.A.  Trin.  CoU. 
Cambridge,  b.  15  June,  181  !•;  m.  5  Aug.  1815, 
Mary,  5th  dau.  of  the  Iviglit  Hon.  Edward  Pcnne- 
father,  Lord  Chief  Justice  of  Ireland,  and  has  issue, 

I.  George  Ruthven,  b.  20  Aug.  1852. 

II.  Richard,  R.N.,  0.  8  Sept.  1854;  d.  unm.  1S7G. 

I.  Mary  Harriet.  ii.  Ellen.  in.  Margaret. 

iLfUCTttJC— Richard  le  Hunte,  bapt.  at  Little  Bradley, 
10  Aug.  1U20  (son  of  Sir  George  Le  Hunte,  of  Little  Bradley, 
Suffolk,  by  Elizabeth  his  wife,  dau.  of  Sir  John  Peyton),  wenc 
to  Ireland  as  a  Col.  in  the  army  of  Cro.mwell,  and  Capt.  of  his 
Body  Guard.  This  last  commission,  dated  1G49,  is  still  extant. 
He  settled  at  Cashel,  co.  Tippcrary,  and  was  M.P.  for  tliat 
city  1G61.  He  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Thomas  Lloyd,  of  Cileyfedd, 
CO.  Pembroke  (who  d.  lOSS),  and  had  issue.     His  elder  son, 

Geurge  le  Hunte,  Esq.,  m.  IG83,  Alice,  dau.  and  heir  of 
Col.  William  Legge,  of  Cappagh,  co.  Tipperary,  uncle  to  the 
first  Earl  of  Dartmouth;  and  d.  27  May,  1^97,  leaving  issue, 

1  Richard,  of  Llanryan,  co.  Pembroke,  M.P.  for  Enniscorthy; 

2  Thomas,  of  Brenanstown,  co.  Dublin,  JI.D. ;  3  William, 
B.D.,  Rector  of  Kidderminster,  d.  1740;  4  George,  of  whom 
presently;    5  Thomas,   Barrister-at-Law,   M.P.  for  Wexlord; 

1  Anne,  m.  Humphrey  French,  Esq., Lord  Mayor  of  Dublin; 

2  Elizabeth,  m.  Rev.  Mr.  Browne;  3  Jane,  m.  Geoi-ge  War- 
burton,  Esq.  of  Garryhinch.    The  4th  son, 

George  le  Hente,  Esq.  of  Ballymartin,  co.  Wexford,  m. 
Editha  Jones,  an  heiress;  and  dying  1741,  left  issue.  The 
2nd  son, 

George  Le  Hunte,  Esq.  of  Artramont,  co.  Wexford,  had 
issue  by  Alicia  Mary  Corry  his  wife, 

Richard,  his  heir.        AVilliam  Augustus,  s.  his  brother. 
Charles,  b.  2  June,  1788. 

Francis  (Sir),  Knt.,  J. P.,  twin  with  Charles,  d.  tmm.  18G0. 
Anne,  m.  Simon  Purdon,  Esq.,  of  a  coUateral  branch  of  the 
Purdons,  of  Tinerana. 
Editha,  vi.  Sir  Henry  Meredyth,  3rd  bart.  of  Cailandstown. 

Mr.  Le  Hunte  d.  1799,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Richard  Le  Hunte,  Esq.  of  Artiamont,  b.2b  Feb.  17G9; 
m.  Miss  Morgan,  co.  Pembroke,  and  had,  1  Maria,  m.  Samuel 
Meade  Hobson,  Esq.,  Q.C. ;  2  Sophia,  m.  Capt.  William  Doyle, 
son  of  Gen.  Doyle;  3  Louisa  Editha,  m.  8  Feb.  1831,  William 
H.  B.  J.  Wilson,  Esq.  of  Knowle  Hall,  co.  Warwick.  3ir. 
Le  Hunte  was  s.  at  his  decease  by  his  brother, 

William  Augustus  Le  Hunte,  Esq.  of  Artramont,  b.  25  Oct. 
1774;  111.  1st,  Martha  (or  Patty),  only  dau.  of  John  Warbur- 
ton,  Esq.  of  Garryhinch,  King's  Co.,  M.P.,  but  by  her  had  no 
issue;  he  m.  2ndly,  Isabella  Maria,  eldest  dau.  of  Lieut. -Col. 
Huson,  Wexford  Militia,  by  whom  (who  d.  1809)  he  had  a  dau., 
.•Vlicia  (commonly  called  Isabella),  )/).  Rev.  Robert  Cooper, 
Rector  of  Aghade.  He  m.  3rdly,  Henrietta  Eliza,  dau.  of  Rev. 
Joseph  Miller,  and  had  issue  by  her, 

Georgi",  now  of  Atramont. 

William  Augustus,  of  Kuocknalier,  J.P.,  6.  28  Jan.  1819- 

d.  viua.  14  March,  1878. 
Francis  (Rev.),  b.  8  Jan.  1820;  Rector  of  St.  Mary's  New 

Ross,  CO.  Wexford;  m.  12  Jan.  18G0,  Eleanor  Barbara,  dau. 

of  George  Robert  Magrath,  Esq.  of  Rutland  Square,  Dublin. 
Harriot  Josephine,  d.  young. 

Patty  Warburton,  d.  young.        Maria.        Marianne. 
Editha  Christian,  7)i.   Rev.  Yarburgh  Gamaliel  Lloyd,  v.'ho 

has  taken  the  name  of  Greame. 
Mr.  Le  Hunte  d.  1820,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son. 

^,.„i.s_"Vcrt,  a  saltire  or.     Crest- Allow  sejant  erui.    iloitn 
— P.ircere  prostratis. 
<b«ct— Artramont,  Castlcbridge,  co.  Wexford. 






Leigh,  Egeetox,  Esq.  of  The  West  HaU,  High 
Leigh,  and  Jodrell  Hall,  co.  Chester,  J. P.,  late  a 
Capt.  1st  Eoval  Dragoons,  A.D.C.,  b.  18i3 ;  m.  5 
Aug.  187-4,  tile  Lady  Elizabeth  Mary  Gore  White, 
eldest  dau.  of  the  Earl  of  Eantry,  and  has  issue, 

Edhaud  Egertox,  h.  23  June,  1S76. 
Margaret  Elizabeth  Egerton. 

JLtltraCJC— OW  and  honouraWe  as  is  tlie  descent  of  the 
Leifflis  of  the  West  Hall,  the  Lymnies,  from  w  horn  they  spranR, 
were  even  still  more  ancient.  Ormerod  conjectures  Lymme, 
to  have  been  a  collateral  branch  of  the  Barons  of  Ilalton. 
Agses  ce  Legh,  heiress  of  the  West  Ilall,  High  Leigh,  ra. 
tem-p.  Heset  III.,  EicaAiiD  de  Ltmme,  and  nas  mother  of 

Thomas  de  Legh,  named  from  the  place  of  his  residence. 
From  him  descended  the  eminent  and  highly  allied  family  of 
Leigh,  of  West  Hall,  High  Leigh :  the  male  representative  of 
which  towards  the  close  of  the  17th  century  (the  intermediate 
descent  is  fully  set  forth  in  Ob.mekod"s  Chi.^hlrc)  was 

The  Kev.  Petee  Leigh,  M.A.,  Vicar  of  Great  Budworth, 
Eectorof  Lymme  and  of  Whitchurch,  co.  Salop.  He  ra.  Eliza- 
beth (in  direct  descent  from  Henet  VIL,  through  his  dau., 
Mary,  Queen  Dowager  of  France,  Duchess  of  Suffolk,  and 
her  posterity)  dau.  of  the  Hon.  Thomas  Egerton  of  Tatton 
Park  3rd  son  of  John,  2nd  Earl  of  Bridgewater,  by  his  wife, 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  William  Cavendish,  Duke  of  Newcastle,  and 
had  issue,  Egerton,  heir  to  his  uncle,  Austine;  John ;  Thomas,  ' 
iincestor  of  the  Leighs  of  Leatherlake  House,  Surrey; 
i'ETEE,  ancestor  of  Sir  Egerton  Leigh,  Bart.;  Jane;  Hester;  ] 
and  Mary,  m.  the  Rev.  Sir  John  Head,  Bart.,  Archdeacon  and 
Prebendary  of  Canterbury.  Peter  Leigh  tZ.  1719.  His  eldest 

The  Rev.  Egeeton  Leigh,  LL.D.  of  the  West  Hall,  Rector 
of  Lynime  and  Middle,  co.  Salop,  Canon  Residentiary  of  Here- 
ford, and  Master  of  the  Hospital  of  St.  Katherine  at  Ledbury, 
bnpt.  30  March,  1702;  ni.  1st,  Anne,  dau.  and  co-heiress  of 
Hamlet  Yates,  Esq.  of  Crowley,  and  had  issue,  i.  Peter,  his 
heir;  ii.  Thomas;  in.  Hamlet;  iv.  Egerton,  M. A.,  forty  years 
Rector  of  Lymme,  Canon  Residentiary  of  Lichfield,  and  Arch- 
deacon of  Salop,  m.  1st,  Letitia,  dau.  of  George  Legh,  Esq.  of 
East  Hall,  by  whom  he  had  no  issue;  and  2ndly,  Thcodosia, 
dau.  of  Ralph  Leycester,  Esq.  of  Toft,  and  d.  Sept.  1798,  aged 
05,  leaving  two  daus.,  Susanna,  ra.  Ralph  Leycester,  jun.,  Esq., 
M.P.,  and  Thcodosia;  i.  Mary;  ii.  Anne,  m.  1st,  the  Rev. 
Jlr.  Felton,  and  2ndly,  the  Rev.  Mr.  Cockayne;  and  in.  Eliza- 
beth. Dr.  Egerton  Leigh  »i.  2ndly,  Elizabeth  Drinkwater,  and 
had  by  her,  i.  John;  ii.  William;  iii.  Austine;  iv.  Samuel; 
V.  George,  d.  unni.  1816;  vi.  William;  i.  Hester,  and  ii. 
Jane.  He  ra.  Srdly,  Cassandra  Phelps,  and  had  issue,  Henry, 
Cassandra,  Ariana,  and  Catherine.  He  d.  at  Bath  17C0.  His 
son  and  successor. 

The  Rev.  Petek  Leigh,  LL.B.,  Rector  of  Lymme  and 
Middle,  ra.  Mary,  dau.  and  co-heiress  of  Henry  Doughty,  Esq. 
of  Broadwell,  co.  Gloucester.  He  d.  before  his  father,  1753, 
leaving  issue,  i.  Egerton,  his  heir;  ii.  Thomas  Hodges;  in. 
Peter  Neve ;  iv.  Timothy,  d.  uhm.  in  the  East  Indies,  1814; 

I.  Mary,  ra.  Robert  Lancaster,  Vicar  of  Arlsey,  co.  Bedford; 

II.  Anne,  ra.  John  Frodsham,  Capt.  R.X.;  and  iii.  EUzabeth, 
who'  d.  v.nm.    The  son  and  heir, 

Egerton  Leigh,  Esq.  of  the  West  Hall,  High  Leigh,  and  of 
Twemlow,  6.  25  Oct.  1752;  m.  21  Sept.  1778,  Elizabeth,  dau. 
and  co-heiress  of  Francis  Jodrell,  Esq.  of  Ycardsley  and 
Twemlow,  co.  Chester,  and  by  her  (who  rf.  12  Jlarch,  1307) 
had  issue,  i.  Egerton,  of  the  West  Hall,  High  Leigh,  his  heir; 
II.  Peter,  M.A.,  Rector  of  Lymme.  h.  20  Aug.  1782;  ra.  10  Nov. 
1812,  3Iary,  dau.  of  Thomas  Blackburne,  LL.D.,  Warden  of 
Manchester  College:  she  d.  19  July,  1G19,  aged  30;  and  Peter 
Leigh  ra.  2ndly,  18  March,  1828,  Jane,  dau.  of  Harriot  Steward, 
Esq.  of  Watford,  co.  Herts  (deceased);  iii.  Jodrell,  Vice- 
Admiral  R.N.,  of  Broadwell,  co.  Gloucester,  6.  15  Jan. 
1790,  d.  Oct.  1863;  i.  Mary  Anne,  m.  14  June,  1802, 
James  Abercromby,  Lord  Dunfermline ;  n.  Charlotte,  ra. 
Joseph  Jellicoe,  Esq.  of  Finchley,  Middlesex  (she  d.  at 
Rome,  1823) ;  iii.  Emma,  m.  1  May,  1811,  John  Smith,  Esq., 
M.P.  of  Dale  Park,  Sussex  (brother  of  Lord  Carrington), 
deceased;  iv.  Augusta,  ra.  1S2I,  Thomas  Duinbleton,  Epq.  of 
Hull  Grove,  Surrey  (deceased);  v.  Caroline,  deceased;  and 
VI.  Harriet,  d.  unra.  1809.  Mr.  Leigh  d.  22  June,  1833.  The 
eldest  son, 

Egerton  Leith,  Esq.  of  the  West  Hall,  High  Leigh,  and  of 
Jodrell  Hall,  J. P.,  D.L.,  High  SlierilT183G,  formerly  Capt.  Sid 
Dragoon  Guards ;  6.  23  Aug.  1779;  mi.  26  Dec.  1809,  Wilhcl- 

mina  Sarah,   dau.  of  the  late  George  Stratton,  Esq.  of  Te 
Park,  CO.  Oxford,  and  had  issue, 
Egerton,  of  West  Hall  and  Jodrell. 
Eleanor  Agnes,  d.  unra.  20  Nov.  1837. 
Anna  Elizabeth. 
Beatrice  Jidia,  ra.  1st,  1845,  the  Rev.  John  Oliver  Hopki 

of  Uffington,  CO.  Salop  ;  and  2ndly,  the  Rev.  L.  Burton. 
Caroline,  ra.  14  Sept.  1858,  the  E'jv.  Richard  Morris,  Vi 

of  Eatington,  co.  Warwick,  who  d.  1859. 
Augusta,  ra.  Charles  Gresley,  Esq.  of  the  Close,  Llchfieli 

and  has  issue. 

Mr.  E.  Leigh  d.  15  Oct.  1SC5.    The  eldest  son, 

Egerton  Leigh,  Esq.  of  the  West  Hall,  High  Leigh,  and  Jo( 
rell  Hall,  co.  Chester,  Broadwell  House,  co.  Gloucester,  an( 
Bulcote  Lodge,  co.  Notts,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  late  a  Capt.  2nd  Dri 
goon  Guards,  and  afterwards  Major  and  Brevet  Licut.-Col.  1st 
Cheshire  Militia,  High  Sheriff  1872,  M.P.  for  Mid-Cheshire  fium 
1873  to  1876  ;  ra.  20  Sept.  1842,  Lydia  Rachel,  dau.  and  <  o- 
heirof  John  Smith  Wright,  Esq.  of  Bulcote  Lodge,  Notts,  and^ 
had  is.sue, 

I.  Egerton,  now  of  West  Hall.  Jodrell,  and  Twemlow. 

II.  John  Jodrell,  b.  21  April,  1815;  d.  20  April,  18G0. 

III.  Edward  Egeeton,  now  of  Broadwell,  '/.  1  July,  1851 ;  i 
17  Sept.  1874,   Laura  Maude,  youngest  dau.    of  Sir  Hen 
Edwards,  Bart,  of  Pye  Nest,  Halifax,  and  has  issue,  Joh 
Egerton ;  Henry  Egerton. 

IV.  Neville  Egerton  (Rev.),  6.  2  Sept.  1852. 

V.  .\rthur  Egerton,  b.  6  Nov.  1863. 
I.  Eleanor    Sophia    Egerton,    ra.  5   Aug.  1869,  Sir  Robei 

Allied  CunhflV,  Bart,  of  Acton  Park,  Wrexham,  and  lu 

Mr.  Leigh  ci.  1  July,  1S76. 

Arms — Or,  a  lion  rampant  gu.     Crest — A  cubit  arm  vesle 
paly  of  five  pieces  or  and  sa.  cuffed  arg.  hand  ppr.  grasping 
the  upper  and  lower  fragments  of  a  broken  tilting  spear,  the 
point  upwards.     Motto — Force  avec  vertu. 

Seats— West  Hall,    High    Leigh,  near   Knutsford;    Jodrell 
Hall,  Holmes  Chapel,  Chester. 


WAiiD-BorGHTOx-LEiGH,  Edwaed  Alieslet 
BoronxoN,  Esq.  of  BrownsoTer  Hall,  co.  Warwick, 
and  Guilsborough  Hall,  co.  Xorthanipton,  J.P.  and 
D.L.,  High  Slieriff  1874,  b.  1822  ;  m.  19  Dec.  18G7, 
Ellen,  dau.  of  Hon.  Charles  L.  Butler,  brother  of 
the  13th  Lord  Dunboync,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Henbt  Alleslet,  b.  23  3Iay,  1877. 

I.  Ellen  Thcodosia.         ii.  Maude  Mary.  in.  Ada  Rose. 

IV.  Edith  Violet.  v.  Mabel  Constance. 

HinCatJC. — SccLeigh  o/  west  Hall,  Ilijh  Lei^h. 

John  Ward  Buoughton  Leigh,  Esq.  of  Brownsover  Hall, 
and  Guilsborough,  b.  1790  (4th  son  of  William  Zouch 
Lucas-Ward,  Esq.  of  Guilsborough  Park,  co.  Northampton), 
assumed,  by  sign-manual,  1831,  the  additional  surnames 
and  arms  of  Boughton  and  Leigh.  He  to.  1811,  Thcodosia 
de  Malsburgh,  only  dau.  and  heir  of  Sir  Egerton  Leigh, 
Bart.,  by  Thcodosia  his  wife,  dau.  of  Sir  Edward  I'.oughton, 
Bart.,  and  d.  18  June,  1808,  leaving  by  her  (who  d.  1870), 

I.  John,  1st  Dragoon  Guards,  d.  v.nm. 

II.  Edward  Allesley  Bouguto.v,  now  of  Erownsover  Hall. 

III.  Theodosius,  M..\.,  Vicar  of  Newbold-on-Avon,  ra.  Miss 
Cottrell,  and  has  issue. 

IV.  Egerton,     M.A.,    Rector     of   Harborough   Magna,    m, 
Andrews,  and  d.  8  Sept.  1870,  leaving  issue. 

I.  Thcodosia,  ra.  Thomas  Fanshawe  Parratt,  Esq.  of  Effing- 
ham House,  SuiTey. 

II.  Grace,   ra.  Capt.  Charles  Rowley,  R.X.,  eldest  son  of  Sir 
Charles  Rowley,  Bart. 

III.  Emma  Adeline  Leigh  Boughton,  m.  28  Sept.  1871,  Julius 
Levinson,  Esq.  of  Copenhagen. 

Arras — Quarterly,  Leigh,  Booghton,  and  Ward.  Crests— 
Leigh,  Boughton,  and  Ward. 

.SVf/fs— Brownsover  Hall,  near  Rugby;  Guilsborough  Hall, 


The  late  John  Geeaed  Leigh,  Esq.  of  Luton 
Hoo  Park,  co.  Bedford,  J.P.,  D.L.,  High  Shcrif 
CO.  Herts,  1871,  Lord  of  the  Manors  of  Luton, 
Hyde,  Lcegrare,  &c.,  b.  8  June,  1821;  m.  1872. 
Eleanor  Lucy,  dau.  of  Thomas  Hawkes,  Esq.  and 
widowof  Hon.  Humble  Dudley  Ward,  and  d.  1875. 

El'llCatJC— John  LeigHj  Esq.  of  Eandhills,  and  Upton 






Lancaster,  and  Granse  Hall,  co.  Chester,  m.  Elizabeth 
'a 111,  and  was  father  of 

ouN  SiiAW  Leicii,  Esq.  of  Luton  IIoo  Park,  J.P.,  Hish 
riff  1856,  6.  20  July,  1791  ;  m.  181S,  Hannah,  3rd  dau.  of 
uy  Blundell  Ilollinshead,  Esq.,  of  Deysbrook,  co.  Lan- 
tcr,  and  d.  15  June,  1871,  leaving  issue, 

John  Gerard,  late  ot  Luton  Hoo. 

Henry  Blundell  Leigh,  m.  1855,  Henrietta  Dorothy,  fifth 
dau.  of  Thomas  Hawkes,  Esq.,  and  d.  1876.        ni.  Thuuia.s. 
.  Jane,  m.  Capt.  Henry  Townshend,  3rd  son  of  Henry  Towns- 
hcnd,  Esq.  ot  Wincham  Hall,  Cheshire. 
[.  Elizabeth  Mary,  )».  Jonathan  Blundell  Hawkes,  Esq. 

.  Henrietta,  d.  21  March,  1859. 
.c'.t— Luton  Hoo  Park,  Luton;  the  Grange,  Liverpool. 

Thomas  Lord  Kingsdown  (who  had  a  life  interest 
in  them) . 

Arms — Gu.,  a  cross  engrailed  arg.  between  four  lozenges 
crm.,  for  distinction  a  canton  or.  Ci-fU—X  denii-Iion  gu. 
holding  between  the  paws  a  lozenge  arg.  charged  with  a  rose 
gu.  and  charged  on  the  shoulder  for  distinction  with  a  cross 
patee  or. 

Stats— Hindley  Hall,  Wigan  ;  Barham  Court,  Maidstone. 

Town  He^idenct, — 54,  Grosvenor  Street,  W. 


Leigh,  "Willia^i,  Esq.  of  Woodchester  Park,  co. 
oucester,  J.P.,  b.  23  Sept.  1829  ;  m.  25  June,  1859, 
yy  Victoria,  dau.  of  the  late  Thomas  Jarrett, 
q.of  Madras,  Barrister-at-Law,  and  by  her  (who 
G  Feb.  1871)  has  issue, 

.  Francis  William,  6.  4  July,  1860. 

I.  Henry  Vincent,  6.  1  March,  1867. 

II.  Arthur  Hubert,  6.  21  March,  1869;  d.  12  June,  18C9. 
V.  Bertrand  Charles,  b.  27  Jan.  1871. 

.  3Iary  Blanche.  ii.  Beatrice  Cecilia. 

JltlTCilgC.— The  ancestors  of  this  family  were  for  several 
iciations  seated  at  Ly  mm,  and  from  researches  made  in  1811,  j 
il'pcared  probable  that  they  had  originally  descended  from 
■  Leighs  of  West  Hall,  in  High  Leigh ;  but  as  entries  of 
liuiee  had  not  been  made  in  the  Heralds'  College,  it  was 
inn  impracticable  to  ascertain  with  precision  the  particular 
inch  of  the  Leighs  from  which  they  originally  sprang,  so  as 
'  ve  a  right  to  armorial  bearings.  The  Herald's  College 
re  made  6  March,  1811,  a  new  grant  of  armorial  bear- 

\'.  ii.LiAJi  Leigd,  Esq.  of  Liverpool,  and  of  PiOby  Hall,  co. 

ncaster.  Merchant,  son,  by  Katherine  his  wife,  of  William 

i^li,  Esq.  of  Lymm,  co.  Chester.    He  was  h.  16  Sept.   1754, 

.  J2  Feb.   179S,  Catherine,  dau.  and  heir    of  Kichard 

-on,  Esq.  of  Liverpool,  Merchant,  and  d.  in  Jan.  1815, 

:  -■  by  this  lady,  who  was  the  sole  representative  of  her 

,  and  through  her  mother,  Mary  Handley,  an  heiress, 

intative  also  of  Margaret,  one  of  the  co-heiresses  of  the 

.    of  Frodsham  of  Elton,   co.     Chester   (sec   Okmekod's 

'  re),  an  only  son, 

ViiLiAM  Leigh,   Esq.  of  Woodchester  Park,   D.L.  for  the 

t'  Lancaster  and  Stafford,  and  J. P.  for  the  latter,  h.  4  Nov. 

:   m.  15  April,   1828,  Caroline,  5th  dau.   of  the  late  Sir 

hn  Gears  Cotterell,  Bart,  of  Garnons,  co.  Hereford,  and  by 

r  (who  d.  15  Oct.  1878)  had  issue, 

I.  William,  now  of  Woodchester  Park. 

I.  Caroline  Blanche,  d.  v.nm.  1852. 

II.  Beatrice  Catherine,  d.  unvi.  1807. 

r.  Leigh,  who  had  the  Cross  of  the  Order  of  St.  Gregory  the 
oat,  d.  4  Jan.  1873. 

Ams — Gu.,   a   cross  engrailed  arg.  in  the  first  quarter  a 
'U  rampant  or,  and  in  the  second  a  lozenge  of  the  second. 
— A  lozenge  gu.  charged  with  a  unicorn's  head  cuuped 
-    armed  and  crined  or. 

i— Woodchester  Park,  Stonehouse. 


Leigh,  Oswald  Moslet,  Esq.  of  Behnont  Hall, 
and  Grappenhall  Lodge,  co.  Chester,  b.  1861. 

ILCnrittJC— This  family  claims  to  bo  a  branch  of  th& 
ancient  family  of  Leigh  of  High  Leigh. 

Joseph  Leigh,  Esq.  of  Belmont,  h.  25  Oct.  1703;  r,i.  21  Oct. 
1794,  Margaret  Sherlock,  and  had  issue, 

I.  James  Heath,  of  Belmont  and  Grappcnliall  Lodge,  J. P. 
and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1835,  m.  9  Oct.  1827,  Frances,  3rd 
dau.  of  Sir  Oswald  Mosley,  Bart,  of  RoUcston  Hall,  co- 
Stafford,  and  d.  5  Aug.  1818,  leaving  issue, 

1  Joseph,  late  of  Belmont. 

2  James  Mosley,  b.  16  March,  1832;  m.  23  June.  1855, 
Susan  Mary,  2nd  dau.  of  Capt.  Wynyard,  R.N.,  and  niece 
of  the  late  Edward  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Oldliekl  Hall,  co. 
Clieshire,  and  d.  s.  p.  14  Jan.  1858. 

3  Oswald  Peter,  of  Belmont  Hall,  6.  20  Sept.  1833;  late 
Lieut.  22nd  regt. ;  m.  1803,  F" ranees,  dau.  of  the  Rev. 
George  Ayton  Whitaker,  and  d.  1876,  having  had,  with 
other  issue,  a  son,  Oswald  Moslet,  now  of  Belmont  Hall. 

4  John,  b.  5  July,  1835.  5  Albeit,  6.  26  Aug.  1841. 
6  Henry  Alfred,  6.  14  March,  1846. 

1  Francis,  ra.  14  Jan.  1858,  the  Rev.  Francis  Edward  Bel- 
combe,  of  the  Brooms,  near  Stafford,  Incumbent  of 
Whitley.  2  Amy  Sophia. 

II.  John,  Rector  of  Eggington,  co.  Derby,  b.  8  Feb.  179a 
d.  23  Oct.  1856. 

Mr.  Leigh  d.  5  Aug.  1848,  and  was  s.  by  his  nephew, 

Joseph  Leigh,  Esq.  of  Belmont,  Capt.  Chester  Yeomanry 
Cavalry,  b.  7  May,  1830  ;  m.  6  Oct.  1852,  Fanny  Penelope, 
eldest  dau.  of  the  Rev.  James  Streynshain  Master,  Rector 
of  Chorley,  and  Canon  of  3Ianchester,  and  was  s.  by  his 
brother,  Oswald  Peter,  who  d.  1870,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 
now  of  Belmont  Hall. 

Arms — Gu.,  a  cross  engrailed  arg. ;  in  the  1st  quarter  a  lion 
rampant  or  ;  and  in  the  2nd  a  lozenge  of  the  second.  Crest — 
A  lozenge  ^u.  charged  with  a  unicorn's  head  coupcd  arg.- 
crined  or.    Motto — Leges  juraquc  servo. 

Heat — Belmont,  Northwich,  co.  Chester. 


Leigh,  Eogee,  Esq.  of  Hindley  Hall,  co.  Lan- 
i-ter,  and  Barham  Court,  Kent,  Lord  of  the  Manor 
r  Preston  in  the  first-named  co.,  J. P.  Kent  and 
■incashire,  b.  27  April,  1840 ;  m.  29  May,  1861, 
ilizabeth  Jane,  eldest  dau.  of  Thomas  Eden  Black- 
ell,  Esq.,  91st  Eoyal  Argyllshire  Highlanders,  and 
rand-dau.  of  the  late  Gen.  Blackwell,  C.B.,andhas 

I.  Jlargaret  Caroline.  ii.  Amabel  Frances  Louisa. 

III.  Mary  Etheldreda.  iv.  Emma  Lindsay. 

Ir.  Leigh  is  the  adopted  son  of  the  late  Sir  Eobert 
lolt  Leigh,  Bart,  of  Hindley  Hall  (who  d.  1843). 
Ic  was  educated  at  Ch.  Ch.  Oxford,  and  Trin.  Coll. 
'arabridge.  He  s.  to  the  estates  in  1867,  under  the 
vill  of  Sir  R.  Holt  Leigli,  Bart.,  at  the  dcalli  of 


Leigh,  Feancis  Acgustine,  Esq.  of  Eosegar- 
land,  CO.  Wexford,  J.P.,  High  Sheriff  1SG7,  formerly 
Lieut.  10th  Hussars,  b.  24  Nov.  1822 ;  m.  Augustine, 
dau.  of  Mons.  Charles  Perrier,  of  Metz,  in  the 
Province  of  Lorraine,  and  has  issue, 

1S53,  appointed  Lieutenant. 

I.  Francis  Robert,  b.  23  April, 
Wexford  Militia,  14Dec.  1872. 

II.  Edward,  b.  25  August,  1867. 

I.  Rose  Jane.  ii.  Frances. 

III.  J.\r.e. 

Mr.  Leigh  s.  his  grandfather  1839. 

itlltCHQC- — Francis  MacLaoighsigh,  MacLtsagh,  Mac- 
Lye,  or  Lte  petitioned  for  a  lease  of  the  dissolved  Monastery, 
town  and  lands  of  the  Holy  Cross  of  Killeigh,  near  GeashiH,. 
King's  Co.,  1551,  and  obtained  a  lease  of  them  next  year;  two 
months  after,  30  Nov.  1652,  he  obtained  a  grant  of  EnghsU 
liberty  to  enable  him  to  hold  the  lauds.  He  m.  the  dau.  of 
John  O'CarroU,  and  had  issue, 

I.  John,  his  successor. 

II.  Arthur,  living  in  1612,  and  mentioned  in  his  brother's, 
will  in  remainder  to  his  estates. 

III.  Francis,  in  the  army,  appointed  0  Sept.  1579. 

IV.  Henry,  living  in  1612. 

Francis  MacLaoighsigh  or  Lye  was  dead  in  1573,  and  his  lands' 
were  in  possession  of  his  eldest  son, 

John  SIacLaoighsigh,  Lte,  or  Ly,  wlio  having  a  perfect 
knowledge  of  the  English  language  as  well  as  the  Irish,  was 
appointed  Interpreter  to  the  State,  and  was  granted  for  his 
services  as  interpreter,  by  patent  dated  9  May,  1584,  26  Queen 
Elizabeth,  the  fee  of  the  monastery  of  Killeigh,  which  he 
then  held  under  the  lease  made  to  !us  father,  and  obtained  a 
grant  of  Rathbrido,  co.  Kildare,  dated  1  June,  1591.    lie  m. 





Amy,  clau.  of  George  FitzGerald,  Esq.  of  Ticroghan,  co.  jMeath, 
and  sister  of  Sir  Edward  FitzGerald,  Knt.  of  same  place,  and 
had  issue, 

I.  John,  his  heir.  n.  Andrew,  a  minor  in  1G12. 

I.  Katlierinc,  m.  James  FitzGerald,  Esq  of  O.stialdeston,  co. 
Kildare.        u.  Mabel.        iii.  Mary.       iv.  JIargaret. 

V.  Bridget.  vi.  Amy.  vii.  Ellen. 

John  MacLaoighsiffh,  or  Ly,  d.  7  May,  1712,  and  was  buried  at 
the  Cathedral  of  Kildare,  where  his  tombstone  still  remains.  He 
was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

John  Leigh,  Esq.  of  Rathbride,  who  with  his  mother  having 
alienated  some  of  his  fathers  lands,  got  a  pardon  for  alienation 
dated  14  Dec.  1613.  He  was  in  great  favour  with  Charles  I., 
and  was  a  faithful  subject  during  tire  Protectorate  of  Oliver 
Cromwell.  He  had  by  liis  wife,  whose  name  was  Dowdall, 
the  following  issue, 

I.  Francis,  his  heir. 

II.  Robert,  who  was  abroad  with  CnARLEs  II.  during  Crom- 
well's time,  and  after  the  Restoration,  as  a  reward  for  his 
faithful  and  loyal  services,  got  a  grant  of  the  manor  of  Rose- 
garland,  CO.  Wexford,  by  the  several  letters  patent  dated 
18  May,  1668,  and  9  Sept.  1669,  and  by  other  letters  patent 
the  manors  of  Colpe,  alias  Newbawn,  Longraige,  Garry 
Pikhard,  3,344  acres,  and  other  lands  in  the  cos.  Wexford  and 
Kildare.  He  ui.  Oct.  1673,  Margaret,  dau.  of  Sir  Cesar  Col- 
clough,  2nd  bart.  of  Tintern  Abbey,  co.  Wexford,  and 
sister  and  heiress  of  Sir  Cesar  Colclough,  3rd  and  last  bart., 
by  whom  (who  d.  1722)  he  had  no  issue.  On  his  marriage 
he  assumed  the  additional  name  aad  arms  of  Colclocgh. 
By  his  will,  dated  4  May,  1604,  and  proved  11  June,  1695,  he 
bi'queathed  his  estates  to  his  nephew,  as  below. 

I.  Mabel,  ni.  1675,  James Barne wall. 
John  Leigh  d.  abi-oad   and  intestate.     Administration  was 
granted,  5  May,  1660,  to  his  eldest  son, 

Francis  Lcigh,  Esq.  of  Rathbride,  who  was  appointed 
Eseheator-General  of  Leinster  by  letters  patent  dated  22  July, 
1653,  and  M.P.  for  the  borough  of  Kildare  1689.  Having  sup- 
ported James  II.,  he  was  attainted  of  high  trea-'on  in  1691, 
when  all  his  lands  were  forfeited.  He  ra.  Feb.  1662,  Judith, 
dau.  of  Henry  Spencer,  by  whom  he  had, 

I.  Robert,  who  was  executor  and  heir  of  his  uncle,  Robert 
Lcigh-Colclough,  d.  v.nin. ;  administration  granted  to  his 
brother  Francis,  7  Nov.  1724. 

II.  John,  of  Dubhn,  d.  unm. ;  administration  granted  to  his 
brother  Robert,  20  July,  1700. 

in.  Andrew,  of  Friar.stown,  co.  Kildare,  d.  unm. ;  adminis- 
tration granted  to  his  brother  Francis,  30  Nov.  1706. 

rv.  I'RANcis,  of  whom  presently. 

I.  Judith,  d.  unm.  1700. 
The  4th  son, 

Francis  Leigh,  Esq.  of  Rnthangan,  co.  Kildare,  «.  his 
brother  in  the  Wexford  estate,  and  became  of  Rosecarland. 
He  '//!.  1st,  Sept.  1699,  Alice,  widow  of  John  Rawlins,  Esq. 
of  Rathangan,  by  whom  (who  d.  1702)  he  had  no  issue  ;  he  m. 
2iidly,  Miss  Carew,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 

I.  John,  his  heir. 

u.  Robert,  a  Free  Burgess  of  New  Ross  1730,  d.  unm.  1734. 

ni.  Andrew,  a  Free  Burgess  of  New  Ross  1735,  d.  unm.  1745. 

n.  Cecilia,  vi.  1729,  Joseph,  1st  Earl  of  MiUtown,  and  d.  1737. 

n.  Judith,  d.  unm.  1788.  iii.  Mary. 

Mr.  Leigh  d.  1727,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

John  Leigh,  Esq.  of  Rosegarland,  M.P.  for  New  Ross  from 
1727  to  175S;  m.  July,  1727,  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Cliffe,  Esq. 
of  Mulrancan,  co.  Wexford,  by  whom  he  had 

Robert,  his  heir. 

Grace,  m.  20  Mav,  1758,   Anthony,  Sth  Earl  of  Meath,  and 
d.  20  Oct.  1812. 
Mr.   Leigh,  whose  w^ill,  dated  2  April,  1751,  was  proved  27 
Sept.  1753,  was  s.  by  his  only  son, 

Robert  Leigh,  Esq.  of  Rosegarland,  &.  1729,  M.P.  for  New 
Eoss  from  1753  to  1800,  D.L.  co.  Wexford,  and  appointed 
Lieut. -Col.  of  the  Wexford  Militia  1763;  m  Feb.  1750,  Arabella, 
d.iu.  of  Robert  Leslie.  Esq.  of  Glasslough,  co.  Monaghan,  by 
whom  he  had, 

I.  Francis,  his  heir. 

II.  Charles,  Major  in  the  army,  d.unm. 

III.  Joseph,  of  Tinnakilly,  co.  Wicklow,  Collector  of  the 
town  of  Wicklow  1799,  m.  Aug.  1797,  Mary,  dau.  of  Stephen 
RalcUffe,  Judge  of  the  Prerogative  Court,  and  had  issue, 
1  Stephen,  d.  v.nm.;  1  Ellen,  m.  10  Feb.  1836,  Charles 
Arthur  Walker,  of  Tykillen,  V.L.  co.  Wexford,  M.P. ;  2 
Arabella ;  3  Marj'  Anne. 

Arabella,  m.  June,  1782,  Ponsonby  Tottenham,  Esq.,  M.P. 
for  Fethard,  and  d.  2  Aug.  1806. 

Mr.  Leigh,  whose  will,  dated  10  April,  1802,  was  proved  10 
May,  1803,  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

FiiAScis  Leigh,  Esq.  of  Rosegarland,  6.  175.5,  Collector  of 
Wexford  1794,  Sovereign  of  New  Ross  1799.  llam.  Dec.  17SS, 
Grace,  dau.  of  Richard  Baldwin,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  had, 

I.  John  Robert,  m.  Feb.  1822,  Dorothea  Anne,  dau.  < 
Edward  FitzGerald,  Esq.  of  Carrigoran,  co.  Clare;  anu  . 
in  his  father's  lifetime,  7  July,  1827,  leaving  by  her  (wh 
'III.  2nd]y,  7  Sept.  1832,  Hervey  Francis  de  Montmorencj 
E.^q.  {see  Burke's  Pierage,  Viscount  Frank-fort), 

1  Francis  Adgostine,  now  of  Rosegarland. 

2  Charles  Edward,  b.  1823,  formerly  in  the  99th  foot ;  m 
18.33,  Elizabeth  Anne,  dau.  of  Parker,  Esq.,  of  Hauslop 
Park,  CO.  Bucks,  and  d.  s.p.  at  Paris  Nov.  1867. 

II.  Charles,  b.  1797,  d.  unm.  1821. 

III.  Francis,  of  Sion,  co.  Wexford,  6.  1808;  High  Sheriff  c 
Wexford  1837 ;  m.  June,  1830,  Mary  Martin,  dau.  of  Joh; 
Southcote  Mansergh,  Esq.  of  Grcuaue,  co.  Tipperary,  b; 
whom  he  has  issue, 

1  F'rancis  Charles,  formerly  Lieut.  Wexford  Militia,  i 

1831.  2  John  Robert.  3  Charles,  d.  unm.      i 

4  Leslie  Cecil  Hore.  ' 

1  Grace  Mary,  m.  George  King,  Major  53rd  regt. 

2  Mary  Arabella,   m.  July  1S54,   Percy  Lorenzo  Harvey 
Esq.  of  Lonsdale,  co.  Wexford. 

3  Elizabeth  Kate  Ellen,  d.  unm.        4  Dorothea  Olivia. 

I.  CecUia,  m.  Major-Gen.  Thomas  Hore,  and  d.  28  July 

II.  Grace,  6.  1791;  d.  1708.  in.  JIary,  d.  unm. 

Mr.  Leigh,  who  was  M.P.  for  Wexford  from  1793  to  1802,  d 
1839,  when  he  was  s.  by  his  grandson,  now  of  Rosegarland. 

Arms — Arg.,  two  bars  az.  abend  compony  counter-compon; 
gu.  and  or.  Crest — A  dexter  hand  lying  fcssways  couped  at  th 
wrist  holding  a  sword  erect  impaling  three  gory  heads  all  ppi 
Mutto — En  Dios  se  vince;  and  Conlan-a-bu. 

Seat — Rosegarland,  New  Ross,  co.  Wexford.  I 



Leighton,  Stanlet,  Esq.  of  Sweeney  Hall,  Salop 
and  the  Whiteliouse,  co.  Worcester,  M.A.,  Ballio 
Coll.  Oxford,  M.P.  for  North  Salop,  J.P.  cos.  Salo] 
and  Montgomery,  Capt.  loth  Salop  Rifle  Volunteers 
called  to  the  Bar,  1861,  Inner  Temple,  b.  13  Oct 
1837  ;  m.  27  Aug.  1873,  Jessie  Marie,  dau.  of  H.  B 
W.  Williams-Wynn,  Esq.  of  Nant-y-I\Ieiched,  co 
Montgomery,  and  Howbery  Park,  co.  Oxford,  an(  i 
lias  issue, 

Bertie  Edward  Pakkeb,  b.  26  Nov.  1875. 
Rachel  Francis  Marion. 

Mr.  Stanley  Leighton,  ■who  is  2nd  son  of  Si 
Baldwin  Leighton,  7th  bart.,  of  Loton  Pai'k,  an( 
Sweeney  Hail,  M.P.  by  Mary,  dau.  of  Tlioma 
Netherton  Parker,  Esq.  of  Sweeney  Hall,  and  even 
tual  heir  to  her  brother,  the  Rev.  John  Parkei 
became  possessed  of  the  Sweeney  estates  by  deed  o 
gift  from  his  father  in  1869. 

^LtUCiXfiC— For  Leighton,  see  Burke's  Fcerage  an 

^iimilff  0f  l^arlicr. 

Thomas  Parker,  Yeoman  of  Tewkesbury,  built  the  White 
house,  in  the  parish  of  Longdon,  co.  Worcester,  and  by  dee 
15S9  settled  his  estate  on  his  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Parker,  Gent.,  of  the  Whitehouse,  who  m.  io^ 
Thomasine,  sister  of  Philip  Monox,  Esq.  of  Porchester,  Kent 
and  dying  1605,  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Thomas  Parker,  Gent,  of  the  Whitehouse,  6.  1599,  d.  163( 
and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Thomas  Parker,  Gent,  of  the  Whitehouse,  m.  1649,  An 
Yonger,  of  Welch  Court,  Yatton,  co.  Hereford,  and  dyin 
in  1670,  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Thomas  Parker,  Gent,  of  the  Whitehouse,  h.  1650;  rn.  168-. 
Eleanor  Rogers  (through  whom  the  Parkers  became  possessc 
cf  an  estate  at  Compton,  co.  Gloucester),  and  d.  in  1700.  H  5.  by  his  son, 

Thomas  Parker,  Esq.  of  the  Whitehouse,  6.  1687;  m.  Mar 
Jeffes,  and  dying  in  175J,  left  issue, 

t    Thomas,  hi.s  heir.  it.  John,  heir  to  his  brother. 

I.  ?.Iary,  m.  J.  Smith,  Esq.,  Glover,  of  Worcester,  Capt.  i 
Worcestershire  Militia. 

II.  Eleanor,  m.  Samuel  West,  Esq.,  Haberdasher,  of  Worce! 
ter.  D.L.  for  co.  Worcester,  and  Sheriff  1777. 

III.  Elizabeth,  m.  Moses  Johnson. 

The  elder  son, 

Thomas  Parker,  Esq.  of  the  Whitehouse,  Attomey-at-Lav 
h.  1732,  was  a  benefactor  to  Longdon  Church,  where  there  : 
a  monument  to  his  memory.    He  d.  unm.  in  1794,  and  was 
by  his  brother. 





.■,iiN  PATiKrn,  Esq.  of  the  Whiteliousc,  who  succccilca  liis 

,ri-    b.  1734;    m.  Mury,   dau.    and    co-lioir    of   Chiirlcs 

n'  Ksq.  of  Cambenvell,  and  dying  in  1796,  was  his 


MAS  NETHEnTON  Pabkeu,  Esq.  of  the  Whitohonse,   h. 

,)i.  nye.  Sarah,  only  dau.  of  George  Browne,  Esq.  of 

I  ry,  and  sole  heir  of  her  uncle,  Edward  Browne,  Esq.  of 

M'y.'    Mr.  Parker  was  D.L.  for  the  cos.  of  Worcester  and 

.r.P.  for  Shropshire  and  the  horough  of  Oswestry,  Cupt. 

Worcestershire  Yeomanry,  Capt.  in  the  North  Shrop- 

N'oUmteers  in  180.5.     He  d.  1848,  having  had  issue, 

liiomas  Browne,,  J. P.  for  Shropshire,  Cornet  in  Shropshire 

Yiomanrv.  6.  17!(7  ;  d.  nam.  1833. 

lOBN  (iiev.),  who  it.  his  father,  of  Sweeney  Hall,  and  the 
hitehouse,  Vicar  of  Llanyblodwcll,  Ptural  Dean,  J. P.  for 
1  opshiro,  6.  1798;  d.  unia.  1860. 

>i  uiY,  who  5.  her  brother,  b.  1793  ;   to.  in  18^2,  Sir  BaUl- 
,1  Leighton,  Bart.,  and  d.  5  March,  18G4,  leaving,  with 
ler  issue  {see  liunRc's  Bai-onclar/e), 
.-  ;  anley-Leigiiton,  now  of  Sweeney  Hall. 
: .  Sarah  Elizabeth. 

(fiunilvr  of  aSal'icr  iiuir  ILVo'faitc. 

iiiitAS  BAKEn,  Gent,  of  Weston,  Lullingficlds,  co.  Salop, 

rised   the    estate  of   Sweeney  in    1G23,    from    Andrew 

I'.re,  Esq.,  of  Petton,  co.   Salop,  whose  father  had  pur- 

,1  it  from  Henry,  the  last  Earl  of  Arundel,  of  the  Eitz- 

iiimily,  1563.    He  d.  1639,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

'MAS  IlAKER,  Esq.  of  Swccney,  ?ii.  Elizabeth,  dan.  of  Col. 

;n  Fenwick  (her  sister  to.  Judge  Mackwortli).     He  built 

V  house  at  Sweeney.    In  the  civil  wars  he  adhered  to  the 

.mentary  side.     He  was  Sheriff  of  Shopshire  in  1049,  and 

1  grant  of   arms,  and  was  M.P.  for  same  co.   in   1653. 

-■  in  1675  s.  J),  he  devised  his  estates  to  his  cousin,  JIary, 

,  of  Thomas  Goiigh,  of  Bcsford,  and  wife  of  Thom  s  Brown, 

Little  Ness,  Salop,  who  thus  became  seated  at  Sweeney, 

I  was  s.  by  his  son, 

J  iioMAS  Browke,  Esq.  of  Sweeney,  who  was  pricked  for 
:  iff  in  1685,  but  succeeded  in  excusing  himself  from  the 
J.    He  m.  Christina  Browne  of  Essex,  and  was  s.  by  his 

!  HOMAS  Browne,  Esq.  of  Sweeney,  6.  1682;  vi.  1703,  Sarah, 
11.  of  Edward  Lloyd,  of  Leaton  Manor,  Salop,  lied.  1729, 
:!  left  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  of  Swccney. 

u.  Edward,  Mayor  of  Oswestry  1780;  c?.  s.  p.  1791. 

I Ider  son, 

,;oMAS  Browne,  Esq.  of  Sweeney,  b.  1706;  m.  17S0,  Hannah, 
of  Edward  Lloyd,  of  Crumpwell,  Salop   (through  whom 
■tateat  Trcginva  and  Pentracoed  eventually  came  to  the 
iiily),  and  d.  in  1761.     He  left  issue, 

'numias,  of  Sweeney,  &.  1731;  d.  s.  ',■>.  1768. 

ward,  of  Sweeney,  6.  1733;  m,.  Margaret  Howell,  of  Tre- 
ack;  d.  «.  ?).  1783. 

.i>rge,  TO.  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Bill,  of  Killshcw,  co.  Mont- 
,-  imery,  and  dying  in  1780,  left  an  only  child, 
Sarah,  who  eventually  became  heir  to  her  uncle,  Edward 
Browne,  and,  as  stated,  m.  T.  N.  Parker,  Esq. 
I'rancis,  h.  1738 ;  in.  Elizabeth  Lloyd,  of  Osbaston,  d.  s.  p. 
lah,   TO.   Kcv.  Owen  Owen,   of  Ty-gwyn,   co.  Merioneth, 
liector  of  Llangyniew,  d.  s.  p.  1816. 

.■ma — Leichton,  Quarterly,  per  f ess  indented  or  and  gu. ; 

:!CER,  sa.,  on  a  less  arg.  between  three  pheons  points  down- 
Is  or,  a  buck's  head  cabossed  of  the  field  between  two 
ts ;  Browne,  erm.,  on  a  fess  embattled  and  counter-em- 
ied  sa.  three  escallop  shells  arg.  CVt.ii.s— Leighton,  A 
rrn  expanded  sa ;  Parker,  A  buck's  head  cabossed  sa. ; 

'Wse,  A  crane's  htad  issuing  from  a  fess  embattled  sa. 
ot.'— Leiguton,  Dread  shame :  Paricer,  Ncc  liuctu  nee 
I  movetur. 

■  !(.<— Sweeney  Hall,  near  Oswestry ;  and  Whitehouse,  co. 



TjEII?,  Thomas  Macie,  Esq.  of  Jaggard's  House, 
ills,  and  of  Exeter  Coll.  Oxford,  h.  19  Nov.  1795  ; 
182:i,  Anne,  dau.  of  J.  CoUard,  Esq.  of  Swansea, 

:  1 1  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas  Main,  6.  1823;  to.  1847,  Maria  Louisa,  only  dau. 
of  Kear  Admiral  WilUam  Jones  Lye,  of  Bath. 
I  n.  Charles.  in.  Henry. 

'*  1.  Anne. 

II.  Jane. 

III.  Maria. 

IV.  Isabella. 

iiuragt. — This    is    the    Somersetshire    branch    of    the 
-voushire  family  of  Leir  or  Lear  of  Lyndridge  Hull,  Devon, 

which  settled  at  Ditcheat  and  Cliarlton  Musgrove,   in  the 
reign  of  James  I. 

Kev.  Thomas  Leir,  h.  1640  ;  to.  Mary,  dau.  of  Ealph  Freke, 
Esq.  of  Hannington  Hall,  Wilts,  by  Cecilia,  dau.  of  Sir 
Thomas  Colepepper,  Bart,  of  Hollingbournc,  and  left  issue, 

Thomas,  his  heir,  b.  1702. 

Mary,  to.  William  Norman,  Esq.,  Stoke  Lane,  Somer.set. 
Ann,    m.  T.  Chaffey  Cooper,    Esq.   of   Yalliampton  Honso. 
Jane,  to.  J.  By  thesea,  Esq.  of  Week  House  and  Chapmanslade, 
Wilts.  Elizabeth,  d.  s.  j). 

The  eldest  son, 

Bev.  Thomas  Leir,  b.  1702,  .■!.  his  father  in  the  estates  and 
Living  of  Ditcheat,  and  also  his  uncle  William  Leir,  of  Charl- 
ton-Musgrove,  1743 ;  to.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Paul  Methuen, 
of  Bradford,  Wilts,  and  had  issue. 

Kev.  Thomas  Leik,  s.  his  father  in  the  estates  and  Livings  of 
Ditcheat  and  Charlton-Musgrove  1781 ;  m.  1764,  dau.  of  John 
Shore,  Esq.  by  his  wife  Mary,  dau.  and  heiress  of  John 
Kington,  Esq.  of  Jaggard's  House,  Wilts,  and  had  issue, 

Thomas,  6.  1765,  of  Jaggard's  House,  Weston,  and  Whitby. 

John,  b.  1767,  d.  s.  p. 

William  (st'c  Marriott  nf  DitcJimi). 

Paul,  b.  1770,  of  Charlton-Musgrove,  to.  Fanny,  relict  of 
\Villiam  Morton  Plcdell,  of  VVhatcombe  House,  Dorset. 

Cliarles,  b.  1779,  d.  s.  p. 

llichard,  b.  1780,  of  FiingwcU  House,  Somerset. 

Tlie  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Leir,  Esq.  of  Weston,  J. P.,  b.  17  Oct.  176.5;  to. 
Jane,  dau.  of  the  Kev.  John  Jekyll,  D.D.,  Vicar  of  Ever- 
creech,  Precentor  of  St.  David's  Cathedral,  and  left  issue, 
Thomas  Macie,  his  heir;  John  Macie  ;  Jane  Elizabeth  ;  Mary, 
TO.  the  Kev.  Edward  Wilkius  ;  Anne;  and  Helen.  Mr.  Leir 
d.  9  May,  1836. 

Arms — Az.,  a  fess  raguly  between  three  unicorns'  heads 
erased  or.  Crest — A  demi-unicorn  rampant  having  between 
his  legs  a  staff  raguly. 

.Si('(.s— Jaggard's  House,  Chippenham;  and  Unhill,  near 


Leir,  Eev.  William  Maeeiott,  M.A.,  of  Dit- 
cheat, Soinerset,  b.  1805  ;  m.  1840,  Mary  Ann,  only 
dau.  of  Edward  Langford,  Esq.  of  Truugie  Park, 
Cornwall,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Richard  Langford,  Capt.  31st  regt.,  J. P.,  b.  1841. 

II.  Charles  Edward  (Kev.),  M.A.,  6.  1842. 

III.  William  Metheun,  Capt.  late  82nd  regt.,  J. P.  for  Somer- 
set, of  Combehead,  Devon. 

I.  Constance  Mary,  m.  8  Jan.  1873,  Robert  Lecky  Watson, 
Esq.  of  Kilconner  House,  Bagnalstown,  co.  Carlow. 

iLinCitflr.— Kev.  AVilliam  Leir,  M.A.,  J.P.  (3rd  son  of 
Kev.  Thomas  Leir,  of  Charlton-Musgrove  {see  preceding 
Memoir),  b.  1768,  s.  his  father  at  Ditcheat  in  1812;  m.  4  April, 
1804,  Harriott,  dau.  of  Kandolph  Blarriott,  Esq.  of  Leases 
Hall,  eo.  York,  1804,  and  has  issue, 
William  Marriott,  now  of  Ditcheat. 

Charles  Marriott,  B.A.,  Hector  of  Charlton  Musgrove, 
AVincanton,  b.  2  April,  1812;  to.  6  May,  1852,  Frances  Anne, 
dau.  of  William  Eardley  liichardcs,  Esq.,  K.A.,  of  Brynei- 
thin,  CO.  Cardigan,  J. P.,  and  by  her  (who  d.  12  Jan.  1864) 
had  issue, 

1  Charles  Paul,  6.  21  Feb.  1853  ;  d.  22  Sept.  1877. 

2  Edward  Methuen,  b.  24  July,  1854. 

3  Frank  William,  b.  30  May,  1S58. 

4  Lewis  Kandolph  Marriott,  b.  11  Aug.  1S60. 

1  Marianne  Frances,  b.  26  Aug.  1855. 

2  Emma  Charlotte,  b.  7  Oct.  1856. 

j_i-ms — Az.,  a  fess  raguly  between  three  unicorns'  heads 
erased  or.  Crest — A  demi-imicorn  rampant  having  between 
his  legs  a  staff  raguly. 

(Scttt — Ditcheat,  Castle  Cary,  Somerset. 


Leith,  Alexander,  Esq.  of  Frecfield  and  Glen- 
kindie,  co.  Aberdeen,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  M.A.  Trin. 
Coll.  Cambridge,  Member  of  the  Royal  Archers, 
Queen's  Body  Gruard  for  Scotland,  formerly  an 
Advocate  at  the  Scottish  Ear,  b.  19  Dec.  1817  ;  m. 
Aug.  1813,  Mary  Anna,  only  dau.  of  Gen.  Sir  Alex- 
ander Halkett,  K.H.  (of  the  family  of  Pitlirrane,  co. 
Fife) ,  and  has  an  only  dau.  and  heiress, 






iltllCagC— The  LEiTns,  of  Freefield  and  Glenkindie,  are 
descended  from  a  common  ancestor  with  the  Leiths  of  Leith 
Hall,  from  whom  they  branched  off  ahout  16S8.  They  also 
represent  the  ancient  House  of  the  Steachass  of  Glentoidte. 
They  have  been  a  hardy  and  long-lived  race,  the  last  four 
heads  of  the  family  having  lived  to  the  ages  respecUvely  of 
90,  86,  81,  and  85. 

Alexander  Leith,  Esq.,  2nd  son  of  James  Leith,  Esq.  of 
Leith  Hall,  acquired  from  George  Leith,  of  Tre&eld,  with 
consent  of  his  son,  Peter,  the  lands  of  Trefield.  Bonnytoun, 
&c.,  by  a  disposition,  dated  26  Jan.  1702;  and  having  also 
made  several  purchases,  got  a  charter  under  the  Great  Seal  of 
the  lands  of  Treefield,  New  Rain,  Barreldykes,  .fee,  all  erected 
into  one  free  barony,  to  be  called  the  Barony  of  Freefield  in 
all  time  coming,  aad  tliis  has  continued  to  be  the  chief  title 
of  the  family  ever  since.  This  charter  is  dated  26  Jan.  1705. 
He  711.  Christian,  dau.  of  Alexander  Davidson,  of  Xewton,  by 
whom  he  had  four  sons,  1  Alesasdeb,  his  heir ;  2  Walter ; 
3  Patrick;  4  George.  He  afterwards  acquired  from  his  cousin- 
german.  Sir  Patrick  Strachan,  the  lands  and  barony  of  Glen- 
kindie,  anno  1738,  of  which  he  put  his  son  in  possession  iri  his 
own  lifetime,  and  the  son  was  long  designated  by  that  title. 
Tliis  Alexander  lived  to  the  age  of  90,  and  dying  amio  175-1, 
was  «.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Alexander  Leith,  1st  of  Glenkindie,  and  subsequently  of 
Freefield,  who  was  served  and  retoured  heir  to  his  father  by 
a  precept  from  Chancery,  dated  26  April,  1756.  He  m.  Jean, 
eldest  dau.  of  Alexander  Garden,  Esq.  of  Troup,  Advocate, 
by  Jean  his  wife,  dau.  of  Sir  Francis  Grant,  of  Cullen,  one  of 
the  Senators  of  the  Court  of  Justice,  by  whom  he  had  two 
sons  and  four  daus., 

Alexander.  Garden. 

Jean,  m.  George  Buchan  Hepburn,  Esq.  of  Smeaton, 
Advocate.  Christian.  Bethia.  Agnes. 

The  eldest  son, 

Alexander  Leith,  Esq.  of  Freefield  and  Glenkindie,  m.  1774, 
jiary  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  James  Gordon,  of  Cobairdie,  by 
3Iary  his  wife,  dau.  of  the  15th  Lord  Forbes,  and  had  seven 
Fons  and  six  daus.,  of  whom  one,  Elizabeth  Ann,  was  wife  of 
Peter  Gordon,  of  Abergeldie.  Mr.  Leith  d.  1828,  and  was  s. 
by  his  son, 

Gen.  Sir  Alexan-der  Leith,  K.C.B.,  of  Freefield  and  Glen- 
kindie, Col.  31st  regt.,  a  distinguished  Peninsular  officer,  who 
served  in  Holland,  Egypt,  West  Indies,  Peninsula,  and  South 
of  France,  and  received  a  cross  and  one  clasp  for  his  services 
in  command  of  the  31st  foot  at  Vittoria,  the  Pyrenees,  Xivelle, 
Xive,  and  Orthes.  He  ra.  1st,  Maria,  eldest  dau.  of  Robert 
Disney  Thorpe,  Esq.,  M.D.,  of  Headingley,  near  Leeds,  one  of 
the  co-heirs  of  the  Baron j  of  Brave,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

Alexan-der,  now  of  Freefield  and  Glenkindie. 
Kohert  William  Disney,  Lieut.-Gen.,  C.B.,  ™.  14  June,  1865, 
Mary  Charlotte  Julia,  only  dau.  of  Sir  Henry  Percy  Gordon, 
and  Lady  Mary  his  wife,  dau.  of  the  Earl  of  Ashburnham, 
and  has  issue,  Alexander  Henry,  6.  1866;  Robert  Disney, 
6.1873;  MaryLevina;  Maria  Alice;  Edith;  and  Elizabeth 
James,  V.C,  Major  Scots  Greys,  ra.  a  dau.  and  co-heiress  of 
Thomas  Shaw,  Esq.,   and   d.   1869,   leaving    three   daus., 
Isabella  Mary ;  Maria  Caroline ;  and  Elizabeth  Ann. 
Thomas,  Major  14th  Bombay  Xative  Infantry,  late  A.D.C. 
to  Sir  Bartle  Frere,  Governor  of  Bombay,  7/i.  Mary,  dau.  of 
Hon.  Col.  Dalzell,  C.B.,  and  has  issue,  Alexander;  Robert; 
and  Evelyn. 
Ann  Katherine,  ra.  Alex.  Innes,  Esq.  of  Raemoir  and  Cowie, 

CO.  Kincardine. 
Mary  Sarah,  jii.  Robert  F.  0.  Farquharson,  Esq.  of  Houghton 
and  Balding,  co.  Aberdeen,  and  has  sis  daus. 
Sir  Alexander  Leith  m.  2ndly,  March,  1841,  Mary  (the  present 
Lady  Leith,  of  West  Hall,  Oyne,  co.  Aberdeen),  dau.  of  the 
late  Roderick  Mackenzie,  Esq.  of  Glack,  by  Christina  Niven 
his  2nd  wife,  sister  of  Sir  Harry  Xiven,  Bart.    He  d.  1859. 

Arms — Or,  a  cross-crosslet  fitchee  sa.  between  three  crescents 
in  chief  and  as  many  fusils  in  base  gu.  a  border  az.,  quartering 
az.  a  hart  tripping  or,  attired  and  unguled  gu.  Crests — A  cross  • 
crosslet  fitchee  sa.,  and  a  stag  at  gaze  ppr.  Mottoes — Trusty  to 
the  end;  and  Non  timeo  sed  caveo. 

Sfc'/s— Freefield,  Old  Rayne,  by  Insch;  Glenkindie,  Invcr- 
kindie,  Inverness. 


See  Foebes-Leith. 

Williara  Charles  Hainilton,  Esq.  of  CraighlaTv,  cc 
"VYigton  ;  served  in  the  93rd  Highlanders  with  dis 
tinctiou  through  the  Canadian  rebelhon  of  1857-.JC 
the  Crimean  AV'ar,  and  the  Indian  Mutiny ;  is  ; 
Emght  of  tlie  Legion  of  Honoui',  and  of  the  OrJe 
of  the  Mejidie. 

JLtllCttgC— The  surname  of  Leith  is  of  great  antiquit;  j 
in  Scotland,  and  those  who  bore  it  held,  in  a  remote  era,  vas   I 
possessions,  including  the  barony  of  Restalrig,  and  others  i; 
the  shire  of  Mid-Lothian  and  territory  of  Leith,  whence,  ir  i 
presumed,  the  name  was  assumed.    The  immediate  anct  '_ 
of  the  family  before  us, 

William  Leith,   of  Barnis,  living  in  the  time  of  Davii 
Bruce,  and  said  to  have  been  the  male  representative  of  th-   , 
Leiths  of  Edingarrock,  was  Provost  of  Aberdeen  in  1350,  an 
proprietor  of  the  lands  of  Caprington,  in  co.  Aberdeen.    11. 
m.  a  dau.  of  Donald,  12th  Earl  of  Marr,  and  had  two  s  Jiis 
Laurence,  his  heir;  and  John,  Ambassador  to  the  Coui  t  o    i 
England  in  1412.    WiUiam  Leith  d.  sometime  in  the  reign  o'  j 
Robert  II.,  and  was  s.  by  his  elder  son, 

Laurence  Leith,  of  Barnis,  co.  Aberdeen,  Provost  of  Aber- 
deen 1401,  1403,  and  1411,  from  whom  descended  i 

James  Leith,  of  New  Leslie,  m.  Margaret,  dau.  of  Alexandei  \ 
Strachan,   of  Glenkindy,  and   had    issue,    John,    his    heir: 
Alexander,  ancestor  of  the  Leiths  of  Glenkindy  and  Fre/JiM: 
AVilUam,  d.  s.  p. ;  Margaret,  m.   Gordon  of  Beldomie ;  anJ 
Jean,  ra.  John  Grant,  of  Tomavillion.    The  eldest  son, 

John  Leitu,  Esq.  of  Leith  Hall,  m.  Janet  Ogilvie,  dan.  oi 
George,  2nd  Lord  Banff,  by  Agnes  Falconer  his  wife,  dau.  ci 
Alexander,  1st  Lord  Haikerton,  and  had  issue,  John,  his  suc- 
cessor; Patrick;  George,  of  Blackall;   Laurence;  Anthony; 
and    Elizabeth,    rn.    Richard    Gordon,    Esq.    of    Craigmile.  i 
Mr.  Leith,  acquiring  the  whole  estate  of  Leslie,  intheGarrock,  I 
regained  possession  of  the  lands  of  Edingarrock,  his  ancient   i 
patrimonial  inheritance.    He  d.  1727,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest 

John  Leith,  Esq.  of  Leith  Hall,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Charles 
Hay,  Esq.  of  Rannes;  and  dying  1736,  left  (with  a  dau., 
Janet,  rn.  James  Gordon,  of  Ardmillie)  a  son  and  heir, 

John  Leith,  of  Leith  Hall,  who  augmented  his  estate  by 
the  lands  of  Lair  and  Adlair.  He  m.  Harriot,  dau.  uuJ 
heiress  of  Alexander  Steuart,  of  Auchluncart,  and  had  issue, 

heirs  in  succession. 

liEITH    OF    LEITH    HALL. 
Leith-Hay,  Col.  Alexaxdee  Sebastian,  CB., 
of  Leith  Hall,  co.  Aberdeen,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  b.  1819 ; 
s.  1862 ;   m.  1860,  Cliristina  Grace  Agnes,  dau.  of 

John,  ■) 

Alexander,   J 

James  (Sir),  a  Lieut.-Gen.  in  the  army,  G.C.B.,  IC.T.S., 
Grand  Cordon  of  the  Order  of  Merit  of  France,  Governor  oi 
Barbados,  and  Commander  of  the  Forces  in  the  WindMurc 
and  Leeward  Islands.    Sir  James  Leith  d.  16  Oct.  1816. 

John  Leith  d.  1763,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

John  Leith,  Esq.  of  Leith  Hall,  at  whose  decease,  without 
issue,  1778,  the  estates  devolved  on  his  brother, 

Alexander  Leitu,  who  having  s.  Andrew  Hay,  of  Rannes. 
was  the  late  Gen.  Alexander  Leith-Hat,  of  Rannes  and 
Leith  Hall.  This  gentleman,  who  was  b.  1758,  rn.  1784,  Mary, 
dau.  of  Charles  Forbes,  Esq.  of  Ballogie,  and  by  her  (who  d. 
1824)  had  issue, 

Andrew,  his  heir. 

John  James,  Rear-.\dmiral  R.N..  m.  the  dau.  of  Alexander 

Forbes,   Esq.  of  Blackford,  and  d.  Oct.  1854,  leaving  two 

sons  and  two  daus. 

Harriet  Christian,  rn.  Sir  H.  N.  Lumsden,  Bart.,  and  d.  1820. 
Mary,  'rn.  Major  Mitchell,  of  Ashgrove,  and  is  deceased. 
Elizabeth,  rn.  Alexander  Forbes,  Esq.  of  Blackford,  and  is 

deceased.  Margaret,  d.  unm. 

Gen.  Hay  d.  16  May,  1838,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son. 

Sir  Andrew  Leith-Hat,  Knt.  of  Rannes  and  Leith  Hall. 
b.  17  Feb.  17s5,  K.H.,  Knight  Commander  of  Charles  III.o, 
Spain,  and  member  of  the  Legion  of  Honour,  J. P.,  D.L.. 
Lieut. -Col  in  the  army,  M.P.  for  the  Elgin  district  of  burghs 
1833-33  and  1S41-47,  Clerk  of  Ordnance  1834-38,  Governor  oi 
Bermuda  1838-41,  served  throughout  the  Peninsular  War,  oi 
which  he  has  written  a  history;  knighted  1S34;  rn.  Isl6, 
Mary  Margaret,  dau.  of  William  Clark,  Esq.  of  Bui.klaD( 
House,  Devon,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1659)  had  issue, 

Alexander  Sebastian,  now  of  Leith  Hall,  and  head  of  tll£  J 
family  of  Leith.  I 

William,  b.   31  July,  1819;  rn.  4  Oct.  1844,  Emma,  eldest  ■ 
dau.  of  J.  P.  Swete,  Esq.  of  Oxton,  Devon;  and  d.  28  Oct 
1861,  leaving  issue. 

James,  b.  26  Xov.  1820 ;  m.  Maria,  dau.  of  Col.  Grey,  am 
has  two  sons  and  five  daus. 

Korman,  b.  19  Aug.  1829;  lost  on  the  cost  of  Australia,  1857 

Charles,  b.  18  Oct.  1831. 

Caroline  EHzabeth. 

Sir  Andrew  Leith-Hay  d.  13  Oct.  I8C2. 





jf  ,.»i,,_Qnarterly,  1st  and  4th,  or,  a  cross-crosslet  fitcliec  sa. 
ptween  three  crescents  in  chief  and  as  many  fusils  in  base 
irways  gu. ;  2nd  and  3rd,  quarterly,  1st  and  4th,  arg.,  three 
lescutcheons  gu.,  2nd  and  3rd,  gu.,  throe  cinqucfoils  arg. 
rests— A  cross-erosslet  fitchce  sa.,  for  Leith  ;  A  goat  arg.,  for 
[at.  Supporters— Two  naked  men  wreathed  about  the  loins, 
leh  holding  in  his  exterior  hand  a  club.  Mottoes — Trustie  to 
16  end ;  and  Sparc  nought. 
^'^(ij_Leitii  Hall,  near  Kinnethmont,  co.  Aberdeen. 


Lelt,  "William  Geixfield,  Esq.  of  Framingliam 
lall,  Norfolk,  and  Cawthorpe,  co.  Lincoln,  J. P. 
or  Norfolk,  b.  1S3S  ;  to.  18G7,  Annette  Jane,  dau. 
f  Edward  T.  Massy,  Esq.  of  Cottesmore,  co. 
'embrokc,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Frederick  Massy  Grinfield,  6.  1868  ;  d.  1871. 

II.  HCGH  MOUNTENET,  b.  1869. 

III.  George  Peel,  b.  1870.         iv.  Edward  Barham,  6.  1872. 
Y.  Arthur  Vaughan,  6.  1874. 

VI.  Conrad  William,  6.  1875. 

I.  Helen  Mary,  6. 1870. 

tfr.  Lely  is  6th  in  descent  from  Sir  Peter  Lely, 
^om-t  Painter  to  Chaeles  II.,  who  d.  1680,  seised 
if  the  Manors  of  Greetwell  and  Cherry  Willingham, 

0.  Lincoln,  in  which  co.  his  descendants  have  since 

ILinC<ltj;t.— Sir  Peter  Lely,  of  the  Piazza,  Covent  Garden, 
,ondon,  of  Kew  Green,  Surrey,  and  of  Greetwell,  co.  Lincoln, 
he  Court  Painter,   b.  1617;  knighted  by  King  Charles  II. ; 

1.  1680.  His  will,  dated  4  Feb.  1679,  and  proved  28  Jan. 
680,  mentions  his  son  and  heir,  John  Lely,  his  dau.,  Anne, 
ind  his  sister,  Catharine  Maria,  widow  of  Conradt  Week, 
Jurgomasterof  Grol,  inGuelderland.    Sir  Peter's  son,  the  said 

John  Lely,  Esq.  of  Kew  Green,  and  Greetwell,  co.  Lincoln, 
n.  Anne,  dau.  of  Fiichard  Mounteney,  Esq.  of  Kew,  and  d. 
728,  leaving  two  sons,  Eichard,  of  Greetwell  Hall,  co.  Lincoln 
described  in  his  epitaph,  in  Greetwell  Church,  as  "Petri 
:.cly.  Car.  II.  Pictoris,  Nepos  Natu-maximus  "),  who  d.  1736, 
vithout  surviving  issue;  and 

Peter  Lely,  Esq.  of  Lincoln,  6.  1693;  m.  Frances  Maple- 
oft ;  and  d.  1761,  having  had  twenty  children,  of  whom 
hree  only  left  descendants, 

I.  David,  of  Grantham,  6.  1743  ;  m.  Elizabeth  Todd,  and  had 

1  Peter,  6.  1774 ;  d.  umn.  1832. 

2  Frederic,  b.  1782;  d.  s.  p.  1843. 

1  Lydia  Ann,  in.  her  cousin,  William  Ostler,  Esq.  as  here- 

II.  Styles,  left  issue. 

I.  Bridget,  of  whom  we  treat. 

fhe  daughter, 

Bridget  Lely,  6.  1727;  m.  William  Ostler,  Esq.  of  Barton, 
;o.  Lincoln,  and  had  one  son, 

William  Ostler,  Esq.  of  Grantham,  co.  Lincoln,  6.  1770: 
m.  his  cousin-german,  Lydia  Ann,  dau.  and  eventual  heiress 
of  David  Lely,  Esq.  of  Grantham  ;  and  d.  1853,  leaving  by 
this  lady  (who  survived  till  1869)  two  sons,  William  Ostleb, 
Esq.  of  Arnold  Field,  co.  Lincoln,  b.  1800  {see  Ostler),  and 

John  Lely  Ostler,  Esq.  of  Cawthorpe,  co.  Lincoln,  b.  1810; 
m.  Laura,  dau.  of  the  Eev.  Edward  W.  GrinSeld  ;  and  d.  1859, 
leaving  if  sue, 
William  Gbinfield  Lely,   now  of  Framingham  Hall  and 

John  Mountney  Lely,  Barrister-at-Law,  6.  1839;  m.  Mary 
Laetitia,  dau.  of  Major  Carr,  and  has  issue  a  dau.,  Con- 
stance Lcetitia. 

Laura  Lely,  m.  the  Kev.  W.  H.  Pengelley,  of  Great  Gonerby, 
CO.  Lincoln. 

Arriis — Arg.,  a  fess  between  three  roses  gu.  Crest — A  Cor- 
nucopia ppr. 

S«((— Framingham  Hall,  near  Norwich ;  and  Cawthorpe,  co. 

ILltTC(l(jr. — The  Rev.  Nattnton  Thomas  Orgill,  of 
Brampton  Hall,  b.  11  Dec.  1759  (son  of  William  Orgill,  Esq. 
of  Bcccles,  and  Sdsan  Leman  his  wife,  3rd  dau.  and  co-heir 
of  William  Leman,  Esq.,  by  Sarah  his  wife,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Leman,  Esq.  of  Brampton  Hall,  grandson  of  Thomas  Leman, 
Esq.  of  Brampton,  nephew  of  Sir  John  Leman  (see  Burke's 
Extinct  Baronetage),  assumed  the  surname  of  liis  maternal 
ancestors  in  addition  to  his  patronymic,  1807,  on  succeeding 
to  a  property  left  by  Mrs.  Mary  Leman.  of  Bury  St.  Edmunds. 
He  m.  3  Dec.  1783,  Henrietta  Jane,  4th  diiu.  of  Sir  William 
Anderson,  Bart,  of  Lee,  co.  Lincoln,  and  d.  IS37,  having  had 
issue  by  her  (who  d.  March,  1843), 

George,  of   Brampton  Hall  (Rev.)  M.A.,  Incumbent  and 
Patron  of  Stoven,  b.  4  June,  1789;  d.  s.  p. 

Leman  Orgill,  d.  an  infant. 

Kaunton,  b.  1792;  d.  v.nta.  1818. 

Robert,  late  of  Brampton  Hall. 

Charles,  b.  1801 ;  d.  utiia.  1845. 

William,  b.  1802;  d.  u,im.  1848. 

Thomas  (Rev.),  M.A.,  Rector  of  Brampton,  b.  1804;  m.  1838 
Emily,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Joseph  Guerin ;  and  d.  1873. 

Elizabeth  Mary,  d.  umm.  1842. 

Susan  Leman,  d.  unm.  1850.  Harriet,  d.  unm.  1834. 

Maria,  d.  1796.  Charlotte  Catherine,  d.  1796. 

Frances,  m.  1820,  Molyneux  Shuldham,  Esq.,  Comm.  R.N. 
who  d.  23  Feb.  1866. 

Anne,  m.  1822,  Thomas  Gee,  Esq. 

Charlotte,  m.  1821,  George  Barlee,  Esq. 
The  4th  son, 

Robert  Orgill  Leman,  Esq.  of  Brampton  Hall,  Suffolk, 
B.A.  Trin.  Coll.  Oxford,  b.  1799;  m.  25  March,  1823,  Isabella 
Camilla,  dan.  of  Sir  William  Jervis  Twysdeu  Bart.,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  7  March,  1850)  had  issue, 

I.  Naunton  Eobert-Twysden,  now  of  Brampton  Hall. 

II.  John,  d.  aged  21. 

I.  Frances  Henrietta  Flora  Eliza. 
Re  TO.  2ndly,  29  March,  1859,   Ellen  Maria,  4th  dau.  of  the 
Rev.  J.  A.  Ross,  Vicar  of  Westwell,  Kent,  and  by  her  had, 

A  son,  b.  1862,  and  three  daus. 
He  d.  24  Feb.  1869. 

Arms — Az.,  a  fess  between  three  dolphins  naiant  arg. 
Crest — Arg.,  on  a  lemon-tree  a  pelican  iu  her  piety  ppr. 
Motto — Volens  semperque  juvaro  paratus. 

/Scat— Brampton  Hall,  Wangford,  Suffolk. 


Leman,  Naunton  Eobeet  Twysden,  Esq.  of 
Brampton  Hall,  Suffolk,  b.  1825 ;  s.  his  father  24 
Feb.  1869 ;  to.  11  Aug.  1869,  Eosa  Elizabeth,  5th 
dau.  of  the  late  Rev.  J.  A.  Ross,  Vicar  of  Westwell, 
Kent,  and  has  issue, 

Eobbet  Nacntos,  b.  2  Oct.  1870. 

Lempeiere,  The  Rev.  William,  M.  A.,  of  Eozel 
Manor,  Jersey,  Seigneur  of  Rozel  and  Dielament,  in 
that  Island,  b.  3  June,  1818;    to.  15  May,  1850, 
Julia  Anne,  dau.  of  Thomas  Moore  Wayne,  Esq., 
of  Manor  House,   St.  Wambro',  Hants,  and  has 
I.  Reginald  Eaool,  M.A.Oxford,  Barrister-atLaw,  6.  8  Dec. 

I.  Mabel. 

II.  Eleanor  Irene,  m.  20  June,  1878,  R.  L.  Hesketh,  Esq. 

III.  Agnes  Emilie. 

IV.  Helen  Maud. 

iLtliratJC. — Mr.  Bertrand  Payne,  in  his  Armorial  of 
JtrscT/,  devotes  considerable  space  to  the  history  of  the  ancient 
and  eminent  Jersey  family  of  Lempbiere,  and  states  that  it 
"possessed  in  the  Duchy  of  Norraanby  the  extensive  seig- 
neuries  and  lands  of  Lempriere,  Pontrilly,  Gourbesville,  Eau- 
ville,  Quierqueville,  la  Carpenterie,  Croville,  Belle-Fontaine, 
Cauquigny,  S.  Eefaire,  Bois  Gingant,  Durrelle,  Courseville, 
Duiteville,  la  Grandifere,  and  others."  In  Jersey,  besides 
other  estates  which  Raoul  Lempriere  and  his  brother-in-law 
Guille  Payn  purchased  of  the  De  Barentinc  family,  v.arious 
branches  of  the  name  have  held  the  fiefs  of  Godcaux,  Herupe, 
Ecoucqueville,  Bouteville,  Buisson,  Surville,  Hougelte,  Lem- 
priere, Covey,  Maufant,  Chesnel,  des  PrSs  in  St.  John's  parish. 
Petit  Rozel  in  St.  Saviour's  parish,  with  Morville  Eobilliard 
and  de  Lecq  in  St.  Ouen's 

John  Lempriere,  Seigneur  of  Rozel,  in  Jersey,  receiver  of 
the  King's  revenues  in  that  island,  a.d.  1430,  and  bailly 
thereof  1434;  m.  and  had  three  sons,  i.  Renaud,  Seigneur 
of  Rozel,  killed  at  the  siege  of  Mont  Orgueil  Castle  1467 ;  ii. 
George,  of  whose  line  we  treat ;  iii.  Raulin,  Seigneur  of  St. 
John,  La  Hague  Boete.    The  2nd  son, 

George  Lempriere,  Seigneur  of  Diaament,  Jersey,  Jurat 
of  the  Royal  Court,  m.  Thomassc,  sister  and  heir  of  William 
De  St.  Martin,  Seigneur  of  St.  Trinity,  and  was  father  of 

3  Q 





Drottet  Lemprteee,  Seic:neur  of  Trinity,  Jurat  of  the  Eoyal 
Court,  m.  Mabel,  dau.  of  Philip  De  Canaret,  Seigneur  of  St. 
Ouen,  and  left,  with  two  daus.,  Mary,  wife  of  James  Le  Gros, 
and  Mabel,  wife  of  Edward  Payn,  of  St.  Ouen,  two  sons, 
I.  John,  Seigneur  of  Trinity,  ancestor  of  the  Lempkieres  of 
Trinity;  ii.  Thomas,  of  whom  we  treat.    The  2nd  son, 

Thomas  Lejiprieke,  Seigneur  of  Dielament,  Jurat  of  the 
Eoyal  Court  for  50  years ;  he  m.  a  dau.  of  —  De  la  Rocque, 
and  was  father  of 

Michael  Lemprieee,  Seigneur  of  Dielament,  Attorney-Gen. 
of  Jersey  1570,  m.  Mabel,  dau.  of  Richard  Dumaresq,  Seigneur 
of  Vinoheles  de  Bas,  and  relict  of  John  Messervy,  and  had, 
with  two  daus.,  Sarah,  wife  of  Martin  Romeril,  Constable  of 
St.  Trinity,  and  Esther,  wife  of  Francis  Amy,  two  sons,  i. 
Hugh,  of  whom  presently ;  ii.  Thomas,  Jurat  of  Uoyal  Court, 
Seigneur  of  Les  Augres.    The  elder  son, 

Hugh  Lemprieee,  Seigneur  of  Dielament,  Advocate  Eoyal 
Court  1575,  Solicitor-General  1G90,  Jurat  1592,  Lieut. -Bailly 
1601,  and  Judge  Delegate  of  Jersey  1614  and  1621,  Capt.  of  the 
Trainbands  of  St.  Trinity.  He  m.  twice;  by  his  first  wife, 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Edward  Dumaresq,  he  had  issue.  The  2nd 

Michael  Lempetere,  Seigneur  of  Maufant,  the  famous  Eailly 
of  Jersey  under  Charles  I.,  and  under  Cromwell,  styled  by 
the  local  historians  "  The  Hampden  of  Jersey."  Of  this  dis- 
tinguished man  Mr.  Bertrand  Payne  gives  an  interesting  and 
flattering  character.  He  m.  Sarah,  dau.  of  Frances  de  Car- 
teret, of  La  Hague,  and  had,  with  a  younger  son,  Philip,  who 
d.  s.  p.,  and  two  daus.,  an  elder  son,  Michael  Lempriere, 
of  Dielament,  Jurat  Royal  Court,  Col.  East  regt.  R.J.M., 
TO.  Frances,  dau.  of  Francis  de  Carteret,  of  La  Hague,  and  had, 
with  a  dau.  Mary,  wife  of  John  Le  Hardy,  Constable  of  Grou- 
Tille,  an  only  son, 

Michel  Lempriere,  Seigneur  of  Dielament  and  Saval,  Jurat 
Eoyal  Court,  Col.  East  regt.  R.J. 51. ;  m.  Jane,  dau.  of  James 
Corbet,  and  had  issue.    The  elder  son, 

Charles  Lempriere,  Seigneur  of  Dielament,  Solicitor-Gen. 
1741;  Jurat  Royal  Court,  1750';  Lieut.-Bailly  of  Jersey,  1755; 
Judge  Delegate,  1763  and  1756;  Col.  N.  regt.  R.J.M. ;  m. 
1733,  Ehzabeth,  dau.  and  heir  of  James  Corbet,  Seigneur  of 
Eozcl,  and  co-representative  of  De  Carteret  of  St  Ouen,  in 
right  of  her  grandmother,  Anne,  dau.  of  Francis  de  Carteret, 
and  who  upon  the  death  of  Robert  Earl  Granville,  s.  p. 
became  entitled  to  one  quarter  of  the  St.  Ouen  estates,  and 
had  issue, 

Charles,  ITnivorsity  of  Oxford,  Commissary-Gen.  of  Jersey 
and  Guernsey,  Capt.  R.J.M. ,  d.  vMm. 

William  Charles,  of  whom  presently.  ' 

Thomas  {see  Lempriere  of  PeUiam).  Philip. 

The  2nd  son, 

William  Chaeles  Lemprieee,  Seigneur  of  Dielament,  Advo- 
cate and  Jurat  Royal  Court,  and  Col.  N.  regt.  R.J.M.,  Com- 
missary-Gen. of  Jersey  and  Guernsey;  m.  4  April,  1782,  EUza- 
heth,  dau.  of  Matthew  Gosset,  and  d.  in  the  lifetime  of  his 
father,  1  May,  1790,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Philip  Eaoul  Lempriere,  Esq.  Seigneur  of  Eozel,  Jurat 
Eoyal  Court,  ;>.  27  Aug.  1785;  »i.  29  Oct.  1811,  Elizabeth, 
dau.  of  John  Poingdcstre,  Esq.  of  Jersey,  and  by  her  (who 
d.  1861)  left  at  his  decease,  4  Nov.  1869, 

1  William,  now  of  Rozel. 

2  Charles,  Major  H.M.  53rd  regt.,  d.  v.nm.  4  Jan.  1855. 

8  Henry,  late  E.A.,  b.  10  Sept.  1820 ;  m.  Imogene,  dau. 
of  Osborne  Tylden,  Esq.  of  Torry  Hill,  Kent. 

1  Helen,  m.  Rev  Augustus  Brine. 

2  Maria,  m.  May,  1864,  Charles  Winston,  Esq.,  of  Temple. 

II.  William,  Capt.  E.II.A.,  of  Ewell,  Surrey,  d.  1858,  leaving 

Arms — Gu.,  three  eagles   displayed  or.    Crest — An   eagle 
rising  ppr.    Motto — Timor  Dei  nobilitas. 
/Seai— Eozel  Manor,  St.  Helier's. 

two  years  Private  Secretary  and  Aide-de-Camp   to   S' 
George  Fergusson  Bowen,   Governor  of  Queensland,  ai 
afterwards  of  New  Zealand,  h.  17  Dec.  1835;  d.  13  No 
I.  Ellen.  11.  Harriet. 

Admiral  Lempriere  d.  16  Jan.  1864.   Mrs.  Lemprici 
is  now  in  possession  of  Pelham  for  life. 

3LlUCit(JE. — Thomas  Lempriere,  Seigneur  of  Chesnel,  Cor 
missary-General  of  Jersey  and  Guernsey  in  succession  to  h 
brother.  Advocate  Eoyal  Court,  Col.  N.  regt.  E.  J.M.,  wound* 
in  the  battle  of  Jersey,  1781  {see  precediiKj  Memoir);  in.  178. 
Ehzabeth  Charity,  dau.  and  heir  of  the  Eev.  Samuel  Beuz 
ville,  heir  of  Admiral  G.  Oury,  and  had  issue, 

George  Oury,  late  of  Pelham 

Charles,  served  in  the  Peninsula,  and  is  deceased. 

Thomas,  Lieut.  E.E.,  d.  at  Ahcant. 

Samuel,  E.N.,  deceased. 

Elizabeth  Sophia,  deceased.  Maria  Julia,  deceased. 

Anne  Oury,  deceased.  Caroline  Charity. 

Amelia,  m.  Charles  Pipon,  Esq. ;  deceased. 

Marianne,  m.  the  Hon.  Algernon  Herbert,  son  of  the  Earl  i 

Jane,  to.  Major  Lewis,  E.A. ;  deceased. 
Thomas  Lempriere  d.  30  June,  1823. 

Arms — Gu.,  three  eagles   displayed   or.    Crest — An   eagl 
rising  ppr.    Motto — Timor  Dei  nobilitas. 

Seat — Pelham,  Newton  Valence,  Hants. 


The  late  G-eohge  Oukt  Lempeieee,  Esq.  of 
Pelham,  Hants,  J.P.,  Admiral  E.N.  (with  a  medal 
for  Copenhagen  and  Guadaloupe),  h.  11  March, 
1787 ;  m.  8  Aug.  1833,  Frances,  dau.  of  William 
Dumaresq,  Esq.  of  Pelham  (of  a  Norman  family 
■who  settled  in  Jersey  in  the  early  part  of  the  13th 
century) ,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Audlcy,  Capt.  77th  regt.,  h.  18  July,  1834,  killed  before 
Sebastopol  19  April,  1855;  Alma  and  Inliormann  medal. 

II.  Algernon    Thomas,    M.A.,    Banister-at-Law,    J. P.    for 
Hants,  Capt.  of  Hampshire   Militia,  and  for  upwards  of 


IjENDefm,  James,  Esq.  of  Magheracross,  eo.  Pel 
managh,  J. P.  and  D.L.  for  cos.  Fermanagh  an 
Tvrone,  High  Sheriff  co.  Fermanagh  1835,  and  cci 
Tyrone  1837,  B.A.  Cantab.  1830  (Trin.  Coll.),  h.  if 
Jan.  1806;  m.  2  Nov.  181.3,  Anue,  eldest  dau.  c 
Samuel  Vesey,  Esq.  of  Derrabard,  and  has  issue, 

I.  George  Cosbt,  &.  2  April,  1846,  D.L.,  m.  10  Dec.  18781 
Antoinette  Frances,  dau.  of  A.  T.  Butler,  Esq.,  E.M.I 
late  Capt.  7th  Dragoon  Guards. 

II.  James  Vesey  (twin  with  George),  J. P.  and  D.L.  c(  5 
Fermanagh,  and  High  Sheriff  1875,  J. P.  co.  Tyrone. 

III.  William  Trevor,  h.  4  July,  1854. 

IV.  Samuel  Edward  Latham,  6.  10  Sept.  1855. 
I.  Eosabelle  Frances.  ii.  Mary  Jane  Waller. 
III.  Elizabeth  Alice. 

JttllCagC.  —  George  Lendeum,  Esq.  of  Moorfield,  cc 
Tyrone  (son  and  heir  of  James  Lendrcm,  Esq.  of  Corlea,  cc 
Tyrone),  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Story,  Esq.  of  Corick,  nea 
Clogher,  co.  Tyrone,  elder  brother  of  Joseph  Story,  D.D.,  Eislio, 
of  Kilraore,  and  had  issue,  James,  his  heir;  Thomas,  (Rev) 
Joseph  (Eev.)  a  Prebendary  of  Ferns;  John,  aMajorE.I.C.S. 
Mary,  to.  John Eichards,  Esq.of  co.  Wexford;  Anne,  d.  xiiim.. 
and  Ecbecca,  m.  the  Eev.  Dr.  Nevin,  Eector  of  Derryvolan 
CO.  Fermanagh.    The  eldest  son  and  heir, 

James  Lendrdm,  Esq.,  fixed  his  residence  at  Magheracross 
CO.  Fermanagh,  and  changed  its  name  to  "Jamestown."  Hi 
TO.  1st,  Nov.  1770,  Ann,  dau.  of  William  Young,  Esq.  of  Cool 
keiragh  House,  co.  Derry,  by  Letitia  Hamilton  his  wife ;  anc 
2ndly,  July  1812,  Margaret  Young,  of  Loughesk,  co.  Donegal 
By  the  former  lady  Mr.  Lendrum  had  (with  a  dau.,  Leiitia 
who  d.  unm.)  an  only  son, 

George  Lendeum,  Esq.  of  Jamestown,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  Higl 
Sheriff  co.  Fermanagh  1806,  and  Tyrone  1819,  6. 24  Aug.  1776 
TO.  28  April,  1805,  Mary  Jane,  3rd  dau.  of  Henry  Coddington 
Esq.  of  Oldbridge,  co.  Meath,  and  had  issue, 

James,  his  successor. 

Elizabeth,  m.  Aug.  1831,  the  Eev.  Cosby  Stopford  Mangan 
Incumbent  of  Derrynoose,  co.  Armagh. 

Mr.  Lendrum  d.  22  Oct.  1855. 

Arms—Gvi.,  three  garbs  or,  on  a  chief  arg.,  as  many  wool 
packs  sa.  Crest — On  a  mount  vert  a  dove  holding  an  olive; 
branch  in  its  beak  all  ppr.    Motto — La  paix.  j 

&a(— Magheracross  (the  ancient  name  restored),  Enniskilleifi 

CO.  Fermanagh.  \ 

♦ " 



See  Eyan. 
♦     — 




Lennaed,  John  Faenaby,  Esq.   of  Wickliamj 
Covu't,  Kent,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  Chairman  of  Quartei 
Sessions,   Lieut.-Col.    Commandant    Kent    Militia 





.rtillery,  late  Capt.  R.A.,  h.  27  Sept.  1816;  m. 
st,  19  Aug.  1817,  Laura,  youngest  clau.  of  Edward 
rolding,  Esq.  of  Maiden  Erlegh,  Berks,  which  lady 
.  1850;  and  2ridly,  2  Feb.  1S52,  Julia  Maria 
'ranees,  only  surriviug  child  of  the  late  Henry 
lallam,  Esq.,  F.E.S.,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Henry  Arthur  Hallam  Farnabt,  b.  7  Nov.  1859. 

I.  Penelope  Anne  Laura,  m.  William  Packe,  Esq. 

II.  Laura,  m.  William  Iloare,  Esq. 

HI.  Julia  Maria.  iv.  Eleanor  Louisa  Hallam. 

!ol.  Lennard  assumed  his  present  surname  under 
lie  will  of  the  late  Sir  Charles  Farnaby,  Bart. 

iLtltrnCIf . — Sm  Ch.ikles  Francis  Faknaby,  Bart,  of  Kip- 
iogton,  d.  s.  J).  29  Aug.  1859,  having  devised  WicUham  Court 
1  his  nephew,  the  present  Col.  John  Farnaby  Lennard,  who  is 
dest  sou  of  Lieut. -Gen.  Sir  William  Cator,  K.C.B.  (who  d. 
>66),  by  Penelope  Mary  his  wife,  only  dau.  of  Sir  John  Farnaby, 
,h  bart.,  by  Mary  his  wife,  only  dau.  and  heiress  of  Samuel 
ennard,  Esq.  of  Wickham  Court.  Col.  Lennard  has  had  ono 
rother,  William  Albemarle  Bertie  Cator,  who  is  ra.  and  has  a 
>n,  Francis ;  and  three  sisters,  Maria  Diana  Cator ;  Blarga- 
;tta  Eliza,  m.  W.  Courtenay  Morland,  Esq.  of  the  Court 
odge,  Lambcrhurst;  and  Frances  Jane,  m.  Bertie  Eobtrts, 

Seat — Wickham  Court,  Beckenham,  Kent. 


Lentaigne,  John  Francis  O'Neill,  Esq.,  C.B., 
f  Tallaght,  co.  Dublin,  J.P.  cos.  Dubhn  and 
[onaghan,  and  High  Sheriff  of  the  latter  co.  1844, 
:nt.  of  the  Order  of  Pius  IX.,  B.A.,  m.  13  Sept. 
341,  Mary,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Francis  Magan, 
Isq.,  J. P.,  of  Emoe,  Westmeath,  and  has  sm-viving 

I.  Joseph  HnssEY  Nugent,   B.A.  Trin.  Coll.,  Barrister-at- 
Law,  J.P.  CO.  Dublin,  b.  30  May,  1847. 

II.  Victor  Walter  (Rev.),  6.  27  Oct.  1848. 

ni.  John  Vincent  O'Neill,  Trin  Coll.  Dublin,  6. 19  July,  1855. 

rv.  Henry  .fflngus  Westenra,  Trin  Coll.  Dubhn,  b.  19  Aug. 

1857.  V.  Benjamin  Plunket,  b.  28  March,  18G5. 

I.  Mary  Theresa,  a  Sister  of  Charity. 
n.  Margaret  Mary,  a  Nun. 

Ir.  Lentaigne  held  office  as  Inspector-General  of 
risons  in  Ireland  from  1854  to  1877,  and  on  the 
)rmation  of  the  General  Prison  Board  for  Ireland, 
as  appointed  Hon.  Member  of  the  Board.  He  is 
Iso  Commissioner  of  National  Education,  and 
aspector  of  Eeformatory  and  Industrial  Schools  in 
reland.  President  of  the  Statistical  Society,  and 
jfesident  of  the  Royal  Zoological  Society.  For  his 
,ng  and  eminent  public  services  he  received  the 
I  signia  of  a  Companion  of  the  Bath  in  1873.  He 
intested  the  representation  of  co. Dublin  1852. 

iLtltWtJ^. — This  family  is  of  ancient  descent  in  Normandy. 
tCHEL  Lentaigne,  who  d.  1695,  left  (by  Magdalene  Brenct, 
.  9  wife)  two  sons,  Uichard  and  Michel ;  the  younger  was 
eur  des  Moulins,  and  the  elder,  Eichard  Lentaigne,  was 
eur  de  la  Croix;  he  m.  Jeanne  (who  d.  1741),  dau.  of  Pierre 
aye,  Sieur  de  la  Lorifere,  and  d.  1720,  having  had  issue, 
■  I.  Gabriel,  a  Capucin. 

II.  Pierre,  b.  1687,  d.  1732;  appointed  1730,  "  Adjudicatairc 
de  la  charge  de  Conseiller  du  Koi,  Keceveur  des  Tallies  de 

'•  Selection"  at  Mortaine— an  office  iield  by  his  son  andgrand- 
1  son  up  to  the  time  of  the  French  Eevolution  in  1789  ;— 
he  m.  1710,  Marie  le  Boy,  who  d.  1768,  and  had  (with  a 
dau.  Jeanne,  m.  1734,  M.  Ouzouf  de  Beaument)  two  sons, 
Francois  Jean  and  Eichard  Sieur  de  la  Lande,  who  m.  Mdlle. 
Marie  de  Bois  Adam ;  their  posterity  is  settled  at  Av- 
ranches.    The  elder  son,  Frangois  Jeanne  Lentaigne,   6. 

1711,  TO.  1734,  Gillette  Eenee  Genevieve  Joseph  Marthe,  b. 

1712,  d.  1795,  dau.  of  Guy  de  Fleury,  "  ecuyer,  Conseiller 
Secretaire  du  Eoi,"  by  his  wife,  Eenee  Frangoise  Douard 

I  de  Fleurance  ct  de  Logiviire,  and  thus  acquired  the  fief  of 
Logiviere.  with  all  its  rights  and  privileges  confirmed  by 
Louis  XVI.    By  this  marriage  Frangois  Jean  was  father  of 

i  (besides  a  son,  Marie  Jean  Baptiste  Lentaigne  de  Montaudin, 

'  b.  1740,  officer  au  7  regt.  Garde  du  Eoi,  m.  1786,  Victoire 
Harrington  de  Saint  Suliac,  and  a  dau.,  Marie  Guyonne,  j/i. 

I  1769,  Louis  Jean  Le  Clcrc  de  Sautrey,  Chevalier  de  St. 

Louis  Garde  du  Eoi)  an  eldest  son,  Pierre  Jean  Fbancois 
Lentaigne,  Seigneur  do  Longiviire,  b.  1738,  Conseiller  du 
Eoi,  hi.  1762,  Marie  .\nne  Angelique  Iherese,  dau.  of  Pierre 
Joseph  Lehot  Dufcrage,  by  Therese  Guerin  Du  Mesnil  his 
wife,  and  had  issue  (with  four  daus.,  Marie,  d.  n.nm. ;  Marie 
Franeoise,  m.  M.  de  Moisson  de  Prccorbin ;  Eenee  Perrino, 
m.  1798,  M.  Le  Feron  de  Longcamp,  and  had,  with  other 
issue,  Francois  Adrian,  Chevalier  de  la  Legion  d'Honneur, 
Con.seiller  a  la  Cour  Imperialc,  b.  1801,  la.  1836,  Elise  Hue 
de  Prebois,  whose  only  son,  Eobert  Albert,  m.  1864,  Louise, 
dau.  of  Henri,  3rd  son  of  Marquis  de  Viennay,  of  Grand- 
Noc  Maine ;  and  Genevieve  Augustine,  m.  M.  Le  Vannier 
des  Vauviers)  two  sons,  of  whom  the  elder  was  Jacques 
Guy  Lentaigne  de  Logiviere,  Chevalier  of  the  Legion  of 
Honour,  b.  28  Feb.  1769,  Mayor  of  Caen  from  1806  to  1816, 
to  whose  energy  the  city  of  Caen  owes  the  foundation  of  its 
museum  and  public  library ;  he  m.  Marie  Elizabeth  Felicite 
du  Bouisson,  and  d.  1839,  having  had  (with  a  dau.  Marie 
Melanie,  m.  1st,  le  Jolis  de  Villiers,  Conseiller  a  la  Cour 
Eoyale  de  Caen,  ChevaUer  de  la  Legion  d'Honneur,  and 
2naiy,  in  1850,  Charles  Doynel,  Marquis  de  Montecot, 
Chevalier  de  Malte  Garde  du  Corps  du  Eoi  Louis  XVIll., 
Gentilhomme  de  la  Chambre  du  Eoi  Charles  X.)  a  son, 
Frangois  Cyrille  Lentaigne  de  Logiviere,  m.  1827,  Mdlle. 
Felicite  Desiree  de  Chaumontel,  and  was  father  of  the  pre- 
sent Gustave  Jacques  Makie  Lentaigne,  Count  de  Logi- 
viere, 6.  1828,  m.  1853,  Marie  Caroline,  dau.  of  Amedee 
Felix,  Count  de  Chaumontel,  Chevalier  of  St.  Louis  and  of 
the  Legion  of  Honour,  and  officior  de  la  Garde  du  Eoi 
Charles  X.,  6.  1802,  d.  1869,  and  has  issue  Guy  Marie 
Adrien,  b.  1861,  and  Bernard  Amedee,  b.  1866,  and  two 
daus.,  Marie  Marguerite  and  Marie  Felicite  Gabrielle. 

III.  Eobert,  b.  1689,  d.  1724;  his  only  dau.  Jeanne,  d.  unm. 

IV.  Jean  Eichard,  b.  1697,  d.  1773,  m.  Anne  Magdeleine  dau. 
of  Jacques  Lehot  Duferage,  and  had  issue  (with  two  daus., 
one  ill.  mi,  M.  Augustin  de  Marescot  de  Villeuil,  and  the 
other,  M.  de  Queens),  Antoine  Charles,  rn.  1774,  Marie 
Therese  Foucques,  de  Marencour;  and  the  Eev.  Jacques 
Lentaigne,  D.D.,  Cure  de  St.  Sauveur,  and  Eector  of  the 
University  of  Caen,  who  d.  in  Dublin,  25  Jan.  1802. 

V.  Jean  Fkanqois,  of  whom  hereafter. 

I.  Ambroise,  ?a.  1723,  Eaulin  le  Montier,  Sieur  de  la  Bectiere 

The  5th  son, 

Jean  FsANgois  Lentaigne,  Capitaine  de  la  Compagnie  de 
St.  Etienne  de  Caen,  b.  June,  1699;  d.  17S0;  r,i.  27  March, 
1724,  Marie  Anne  Lehot  Duferage.    Their  eldest  son, 

Pierre  Franqois  Lentaigne,  "  Lieut,  de  Dragons,"  et  Juge 
Consul,  b.  24  Feb.  1725;  d.  14  May,  1802;  r,i.  1766,  Anne 
Marguerite,  6.  1740,  dau.  of  Guillaume  Frangois  Paisant 
Duclos,  son  of  Jean  Paisant  Duclos,  by  Eachel  his  wiie, 
(m.  1701,  d.  1710),  dau.  of  Elie  de  Cussy,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Jean  Francois,  b.  11  Sept.  1768,  guillotined  :793. 

II.  Joseph,  b.  8  Jan.  1770,  guillotined  1793. 

HI.  Benjamin,  6.  14  Feb.  1773,  of  whom  we  treat. 

IV.  Simeon,  b.  1775;  m.   1807,  Eose,  dau.  of  Jean  Edouard 

Blachcr,  by  Marie  Anne  Mitchelle  Delaunay  his  wife,  and  d. 

1845,  leaving  two  sons, 

Abel  Edouard  Marie,  b.  11   Oct.   1808,   Chevalier  de  la 

Legion  d'Honneur,  Juge  au  Tribunal  Civil  de  Caen,  et 

Conseiller  a  la  Cour  Imperialc,  d.  1877,  leaving  one  son, 

Edward  Juge  a  la  Cour  Civile  de  Falaise. 

Ismael  Jean  Zacharie  Simeon,  6.  2  April,  1820,  d.  1874, 

leaving  two  daus.,  Marie,  m.  30  April,  1877,  M.  Edouard 

Valbrey,  and  Louise,  r,i.  27  Oct.  1878,  M.  Lucien  Noel. 

I.  Jeanne,  to.  1791,  Nicholas  Hervicu  Duclos,  and  left  issue, 

Victor,  d.  in  Dublin  in  1831 ;  Charles;  Benjamin;  NathaUe 

Lucile,  TO.  1816,  Pierre  Alexandre  Lecesne,  and  has  issue, 

Jules,  who  represented  Havre  for  many  years  in  the  Chamber 

of  Deputies,  and  d.  1878;  Charles;  Victor  Louis;  Louise 

Alexandrine,  m.  Sept.  1837,  Adolphe  Frederick  Le  Page, 

Chevalier    de    la    Legion    d'Honneur,    Colonel    Directeur 

d'Artillerie  au  HavTC ;  and  Nathahe  Agathe,  ',n.  1858,  Alfred 

Eene  Buot  de  Lex)ine,  "  Capitaine  au  Long  Cours." 

The  3rd  son, 

Benjamin  Lentaigne,  and  his  two  brothers,  were  at  the 
period  of  the  French  Eevolution,  firm  adherents  of  the  ill-fated 
Loois  XVI.  The  younger  of  these  two  brothers,  Joseph  Len- 
taigne, then  but  23  years  of  age,  an  oificer  in  the  Gardes  du 
Corps,  took  a  distinguished  part  in  the  events  of  1789,  and, 
with  his  elder  brother,  Jean  Frangois  Lentaigne,  was  guillo- 
tined 25  Messidor,  an  2.  The  third  brother,  Benjamin,  escaped 
to  Flanders,  where  he  entered  I'armee  de  la  noblesse  Frangaise. 
He  emigrated,  1792,  in  the  suite  of  the  French  Princes,  to 
England,  and,  not  wishing  to  be  a  burden  on  them,  studied 
medicine  and  entered  the  British  service  as  as.sist.-surg.  5th 
Dragoon  Guards.  He  retired,  1799,  from  the  army,  and  settled 
as  a  physician  in  the  city  of  Dublin,  where  he  was  granted  by 
Trin.  Coll.  the  honorary  degree  of  M.D.,  and  was  elected  a 
member  of  the  Eoyal  College  of  rtiysicians.  He  acquired 
very  considerable  practice,  and  purchased  landed  property  in 
CO.  Monaghan.  Dr.  Lentaigne  to.  24  July,  1799,  Maria 
Therese,  dau.  and  eventually  heiress  of  John  O'Neill,  Esq., 

3  Q  2 





Catholic  Delegate,  1792*  (of  the  O'Xeills  of  Lower  Clanaboy, 
son  of  Patrick  Francis  O'Neill,  Esq.  by  Catherine  his  wife,  dau. 
of  Hugh  Macguire,  Esq.  of  Churchtown,  of  the  line  of  Tempo. 
By  her  (who  d.  24  May,  1820)  Dr.  Lentaigne  had  three  sons  and 
one  dau., 

I.  John,  now  of  Tallaght,  b.  21  June,  180.3. 

II.  Joseph  (Very  Kev.),  M.A.  Trin.  Coll.  Dublin,  and  Uni- 
versity of  Melbouine,  N.S.W.,  formerly  a  Barrister,  and 
now  in  holy  orders  of  the  Church  of  Rome,  b.  27  July,  1805. 

ni.  Benjamin  Plunkett,  b.  1809,  d.  in  infancy. 
I.  Mary  Anne. 
Dr.  Lentaigne  d.  19  Oct.  1813. 

Arms — Or,  on  a  chevron  az.  between  three  martlets  sa.  a 
fleur-de-lis  of  the  1st,  a  chief  of  the  2nd,  charged  with  three 
mullets  arg.  quartering  O'Neill  and  Plunkett.  Crest — A 
dove  ppr.  charged  on  the  breast  with  a  mullet  arg.  and  holding 
in  the  beak  a  fleur-de-lis  or.  Mottoes — Dieu  ayde.  Over  the 
crest — Pro  fide,  rege  et  patria  pugno. 

Town  Residence— 1,  Great  Denmark  Street,  Dublin.  Seat — 
Tallaght,  co.  Dublin. 



Lenthali,  Edmund  Kyffin,  Esq.  of  Bessels 
Leigh  Manor,  co.  Berks,  and  Maenan  Hall,  co.  Car- 
narvon, J. P.  for  Berks  and  Oxon,  Patron  of  two 
Livings,  h.  30  Aug.  1821 ;  s.  his  father  1870. 

fttUCatJC. — Sir  Rowland  Lenthall,  of  Lenthall  and 
Hampton  Court,  co.  Hereford  (whose  family  had  been  seated 
at  Lenthall  from  the  reign  of  Edward  I.),  was  Master  of  the 
Robes  to  King  Henry  IV.  and  V.  He  was  a  Lord-Marcher, 
and  was  associated  with  Thomas  Chaucer  (the  poet's  son)  as 
one  of  the  Ambassadors  to  the  Court  of  France,  to  negotiate 
the  marriage  of  Queen  Katharine  with  Henry  V.  Sir 
Rowland  accompanied  Henry  V.  to  France,  and  had  a  com- 
mand at  the  battle  of  Azincourt.  Sir  Roland,  who  was  also 
Deputy-Governor  of  Alengon  under  the  Duke  of  Gloucester, 
and  Constable  of  Wigmore  and  Bolsover  Castles,  in.  Margaret, 
dau.  and  eventually  co  heiress  of  Richard  Fitz-Alan,  Earl  of 
Arundel,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1422)  had  issue, 

Edmund,  who  having  rn.  Margaret,  dau.  of  William,  5th 
Lord  Zouch,  of  Harringworth,  d.  s.  p.  1447;  and 

Henry,  who  also  d.  s.  p.  in  the  same  year. 
Sir  Rowland  m.  2ndly,  Lucy,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Richard,  4th 
Lord  Grey  de  Codnor,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 

Rowland,  in.  Isabella,  dau.  of  Sir  Walter  Devereux,  and  d. 

John,  TO.  Anne,  dau.  of  Humphrey  Bessels,  of  Bessels  Leigh, 

Katharine,  m.  William,  Lord  Zouch,  of  Harringworth. 

Elizabeth,  m.  Sir  Thomas  Cornwall,  of  Burford,  by  which 
last  alUance  Hampton  Court  eventually  vested  in  the  Cora- 
wall  family. 

Sir  Rowland  was  High  Sheriff  of  Hereford  in  1423,  and  d.  Nov. 

A  few  years  later  the  Lenthalls,  retaining  a  portion  only  of 
their  possessions  in  co.  Hereford,  settled  at  Latchford  and 
Great  Haseley,  in  co.  Oxford,  which  manors  and  estates  they 
acquired  in  the  reign  of  Edward  IV.,  by  the  marriage  of 
William  Lenthall  (described  in  his  will  as  "  born  at  Lenthall "), 
who  d.  June,  1497,  with  the  heiress  of  the  Pipards.  Thomas 
Lenthall,  the  eldest  son  of  William  last  mentioned,  m.  Ehza- 
oeth,  dau.  and  heir  of  John  Willie,  of  Bovey  Tracie,  and  had 
issue,  William,  living,  says  Francis  Thin,  "of  reverent  age," 
in  1584;  and  three  sons,  John,  William,  Rowland,  and  one 
dau.,  who  rii.  1st,  Robert  Tempest,  2ndly,  George  Smith,  of 
Manstanton,  co.  Durham,  and  Srdly,  Sir  John  Tempest,  of 
BoUinghall,  CO.  York,  she  left  an  only  dau.,  Juliana  Tempest, 
who  in.  a  nephew  of  John  Hampden.  In  1580  these  estates 
were  possessed  by  John  Lenthall,  Esq.,  whose  son  (by  Elinor, 
dau.  of  Edward  Lee,  Esq.  of  Pitston,  co.  Bucks), 

Sib  Edmcnd  Lenthall,  was  one  of  those  prosecuted  in  the 
.Star  Chamber  for  disregarding  a  Royal  Proclamation  in  the 
reign  of  Charles  I.,  restraining  persons  of  quality  from 
residing  so  much  of  the  year  in  London.  Sir  Edmund  m. 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Sir  Francis  Stonor,  of  Stoner,  co.  Oxford, 
but  d.  s.  J).,  and  the  line  of  the  family  was  continued  through 
his  uncle. 

*  John  O'Neill,  b.  Jan.  1740;  m.  24  Feb.  1768,  Mary,  dau. 
(by  Catherine  his  wife,  dau.  of  Luke  Plunkett,  of  Possextown) 
of  Walter  Plunkett,  Esq.,  2nd  son  of  Thomas  Plunkett,  by  his 
wife  Elizabeth  Nangle,  of  Kildalkey,  and  grandson  of  Walter 
Pltmkett,  Esq.  of  Rathmore,  co.  Meath,  by  his  wife  Ismay 
Plunkett,  of  Ardpatrick,  niece  of  Oliver  Plunkett,  the  Lord 
Primate,  beheaded  at  Tyburn,  1681. 

William  Lenthall,  Esq.  m.  Frances,  dau.  of  Sir  Richid 
Southwell,  of  St.  Faith's,  in  Norfolk,  and  who,  at  his  decea 
2  Dec.  1596,  aged  44,  left  issue, 

I.  John  (Sir),  Marshal  of  the  King's  Bench  Prison,  who 
herited  the  family  estates  upon  the  demise  of  his  cousin, 
Edmund,  to.  Bridget,  dau.  of  Sir  Thomas  Temple,  Bart. 
Stowe,  and  had  (with  eight  daus.,  of  whom  Catherine, 
Lord  Paisley,  and  Frances,  to.  Edward,  eldest  son  of 
Edward  Moore,  of  Odiham,  Hants)  six  sons,  of  whom 

Edmund,  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Sir  William  Wade,  Liei 
of  the  Tower  of  London,  and  had  issue,  three  sons  an 
dau. ;  William  Lenthall  (M.P.  for  Wallingford  1679, 
for  Cricklade,  1G81).  The  elder  son,  m.  twice, 
Stephanie,  dau.  of  Admiral  Sir  S.  Harvey,  K.C.B. ;  ai 
2ndly,  Lucy,  dau.  of  Edward  Dunch,  first  cousin  to  OlivS 
Lord  Protector,  but  had  no  issue  by  either  marriage,  ai 
selling  the  old  family  estates  at  Latchford  and  Gr0 
Haseley,  terminated  this  branch  of  the  family ;  Edmufll 
the  2nd  son,  d.  1644;  John,  the  3rd  son,  d.  14  Ma; 
1641,  without  issue ;  and  Bridget,  the  only  dau.,  d.  uni 

II.  William,  of  whom  hereafter. 

III.  Thomas.  iv.  Franci.s. 
And  four  daus.,  one  of  whom  to.  into  the  family  of  Warcu 

and  was  mother  of  Sir  Edmund  Warcup,  the  historiaa 

The  2nd  son. 

The  Right  Hon.  William  Lenthall,  6.  June,  1591,  i 
Speaker  of  the  Long  Parliament.  He  subsequently  was  a 
pointed  Chamberlain  of  Chester,  Chancellor  of  the  Duchy 
Lancaster,  and  Keeper  of  the  Great  Seal.  He  received 
Patent  of  Peerage  from  Oliver,  Lord  Protector,  1656,  and 
the  single  Parliament  assembled  by  Richard  Cromwell,  1 
sat  in  the  Upper  House  by  the  title  of  William,  Lord  Les 
hall,  and  so  great  was  his  influence  and  weight  at  the  Best 
ration,  that  Gen.  Monck  assured  King  Charles  that  he  con 
not  have  brought  about  that  desirable  event  without  19 
Lenthall's  concurrence.  This  eminent  lawyer  and  statesmi 
in.  Ehzabeth,  dau.  of  Ambrose  Evans,  Esq.  of  Lodington,  c 
Northampton,  by  whom  (who  was  first  cousin  of  Lucius  Cai 
Lord  Falkland)  he  had  issue,  John,  his  successor;  Willian 
Francis;  Frances,  in.  Roland,  son  of  Sir  John  Lacey, 
Puddlecote  and  Shipton,  co.  Oxford;  and  Elizabeth.  M 
Speaker  Lenthall  d.  at  his  seat,  the  Priory,  Burford,  1  Se] 
1662.     His  only  surviving  son  and  successor. 

Sir  John  Lenthall,  Member  for  Gloucester  in  the  Loi 
Parliament,  and  also  for  the  same  place  in  the  Parliame 
called  by  Richard  Cromwell,  was  Col.  in  the  army.  Govern 
of  Windsor  Castle,  and  one  of  the  six  Clerks  in  Chancery,  a' 
was  created  a  Baronet  by  Cromwell.  He  to.  1st,  Mary,  da 
of  Sir  William  Ayshcombe,  of  Alverscot,  Oxon,  but  had  by  b 
no  issue.  He  m.  2ndly,  Mary  Blewett,  relict  of  Sir  Jo: 
Stonhouse,  Bart.,  by  whom  he  had  one  son,  William,  and 
dau.  Elizabeth,  in.  Sir  Sandys  Fortescue,  of  Buckland  Filleig 
Devon.  Sir  John  to.  3rdly,  Catherine,  dau.  of  Col.  Eusebi 
Andrews,  of  Edmonton,  Middlesex,  but  had  no  further  isBl 
He  was  High  Sheriff  co.  Oxford,  1672,  and  dying  9  Nov.  W 
was  s.  by  his  only  son, 

William  Lenthall,  Esq.,  to  whom  Gen.  Monck  stc 
sponsor.  He  to.  his  first  cousin.  Lady  Catharine  Hamill( 
only  child  of  James,  Lord  Paisley,  son  and  heir  of  James,  '.; 
Earl  of  Abercorn,  by  whom  (who  in.  after  his  decease,  the  E 
of  Abercorn)  he  left  issue  at  his  demise,  5  Sept.  1686,  aged ; 
two  sons,  John,  his  heir ;  and  James.    The  elder, 

John  Lenthall,  Esq.  of  Burford,  High  Sheriff  co.  Oxfo 
in.  Jane,  dau.  of  Sir  W.  Hill,  and  had  two  sons  and  two  da 
The  elder  son, 

William  Lenthall,  Esq.  of  Burford,  High  Sheriff  co.  Oxfo 
d.  unm.  1781,  and  was  s.  by  his  brother, 

John  Lenthall,  Esq.  of  Burford,  bapt.  29  Jan.  1722, 
Anne,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Christopher  Shute,  and  had  two  sons 

I.  John,  of  Burford,  High  Sheriff  1787,  in.  Sarah,  dau.  of ' 
Rev.  John  Caswall,  Rector  of  Swalcliffe,  by  whom  (w 
d.  2  March,  1837)  he  left  at  his  decease,  1820,  with  th 
daus.,  two  sons, 

1  William  John,  m.  Frances  Mary,  eldest  dau.  ofT.Ter 
Esq.  of  Beverley,  and  has  one  surviving  son,  Edmi 
Henry,  of  Lincoln's  Inn. 

2  Rowland  Henry,  of  Kemsey,  co.  Worcester,  who  1 
been  twice  married ;  d.  leaving  an  only  son,  Rowland. 

II.  William  John. 
The  2nd  son, 

William  John  Lenthall,  Esq.  of  Bessels  Leigh,   Ber 
b.  Jan.  1764,  was  High  Sheriff  for  the  counties  of  Carnar 
and  Merioneth.    He  m.  Jan.  1789,  Elizabeth,  dau.   and 
heiress  (with  Anne,  wife  of  the  Rev.  John  Nanney,  of  Maei 
ueuadd,  co.  Merioneth,  and  Ermine,  wife  of  Richard  Hug 






iiirick,  Esq.  of  Nantclwyd,  co.  Denbigh),  of  Sir  Thomas 
,'ffin,  of  Maenan,  co.  Carnarvon  (descended  from  Einion 
fcl,  youngest  son  of  Bladoc,  last  Prince  of  Fowls),  by  whom 
ho  d.  June,  1791)  he  had  two  children, 
Kytfin  John  William,  late  of  Bcssels  Leigh  and  Maenan 
Ann  Margaret,  d.  1810,  in  her  10th  year. 

r.  Lenlhall  d.  March,  1855,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 
Ktffin  John   William   Lenthall,  Esq.   of  Bessels  Leigh 
anor  and  Maenan  Hall,  J. P.  for  cos.  Carnarvon  and  Den- 
gh,  and  D.L.  for  the  former  co.,  High  Sheriff  co.  Carnarvon 
"28,  formerly  Capt.  Royal  Denbighshire  Blilitia,  b.  12  Oct. 
89;    m.  18  April,  1818,  Mary  Anne,   eldest  dau.  of   John 
shton,  Esq.  of  The  Grange,  co.  Chester,  and  by  her  (who  d. 
:  Sept.  18C6)  had  issue, 
Edmund  Kyffin,  now  of  Bessels  Leigh. 
William  Kyffin  Kyffin,  assumed  the  name  of  Ktffin  only  by 
royal  license  in  1870,  on  inheriting  the  estate  of  Belmont, 
CO.  Denbigh,  in  compliance  with  the  will  of  Anne,  wife  of 
the  Rev.  John  Nanney,  dau.  and  co-heiress  of  Sir  Thomas 
Kyffin;  l>.  1822. 
Francis  Kyffin,  Barrister-at-Law,  b.  1824. 
Mary  Anne,  deceased. 

ed.  1870. 

Arms — Arg.,  on  a  bend  cottised  sa.,  throe  mullets  or.    Crest 
A  greyhound  salient  sa.  collared  or.     ilntto — Azincourt. 
Seat — Bessels     Leigh,     near     Abingdon;     Maenan    Hall, 


Lescher,  Joseph  Francis,  Esq.  of  Boyles  Court, 
ssex,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  b.  6  Aug.  1842 ;  s.  his  father 
571  ;  m.  7  May,  1875,  Mira  Charlotte,  only  child 
'  the  late  Capt.  Wm.  Hankey,  9th  Lancers,  by 
harlotte  Cecile  his  wife,  dau.  of  the  Marquis 
Estampes,  and  has  a  dau. 
Mira  Monica  Beata,  6.  28  May,  1876. 

itinCaSC— This  family  is  of  Alsatian  extraction,  and  has 
en  seated  in  Essex  since  1620. 

Joseph  Samuel  Lescheii,  Esq.  of  Boyles  Court,  J. P.,  D.L., 
id  High  Sheriff  18G2  (son  of  Joseph  FkancIs  Lescheb,  Esq. 
Boyles  Court,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  who  d.  1829)  was  b.  1796; 
,  Martha,  dau.  of  John  Hoy,  Esq.  of  Stoke  Lower  House, 
iffolk,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Joseph  Fhancis,  now  of  Boyle  Court. 

II.  Edmund  Charles. 

I.  Josephine  Mary,  m.  J.  Barry  Farrell,  Esq.  of  Glendarra, 
CO.  Wexford. 

II.  Winefredc  Mary,  m.  Walter  Pyke,  Esq.  of  Burdorvcau, 
CO.  Cornwall. 

H.  Anastatia  Jane,  r,i.  Signor  Don  J.  do  Artime. 

rv.  Walburga Maria,  iii.  Major  W.Southwell  Curzon,  B.H.A. 

V.  Teresa  Slary,  "^ 

VI.  Mary,  >  in  religion. 

VII.  Philomena, ) 
viii.  Agatha  Mary. 

Id.  1871. 

Ai-ms— Or,  a  cross  gu.  on  a  chief  az.  a  stork  avg.  beaked  and 
?ged  of  the  second.  Crest— In  front  of  a  bugle-horn  sa.  a 
xter  arm  cmbowed  in  armour  ppr.  garnished  or,  entwined  by 
serpent,  the  hand  grasping  a  dagger  fessways,  the  point 
wards  the  dexter  also  ppr.,  pommel  and  hUt  gold.  Motto — 
Dgulariter  in  spe. 

Seat — Boyles  Court,  near  Brentwood,  Esssx.  Ciiiis— Eeform; 
.  George's. 


Leslie,  Charles  Stephen,  Esq.  of  Balquhain 
id  Fetternear,  co.  Aberdeen,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  b.  28 
pril,  1832 ;  in.  1853,  and  has  surviving  issue, 

I.  Charles  Alotsius,  6.  May,  1859. 

II.  John  Cuthbert,  b.  April,  1869. 

I.  Violet  Winefrede  Mary  Margaret. 

II.  Dorothy.  iii.  Mary  Joseph  Frances. 
IV.  Mary  Teresa. 

fLtnragC. — The  scotch  branch  of  the  Leslies  o/.Ba(7i'/ia;/i 
ecame  extinct  in  1739,  on  the  death  of  Ernest,  Count  Leslie, 
fho  was  s.  by  Anthony,  Count  Leslie,  from  Austria,  but  on 
is  succeeding  to  his  paternal  estates  in  Austria,  in  17C0 
vhereherf. s.p.  1802J,  the  Scotch  estates  passed,  according 
)  the  entail,  to  Peter  Leslie-Grant,  grandson  of  the  2nd 
au.  of  Count  Patrick  Leslie,  of  Balquhain.  Peter  Leslie* 
rant  d.s.p.  1775,  and  was  .5.  by 

Patrick  Leslie  Duguid,  of  Auchinhove,  son  of  Theresa, 
3rd  dau.  of  Count  Patrick  Leslie.  The  Duguids  arc  an  old 
family,  tracing  their  descent  from  at  least  1470.  Their  Castle 
of  Auchinhove,  near  Aboyne,  was  destroyed  in  the  '45,  by  the 
Duke  of  Cumberland's  soldiers,  the  wife  and  children  of  the 
proprietor  being  turned  out  under  circumstances  of  the  great- 
est cruelty,  and  the  house  burnt  before  their  eyes.  Mr.  Leslie 
Duguid  ((.  1777,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

John  Leslie,  b.  1751;  m.  1774,  Violet,  dau.  of  John  Dalycll, 
Esq.  of  Barncrosh,  co.  Kirkcudbright,  by  whom  he  had, 

Ernest  Patrick,  his  successor. 

John,  in  the  Austrian  Service,  lost  at  sea  1803. 

James  Michael,  who  s.  his  nephew,  John  Edward. 

Charles  Joseph,  who  s.  his  brother,  James  MichacL 

Anthony  Andrew,  d.  s.  p.        Edward,  d.  s.  p. 

Francis,  ('.  .s.  p.  Louis  Xavier,  d.  s.  p. 

Amelia  Mary,  in.  1801,  Alexander  Eraser,  Esq.  of  Strichcn, 
whose  son  became  Lord  Lovat. 

Harriet,  d.  unra.  Teresa,  d.  unm. 

Helen,  d.  v,iun.  Margaret  Violet  Winefrede,  d.  unm. 

Mr.  Leslie  d.  1828,  aged  77,  and  was  .s.  by  his  son, 

Ernest  Leslie,  b.  1775,  an  officer  in  the  Austrian  service; 
he  m.  1812,  Fanny,  dau.  of  Emanuel  Baron  Stiliricd,  by  whom 
he  had, 

John  Edward,  his  successor. 

Augusta,  d.  unm.  at  Prague  1837. 

Mary,  m.  1839,  her  cousin,  Edward,  Baron  Stilfricd. 

Ernest  Leslie  d.  at  Frankfort-on-Maine,  1830,  and  was  s.  ly 
his  son, 

John  Edward  Leslie,  an  officer  in  the  Austrian  service, 
who  d.  unm.  19  Aug.  1S44,  and  was  .9.  by  his  uncle, 

James  BIichael  Leslie,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  who  d.  uwn.  1S49, 
and  was  .s.  by  his  brother. 

Col.  Charles  Leslie,  K.H.,  b.  17S5;  m.  1st,  1836,  Mary, 
dau.  of  Major-Gen.  Sir  Charles  HoUowa/,  and  by  her  (who  c^. 
1832,  had  one  surviving  son, 

Charles  Stephen,  his  successor. 
Col.  Leslie  m.  2ndly,  Dorothy  Eyre,  who  became,  on  the 
death  of  her  brother  Francis,  in  18.52,  heiress  of  Hassop,  co. 
Derby,  and  Slindon,  Sussex.  She  d.  Nov.  1853,  leaving  all  her 
estates  to  her  husband.  Col.  Leslie  d.  at  Slindon  House, 
10  Jan.  1870,  in  the  85th  year  of  his  age,  and  was  s.  by  his 
son,  Charles  Stephen  Leslie,  Esq.,  now  of  Balquhain. 

Arras — Leslie:  arg.,  a  fess  az.  charged  with  three  buckles 
or;  Duguid:  az.,  three  crosses  pattiie  arg.  Crests — Leslie:  A 
griffin's  head  ppr. ;  Duguid:  A  dove  with  olive  branch  in  beak 
all  ppr.  Mottoes — Leslie  :  Grip  fast ;  Ddgoid  :  Patientia,  et 

Seats — Fetternear  House,  co.  Aberdeen;  Hassop  Hall,  co. 
Derby  ;  Slindon  House,  Sussex. 

Note. — For  the  previous  history  of  the  Leslie  family,  see  a 
very  curious  old  work  called  the  "  Lauras  Leslaeana,"  published 
at  Gratz,  1092,  and  compiled  from  family  documents.  It  was 
written  by  the  Rev.  William  Leslie,  S.  J.,  brother  of  Count 
James  Leslie,  in  Austria.  See  also  "  Bistoiical  Records  of  the 
Family  of  Leslie,  by  the  late  Col.  Leslie,  K.H.,"  1809. 


Leslie,  William,  Esq.  of  Warthill,  co.  Aberdeen, 
J.P.  and  D.L.,  M.P.  for  that  co.  1861  to  1866,  M.A. 
Aberdeen  University,  b.  16  March,  1814;  m.  16  Nov. 
1848,  Matilda  Eose,  2nd  dau.  of  the  late  WiUiam 
Rose  Robinson,  Esq.  of  Clermiston,  Midlothian, 
Sheriff  of  co.  Lanark,  and  has  issue, 

I.  William  Douglas,  6.  12  Aug.  1349  ;  d.  8  Feb.  1872. 

II.  George  Farquhar,  b.  19  Aug.  1859;  d.  9  April,  1860. 

I.  Mary  Rose,  m.  1875,  George  Arbuthnot,  eldest  son  of 
George  Arbuthnot,  Esq.  of  Elderslie,  Dorking,  and  23, 
Hyde  Park  Gardens,  London,  and  has  issue,  Wm.  Douglas 
Leslie,  b.  1878. 

II.  Jane  Amy  Matilda,  m.  1876,  Edmund  Smith  Hanbury, 
eldest  son  of  the  late  Robert  Culling  Hanbury,  Esq.,  M.P. 
for  Middlesex,  and  has  issue,  a  dau. 

in.  Matilda  Florence. 

IV.  Katherine  Evelyn,  m.  1878,  John  Murray,  M.A.,  eldest 
son  of  John  Murray,  Esq.  of  50,  Albemarle  Street, 
London,  and  Newstead,  Wimbledon. 

v.  Caroline  Alice. 

JLtUCttflC— Alexander  Leslie,  1st  of  Wardes,  eldest  son 
of  William  Leslie,  4th  Baron  of  Balquhain,  by  Agnes  Irvine, 
his  2nd  wife,  got  two  holly  leaves  added  to  his  armorial  bear- 
ings as  a  distinctive  mark  of  his  family.  He  m.  the  heretri.x 
of  Balcomie,  co.  Fife,  and  had  a  son  and  heir, 

John  Leslie,  of  Wardes,  m.  1st,  Stuart,  dau.  of  the  Bishop 





of  Moray,  who  d.  s.  p. ;  2ndly,  Margaret  Crichton,  dau.  of  the 
Baron  of  Frcndraught,  by  whom  he  had  only  one  son,  who  s. 
liira,  named  Alexander,  whose  descendants  continued  the 
■Wardes"  succession,  and  his  great-grandson,  John,  6th  Baron, 
was  included  amongst  the  first  creation  of  Nova  Scotia 
Baronets,  1625 ;  3rdly,  Forbes,  dau.  of  the  Laird  of  Echt,  by 
whom  he  had  two  sons,  William  and  Alexander.     The  elder, 

William  Leslie,  who  got  from  his  father  the  Kemmcls  of 
Durno,  &c.,  m.  1st,  a  dau.  of  William  Rowan,  burgess  in 
Aberdeen,  by  whom  he  had  only  one  son,  John,  slain  at  the 
battle  of  PinUie,  1547.  He  m.  2ndly,  1518,  Janet  Ciuick- 
shank,  heiress  of  Warthill,  she  being  only  surviving  child  of 
John,  son  of  Andrew  Cruickshank,  of  Tillymorgan.  By  this 
lady  he  is  reported  to  have  had  twenty-one  children.  The 
youngest  dau.,  Elizabeth,  was  m.  to  Andrew  Lyall  of  Middle- 
hill,  and  at  her  wedding  all  the  children  danced  together  in 
the  "  Ha'  of  Warthill, 'along  with  both  parents,  who  were  then 
hale  and  strong.  This  1st  Laird  of  Warthill  d.  1561,  and  was 
s.  by  his  son, 

Stephen  Leslie,  2nd  Laird  of  Warthill,  m.  1st,  Margaret 
Leith,  of  Lickleyhead ;  and  2ndly,  Bessie  Spcns,  dau.  of  the 
L-iird  of  Boddam.  By  his  first  wife  he  had  two  sons,  William, 
his  heir;  and  Alexander,  m.  Isabel  Runciman,  dau.  to  Sir 
John  Priest,  of  Oyne;  also  two  daus.,  JuUa,  ni.  John  Ander- 
son, son  to  William,  of  Bonnyton;  and  Margaret,  m.  Andrew 
Edward,  son  of  William,  in  Old  Rayne.  This  Stephen  dying 
in  his  90th  year,  was  s.  by  his  son, 

William  Leslie,  Srd  Laird  of  Warthill,  m.  Margaret,  dau. 
to  Gilbert  Gray,  of  Tullo,  by  whom  he  had  two  sons,  James, 
his  heir ;  and  William,  of  Folia,  of  whose  line  hereafter ;  also 
two  daus.,  Margaret,  the  eldest,  m.  her  cousin-german,  John 
Gray;  and  Beatrix,  m.  Gordon,  Laird  of  Tillichoudie.  lie  d. 
in  his  80th  year.    The  elder  son, 

James  Leslie,  4th  Laird  of  Warthill,  m.  Beatrix  Abercrom- 
"bie,  dau.  of  Walter,  Archdeacon  of  Aberdeen,  son  of  Birken- 
■bog,  by  whom  he  had  many  children — some  say  twenty-one. 
•James  Leslie  d.  1679,  after  attaining  the  great  age  of  105.  Ilis 
•eldest  son, 

William  Leslie,  5th  Laird  of  Warthill,  jb.  Ann  Elphinstone, 
dau.  of  the  Laird  of  Glack,  and  grand-niece  to  the  celebrated  Elphinstone,  of  Aberdeen,  and  had  by  her  four  sons, 
I.  Alexandeh,  his  heir;  ii.  William,  Professor  of  Theology  in 
the  University  of  Padua,  Bishop  of  Laybach,  Metropolitan  of 
C  irniola,  and  a  Prince  of  the  Empire,  and  Privy  Councillor  to 
His  Imperial  JIajcsty;  iii.  James,  Merchant  in  Aberdeen,  who 
d.s.p.;  and  IV.  John,  a  Writer  in  Edinburgh.    The  elder  son, 

Alexander  Leslie,  6th  Laird  of  Warthill,  m.  1st,  Elizabeth 
Gordon,  dau.  of  the  Laird  of  Badenscoth,  by  whom  he  had 
three  sons,  George,  who  d.  a  youth  at  college;  John,  his  suc- 
cessor; and  William,  d.  unra.  He  m.  2ndly,  Janet  Gordon, 
dau.  of  the  Laird  of  Cocklarachie,  and  sister  of  Gordon  of 
Auchintoul,  made  General  in  the  Muscovite  army  by  the  Czar, 
Peter  the  Great  ;  but  she  predeceased  her  husband  without 
leaving  issue.  Dying  1721,  aged  66,  he  was  s.  by  his  only 
surviving  son, 

John  Leslie,  7th  Laird  of  Warthill,  m.  1st,  Mary  Gordon, 
d:iu.  of  George,  Laird  of  Rothney,  who  d.s.p.;  and  2ndly, 
?I;irgaret,  dau.  of  Patrick  Dun.  Laird  of  Tarty,  by  whom  he 
had  an  only  son,  Alexander,  his  successor.  He  d.  15  May, 
1747,  aged  64.     His  son  and  heir, 

Alexander  Lejlie,  Sth  Laird  of  Warthill,  m.  1730,  at  the 
aige  of  19,  Helen,  only  dau.  of  George  Seton,  of  Mounie,  by 
ihis  1st  wife,  Anne  Gibson,  dau.  of  Sir  Alexander  Gib.'-on,  of 
Addiston,  MidLothian,  and  had  by  her  six  sons  and  five  daus. 
This  Alexander  d.  1764,  and  his  two  eldest  sons  having  pre- 
deceased him,  he  was  s.  by  his  3rd  son, 

Alexander  Leslie,  9th  Laird  of  Warthill,  m.  Isabel  Milne, 
dau.  of  Milne,  in  Fraserburgh.  He  d.  s.p.  16  Jan.  1799,  when 
the  succession  devolved  on  his  nephew, 

William  Leslie,  eldest  surviving  son  of  George  Leslie,  of 
Folia  (.see  the  Pedigree  which  follows),  and,  in  right  of  his 
mother,  Mary  (eldest  married  dau.  of  Alexander,  Sth  of  Wart- 
hiU),  10th  Laird  of  Warthill. 

^nmilu  of  ^tslic  of  J^olk. 

■WittiAM  Leslie,  of  Folia,  2nd  son  of  William,  3rd  of  Wart- 
hill, was  father,  by  his  first  wife,  Marjory,  dau.  of  William 
Crichton,  brother  of  the  Viscount  of  Frendraught,  ofan  only  son, 

James  Leslie,  2nd  of  Folia,  whose  eldest  son,  by  his  1st  wife, 
Isabel,  dau.  of  William  Milne,  of  MonUshill, 

The  Rev.  William  Leslie,  3rd  of  Folia,  s.  his  father  1693, 
and  having  been  provided  in  church  living  in  the  co.  Fer- 
managh, Ireland,  resided  there  till  1714.  He  d.  unm.  Sept. 
1722,  aged  71,  and  was  s.  by  his  next  brother, 

George  Leslie,  4th  of  Folia.  He  m.  Isabel,  dau.  of  WilliaJB 
Cheyne,  of  Kaithen ;  and  d.  21  June,  1730,  aged  75,  leaTing  a 
son  and  successor, 

The  Rev.  William  Leslie,  5th  of  Folia,  who  d.  unat, 
31  July,  1743,  in  his  64th  year,  and  was  s.  by  his  only  brother, 

John  Leslie,  6th  of  Folia.  He  m.  Elizabeth  Gordon,  dan. 
of  Hugh,  Laird  of  Cults,  by  whom  he  had  ten  children. 
George,  the  eldest  son,  alone  left  any  descendants,  and  he  «, 
to  the  property  on  his  father's  death,  25  April,  1783,  aged  86. 

George  Leslie,  7th  of  Folia,  having  had  the  lands  made 
over  to  him  in  his  father's  lifetime,  m.  12  June,  1768,  Mary, 
3rd  dau.  of  Alexander  Leslie,  Sth  of  Warthill  (refer  to  prcvioui 
Pedir/rec),  by  whom  he  had  two  sons  and  one  dau., 

William,  his  heir,  6.  1770;  d.  1857. 

George,  who  d.  unrii.  1798,  aged  26. 

Helen,  in.  1818,  Rev.  James  Innes,  Episcopal  Minister  ol 
Meicklefolla,  by  whom  she  had  one  son,  James,  who  d.  in 

The  elder  son, 

William  Leslie,  Esq.,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  10th  Laird  of  Wart- 
hill, b.  29  June,  1770;  m.  16  Jan.  1813,  Jane,  3rd  and  youngest 
dau.  of  Rev.  Patrick  Davidson,  D.D.  of  Rayne,  and  niece 
of  Sir  Walter  Farquhar,  Bart.,  and  by  this  lady  had  issue, 
William,  11th  of  Warthill,  and  present  possessor. 
Patrick,  in  South  Wales,  b.  25  Sept.  1815 ;  m.  1840,  Katharine, 
3rd  dau.  of  Hannibal  H.  Macarthur,  Esq.  ot  Vineyard,  and 
has  issue,  a  son, 

William  Norman,   Capt.  92nd  Highlanders,  6.  11  June, 
1841;  m.  Dec.  1864,  Emma,  3rd  dau.  of  Roger  Kerrison 
Harvey,  of  Thorpe,  Norfolk,  and  d.  at  Daitle,  Wiakato, 
New  Zealand,  3  May,  1876,  having  had  issue, 
William  Leonard,  b.  Oct.  1S65. 
Ethel  Maud.  Mabel  Marsaili. 

.Aline  Ella.  Leila  Isabel. 

Walter  Stevenson  Davidson,  b.  U  Dec.  1818;  m.  1860,  Caro- 
line Anna,  dau.  of  William  Rose  Kobinson,  Esq. 
George  Farquhar,  a  Member  of  the  Legislative  Council  of 
New  South  Wales,  b.  19  Aug.  1820;  m.  1848,   Emraeline, 
5th  dau.  of  Hannibal  H.  Macarthur,  Esq. ;  and  d.  18C0. 
James,  b.  5  Dec.  1824  ;  d.  8  Oct.  1829. 

Thomas  Coat.s,  b.  23  Sept.  1826,  in  China;  m.  29  April,  1857, 
Henrietta  Marion,  5th  and  youngest  dau.  of  Sir  Robert  Dal- 
rymple  Elphinstone,  Bart,  of  Logic,  Elphinstone;  and  d. 
Mary  Anne,  m.  1836,  Patrick  Davidson,   Esq.,   LL.D.,   of 
Inchmarlo,   and   has    issue,    Duncan,   b.   1843,  and  three 
younger  sons  and  five  daus. 
Catherine,  m.  1854,  Christopher  Rolleston,  Esq.,  son  of  the 
Rev.  John  Rolleston,  of  Burton  Joyce  and  Shelford,  Notts, 
and  has  issue,  three  sons  and  two  daus. 
Arras — Arg.,  on  a  bend  az.  three  buckles  or;  and  (in  conse- 
quence of  descent  from  Wardes)  two  holly  leaves  vert.  Crest 

A  griffin's  head  erased  ppr.    Motto — Grip  fast. 
Scat— Warthill,  Pitcaple,  co.  Aberdeen. 


Leslie,  George  Abeeceomby  Young,  Esq.  of 

KiniiiTie,  co.   Banff,  J.P.    and  D.L.,  b.  1803 ;  m. 

1841,  Barbara  King,  dau.  of  the  late  Lieut.-Gen. 

Stewart,  C.B.  of  Lesmiirdie,  and  bj  her  (who  d. 

1853)  has  issue, 

I.  Archibald  Young,  younger,  of  Kininvie,  J.P.  and  D.L^ 

Capt.  79th  Highlanders,  6.  1843;  in.  1868,  Alice,  3rd  dan. 

of  Lieut. -Col.  Cautley,  and  has  a  son,  George  St£wabt, 

b.  1872. 

ILincaCIC.— Alexander  Leslie,  1st  Laird  of  Kininvie,  wa« 
the  second  son  of  George  Leslie,  of  New  Leslie,  by  his  wife, 
Comney  Ramsay,  of  Dalhousie,  and  grandson  of  William 
Leslie,  4th  baron  of  Balquhan.  He  m.  Margaret  Calder, 
of  Nappherson,  and  got  the  lands  of  Kininvie  by  charter 
from  John  Stuart,  Earl  of  .•Vthol,  1520.     He  left  a  son, 

Walter  Leslie,  2nd  Laird  of  Kininvie,  in.  Catlicrine  Grant, 
of  Ballindalloch.  Ue  was  a  Capt.  in  the  Scotch  Guard  of 
Francis  I.  of  France,  and  at  his  death,  1562,  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Robert  Leslie,  3rd  Laird,  m.  Elizabetli  Gordon,  of  Bel- 
dornie,  and  c^  1609,  having  a  son, 

John  Leslie,  4th  Laird,  m.  MariaGordon,of  Haddo,by  whom 
he  had  two  sons  and  a  dau.  The  sons  d.  in  infancy,  and  the 
dau.  rn.  Gordon  of  Buckie.  He  hi.  2ndly,  Margaret  Ogilvie,  of 
Milntoun,  by  whom  he  had  three  daus.  and  six  sons,  John,  who 
d.  before  his  father  without  issue;  Alexander;  George; 
Norman;  David;  and  Robert.  His  eldest  dau.,  Isabella,  m. 
James  Sharpe,  Laird  of  Banff  Castle,  whose  son,  James, 
became  the  celebrated  Archbishop  of  St.  Andrews  and  Primate 
of  Scotland,  and  was  murdered  by  the  Covenanters.  John 
Leslie  d.  in  1625,  and  was  s.  by  his  eon, 






lANDEB  Leslie,  5th  Laird,  m.  Anne  Innes,  of  Tombrc- 
hach,  and  d.  1C52,  leaving  a  son, 

John  Leslie,  6th  Laird,  »i.  llelen  Grant,  of  Ballintomh,  and 
'.  11  May,  1712,  leaving  a  son, 

Alesandeb  Leslie,  7tli  Laird,  who  sold  the  estate  to  his 
TOther,  James,  19  May,  1718  (an  inscription  on  a  stone  built 
Qto  the  wall  of  the  mansion  house,  records  this  transaction), 
fext  in  succession  was  John  Leslie's  brother, 

James  Leslie,  8th  Laird,  who  in  the  year  1730  entailed  the 
states  of  Kininvicand  TuUoch.  Kem.  1st,  Helen  Carmichael, 
{  Clappertown  Hall,  Midlothian,  but  by  her  (who  d.  1717)  he 
eft  no  issue.    He  m.  2ndly,  Margaret  Birnie,  and  left  a  son, 

James  Leslie,  9th  Laird,  to.  Helen  Stewart,  of  Lesmurdie, 

May,  1730.  This  Laird  renounced  his  life  rent  interest  in 
he  estates  in  favourof  his  eldest  son  17G7,  and  d.  1791,  having 
urvivcd  his  wife  29  years.  He  left  a  numerous  family,  and 
vas  g.  by  his  eldest  son, 

James  Leslie,  10th  Laird,  who  dying  unvi.  1802,  was  s.  by 
lis  brother, 

Alexander  Leslie,  11th  Laird.  He  served  throughout  the 
Vmerican  War  in  the  old  82nd  Highland  regt.,  and  d.  1S39. 
U  his  death  the  estates  devolved  upon  his  nephew, 

Abchibald  Young  Leslie,  12th  Laird,  son  of  Robert  Young, 
Isq.  of  Johnstown  Lodge,  by  Jean  his  wife  (vii.SMarch,  1767), 
lau.  of  James  Leslie,  9th  Laird  of  Kininvie.  He  m.  2  July, 
1797,  Jane,  dau.  of  James  Donaldson,  Esq.  of  Kinnairdy,  and 
;rand-dau.  of  Sir  James  Innes,  of  Coxtoun.  Archibald  Leslie 
I.  31  Oct.  1841,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

George  Abebcboubt  Youno  Leslie,  13th  Laird,  ' 

^rms— Arg.,  on  a  bend  az.  three  buckles  or.     Crest— A 
frifBn's  head  erased  ppr.    Motto — Grip  fast. 
Stat — Kininvie  House,  Dufftown,  N.B. 

Note. — For  previous  historyof  the  familysec  Laurus  Leslceana, 
tlso  Col.  Leslie's  Historical  Record  of  the  Family  of  Leslie. 


Leslie,  Eitilt  Eleai>-oea  Wilheimina,  of  Balli- 
bay,  CO.  Monaghan,  only  surviving  child  and  heiress 
of  the  late  Charles  Albert  Leslie,  Esq.  of  Bally  bay, 
s.  1838 ;  m.  1st,  1827,  Arthur  French,  Esq.  of  Sack- 
ville  Street,  Dublin,  and  by  him  (who  d.  March, 
1843)  had  issue, 

I.  Robert  Charles,  6.  1S2S,  J.P.,  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  for  co. 
Monaghan  1857;  jh.  Philippa  Charlotte  Mary,  eldest  dau. 
of  the  late  Capt.  Edward  Kelso,  of  Kelsoland. 

II.  Charles  Albert  Leslie,  Capt.  2nd  Dragoon  Guards,  m. 
Agnes,  dau.  of  Samuel  Laing,  Esq.,  M.P. 

I.  Helen  Charlotte,  m.  James  Blake,  Esq.  of  Gregg  Castle, 

CO.  Galway. 
n.  Albertine  Caroline,  m.  James  Ryan,  Esq. 
ui.  Henrietta  Alexandrina  Victoria,  in.  Col.  Charles  Kendal 

Bushe,  59th  regt. 

The  heiress  of  Ballibay  m.  2ndly,  18i4,  the  Eev.  John 
Chas.  "William  Leslie,  4th  son  of  James  Leslie,  Esq. 
of  Leshe  HiU,  co.  Antrim  {see  Leslie  of  Leslie  Sill), 
and  by  him  (who  d.  29  Nov.  1877)  had  issue, 

I.  Ferdinand  Seymour,  h.  Oct.  1S45,  B.A.  Oriel  Coll.  Oxford, 

Lieut.  1st  King's  Dragoon  Guards. 
I.  Marion  Adelaide,  in.  Walter  Pialeigb  Trevelyan,  Esq.  of 

Emsworth  House,  Hants. 

HiUCTltir.— The  first  settlement  In  Ireland  of  the  Irish 
Lr.sLiES,  who  are  a  branch  of  the  noble  House  of  Rothes,  and  are 
allied  by  blood  to  many  of  the  nobility  of  Scotland,  took  place 
in  the  reign  of  James  1. ;  and  different  members  of  the  family 
now  possess  considerable  estates  in  cos.  Monaghan,  Antrim, 
Down,  Donegal,  and  Mcath. 

The  Most  Rev.  Henry  Leslie  (or  Leslet),  D.D.,  6. 1580, 
removing  from  Scotland,  settled  in  Ireland  1614,  where  he  was 
ordained  8  April,  1617.  He  was  Chaplain  to  King  Charles  I. 
He  had  a  younger  brother,  George,  a  Prebendary  of  Lismore, 
and  Rector  of  Ahoghill,  co.  Down.  Inl619the  Crown  presented 
him  to  the  Prebend  of  Connor,  which,  1027,  he  resigned  for 
the  Deanery  of  Down.  He  was  also  made  Treasurer  of  St. 
Patrick's,  Dublin,  and,  1635,  was  advanced  to  the  Bishopric  of 
Down  and  Connor,  whence  at  the  Restoration  he  was  trans- 
lated to  Meath.  He  d.  7  April,  1661,  leaving  issue,  with  two 

Robert  (Right  Rev.),  D.D.,  successively  Bishop  of  Dromore 
and  Kaphoe,  1671.     He  </.  10  Aug.  1672. 

James,  of  whose  line  we  treat.  William. 

The  2nd  son, 

James  Leslie,  of  Leslie  House,  co.  Antrim,  b.  21  Kov.  1624; 
m.  Jane,  dau.  of  John  Ethlin,  Esq.  of  Ardquin,  co.  Down  («e« 
that  Soiiiily),  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son. 

The  Ven.  Henry  Leslie,  D.D.,  Archdeacon  of  Down,  b. 
4  \ov.  1651,  Chaplain  to  the  Duke  of  Ormond,  Lord  Lieut,  of 
Ireland.  In  16b0  he  obtained  a  Prebend  in  the  Cathedral  of 
Down,  which  he  resigned,  1C96,  for  the  Archdeaconry.  He  ni. 
JIargarct  Beadian,  of  an  EngUsh  family,  and  had,  with  other 
issue,  a  son  and  a  dau., 

Peter,  his  successor. 

Penelope,  m.  Edmund  Francis  Stafford,  Esq.  of  Brownstown, 
CO.  Mtath,  and  had  a  dau.,  Anne,  m.  Arthur,  1st  Viscount 

Archdeacon  Leslie  d.  1733,  and  was  s.  by  his  son. 

Rev.  Peter  Leslie,  b.  1686,  Rector  of  Ahoghill,  co.  Antrim, 
m.  Jane,  dau.  of  Anthony  Dopping,  D.D.,  Bishop  of  Meath, 
and  had  issue, 

Henry,  LL.D.,  his  heir. 

James,  of  Leslie  Hill,  co.  Antrim,  6.  1728;  m.  1st,  Mrs. 
Hamilton  ;  and  2ndly.  Sarah  Fleming;  but  d.  s.p.  1796. 

Samuel,  Major  in  the  14th  regt.,  d.  unm. 

Edmond,  Ven.  Archdeacon  of  Down  (sye  Leslie  of  Leslie  Hill). 

Margaret,  m.  Very  Rev.  Hill  Benson,  Dean  of  Connor  1753, 
who  d.  nib.  Jane,  in.  Rev.  Mr.  Stewart. 

The  eldest  son, 

Rev.  Henry  Leslie,  of  Ballybay,  co.  Monaghan,  LL.D.,  b. 
Oct.  1719,  Prebendary  of  Tullycorbet,  Clogher,  and  afterwards 
Prebendary  of  Tandragee,  in  the  Cathedral  of  Armagh;  m. 
17.53,  Catherine,  dau.  of  Very  Rev.  Charles  Meredyth,  Dean  of 
Ardfert,  and  d.  1803,  leaving  issue, 

Peter  Henry,  b.  1755 ;  killed  in  action  in  America. 

Charles  Albert,  his  heir. 

Catherine   Letitia,  m.  William  Foster,  Bishop  of  Clogher, 
brother  of  Right  Hon.  John  Foster,  Speaker  of  the  Irish 
House  of  Commons,  who  was  created  Lord  Oriel. 
Tiie  only  surviving  son, 

Charles  Albert  Leslie,  Esq.  of  Ballibay,  co.  Bfonaghan, 
b.  'JSMay,  1765;  w.  July,  1799,  Ellen,  youngest  dau.  of  Richard 
Magenis,  Esq.  of  Waringstown,  co.  Down  [see  that  Family),  and 
left  at  his  decease,  1838,  an  only  surviving  child,  Emilt 
Eleanora  Wilhelmina,  now  of  Pallibay. 

./}}•!)!«— Quarterly :  1st  and  4th,  arg.,  on  a  bend  az.  three 
buckles  or,  for  Leslie;  2nd  and  3rd,  or,  a  lion  rampant  gu., 
debruised  by  a  riband  sa.,  for  Abernethy.  Crest — An  angel  ppr. 
Motto — Grip  fast. 

Seat — Ballibay  House,  Ballibay,  co.  Monaghan. 


Leslie,  James  Edmund,  Esq.  of  Leslie  Hill, 
Ballymoney,  and  Seaport  Lodge,  Bushmills,  co. 
Antrim,  educated  at  the  University  of  Edinburgh, 
and  at  Ch.  Ch.  Oxford,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff 
CO.  Antrim  1854-55,  b.  3  April,  1800 ;  m.  14  April, 
1823,  Sarah,  youngest  dau.  of  the  Right  Eev.  Daniel 
Sandford,  D.D.,  Bishop  of  Edinburgh  {see  Sand- 
FOED  of  Sandford),  and  by  her  (who  d.  20  Dec. 
1864)  has  had  issue, 

I.  James  Sandford,  6.  10  Aug.  1824  ;  d.  26  Jan.  1829. 

II.  Henry  Erskine,  6.  15  Nov.  1825 ;  d.  10  Feb.  1829. 

III.  Edmond  Douglas,  Lieut. -Col.  and  Hon.  Col.  Royal 
Antrim  Rifles,  5.  22  Sept.  1823. 

IV.  Daniel  Sandford,  b.  5  March,  1830 ;  d.  28  Dec.  1830. 

V.  Seymour  Montague,  of  the  Probate  Office,  London,  h.  14 
Nov.  1835;  in.  30  Oct.  1866,  Louisa,  youngest  dau.  of  the 
late  William  Graham,  Esq.  of  Fitzharris,  Berks,  by  whom 
(who  d.  7  June,  1869)  he  has  issue,  James  Graham,  b.  14 
Nov.  18G3;  and  Sarah  Harriett  Penelope,  6.  13  Sept.  1867. 
He  TO.  2ndly,  22  Oct.  1878,  Sarah  Alice,  youngest  dau.  of 
George  Vincent,  Esq.  of  Westminster. 

v:.  Francis  Macnaghten,  late  Lieut.  53rd Fusiliers,  b.  7  Feb. 

v;:.  Erskine  Douglas,  6.  and  d.  June,  1839. 

I.  Frances  Mary,  m.  10  Feb.  1864,  Rev.  Andrew  George 
Gilmore,  Rector  of  Selworthy,  Somerset. 

II.  Mary  Wilhelmina.   , 

Hi.  Sarah  Agnes,  hi.  23  Sept.  1862,  Col.  Sir  Herbert  Bruce 
Sandford,  R.A.,  second  son  of  Sir  Daniel  Keyte  Sandford. 
IV.  Jane  Elizabeth. 

ililiraflC— TuE  Ven.  Edmund  Leslie,  D.C.L.,  appointed 
I  Archdeacon  of  Down  1782,  and  also  a  Prebendary  of  Connor, 






b.  Nov.  1735,  4th  son  of  Eev.  Peter  Leslie  (see  Leslie  of 
BaUihay);  m.  1st,  Jane,  Uau.  of  John  Macnaghten,  Esq.  of 
Benvarden,  co.  Antrim,  and  had  by  her  four  sons  and  a  dan., 

Peter,  d.  in  London.  Bartholomew,  d.  in  India. 

James,  of  whom  presently.  Edmund,  d.  in  India. 

Mary,  m.  Rev.  Mr.  lioraston. 
Archdeacon  Leslie  m.  2ndly,  Eleanor,  dau.  of  George  Portis, 
Esq.  of  London,  and  had  by  her, 

I.  George,  to.  Elizabeth,  dau.  and  heir  of  Eev.  Francis  Hut- 
che-son,  D.D.,  of  Donaghadee,  co.  Down,  by  whom  he  left 
at  his  decease,  1831, 

1  Edmund  Francis,  of  Donaghadee,  co.  Down,  J. P.,  B.A. 
of  Trin.  Coll.  Dublin,  and  formerly  Capt.  North  Down 
Itifles,  6.  1817  ;  «.  1853 ;  to.  185.^,  Florinda,  dau.  of  R.  B. 
iiagley,  Esq.,  and  widow  of  Nathaniel  Alexander,  Esq.  of 
Portglunone,  formerly  M.P.  for  co.  Antrim,  by  whom  (who 
d.  24  May,  18G1)  he  had  a  dau.,  Elizabeth  Florinda,  who 
d.  19  April.  ISGJ.     Mr.  E.  F.  Leslie  d.  7  Feb.  18G2. 

2  George,  oi  Donaghadee,  Lieut.-Col.  Royal  Artillery,  m. 
1855,  Albina  Jane,  dau.  of  James  Shaw,  Esq.,  a  Judge  of 
the  Supreme  Court  of  Calcutta,  and  has,  with  other  issue, 
George  Francis,  6.  18CG. 

1  Mary  Ellinor,  m.  William  Thomas  Poe,  Esq.  of  Solsboro', 
and  (/.  leaving  issue.  2  Elizabeth,  d.  young. 

3  Ellen,  m.  Daniel  de  la  Cherois,  Esq.  of  Donaghadee,  co. 
Down  {see  that  name). 

II.  Ilcnry  (Very  Rev.),  Dean  of  Connor  from  1823  to  1833, 
when  he  resigned  for  preferment  in  England.  He  to.  Mrs. 
Harriette  Inglis,  and  d.  s.  p.  1848. 

III.  Samuel,  Esq.,  Rear-Admiral  R.N.,  to.  Martha,  dau.  of 
George  Vauglian,  and  d.  s.p.  Sept.  1851. 

1.  Ellen,  TO.  Rev.  Stephen  Dickson,  youngest  son  of  William 
Dickson,  D.D.,  Lord  Bishop  of  Down  and  Connor;  and  cL 
in  giving  birth  to  her  dau.,  Ellen,  who  hi.  Dr.  Christian, 
and  d.  23  Aug.  1808,  leaving  a  dau.,  Sclina. 
Archdeacon  Leslie's  eldest  surviving  son, 

James  Leslie,  Esq.,  J. P.  and  D.L..  s.  to  the  estates  of  Leslie 
Hill  upon  the  demise  of  his  uncle,  James  Leslie,  Esq.,  179G. 
In  1799  he  was  High  Sheriff  for  the  co.  Antrim.  He  was  b. 
17  July,  17G8;  and  d.  17  April,  1847;  having  m.  28  Feb.  1795, 
Mary,  dau.  of  Adam  Cuppage,  Esq.  of  Donicloney,  co.  Down, 
by  whom  (who  d.  1  Feb.  1847)  he  had  issue, 
James  Edmdnd,  now  of  Leslie  Hill. 

Henry,  Trin.  Coll.  Dublin,  J. P.  for  co.  Antrim  ;  m.  30  Aug. 
1849,  Harriet  Ann,  eldest  dau.  of  Capt.  Thomas  Job  Seyer 
Hanmer,  R.N.,  of  Holbrook  Hall,  Suffolk,  and  has  issue, 
Henry  Hanmer,  h.  1  Dec.  1853;  Mary  Emily,  Helen  Maria; 
Constance  Harriet  Augusta;  and  Edith.  Mr.  H.  Leslie  c^. 
5  July,  18G4. 
Francis  Seymour,  late  of  the  Home  Office,  m. 
John  Charles  William  (Rev.),  m.  Emily  Eleanor  Williel- 
mina,  widow  of  A.  French,  Esq.,  and  dau.  and  heiress  of 
Charles  Albert  Leslie,  Esq.  of  Ballibay,  and  d.  29  Nov.  IS 77 
(see  Leslie  cjf  Baltibay). 

Arm!,  &c. — See  Leslie  nf  BaUihay. 

iS«a«3— Leslie  Hill,  Ballyraoney ;  and  Seaport  Lodge,  Bush- 
mills, CO.  Antrim. 


Le  Strange,  Hamon,  Esq.  of  Hunstanton  Hall, 
Norfolk,  h.  25  Nov.  1840,  J.P.  and  D.L.  for  that 
CO.,  for  some  years  a  Secretary  in  H.M.  Diplomatic 
Service  ;  dropped  the  surname  of  Styleman,  1  May, 
1871 ;  m.  20  Dec.  1866,  at  Boston,  Emmeline,  dau. 
of  William  Austin,  Esq.  of  Boston,  Massachusetts, 
U.S.,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Roland,  &.  in  Paris,  5  March,  18G9. 

II.  Austin,  h.  22  May,  1874.  iii.  Eric,  6.  20  Jan.  1878. 
I.  Emmeline,  6.  7  l"eb.  1872. 

ILfltCJigC.— Sir  IIamon  le  Strange,  Knt.,  who  was  en- 
feoffed of  Ilun.<-tanton,  3  Edward  II.,  by  his  brother,  John, 
6th  Lord  Strange,  of  Knockyn,  was  3rd  son  of  John  Le  Strange, 
Lord  Le  Strange,  of  KnocUyn,  by  Maud  his  wife,  dau.  and 
heir  of  Roger  Deivill,  of  co.  Warvsrick,  and  grandson,  by  Joan 
de  Somery,  co-heiress  of  her  mother,  Nicha,  eldest  dau.  of 
William  de  Albini,  Earl  of  Arundel,  of  John,  Lord  Strange, 
of  Knockyn,  5lh  in  descent  from  Roland  le  Strange,  the  patri- 
arch of  the  house  (witness  to  a  deed,  a.d.  1112),  whose  wife, 
Matilda  le  Brun,  was  ilau.  and  heiress  of  Ralph  Fitz-Hcrluin, 
who  held  lanils  in  Hunstanton  under  Roger  Bigot,  Earl  of 
Norfolk.  Sir  Ilainon  ni.  Margaret,  dau.  of  Ralph  Vernon,  and 
heiress  of  Richard  Vernon,  descended  from  the  Lords  Vernon, 
of  Shipbrook,  co  Chester,  and  left  a  son  and  successor, 

Hamon  le  Strange,  Esq.  of  Hunstanton,  m.  Katherine,  dau. 
and  heir  of  Lord  Cauaoys,  and  dying  te»yj.  Bichabd  II.  1399, 
was  «.  by  his  sou. 

SiE  John  le  Strange,  Knt.  of  Hunstanton,  1381,  m.  Eleanor, 
dau.  and  heir  of  Sir  Richard  Walkfare,  Knt.,  and  d.  G  Henry  V, 
1418,  leaving  a  son  and  heir, 

John  le  Strange,  Esq.  of  Hunstanton,  to.  Alice,  dau.  and 
heir  of  Nicholas  Beaumont,  Esq.;   d.  1436,  and  was  fatherof 

Roger  le  Strange,  Esq.  of  Hunstanton,  m.  Jane  Bebe,  and 
was  s.  by  his  son. 

Sir  Henry  le  .Strange,  Knt.  of  Hunstanton,  whose  will  beara 
date  29  Nov.  1483.  He  to.  Katherina,  dau.  of  Roger  Drury, 
Esq.  of  Halsted,  Suffolk,  d.  25  Nov.  1485,  and  was  s.  by  his  .son, 

Sir  Roger  le  Strange,  Knt.  of  Hunstanton,  Esquire  of  the 
Body  to  Henry  VII.,  to.  Ann,  dau.  of  Sir  Christopher  Heydon, 
Knt.,  and  dying  s.  p.  1506,  was  ?.  by  his  brother, 

Sir  Robert  le  Strange,  Knt.  of  Hunstanton,  m.  Anne,  dau. 
and  co-heir  of  Thomas  le  Strange,  of  Walton,  co.  Warwick, 
and  by  her  (who  to.  2ndly,  Sir  Edward  Knyvet)  left  at  bis 
decease,  3  Henry  VIII.,  a  son  and  successor. 

Sib  Thomas  le  Strange,  Knt.  of  Hunstanton,  6.  1494,  IligU 
Sheriff  of  Norfolk  1532,  Esquire  of  the  Body  to  Henry  Vlll., 
TO.  Anne,  dau.  of  Thomas,  Lord  Vaux,  and  by  her  (who  was 
5th  in  descentfrom  Johnof  Gaunt,  4th  son  of  King  Edward  III.) 
had  sixteen  children,  of  whom  one  of  the  younger  sons, 
Richard,  settlcdin  Ireland,  andwasancestoroftheL'EsTRANGES 
of  Mnystown,  King's  Co.,  the  L'Estranoes  of  Keoltown,  co. 
Westmeath,  &c.,  &c.  Sir  Thomas  d.  17  Jan.  1544,  and  was  «. 
by  his  eldest  son. 

Sir  Nicholas  le  Strange,  Knt.  of  Hunstanton,  High  Sheriff 
of  Norfolk  1547,  in.  Eleanor,  dau.  of  Sir  William  Fitzwilliams, 
of  Melton,  and  d.  20  Feb.  1579,  leaving  a  son  and  successor. 

Sir  Hamon  lb  Strange,  Knt.  of  Hunstanton,  High  Sheriff  of 
Norfolk  1573,  in.  Elizabeth,*  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Sir  Hugh 
Hastings,  of  Elsing,  in  that  co.,  the  lineal  descendant  and 
representative  of  John,  Lord  Hastings,  one  of  the  competitors 
for  the  throne  of  Scotland  1285  (being  the  grandson  and  heir 
of  Ada,  the  youngest  of  the  three  daus  of  David,  Earl  of  Hunt- 
ingdon; Balliol  being  the  grandson  of  the  eldest  dau.,  and 
Bruce  being  the  son  of  the  2nd  dau.),  who  was  summoned  tD 
Parliament  from  1290  to  1313.  By  this  lady.  Sir  IIamon,  wli:> 
d.  20  F'eb.  1579,  left  a  son  and  successor. 

Sir  Nicholas  le  Strange,  Knt.  of  Hunstanton,  M.P.  fur 
Norfolk,  1  Edward  VI.,  to.  Mary,  dau.  of  Sir  Robert  Bell, 
Chief  Baron  of  the  Exchequer,  and  was  s.  at  his  decease, 
22  Dec.  1591,  by  his  son. 

Sir  Hamon  le  Strange,  Knt.  of  Hunstanton,  in.  Alice,  don. 
and  co-heir  of  Richard  Stubbs,  Esq.  of  Sedgeford,  and  h;ul 
three  sons,  Nicholas,  his  heir;  Hamon,  of  Pakenham,  Suffolk; 
and  Roger  (Sir),  the  celebrated  writer  in  the  time  of  the  Com- 
monwealth. Sir  Hamon  d.  31  May,  1G54,  aged  71,  and  was  s. 
by  his  eldest  son. 

Sir  Nicholas  le  Strange,  of  Hunstanton,  created  a  Bart. 
1  June,  1629.  He  to.  Ann,  dau.  and  heir  of  Sir  Edward 
Lewknor,  Knt.  of  Denham,  4th  in  descent  from  the  marriage 
of  Nicholas  Lewknor,  Esq.  with  Isabella  Radmylde,  dau.  ami 
eventually  co-heir  (with  her  sister,  Margaret,!  wife  of  John 
Goring,  of  Burton)  of  Ralph  Radmylde,  Esq.  of  Sussex,  by  Mar- 
garet, his  wife,  sister  and  co-heir  of  Hugh  de  Camoys,  Baron 
Camoys,  as  proved  in  the  House  of  Lords  1839.  By  Ann  his 
wife,  who  d.  July,  16G3,  aged  51,  Sir  Nicholas  left  at  his 
decease,  24  July,  1G55,  aged  52,  a  son  and  successor. 

Sir  Hamon  le  Strange,  2nd  hart,  of  Hunstanton,  d.  unrn. 
seven  montlis  after  his  father,  15  Feb.  16i5,  o.s.,  aged  24,  and 
was  s.  by  his  brother. 

Sir  Nicholas  L'Estranoe,  3rd  bart.  of  Hunstanton,  m.  1st, 
Mary,  dau.  and  eventual  heir  of  John  Coke,  Esq.  of  Holkham, 
by  his  wife  Muriel  Wheatley,  heiress  of  Holkham,  and  granJ- 
dau.  of  Sir  Edward  Coke,  the  Chief  Justice.  By  this  lady  ho 
had  a  son  and  heir,  Nicholas.  Sir  Nicholas  to.  2ndly,  Eliza- 
beth, dau.  of  Sir  Justinian  Isham,  Bart.,  and  by  her  had,  with 
two  sons,  who  d.  s.  p.,  two  daus.,  the  elder  of  whom,  Elizabeth, 
to.  Robert  Tash,  Esq.  Sir  Nicholas  U.  13  Dec.  1669,  and  was 
s.  by  his  son  and  successor. 

Sir  Nicholas  L'Estrange.J  4th  bart.  of  Hunstanton,  m. 
Ann,  dau.  of  Sir  Thomas  Wodchouse,  of  Kimberley,  by  Ann 

*  As  one  of  the  co-heirs  of  this  Elizabeth  Hastings,  Henry 
L'Estrange  Styleman  le  Strange,  1841,  proved  in  the  House  of 
Lords  his  claim,  as  one  of  the  coheirs,  to  the  Barony  of 
Hastings,  created  1264,  but  the  Crown  exercised  its  preroga- 
tive in  favour  of  Sir  Jacob  Astley,  the  youngest  co-heir. 

t  From  Margaret  derives  Thomas  Stonor,  Lord  Camoys. 

t  It  was  Sir  Nicholas,  the  3rd  bart.,  who,  as  appears  hy 
reference  to  his  signatures,  first  altered  the  original  spelliiiK 
le  Strange  to  L'Estrange,  but  the  old  orthography  was  resumed 
by  the  late  Mr.  le  Strange. 





!  s  wife,  aau.  and  co-heir  of  Sir  William  Armine,  of  Osgodby, 
■  ).  Lincoln,  and  had  by  her  three  sons  and  two  daus., 

Hamon,  il.  unra.  on  his  travels,  1715. 
I  Thomas,  5th  bart.  Henky,  6th  bart. 

Aemine,  Id.  Nicholas Sttleman,  Esq.  of  Sncttishain,  Norfolk. 

Lucy,  m.  1721,  Sir  Jacob  Astley,  Uart.,  and  was  great- 
grandmother  of  Sir  Jacob  Astlcy,  Bart.,  in  whose  favour 
the  abeyance  of  the  Barony  of  Hastings  was  terminated,  1811. 

if  Nicholas  d.  18  Dec.  1724,  aged  C3,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Sib  fiioMAS  L'Estrange,  5th  bart.  of  Hunstanton,  who  m. 

nnc,  dau.  and  at  length  sole  heir  of  Sir  Christopher  Calthorpe, 

B.,  of  East  Barsham,  but  dying  s.p-  8  Nov.  1751,  was  s.  by 
is  brother. 

Sir  Henrt  L'Estrange,  6th  bart.  of  Hunstanton,  who  m. 
;ary,  dau.  of  the  Hon.  Roger  North,  of  Rougham,  but  d.  s.p. 

Sept.  17C0,  when  the  baronetcy  passed  to  Roger  L'Estrange, 
f  Harleston,  son  of  Roger  L'Estrange,  of  Iloe,  and  grandson 
f  Sir  Nicholas  L'Estrange,  1st  bart.  He  became  7th  bart., 
ad  by  his  3rd  wife,  Elizabeth  Redo,  had  an  only  son,  who  pre- 
eceased  him,  so  that  on  his  death,  21  April,  1762,  the 
aronctcy  expired.    The  elder  sister  and  co-heir  of  Sir  Henry, 

Akmine  L'Estrange,  who  was  ra.  to  Nicholas  Sttleman, 
sq.  of  Snettisham,  had  with  other  children,  who  d.  under 
ge,  two  sons,  Nicholas  Sttleman,  Esq.  of  Hunstanton  and 
nettisham,  who  m.  Catherine  Henley,  but  d.  s.  p.  9  Jan. 
788;  and 

The  Rev.  Armine  Sttleman,  of  Ringstead,  Norfollt,  who 
I.  Ann,  dau.  of  James  Elakeway,  Esq.,  ll.N.,  and  had  issue, 

Henrt,  his  heir. 

Nicholas,  m.  Ehzabcth,  dau.  of  Frank  Cobb,  Esq.  of  Margate, 

but  d.  s.  -p. 
Catlierine,  ra.  1st,  the  Rev.  Edward  Roger  North,  Vicar  of 

Haiiowe,  in  Essex,  grandson  of  the  Hon.  Roger  North,  of 

Hougham  ;  and  2ndly,  Sir  Mordaunt  Martin,  Bart. 
Anne,  m.  1st,  Tomkyus  Dew,  Esq.  of  co.  Hereford;  and  2ndly, 

Licut.-Col.  Powell,  of  the  same  co. 
Mary,  d.  num.  Armine,  d.  unm. 

Lucy,  VI.  Willinm  Herring,  Esq.  of  Norwich,  great  nephew 

of  Archbishop  Herring. 

he  Rev.  Armine  Styleman  d.  3  April,  1S03,  and  was  s.  by  his 

Henry  Sttleman,  Esq.  of  Hunstanton  and  Snettisham,  High 
lieriff  of  Norfolk  1804,  who  to.  1st,  1780,  Mary,  dau.  of  George 
regg,  Esq.  of  Haling,  Middlesex,  which  kuly  d.  s.  p.  7  Dec. 
307  ;  and  2ndly,  5  Dec.  1609,  Emilia,  dau.  of  Benjamin 
reedy,  Esq.  of  St.  Albans,  by  whom  he  left  at  his  decease, 
j  March,  1819,  one  son  and  two  daus., 

Henry  L'Estrange,  his  heir,  who  assumed  1839,  the  ancient 
surname  of  his  ancestors,  and  became  Henry  L'Estrange 
Sttleman  le  Strange,  Esq.  of  Hunstanton  and  Snettis- 

Emilia  L'Estrange,  m.  31  May,  1834,  Rev.  Frederick  Thomas 
William  Cooke  Fitzroy,  M.A.,  Rector  of  Great  Ringstead, 
4th  son  of  the  late  Gen.  the  Hon.  William  Fitzroy,  youngest 
son  of  Charles,  1st  Lord  Southampton. 

Armine  L'Estrange,  m.  1840,  William  Charles  James  Camp- 
bell, Esq.,  then  Capt.  3rd  Dragoon  Guards. 

he  only  son, 

Henry  L'Estrange  Styleman  le  Strange,  Esq.  of  Hun- 

anton,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  b.  25  Jan.  1815;    to.  25  July,  1839, 

imesina  .Joyce  Ellen,  youngest  dau.  and  eventual  co-heiress 

John  Stewart,  Esq.  of  Belladrum,  co.  Inverness,  and  had, 

Hamon,  now  of  Hunstanton  Hall. 

Charles,  Lieut.  R.N.  Guy. 

Janiesina,  to.  19  July,  1866,  Rev.  Adolphns  Waller,  2nd  and 
youngest  son  of  Sir  Thomas  Waller,  Hart. 

Alice,  ),(.  8  June,  1872,  Laurence  Oliphant,  Esq.,  son  of  Sir 
Anthony  Oliphant,  C.B. 

Ada,  m.  9  June,  1870,  E.  Heneage  Wynne  Finch,  Esq.  of 
Stokesley,  Yorks. 

reviously  to  the  termination  of  the  abeyances,  Mr.  Styleman 
e  Strange  was  declared  by  the  House  of  Lords  to  be  one  of 
le  co-heirs  of  the  Barony  of  Camoys,  and  also  of  the  Barony 
r  Hastings.  He  d.  27  July,  1862,  and  was  s.  by  his  son,  the 
resent  Hamon  le  Strange,  Esq.  of  Hunstanton. 

A-nnx—Gu.,  two  lions  passant  arg.    Crest — A  lion  statant 
lil  extended  or.     il7o«o— Mihi  parta  tueri. 
&aJ- Hunstanton  Hall,  Lynn  Regis,  Norfolk. 

(1830),  late  Lieut. -Col.  Commanding  3rd  rcgt. 
Stattordshifo  Ride  Militia,  and  formerly  an  officer 
60th  Kojal  Eillcs,  b.  21  Nov.  1810  ;  m.  1  Aug.  1848, 
Elizabeth  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Mirehouse,  Esq.  ot" 
Browusladc,  co.  Pembroke,  Common  Serjeant  of 
London,  by  Elizabeth  his  wife,  dau.  of  Dr.  Eisher, 
Eishop  of  Salisbury,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Richard  Walter  Byrd,  of  Hall,  Angle,  co.  Pembroke, 
J. P.,  b.  5  May,  1849;   who  has  assumed  the  surname  of 


II.  William  Swinnerton  ByrJ,  b.  185G. 

III.  Egerton  Bagot  Byrd,  b.  1857. 

IV.  Walter  Leveson  Bryd,  6. 1859. 

I.  Louisa  Mary,  b.  1851.  ii.  Evelyn  Honora,  6.  1653. 

ni.  Isabel  Mary,  6.  18G8. 

ILtUCTttJC— William  Levett,  Esq.  of  Savernake,  Wilts, 
Page  to  King  Charles  I.  at  the  time  of  that  monarch's  death, 
j  was  father  of  Sir  Richard  Levett,  Knt.,  Lord  Mayor  cf 
London  1700,  who  had,  with  other  issue,  a  dau.,  Elizabeth, 
m.  1713,  Sir  Edward  Hulse,  Bart.,  M.D.,  and  a  son,  Richard 
I  Levett,  Esq.,  Alderman  of  London,  who  m.  Anne  Sweetaplc, 
and  had  a  son  and  successor,  the  Rev.  Richard  Levett, 
Rector  of  Blithfield  and  Leigh,  co.  Stafford,  who  m.  Catherine 
Walcot,  of  Walcot,  Salop,  and  was  father  of 

The  Rev.  Richard  Levett,  Vicar  of  West  Wycombe,  Bucks, 
who  VI.  Lucy,  dau.  and  heir  of  Edward  Byrd,  Esq.  of  Field 
and  Brocton,  co.  Stafford,  and  of  Smallwood,  co.  Chester,  and 
by  her  (through  whom  came  the  Milford  estate)  left  at  his 
decease  1805,  a  son  and  successor, 

The  Rev.  Richard  Levett,  of  Milford  Hall,  6.  17  Nov. 
1772,  who  VI.  16  Jan.  1804,  Louisa  Frances,  4th  dau.  of  the 
Rev.  Walter  Bagot,  of  Blithfield,  co.  Stafford  (brother  of  the 
1st  Lord  Bagot),  by  Anne  his  wife,  dau.  of  William  Swinnerton, 
Esq.  of  Butterton  Hall,  co.  Stafford,  and  had  issue, 

Richard  Byrd,  now  of  Milford  Hall. 

Frances  Mary. 

Mr.  Levett  d.  25  Aug.  1843;  his  widow,  March,  1864. 

Arms — Arg.,  a  lion  r.impant  sa.,  murally  crowned  or,  and 
two  crosses  fitchee,  in  pale,  between  two  piles,  issuing  from  the 
dexter  and  sinister  chiefs  of  the  second,  each  pile  charged  with 
three  crosses-crosslet  fitchee  of  the  third.  Cnst — A  demi-liou 
or,  entwined  with  a  sprig  of  laurel  vert,  and  supporting  a  cross- 
crosslet  fitchee  sa. 

SeaJ— Milford  HaU,  Stafford. 


See  Caeieton. 


Letett,  Eichaed  Eyed,  Esq.  of  Milford  Hall, 
0.  Stafford,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  B.A.  Ch.  Ch,  Oxford 


Levett,  TnEOPHiLrs  John,  Esq.  of  Wychnor 
Park,  CO.  Stafford,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  Lieut. -Col.  Com- 
manding 2nd  batt.  Staffordshire  Volunteers,  and 
Capt.  Q.  O.  Staffordshire  Yeomanry,  formerly  Capt. 
1st  Life  Guards,  b.  11  Dec.  1829  ;  m.  10  Jan.  1856, 
Lady  Jane  Lissey  Harriet  Feilding,  dau.  of  the  7th 
Earl  of  Denbigh,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Theophilds  Basil  Percy,  6.  Dec.  1856. 

II.  Berkeley  John  Talbot,  b.  11  Nov.  1863. 
I.  Mary  Louisa  Margaret. 

ILtnratJC. — Theophilus  Levett,  Esq.  of  Wychnor  Park, 
CO.  Stafford,  derived  from  a  common  ancestor  with  the  Levetts 
of  Milford  Hall,  m.  Mary,  2nd  dau.  and  co-heir  of  John 
Babington,  Esq.  of  Paekington,  co.  Warwick,  and  dying  1746, 
left  issue,  Thomas;  John,  who  purchased  Wychnor  1765; 
Richard  (Rev.) ;  and  Anne,  m.  Rev.  Richard  Levett,  of  West 
Wycorab.     The  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Levett,  Esq.  of  Wychnor  Park,  m.  1762,  Catherine, 
dau.  and  eventually  co-heir  of  Charles  Floyer,  Esq.  of  Hint.s, 
CO.  Stafford,  by  Susannah,  his  wife,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Waldy  vc 
Willington,  Esq.  of  Hurley,  co.  Warwick,  and  had  issue, 

Theopuilos,  his  heir. 

Thomas  (Rev.),  of  Paekington,  to.  Wilmot  Maria,  dau.  of  Sir 

N.  B.  Gresley,  Bart. ;  but  d.  s.  p.  1843. 
Anne,  d.  unvi. 
Catherine,    vi.    1794,    her    cousin,    William    Hiunberstonc 

Cawley  Floyer,  Esq.  of  Hints  Hall,  co.  Stafford. 

The  son  and  heir, 

Theophilds  Levett,  Esq.  of  Wychnor  Park,  High  Sheriff  of 
CO.  Stafford  50  George  III.,  and  Recorder  of  Lichfield,  ,;;. 
Frances,  dau.  of  Thomas  Prinsep,  Esq.  of  Croxall  Hall,  ci». 
Derby,  and  has  issue,  i.  John,  his  heir;  ii.  Theophilus,  m. 
Henrietta,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Juhn  Templer,  of  Devon; 
HI.  Thomas,  who  took  the  surname  of  Pbinsep;   ho  jn.  1st, 





Margaret,  dan.  of  David  Monroe,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  had  one 
surviving  dau.,  Margaret  Catherine,  wife  of  R.  T.  K.  Levett, 
Esq.  of  Pacliington  Hall ;  and  2ndly,  Caroline,  dau.  of  the  Rev. 
Julin  Templer;  iv.  Arthur,  married;  i.  Frances,  w.  William 
Gist,  Esq. ;  ii.  Mary,  m.  the  Rev.  John  MuclUestone ;  and 
in.  Anne.    BIr.  Levett  c?.  3  Dec.  1839,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

John  Levett,  Esq.  of  Wychnor  Parle  and  Packington  Hall, 
whoj/i.  19  Feb.  1829,  Sophia  Eliza,  niece  of  the  Marquess  of 
Ailsa,  and  dau.  of  the  Hon.  Robert  Kennedy,  by  Jane  his  wife, 
sister  of  Gen.  Alexander  Macomb,  Commander-in-Chief  of  the 
armies  of  the  United  States  in  America,  and  d.  1853,  leaving 

Theophilus  John,  now  of  Wychnor  Park. 

Robert  Thomas  Kennedy,  of  Packington  Hall,  Lichfield,  J.P. 

and  D.L.,  b.  29  April,  1831 ;  m.  1860,  his  cousin,  Margaret, 

dau.  of  the  late  Thomas  Levett  Prinsep,  Esq.  of  Croxall 

Hall,  and  has  surviving  issue, 

1  Tliomas  Prinsep,  b.  1862.     2  Walter  Mackenzie,  6. 1867. 

1  Mary  Frances. 

Edward,  b.  18  Dec.  1832;  late  Major  10th  Hussar.s:  m.  Caro- 
line, 3rd  dau.  of  the  late  Dr.  Longley,  Archbishop  of  Can- 
terbury, and  has  two  daus. 

Cliarles  Richard,  b.  14  June,  1834;  Capt.  1st  King's  Dragoon 
Guards;  m.  18.59,  Katherine,  eldest  dau.  of  Capt.  Williams, 
R.N.,  and  has  six  sons  and  one  dau. 

Henry  Gordon,  late  3rd  Hussars,  b.  26  July,  1841. 

Sophia  Frances  Margaret,  m.  9  Oct.  18G0,  the  Hon.  and  Rev. 
G.  B.  Legge,  brother  of  the  Earl  of  Dartmouth. 

Arms — Arg.,  a  lion  rampant  between  three  crosssB-crosslet 
fitchee  sa.,  a  bordure  engrailed  az.  charged  witli  four  crosses- 
crosslet  fitchee,  and  as  many  fleurs-de-lis  alternately  or.  Crest 
— A  demi-lion  arg.  ducally  crowned  or,  gorged  with  a  collar  az., 
in  the  dexter  paw  a  cross-crosslet  fitchee  sa.,  the  sinister  paw 
resting  on  an  escutcheon,  of  the  tliird,  charged  with  a  fleur-de- 
lis  gold. 

Seat— Wychnor  Park,  Burton-on-Trent. 


See  preceding  Memoir. 



Lewes,  William  Peice,  Esq.  of  Llysnewydd,  co. 
Carmarthen,  late  of  the  96tli  regt.,  Col.  Commancling 
Royal  Carmarthen  Artillery  Militia,  J.P.  and  D.L. 
for  COS.  Carmarthen,  Pembroke,  and  Cardigan,  and 
High  Sheriff  for  the  last-named  shire  1859,  b.  5  Nov. 
1813  ;  m.  21  Oct.  1837,  Anna,  elder  dau.  of  James 
Bcatty,  Esq.,  M.D.  of  Enniskillen,  Ireland,  and  has, 

I.  AViLLtAM  Price  Llewellyn,  J.P.  cos.  Cardigan  and 
Carmarthen,  Major  51st  regiment,  6.  30  Aug.  1838;  to. 
10  Jan.  1872,  Sarah  Cecilia,  2nd  dau.  of  John  Deane- 
]>i;ike,  Esq.  of  Stokestown,  and  has  a  son,  William,  and 

It.  Thomas  Powell,  b.  18  Aug.  1860. 

I.  WiUiama  Susanna,  m.  April,  1874,  John  Richard  Howell, 
I>n.  of  Glaspant,  co.  Carmarthen. 

zi.  Elizabeth  Cecilia  Johanna,  r/i.  Aug.  1861,  Essex  Bowen, 
Esq.,  M.D.,  of  Llwyngwair,  co.  Pembroke,  and  is  de- 

HI.  Mary  Anna,  m.  March,  18C9,  James  Bowen  Summers, 
Esq.  of  Milton,  co.  Pembroke. 

iltnCJttJC. — The  family  of  Lewes  is  amongst  the  oldest  in 
Wales,  and  claims  descent  from  Ednowain  ap  Bradwen,  Lord 
of  Llys-Bradwen,  founder  of  the  15th  noble  tribe  of  North 
Wales  and  Powis,  4.D.  846 ;  the  present  representative  being 
twenty-first  in  direct  male  descent  from  that  chieftain. 
Fifteenth  from  Ednowain  was 

Thomas  Lewes,  of  Lly.snewydd,  who  w.  Jane,  dau.  of  James 
Lewes,  of  Coedmore,  and  granddau.  of  Sir  John  Lewes,  of 
Abernantbychan,  co.  Cardigan;  and  d.  about  1700,  leaving  a 

David  Lewes,  who  m.  Magdalene,  dau.  of  Thomas  Lloyd, 
Esq.  of  Bronwydd,  and  their  eldest  son  dying  unm.,  the  estate 
fell  to  David's  grandson, 

JouN  Lewes,  Esq.  of  Carmarthen,  and  of  Llanllyr,  co.  Car- 
digan, who  m.  Esther  Beynon,  of  Castell  Gorvod,  co.  Carmar- 
then.   Their  son, 

John  Lewes,  Esq.of  Llysnewydd.  andof  Llanllyr,  m.  Rebecca 
Price,  of  Duffryn,  co.  Carmarthen,  and  by  her  the  Duflryn 
property  was  joined  to  Llysnewydd.  He  d.  1769,  leaving  a 

William  Lewes,  Esq.  of  Llysnewydd,  who  m.  Joan,  dau.  of 

Thomas  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Bronwydd,  and  had  issue, 
I.  William,  of  whom  presently. 

ir.  Thomas  (Rev.),    Rector  of  Taynton,   co.  Oxford,    anfl 
j;;'.rrington,  co.  Gloucester. 

III.  John,    m.  Mary  Anne,   dau.  of  T.  Vaughan,  Esq.   of 
'lyllwydd,  co.  Cardigan;  and  d.  1860,  leaving  issue, 

1  .ToHN,  late  Lieut. -Col.  10th  Hussars,  m.  Mary  Jane,  dau. 
01  the  Rev.  J.  Griffith,  and  has  issue.        2  Tliomas. 
.0  I'rice,  Lieut.  R.A.,  m.  Florence  Kinncar,  of  Halifax. 

1  JIary  Anne,  m.  Robert  Lewis  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Nantgwilt, 
CO.  Radnor. 

2  Louisa  Jane,  in.  Sir  Pryse  Pryse,  Bart,  of  Gogerddan,  co. 

IV.  Piice,  of  Gwastoed,  co.  Cardigan. 
The  eldest  son, 

William  Lewes,  Esq.  of  Llysnewydd,  an  ofiBcer  in  the  Horse 
Guards  (Blue),  in.  1812,  Eliza  Williaraa  Anne,  daa.  of  Col. 
Lewis,  of  Llanapron,  co.  Cardigan,  and  left  issue  at  his 

William  Phice,  present  representative. 

J.ihn,   b.   1814,  an  ofBcer  in  the  27th  regt.,  m.  Charlotte 

Berry;  and  d.  at  the  Cape  of  Good  Hope,  leaving  issue  a 

d.iu.,  Amy  Eliza. 
Williama  Johanna,  m.  John  Boultbee,  Esq.  of  Baxtarley,  CO. 

Warwick,  and  has  issue,  John  Edward  Lewis,  late  71st  regt., 

and  Williama  Mary  Sidney. 

Arms — Gu.,  three  serpents  nowed  in  triangle  arg.  Crest — 
An  eagle  displayed  with  a  serpent  cmbowed  round  the  body 
Xjpr.     Motto — Sine  dolo. 

Heat — Llsynewdd,  Llandyssil,  South  Wales. 


Lewin,  Mortimer,  Esq.  of  The  Hollies,  Kent, 
5.  13  Oct.  1847  ;  s.  his  father  17  June,  1877. 

^ilXCclQt. — This  is  an  old  Kentish  family. 

Richard  Lewin,  Esq.  of  the  Hollies,  Bexley,  Kent,  m.  1752, 
Mary  Brown,  of  an  ancient  family  seated  at  Hampstead, 
and  d.  1810,  leaving  by  her  (wlio  d.  1760),  i.  Thomas, 
his  lieir;  ii.  Richard,  of  Eltham,  Kent,  father  of  Sir  Gregory 
AUnutt  Lewin;  in.  John;  iv.  Gregory;  v.  Frederick;  vi. 
Edward;  vii.  John;  i.  Mary.    The  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lewin,  Esq.  of  The  Hollies,  6.  18  April,  1753;  m. 
17S1,  Mary,  dau.  of  Major-Gen.  John  Hale,  of  Plantation,  near 
Guisborough,  co.  York  (4th  son  of  Sir  Bernard  Hale,  Chief 
Baron  of  the  Exchequer  in  Ireland,  see  Hale  of  King's  Walden), 
by  Mary  Chaloner  his  wife  (see  Chalosero/  Gai>.horouoh),  and 
(I.  1837,  having  by  her  (who  d.  1843)  had  issue,  all  of  whomare 
deceased  except  Frances  Eliza, 


Richard  John,  m.  Jane,  widow  of  T.  Plumer,  Esq.,  M.P. 

Frederick,  deceased. 

Frederick  Mortimer,  late  of  the  Hollies. 

William  Charles  James,  m.  in  1827,  Jane  Laprimandaye,  am 
had  four  sons  and  two  daus. 

George  Herbert,  ni.  1836,  Mary  Friend,  and  has  three  soi 
and  two  daus. 

Edward  Bernard  Hale,  m.  Matilda  Bivaz,  and  had  three  so; 
and  two  daus.  Emilius. 

Mary  Hale,  m.  1806,  Charles  Marsh,  Esq.  and  has  a  son  and 
three  daus.  Ann,  deceased. 

Harriet,  vi.  1820,  George  Grote,  Esq.,  the  Historian  of  Greece, 
d.  28  Dec.  1878. 

Charlotte,  r,i.  1834,  Thomas  Lewin,  Esq. 

Frances  Eliza,  m.  Neil  von  Koch,  Esq.  of  Stockholm,  and 
has  issue  four  sons.  m 

The  4th  son,  ^ 

Frederick  Mortimer  Lewin,  Esq.  of  the  Hollies,  J.P.  for 
Kent  and  Hants,  6.  30  Aug.  1798;  m.  9  April,  1839,  Auausta 
Diana,  elder  dau.  of  Thomas  Gisborne  Babington,  Esq.  of 
Rothley  Temple,  co.  Leicester,  by  Hon.  Aueusta  Julia,  4th 
dau.  of  Sir  Gerard  Noel  Noel,  Bart.,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Frederick  Chaloner,  85th  regt.,  b.  5  June,  1842;  d.  1 
Mav,  1870. 

II.  Lionel  Henry,  h.  25  June,  1846;  d.  20  Dec.  1874. 
ni.  Mortimer,  now  of  The  Hollies. 

I.  JIary  Hale,  to.  8  June,   1865,  Major  Henry  Mastermaot 
Thompson,  41st  (Welch)  regt.,  and  has  issue. 

II.  Diana  Spencer,  to.  3  March,  1868,  Lieut. -Col.  Edward 
Spread  Beamish,  R.A.,  2nd  son  of  Rev.  Henry  Hamilton 
Beamish,  by  Anne  Isabella  his  wife,  dau.  of  Rev.  Edward 
Spread  (see  Beamish  of  Mount  Beamish),  and  has  issue. 

III.  Julia  Babington.  '        3 

He  d.  17  June,  1877.  \ 

Arms — Per  pale  gn.  and  or,  three  bucks'  heads  erased  at' 
the  neck  counterchanged.  Crest — A  buck  trippant  quarterly  ori 
and  az.     Motio — Dieu  sait  tout. 

<Sea£— The  Hollies,  Bexley,  Kent. 








Lewix,  Fredeeic  Thomas,  Esq.  of  Cloghans,  co. 
ilayo,  b.  1828 ;  m.  1867,  Lucy  Emma,  dau.  of 
vViiliam  Byrom  Come,  Esq.  of  Cheltenham,  and 
las  issue, 

I.  Thomas  Fbedekic. 
1.  Constance  Mary. 
III.  Gwynneth  Muud. 

It.  Arthur  Corvie. 
H.  Lucy  Eiuily. 
IV.  Alice  Christina. 

VIr.  Lewin  is  a  Magistrate  for  the  cos.  of  Mayo  and 

iLt'nCJtSP.— Thomas  Lewin,  Esq.  of  Cloghans,  son  of 
'lionias  Lewin,  Esq.  of  Croom,  co.  Limerick,  ru.  16G6,  Eliza- 
icth,  dau.  of  Edward  Yeo,  Esq.  of  Kansfadden,  Wales,  and, 
u  1673,  purchased  Cloghans.  lie  left  issue,  i.  Joseph,  his 
icir ;  II.  Thomas.    Mr.  Lewin  (L  1690.    The  eldest  son, 

Joseph  Lewin.  Esq.  of  Cloghans,  m.  1685,  Ann,  dau.  of 
lobert  Bell,  Esq.  of  Streamstown,  and  had  issue,  i.  Thomas, 
lis  heir;  il.  John,  tZ.  s.  jj. ;  I.Elizabeth.    The  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lewin,  Esq.  of  Cloghans,  m.  1714,  Christina,  dau.  of 
J.  King,  and  had  issue, 

Thomas,  his  heir. 

Henry,  a  cavalry  officer,  d.  s.  p.,  killed  in  the  tattle  of 
FtTitenoy.  Cabeiqce,  of  whom  presently. 

Francis,  d.  s.  p. 

'he  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lewin,  Esq.  of  Cloghans,  High  Sheriff  of  Mayo 
745,  m.  1740,  Barbara,  dau.  of  John  iloss  Lewin,  Esq.  of 
'ortfergus,  co.  Clare,  and  had  issue, 

Thomas,  hislieir. 

Anne,  m.  1776,  George  Boss  Lewin,  Esq.  of  Boss  Hill,  co. 
Susan,  in.  John  Wcstropp,  Esq.  of  Mellon,  co.  Limerick. 

rhe  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lewin,  Esq.  of  Cloghans,  High  Sheriff  of  Mayo,  m. 
1770,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Harrison  Tioss  Lewin,  Esq.  of  Fort- 
ergus,  CO.  Clare,  and  had  issue, 

Jane,  m.  1st,  Capt.  Horsfall,  39th  regt.,  and  2ndly,  Col.  John 

Scroop  Colquitt,  of  the  Grenadier  Guards. 
Barbara,  m.  Ralph  Benson,  Esq.  of  Lutwyche  Hall,  co.  Salop, 
sometime  M.P.  for  Stafford.  Anna,  d.  unm. 

Jr.  Lewin  left  no  issue  male.    Reverting  to 

Carriqce  Lewin,  Esq.,  son  of  the  2nd  Thomas  Lewin,  of 
!;ioghan's;  he  ?n.  1745,  Margaret,  dau.  of  James  Gallaher, 
isq.,  and  had  issue  a  son, 

James  Lewin,  Esq.  of  Oakland?,   m.    1780,  Ann,   dau.   of 
idward  Elwood,  Esq.  of  Ballymore,  co.  Sligo,  and  had  issue, 
James,  Capt.  30th  foot,  who  m.  and  had  one  son,  James  St. 
George,  Lieut.  61st  regt.,  d.  s.  p.  1849,  in  India. 
Thomas,  of  whom  presently. 
Carrique,  Lieut.  71st  regt.,  d.  s.p.  1844. 

'he  2nd  son, 

Thomas  Lewin,  Esq.  of  Cloghans,  served  a  few  years  as  an 
ifficcr  30th  regt.,  but  quitted  the  army  on  the  reduction  after 
Vuterloo.  He  m.  1823,  Anna,  dau.  of  Westropp  Boss  Lewin, 
isq.,  of  Cornfield,  to.  Clare,  and  had  issue, 

Fredewc  Thomas,  now  of  Cloghans. 

Georgitia,  m.  1851,  George  EUis,  late  Lieut.  52nd  Light 

Arms — Arg.,  a  bend  engrailed  sa.  between  two  trefoils  slipped 
■ert.  Crest — Ademi-hon  sa.  holding  between  his  paws  a  trefoil 
lipped  vert.    jVotfo— Spes  mea  in  i)eo. 

&«£— Cloghans,  Tuam,  co.  Mayo. 

LEWIN    OF    THE    Co.    CLARE. 

See  Eoss-Lewin. 


Lewis,  Johx  Michael  Atlwaed,  Esq.  of  Eal- 
inagar,  CO.  Galwav,  i.  1  Feb.  1854;  s.  his  father 

ILtltCaflf  • — This  family  derives  descent  from  the  ancient 

rt'elsh  line  of  the  same  name,  long  resident  in  co.  Carmarthen. 

David   Lewis   settled    in  Ireland    about  the    middle  of  the 

I7th  century,  atWaterford,  of  which  city  he  became  Alderman. 

He  was  Sheriff   in  1695,  and  filled  the  office  of  Mayor  six 

;imes.    He  d.  1718,  leaving  issue  by  his  wife,  Sarah, 

I.  William  (Ven.),   Archdeacon  of   Kilfcrona.    h.  1692;    m. 

Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Eichard  Buckaer,  Esq.  of  Waterford,  and 

d.  1764,  leaving  issue. 

1  William  (Kev.),  b.  1725 ;  m.  1705,  Mary,  dau.  of  Col.  Clarke, 
of  .'jurroy,  and  had  issue,  William  (Itev.),  m.  1795,  Anne, 
dau.  ot  Francis  Kyves,  Esq.  of  Eyvis  Castle,  co.  Lime- 
rick, and  had  issue,  William  Buckner  (Eev.),  British 
Chaplain  at  Smyrna,  d.  3  Jan.  18T0  (he  vi.  17  July,  1826, 
Margaret,  dau.  of  W.  C.  Purdou,  E.*q.  of  Tinncr.nna,  co. 
Clare,  and  had  issue,  William ;  and  three  daus.)  Bichanl 
Capt.  94th  regt.,  (/.  1844 ;  Dora ;  Mary. 

2  David  (Eev.),  b.  1730;  d.  1709. 

1  Anne,  m.  Col.  Gore,  of  Derrymore,  co.  Clare. 

2  Dorothea,  m.  1st,  Gen.  Crumpe;  and  2ndly,  in  1792,  Lord 
Glentworth,  Bishop  of  Limerick. 

0  Elizabeth,  m.  Eev.  William  Maunsell,  D.D.,  of  Limerick. 

II.  David,  m.  1740,  Mary  Shiel,  of  Dublin,  and  d.  1754, 
k-aving  issue,  David  Samuel. 

III.  Hesrt,  of  whom  presently,  iv.  James  (Eev.),  d.  unm. 
The  3rd  son, 

Henry  Lewis,  Esq.,  w.  1720,  Joan,  dau.  of  Francis  Badley, 
Esq.  of  Coolcur,  co.  Cork;  and  d.  1730,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Henrt,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Thomas,  in.  1762,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Eichard  Edward 
Hu!!,  Esq.  of  Lemcon  Manor,  co.  Cork,  and  d.  1808,  leaving 

1  llichard  Hull,  Lieut.  CSth  regt.,  6.  1764;  m.  1790, 
Christiana,  dau.  of  John  Sweetenham,  Esq.  of  Mardyke 
House,  CO.  Cork;  and  d.  23  Oct.  1835,  leaving  issue, 

William,  b.  1793,  late  Lieut.  19th  regt.,  m.  1st,  1824, 
Christiana,  dau.  of  Eobcrt  Bird,  Esq.  of  Bantry  (by 
whom  ho  had  issue,  a  dau.,  Mary,  m.  1S53,  Dr.  Abraham 
Tuckey,  of  Bantry,  d.  1876) ;  he  m.  2ndly,  1827,  Sarah 
(d.  1874),  dau.  of  Eobert  Boyle  Warren,  Esq.  of  Kinsalc, 
and  has  issue,  Eichard  Hull,  6.  1828,  late  Major  20th 
regt.  (m.  1858,  Georgina,  dau.  of  John  TonsonKye,  Esq. 
of  Eyecourt,  co.  Cork,  and  has  issue) ;  Sarah,  m.  1850  (d. 
1855),  Eichard  C.  Pratt,  Esq.  of  Kinsalc;  Christiana,  m. 
1852  (d.  1856),  Capt.  Johnstone  Napier,  74th  regt. 

John,  Lieut.  1st  Ceylon  regt.,  6.1794;  m.  Miss  Long, 
d.  s.  p.  1822. 

Thomas,  Lieut.  48th  regt.,  6.  1796;  m.  Miss  Dalton, 
d.  s.  p.  1827. 

Stephen,  6.  1797,  late  Lieut.  73rd  regt.;  m.  Eliza, 
dau.  of  Dr.  Millar,  of  Six  Wile  Bridge,  co.  Clare,  and 
has  issue,  John  Eiggs  MiOar,  Deputy  Surgeon-General, 
A.M.D.  (m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Judge  Jervis,  of  Canada, 
and  has  issue) ;  Stephen  {m.  Isabella,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Ciumpe,  Esq.  of  Chorley,  Salop,  and  has  issue) ;  James 
Henry,  Surgeon  A.M.D.,  d.  1867. 

Henry,  6.  1801,  ru.  Mary,  dau.  of  Ralph  Bracken, 
E?q.,  and  d.  1849,  leaving  issue,  Henry  Ealph,  lato 
Lieut.  11th  regt.  (m.  Eliza,  dau.  of  Eobert  Dunne,  Esq. 
of  Kinsale,  and  has  issue);  Eichard  Hull;  and  four 
daus.,  1  Mary,  m.  1820,  Major  Crookc,  25th  regt.; 
2  Catherine,  in.  1st,  Capt.  Sandys,  24th  Light  Dra- 
goons, and  2ndly,  Col.  Lowth,  C.B.,  3Sth  regt.,  A.D.C. 
to  the  Queen. 

2  Tonson,  b.  1766 ;  m.  Miss  Blair,  of  Blairs  Cove,  Bantry; 
and  d.  1841,  leaving  issue,  Eichard,  Thomas. 

1  Elizabeth,  m.  Eichard  Blair,  Esq.  of  Blairs  Cove. 

III.  Frank,  in.  Miss  Gardner,  and  had  issue,  Frank. 
I.  Catherine,  m.  —  Hopkins,  Esq. 

The  eldest  son, 

Henry  Lewis,  Esq.  hi.  Margaret,  dau.  of  Richard  Edward 
Hidl,  Esq.  of  Lemcon  Manor,  co.  Cork,  and  had  issue  (wittl 
a  dau.,  Mary,  who  d.  unm.  1866)  an  only  son, 

Eichard  Lewis,  Esq.,  m.  1797,  Catherine,  dau.  of  John 
Travers,  Esq.  of  Garrycloyne  Castle,  co.  Cork,  and  d.  1817, 
leaving  issue. 

I.  John  (Rev.),  Rector  of  St.  Anne's  Shandon,  co.  Cork,  vi. 
1823,  Rebecca,  dau.  of  John  Lawless,  Esq.  of  Cork,  by  JIary 
Pyne  his  wife;  and  d.  1832,  leaving  issue,  the  Right  Rev. 
John  Travers  Lewis,  D.D.,  LL.D.,  Bishop  of  Ontario,  Upper 
Canada,  b.  1825  (m.  1851,  Anne,  dau.  of  Henry  Sharwood, 
Attorney-Generalof  Upper  Canada,  and  has  issue,  Travers, 
h.  1857,  and  three  daus.);  Richard;  Rowland;  Zachery; 
and  three  daus. 

II.  Richard  Toxson,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Henry,  Midshipman  E.N.,  deceased. 

IV.  Robert  Travers,  in.  Mary,  dau.  of  David  Longworth,  Esq. 
I  f  Castletown,  Queen's  Co. ;  and  (/.  1851,  leaving  issue, 
l;obert ;  Richard;  John;  and  Jane  rii.  16  Dec.  1857,  Henry 
D.  Murray,  Esq.  son  of  Sir  Patrick  Murray,  Bart,  (see 
Burke's  Faroge  and  Borondaije). 

V.  William  Hull,  M.D.,  J.P.,  6.  1807  ;  m.  1838,  Anne,  dau. 
of  William  Roe,  Esq.  ;  and  d.  1875,  leaving  issue,  William 
Roe,  m.  Anna,  dau.  of  W.  F.  Jones,  Esq.,  S.I.R.I.C,  and 
has  issue;    Robert;  Richard;  Frederick. 

I.  Jane,  m.  —  Browne,  Esq.  of  Rockborough,  Muskerry. 

II.  Margaret,  m.  1842,  Rev.  W.  Meade,  Vicar  of  Kinsale. 

III.  Kate,  d.  unm.  9  Aug.  1861. 
The  2nd  son, 

Richard  Tonson  Lewis,  Esq.,  m.  1824,  Cicely  Connolly 
id.  1844),  only  dau.  of  Capt.  J.  M.  Aylward,  of  Ballinagar,  co. 
Galway,  and  d.  1S40,  leaving  issue  (with  a  dau.,  OUvia  Bar- 
bara) an  only  son, 






John  Michaei,  Atlwabd  Lewis,  Esq.of  Ballinaprar,  J.P.  co. 
Galway,  b.  12  March,  1827  ;  ni.  7  April,  1853,  Hannah,  dau.  of 
Thomas  Eoberts  White,  Esq.,  and  d.  26  May,  ls78,  leaving 

I.  John  Michael  Atlwakd,  now  of  Eallinagar. 

II.  Thomas  White.  B.A.  Trin.  Coll.  Dublin,  0.  8  Jan.  1855. 

III.  Richard  George,  Lieut.  Galway  Militia,  b.  19  Feb.  1857. 

IV.  Robert  Traver.=,  b.  19  March,  1859. 

V.  Harry  Hull,  6.  15  Dec.  1860. 

vi.  George  White,  6.  29  May,  1SC3. 

I.  Annie.  ii.  Hannah  Blanche. 

^amilu  of  giulfaatb. 

The  lands  of  Faithleg?,  co.  Waterford,  granted  to  the 
AyLWABDS  at  the  Anglo-Norman  invasion  of  Ireland,  remained 
with  the  Aylward  family  for  nearly  five  centuries.  John 
Aylward,  the  last  possessor,  is  stated  to  have  been  transplanted 
to  Connaught  by  Cko-mwell,  and  to  have  settled  at  Ballinagur. 
His  eldest  son, 

Peter  Atlwabd,  Esq.  of  Eallingar,  obtained  (29  Chables  IT.) 
a  grant  from  the  Crown  of  the  Ballinagar  estate,  co.  Galway. 
He  Til.  Elizabeth  French,  of  Galway,  and  had  issue, 

JoHK  Ogle,  his  heir.  James. 

Jane.  Honora. 

The  eldest  son, 

John  Ogle  Atlwabd,  Esq.  of  Ballinagar,  m.  Barbara,  dau.  of 
Garrett  Xugent,  Esq.  of  Dysert,  Westmeath,  and  d.  1731, 
leaving  issue, 

I.  John  Fbekch,  his  heir. 

II.  NcGENT  Stlvesteb,  who  s.  his  brother. 
lu.  Michael  Widman,  who  s.  his  brother. 

1.  Elizabeth,  m.  Patrick  Byrne,  Esq.,  Ballyteskin,  Queen's 
Co.  II.  Mary,  m.  Francis  French,  Esq.  of  Dublin. 

m.  Barbara,  m.  Edward  O'Brien,  Esq.,  Ballysoblona,  co. 

IV.  Bridget,  m.  1752,  John  Blake,  Esq.  of  Parteen,  co.  Clare. 

John  Feench  Atlwabd,  Esq.  of  Ballinagar,  d.  unm.  1755, 
and  was  s.  by  his  brother, 

NncENT  Stlvesteb  Atlwabd,  Esq.  of  Ballinagar,  m.  1757, 
Catherine,  dau.  of  Patrick  French,  Esq.  (now  St.  George), 
of  Tyrone,  co.  Galway,  and  had  issue,  Mary,  m.  1st,  1780, 
Edmund  Blake,  Esq.  of  Ballyglunin  Park,  co.  Galway;  and 
2ndly,  17?7,  Col.  John  Blake,  of  Furbo,  co.  Galway.  Mr.  Ayl- 
ward d.  10  Aug.  1783,  and  was  s.  by  his  brother, 

Michael  Widman  Atlwabd,  Esq.  of  Ballinagar,  who  had 
served  for  some  time  in  the  Spanish  army,  for  which  he  was 
outlawed,  but  received  (38  George  II.)  the  royal  pardon.  He 
m.  1st,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Patrick  French,  Esq.  (now  St.  George), 
of  Tyrone,  co.  Galway;  and  2ndly,  1784,  Jane,  dau.  of  Denis 
Daly,  Esq.  of  Killimore  Castle,  co.  Galway  (she  remarried 
Capt.  Averell  Leckey,  of  Castle  Leckey,  Londonderry).  Mr. 
Aylward  d.  178G,  leaving  issue  by  his  1st  wife, 

I.  John  Michael  Xcgent,  his  heir. 

I.  Barbara,  m.  1802  {d.  1823),  WilUam  Mahony,  Esq.  of  Eock- 
vale,  CO.  Cork. 

II.  Mary,  m.  1st,  1802,  AVilliam  Burke,  Esq.  of  Moyglass,  co. 
Galway;  and  2ndly,  Dr.  T.  L.  Whistler,  of  Galway. 

The  son  and  heir, 

John  Michael  Xcgent  Atlwabd,  Esq.  of  Ballinagar,  6. 1780, 
Capt.  5th  Dragoon  Guards,  m.  180.3,  Jane  {d.  7  3Iay,  1864), 
dau.  of  Anthony  Lambert,  Esq.  of  Alnwick,  Northumberland, 
and  d.  28  Sept.  1861,  leaving  issue  (with  a  dau..  Cicely  Con- 
nolly, who  III.  1824,  Eichard  Tonson  Lewis,  Esq.)  an  only  son 
and  heir, 

John  Michael  Atlwabd,  Esq.  of  Ballinagar,  6.  1809;  m. 
1831,  Mary  (d.  25  Dec.  1S64),  dau.  of  Thomas  Higgins,  Esq. 
of  Tuam,  co.  Galway ;  and  d.  14  April,  1867,  s.  j>-<  when  the 
Aylward  profierty  passed  under  settlement  to  his  nephew,  the 
late  John  Michael  Atlwakd  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Ballinagar. 

Arms — Quarterly,  1st  and  4th,  arg.,  a  chevron  gu.  between 
three  fleurs-de-hs  or,  for  Lewis;  2nd  and  3rd,  arg.",  a  fleur-de- 
lis  az.  in  the  dexter  chief  and  sinister  base  a  sun  in  its  glorv' 
or,  in  the  sinister  chief  and  dexter  base  an  increscent  of  the 
last,  for  Atlwabd.  Crest  —  A  lion  rampant  ppr.  Motto — 
Amicus  omnibus. 

Seat— Ballinagar,  Longhrea,  co.  Galway. 

LEWIS    OF    ST.    PIERBE. 

LE'mg,  Chaelies  Edwaed,  Esq.  of  St.  Pierre,  co 
Monmouth,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  h.  26  April,  1830  ;  vi.  2 
Oct.  1858,  Sarah  Elizabeth,  eldest  dau.  of  James 
Staunton  Lambert,  Esq.,  formerly  of  Creg  Clare 
and  Waterdale,  co.  Gnlway. 

iCtlTCagC— This  family  derives,  in  a  direct  line,  from 
Cadifob,  Prince  or  Chieftain  of  Divet,  who  flourished  about 
the  period  of  the  Norman  Conquest,  and  was  buried  in  the 
priory  of  Caermarthen. 

Philip,  3rd  son  of  Llewellyn  ap  Ivor,  Lord  of  St.  Clarft 
and  Tredegar,  by  Angharad  his  wife,  dau.  and  heir  of  Sir 
Morgan  Meredyth,  ra.  Nest,  dau.  of  Gwillym  Sais  ap  Madoe, 
and  had  issue,  Gwillym  Philip  Llewelyn;  John  Philip 
Lleweyn;  Gwenllian,  m.  David  Gwillym  Jenkin;  and  an 
elder  son, 

SiK  David  ap  Philip,  n.  Christy,  dau.  of  David  ap  levon 
ap  Rhys  Voel,  and  their  grandson, 

Thomas  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Chepstow,  co.  Monmouth,  killed  at' 
Banbury,  J469,  r.i.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Morgan  Jenkin  Philip, 
of  Langston,  co.  Monmouth,  and  his  great-grandson, 

Henry  Lewis,  Esq.  of  St.  Pierre,  living  1536,  High  Sheriff 
1544,  d.  1547,  having  ra.  Bridget,  dau.  and  heir  of  Thomaa 
Kemeys,  and  widow  of  Thomas  Herbert,  of  Caldicot,  by  whom" 
he  was  father  of 

William  Lewis,  Esq.  of  St.  Pierre,  living  1583,  m.  Mar- 
garet, dau.  of  Robert  Gamage,  of  Coity,  co.  Glamorgan, 
and  was  «.  by  his  son, 

Henby  Lewis,  Esq.  of  St.  Pierre,  High  Sheriff  1G09,  d. 
7  Feb.  1637;  ra.  Joan,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Henry  Herbert, 
Esq.  of  Wonastow,  and  had  a  son  and  heir, 

George  Lewis,  Esq.  of  St.  Pierre,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Sir 
William  Morgan,  of  Tredegar,  and  d.  v.  p.  17  Nov.  1634, 
leaving  issue,  William,  who  d..  a  minor;  Elizabeth,  who  m. 
Roger  Gates,  of  Cefn  Tilla,  co.  Monmouth  ;  and  a  son  and  heir, 

Thomas  Lewis,  Esq.  of  St.  Pierre,  a  Royalist,  living  1673. 
He  TO.  Johanna,  dau.  of  Joseph  Langton,  Esq.  of  Newtoa 
Park,  Somerset,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lewis,  Esq.  of  St.  Pierre,  ra.  De  la  Eivifere  or  De  la 
Rivers,  dau.  of  Gen.  Sir  Thomas  Morgan,  Knt.  and  Bart,  of 
Llangattock,  co.  Monmouth,  which  lady  ra.  2ndly,  Thomas 
WiUiams,  Esq.,  4th  son  of  Sir  Trevor  Williams,  Ban.  of 
Llangibby  Castle,  co.  Monmouth,  ancestor  of  Williams,  of 
Llangibby  Castle.    Mr.  Lewis  left  issue  a  son, 

Tno.MAS  Lewis,  Esq.  of  St.  Pierre,  ra.  1st,  Frances,  dau.  of 
Sir  Richard  Levett,  Knt.  of  Kew,  who  rf.  1707  ;  2ndly,  Katha-- 
rine,  only  dau.  and  heir  Qf  Hugh  Calveley  Cotton,  eldest  son 
of  Sir  Robert  Cotton,  Bart,  of  Combermere,  co.  Chester;  and 
Srdly,  Jane  Rachel,  only  dau.  and  heir  of  William  Becher, 
Esq.  of  Howberry,  co.  Bedford.  Mr.  Lewis  d.  29  May,  173i, 
aged  47,  having  had  issue  by  his  3rd  wife.  Craven,  who  m. 
and  d.  s.  p.  before  1764  ;  Mary,  d.  1734;  Fanny,  d.  9  May, 
1767,  having  m.  Thomas  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Crick,  who  d.  Feb. 
1803,  aged  68;  and  an  elder  son, 

Morgan  Lewis,  Esq.  of  St.  Pierre,  (£.17  Aug.  1779,  aged  57; 
ra.  Rachel,  only  dau.  of  Charles  Van,  Esq.  of  Llanwern,  co. 
Monmouth,  and  by  her  (who  d.  28  Jan.  1797,  aged  70)  had 
seven  sons  and  three  daus., 

I.  Thomas,  hi?  heir.  ii.  Charles,  who  s.  his  brother. 

III.  John  Craven,  of  Henbury,  co.  Gloucester,  who  to.  and 
left  a  dau.,  who  to.  Capt.  Crowdy,  and  left  issue  a  dau. 

IV.  George,  drowned  in  the  Severn,  6  Nov.  1774,  aged  16. 

V.  Edward,  Rector  of  Portskewet  and  St.  Pierre,  d.  1  March, 
1839,  aged  79 ;  m.  Mary,  eldest  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Willi:iin 
Freke,  Esq.  of  Hannington,  Wilts,  who  d.  29  Dec.  1846, 
aged  76,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

1  Edward  Freke,  M..\.,  Rector  of  Portskewet  and  St. 
Pierre,  1839;  ra.  31  Aug.  1853,  Caroline  Mary,  2nd  dau.  of 
Thomas  Bates  Rous,  Esq.  of  Court-y-ra!a,  co.  Glamorsan. 

1  Mary,  m.  her  cousin,  Rev.  Francis  Lewis,  now  of  St. 

2  Frances.  3  Anne,  m.  Capt.  John  King,  E.N. 

VI.  Francis  (Rev.),  LL.B.,  d.  17  Sept.  1794,  aged  32;  m. 
Fanny,  younger  dau.  and  co-heir  of  William  Freke,  Esq.  of 
Hannington,  Wilts,  who  survived  her  husband,  and  m.  2ndly, 
William  Morton  Pleydell,  Esq. of  Whatcomb,  co.  Dorset; 
and  Srdly,  Rev.  Paul  Leir. 

VII.  James,  d.  4  June,  1787,  aged  22. 

I.  Jane,  to.  1st,  12  Feb.  1774,  John  Hanbury,  Esq.  of  Pont- 
y-Pool,  CO.  Monmouth ;  2ndly,  Thomas  Stoughton,  Esq.  of 
Ballyhorgan,  co.  Kerry. 

II.  Ellen,  ra.  Rev.  Thomas  Lcyson,  M.A.  of  Jesus  Coll. 
Oxford,  Vicar  of  Bassaleca,  and  Rector  of  Panteague  and 
Tredunnock,  co.  Monmouth. 

III.  Frances,  d.  1795. 

The  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lewis,  Esq.  of  St.  Pierre,  to.  1st,  Margaret,  dau. 
of  John  Cope,  Esq.  of  Petherton,  Westmorland,  Jamaica,  which 
lady  d.  26  Jan.  17S8,  aged  19.  He  ra.  2ndly,  Anne,  dau.  of 
Eev.  Thomas  Leyson,  who  survived  her  husband,  and  m. 
2ndly,  25  April,  1798,  Charles  Kemeys  Kemeys-Tynte,  Esq., 
and  d.  April,  lo3o.  Mr.  L-vwis  d.  a.  p.  11  June,  1796,  aged  4'>, 
and  was  s.  by  bis  brother. 






CnABLEs  Lewis,    Esq.  of  St.  Pierre,   m.  16  June,   1777, 

.■^iisanna,  dau.  of  Francis  Davis,  Esq.  of  Chepstow,  and  Anne 

<  wife,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  James  Iligford,  Esq.  of  Dixton, 

Gloucester,   and  had  (with  a  dau.,  Frances  Susanna,  m. 

.U'Un  Baldwyn,  Esq.  of  the  Mount,  Chepstow)  nve  sons.    Mr. 

Lewis  d.  16  Dec.  1840,  aged  8G,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Thomas  Lewis,  Esq.  of  St.  Tierre,  Col.  of  the  Monmouth 
"'Ti'.itia,  6.  12  May,  1779,  m.  1st,  Maria  Anne,  duu.  of  Thomas 
miel,  Esq.  of  Ilenbury,  co. Gloucester;  and  2ndly,  Caroline, 
1.  and  co-heir  of  Thomas  Dyot  Skip  Bucknall,  Esq.  of 
iinpton  Court,  Middlesex.  She  d.  29  March,  1850,  aged  52; 
1  Col.  Lewis  d.  s.  p.  at  Clifton,  21  April,  1S47,  aged  67  ;  and 
<  s.  by  his  brother, 

t  HABLES  James  Lewis,  Esq.  of  St.  Pierre,  D.L.  and  J. P.,  b. 
Ian.  1781.  He  d.  s. }}.  15  Aug.  1859,  and  was  «.  by  his  nest 

The  Bev.  FitAKcis  Lewis,  P.L.  and  J. P.,  B.D.,  Rector  of 
T  iinvair-Kilgiddin,  co.  Monmouth,  and  Vicar  of  Ilolmc  Lacy, 
Hertford,  6.  4  July,  1782;  m.  1st,  25  March,  1828,  his 
^  usin,  Mary,  dau.  of  Rev.  Edward  Lewis,  Rector  of  Port- 
fkcwett,  CO.  Monmouth,  and  by  her  (who  d.  31  May,  1846), 
h:id  issue, 

I.  Charles  F.dwakd. 

II.  Thomas  Freke,  of  Abbey  Dore  Court,  Hereford,  J. P.  and 
D.L.,  late  Lieut.  23rd  R.W.  Fusiliers,  b.  16  May,  1831. 

III.  Francis  Higford,  6.  24  Sept.  1832;  d.  unm.  10  April, 

IV.  Henry  Leeco,  6.  8  Sept.  1834  ;  d.  15  Feb.  1835. 

V.  George  William,  Lieut.  23rd  regt.,  6.  23  June,  1840;  d. 
unra.  14  Oct.  1866. 

I.  Mary  Fanny  Susanna,  in.  U  Aug.  1864,  Francis  Prothero, 
Esq.,  Barrister-at-Law,  eldest  son  of  the  Rev.  Thomas 
Pruthero,  of  Malpas  Court,  co.  Monmouth,  and  has  issue. 

T!ie  Rev.  Francis  Lewis  m.  2ndly,   7  Jan.  1853,  Jane,  only 

dau.  of  Vice-Admiral  Charles  Gordon,  and  widow  of  the  Rev. 

James  Henry  Scudamore  Burr.     He  d.  1872,  and  his  widow  m. 

2ndly,  Capt.  Holland. 

Anns^Or,  a  !ion  rampant  sa.  with  many  quarterings. 
r,:.H — A  griffin  segreant  sa.  il/of«o— Hapersalafide,  haperso 
1  honore. 

iS«at— St.  Pierre  Park,  near  Chepstow. 


Lewis,  Henet,  Esq.  of  Greenmeadow,  co.  Gla- 
morgan, J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1858,  b.  11 
^larch,  1815  ;  m.  1st,  1841.,  Anne,  dau.  of  Walter 
Jlorgau,  Esq.  of  Merthyr,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1857) 
had  issue, 

I.  IlENRT,  6. 1347.  II.  Thomas  Wyndham,  b.  1848. 

I.  Mary  Price.  ii.  Blanche  Eliza. 

III.  Dorothy  Anne,  deceased. 

l\Ir.  Lewis  m.  2ndly,  1858,  Sophia,  dau.  of  the  late 
Col.  Gwynne,  of  Glanbrane,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

III.  John  Price,  b.  1859,  deceased. 

IV.  Roderick  Gwynne,  6.  1360. 

V.  Wyndham  Gwynne,  6.  18G9,  deceased. 

IV.  Dorothea  Ann,  deceased. 

V.  Catherine  Fanny.  vi.  Gwendoline. 

ILlltCatJC.— SiE  Thomas  Lewis,  of  Penmark  Place, 
iinighted  at  Whitehall  1C23,  was  the  youngest  son  of  Sir 
Kdward  Lewis,  of  Fan,  co.  Glamorgan,  by  Blanche  his  wife, 
pister  of  Sir  William  Morgan  of  Tredegar.  He  m.  the  dau.  of 
F.lmund  Thomas,  Esq.  of  Wenvoe,  and  dying  19  Dec.  1669, 
left  issue.    The  2nd  son, 

Gabriel  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Llanishen,  High  Sheriff  1614,  M.P. 
for  Cardiff,  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  William  Carne,  Esq.  of 
Xash,  and  left  a  dau.,  Elizabeth,  m.  Edward  Herbert,  Esq.  of 
Cogan,  and  a  son  and  8uccPS.?or, 

Thomas  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Llanishen,  Sheriff  1C29,  m.  Eleanor, 
dau.  of  William  Jones,  of  Abergavenny,  and  was  .?.  by  his  son, 

Gabriel  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Llanishen,  Sheriff  1662,  m.  Grace, 
'':iu.  of  Humphrey  Wyndham,  Esq.  of  Dunraven  Castle,  co. 
.^amorgan,  and  was  father  of 

Thomas  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Llanishen,  High  Sheriff  1683.    He 

.  1st,  Elizabeth  Van,  by  whom  he  had  a  son, 

Thomas,  Sheriff  in  1745,  who  left  one  son.  Wyndham,  b.  in 
1752,  and  two  daus.,  Elizabeth  and  Blamhe,  who  all  ci.s.ij. 
Jane,  m.  William  Bruce,  Esq.  of  Llanblethian. 
Grace,  m.  Dr.  Bates,  of  Cowbiidge. 

Thomas  Lewis  to.  2ndly,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Henry  Morgan, 
Etq.  of  Penyllwyn,  co.  Monmouth,  and  had,  with  a  dau., 
Oraoe,  a  son. 

Thomas  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Newhouse,  High  Sheriff  of  co. 
Glamorgan  1757,  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Morgan  Thomas,  Esq. 
of  Rubina,  and  left  at  his  decease,  1764,  aged  65,  two  sons, 
Windham,  his  heir,;  and  William,  of  The  Forge  and  Green- 
meadow,  Sheriff  1790,  d.  s.  p.    The  elder  son. 

The  Rev.  Wtndham  Lewis,  of  Newhouse,  m.  Margaret,  dan. 
and  eventual  heir  of  Samuel  Price,  Esq.  of  Park,  co.   Glamor- 
gan, by  Katharine  his  wife,  duu.  and  heir  of  John  Williams, 
Esq.  of  Llanvair,  and  had  issue, 
Thomas,  of  Newhouse,  in.  7  April,  1302,  Dorothy  Augusta, 
dau.  of  John  Goodrich,  Esq.  of  Energlyn,  co.  Glamorgan, 
and  left;  (with    two  daus.,  Dorothy  Price,  wife  of  J.  H. 
Langley,  Esq.,  and  Mary  Shedden,  deceased)  one  son.  Jobs 
Lewis,  Esq.  of  Newhouse,  who  d.  s.  j). 
Henrt,  of  whom  pvesuntly. 

Wyndham,  of  Greenmeadow,  co.  Glamorgan,  6.  7  Oct.  1780, 
M.P.  for  Cardiff,  1820.  for  Aldburgh  1827,  and  for  Maid- 
stone in  1835;  7)1.  1815,  Mary  Anne,  only  dau.  of  John 
Evans,   Esq.    of   Bampford  Speke,    Devon,    and  d.  s.  p. 

14  March,  1838.  His  widow  m.  2ndly,  1839,  Right  Hon. 
Benjamin  Disraeli,  M.P.  (afterwards  Earl  of  Be.-iconsfield), 
was  created  Viscountess  Beaconsfleld,  30  Nov.  18C8,  and  d. 

15  Dec.  1872. 

William  Price  (Rev.),  Vicar  of  Llanishen;  d.  1849,  leaving 

Mary  Anne,  in.  Richard  Rice  Williams,  Esq. 

Katherinc,  m.  1st,  Thomas  WiUiams,  Esq. ;  and  2nd]y,  James 
Bradley,  Esq.  of  Bristol. 
The  2nd  son, 

Henrt  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Park  and  Greenmeadow,  an  officer  in 
the  army,  6.  26  May,  1774;  d.  26  Sept.  1833.  He  to.  Mary, 
dau.  of  George,  and  sister  of  the  Rev.  Charles  Emerson,  and 
by  her  (who  d.  10  Aug.  1341)  had  issue, 

Henrt,  now  of  Greenmeadow. 

Wyndham  William,  of  The  Heath,  and  Newhouse,  co.  Gla- 
morgan, J.P.  and  D.L..  B.A.  of  Worcester  Coll.  Oxford, 
b.  10  Aug.  1827;  «.  to  the  estates  of  his  uncle  in  1849; 
Sheriff  1855-6;  to.  1st,  Annie,  dau.  of  George  Overton,  of 
Merthyr,  and  had  i.-^sue,  Annie  Mary  PricR.  He  m.  2ndly, 
28  Feb.  1867,  Maud,  youngest  dau.  of  the  late  William 
Williams,  Esq.  of  Aberpergwm;  and  d.  10  Sept.  1871. 

Charles,  d.  young. 

Mary  Jane,  m.  Henry  Andrew  Vaughan,  Esq.,  and  has  issue. 

Anne  Price,  in.  George  Thomas  Clark,  Esq.  of  Frimhurst, 
Surrey,  and  has  issue. 

Catherine  Price,  to.  George  Collins  Jackson,  Esq.,  Major  in 
the  7th  Hussars,  and  has  issue. 

/4 rms— Quarterly,  1st,  sa.,  a  lion  rampant  arg. ;  2nd,  sa.,  a 
chevron  between  three  spear  heads  arg.  embrued  gu. ;  3rd,  sa., 
a  chevron  between  three  fleurs-de-lis  or;  4th,  or,  on  a  quarter 
gn.  two  lions  passant  guardant  arg.  Crest — Lew  is  :  A  linn  sejant 
arg.    Mottoes — Patraj  fidus;  and  Ofner  na  ofno  angau. 

iSeoJ — Greenmeadow,  Cardiff,  co.  Glamorgan. 


Lewis,  Chaeles  Bassett,  Esq.  of  Gwlnfe,  co. 
Carmarthen,  J.P.  Carmarthen  and  Cardigan,  and 
D.L.  for  latter  co.,  retired  Capt.  and  Adjt.  Royal 
Cardigan  Militia,  *.  13  Dec.  1831 ;  m.  29  Jan.  1863, 
Sarah  Amelia,  2nd  dau.  of  Samuel  Brown,  Esq.  of 
Clifton,  Bristol,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Ilbert  Cornish  Bassett,  b.  28  April,  ISCS. 
I.  Eleanora  Constance. 

JLtUCaCJC.— The  Rev.  Thomas  Lewis,  J.P.  for  co.  Brecon, 
and  D.L.  for  co.  Carmarthen,  Rector  of  Penboyr,  co.  Car- 
marthen, son  of  Lewis  Lewis,  Esq.,  a  Deputy-Lieutenant  for 
CO.  Carmarthen,  and  his  wife,  Barbara  Lloyd,  of  Llancar- 
van,  CO.  Glamorgan,  to.  11  Aug.  1702,  Elizabeth  Studley,  of 
Shropshire,  and  had  (besides  two  daus.,  Elizabeth  and 
Susanna)  a  son, 

The  Rev.  Lewis  Lewis,  of  Gwinfe,  co.  Carmarthen,  J.P. 
and  D.L.,  Rector  of  Clovelly,  Devon,  to.  22  Sept.  1S02, 
Eleanora,  eldest  dau.  of  the  late  John  Davie,  Esq.  of  Orleigh, 
Devon,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Lewis,  his  heir. 

II.  Thomas,  )/(.  19  April,  183G,  Victoire  Marie,  4th  dau.  of 
Andrew  Houston,  Esq.  of  the  Island  of  Grenada,  and  has 

1  Andrew  Courtenay,  6.  31  Jan.  1837. 

2  George  May,  b.  23  Aug.,  and  d.  Oct.  1840. 

3  Charles  Houston,  6.  17  Feb.  1844. 
1  Eleanora  Harriette. 

I.  Eleonora  Elizabeth,  to.  Oct.  1827,  Charles  Bishop,  Esq., 
eldest  son  of  John  Kees  Bishop,  Esq.  of  Dolgarrog,  co. 

Mr.  Lewis  d.  1826,  and  was  t.  by  his  son. 






Lewis  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Gwinfe,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  h.  23  Dec. 
1805 ;  i/i.  9  March,  laSO.  Miss  Sarah  Simmons  Barnes  Colborne, 
dau.  of  William  Colljorne,  Esq.  of  Clifton,  co.  Gloucester, 
and  niece  of  the  late  William  Barnes,  Esq.  of  Redland  Court, 
CO.  Gloucester,  and  d.  l!S59,  leaving  issue, 

Charles  Eassett,  now  of  Gwinfe. 

Lewis  Gwvn,  Lieut.  Indian  ^"avy,  6.21  Sept.  1834. 

Edward  Studley,  an  officer  in  the  army,  6.  21  Xov.  18C0. 

Frank  Davie,  b.  31  May,  18aS. 

George  Septimus,  6.  'il  Sept.  1818. 

Eleanora  J  ane.  Eustatia  Harrictte. 

Augusta  Blanche. 

^rws— Quarterly,  1st  and  4th,  gn.,  a  griffin  segreant  or,  for 
Lewis;  2nd  and  3rd.  sa.,  three  nags'  heads  erased  or,  for 
Llotd.  C>e.s(— a  demi-grifBn  segreant  couped  or.  Mottr, — 
Facta  non  verba.  ,S«((— Gwinfe,  near  Llangadock,  CO.  Car- 
marthen ;  also  46,  Marine  Terrace,  Aberystwitti. 


Lewis,  John  Lesnox  GBirriTH  Potee,  Esq.  of 
HeuUan,  co.  Pembroke,  J.P.  for  cos.  Carmarthen 
and  Pembroke,  D.L.  and  High  Sheriff  for  the  latter 
CO.  1867,  of  St.  John's  Coll.  Cambridge,  Barrister- 
at-Law,  1. 22  Oct.  1819 ;  m.  3  Feb.  1857,  Katherine 
Callen,  youngest  dau.  of  Daniel  Poyer  Callen,  Esq. 
of  Molleston, 

JLlIXCagC. — The  early  pedigree  of  the  family  of  Lewis  is 
given  in  the  Book  of  Golden  Grove,  penti  the  Earl  of  Cawdor. 
EicHABD  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Henllan  (son  of  Roger  Lewis,  who 
was  son  of  Lodwich,  and  grandson  of  Eoger  Lewis,  the  last 
named  in  the  Golden  Grove  M.S.),  m.  1744,  Mary,  dau.  of  John 
Griffith,  Esq.  of  Glan-y-rhydd,  and  had  issue,  John ;  David  ; 
Catherine;  Margaret;  and  Mary.  The  2nd,  but  only  sur- 
viving son, 

David  Lewis,  Esq.,  m.  1785,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Morgan 
Lewis,  of  Carmarthen,  and  had,  John;  Owen  Evan;  Mary; 
Margaret;  Elizabeth;  Catherine;  and  Elinor.  The  eldest 

John  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Henllan,  m.  1st,  IBIS,  Eliza,  dau.  of 
Charies  P.  CaUen,  Esq.  of  Grove,  co.  Pembroke,  and  by  her 
John  Lennox  Geiffith  Potee,  now  of  Henllan. 
Eichard  (Ven.),  Archdeacon  of  St.  David's,  &.  1820,  M.A. 
1846,  late  Scholar  of  Worcester  Coll.   Oxford,   Rector  of 
Lampeter  Vestry,  CO.  Pembroke,  1851;  to.  1847,  Georgiana, 
dau.  of  Capt.  Lewis,  H.E.I.C.S.,  and  has  one  son,  Arthur 
Griffith  Pover,   Barrister-at-Law,    J. P.,   Registrar  of  St. 
David's,  6.  29  Feb.  1843. 

He  ra.  2ndly,  1824,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  William  Humphreys 
of  Pembroke,  and  by  her  had, 

Frederick,  deceased.        Charles,  deceased.        Hubert. 

Elizabeth,  m.  the  Rev.  Mr.  Garbett. 

Mr.  Lewis  d.  17  March,  1834,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son. 

Motto— "Be  wise  as  serpents. 

Set — Henllan,  near  Xarberth,  co.  Pembroke.    Clv.h — Oxford 
aad  Cambridge,  London. 


Lewis,  Chaeles  Maxsee,  Esq.  of  Stracley,  co. 
Carmarthen,  J.P.,  h.  2  Dee.  1845  ;  m.  1875,  Edith 
Clara,  2nd  dau.  of  P.  J.  Miles,  Esq.,  and  has  a  son, 
h.  1876.  Mr.  Lewis  is  son  of  David  Lewis,  Esq.  of 
Stradey,  co.  Carmarthen,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff 
1833,  of  Brazenose  Coll.  Oxford,  B. A.,  Barrister-at- 
Law,  M.P.  for  the  Carmarthen  Boroughs  1835-37 
(only  son  and  heir,  by  Catherine  his  wife,  2nd  dau. 
of  William  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Laques,  co.  Carmarthen 
{see  that  name),  of  Thomas  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Stradey, 
who  *.  to  that  estate  1807,  under  the  wUl  of  Mrs. 
Mansel,  dau.  and  eventual  sole  heir  of  Sir  Edward 
Yaughan  Mansel,  Bart.  The  late  Mr.  Lewis  m.  9 
June,  1836,  La;titia,  youngest  dau.  of  the  late 
Benjamin  Way,  Esq.  of  Denham  Place,  Bucks,  and 
had  issue, 

I.  Chaeles  William  Mansell,  now  of  Stradey. 

I.  Fanny  Louisa. 

II.  Rowena  Harriet  Mansel,  d.  2  Oct.  1844. 

&at— Stradey,  near  Llanelly,  co.  Carmarthen. 

Hampton  -  Lewis,    Thomas    Lewis,    Esq.    of 
Henllys  and  Bodior,  co.  Anglesey,  J.P.  and  D.L., 
High  Sheriff  1869,   Lieut.-Col.  Commanding  Royal 
Anglesey  Engineer  Militia,  late  of  H.M.  Hon.  Corps 
of   Gentlemen-at-Arms,    and   formerly   Capt.   5tldj 
Dragoon  Guards,  h.  9  Aug.  1834 ;  m.  20  Feb.  1872,? 
Lettice,  second  dau.  of  Henry  Pritchard,  Esq.  J.P. 
and  D.L.,  of  Trescawen,  Anglesey,  and  has  issue, 

John  Lewis,  b.  1  Oct.  1876. 

Mary  Gwendolen. 

ittUCagr.— William  Hawton,  deseended,  it  is  Btateil, 
from  an  ancient  Lancashire  family,  formed  one  of  the  garrisun 
of  Beaumaris  Castle  in  1460,  and  held  there  the  rank  of 
Deputy  Governor,  as  appears  from  a  document  bearing  his 
name,  giving  orders  to  the  inhabitants  of  the  town  to  extin- 
guish their  fires  at  an  appointed  hour.  He  received  a  grant  of 
Henllys,  co.  Anglesey,  anciently  the  seat  of  Gweirydd  ap  Rhys 
Goch,  chief  of  one  of  the  Fifteen  Tribes  of  North  Wales.  The 
eventual  heiress  of  the  Hamptons  of  Henllys, 

Mart  Hampton,  of  Henllys  (only  child  of  Robert  Hampton, 
Esq.,  High  Sheriff  of  Anglesey  1732  ;  m.  U  April,  1746,  John 
Jones,  Esq.  of  TrefoUwyn,  son  of  Hugh  Jones,  Esq.,  of  the 
same  place,  by  Ann  his  wife,  dau.  of  William  Lloyd,  of  L!an- 
sadwrn,  and  had  (with  a  dau.,  Mary,  m.  William  Lloyd,  Esq. 
of  Rockville,  co.  Roscommon)  a  son  and  successor, 

John  Hampton  Jones,  Esq.  of  Henllys,  h.  24  Feb.  174G, 
High  Sheriff  of  Anglesey  1770 ;  m.  25  June,  1770,  Emma,  only 
dau.  of  the  Rev.  John  Lewis,  A.M.,  of  Plis  Llanfihangel, 
Eector  of  Llandegfain,  by  Elizabeth  his  wife,  dau.  of  Tho-.iias 
Eoberts,  Esq.  of  Bodior,  and  had  issue,  i.  John  Hampton,  his 
heir;  n.  Eobert  Edward  (Rev.),  6.  April,  1779,  B.A.  Wadham 
College  Oxford,  Chaplain  to  H.M.  forces  at  the  Mauritius, 
TO.  1811,  Susanna  Dorothea,  2nd  dau.  of  John  Williams,  Esq. 
of  Peniarth  Uchaf,  co.  Merioneth,  and  had  issue,  Henry 
Berkeley;  and  Maria  Dorothea  Wilhelmina  Sydney,  to.  Robert 
Webster,  of  the  99th  regt. ;  i.  Elizabeth  Margaret,  d.  unni. ; 
II.  Jane  Lewis.    The  elder  son, 

John  Hampton  Hampton-Lewis,  Esq.  of  Henllys,  h.  21  Nov. 
1775,  s.  his  father  12  Sept.  1806.  He  to.  19  Dec.  1796,  Mary, 
dau.  of  Richard  Chambers,  Esq.  of  Whitbourn  Court  and 
Cradley  Hall,  co.  Hereford,  and  had  issue  by  her  (who  d.  1842), 

John  Lewis,  late  of  Henllys  and  Bodior. 

Joseph,  6.  2  Feb.  1800,  Col.  50th  regt.  of  native  infantry, 
H.E.l.C.S. ;  to.  Ellen,  dau.  of  Major  HaU,  E.I.C.S.,andhas 
issue,  John  Lewis,  6.  27  March,  1827. 

Emma,  d.  Aug.  1819. 

Mary  Margaret,  to.  22  Nov.  1825,  Alexander  Anderson,  Esq. 
of  Kingask,  co.  Fife,  Major  E.l.C.  Engineers,  and  has  issue. 

Anna  Maria  Surinam,  to.  16  June,  1835,  Charles  Longman, 
Esq.,  2nd  son  of  Thomas  Norton  Longman,  Esq.  of  Mount 
Grove,  Hampstead,  Middlesex,  and  has  issue, 

Mr.  Hampton-Lewis  d.  22  Jan.  1843,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

John  Lewis  Hampton-Lewis,  Esq.  of  Henllys  and  Bodior, 
J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1846,  late  Capt.  5th  Dragoou 
Guards,  6.  18  Oct.  1798;  m.  2  Sept.  1833,  Frances  Elizabeth, 
only  child  ar.d  heiress  of  Thomas  I'Anson,  Esq.  of  Harnby,  co. 
York,  and  d.  1871,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas  Lewis  Hampton,  now  of  Henllys  and  Bodior. 

II.  John  Vivian  Hampton,  b.  18  June,  1835;  m.  1  June, 
1868,  Lady  Laura  Phipps,  dau.  of  the  Marquess  of  Nor- 
manby.  _ 

I.  Fanny  Mary  Hampton.  m. 

II.  Mary  Freeman  Grace  Hampton. 

A  ;-«is— Quarterly :  1st  and  4th,  quarterly,  1st  and  4th,  arg., 
a  chevron  sa.  between  three  Cornish  choughs  ppr.,  in  the  beak 
of  each  an  ermine  spot,  for  Lewis,  2nd  and  3rd,  gu.,  on  a 
chevron  between  three  bucks'  heads  cabossed  arg.  a  crescent  of 
the  field  for  difference,  for  Eobeets  of  Bodior ;  2nd  and  3rd, 
gu.,  on  a  fess  or,  between  a  mullet  in  chief  and  an  escallop  in 
base  arg.  three  martlets  sa.,  for  Hampton.  Crests — 1st,  A 
Cornish  chough  ppr.,  in  the  dexter  claw  a  fleur-de-lis  az.,  for 
Lewis  ;  2nd,  A  wyvem  amidst  bulrushes  ppr.,  for  Hampton. 
Motto — A  Deo  etrege. 

Scots -Henllys,  near  Beaumaris;  and  Bodior,  near  Holy- 
head.   Cittfi— Carlton. 

Lewis,  Henet  Owes,  Esq.  of  Inniskeen,  co. 
Monaghan,  and  Scatown,  co.  DubUn,  J.P.  and  D.L., 
M.P.  for  Carlow,  b.  26  Sept.  1842 ;  m.  8  Aug.  1866, 
Frances  Sophia,  only  child  of  the  late  Francis 
Charles  Elsegood,  Esq.  of  Upper  Brook  Street, 
GrrosTcnor  Square,  and  has  had  issue 






I.  Henry  Owen,  6.  12  Sept.  1SG7  ;  d.  an  infant. 
n.  Abthce  I'BASCis  Owen,  b.  0  Aug.  1SG8. 
ni.  Francis  Owen,  6.  17  Aug.  18G9. 
IV.  Cyril  Alexander  Owen,  b.  28  Jan.  1S71. 
I.  Frances  Isabella  Sophia  Mary  Owen. 
n.  Frederica  Soi)hia  Elizabeth  Mary  Owen,  for  whom  His 
Majesty  the  King  of  Ilauover  stood  sponsor. 

M>UlCtlQC. — Fbakcis  Lewis  (stated  to  have  been  of  an 
ncient  Welsh  family)  settled  in  Ireland  about  the  middle  of 
le  17th  century,  and  acquired  property  in  the  cos.  of  Kildare, 
teath,  and  the  Queen's  Co.  He  in..  Elizabeth  Budurda,  and 
ras  father  of 

William  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Tullygory,  co.Kildarc,  m.  Margaret, 
au.  of  Francis  Eoberts,  Esq.,  by  Jean  0'K.clly  his  wife,  and 
ras  s.  by  his  son, 

Michael  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Tullygory,  m.  Su.?anna,  dau.  of 
Mmund  Jones,  Esq.,  M.P.  for  Daleek  a.d.  169G,  by  Kcbecca 
is  wife,  dau.  of  William  Crutchley,  Esq.  of  Crutchley  Hall, 
!0.  Stafford,  and  had  a  son  and  successor, 

BoBEET  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Dublin,  and  of  the  Queen's  Co.,  ra. 
Inne,  dau.  of  Arthur  Gambell,  Esq.  of  Washford,  co.  West- 
neath,  M.P.  for  Ballyshannon,  by  Elizabeth  his  wife,  dau.  of 
ligorJohn  D' Alton,  of  Dunnel  Castle,  co.  AVestmeatU.  By 
inne  Gambell,  his  wife,  llobert  Lewis  had  a  son  and  heir, 

Michael  Lewis,  Esq.    of  Spring  Hill,  co.  Dublin,  m.  1786, 
inne,  only  dau.  of  K.  Frizell,  Esq.  of  Beaufort  House,  co. 
)ablin,  and  had  issue  by  her  (who  d.  1825), 
WlLLLAM,  of  Harlech,  co.  Dublin,  and  of  Kilcullcn,  co.  Kil- 
dare,   m.  Dora,   dau.   of  the  late  John    Cassidy,   Esq.  of 
Monasterevan,  and  rf.  1850,  leaving  issue, 
John  Haevey,  of  KilcuUen,  co.  Kildare,  J.P.  and  D.L.  for 
Middlesex,  High  Sheriff  co.  Kildare  1857,  M.A.  Trin.  Coll. 
Dublin,  1838,  b.  1814;  m.  1st,  27  Aug.  1840,  Emily  Owen, 
only  child  of  George  Ball,  Esq.  of  Eichmond,   Surrey, 
■which  lady  d.  s.  p.  11  Nov.  1850.    He  m.  2ndly,  Jane 
Isabella,   dau.  of  the  late  WUliam    Brown,   Esq.     Mr. 
Han'ey  Lewis  was  M.P.  for  Marylcbone  from  1861  to 
■William,  6.  1818;  m.  1845,  Jane,  dau.  of  Michael  Hackett, 
Esq.  of  Elm  Grove,  King's  Co.,  and  has  issue,  William 
and  Harvey. 
Edward  Valentine. 

Mary  Anne,  m.  1832,  Robert  Morellet  AUoway,  Esq.,  J.P., 
of  the  Derries,  Queen's  Co. 
Axthce  Gambell,  of  whom  presently. 

Blchard,  m.  1st,  Emily  Osborne,  of  London;  2nclly,  a  dau.  of 
Thomas  Taylor,  Esq.  of  Polygon  House,  Southampton ;  and 
Srdly,  Frances  Tyler,  niece  of  Admiral  Sir  Charles  Tyler, 
and  left  issue. 
Eobert,  R.N.,  m.  Elizabeth,  3rd  dau.  of  Sir  Richard  Onslow, 
Bart.,  K.B.,  Vice-Admiral  of  England  and  Gen.  of  Marines, 
«nd(^  1840,  leaving  issue.  She  d.  at  Brighton,  25  Nov.  1861. 
-  Edward,  m.  his  cousin,  Henrietta,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  H. 
Loftus  FrizeU,  Esq.,  and  has  issue. 

Edmond  Jones    (Rev.),    m.   Elizabeth,    dau.    of   the  Rev. 
■William  Lyster,  and  niece  of  James,  Bishop  of  Dromore, 
and  has  issue. 
Anne,  m.  Major  J.  Fielding  Sweeny,  and  has  issue. 
Eleanora,  m.  F.  Bernard  Sweeny,  Esq. 
Charlotte,  ru.  Capt.  Stuart. 

ICchael  Lewis  d.  1824.    His  second  son, 

Lieut.-Col.  Arthub  Gambell  Lewis,  D.L.  and  J.P.,  High 
Sheriff  of  Monaghan  1847,  and  Longford  18G5,  6.  7  Dec.  1790; 
m.  1st,  1820,  Hester,  2nd  dau.  of  Richard  Westenra,  Esq.  of 
Rutland  Square,  Dublin,  uncle  to  Lord  Eossmore,  by  whom  he 
had  issue,  Maurice  Peppard  Warren,  LL.D.,  b.  1821 ;  rf.  v.nm. 
5.    He  111.  2ndly,  1841,  Henrietta,  relict  of  the  Hon.  Richard 

-stenra,  2nd  son  of  Lord  Rossmore  (d.  1860),  and  only  child 
md  heiress  of  Henry  Owen  Scott,  Esq.  of  Scotstown,  co. 
Monaghan,  by  Olivia  his  wife,  2nd  dau.  and  co-heiress  of  John 
Jwen,  Esq.  of  Raconnell,  near  Monaghan,  by  whom  he  had, 
IIe.vbtOwen  now  of  InneskeenandScatown.  Col.  Lewi.s,  who 
tiad  formerly  served  in  the  G8th  regt.,  and  was  subsequently 
Lieut.-Col.  of  the  Monaghan  Militia,  d.  22  Sept.  18C9. 

Anns — Sa.,  a  chevron  erm.  between  three  spear  heads  arp.  a 
cent  gu.    Cn.'it — Out  of  a  ducal  coronet  a  plume  of  five 
ith  feathers  gu.  and  az.  charged  with  a  chevron  or,  thereon 
t  crescent  gu.    Motlo—Bn\a  Liu  Hebb  Llydd. 
Haidence—lO,  Seymour  Street,  Portman  Square. 


Letcestee,  Eafe  Oswald,  Esq.  of  Toft  Hall, 
'0.  Chester,  b.  5  July,  18-14 ;  m.  2  Nov.  1867,  Edith, 
lau.  of  Hubert  de  iiui-gh,  Esq.  of  West  Drayton, 

ILinCajjr. — Ralph  Letcesteb,  younger  brothei  of  John 
Leycester,  of  Tablcy,  m.  Joan,  dau.  and  heiress  of  Robert 
Toft,  of  Toft,  and  thus  founded  the  family  of  Leycester  of 
Toft.  Ho  d.  temp.  Ricuabd  II.  His  great-greatgreatgrcat- 

Sir  Ralph  Leycester,  of  Toft,  was  knighted  at  Leith  1 1  May, 
1544,  at  which  lime  the  Earl  of  Hertford,  being  then  Gen., 
dubbed  several  Cheshire  gentlemen.     Sir  Ralph's  grandson, 

SiE  George  Leycester,  Knt.  of  Toft,  hi.  Alice,  eldest  dau.  of 
Peter  Leycester,  Esq.  of  Tabley,  and  had  issue.  Sir  George 
was  made  Sheriff  of  Cheshire  by  patent,  dated  29  Dec.  45 
Elizabeth.     He  d.  1612,  and  was  s.  by  his  only  surviving  son, 

Ralph  Leycester,  Esq.  of  Toft,  father,  by  his  wife  Mary, 
dau.  of  Anthony  WoodhuJl,  Esq.  of  Mollington,  co.  Oxford,  of 
a  son  and  heir, 

George  Leycester,  Esq. of  Toft,  m.  Dorothy,  dau.  of  John 
Clayton,  Esq.,  and  sister  and  co-heir  of  Richard  Clayton,  Esq. 
of  Crooke,  co.  Lancaster,  and  had  several  children,  the  eldest 
of  whom, 

Ralph  Letcesteb,  Esq.  of  Toft,  m.  Eleanor,  dau.  of  Sir 
Peter  Leycester,  Bart,  of  Tabley,  the  well  known  historian  of 
Cheshire,  and  dying  March,  1C85,  was  s.  by  his  elder  son, 

George  Leycester,  Esq.  of  Toft,  m.  Jane,  dau.  of  Oswald 
Mosley,  Esq.  of  Ancoats,  by  whom  he  had  three  sons,  Raliu, 
his  successor;  George,  a  Merchant  in  Londou,  ancestor  of  the 
family  of  Leycester  of  White  Place,  Berks;  and  Oswald.  The 
eldest  son  and  successor, 

Ralph  Leycester,  Esq.  of  Toft,  6.  1699;  m.  Katherine,  dau. 
and  co-lieiress  of  EdwardNorris,  Esq.  of  Speke,  co.  Lancaster, 
by  Anne,  dau.  and  heiress  of  Peter  Gerard,  Esq.  of  Crewood, 
and  by  her  (who  d.  1799,  at  the  advanced  age  of  90)  he  had 
issue,  1  George,  his  successor  ;  2  Ralph,  heir  to  his  brother ; 
3  Edward,  rf.  v./im.  1756;  4  Hugh,  6.  1748,  King's  Counsel  and 
one  of  the  Judges  of  North  Wales,  rf.  2  Jan.  1836;  5  Oswald, 
b.  1752,  M.A.,  Rector  of  Stoke-upon-Tern,  to.  1st,  Mary,  dau. 
of  P.  Johnson,  Esq.  of  Semperley,  and  2ndly,  Eliza,  dau.  of 
Charles  White,  Esq.  of  Manchester;  1  Anne,  m.  the  Rev.  Dr. 
Norbury ;  2  Theodosia,  m.  the  Rev.  Egerton  Leigh,  ArchdeaLoa 
of  Salop  and  Rector  of  Lymme  ;  and  3  Susannah,  m.  1773, 
the  Hon.  John  Grey.  Mr.  Leycester  d.  1777,  aftd  was  s.  by 
his  eldest  son, 

George  Letcesteb,  Esq.  of  Toft,  at  whose  decease,  unr.u 
1809,  the  family  estates  devolved  upon  his  brother, 

Ralph  Leycester,  Esq.  of  Toft,  m.  1762,  Charlotte,  3rd  dau. 
of  the  Rev.  Dr.  Lushington,  of  Eastbourne,  Sussex,  and  h;;d 
issue,  Ralph,  his  heir;  Henry,  Capt.  R.N.,  rf.  at  Pisa; 
George,  Fellow  of  King's  CoU.  Camb. ;  Wi'liam,  m.  Miss 
Friel,  and  has  issue  ;  Charlotte,  ra.  Charles  Dumbleton,  Esq. 
of  Bath ;  Harriet,  m.  the  Rev.  Robert  Cox,  Vicar  of  Eridg. 
north ;  and  Susanna.    Mr.  Leycester  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Ralph  Leycester,  Esq.  of  Toft,  b.  1764,  M.P.  for  Shaftes- 
bury, m.  Susanna,  eldest  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Egerton  Leigh,  of 
the  family  of  the  West  Hall,  High  Leigh,  and  left  at  his 
decease  (with  three  daus.,  Charlotte,  Emma  Theodosia,  and 
Laura  Susanna,  which  last  d.  C  Jan.  1835)  an  only  son  and 

Ralph  Geeard  Leycester,  Esq.  of  Toft  Hall,  b.  11  Oct. 
1817  ;  m.  9  June,  J  840,  Emily  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Chailos 
Tyrwhitt  Jones,  Esq.,  son  of  Sir  T.  Tyrwhitt  Jones,  Bart.,  and 
dying  18  April,  1S51,  left  issue,  i.  Rape  Oswald,  now  of  Toft; 
II.  Charles  Hugh,  6.  April,  1848  ;  iii.  Ernest  Gerard,  6.  Oct. 
1849;  I.  Georgina  Susanna;  and  ii.  Amy  Theodosia,  d.  4  Apiil, 

Arms — Az.,  between  two  fleurs-de-lis  or,  a  fcss  of  the  second 
fretty  gu.  Crest — A  roebuck  per  pale  or  and  gu.  attired  of  the 
second,  holding  in  his  mouth  an  acora-brouch  ppr. 

Seat—Joit  HaU,  Knutsford. 


Letcestee,  Edmund  Moetiitee,  Esq.  of  Wliite 
Place,  Berks,  retii-ed  Ca_pt.  R.N.,  b.  23  July,  1810 ; 
w.  19  April,  1842,  Henrietta  Susauna,  dau.  of  Capt. 
James  Neville,  E.N.,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Eafe  Neville,  6.  24  April,  1843. 

I.  Isabel  Emily  Hanmer,  m.  Malcolm  de  Saumarez  Edye, 

ILtncajC— George  Letcesteb,  Esq.,  2na  son  of  Geovcro 
Leycester,  Esq.  of  Toft  Hall,  »!i.  Martha,  dau.  of  John  Dodson, 
Esq.,  High  Sheriff  of  Berks,  and  had  an  only  son  and  heir. 

The  Rev.  Ralph  Leycesteb,  of  White  Place,  m.  1761, 
Susanna,  sister  of  Sir  Walden  Hanmer,  Bart.,  M.P.  for  Sudbury, 






an(l  (?.  1803,  leavin;;  (with  a  Can.,  Martha  Elizabeth,  m.  John 
Artolplms,  Esq.,  Bavristcr-at-Law)  an  only  son  and  successor, 

George  Hanmer  Leycesteb,  Esq.  of  White  Place,  6.  12  July, 
1763;  m.  1796,  Charlotte  Jemima,  youngest  dau.  of  Hans 
Wintrop  Mortimer,  Esq.  of  Caldwell,  co.  Derby,  M.P.  for 
Sliaftesbury,  by  Anne  his  wife,  only  dau.  of  Lord  Anne 
Hamilton,  Srd  son  of  James,  4th  Duke  of  Hamilton,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  16  Feb.  1851)  had  issue, 

Georoe  Ralph,  of  White  Place. 

Henry  Hanmek,  of  whom  presently. 

EoiinND  Mortimer,  now  ot  White  Place. 

Oswald  Waldcn,  d.  unm.        Augustus  Adolphiis,  married. 

Henrietta  Maria,  m.  William  Ward,  Esq.,  and  is  deceased. 

Louisa  Genevieve,  vi.  Francis  Lyne,  Esq.,  and  d.  1S77. 

Susanna  Jane,   m.  Capt.  Poulton,    Madras   army,  and  is 
Mr.  Leyccster  d.  6  Oct.  1838,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

George  Pvalph  Leycester,  Esq.  of  White  Place,  0.  31  July, 
1801  ;  d.  unm.  11  Jan.  1855.    He  was  s.  by  his  brother, 

Henry  Hanmer  Leycester,  Esq.  of  White  Place,  b.  4  March, 
1808;  TO.  28  April,  1852,  Clara  Priscilla,  dau.  of  Francis  John 
Norris,  Esq.,  only  son  of  John  Norris,  Esq.  of  Hemstead,  Kent, 
M.P.,  and  grandson  of  Sir  John  Norris,  Admiral  of  the  Fleet, 
and  Vice-Admiral  of  England  temp.  Geobge  II.,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  6  Oct.  1864}  had  issue, 

Arthor  Hanmer,  6.  18  Jan.  1853. 
Lionel  de  Walden  Henry,  b.  18  Oct.  1856. 

Mr.  Leycester  d.  22  Jan.  1862,  when  the  estates  devolved  for 
life  on  his  brother,  the  present  Edmdnd  Mokiimee  Leycester, 
Esq.  of  White  Place. 

Arms — Az.,  afessor,  fretty  gu.  between  two  fleurs-de-lis  of  the 
second.  Crest — A  roebuck  statant  per  pale  or  and  gu.  attired 
of  the  second,  holding  in  his  mouth  an  acorn  branch  ppr. 
Motto — Dominus  illuminatio  mea. 

Seal — White  Place,  near  Maidenhead. 



See  Nayloe. 



LlDWlLL,  GEOEaE,  Esq.  of  Dromard,  co.  Tippe- 
rary,  J.P.,  late  Capt.  19th  regt.,  b.  1828 ;  s.  his 
■father  1868 ;  m.  1863,  Edith  Wheatley,  dau.  of 
Henry  Adams,  Esq.  of  Kensington,  by  whom  (who 
4l.  22  March,  1877)  he  had  issue, 

I.  George  J.  F.,  6.  29  Oct.  1869. 

II.  Eobert,  6.  15  April,  1871. 

I.  Eleanor.  ii.  Edith  Margaret,' 6.  29  May,  1874. 

5£,llTCatJC-— The  family  of  Lidwill,  formerly  Ltdtl,  co. 
Durham,  can  be  traced  for  many  generations  in  the  cos.  of 
Carlow  and  Tipperary.  The  immediate  ancestor  of  the 
Dromard  family  was 

John  Lidwill,  Esq.  of  Shannaghmore,  co.  Carlow  (son  of 
PvObert  Lidwill,  Esq.  of  Shannaghmore,  by  Mary  his  wife,  sister 
of  Launcelot  Caulfield,  Esq.),  who  purchased  property  to  a 
large  extent  at  Castle  Dermot,  co.  Kildare.  He  m.  Eleanor, 
<lau.  of  Thomas  Cooke,  Esq.  of  Painstown,  by  Ellen  his  wife, 
eldest  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Nicholas  Purcell,  Bart,  of  Loughmoe, 
«o.  Tipperary,  and  had  issue, 

I.  George,  his  heir. 

II.  Thomas,  who  m.  (settlement  dated  1736)  Jemima,  dau. 
and  heiress  of  Mark  Cowley,  Esq.  of  Clonraore,  and  Cor- 
mackstown,  co.  Tipperary,  and  d.  1782,  leaving,  with  four 
(laus.,  as  many  sons, 

1  John,  of  Rushall,  Queen's  Co.,  m.  Anne  Fitzpatrick,  of 
Ballybooden,  and  hail  issue. 

2  Mark,  of  Cormaekstown  and  Annfield,  High  Sheriff  of 
Tipperary  1779,  in.  8  Dec.  1774,  Luey,  dau.  of  Michael 
•Scanlan,  Esq.  of  liallyneha,  co.  Limerick,  and  had  issue, 

Thomas,  of  Clonmore,  m.  10  Oct.  1796,  Mary,  eldest  dau. 
of  Eobert  Atkins,  Esq.  of  Firville,  co.  Cork,  and  d. 
1822,  leaving  with  four  daus.  (1  Mary,  m.  25  Aug.  1826, 
John  Browne,  Esq.  of  Clonboy,  J. P.  co.  Clare; 
2  Lueinda,  m.  Capt.  Sayers;  3  Helen  Ormesby,  to.  llcv. 
Geoi-ge  Wilkinson,  Rector  of  Williamstown,  Victoria; 
4  Ismay,  to.  1836,  Thomas  Anthony  Southwell  Browne, 
Esq.),  two  sons,  Thomas,  the  younger,  to.  1835,  Delia 
Russell,  of  Mount  Russell,  co.  Cork,  and  left  daus.  only. 
The  elder  son,  Robert  Atkins,  of  Clonmore  and  Cor- 
maekstown, J. P.,  111.  Isabella,  dau.  of  Christopher 
Delmege,  Esq.  of  Castle  Park,  and  d.  1850,  leaving 

1  Eobert  Atkins,  of  Clonmore,  andTomslake,  Riverine, 
Australia,  b.  24  April,  1840;  m.  27  Jan.  1866,  Mary 



Jane  Cowen,  dau.  of  William  Florance,  Esq.  c 
Richmond,  M.D.,  by  Elise  his  wife,  dau.  of  Loni 
Massena,  one  of  the  private  physicians  of  Napoleon  I, 
and  has  issue,  Mark  Cowley,  b.  7  April,  1878;  am 
Matilda  Florance. 
2  Thomas,  d.  unm.  in  China. 

1  Matilda,  to.  her  cousin,  Thomas  Brown,  Esq. 

2  Mary,  m.  1875,  Henry  Loftus  Hogen,  Esq. 

3  Isabella. 
Michael,  of  Beakstown,  co.  Tipperary,  m.  Miss  Doral 

Scully,  and  had  issue.         Mark,  d.  vMin.  in  India. 
Lucy,  d.  unm. 
Ismay,  m.  Capt.  John  Payne,  45th  regt.,  and  had  an  onl; 

child,  Agnes  Mary  Payne,  to.  1838,  Eodolphus  Scully 

Esq.  of  Bloomfield. 

3  George,  a  Capt.  in  the  Eoden  Fencibles,  m.  Mary,  dau.  o 
O'Brien  Butler,  Esq.  of  Bansha  Castle,  co.  Tipperary,  an( 
d.  s.  p. 

4  Thomas,  of  Clonmore,  \m.  14  Jan.  1774,  Elizabeth  Julia 
dau.  of  John  O'Grady,  of  Kilballyowen,  by  Mary  hii 
wife,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Gerald  de  Courcy,  Lord  King 
sale,  and  left  an  only  dau.  and  heiress,  Mary  Margaret 
in.  Henry  Grove  Grady,  Esq.  of  Bellwood,  co.  Tipperary 

John  Lidwill,  of  Shannaghmore,  is  said  to  have  lived  to  be  100;' 
and  his  wife  to  an  equally  advanced  age.  Their  elder  son  anc. 

George  Lidwill,  Esq.  of  Lissannurc,  co.  Tipperary,  m.  Misi 
Sail,  of  Cashel,  a  co-heiress,  and  had  two  sons, 

John,  his  heir. 

Eobert,  of  Lissannure,  to.  Hester,  dau.  of  Joseph  Gubbins 
of  Kilfrush,  co.  Limerick. 

The  elder  son  and  heir, 

John  Lidwill,  Esq.  of  Dromard,  co.  Tipperary,  commonlj 
known  as  "Blackjack,"  to.  Catherine,  dau.  of  Patrick  Fitz- 
patrick, of  Ballybooden,  of  the  noble  family  of  Upper  Ossory, 
and  co-heiress  of  her  brother  Timothy  Fitzpatrick,  Esq.  oi 
Dallybooden,  and  left  with  other  issue,  George,  his  heir;  and 
John  Lidwill.    The  elder  son, 

George  Lidwill,  Esq.  of  Dromard,  a  well-known  litterateui 
and  politician.  High  Sheriff  Tipperary  1807,  d.  1839.    Hem 
(license  dated   17  March,    1792)    Eleanor,    dau.   of   Morgan 
Kavanagh,  Esq.  of  Ballyheale,  co.  Kilkenny,  by  Lady  Frances  | 
Butler  his  wife,  sister  of  John,  Earl  of  Ormonde,  and  left  (witl!  i 
two  daus.,  Frances  and  Catherine)  two  sons,  Frederick  and    jj 
Henry.    The  latter  d.  unm.    The  former, 

Frederick  Lidwill,  Esq.  of  Dromard,  to.  1826,  Christiana, 
dau.  of  William  Hutchinson,  Esq.  of  Timoney,  co.  Tipperary, 
and  by  her  (who  d.  1833)  had  issue  (with  a  dau.,  Anna,  whora. 
1853,  Capt.  W.  J.  Hoare,  7th  Royal  Fusiliers,  and  d.  1856; 
leaving  a  dau.,  Anna  Maria)  a  son,  George.  Mr.  Lidwill  d. 
1868,  and  was  s.  by  his  son,  the  present  George  Lidwill,  oi 
Dromard,  late  Capt.  19th  regt.,  who  served  in  the  Easterr 
Campaign  of  1854-55,  in  Turkey  and  the  Crimea,  in  the  Light 
Division ;  was  present  at  the  battles  of  Alma  and  Inkerman 
and  received  his  company  by  the  death  of  Capt.  Ker  in  th« 
latter  engagement. 

Arms — Arg.,  fretty  gu.,  on  a  chief  of  the  second,  thref 
leopards'  faces  or.  Crest — A  lion  rampant  sa.  crowned  with  as 
Irish  crown.    Motln — "Vis  unita  fortior. 

<Seoi— Dromard,  Templemore,  co.  Tipperary. 



See  Spoonek-Lillingstoi]". 




of  Loughry,  co.  Tyrone,  Capt.  30th  regt.,  b.  1838 ; 
s.  his  brother  1877. 

iLlllCnCfC.— This  family  is  descended  from  the  ancient 
House  of  the  Lords  Lindesay,  of  the  Byres,  in  co.  Haddington 

The  first  who  settled  in  Ireland  upon  the  confiscation  of  th( 
O'Neills  in  Ulster,  were  two  brothers,  Bernard  Lindesay  o; 
Lough  Hill,  CO.  Haddington,  Gentleman  of  the  Bedchamber  t( 
King  James  VI.,  and  Robert  Lindesay,  Esq.,  Chief  Harbingei 
to  that  monarch,  sons  of  Thomas  Lindesay,  of  Lingswork,  in 
Leith,  which  Thomas  held  several  offices  of  high  honour  and 
trust,  as  well  as  emolument,  under  Mary  Queen  of  Scotland, 
and  her  son.  King  James  VI.,  such  as  Searcher-General  oi 
Leith,  in  1562,  which  he  resigned  in  favour  of  his  son,  Bernard, 
on  the  15th  Oct.  1594.  In  Oct.  1580,  he  held  the  office  ol 
Snowden  Herald,  and  is  also  described  as  Snowden  Herald  on 
the  15th  Oct.  1594.  King  James  provided,  not  only  for  him, 
but  his  family,  by  pensions,  &c. :  to  his  daus.,  Agnes  and 






:iizabeth,  out  of  the  rents  and  tithes  of  the  Abbey  of  North 
Jerwick;  also  to  his  sons,  Bernard,  Thomas,  and  Robert,  from 
ther  lands  belonging  to  tha  Friars  of  Linlithgow.  Thomas 
,indcsay,  the  Snowden  Herald,  was  living  15  Oct.  1594.  His 

lioDEBT  LiNDESAT,  Esq.  of  Lcith,  Chief  Harbinger  and 
Comptroller  of  the  Artillery  to  King  James  I.  in  Scotland, 
btained  from  that  monarch  a  grant  of  the  manor  and  lands 
f  TuUahoge,  Loughry,  &c.,  co.  Tyrone,  in  the  8th  year  of 
lat  sovereign's  reign.  He  m.  Janet  Acheson,  and  by  her 
vho  survived  him,  and  was  living  1619)  he  had  a  son  and 

Robert  Lindesat,  Esq.  of  Loughry  and  Tullahoge,  who 
btained  a  second  patent  of  the  said  manor  and  lands  of 
oughry  and  Tullahoge,  described  therein  as  Manor  Lindcsay, 
I  the  14th  year  of  the  reign  of  Charles  I.,  and  who  built  the 
lansion  house  of  Loughry  in  1632,  which  was  burnt  by  the 
:bel3  in  1641,  and  rebuilt  by  him  in  1671.  He  was  an  officer 
1  the  royal  army  at  the  battle  of  Worcester.  He  ??i.  Margaret, 
lU.  of  James  Richardson,  Esq.  of  Castle  Hill,  co.  Tyrone; 
id  d.  18  May,  IG74,  aged  70,  having  had  issue  (with  three 
lus.)  three  sons, 

I.  Robert,  ot  whom  presently. 

II.  Alexander,  of  Cahoo,  present  with  his  brother  Robert  at 
the  siege  of  Derry,  in  defence  of  which  city  he  is  stated  to 
have  lost  his  life,  1689.     From  him  descended, 

Walter  Lindesat,  Esq.  of  Glen  View,  co.  Wicklow,  J. P. 

for  cos.  Wicklow  and  Dublin,  Barrister-at-Law,  6.  10  April, 

1808;  m.  1st,   1830,  Thomasine  Jane,  only  dau.  of  Robert 

Jephson,  Esq.,  and  niece  of  Sir  Richard  M.  Jephson,  Bart., 

i   which  lady  d.  1830;    and  2ndly,  28  March,   1838,  Harriot 

i  Cole,  2nd    dan.    of  William   Cornish,   Esq.    of   Marazion, 

j  Cornwall,  D.L.  and  J. P.,  and  had  surviving  issue, 

Walter  Brocas  (Rev.),   M.A.,  late  Lieut.   Louth  Rifles,  h. 
25  Dec.   184S;  m.  1871,   Agnes,   dau.   of  Rev.  Richard 
Gibbings,  D.D. 
Nora  Cole.  Harriet  Mary  Anne  Foster. 

Frances  Honora. 

III.  William,  described  in  a  deed  of  1667  as  having  "  gone  to 
;  parts  beyond  sea." 

■le  elder  son, 

Robert  Lindesat,  Esq.  of  Loughry  and  Tullahoge,  a  refugee 
d  defender  in  Derry  during  the  siege,  m.  Anne,  dau.  of 
hn  Morris,  Esq.  of  Bellville,  co.  Tyrone ;  and  d.  1691,  leaving 

I.  Robert,  of  Loughry  and  Tullahoge,  M.P.  co.  Tyrone  1726, 
Judge  of  the  Common  Pleas  1733,  b.  1679.  This  gentleman 
was  the  intimate  |friend  of  Dean  Swift.  He  m.  1707,  Eliza- 
beth, dau.  of  Edward  Singleton,  Esq.  of  Drogheda,  and 
sister  of  Henry  Singleton,  Esq.,  Lord  Chief  Justice  of  the 
Common  Pleas,  Ireland,  and  afterwards  Master  of  the  Rolls 
in  that  kingdom,  and  had  issue  one  son  and  one  dau., 

1  Robert,  d.  an  infant. 

1  Anne,  d.  unm. 
a.  John,  of  whose  line  we  treat. 

e  eldest  son,  Judge  Lindesay,  having  d  s.p.  1742,  wass.  by 
i  brother, 
loHN  Lindesat,  Esq.  of  Loughry  and  Tullahoge,  6.  I6S6 ; 

1744,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Eev.  Bellingham  Blauleverer, 
.3tor  of  Maghera,  co.  Derry,  and  granddau.  of  Wm.  Nicol- 
1,  Archbishop  of  Cashel;  and  d.  1761,  leaving  a  son  and 

Robert  Lindesat,  Esq.  of  Loughry  and  Tullahoge,  M.P.  for 
indalk  1781,  Assistant-Barrister  co.  Tyrone,  b.  11  April, 
17;  m.  1777,  his  second  cousin,  Jane,  eldest  dau.  and  co- 
ir of  Thomas  Maulcverer,  Esq.  of  Arncliffe  Hall,  co.  York, 
d  by  her  (who  was  b.  24  July,  1753,  and  d.  18  April,  1824) 
d  issue, 

fohn,  Lieut.  36th  regt.,  and  afterwards  Lieut.-Col.  Royal 
Tyrone  Militia,  Mayor  of  Cashel  1825,  b.  29  Feb.  1780; 
m.  Maryanne,  dau.  of  Richard  Pennefather,  Esq.  of 
Kcw  Park,  co.  Tipperary,  M.P.  for  Cashel;  and  d.  in  the 
lifetime  of  his  father,  6  Nov.  1826,  leaving  an  only  son, 
John  Lindesat,  Esq.,  D.L.,  Lieut.  23rd,  and  afterwards 
Lieut,  in  the  7th  Royal  Fusiliers,  High  Sheriff  1840,  b. 
16  March,  1808 ;  s.  to  the  family  estate  on  the  death  of  his 
gi-andfather,  1832.  He  m.  Harriott  Hester,  dau.  of  the 
Right  Hon.  Chules  Watkin  Williams-Wynne,  M.P.  of 
Langedwin,  brother  to  Sir  Watkin  Wiliams- Wynne,  Bart., 
M.P.  of  Wynnstay,  co.  Denbigh,  but  d.  s.p.  7  Aug.  1848, 
and  was  s.  by  his  uncle,  Fredekick  Lindesat,  Esq.  late  of 

:iobert,  d.  an  infant.  Frederick,  lata  of  Loughry. 
I  Thomas  (Rev.),  Rrotoi  of  Upper  Cumber,  m.  1st,  1  Dec.  183.'), 
I  Harriet  Catherine,  dau.  of  the  Hon.  and  Right  Rev.  Richard 
Ponsonby,  Lord  Bishop  of  Derry,  which  lady  rf.  1836;  and 
2ndly,  28  Starch,  1840,  Elizabeth,  dau.  and  co-heiress  of 
Henry  Coddington,  Esq.  of  Donoro,  co.  Meath,  by  his  wife 
tleanor  HamUton,  of  Biowa  HaU;  and  d.  laSO,  leaving 



1  Robert  Thomas,  7j.  1841;  d.  unm.  1862. 

2  Henry  Richard  Ponsonby,  Capt.  20th  regt. 

3  Thomas,  m.  1  Aug.  1874,  Inez  Eva  Isabel,  dau.  of  Lieut 
Col.  the  Hon  Ponsonby  Peacocke,  of  Hawthomden! 
Howick,  New  Zealand.        4  Frederick.        5  John 

6  Abraham  Hamilton,  Lieut.  R.N. 

7  Edward,  Lieut.  1st  Royal  Scots'  regt. 

8  WilUam  O'Neill. 

1  Ellen  Jane. 

2  Elizabeth  Frances,  m.  Charles  Stewart,  Esq.  of  Homhead 
CO.  Donegal.  3  Isabel.  ' 

Jane,  of  28,  Imperial  Square,  Cheltenham. 

Sarah,  m.  James  Cranbourne  Strode,  Esq.,  cousin,  both  by 
father  and  mother,  to  the  2nd  Marquess  of  Salisbury 

Eliza,  m.  Col.  Joshua  Cooper,  of  Markree. 

Mary,  m.  Bellingham  Mauleverer,  Esq. 

Fanny,  m.  Col.  O'Neill.  Anne,  d.  unm. 

Mr.  Lindcsay  d.  6  Jan.  1832,  and  was  s.  in  the  family  estate  by 
his  grandson,  John  Lindesat,  who,  having  d.  without  issue, 
1848,  was  s.  by  his  uncle, 

Frederick  Lindesay,  Esq.  of  Loughry,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  M.A., 
Barrister-at-Law,  High  Sheriff  1859,  6.  1792;  m.  1st,  23  Sept! 
1823,  Agnes  Cornish  Bayntun,  eldest  dau.  and  co-heiress  of 
Sir  Edwin  Bayntun  Sandys,  Bart,  of  Miserden  Park,  co. 
Gloucester,  and  Chadlington  Hall,  co.  Oxford ;  and  d.  1871, 
having  by  her  had  issue, 

I.  Robert,  late  30th  regt.,  Capt.  Royal  Tyrone  Fusiliers 
Militia;  d.  1870. 

II.  Frederick  John  Sandys,  Major  3rd  Dragoon  Guards  and 
4th  Hussars;  6.  1830;  d.  1877. 

in.  Thomas  Edward,  Lieut.  27th  Bengal  Native  Infantry, 
killed  in  India,  10  June,  1857. 
IV.  Joshua  Edward  Charles  Cooper,  now  of  Loughry. 

I.  Jane  Mauleverer  Agnes,  d.  unm.  20  July,  1840. 

II.  Philippa  Allen,  m.  Capt.  Robert  John  Knox,  J.P.,  late 
of  the  Carabineers,  and  of  Cahirleske,  co.  Kilkenny,  and 
has  issue. 

III.  Agnes  Sarah,  m.  John  Bagwell,  Esq.  of  Cambray  Terrace, 

He  TO.  2ndly,  Nov.  1856,  Chariotte,  4th  surviving  dau.  of 
Henry  Charles  Boyle  MacMurrough  Murphy,  Esq.,  late  of 
Hume  Street,  Dublin,  by  Susan  his  wife,  dau.  of  John  Jacob, 
Esq.,  M.D.,  of  Maryborough,  Queen's  Co.,  and  had  issue, 

I.  William  Frederick. 

I.  Flora  Charlotte  Helena.  11.  Emmeline  Stuart. 

Arms—G\x.,  a  fess  chequy  arg.  andaz.  between  three  mullets 
in  chief  of  the  second  and  a  crescent  ppr.  in  base.  Citst—A 
swan  wings  closed  ppr. 

Seats — Loughry,  Dungannon,  co.  Tyrone. 

lilNDOW    OF    INGWELL. 

The  late  John  Lindow,  Esq.  of  Ingwell  and 
Eben  Hall,  Whitehaven,  Cumberland,  J.P.  and 
D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1874,  b.  1801 ;  m.  Ann  Eliza, 
dau.  of  John  Jackson,  Esq.  of  "Whitehaven,  and  by 
her  (who  cL  1877)  had,  with  other  issue, 

Jonas,  now  of  Ingwell,  and  of  Cleator,  Cumberland,  J. P.,  &. 
17  May,  1847.  Eliza  Mary. 

Mr.  Lindow  cl.  20  Feb.  1878. 

ILinCaflC. — Samcel  Lindow  (son  of  Jonas  Lindow,  by 
Agnes  Matson,  of  Tytup  Hall,  co.  Lancaster)  m.  EUzabeth 
Armstrong,  of  Kendal,  Westmorland,  and  had  a  son, 

Jonas  Lindow,  Esq.,  m.ZO  May,  1797,  Ruth  Brockbank,  and 
by  her  (who  d.  26  Jan.  1831)  left  issue  at  his  decease,  21  Feb. 

Samuel,  of  Ingwell. 

John,  late  of  Ingwell,  and  of  Eben  Hall,  Cumberland. 

Ruth.  Mary,  m.  George  William  Lindlow,  Eso  ,  s.  ;o. 

Agnes,  m.  Isaac  Burns,  Esq.  of  Whitehaven,  and  has  one 
surviving  son,  Jonas  Lindow,  6.  29  April,  1837 ;  ra.  Mary, 
eldest  dau.  of  Mark  Hildesley  Quayle,  Esq.,  Clerk  of  th« 
Rolls,  Isle  of  Man,  and  has  issue,  Isaac  William,  and  Samuel 
The  elder  son, 

Samuel  Lindow,  Esq.  of  Ingwell,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High 
Sheriff  1862;  iL  Jan.  1871,  and  was  s.  by  his  brother,  John 
Lindow,  Esq.  of  Ingwell  and  Eben  Hall. 

Arms — Erm.,  on  a  chevron  dovctaUed  between  three  sinister 
hands  coupcd  at  the  wrist  gu.  as  many  fountains.  Crest — -V 
lion  rampant  gu.  semee  of  buckles  or,  and  holding  between  the 
paws  a  fountain.    Motto — Vi  et  virtute. 

Seats— Ehen  Hall,  Egremont;  and  Ingwoll,  Whitehaven, 


Btjens-Lindow,  Jonas  Lixdow,  Esq.  of  Irton 
Hall,  Cumberland,  eldest  son  of  the  late  Isaac  Burns, 
Esq.,  by  Agues,   dau,   Jonas  Lindow,   Esq.,    and 

3  E 





nephew  of  Samuel  Lindow,  Esq.  of  Ingwell  {see 
preceding  Article),  b.  29  April,  1837  ;  m.  July,  1867, 
Mary,  eldest  dau.  of  Mark  Hildesley  Quayle,  Esq. 
of  Crogga,  Isle  of  Man,  Clerk  of  the  EoUs  of  that 
Island,  and  has,  with  other  issue, 

I.  Isaac  Willum,  6. 1SG8.  ir.  Samuel  Lindow. 

I.  Mary  Jane.  ii.  Agnes  Lindow. 

Mr.  Burns-Lindow,  who  is  a  Magistrate  for  Cum- 
berland, was  High  Sheriff  1877,  and  was  formerly 
Capt.  Eoyal  Cumberland  MUitia,  assumed  the  name 
and  arms  of  his  uncle,  Samuel  Lindow,  by  royal 
license,  March,  1871.  Mr.  Burns-Lindow  is  on  RoU 
for  High  Sheriff  of  Cumberland  in  1877. 
fctti— Iiton  Hall,  Whiteliaven. 


Lindsay-Carkegie,  Heney  Alexander,  Esq.  of 
Spynie,  and  of  Kinblethmont,  co.  Forfar,  D.L.,  late 
Lieut.  Bengal  Engineers,  h.  25  April,  1836  ;  s.  1860 ; 
m.  Oct.  1862,  Agnes,  eldest  dau.  of  James  Rait, 
Esq.  of  Anniston.  Mr.  Caimegie,  Hereditary  Eowler 
to  the  Kings  of  Scotland,  is  representative  of  Lady 
Catherine,  sister  of  King  Robert  III.,  wife  of  David 
Lindsay,  11th  Earl  of  Crawford,  of  the  Fuhertons 
of  that  ilk,  and  of  the  Carnegies  of  Boysack,  is  the 
oldest  cadet  of  the  noble  House  of  Northesk,  and 
claims  the  Barony  of  Spynie. 

JLiltCaCJC.— From  GoDFRiDns  Fullekton,  of  Fullerton,  in 
COS.  Penh  and  Forfar,  who  got  from  King  Robert  the  Bruce 
a  charter  of  the  office  of  King's  Fowler,  descended 

William  Fullerton,  of  Fullerton,  m.  about  1G50,  Margaret 
Lindsay,  eldest  dau.  of  the  2nd  Lord  Spynie,  and  sister  to 
George,  the  3rd  and  last  Lord  Spynie.    Their  only  son, 

William  Fullerton,  of  Fullerton,  by  Susan  his  wife,  was 
father  of 

John  Fullerton,  of  Fullerton,  r,!..  Margaret  Carnegie,  and 
had  (besides  a  dau.,  Jean,  m.  Sir  John  Wcdderburn,  Bart,  of 
Blackness)  a  son, 

William  Fullerton,  of  Fullerton,  m.  Susanna  Ogilvy,  and 
was  father  of  a  son,  William;  and  a  dau.,  Margaret,  m. 
Walter,  commonly  called  Earl  of  Airlie,  and  d.  s.  p.     The  son, 

William  Fullerton,  of  Fullerton  and  Glenquich,  who  as- 
sumed the  surname  of  Lindsat,  claimed  the  title  of  Lord 
Spynie,  but  was  unsuccessful,  under  the  supposition  that  the 
original  grant  had  been  made  only  to  the  1st  Lord  Spynies' 
issue  male ;  this  has,  it  is  stated,  been  proved  to  have  been 
wrong,  by  Mr.  Riddell,  the  writer  on  Scotch  peerage  law.  Mr. 
Fullorton-Lindsay  ra.  1st,  Stewart,  only  dau.  and  heir  of  James 
Carnegie,  of  Boysack,  representative  of  the  Hon.  Sir  John 
Carnegie,  2ud  son  of  the  1st  Earl  of  Northesk,  and  by  her  had 
an  only  son,  James,  his  heir.  He  m.  2ndly,  Margaret,  only 
dau.  and  heir  of  James  Blair,  Esq.  of  Ardblair,  co.  Perth,  but 
by  her  had  no  issue.  Mr.  Fullerton-Lindsay,  who  was  a  Capt. 
in  Lord  Ogilvy's  Scotch  regt.  in  France,  and  a  Lieut. -Col.  in 
the  Portuguese  service,  was  s.  by  his  only  son, 

James  Fullerton  Lindsay  Carnegie,  Esq.  of  Boysack, 
Fullerton,  Spynie,  and  Kinblethmont,  m.  1786,  Mary  Elizabeth, 
only  dau.  and  heir  of  James  Strachan,  Esq.  of  Lower  Tooting, 
Surrey,  of  the  Thornton  lamily ;  and  d.  1805,  having  by  her 
had  issue, 

William,  his  heir. 

Alexander,  m.  31   Oct.  1820,  Amy,  only  dau.  of  Alexander 

Cruikshank,  Esq.  of  Strackathrow,  co.  Forfar,  and  had  an 

only  son,   Alexander  Cruikshank,  6.  1  Nov.   1821.     Mr. 

Lindsay,  who  was  Capt.  of  the  "Kelly  Castle"  Indiaman, 

d.  25  July,  1822. 
John  Mackenzie,  a  Writer  to  the  Signet  in  Edinburgh,  to. 

Florence,  dau.  of  Eev.  Charles  Brown,   and  has  a  dau., 

Emily.  Donald,  6.  1794;  rf.  1876. 

Susan,  111.  at  Edinburgh,  15  March,  1814,  Thomas  Tod,  Esq., 

Advocate.        Margaret  Northesk,  d.  uwni.  23  Feb.  1818. 

His  son, 

William  Fullerton  Lindsay  Carnegie,  Esq.  of  Spynie  and 
Boysuck,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  Vice-Lieut,  for  co.  Forfar,  sometime 
Capt.  Royal  Artillery,  h.  13  Blay,  1788;  ra.  27  Dec.  1820,  Lady 
Jane  Christian  Carnegie,  dau.  of  William,  7th  Earl  of  Northesk, 
G.C.B. ;  and  d.  18G0,  leaving  issue  by  her  (who  d.  1  Oct.  1840), 

John,  b.  14  Feb.  1833;  deceased. 
Henry  Alexander,  his  successor. 

Donald  Cliristian  Strachan,  b.  9  July,  1840,  Major  Bengal 

Mary  Elizabeth,  in.  Jan.  1845,  Major  George  Gordon,  50 
regt.  Bengal  Native  Infantry,  son  of  Gordon  of  Halmyr 
CO.  Peebles. 

Jane,  m.  1850,  Alexander  Lindsay,  Esq.,  formerly  Caj 
8th  Hussars.  Susan,  ni.  1855,  Robert  Ramsay,  Esq. 


Seat — Kinblethmont,  near  Arbroath,  co.  Forfar. 



LiNDSBLL,  Robert  Henry,  Esq.  of  Fairfield,  ci 
Bedford,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  SherifP  1864,  Lieut.- 
Col.  in  the  army,  h.  30  Aug.  1818  ;  m.  14  Aug.  1845, 
Emma  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Martin  Hogge, 
Rector  of  Southacre,  Norfolk,  and  by  her  (who  d. 
1871)  has,  with  other  issue, 

I.  Henry  Martin,  6.  7  May,  1847. 

II.  Arthur  Knox,  b.  17  June,  1851. 

Lieut. -Col.  Lindsell  is  son  of  Robert  Lindsell,  Esq. 
(who  d.  30  Sept.  1856),  by  Frances  his  wife,  dau.  of 
Samuel  Wells,  Esq.,  Banker,  of  Biggleswade,  and 
grandson  of  John  Lindsell,  Esq.  (who  d.  June, 
1833),  and  Margaret  his  wife,  dau.  of  R.  Cartwright, 
Esq.  of  London.  He  has  one  brother,  Charles 
Samuel,  J.P.  for  Beds,  who  m.  27  Jan.  1854,  Anne^ 
dau.  of  R.  Harding,  Esq.,  and  has  a  dau. 
Scat  —Fairfield,  Biggleswade. 


The  late  Thomas  Spencer  Lindsey,  Esq.  ol 
HoUymount  House,  co.  Mayo,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  Majoi 
South  Mayo  Rifles,  b.  7  May,  1828 ;  m.  6  April 
1864,  Mary  Catherine  Caroline,  2nd  dau.  of  G-eorgc 
Hay  ward  Lindsay,  Esq.  of  Grlasnevin,  co.  Dublin 
{see  Burke's  Peerage, Ceawfoed,  E.),  and  d.  1S74, 
leaving  a  dau., 

Mary  Georgiana  Cecelia  Katheine. 

iitltCagC.  —  Thomas  Lindsey,  Esq.,  a  younger  son  o 
Thomas  Lindsey,  Esq.  of  Turin  Castle,  co.  Mayo,  and  a  descen 
dant  of  the  great  Scottish  House  of  Lindsay,  m.  1757,  France; 
Muschamp  Vesey,  grand-dau.  of  Dr.  John  Vesey,  Archbisho] 
of  Tuam,  and  had  an  only  son, 

Thomas  Lindsey,  Esq.  of  Hollymount,  m.  1784,  Lady  Mar 
garet  Eleanor  Bingham,  dau.  of  Charles,  1st  Earl  of  Lucan 
and  by  her  (who  d.  1839)  had  issue, 
Thomas  Spencer,  of  Hollymount. 
Charles  Richard,  R.N.,  went  down  in  the  old  "Blenheim, 

1807,  with  Sir  Thomas  Trowbridge. 
William  Henry  Bingham,  Lieut.  lOth  Hussars,  at  Waterloc 

d.  in  India  1822. 
Margaret  Louisa,  in.  the  Eev.  J.  G.  Porter,  eldest  son  of  Jot 
Poiter,  D.D.,  Bishop  of  Clogher. 

Anne,  in.  the  Hon.  and  Rev.  J.  G.  Browne,  brother  of  Lor 

Eleanor,  m.  James  Reed,  Esq.,  and  d.  1840. 
Emily,  ra.  the  Kev.  Edmund  Dowduey,  and  d.  1855. 
Louisa.  M 

The  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Spencer  Lindsey,  Esq.  of  Hollymount,  J.P.  and  D.L 
High  Sheriff  1822,  b.  31  July,  1790 ;  m.  1 1  May,  1818,  Margan 
Hester,  only  dau.  of  Richard  Alexander  Oswald,  Esq.  of  Auchci 
cruive,  co.  Ayr,  and  by  her  (whod.  1855)  had  issue, 
Richard  Alexander,  an  ofBcer  in  the  army,  b.  15  March  1820 
Thomas  Spencer,  late  of  Hollymount. 
Lucy,  m.  26  June,  1851,  George  R.amsay  Campbell,  Esq. 
Anne  Eleanor  Matilda  Nina,  m.  4  Nov.  1841  ('/.  1871),  Bare 
Godefroy  de  Blonay,  of  Vernaud,  in  the  Canton  de  "Vaui 

Hester  Elizabeth  Frances,  m.  1864,  Francis  Ruttledge,  Esq 

son  of  the  late  Francis  Ruttledge,  Esq.  of  Bloomfleld,  o 


Lillias  Margaret  Jane.  Katharine  Mary,  d.  1872. 

Mr.  Lindsey  d.  21  Dec.  1867. 

Anwi — Gu.,  afess  chcquy  arg.  and  az.,  between  three  mt) ' 
lets  of  the  second.     Crest — An  eagle  displayed  with  two  uect 
acaL — Hollymount  House,  Hollymount,  co.  Mayo. 


See  BufiXON  OS  LONGNEB  HalIi. 







LiNGEN,  CnAELES  NELSON,  Esq.  of  Penknolcn 
•o.  Radnor,  B.A.  Pcmb.  Coll.  Cambridge,  J.P. 
10.  Eadnor,  h.  21  Oct.  1843 ;  in.  26  Jan.  1876, 
Lmily,  eldest  dau.  of  James  Eadcliife,  Esq.  of 
Jwinton  Park,  co.  Lancaster,  and  has  issue, 

Constance  Emily,  6.  16  Dec.  1877.      A  dau.  6.  31  Dec.  1873. 

HtUeatJE.— The  Penlanolen  family  claims  descent  from 
ilB  John  Lingen,  of  Stoke  Edith,  co.  Hereford,  who  was 
■wner  of  great  possessions  in  co.  Hereford.  In  the  struggie 
letween  Charles  I.  and  liis  Parliament,  Sir  Henry  Lingen 
spoused  the  royal  cause,  and  for  some  time  maintained  a 
roop  of  horse  for  the  King's  service.  By  this  and  consequent 
,nes  and  confiscations,  Sir  Henry's  estates  were  much  reduced. 
U  one  time  ho  was  fined  £5,000,  the  highest  sum  levied  on  a 
ommoner.  These  losses  were  never  remembered  by  CharlesH. 

James  Lingen,  Esq.  of  Thinghill  Court,  co.  Hereford,  in. 
liss  Birt,  of  London,  and  had  (with  three  daus.,  Margaret,  w. 
Ir.  Godshall;  Eleanor,  m.  F.  Lane,  Esq.  of  Hampton;  and 
"anny,  m.  W.  A.  Adams,  Esq.  of  Pinhault,  co.  Hereford)  an 
nly  son, 

William  Lingen,  Esq.  of  Sutton,  co.  Hereford,  m.  Jane,  2nd 
au.  of  Richard  Heming,  Esq.  of  the  Duffiekls,  in  the  same 
hire,  and  by  her  had  a  son,  William,  of  whom  presently,  and 
hree  daus.,  Jane,  )ii.  Henry  Unett,  Esq.,  of  Frenes  Court,  co. 
lereford ;  Margaret,  m.  John  Griffiths,  Esq.,  twice  Mayor  of 
lereford  ;  and  Nancy,  m.  William  Cook,  Esq.  of  Munderfield, 

0.  Hereford.    The  only  son, 

William  Lingen,  Esq.  of  Burghill  Lodge,  co.  Hereford,  in. 
796,  Anne,  only  dau.  and  heir  of  John  Barrett,  Esq.  of 
lollins  Hill,  co.  Worcester,  and  d.  1816,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Heshi,  of  Penlanolen,  2nd  son. 

II.  Charles,  M.D.,  F.E.C.S.,  and  senior  Surgeon  to  the 
Hereford  County  Infirmary,  J.P.  for  the  city  of  Hereford; 
m.  1841,  Ellen,  3rd  dau.  of  Eev.  Charles  Taylor,  D.D., 
Chancellor  of  the^Diocese  of  Hereford,  and  has  issue, 

1  Charles  James,  d.  8  June,  1864.        2  John  Taylor. 

1  EHza  Jane,  d.  12  March,  1860. 

2  Ellen  Mary.  3  Alice  Margaret. 
4  Blanche  Sophia.  5  Florence  Anna. 

I.  Mary  Anne,  d.  17  May,  1837. 

II.  Sophia,  deceased.  iii.    Eliza,  deceased. 

IV.  Margaret,  d.  27  Oct.  1863. 

V.  Jane,  m.  the  Ecv.  Joseph  Henry  Barker,  M.A. 

[is  2nd  son, 

Henbt  Lingen,  Esq.  of  Penlanolen,  co.  Radnor,  J.P.  and 
'.L.,  High  Sheriff  1839-40,  Barrister-at-Law,  h.  16  Aug.  1803; 

1.  7  May,  1837,  Priscilla,  dau.  of  Joseph  Jones,  Esq.  of  Aber- 
stwith,  CO.  Cardigan,  and  d.  22  Jan.  1874,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Henry  Jones,  6.  3  Oct.  1839;  d.  19  Dec.  1863. 
u.  Charles  Nelson,  new  of  Penlanolen. 
Arms — Barry  of  six  or  and  az.,  on  a  bend,  gu.  three  roses 
rg.    Crt»t — Out  of  a  ducal  coronet  or,  a  garb  vert. 
SMt — Penlanolen,  near  Ehayader,  co.  Kaduor. 



See  De  Lisle. 


LiSTEE,  Mathew  Henet,  Esq.  of  Burwell  Pari, 

0.  Lincoln,  h.  11  Oct.  1826,  bas  been  twice  married; 
ly  his  first  wife  be  bad  tbree  daus., 

1.  Florence  Holroyd  Eibblesdale,   m.   1876,  Porter  Wilson, 
Esq.  of  The  Lawn,  Brackenboro',  co.  Lincoln, 

n.  Edith  Violet.  in.  Muriel  Ada. 

»y  his  2nd  -wife,  Katberine  Eutb,  dau.  of  Thomas 
ohn  Manning,  Esq.  of  St.  Osytb,  Essex,  and  niece 
f  Frederick  Nassau,  Esq.  of  Si.  OsytbPriory,  to 
fhom  he  was  m.  5  Feb.  1874,  be  bas  further  isiue, 

IV.  Mathew  Henet,  l>.  31  May,  1877. 

V.  Constance  Margaret  Douglas. 

ILtnCagC.— From  John  Lister  of  Derby,  whom.  1312,  the 
au.  and  heir  of  John  de  liolton,  Bowbearer  of  Holland, 
nfally  descended  William  Lister,  Esq.  of  Midhope  (elder 
rother  of  Thomas  Lister,  ancestor  of  the  Listers  of  Gisburn 
»lc,  now  represented  by  Lord  Eibblesdale).  He  d.  1537, 
aving,  by  Elizabeth  his  wife,  dau.  and  heir  of  Thurstone 
anester,  of  Swindon,  a  son, 

Cbeistopheb  Lister,  Esq.,  to.  1521,  Ellen,  dau.  and  co-heir 
'  John  Clayton,  Esq.  of  Clayton,  co.  Lancaster,  and  was 
.tbcr  of 

William  Lister,  Esq.  of  Midhope,  who  purchased  Thornion- 
in-Craven;  he  m.  1st,  Anne,  dau.  of  Eoger  Midhope,  and  had, 
with  other  issue,  a  son, 

Lawrence  Lister,  Esq.,  living  1535,  to.  Evcreld,  dau.  of  Sir 
John  Sayer,  and  was  father  of 

Sir  William  Lister,  Knt.  of  Thornton,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Sir 
Henry  Bcllasis,  and  d.  1650,  leaving  issue. 

William  Lister  m.  2nd]y,  Erigett,  dau.  of  Bartholomew  Pigott, 
of  Aston  Power,  Oxon,  and  had  further  issue, 
Michael,  6th  son,  of  whom  presently. 

Mathew  (Sir),  9th  son,  b.  at  Thornton-in-Craven,  Physician 
to  James  I.  and  Charles  I.,  knighted  by  the  latter  in  1636. 
He  purchased  the  estate  of  Burwell,  co.  Lincoln,,  and  d. 
there  s.  jj.,  Dec.  1656,  aged  92. 

The  6th  son, 

Michael  Lister,  Esq.  of  Frierhead-in-Craven,  to.  Mary 
Kebell,  and  d.  circa  1010,  leaving  a  son. 

Sir  Martin  Lister,  Knt.  of  Thorpe  Arnold,  co.  Leicester, 
who  inherited  Burwell  from  his  uncle.  Sir  Matthew.  He  to. 
1st,  Mary,  dau.  of  Eichard,  Lord  Wenman,  of  Tame,  and 
by  her  (whot?.  circa  1635),  had,  with  a  dau.  Agnes,  wife  of 
Sir  William  Hartopp,  a  son,  Eiciiard  Lister,  whose  descen- 
dants were  settled  at  Thorpe  Arnold.  Sir  Martin  m.  2ndly, 
Susanna,  dau.  of  Sir  Alexander  Temple,  of  St.  Mary's  Hoo, 
Kent,  widow  of  Sir  Gifford  Thornhurst,  Bart.,  hy  whom  she 
had  a  dau.,  Frances,  to.  Eichard  Jenyns,  and  was  mother  of 
the  celebrated  Sarah,  Duchess  of  Marlborough.  By  his  2nd 
wife  Sir  Martin  had,  with  other  issue, 

1  Michael,  his  successor. 

2  Martin,  M.D.,  the  well-known  Physician  to  Queen  Anne, 
a  Fellow  of  the  Eoyal  Society,  and  a  great  benefactor  to  the 
Ashmolean  Museum,  author  of  "  A  .Journey  to  Paris,"  and 
many  works  on  Natural  History  and  Medicine.  He  d.  2  Feb. 
1711-12,  and  was  buried  at  Clapham. 

1  Susanna,  to.  George  Gregory,  of  Nottingham. 

2  Frances,  m.  Eobert  Barkliain. 

3  Jane,  to.  1st,  Hugh  Alington,  of  Stenigott;  and  2ndly, 
John  Thyme,  of  Egham. 

Sir  Martin  d.  Aug.  1670  (his  wife  d.  16C9),  and  was  s.  at  Bur- 
well by  the  eldest  sou  of  his  2nd  marriage, 

Michael  Lister,  Esq.,  to.  1059,  Ann,  widow  of  Thomas 
Peers,  of  Alverstone,  co.  Warwick,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1673) 

left  issue, 

Mathew,  his  heir. 

Elizabeth,  m.  privately,  16  May,  16S9,  Charles  Knollys, 
claiming  to  be  4th  Earl  of  Banbury.  The  validity  of  this 
marriage  was  subsequently  established,  after  a  suit  in  the 
Court  of  Arches.  She  cL  circa  1700,  leaving  s  son,  William, 
styled  Lord  Wallingford,  d.  s.  ■p.  1740;  and  Katherine, 
d.  1730,  buried  in  Lincoln  Cathedral. 

Jane.  Mary,  to.  Thomas  Beverley, 

Mr.  Lister  d.  1678,  and  was  s.  by  his  son. 

Sir  William  Lister,  Knt.  of  Thornton,  son  of  Laurence 
Lister,  Esq.  of  Midhope,  by  Evereld  his  wife,  dau.  of  Sir  John 
Sayer,  and  grandson  of  William  Lister,  Esq.,  who  purchased 
Thornton-in-Craven,  and  who  was  elder  brother  of  Thomas 
Lister,  ancestors  of  .the  Listers  o/  Gishorne  Parh,  co.  York,  to. 
Mary,  dau.  of  Sir  Henry  Belasyse,  1st  bart.  of  Newborough,  and 
left  at  his  decease,  1650,  with  other  issue,  i.  William  Lister, 
Esq.  of  Thornton ;  and  ii.  Sir  Martin  Lister,  Knt.,  the  well- 
known  Physician ;  and  his  successor  at  Burwell, 

Matthew  Lister,  Esq.  of  Burwell  Park,  in.  1682,  Eleanor, 
dau.  and  eventual  heir  of  Sir  Charles  Dymoke,  Knt.  of  Scri- 
velsby.  Champion  to  James  II.,  great-great-grandson  of  Sir 
Edward  Dymoke,  Knt.,  Champion  to  Queen  Elizabeth,  by- 
Anne  Talboys  his  wife,  sister  and  co-heir  of  Gilbert  Talbots, 
Baron  Talbots  of  Ktme,  and  was  father  of 

Matthew  Lister,  Esq.  of  Burwell  Park,  bapt.  1683,  d.  1744, 
and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Matthew  Lister,  Esq.  of  Burwell  Park,  to.  Grace,  widow  of 
Sir  Edward  Boughton,  Bart.,  and  dau.  of  Sir  John  Shuck- 
burgh,  Bart.,  and  d.  Jan.  1786,  having  had  a  son, 

Matthew  Dtmoke  Lister,  Esq.  of  Burwell  Park,  to.  Lydia, 
only  child  and  heiress  of  Joseph  Bancroft,  Esq.,  and  by  her 
(who  lit.  2ndly,  Joseph  Livesey,  Esq.)  left  at  his  decease,  1772, 
a  son, 

Matthew  Bancroft  Lister,  Esq.  of  Burwell  Park,  claimed 
the  Barony  of  Kyme.    He  wi.  1799,  Miss  Sophia  Bolton,  and 
by  her  (who  d.  1851)  had  issue, 
BIatthew  Henrt,  his  heir. 

John  Samuel,  of  Saleby  Grange,  Alford,  co.  Lincoln,  B.A., 
J.P.,  b.  25  Jan.  1812;  to.  4  May,  1842,  Elizabeth,  eldest 
dau.  of  William  Wilcock,  Esq.  ofSavile  Hill,  Halifax,  and 
has  issue,  Matthew  William,  formerly  of  32nd  regt.,  b. 
20  Jan.  1846i  Hannah.., Francos,  m.  Charles  P.  Elhott, 
E.I.Co.'s  Civil  Service,  cZ.  1876;  Mary,  m.  J.  E.  Tanner, 
Esq.,  and(/.  1868;  Elizabeth  Sophia;  and  Katherine  Ellen 
Maria,  m.  J.  Herbert  Bowman,  Esq.,  and  </.  1874. 





Joseph  Martin  (Rev.),  m.. 
George  Arthur,  Earrister-at  Law,(-L  1850. 
Alfred  Edward,  resident  in  Australia,  and  is  in. 
Lydia  Bougliton,  m.  the  Eev.  G.  Jaclison,  Rector  of  North 
Keston  and  d.  1873. 
Sophia,  m.  the  Rev.  Francis  Pickford,  Eectorof  Hagworth- 
inghain,  son  of  Capt.  Charles  Pickford,  B.N.,  2nd  son  of  Sir 
Joseph  Radcliffe,  Bart. 
Mary,  m.  George  Marmaduke  Alington,  Esq.  of  Swinhope, 
CO.  Lincoln,  and  ii.  1877.  Ellen  Frances. 

Mr.  Lister  d.  14  Oct.  1842,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Matthew  Hesuy  Lister,  Esq.  of  Burwell  Park,  6.  1801 ;  m. 
1823,  Arabella,  youngest  dau.  of  John  Cracroft,  Esq.  of  Hack- 
thorn  Hall,  CO.  Lincoln,  by  whom  (who  d.  \  Sept.  1873)  he 
had  issue, 

I.  Matthew  Henry,  his  heir. 

I.  Emily  Sophia,  m.  Eev.  William  D.  Marsden,  d.  1866. 

II.  Lucy. 

III.  Florence  Arabella,  m.  Uev.  John  Devrell  Devrell. 

IV.  Augusta  Penelope  Anne. 

Mr.  Lister  was  one  of  the  co  heirs  of  the  Barony  of  Kyme.  He 
d.  2  Jan.  1870,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son,  the  present  pro- 

Arms—VA-m.,  on  a  fcss  sa.  three  mullets  or.  Crest— A.  stag's 
head  erased  ppr.     Jl/oUo— Est  modus. 

^ja£— Burwell  Park,  near  Louth,  co.  Lincoln. 

lilSTEK   OF 



See  Listee-Kay. 







LiSTEE,  George  Spoffoeth,  Esq.  of  Hirst 
Priory,  co.  Lincolu,  and  Finningley  Park,  co.  York, 
J.P.  and  D.L.  co.  Lincoln  and  West  Eiding  of 
Yorkshire,  h.  12  June,  1811  ;  m.  23  Nov.  1848, 
Caroline,  3rd  dau.  of  William  Mostyn  Owen,  Esq. 
of  Woodhouse,  Salop. 

iLtUCagC— George  Stovin,  Esq.,  son  of  George  Stovin, 
Esq.  of  Tetles  House,  co.  Lincoln,  took  the  surname  and  arms 
of  Lister,  under  the  will  of  Thomas  Lister,  Esq.  of  Girsby 
House,  CO.  Lincoln.    By  Elizabeth  his  wife  he  was  father  of 

James  Lister,  Esq.,  in.  1800,  Alice,  dau.  of  Robert 
Spofforth,  Esq.  of  Ilowden,  E.R.  co  York,  and  had  issue, 

I.  George  Spofforth,  now  of  Hirst  Priory. 

II.  Robert  Cornelius,  of  Ousefleet  Grange,  co.  York,  J.P., 
b.  17  April,  1818;  Vi.  2G  April,  1S42,  Elizabeth  Cornwell,  dau. 
of  Jarvis  Empson,  Esq.  of  Goole  Hall,  co.  York,  and  has 

1  James  Empson,  h.  7  July,  1851.         1  Elizabeth  Empson. 

2  Ahcp,  m.  1867,  J.  H.  Empson,  eldest  son  of  J.  W.  Emp- 
son, Esq.  of  Ripple  Hall,  co.  Worcester. 

III.  Thomas  Henry,  of  Scremby  Hall,  Spolsby,  Lincoln,  M.A., 
Vicar  of  Luddingcon,  J.P. ;  ui.  1853,  Mary  Charlotte,  dau. 
of  Rev.  F'rancis  Swan,  Rector  of  Bennington,  and  has  a  son 
and  two  daus.,  the  younger  of  whom,  Edith  Grace,  in.  9 
Jan.  1879,  Langhorne  Burton,  Esq. 

1.  AJice,  m.  George  Smith  Haycer,  Esq.  of  Surbiton. 

Arms — Erm.,  on  a.  fess  sa.  three  mullets  or.  Cnsi — A  stag's 
head  ppr.  issuing  from  a  ducal  coronet  or.  Motto — Retinens 
vestigia  famfe. 

Seats— Hirst  Priory,  Epworth,  co.  Lincoki;  and  Finningley 
Park,  Bawtry,  co.  York. 


LiSTEE,  John,  Esq.  of  Shibden  Hall,  co.  York, 
and  Barrister  of  the  Inner  Temple,  M.A.  Prasenose 
Coll.  Oxford,  I.  8  March,  1847. 

JLtllfitQC. — The  family  is  one  of  ancient  date,  tracing  its 
descent  from  Richard  Lister,  who,  at  the  year  1439, 
17  Henry  VI.)  purchased  land  at  Hipperholme,  in  the  parish 
of  Halifax,  and  in  the  vicinity  of  Shibden  Hal),  which  has  been 
in  the  possession  of  the  family  since  1613. 

One  of  their  ancestors,  John  Lister,  &.  1602,  was  fined  for 
not  attending  to  receive  the  honour  of  knighthood  at  the 
coronation  of  King  Charles  I.;  the  receipt  for  this  fine  is 
signed  by  "  Wentworthe,"  Earl  of  StraEford. 

The  full  pedigree  is  in  the  College  of  Arms. 

John  Lister,  of  Shibden  Hall,  J. P.,  s.  Anne,  dau.  of  Capt. 
Jeremy  Lister,  of  Shibden  Hall;  m.  1844,  Louisa  Anne,  only 
dau.  of  Major  Charles  Grant,  of  the  Island  of  St.  Vincent,  and 
had  issue, 

John,  now  of  Shibden  Hall. 

Charles  Edmond,  6.  15  June,  1819.        Anne,  h.  20  Feb.  1852. 

He  d.  6  Aug.  1867. 

^rm.s— (On  the  roof  of  Halifax  Church)— Erm.,  on  a  fess  sa. 
three  mullets  or,  a  dexter  canton  gu.  Crfnt — A  stag's  head 
erased  ppr.,  charged  on  the  neck  with  a  trefoil  slipped  gu, 
Molto — Justus  propositi  tenax. 

Seat — Shibden  Hall,  Hahfax,  co.  Yorli. 


The  late  William  Huntee  Little,  Esq.  of 
Llanvair  Grange,  co.  Monmouth,  J.P.  and  D.L., 
High  Sheriff  1852,  b.  Oct.  1790  ;  m.  1st,  1831,  Mary^ 
dau.  of  the  Rev.  Dr.  Rogers,  of  Rainscombe,  Wiltsj 
and  by  her  (who  d.  1833)  had  a  dau., 

I.  Louisa  Elizabeth  Katherine,  in.  1854,  Frederick  Townley 
Parker,  Esq.,  youngest  son  of  Robert  Townley  Parkerj 
Esq.  of  Cuerden,  co.  Lancaster. 

He  m.  2ndly,  May,  1836,  Georgiana,  dau.  of  Winch- 
combe  Henry  Hartley,  Esq.,  formerly  Judge  of  the 
Vice-Admiralty  Court,  Cape  of  Good  Hope,  and 
his  wife  the  Lady  Louisa  Lumley,  dau.  of  Richard, 
4th  Earl  of  Scarbrough,  and  by  that  lady  had  issue, 

I.  George  Savile  Lumley  (Rev.),  Vicar  of  Honyngham,  co. 
Warwick,  h.  1837;  in.  1st,  1862,  Sophia  Louisa,  only  dau, 
of  the  Rev.  Wm.  Corfield,  Rector  of  Llangattoc,  co.  Mon- 
mouth; and  2ndly,  1865,  Mary  Sarah,  dau.  of  H.  Y. 
Whytehead,  Esq.  of  Crake,  co.  York,  and  has  five  sons 
and  two  daus. 

II.  James  Law  Charles  Hunter,  6.  1844;  m.  1871,  Eliza 
Mary,  dau  of  John  Box,  Esq.  of  Abingdon,  and  has  two 
sons  and  one  dau. 

III.  William  Hunter  Buller,  6.  1847;  Lieut.  4th  King's  Owr 
Royals  ;  m.  1873,  Amy  Powys,  only  child  of  Edward 
Bode,  Esq.,  and  has  two  daus. 

II.  Emma  Georgiana  Charlotte,  in.  1864,  James  Willoughbj 
Bond,  Esq.  of  Farragh,  co.  Longford,  and  has  two  som 
and  three  daus. 

III.  Henrietta  Hannah  Louisa,  to.  1862,  Lieut.-Col.  UssliC' 
Lee  Morris,  late  R.M.  Light  Infantry,  and  has  three  son; 
and  one  dau. 

IV.  Barbara  Elizabeth  Maria,  ni.  1860,  Capt.  William  Clod' 
Braddon,  late  Lieut.  75th  regt.,  Adjutant  Brecon  Volun 
teers,  eldest  son  of  W.  Clode  Braddon,  Esq.  of  Skisdon 
Cornwall,  and  has  two  sons  and  four  daus. 

Mr.  Little  d.  10  Dec.  1864,  and  Llanvair  Grange  is 
for  her  life,  the  property  of  his  widow. 

Ht'llCilgC. — George  Little,  Esq.,  in.  Henrietta  Maris 
dau.  of  Samuel  Forth,  Esq.,  and  had  two  sons,  Simon;  an 
Samuel,  D.D.,  who  m.  Georgiana  Augusta,  dau.  of  Augustus 
4th  Earl  of  Berkeley,  and  relict  of  George,  5th  Earl  of  Granard 
The  elder  son, 

Simon  Little,  Esq.,  in.  Letitia,  sister  of  Sir  James  Bone 
Bart,  of  Coolamber  House,  co.  Longford,  and  had  issui 
George,  of  whom  presently;  James;  and  Elizabeth.  Tb 
elder  son, 

George  Little,  Esq.,  in.  1789,  Louisa,  youngest  dau.  ( 
AVilliam  Hornby,  Esq.  of  the  Hook,  Hants,  many  yeai 
Governor  of  Bombay,  while  Warren  Hastings  was  Governor  ( 
Bengal,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

William  Hunter,  of  Llanvair  Grange. 
John  Hornby,  E.I.Co.'s  Civil  Service,  d.  1829. 
James,  Barrister-at-Law,  d.  1875. 

Emma,  in.  1842,  Charles  Reginald  Buller,  Esq.  of  Erie  Hal 
Devon,  and  d.  1865.  Georgiana,  d.  unni. 

-47-TOs— Sa.,  a  chevron  engrailed  arg.     Crest — A  leopard 
head  ppr.     Motto — Magnum  in  parvo. 
Scat — Llanvair  Grange,  Abergavenny. 


LiTTLEWooD,  Benjamin,  Esq.  of  the  Hyde,  c( 
Stafford,  and  Newto^vn  Grange,  co.  Worcester,  J.I 
for  cos.  Stafford  and  Worcester,  and  D.L.,  b.  1 
April,  1802  ;  m.  1st,  2  May,  1839,  Elizabeth,  dau.  c 
Thomas  Bate,  Esq.  of  the  Birches,  Hagley,  C( 
Worcester,  by  whom  (who  d.  14  Sept.  1851)  he  ha 

I.  Henry  Charles,  Brasenose  College,  Oson,  6.  6  Dec.  1851 

I.  Elizabeth  Mary,  m.  1873,  William  Durant  Thatcher,  Esi 
of  Walton  House,  Clent,  co,  Worcester. 

II,  Annie,  d.  29  March,  1853. 





lie  m.  2nclly,  2  Oct.  1852,  Sarah  Campbell,  clau.  of 

John  Wait,  Esq.  of  London,  and  Willesden  House, 

Ziliddlesex,  by  whom  he  has  issue, 
II.  Benjamin  Campbell,  Brasenose  College  Oxon,  6.  14  Feb. 

JXtnCitflC— Benjamin  Littlewood,  the  son  of  Jeremiah  and 

Anne  Littlewood,  v'as  6.  24  May,  and  bapt.  at  Goldswinford, 
.  Worcester,  26  May,  1716.   Hem.  1st,  2  Dec.  1744,  Mary  Skid- 
re,  by  whom  he  had  no  issue.     His  2nd  wife,  to  whom  he 
IS  1(1.  at  Oldswinford  aforesaid    10  Sept.  17G6,  was    Sarah 
.  1733),  dan.  of  Michael  Grazebrook,  of  Audnam,  co.  Stafford. 

lie  d.  16  Oct.  1807,  aged  91,  having  had  issue  by  the  said 

Sarah  (who  d.  13  March,  1707,  aged  64), 


Anne,  bapt.  13  Sept.  17C7;  d.  unin  17  Oct.  1795. 

The  son  and  heir, 

Benjamin  Littlewood,  of  Amblecote,  bapt.  11  June,  1709, 

purchased  the  Hyde  estate  in  the  parish  of  Kinver,  co.  Stafford. 

lie  m.  Esther,  dau.  of  Eichard  Badger,  of  The  Hayes,  near 

Stourbridge,  and  d.  21  Oct.  1844,  having  had  by  the  said  Esther 

ivho  d.  20  March,  1842,  aged  64;  the  following  issue, 

Benjamin,  now  of  the  Hyde.         Thomas,  m.  and  has  issue. 

Kichard,  d.  22  June,  1827,  aged  21. 

Sarah  Anne,  d.  unm.  3  July,  1855. 

Jane,  m.  Henry  Charles  Auster,  Solicitor,  of  Birmingham. 

Lucy,  wife  of  i'raucis  Corser. 

Prei:cnt  Rciidcnce— The  Greenway,  Shurdington,  Cheltenham. 


LiTESEY,  Joseph  Montague,  Esq.  of  Stourton 
Hall,  CO.  Lincoln,  b.  9  April,  1851 ;  s.  his  father 
1854 ;  m.  Nov.  1872,  Laura  Fanny,  only  dau.  of  the 
late  John  Marshall,  Esq.  of  Kii-k  Ella  House,  co. 
York,  and  has  a  son, 

Aloeknon  Montague,  h.  29  May,  1874. 

ILilttagC— The  family  of  Livesey  of  Lireseij.  co.  Lan- 
caster, was  of  great  antiquity  in  that  shire.  One  branch  was 
of  Eastchurcb,  Kent,  and  to  that  belonged  Sir  Michael  Livesey, 
created  a  Baronet,  11  July,  1627.  The  present  possessor  of 
Stourton  Hall,  Joseph  Montague  Liveset,  Esq.,  and  his 
brother  Eeginald,  are  sons  of  the  late  Joseph  Livesey,  Esq. 
of  Stourton  Hall,  High  Sheriff  of  co.  Lincoln  1854,  by  Sarah 
Maria  his  wife,  eldest  dau.  of  the  Eev.  John  Earle  Welby,  of 
Harston,  co.  Leicester,  youngest  son  of  Sir  William  Earle 
Welby,  Bart,  of  Denton.  His  uncle  is  the  Eev.  Thomas 
Livesey,  M.A.,  J. P. 

Arms — Arg.,  a  lion  rampant  gu.  between  three  trefoils 
slipped  vert.  Creds — 1st,  a  lion's  gamb  erect  gu.,  holding  u 
branch  of  five  trefoils  vert. 

Seat— Stourton  Hall,  near  Horncastle. 


Fenton-Litingstone,  Thoiias  Livingstone, 
Esq.  of  Westquarter,  co.  Stirling,  and  Bedlormie, 
CO.  Linlithgow,  J. P.,  h.  17  Jan.  1829 ;  s.  his  gi-and- 
uncle  1853,  and  assumed  the  additional  surname  of 
Livingstone  ;  m.  10  April,  1855,  Christian  Mar- 
garet, only  dau.  and  heiress  of  William  Waddell, 
Esq.,  D.L.,  of  Easter  Moffat,  co.  Lanark,  by  Mar- 
garet his  wife,  eldest  dau.  of  Archibald  Campbell, 
Esq.  of  Mclfort,  co.  Argyll,  and  has  issue. 

I.  Thomas,  h.  12  May,  1S5G. 

II.  William  Waddell,  b.  31  March,  1858. 
in.  John  Nigel  Edensor,  6.  11  Aug.  1859. 

IV.  George  Frederick  James,  b.  1  Oct.  1860. 

V.  Charles  Henry,  h.  7  Xov.  1863. 

ILiWtKQt.  —The  Hon.  Geoege  Livingston,  of Ogleface,  co. 
Linlithgow,  4th  son  of  William,  6th  Lord  Livingston  (see 
Burke's  Extinct  P<:erage),  was  created  a  Baronet  ofHoca  Scotia, 
30  May.  1625,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Sir  William,  who  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Sir  Alexander,  who  was  s.  by  his  only  son. 

Sir  Alexander,  designated  of  Bedlorjnie,  who  m.  Susannah 
Walker,  heir  of  Bedlormie,  and  was  s.  by  his  only  son. 

Sir  Alexander.  This  gentleman  m.  Henrietta,  dau.  of 
Alexander  Scott,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  had  seven  sons  and  three 
daus.,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Sir  George,  at  whose  decease  without  issue,  1729,  the 
baronetcy  devolved  upon  his  brother, 

Sm  ALEXAiJDtB,  who  d.  unm.  1766,  and  was  s.  by  liis  brollici', 

Sir  W'illiam,  designated  of  Westquarter  and  Bedlormie. 
This  gentleman  dying  without  issue,  1709,  was  s.  by  his 

Sir  Alexander,  of  Westquarter  and  Bedlormie,  who  m.  1st, 
Anne,  dau.  of  John  Atkinson,  Esq.  of  London,  by  whom  he  had 
(with  other  issue,  who  d.  unm.), 

I.  Thomas,  his  heir. 

II.  Thurstanus,  d.  without  legitimate  issue,  1839. 

III.  George  Augustus,  killed  in  battle. 

I.  Anne,  who  m.  4  Nov.  1801,  the  Eev.  John  Thomas  Fenton, 
Ecctor  of  Ousby  and  Torpcnhow,  Cumberland,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  at  Douglas,  Isle  of  Man,  12  Aug.  1851)  he  left  at  his 
decease,  13  Oct.  1854, 

1  John  Thomas  Fenton. 

2  Alexander  F'cnton.  3  Eobert  Fenton. 

4  George  Livingstone  Fenton  (Eev.),  Chaplain  of  Poona, 

1  Anne,  m.  William  Henry  Clarke,  Esq.  of  Hexham  House, 
Northumberland,  and  had  two  sous,  Clement  Henry  and 

2  Caroline,  m.  her  cousin,  Eobert  Fenton,  Esq.  3  Mary. 
The  eldest   son,  John  Thomas  Fenton,  Esq.,  to.   1828, 

Selina,  youngest  dau.  of  Sir  John  Heathcote,  of  Longton 
Hall,  CO.  Stafford,  and  d.  28  March,  1875,  leaving  an  only 
son,  the  present  Thomas  Livingstone  Fbnton-Livingstone, 
Esq.  of  Westquarter. 

.Sir  Alexander  m.  2ndly,  Jane,  dau.  of  Capt.  the  Hon.  William 
Henry  Cranston,  son  of  William,  5th  Lord  Cranston,  by  whom 
he  had  two  sons  and  a  dau.,  Francis,  an  officer  in  the  army, 
d.  s.  p.;  David,  killed  in  battle,  «.  'f. ;  Eliza,  m.  J.  Kirsopp, 
Esq.  of  Spital.  Sir  Alexander  d.  1795,  and  was  s.  by  the  3rd, 
but  eldest  surviving  son  of  his  1st  marriage, 

Sir  Thomas,  Admiral  of  the  White;  m.  1809,  Janet,  only 
surviving  dau.  of  Sir  James  Stirling,  Bart,  of  Mansfield,  by 
whom  (who  d.  1831)  he  had  no  issue.  Sir  Thomas  d.  1  April, 
1853,  and  was  s.  at  Westquarter,  under  a  deed  which  he 
executed,  by  his  grand-nephew,  the  present  Thomas  Livisg- 
STONE  Fenton-Livingstone,  Esq.  of  Westquarter. 

Creation— 30  May,  1625. 

Arms — Quarterly:  1st  and  4th,  arg.,  three  cinquefoils  gu., 
within  a  double  tressure  flory  and  counterflory  vert;  2nd  and 
3rd,  sa.,  a  bend  between  six  billets  or ;  in  surtout,  an  escut- 
cheon az.  charged  with  an  oak  tree  growing  out  of  the  base 
gold  within  a  bordure  arg.,  charged  with  eight  gilliflow"ers  gu. 
all  within  a  border  quartered  or  and  gu.  Crest — A  demi-savage 
wreathed  round  the  head  and  middle  with  laurel  leaves  holding 
in  his  dexter  hand  a  baton  erect,  and  in  his  sinister  a  serpent 
entwined  roimd  the  arm  all  ppr.    Motto — Si  je  puis. 

Seats — Westquarter,  near  Falkirk;  and  Bedlormie,  Linlithgow. 


Llewellyn,  William,  Esq.  of  Court  Colman, 
CO.  Glamorgan,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1854, 
b.  10  Aug.  1820 ;  m.  2.3  April,  1814,  Eleanor  Emma, 
dau.  of  Rev.  Eobert  Knight,  of  Tythegston  Conrt, 
CO.  Glamorgan,  and  has,  with  five  daus.,  two  sons, 

I.  Egbert  William,  J. P.,  Capt.  Eoyal  Glamorgan  Light 
Infantry  Blilitia,  late  Eoyal  Dragoons,  b.  26  May,  1848. 

II.  William  Hely,  6.  '20  Nov.  1849;  d.  13  April,  1877. 

Mr.  Llewellyn  is  only  child  of  WiUiam  Llewellyn, 
Esq.  of  Glauafon,  co.  Glamorgan,  by  Catherine  his 
■wife,  eldest  dau.  of  John  Place,  Esq. 
(SeaJ— Court  Colman,  Bridgend. 



of  Eynant  Hall,  co.  Montgomery,  and  Stapleton, 
Shrewsbury,  M.A.,  b.  17  Sept.  1840 ;  s.  his  maternal 
uncle,  and  assumed  the  additional  surname  of 

JLiUCagC. — Eichard  Llewellin,  Esq.  of  Holm  Wood,  co. 
Gloucester,  6.  1  Nov.  1759,  son  and  heir  (by  Mary  his  wife, 
dau.  of  John  AVilliams,  Esq.  of  Trearchid,  co.  Pembroke)  of 
Eichard  Llewellin,  Esq.  of  Holm  Wood,  who  migrated  from 
CO.  Pembroke  to  Bristol;  m.  14  Jan.  1800,  Anna  Maria  Ames, 
sister  of  Lionel  Lyde,  Esq.  of  Ayott  St.  Lawrence,  Herts,  and 
Levi  Ames,  Esq.  of  The  Hyde,  Beds,  and  by  her  had  issue, 
Eichard,  of  Tregwynt. 

Thomas,  of  Olveston  Court,  co.  Gloucester;  d.  29  Oct.  1863. 
Anna  Maria,  )/i.  30  May,  1839,  Eev.  William  Purcell  :  and 
d.  13  April,  1857,  leaving  issue  by  him  (who  d.  22  Oct.  1877) 
the  present  Eichard  Llewellin  Purcell-Llewellin,  Esq. 
of  Eynant,  and  Eev.  Lionel  Thomas  Purcell,  M.A.,  Clerk  in 
Holy  Orders,  m.  2  July,  1878,  Annie  Elizabeth  Knighton. 
Elizabeth,   r,i.   1834,    Capt.    Thomas   Digby  Eoberts    Hon. 
E.I.C.S.,  and  has  issue  seven  childien. 
Fhuebe  and  Emma,  both  d.  tinm. 





Mr.  Llewellin  d.  18  Aug.  1825,  and  was  g.  by  his  son, 

KicHARD  Llewellin,  Esq.  of  Tregwync,  co.  Pembroke,  J. P. 
andD.L.,  High  SheriCf  1840,  B. A.  Oxford,  6.  23  Jlarch,  1802; 
d.  uiim.  21  March,  1871,  and  was  s.  by  his  nephew. 

SenU — Eynant  Hall,  Llanfyllin,  co.  Montgomery,  and  Staple- 
ton,  Shrewsbury. 


DiLLWYN  -  Llewelyn,  John  Talbot,  Esq.  of 
Tnisygerwn,  co.  Glamorgan,  J.P.  and  D.L.  for  that 
CO.,  and  J.P.  cos.  Carmarthen  and  Brecknock, 
High  Sheriff  of  Glamorganshire  1878,  b.  26  May, 
1836  ;  m.  7  May,  1881,  Caroline  Julia,  dau.  of  the 
late  Sir  Michael  H.  Hicks-lJeach,  Bart.,  M.P.,  and 
has  issue, 

I.  John  JIichael,  h.  10  Sept.  18G6. 

II.  William,  6.  1  April,  1863. 
in.  Charles,  b.  29  June,  1870. 

I.  Gwendoline  Harriet,  6.  27  Feb.  1852. 

fLtlTEJttlC. — See  DiLLWTN  of  Penllergare. 

John  Dillwtn-Lleweltn,  of  Penllergare,  m.  10  June,  1833, 
Emma  Thomasina,  dau.  of  Thomas  Mansel  Talbot,  £sg.  of 
Uargan  Abbey,  and  has  issue, 

John  Talbot,  of  Ynisygwern. 
Teresa,  m.  to  Nevil  Story  Maskelyne,  Esq. 
Emma  Charlotte,  m.  Henry  lirnyon  Crichton,  Esq. 
EUnor  Amy.  Lucy  Catharine. 

Seal — Ynisygerwn,  Neath. 


LxOTD,  EiCHAED  Thomas,  Esq.  of  Aston  Hall, 
Salop,  and  of  Roll's  Park,  Essex,  High  Sheriif 
for  Shropshire  1874,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  late  Capt. 
Grenadier  Guards,  Lieut.-Col.  Shropshire  Yeo- 
manry, b.  9  Sept.  1820 ;  m.  19  Aug.  1852,  Lady 
Frances  Hay,  3rd  dau.  of  Thomas  Robert,  10th  Earl 
of  KinnouU,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Fkancis,  Lieut.  Grenadier  Guards,  6.  12  Aug.  1853. 

II.  Fitzwarren,  6.  16  Aug.  1859. 
HI.  Kossendale,  6.  14  Sept.  1863. 

IV.  Eichard  Harvey,  6.  17  April,  1S68. 

V.  Edward  Nathaniel,  b.  16  Feb.  1871. 

I.  Era.         II.  Louisa  Selina.         m.  Edith.         iv.  Ada. 
V.  Maude. 

Mr.  Lloyd  s.  his  motlicr  7  March,  1866. 

3L(nC<ICJC.— The  Lloyds  of  Aston  have  been  seated  at 
Aston  from  an  early  period,  and  derive  from  the  royal  House 
of  Powys,  through  their  immediate  progenitor,  Einion  Efell, 
Lord  of  Cynllaeth,  son  of  Madoc,  last  Prince  of  Powys. 

Andrew  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Aston,  like  his  neighbour,  Mytton, 
of  Halston,  adopted  the  cause  of  the  Parliament  against  King 
Chakles  I.,  and  held  a  Captain's  commission  in  the  army. 
Capt.  Lloyd  m.  Margaret,  dau.  of  Thomas  Powell,  of  Whit- 
tington  Park,  and  had,  with  other  issue,  Thomas,  his  heir,  and 
Eichard  (Sir),  Chancellor  of  Durham,  and  Judge  of  the  Admi- 
ralty Court,  father  of  Sir  Nathaniel  Lloyd,  Knt.,  a  liberal 
benefactor  to  the  coUegesof  Trinity  Hall  and  All  Souls',  Oxford. 
TUe  elder  son, 

Thomas  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Aston,  acquired  by  marriage  with 
Sarah,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Frances  Albany,  Esq.,  the  lordship 
and  estate  of  Whittington,  Salop,  and  had,  inter  alios,  Robert, 
his  heir;  Elizabeth,  m.  Foulk  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Foxhall,  co. 
Denbigh  (descended  in  the  male  line,  from  William  Kosindale, 
grandson  of  Henry  liosindale,  of  Kosindale,  co.  Lancaster, 
who  adopted  the  surname.  Of  the  Hellan  and  Foxhall  famify, 
Humphrey  Lloyd,  the  celebrated  antiquary,  wasadestendant). 
Elizabeth  and  Foulk  Lloyd  had  three  sons, 

Thoma'^'l^'yd,  }  Buccessively  of  Aston. 

Piosindale  Lloyd,  who  m.  Jane,  dau.  of  Robert  Davies,  Esq. 
of  Llannerch,  and  d.  1734.     He  had, 
William  (Rev.),  who  s.  his  uncle  at  Aston. 
Mr.  Lloyd  d.  1692,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Eobeet  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Aston,  M.P.  co.  Salop,  who  m.  Mary, 
eldest  dau.  of  Sir  John  Bridgcman,  liart.,  and  left  a  son  and 

Eobeet  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Aston,  51. P.  co.  Salop.  He  d.  unm. 
7  June,  1734,  when  the  Aston  and  other  estates  devolved  upon 
(the  eldest  sou  of  bis  aunt)  bis  cousin, 

John  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Foxhall,  who  dying  without  issue,  174Ii 

was  s.  by  his  brother, 

Thomas  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Aston,  at  whose  decease,  unm.,  1754, 
the  estates  passed  to  his  nephew. 

The  Rev.  William  Lloyd,  of  Aston.  This  gentleman  m, 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  William  Sneyd,  Esq.  of  Bishton,  co.  Stafford, 
and  had  an  only  son  and  heir. 

The  Rev.  John  Eobekt  Lloyd,  of  Aston,  who  m.  Martha, 
4th  dau.  of  John  Shakespeare,  Esq.  of  London,  and  had  issue, 
William,  his  heir.  ' 

Charles  Arthur  Albany  (Rev.),  Eector  of  Whittington,  Salop; 
b.  178.5;  ni.  Mrs.  Hannah  Simpson  Cowan;  and  d.  1851, 
leaving  three  children. 
George  Newton  Kynaston  (Rev.),  Rector  of  Schattyn,  Salop, 
b.   1786;    m.  Miss    Corrie;    and  d.   1848,    leaving    three 
Elizabeth,  m.  Robert  Curtis,  Esq.;   and  d.  leaving  issue. 
Charlotte,  m.  1803,  Hon.  Thomas  Kenyon,  son  of  Lloyd,  1st 
Lord  Kenyon,  and  has  issue. 
Mr.  Lloyd  d.  1803,  and  was  $.  by  his  eldest  son, 

William  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Aston,  J. P.,  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  ISIO, 
6.  21  Dec.  1779  ;  on.  1805,  Louisa,  eldest  dau.  and  co-heir  of 
Admiral  Sir  Eliab  Harvey,  G.C.B.,  of  Rolls  Park,  Essex,  and 
by  her  (who  d.  7  March,  1866/  left  issue, 

William  Fitzwarren,  d.  182.5. 

EicHABD  Thomas,  now  of  Aston.        Edward  Harvey. 
Louisa  Eliza. 

Charlotte,  m.  30  Oct.  1838,  George  Grenville  Pigott,  Esq.  of 
Doddershall  Park,  Bucks,  who  d.  1865. 
Mr.  Lloyd  d.  29  April,  1843. 

Arms — Per  fess  sa.  and  arg.,  alion  rampant  counterchanged. 
Motto — Hwy  pery  clud  na  golud.  (In  English,  Longer  will 
fame  last  than  wealth.) 

Seats— Aston  Hall,  Oswestry,  Salop ;  and  Rolls  Park,  Chig- 
well,  Essex.    Clubs — White's;  Guards;  Carlton,- and  Pratt's. 





Lloyd,  Edward  Owen  Vaitghan,  Esq.  of  Rha^ 
gatt,  CO.  Merioneth,  b.  20  Aug.  1857. 

ILinCagC.-  The  family  of  Lloyd  of  Rhaoatt,  is  of  the 
tribe  of  Tudor  Trevor,  Lord  of  the  Marches  of  Wales,  through 
Cuhelyn,  of  Pontre  Cuhelyn,  in  Llangollen.  The  representa- 
tive of  this  long  descended  line. 

John  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Berth,  Llanbedr,  co.  Denbigh,  Chief 
Justice  of  Carmarthen  Circuit,  b.  1746,  d.  1806,  leaving  a  son, 

Edward  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Berth,  co.  Denbigh,  and  Rhagatt, 
near  Corwen,  J.P. ;  m.  Frances,  dau.  of  J.  Madocks,  Esq.  of 
Fron  Iw,  co.  Denbigh,  and  had  two  sons, 

I.  John,  his  heir. 

II.  Edward,  ra.  Mary  Eliza,  dau.  of  John  Madocks,  Esq.  ol 
Glany  wem,  co.  Denbigh,  and  d.  1863,  leaving  a  son, 

Edward  Owen  Vaughan,  now  of  Ehagatt. 

III.  Howel  William,  m.  Eliza,  dau.  of  G.  Wilson,  Esq.,  and 
has  issue,  Edward. 

IV.  Charles  Owen,  d.  s.  p. 
I.  Frances  Margaret,   m.  Sir  Robert  Williames   'Vaughan, 

Bart,  of  Heng^rt  and  Nannau. 
u.  Mary  Charlotte,  of  Hengwrt,  and  Tanllan,  Lanclltyd 

III.  Charlotte,  to.  R.  J.  Price,  Esq.  of  Ehiwlas,  Bala. 

IV.  Jane  M.,  vi.  'Ven.  Archdeacon  Ffoulkcs. 

V.  Eliza  Blackburne,  la.  Major  M.  Vibart. 

VI.  Harriet  Frances,  also  of  Hengwrt. 

Mr.  Lloyd  d.  1805,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

John  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Ehagatt,  J.P.  cos.  Merioneth  and  Den 
high,  D.L.  of  the  former,  served  as  High  Slieriil  co.  Denbigl 
1863.  He  TO.  16  Feb.  1848,  Gertrude  Jane  Mary,  dau.  of  Philij 
Lake  Godsal,  Esq.  of  Iscoed  Park,  eo.  Flint,  and  d.  s,  p.  2". 
May,  1865,  and  was  s.  by  his  nephew, 
Edward  Owen  "Vaughan  Lloyd. 

Arms — Per  bend  sinister  cnn.  and  ermines,  over  all  a  lioi 
rampant  or  in  a  bordure  go.  Crest — A  unicorn's  head  IssuiD] 
from  a  ducal  coronet  arg.  armed  and  mancd  or. 

Seal — Khagalt,  near  Corwen. 




Lloyd,  Llewellyn-Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Glang\nllj 
CO.  Carmarthen,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  b.  6  June,  1840 
s.  his  father  1  Jan.  1862  ;  m.  4  Nov.  1869,  France 
Sarah,  only  surviving  dau.  of  Frank  Jones  Walkei 
Jones,  Esq.  of  Beddgelert,  co.  Carnarvon,  and  ha 
















Pbyse,  6. 1873. 

Frances  Ethel.  Alice  Gertrude.  Violet  Lucy. 

Grace  Maude. 

ICinCHSt. — ^The  Llotds  of  Glanswilly,  now  represented 
)y  tlie  family  of  Price,  were  in  direct  descent  froiu  Ruoori 
KIawb,  King  of  Wales. 

Tbomas  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Glangwilly,  High  Sheriff  1G5G,  was 
ion  of  Griffith  Lloyd,  of  Glangwilly,  and  grandson  of  John 
Uoyd,  Esq.,  High  Sheriff  1G09,  who  was  son  of  David  Lloyd 
ip  Griffith,  of  Llanlawddog,  by  Catherine  his  wife,  dau.  and 
jO-heir  of  Sir  Christopher  Turberville,  Knt.  of  Penllyn.  He 
».  Anne,  dau.  and  co-heir  (by  Mary  his  wife,  dau.  and  co-heir 
)f  John  Stedman,  Esq.  of  Kilkennin),  of  Henry  Vaugban,  Esq. 
)f  Kilkennin,  brother  of  Sir  John  Vaughan,  of  Trawscoed, 
incestor  of  the  Earls  of  Lisburne,  and  was  father  of 

John  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Glangwilly,  High  Sheriff  co.  Cardigan 
1683,  ni.  Anne,  dau.  of  James  Johnes,  Esq.  of  Dolau  Cothi, 
Sheriff  co.  Carmarthen  1CC7,  and  left  two  daus.  and  co-heirs, 
Ikne  and  Mary.  The  younger  m.  Miles  Stedman,  Esq.  of 
Dolygaer,  co.  Brecon,  and  was  mother  of  Dorothy,  wife  of 
ttev.  Thomas  Prothero.    Mr.  Lloyd  d.  103-1;  his  elder  dau., 

Anne  Llotd,  of  Glangwilly,  m.  Walter  Lloyd,  Esq.  of 
)Imarch,  2nd  son  of  David  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Cynfryn,  co.  Car- 
ligan,  and  d.  1760,  leaving  a  son, 

John  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Glangwilly,  m.  Anne,  eldest  dau.  of 
Grismond  Philipps,  Esq.  of  Cwmgwilly,  and  had  an  elder  dau. 
and  eventually  sole  heiress, 

Jane  Llotd,  m.  Jeremiah  Price,  Esq.,  co.  Piadnor,  and  had, 
with  two  daus.,  Elizabeth  and  Anne,  wife  of  Walter  Hills,  a 
son  and  successor, 

Jebemiab  Peice,  Esq.  of  Glangwilly,  J.P.,  m.  1796,  Jane, 
dau.  of  Daniel  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Laques,  co.  Carmarthen,  and 
d.  1819,  having  by  her  (who  d.  1845)  had  issue, 

1.  John  Llotd,  his  heir. 

u.  Walter  Owen,  of  Castle  Pigyn,  co.  Carmarthen,  6. 
25  April,  1805;  m.  4  May,  1833,  Eleanor,  dau.  and  heir  of 
John  Evans,  Esq.  of  Glannantcau,  co.  Cardigan,  and  has 

1  Lloyd,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  h.  1  May,  1S34;  m.  27  Nov.  1856, 
Priscilla  Willy,  only  child  and  heir  of  James  Lewes,  Esq. 
of  Cwmhir,  co.  Cardigan,  a  descendant  of  the  ancient 
family  of  Lewes,  of  Dinas  Cerdyn,  co.  Cardigan,  and  has 
issue,  Meredydd  Lewes  Willy  Lloyd,  Walter  Owen  Lloyd, 
Gwendoline  Mary  Louise,  and  Gwladys  Helen  Priscilla. 

2  EUiot  Lloyd,  6.  1  Aug.  1840;  m.  1861,  Jane  Evans,  dau. 
and  heiress  of  Thomas  Morgan,  Esq.  of  Cardigan,  and 
had  a  son,  Morgan  Ashhy,  d.  18G8. 

m.  Henry  Lloyd,  of  Ystradcorwg,  co.  Carmarthen. 

1.  Anne.  u.  Catherine  Alicia.  iii.  Elizabeth. 

The  eldest  son, 

John  Llotd  Pbice,  Esq.  of  Glangwilly,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High 
Sheriff  1S40,  b.  Sept.  1803 ;  m.  25  July,  1839,  Sarah  Anne,  only 
child  of  Sparkes  Martin  Phelps,  Esq.  of  Llangwarren  (2nd  son 
of  the  late  John  Martin,  Esq.  of  Withybusb,  to.  Pembroke) 
ana  oy  her  (who  d.  9  Nov.  1877)  had  issue, 

Llewelltn  Llotd,  now  of  Glangwilly. 

John  Lloyd,  Capt.   IGth  regt. ;  0.  Sept.  1842. 

William  Sparkes  Martin,  b.  Aug.  1843:  m.  1870,  Eliza  dau. 
of  J.  AVall,  Esq. 

Walter  Lloyd,  b.  Aug.  1844. 
Mr.  Priced,  i  Jan.  1862. 

Arms— Art;.,  a  lion  rampant  guardant  sa.  langued  gu.  with 
several  quarterings.  Crest — A  wolf  rampant  arg.  .l/ot£o  — Spes 
Uitissima  coelis. 

Seats — Glangwili,  near  Carmarthen;  Laques,  Llanstephan, 
CO.  Carmarthen. 


Llotd,  Aethtie  Philip,  Esq.  of  Leaton  Knolls, 
Salop,  J.P.,  Lieut.  Salop  Yeomanry  Cavalry,  b. 
1833 ;  m.  18  Aug.  1863,  Katharine  Selina,  dau.  of 
Vice- Admiral  the  Hon.  Charles  Orlando  Bridgeman, 
and  has  issue, 

Abthuk  Hesht  Orlando,  b.  31  May,  1864. 

Gladys  Isabel.  Leila  Bessie.  Gwendoline  Ursula. 

Kathleen  Agatha. 

ittUrajJC.— This  family  is  a  branch  of  the  line  of  Tcdob 
Tbevoe,  Lord  of  Hereford. 

Bandle  Llotd,  of  Crossraere,  Salop,  living  1604  (2nd  son  of 
Eobert  ap  John,  of  Bangor,  by  Matilda  his  wife,  dau.  and  heir 
of  David  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Penley,  co.  Flint),  was  father  of 

Eandle  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Crossmere,  m.  1608,  his  cousin, 
Matilda,  dau.  of  Willi^  Lloyd,  of  Penley,  and  had  a  son, 

Fbancis  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Crossmere,  m.  163d,  Sarah,  dau.  of 
Edward  Muckleston,  Esq.  of  Penylan,  Salop,  Eecorder  of 
Oswestiy,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Edwabd  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Leaton  Knolls,  Salop,  m.  Elizabeth, 
dau.  of  Isaac  Cleaton,  Esq.,  and  by  her,  who  d.  1721,  left  at 
his  decease,  1693,  a  son, 

Edward  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Leaton  Knolls,  1689,  High  Sheriff 
1727,  7)1.  Susan,  dau.  of  Peter  Scarlett,  Esq.  of  Hogstowe,  and 
dying  1764,  was  «.  by  his  son, 

Edward  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Leaton  Knolls,  b.  1714;  m.  Jane, 
eldest  dau.  and  heir  of  Thomas  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Domgay,  co. 
Montgomery,  and  was  father  of 

Francis  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Leaton  Knolls,  M.P.  co.  Mont- 
gomery, 771.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Arthur  Graham,  Esq.  of  Hock- 
ley Lodge,  CO.  Armagh,  and  co-heiress  of  Joiui,  Earl  Ligonier. 
By  this  lady  Mr.  Lloyd  had  issue, 

Francis,  his  heir. 

John  Arthur,  successor  to  his  brother. 

Charles  Spencer,  of  Leaton  KnoUs. 

Thomas  Henry,  rf.  1311. 

Henry  James,  Rector  of  Selattyn,  Salop,  vi.  Elizabeth,  dau. 
of  Philip  Miles,  Esq.  of  Leigh  Court,  Somerset,  and  left 

Abthck  Philip,  now  of  Leaton  Knolls. 

Maria  Penelope,  deceased. 

Jane  Emma,  d.  14  April,  1866. 

Elizabeth,  </.  1  Aug.  1843. 

Charlotte  Sophia,  deceased. 
The  eldest  son, 

Francis  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Leaton  Knolls,  d.  s.  p.  14  July, 
1814,  and  was  .s.  by  his  brother, 

John  Arthur  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Leaton  Knolls,  J.P.  and  D.L., 
6.  2  Feb.  1787  ;  d.  iinm.  1864,  and  was  s.  by  his  brother. 

Charles  Spesceb  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Leaton  Knolls,  J.P.  and 
D.L.,  High  Sheriff  18G8,  6. 11  Sept.  1789,  andci.  s.^j.  20  June, 
1876,  when  he  was  s.  by  his  nephew. 

Arms — Per  bend  sinister  erm.  and  ermines,  a  lion  rampant 
or,  a  bordure  gu.  Crest — A  demi-lion  rampant  or.  Motto — 
Eetinens  vestigia  famae. 

Stai— Leaton  KnoUs,  near  Shrewsbury. 


Caee-Llotd,  James  Maetin,  Esq.  of  Lancing, 
Sussex,  Capt.  Royal  Susses  Militia,  b.  13  June, 
1849 ;  m.  9  Dec.  1875,  Alice  Katharine,  youngei* 
dau.  of  Col.  Edwin  Wodehouse,  C.B.,  E.A.'  A.D.C. 
to  the  Queen,  and  grand- dau.  of  Admiral  Hon. 
Philip  Wodehouse,  2ud  son  of  John  1st  Lord 
WodehoiTse,  and  has  a  dau., 

Nancy,  6.  30  Dec.  1876. 

ILUTCitSC. — Kev.  Coulston  Garb  had  a  dan.,  Elizabetli 
Ann,  7)1.  Sir  James  Martin  Lloyd,  Bart,  of  Lancing,  and  a  son. 

Eight  Rev.  Robert  Jajies  Carr,  D.D.,  consecrated  Bishop 
of  Chichester  1824,  and  translated  to  Worcester  1831.  He  m. 
1795,  Nancy,  dau.  of  John  Wilkinson,  Esq.,  and  by  her  (who 
d.  Nov.  1839)  he  left  at  his  decease,  April,  1841,  a  dau.,  Sybella 
Jane,  ra.  12  Dec.  1826,  Charles  Peckham  Peckham,  Esq.  of 
Nyton,  Sussex,  and  a  sou, 

CoL.  George  Kibwan  Cabe,  of  Lancing,  J.P.  and  D.L., 
High  Sheriff  of  Sussex,  who  assumed  the  additional  surname 
of  Lloyd  ls58,  on  succeeding  to  the  property  of  his  aunt,  Lady 
Lloyd,  widow  of  Sir  James  Martin  Lloyd,  Bart,  of  Lancing 
Manor.  He  m.  1st,  Caroline,  5th  dau.  of  Admiral  Sir  Michael 
Seymour,  Bart.,  K.C.B.,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1813)  had  two 

I.  Caroline  Diana  Frances,  m.  H.  M.  Anketell  Jones,  Esq.  of 
Drummany,  co.  Cavan. 

II.  Jane  Seymour,  7,1.  Rev.  V.  H.  Aldham,  and  d.  Jan.  1878, 
leaving  issue. 

He  TO.  2ndly,  April,  1847,  Jane,  eldest  dau.  of  John  Watson, 
Esq.  of  Wick  Lodge,  Sussex,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

I.  James  Martin,  now  of  Lancing  Manor. 

II.  George  Spencer,  d.  May,  1866. 

III.  Elizabeth  Melville.  iv.  Mai-y  Frances. 
Col.  Carr-Lloyd  d.  15  June,  1877. 

Seal — Laaciflg'  Manor,  Shoreham,  Sussex. 



The  late  Llewelyn  Falknee  Lloyd,  Esq.  of 
Cilccn  Hall  and  Plas-yn-Llan,  co.  FUnt,  J.P.  for 
cos.  Flint  and  Denbigh,  and  D.L.  for  the  former, 
High  Sheriir  co.  Flint  1847,  b.  8  Jaly,  1809  ;  m.  28 
July,  1841,  Mary  Susan,  only  dau.  of  Eer.  WiUiam 



WicliTiam  Drate,  Eector  of  Malpas,   co 
and  d.  27  Aug.  1873,  leaving  a  dau., 

Mart  Feakces. 

ILtlTCflJC. — Lleweltn  Lloyd,  Esq.,  youngest  brother  of 
Edward  Prj-ce  Lloyd,  1st  Bakon  Mostvn  [see  Bdrke's  Peerage 
and  Ba,ronetage),  m.  14  Nov.  1806,  Jane,  dau.  of  Edward 
Falkner,  Esq.  of  Fairfield,  co.  Lancaster,  and  d.  29  July,  1866, 
having  had  issue, 

Llewelyn  Falkneb,  of  Cilcen  Hall  and  Plas-yn-Llan, 

Cynric,  Barrister-at-Law. 

Thomas  Henry  (Itev.),  Fellow  All  Souls'  O.xford,  d.  26  July, 
1850.  Banastre  Pryce,  Major-Gcn.,  Indian  army. 

Griffith  Clayton,  K.N. 

George  Charles,  Lieut. -Col.  Indian  army. 

Anne  Bridget,  <l.  11  July,  1854. 

Elizabeth  Lumley  Frances.  Jane. 

Arms — Gu.,  a  Saracen's  head  erased  at  the  neck  ppr., 
wreathed  ahout  the  temples  sa.  and  arg.  Crest — A  Saracen's 
head  as  in  the  arms  arg.,  also  a  stag  trippant  arg.  ppr.  armed 
or,  charged  on  the  side  with  shield  gu.,  thereon  a  chevron  erm. 
between  three  Englishmen's  heads  ccuped  at  the  neck  profile 
also  ppr.  bearded  and  chin  sa.     Motto— Y)ia.\  Gwaed  Cymro. 

(Seat— Cilcen  Hall  and  Plds-yn-Llan,  Nannerch,  Mold. 





LiOTD,  Thomas  Edwaed,  Esq.  of  Coedmore,  co. 
Cardigan,  J.P.,  of  the  Middle  Temple,  Barrister-at- 
La-w,  M.P.  CO.  Cardigan  1854,  h.  12  April,  1820  ; 
m.  27  April,  1850,  Clemena  Frances  Phillott,  2nd 
dau.  of  Eev.  David  Daniel,  of  Jesus  Coll.  Oxon, 
Chaplain  of  Hampton  Court,  by  Clemena  his  wife, 
dau.  of  Major  Ljons,  and  has  issue,  a  dau., 


3LiltCa0C.— From    Griffith   ap    Grono   ap   Elydib  ap 

GWBCENEY  AP  IDNEBTU   AP   CaDWGAN  AP   Elystan,   PrincB  of 

Ferlys,  descended 

Capt.  Thomas  Lloyd,  living  1693,  ni.  Jane,  dau.  of  John 
Lewis,  Esq.  of  Coedraawr,  and  had  a  son, 

John  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Coedmore,  m.  Elinor,  dau.  of  John 
Lloyd,  of  Llangenyth,  and  was  fatlier  of 

John  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Coedmore,  in.  Miss  Lloyd,  of  Mabws, 
and  was  father  of 

Walter  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Coedmore,  m.  Anna  Posthuma 
Thomas,  of  co.  Carmarthen,  and  by  her  left,  at  his  decease, 
circa  1786,  with  two  daus.,  a  son  and  heir, 

Thomas  Lloyd,  of  Coedmore,  iii.  circa  1790,  Elizabeth,  4th 
dau.  of  Edmund  Probyn,  Esq.  of  Newland,  co.  Gloucester,  and 
by  her  (who  d.  1851)  had  issue, 

Thomas,  his  heir. 

Oliver,  6.  10  July,  1801 ;  m.  1828,  Anna  Maria,  only  child  of 
Capt.  James  Eichard  Lewes  Lloyd,  of  Dolhaidd,  co.  Car- 
marthen, by  whom  lie  had  two  daus.,  Maria,  m.  Thomas 
Elliott,  Esq. ;  and  Emeline,  w.  William  Brigstocke,  Esq. 


Anna,  in.  John  Probyn,  Esq.  of  Manor  House,  co.  Gloucester. 

T.Ir.  Lloyd  d.  1810,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Coedmore,  Lord  Lieutenant  and 
Custos-Ilotulorum  of  co.  Cardigan,  High  Sheriff  1817,  b. 
1  Nov.  1793;  rn.  23  March,  1819,  Charlotte,  2nd  dau.  of  Capt. 
Edward  Longcroft,  K.N.,  of  Havant,  co.  Hants,  and  d.  1869 
(his  widow  d.  1866),  leaving  issue, 

Thomas  Edward,  now  of  Coedmore. 

Edmund,  b.  29  Jan.  1822;  ra.  and  has  issue. 

Walter,  6.  7  Dec.  1823;  m.  and  has  issue. 

Charles  Oliver,  6.  9  June,  1825. 

Anns — Quarterly:  1st  and  4th,  sa.,  a  spear-head  erect  arg. 
embrued  ppr.  between  three  scaling  ladders  in  bend  of  the 
second;  2nd  and  3rd,  quarterly,  1st  and  4th,  arg.,  a  lion  rampant 
gu. ;  2nd  and  3rd,  az.,  a  lion  rampant  within  an  orlc  of  quatre- 
foils  arg.  CreU — A  lion  rampant  arg.  Motto — Fide  et  forti- 

Seat — Coedmore,  near  Cardigan,  Residence — Ashley  Place, 
Pimlico,  S.W.  ^ 


Lloyd,  Eev.  Henet  Eodeet,  M.A.,  Eector  of 
Cliffe-at-Hoo,  Kent,  Chaplain  to  the  late  Archbishop 
of  Canterbury,  b.  9  Aug.  1809  ;  m.  17  Oct.  1843, 
Harriet,  4th  dau.  of  Hon.  and  Eight  Eev.  Edward 
Grey,  Bishop  of  Hereford,  and  grand-dau.  of 
Charles,  Ist  Earl  Grey,  and  has  issue, 

1.  Iorwerth  Grey  (Rev.)M.A.  Exeter  Coll.,  h.  22  Ott.  1844 ; 
m.  9  Nov.  1871,  Nina,  dau.  of  C.  E.  de  Michclc,  Esq.,  late 
H.B.M.'b  CoQsul  al  St.  Petersburg,  and  has  issue, 

1  Edward,  b.  11  July,  1874. 

2  "Vaughan.  b.  1  Jan.  1876. 

1  Eleanor.  1  Gwerfyl. 


II.  Cadwgan  Grey,  h  5  Aug.  1845;  d.  29  Sept.  1853. 

III.  Arthur  Grey,  b.  31  Dec.  1851.  2.  Mary  Grey. 

ILt'nCH0C. — Cadivor  ap  Dyfnwal,  Lord  of  Castle  Howel 
9th  in  descent  from  Ehodri  Mawb,  the  Great  King  of  al 
Wales,  took  by  escalade,  11  Henry  II.,  the  castle  of  Cardigai 
from  the  Earl  of  Clare  and  the  Flemings,  for  which  service 
his  kinsman,  the  great  Lord  Rhys,  of  South  Wales,  gave  hin 
considerable  lands  and  a  new  shield  of  Arms,  viz.,  "Sa.,  three 
scaling-ladders  arg.,  and  between  them  a  spear's  head  of  the 
last,  its  point  imbrued,  on  a  chief  gu.  a  tower  triple-turretted 
of  the  second."  By  his  wife  Katherine,  dau.  of  liis  Prince  and 
kinsman,  the  great  Lord  Rhys,  he  had,  with  other  issue,  a  son, 

llHTDDERcn  AP  Cadivob,  Lord  of  Castle  Howel,  in.  Jennet, 
dau.  of  Aron  ap  Rhys  ap  Bledri,  Lord  of  Kilsaint  and  Knight 
of  the  Sepulchre,  who  went  with  Richard  Coeur  de  Lion  tc 
Palestine  against  the  Infidels.    Rhydderch's  son, 

Rhys  ap  Riivddebch,  of  Bodyr  Ychan  and  Castle  Howel,  wi, 
Catherine,  dau.  of  Sir  Elydyr  Dhti,  Knt.,  and  had  issue.  The 
3rd  son, 

Cadwgan  Fawb  ap  Rhys,  was  father  of 

Cadwgan  Vychan,  of  Carrog,  co.  Cardigan,  whose  son,        i 

Cadwgan  Gbach,  of  Corrog,  in.  Eva,  dau.  of  Meredydi 
Vychan  ap  Meredydd  ap  Richard  Rydderch  ap  Bledri,  and  had 
a  son, 

Llewellin  AP  Cadwgan  Gbach,  m.  Gwladys,  dau.  of  Mere- 
dydd Fawr  ap  Meredydd  ap  Richard,  of  Iraenau,  co.  Car- 
marthen, and  was  direct  ancestor  of 

John  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Foes-y-Blciddied,  m.  Elizabeth,  dau. 
and  co-heir  of  Thomas  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Wernvylyg  and  Llanllyr, 
and  had  (with  two  daus.,  Lettice,  m.  Thomas  Edwards,  Esq. 
of  Rhydd-y-Gors ;  and  Catherine,  in.  Jcnkia  Lloyd,  of  Llan- 
vaughan)  a  son  and  successor, 

David  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Foes-y-Bleiddied,  who  was  a  favourite 
of  James  II.,  and  attended  that  King  in  all  his  troubles.  He 
m.  Sage,  dau.  of  John  Lloyd,  of  Cilgwynne,  co.  Cardigan,  and 
left  (with  a  dau.,  Margaret,  wife  of  Charles  Lloyd)  a  son  and 

John  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Foes-y-Bleiddied,  b.  1700;  ti.  Mary, 
dau.  of  James  Phillips,  Esq.  of  I^enty  Park,  co.  Pembroke, 
and  had  issue, 

James,  of  Foes-y-Eleiddied,  in.  Anna  Maria,  dau.  and  heir  of 
Richard  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Ystrad  Teilo  and  Mabws,  co.  Car- 
digan, and  dying  6  June,  1800,  left  a  son  and  successor, 
John,  of  Mabws,  m.  Elhior,  dau.  and  heir  of  John  Allen, 
Esq.  of  Dale  Castle,  co.  Pembroke,  and  was  grandfather 
of  the  present  John  Fuilipps  Allen  Lloyd  Philupps, 
Esq.  of  Dale  Castle. 

John,  of  whom  presently. 

Vaughan,  Gen.  of  artillery,  who  commenced  his  military 
career  at  Minden,  and  distinguished  himself  at  the  memor- 
able defence  of  Gibraltar  by  Gen.  Elliott.  He  in.  Mrs.  Sarah 
Beaumes,  a  widow,  and  d.  s.  p.  1817. 

Thomas,  d.  s.  p. 

Briuna,  d.  unm. 

Mr.  Lloyd  d.  1781.    His  2nd  son, 

John  Lloyd,  Esq.,  of  Pound,  Devon,  m.  Jane  Atlcins,  and 
by  her  (who  d.  2  Sept.  1784)  left  at  his  decease.  12  Dec.  1806, 
aged  82,  a  dau.  Louisa  Maria,  in.  7  July,  1792,  Admiral  Sir 
Herbert  Sawyer,  K.C.B.  ;  and  a  son, 

John  Lloyd,  Esq.,  JIajor  46th  rcgt.  and  A.D.C.  to  Sir  Henry 
Clinton  during  the  American  war.  He  m.  30  July,  1777, 
Corbelta,  dau.  of  the  Ven.  George  Ilolcombe,  Archdeacon  of 
Carmarthen  and  Rector  of  PwUcrochan,  co.  Pcmbrolie,  and 
had  issue, 

I.  William  John,  his  heir. 

II.  John  William,  of  Dan-yr-allt. 

in.  George,  Rear  Admiral  R.N.,  b.  13  Oct.  1793  ;  m.  1st, 
1  May,  1817,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  John  Morgan,  Esq.  of  Bur- 
field  House,  CO.  Gloucester,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1828)  had 

1  John  Sawyer,  6.  0  Feb.  1818,  Midshipman  H.M.S. "  Thun- 
der," drowned  in  the  West  Indies  Jan.  1834. 

2  Charles,  b.  18  June,  1824,  Lieut.  Indian  navy. 

1  Ellen,  b.  11  April,  1821 ;  d.  30  Jan.  1848. 

2  Elizabeth,  b.  9  July,  1825;  d.  28  June,  1855. 
Admiral  Lloyd  in.  2ndly,  13  March,  1832,  Marianne,  dau.  of 
Jacob  Richards,  Esq.  of  Tenby,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  Dec.  1849)  had  issue, 

,1  Jacob  Richards,  Lieut.  Royal  Marines,  b.  7  Jan.  1833. 

1  Susannah  Munday.  2  Harrictte  Richards. 

He  in.  3rdly,  2  Jan.  1851,  Catherine,  dau.  of  John  Stokes, 
Esq.  of  Cuffern,  co.  Pembroke,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  and  by  her 
had  issue, 

1  Martha  Sophia.  2  Louisa  Corhetta. 



IV.  Vaughan,  Lieut.  E.N.,  b.  29  June,  1795;  to.  G  Feb.  1827, 
Augusta,  only  dau.  of  John  Adams,  Esq.  of  Pembroke,  and 
X)j  her  (who  d.  1828)  had  issue,  Frances. 
I.  Louisa  Jane,  6.  18  Oct.  1790;  m.  22  April,   1823,  George 
Bowling,  Esq.  of  Pembroke,  and  has  two  daus. 
tr.  Lloyd  d.  24  Kov.  ISOl,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 
^-••'JtEj      William  John  Llotd,   Esq.,   Major  Eoyal  Artillery,  b.  2 
)ec.  1778;  d.  nam.  at  Brussels,  29  July,   1815,  of  a  wound 
'•''■^     3ceived  at  Waterloo,  and  was s.  by  his  brother, 
-■Jiert       John  William  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Dan-yr-allt,  J. P.,  b.  3  .Sept. 
781;  m.  29  Jan.  1807,  Anna  Maria,  5th  dau.  of  John  Longley, 
Isq.,  Recorder  of  Kochester,  and  sister  of  his  Grace  the  late 
irchbishop  of  Canterbury,  and  d.  25  May,  1870,  aged  88, 
aving  had  issue, 

I.  John  Philipps,  6.  27  April,  ISOS;  d.  unm.  17  Sept.  1849. 

It.  Henby  Bobekt  (Rev.),  as  above. 

in.  St.  Vincent,  H.B.M.'s  Consul  at  Syra,  h.  23  Dec.  ISIO. 

IV.  Joseph  Howard  Francis,  late  Stipendiary  Slagistrate  at 
Dominica,  6.  29  May,  1812;  m.  2  June,  1837,  Emmelinc 
Kogers,  dau.  of  Charles  Sarle,  Esq.  of  Dominica,  and  had 
issue,  1  Emmeline  Frances,  m.  22  Dec.  18.59,  her  cousin 
Cha.-les,  son  of  Major  John  Longley,  Lieut.-Governor  of 
Dominica,  and  brother  of  the  late  Archbishop  of  Canterbury ; 
2  Ellen  Marshall ;  and  3  Howard  Meuric. 

V.  William  Christopher,  Lieut.  53rd  regt.  Bengal  Native 
Infantry,  6.  26  Aug.  1815  ;  d.  unm.  14  June,  1841. 

VI.  Herbert,  b.  26  Dec.  1821 ;  Capt.  21st  regt.  Madras  Native 
Infantry;  nt.  3  Nov.  1857,  Mary  Hill,  youngest  dau.  of 
Richard  Hill  Miers,  Esq.  of  Ynyspenllwch,  co.  Glamorgan; 
and  d.  1  May,  1859,  on  board  the  "  Louisi;>na,"  on  his 
passage  home  from  Rangoon,  leaving  issue,  Gwenllian,  6.  1 
Sept.  1859. 

I.  Anna  Maria,  m.  6  Sept.  1836,  William  Peel,  Esq.  of  Taliaris, 
CO.  Carmarthen. 

II.  Charlotte  Louisa  Frances,  m.  14  March,  1843,  John  Peel, 
Esq.,  7th  son  of  Robert  Peel,  Esq.  of  Accrington  House, 
and  Hyndburn,  co.  Lancaster. 

III.  Sophia  Catherine  Martha,  d.  16  Dec.  1873. 

IV.  Rosamond  Elizabeth,  m.  17  Aug.  1854,  Frederick  Layard, 
Esq.,  late  of  Ceylon,  C.S. 

ArvM — Sa.,  a  spear's  head  imbrued  ppr.  between  three 
icaling  ladders  arg.  on  a  chief  gu.  a  castle  triple-towered  of 
Jie  second.  Cre^ti — 1st,  A  wolf  rampant  arg.  holding  between 
its  paws  a  spear's  head  point  downwards  imbrued  and  three 
imps  of  blood  under  the  sinister  paw ;  2nd,  A  lion  rampant  re- 
juardant  sa.     Motto — Heb  Dduw  heb  ddim,  a  Duw  a  digon. 

Residence — Clyffe  Rectory,  Rochester. 

"■  ilrrri; 



lis  £9311 






iiiir,  i;;:, 

r. . 

IB  iJ.*^ 





liliOYD    OF    GLANSEVIN. 

LlOTD,  MoBGAN  Petse,  Esq.  of  GrlanseTin,  co. 
Oarmarthen.  J.P.  and  D.L.,  6.  2  July,  1820  ;  m.  28 
Sept.  1843,  Geoi'gina  Caroline,  dau.  of  Col.  Sackville 
Glynne,  of  Glanbrane  Park,  and  lias,  with  other 

Edward  Pktse,  6. 1847,  J.P.  co.  Carmarthen. 

^illCclQC, — MoKGAX  Phtse  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Glansevin, 
only  son  of  Edward  Pryse  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  GU  ns?vin,  and  the 
lineal  descendant  of  David  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Glansevin,  159G  ;  m. 
10  Nov.  1783,  Catherine,  dau.  of  Price  Jones,  Esq.  of  Glanha- 
frcn,  CO.  Montgomery,  by  Bridget  his  wife,  eldest  dau.  of 
Edward  Devereux,  11th  Viscount  Hereford,  and  had  issue, 

Edward  Prtse,  late  of  Glansevin. 

Catherine  Martha.  Margaretta  Juliana. 

The  only  son, 

Edward  Petse  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Glansevin,  J.P.  and  D.L., 
High  Sheriff  CO.  Cardigan  1825,6.  12  Oct.  1786;  »i.  30  Nov. 
1818,  Anne,  dau.  of  William  Hughes,  Esq.  of  Tregib,  and 
Eliza  his  wife",  dau.  of  Richard  Gwynne,  Esq.  of  Taliaris,  co. 
Cannarthen,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Morgan  Prtse,  now  of  Glansevin,  6.  2  July,  1820 ;  m. 
28  Sept.  1843,  Georgiana  Caroline,  sth  dau.  of  the  late  Col. 
Sackville  Gwynne,  of  Glanbrane  Park. 

II.  Edward  Pryse,  6.  30  Oct.  1822. 

I.  Catherine  Elizabeth  Florentia. 

II.  Caroline  Frances,  deceased,  in.  Anna  Maria  Charlotte. 
Mr.  Lloyd  d.  19  June,  1868,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son. 

Arim — Arg.,  a  lion  rampant  sa.  the  tail  introverted,  the  head, 
paws  and  bnish  of  the  tail  of  the  first.  Crest — A  lion  rampant 
sa.    Motto — Fiat  justitia,  mat  coelum. 

Seat— Glansevin,  near  Llangadock,  co.  Carmarthen. 

LiOTD,  Thomas  Conway,  Esq.  of  Dinas,  and 
Llangattock  Cotirt,  co.  Brecknock,  and  Goodrich 
Court,  CO.  Hereford,  late  Capt.  84th  (York  and 
Lancaster)  regt.,  and  Major  21st  Brecknockshire 
Bifle  Volunteers,  educated  at  Bridgnorth  School  and 

Ch,  Ch.  Oxford,  D.L.  for  co.  Brecknock,  and  J.P. 
COS.  Brecknock,  Monmouth  and  Hereford,  and 
Borough  of  Brecknock  ;  Lord  of  The  Manor  of 
Penalt  and  Aberonney,  High  Sheriff  co.  Brecknock 
1878,  b.  1828 ;  m.  1876,  Katherine  Ehza,  only  dau. 
of  W.  Campbell-Davys,  Esq.  of  Neuadd-fawr,  co. 
Carmarthen,  and  has  issue, 

John  Coxwat,  6.  19  April,  1878. 

Jane  Katherine  Muriel,  b.  8  May,  1877. 

lltlTCatlC. — This  family  claims  descent  from  Eltsian 
Glodrtdd,  Prince  of  Ferlys,  the  territory  between  the  rivers 
Wye  and  Severn,  which  had  its  own  princes  independent  of 
those  of  South  Wales.  To  his  son,  Cadwgan,  Elystan  Glod- 
rydd  gave  the  whole  of  co.  Radnor,  part  of  co.  Montgomery, 
and  the  greater  portion  of  the  Hundred  of  EuaUt  or  Builth,  co. 

Thomas  Llotd  ap  jMeredith,  Elystan's  descendant,  ra. 
Elen,  dau.  of  Howel  ap  Pliilip,  ap  David,  of  Cynghordy,  co. 
Carmarthen;  and  2ndly,  Angbarad,  dau.  of  Morgan  ap  Evan 
Lloyd.  He  was  the  first  Lord-Lieut,  of  co.  Brecon,  and  a  warm 
partizan  of  Hesrt  Vll.,  from  whom  he  had  a  grant  of  a  portion 
of  the  sequestered  estates  of  Strata  Florida  Abbey.  He  had 
issue  a  dau.,  who  m.  Morgan  Goch;  and  two  sons,  Eees 
Llotd,  and  John  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Porthycrwys,  Esquire  of 
the  body  to  Queen  Elizabeth,  m.  Margaret,  dau.  of  Evan 
Howel  ap  Morgan,  and  d.  loHb.  His  sons  were  David  Lloyd, 
of  Towy ;  John  Lloyd,  and  William  Lloyd  (see  Jones's  Bnck- 
nocksldre) . 

Rees  Llotd,  the  eldest  son  of  Thomas  Lloyd  ap  Meredith, 
ra.  Jane,  dau.  of  William  Herbert  of  Colbrook;  and  2ndly,  a 
dau.  of  Gwilym  Howel  ap  Gwilym  dew.     His  issue  were, 

William  Lloyd,  m.  Elen,  dau.  of  Madoc  ap  Gwilym  ap 
Madoc  ap  Howel,  ap  Richard  ap  Griffith  Moel.  He  had  four 
daus.,  Catherine,  to.  Morgan  ap  Rees  ap  William ;  Joan,  ra. 
Edward  Lewis;  Mallt,  m.  Roger  Price,  of  Aberannell;  and 
Maud,  m.  David  Lewis,  of  Llanavan. 

Rhytherch  Lloyd,  ra.  Maud,  dau.  of  Howel  ap  Evan,  a  de- 
scendant of  Elystan  Glodrydd.  Ilis  son,  William  Lloyd,  ra. 
a  dau.  of  Morgan  Goch  ap  Itees  ap  Morgan. 

David  Llotd,  of  whom  presently. 

Thomas  Lloyd,  from  whom  the  Llotds  of  Aberannell  are 

Morris  Lloyd,  from  whom  the.LioTDS  of  Carraai-then  and  co. 
Pembroke.  Rhys  Lloyd. 

David  Llotd  (described  as  3rd  son  of  Rees  Lloyd,  the  eldest 
son  of  Thomas  Lloyd  ap  Meredith)  ra.  and  had  a  son. 

Rees  David  Llotd,  ra.  a  dau.  of  David  Howel  Phylip 
Trericket,  and  had  issue, 

John  ap  Rees  David  Llotd,  ra.  and  d.  1GS3.  He  had  two 
sons  and  a  dau.;  the  younger  son,  Rees  ap  John,  assumed  the 
surname  of  Jones  from  his  father's  Christian  name  of  John,  in 
accordance  wiih  the  Welsh  custom  of  that  time,  whilst  the 
elder  son, 

John  Llotd,  retained  the  family  surname  of  Llotd,  and 
resided  at  Dinas,  in  Llanwrtyd.  He  ra.  Ruhania,  dau.  of  Mr. 
Jones,  of  Cribarth,  and  had  issue,  a  dau.,  Mary  Lloyd,  ra.  her 
cousin,  Thomas  Jones,  Esq.  of  Dolycoed ;  and  a  son, 

Rees  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Dinas,  ra.  Elizabeth  Jones,  of  Danacryg. 
His  son, 

John  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Dinas,  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Roger 
Williams,  Esq.  of  Brecon  (who  d.  1818),  and  was  s.  by  his  only 

John  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Dinas  and  Llangattock  Court,  J. P., 
High  Sheriff  1846,  educated  at  Eton  and  Balliol  Coll.  Oxford, 
6.  1797 ;  m.  1st,  1826,  Mary  Anne,  dau.  of  Osborne  Yeats,  Esq. 
of  Llangattock  Court,  Brecknock ;  and  2ndly,  1838,  Frances, 
dau.  of  Thomas  Mayberry,  Esq.  of  Brecon,  and  d.  Dec.  1875, 
leaving  by  his  1st  wife,  three  sons, 

I.  Thomas  Conwat,  his  heir,  now  of  Dinas. 

II.  Penry,  Chief  Constable  of  co.  Radnor,  and  J.P.  cos. 
Brecknock  and  Radnor,  b.  1831;  m.  1862,  Mary,  only  dau. 
of  J.  James,  Esq.  of  Brecknock. 

III.  John,  J. P.,  0.  1833  ;  educated  at  St.  John's  Coll.  Oxford ; 
TO.  1865,  Elizabeth,  only  dau.  of  the  Rev.  C.  Griffiths,  of 
Glyncelyn,  Brecon. 

Arms — Sa.,  a  lion  rampant  reguardant  or.  Crests — 1st,  A 
lion  as  in  the  arms;  2nd,  A  goat's  head  armed  arg.,  issuant 
out  of  a  ducal  coronet  or.  3Iotto — Si  Deus  nobiscum  quis 
contra  nos. 

Scats — Dinas  and  Llangattock  Court,  co.  Brecon;  Goodrictl 
Court,  CO.  Hereford.    Ciisi— Junior  United  Service. 


Lloyd,  Charles  Hexuy,  Esij.  of  Trallwyn,  co. 
Carnarvon,  b,  6  Aug.  1847. 





ILtlTCrtflC.— The  family  of  Lloyd  of  Trallwyn  is  one  of 
great  antiquity  in  Wales,  and  the  present  Mr.  Lloyd  possesses 
a  roll  setting  forth  the  pedigree  from  a  remote  period. 

John  Ellis,  Esq.,  b.  1  Nov.  1780  (son  of  Hugh  Ellis,  Esq. 
of  Ciunarvon,  by  Anne  his  wife,  dau.  of  Samuel  Wright, 
Esq.  of  Knutsford,  and  grandson  of  the  Venerable  John 
Ellis,  Archdeacon  of  Merioneth,  by  Anne  his  wife,  dau.  and 
heir  of  Hugh  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Trallwyn),  assumed  by  royal 
license,  ISll,  the  surname  and  arms  of  Lloyd,  in  compliance 
with  the  testamentary  injunction  of  his  grand-uncle,  the  Rev. 
WiUiam  Lloyd,  son  of  Hugh  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Trallwyn.  He  was 
a  Magistrate  and  Deputy-Lieut,  for  co.  Carnarvon,  and 
served  as  High  Sheriff  1817.  He  m.  5  Dec.  1815,  Jane,  dau.  of 
the  Rev.  Griffith  Jones,  and  had  issue, 

John  Ellis,  his  heir. 

Hugh,  b.  7  Dec.  ISi.'j;  d.  8  April,  ISC.5. 

Eobert,  6.  16  April,  1SS3.  Richard,  6.  8  Sept.  1834. 

Margaret  Ann. 

Mary  Catherine,  m.  1854,  Alfred  Jones,  Esq. 

Cordelia,  m.  1857,  Thomas  Parr  WUliams  Ellis,  Esq. 

The  eldest  son, 

John  Ellis  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Trallwyn,  b.  10  May,  1819;  m. 
21  Aug.  1845,  Eleanor,  dau.  of  John  Sothern,  Esq.  of  the  Priory, 
Liverpool,  and  d.  8  Dec.  1873,  having  had  issue, 

I.  John  Ellis,  b.  12  July,  1846;  d.  2G  Jan.  1863. 

II.  Chakles  IIeskt.  m.  William,  b.  15  March,  1857. 

IV.  Hugh  Gwynn,  b.  5  Jan.  1859. 

V.  Francis  Longueville,  b.  25  Dec.  1802. 

I.  Edith  Mary,  d.  5  Dec.  1860. 

II.  Annie  Elizabeth,  m.  Rev.  W.  Briscoe,  Rector  of  Shipton- 

III.  Harriet  Jane,  d.  G  Dec.  18G0.  iv.  Mary  Ellen. 
V.  Isabel,  d.  29  Jan.  1863. 

Arms — Az.,  on  a  chevron  or,  between  three  spear  heads  arg. 
a  torteau  between  two  bulls'  heads  caboshed  sa.  Crest — A 
lion  rampant  arg.  guttee  dc  sang  surmounting  two  spears  in 
saltire  ppr. 

iSeai— Trallwyn,  co.  Carnarvon. 


See  Daties  of  Blaexdtffeyn. 


Llotd,  Thomas,  Esq.  of  Castle  Council,  cc 
Limerick,  and  formerly  of  Castle  Lloyd,  co. 
Limerick,  J.P.,  b.  Aug.  1814 ;  m.  June,  1838,  Mary, 
eldest  dau.  of  the  Eev.  Charles  Philip  Coote,  Rector 
of  Doon,  CO.  Limerick,  and  niece  of  the  late  Ciudley 
Coote,  Esq.  of  Mount  Coote,  and  has  issue, 

I.  William  Thomas  Llewelyn,  6.  27  May,  1839. 

IL  Charles  Thomas  Cadwallader,  b.  29  Jan.  1841. 

ILl'nr<l5C. — Thomas  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Tower  Hill,  co.  Lime- 
rick, of  ancient  Welsh  descent,  m.  Eleanor,  dau.  of  the  Rev. 
Richard  Burgh,  D.D.,  and  was  father  of 

William  Lloyd,  Esq.,  jh.  Jane,  dau.  of  Thomas  Fitzgerald, 
Esq.,  and  had  a  son, 

Rev.  Tiio.mas  Lloyd,  in.  1st,  his  cousin  Mary,  dau.  of  the 
Eev.  Rickard  Burgh,  of  Dromkeen,  Prebendary  of  Kilbragh, 
and  had  by  her  three  sons,  Rickard,  of  whom  presently;  Wil- 
liam, of  Tower  Hill;  and  Edward.  He  m.  2ndly,  Miss  Bate- 
man,  of  Altavilla,  and  by  her  was  father  of  Col.  Lloyd,  who  m. 
the  dau.  and  heiress  of  Lloyd  of  Dromsalla,  and  had  a  son, 
Thomas  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Eecchmont,  co.  Limerick,  M.P.  for 
that  CO.  1826,  and  K.C.,  m.  1792,  Katherinc,  dau.  of  Eyre 
Evans,  Eiq.  of  Miltown  Castle,  and  had  a  son,  Thomas,  father 
of  Col.  TuoMAs  F.  Lloyd,  of  Beechmount.  The  eldest  son  of 
the  1st  marriage  of  the  Rev.  Thomas  Lloyd, 

The  Rbv.  Rickabd  Lloyd,  of  Castle  Lloyd,  m.  Mary,  dau. 
of  William  Armstrong,  Esq.  of  Meallifte  (see  tliat  Family),  and 
had  issue, 

I.  Thomas  (Rev.),  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Thomas  Fitzgeraldi 
Knt.  of  Glyn  (see  that  name),  and  had,  with  two  elder  suns- 
who  d.  unm.,  another  son, 

1  William  Edward  Lloyd  (Rev.),  M.A.,  Prebendary  of 
Fenore,  Diocese  of  Cashel,  1832,  m.  1813,  Anne,  dau.  of 
Thomas  Peacocke,  Esq.  of  Fort  Etna,  co.  Limerick,  and  d. 
2  Dec.  1853,  leaving  issue, 

Thomas,  of  Castle  Lloyd.  Rickard.  John. 

Edward  William  Cadwallader,  7th  Fusiliers. 
Mary,  7n.  Rev.  Henry  Smyth. 
Elizabeth,  m.  Henry  Cooper  Reid,  Esq. 
Louisa,  '/».  Rev.  Peter  Marsh,  deceased. 
Anna,  m.  John  Pierce.  Wilhelmina,  deceased. 

Geraldine,  m.  Richard  Dawson,  Esq. 

II.  Edward  (RcT.),  Rector  of  Fcthard, 

III.  William,  Barrister-at-Law,  d.  1783. 

IV.  John,  Serjeant-at-Law,  d.  1835. 

1.  Alice.  II.  Eliza. 

in.  Mary,  m.  Joseph  Gabbett,  Esq.  of  High  Par!:. 

Stat — Pallas  Beg,  Pallas  Green,  co.  Limerick. 

:athnrine,^    fj. 

Bawdeswell  Hall,  and  demesne  lands 
thereto  annexed. 

LLOYD    OF    CROaHAN.  g 

Lloyd,  Guy,  Esq.  of  Croghan  House,  co.  Eo8«  H 
common,  D.L.  and  J. P.,  High  Sheriff  co.  Roscom- 
mon 1867,  and  for  co.  Leitrim  1869,  b.  13  April,  , 
1833  ;  m.   31   Oct.    1865,   EHzabeth,   dau.   of  Sir  i 
Gilbei't  King,  Bart,  of  Charlestowu,  co.  Roscommon.  \ 

ILtllCaflC. — Capt.  Owen  Lloyd,  the  first  possessor  of  tho 
Roscommon  estates,  was  eldest  son  of  Thomas  Lloyd  Esq.  of 
the  CO.  of  Leitrim,  who  migrated  from  Wales  to  Ireland  under 
the  auspices  of  his  kinsman.  Sir  Ralph  Bingley.  He  m.  Eliza- 
beth Fitzgerald,  grand-dau.  of  Sir  Luke  Fitzgerald,  of  Ty- 
croghan,  co.  Kildare,  and  left  at  his  deeease,  1664,  three  sons, 
of  whom  Owen,  a  senior  Fellow  of  Trin.  Coll.  Dublin,  and 
Professor  of  Divinity,  became  Dean  of  Connor  1709-10,  and  d. 
1743 ;  and  three  daus.    The  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lloyd,  Col.  in  the  army,  was  chosen  Commander  in 
the  field  by  the  Enniskillen  forces,  in  the  war  against  James  II., 
and  d.  1689.  He  vi.  Margaret,  dau.  of  Sir  John  Cole,  Bart.,  but 
left  no  issue.    Col.  Thomas  Lloyd  was  s.  by  his  brother, 

RicuARD  Lloyd,  Esq.,  Speaker  of  the  Upper  House  of 
Assembly,  Jamaica,  and  Lord  Chief  Justice  of  that  Island, 
where  he  m.  Mary  Guy,  an  heiress,  and  had  two  sons  and  two 
daus.  Chief  Justice  Lloyd  was  s.  by  his  2nd,  but  eldest  sur- 
viving son, 

Gdy  Lloyd,  Esq.,  m.  Mary  Copping,  of  Essex,  and  had  issue, 
Richard,  successor  to  his  father;  Henry  (Rev.),  j)i.  Diana,  dau. 
of  Thomas  Bullock,  Esq.  of  Hingham,  in  Norfolk;  and  Mary, 
in.  Thomas  St.  John,  Esq.    Mr.  Lloyd  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Richard  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Bylaugh  Hall,  Norfolk,  Col.  Nor- 
folk Militia,  in.  Elizabeth,  dau.  and  sole  heiress  of  Thomas 
Jecks,  Esq.  of  Bawdeswell  Hall,  and  had  issue, 

Gey,  his  successor. 

Richard,  6.  1772;  m.  Sarah  Harriet,  dau.  of  Peter  Elwin, 
Esq.  of  Thurning  Hall,  Norfolk,  and  had,  with  other  issue, 
Richard  Hastings  Elwin. 

Henry,  m.  Sarah,  eldest  dau.  of  J.  Stephenson  Cann,  Esq. 

Merrick,  R.N.,  killed  on  board  H.JI.S.  tho  "  Sirius,"  under 
Nelson,  in  1805,  before  Malta,  s.  p. 

Bridget,  m.  the  Rev.  Dr.  Bulwer,  Rector  of  Cawston,  Nor- 




Margaret,  m.  Robert  Birchara,  Esq 

Diana,  in.  the  Rev.  James  Stoughton,  A.M.  Eector  of  Spar- 

Jane,  m.  the  Rev.  Thomas  Dade,  Rector  of  Broadway  and 
Bincombe,  Dorset. 

Col.  Lloyd  d.  1811,  and  was  ,<!.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Goy  Lloyd,  Esq.,  J. P.,  of  Croghan  House,  co.  Roscommon, 
6.  19  Aug.  1766;  in.  17  Dec.  1799,  Martha,  dau.  of  William 
Bircham,  Esq.  of  the  Ollands,  Norfolk,  and  d.  1842,  leaving 

GcY,  his  successor. 

Sarah  Bircham,  m.  14  Dec.  1835,  the  Rev.  William  Atthill, 
of  Brandiston  Hall,  Norfolk,  and  d.  1837. 

Elizabeth,  in.  10  Dec.  1825,  the  Rev.  Philip  Francis,  M.A.,  of 
Stibbard  Lodge,  Norfolk.  Martha,  d.  7  March,  1871. 

The  son  and  heir, 

Guy  Lloyd,  Esq.  J. P.  and  D.L.,  of  Croghan  House,  High 
Sheriff  for  co.  Roscommon  1833,  and  for  Leitrim  1847;  6. 
30  Dec.  1803;  in.  26  May,  1827,  Susanna  Martha,  youngest  dau. 
of  John  Stephenson  Cann,  Esq.  of  Wramplingham,  Norfolk; 
and  d.  12  Nov.  1860,  leaving  issue, 

Gny,  now  of  Crogan.  John  Mebbick,  b.  1810. 

William  Richard,  b.  1848. 

Sarah  Martha.  Susan  Ellen. 

Mary  Anne,   in.  4  Dec.   1867,   Stanhope    William    Fenton 

Kenny,  Esq.,  J. P.,  of  Ballinrobe,  co.  Mayo. 
Elizabeth  Bertha,  n,.  18.')8,  Joseph  Fulton  Meade,  Esq.,  J.P., 

of  Eastwood,  co.  Wicklow. 
Emma  Jane.  Katharine  Edith.  Frances  Dorothea. 

Alice  Octavia.  Emily  Muriel  Knyvett. 

Ai-ms — Gu.,  a  chevron  or,  and  on  a  chief  erm.  a  canton  arp., 
thereon  an  eagle  with  two  heads  displayed  sa.  Crests — A  stag's 
head  couped  ppr.  with  a  neck  surcharged  with  a  laurel  chaplet, 
and  on  a  ducal  coronet  or,  a  double  eagle  displayed  sa. 
Mottoes — Over  the  stag's  head,  Speotemur  agendo ;  and  over 
.the  eagle,  E6  altius  quo  profundius. 

Seat — Croghan  House,  Boyle,  co.  Roscommon. 





LliOYD    OF    liLOYDSBORO'. 

LiOTD,  IIexrt  Jesse,  Esq.  of  Llojdsboro'  and 
>anagh,  co.  Tipperary,  J. P.,  fornierly  Capt.  Tip- 
KTiiry  Light  iBfautrj,  b.  ISio. 

iLtltrnflC.— Jon"  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Lloydsboro',  co.  Tippe- 
■;iry,  son  of  Joseph  Lloyd,  Esq.,  by  Jlary  Otway  his  wife, 
;laimed  to  derive  his  descent  from  the  Welsh  family  of 
Uoyd  of  Bodidris.  Ue  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Sir  John  liluii- 
len,  Bart.,  and  was  father  of 

John  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Cranagh,  m.  Deborah  Cluttcrbuck,  and 
lad  issue, 
I.  JoHS,  of  Cranagh  and  Lloydsboro',  m.  Amy  Brazier,  and 
left  an  only  dau.,  Debby  Anne,  hi.  her  cousin,  John  Lloyd, 
Esq.  of  Lloydsboro". 

n.  Thomas,  m.  Judith  Maher,  and  had  issue,  George  Richard, 
m. ;  Horatio,  j)j.  and  d.  leaving  issue. 

lu.  Richard,  A.5L,  Rector  of  Clononty,  co.  Tipperary,  after- 
wards of  Nortliam  Cottage,  North  Devon,  i.  9  Dec.  1754; 
m.  16  Sept.  1788,  Priscilla,  dau.  of  Rev.  John  Lord,  Rector 
of  Clonkelly,  and  d.  8  Jan.  1830,  leaving  issue  by  her  (who 
was  6.  17  Oct.  1760,  ml  d.  4  Feb.  1837), 

1  George  William  Aylmer,  C.B.,  M.ajor-Gen.  H.E.I.C.S., 
Col.  28th  Bengal  N.I.,  commanded  the  Bengal  Volunteers 
in  the  China  war,  1841-2;  6.  4  July,  1789;  m.  1  March, 
1824,  Caroline,  2nd  dau.  of  Capt.  William  Bruce, 
H.E.I.C.S.,  Resident  at  Bushire ;  and  d.  4  July,  18G5. 

2  John,  Lieut.  R.N.,  and  J. P.  of  Gowaka  and  Panbula, 
near  Eden,  Twofold  Bay,  New  South  Wales,  Hi.  19  Jan. 
1824,  Sarah  Robinson,  and  had  issue, 

Abthcb,  of  Northam  House,  Bideford,  North  Devon,  and 

Adelaide,  South  Australia,  6.  30  Oct.  1824;  m.  30  Oct. 

1858,  his  cousin,  Ehzabcth  Lucy,  eldest  dau.  of  the  Rev. 

Charles  Lloyd  (son  of  Erederick  Lloyd  Esq.,  of  whom 


William,  Civil  Engineer,  East  Indies,  6.  24  May,  1826. 
Priscilla  Amelia,  m.  28  Sept.  1847,  Major  William  Ellison 

Warden,   2nd  Bengal  N.I.,    eldest  son  of   Lieut. -Col. 

George  Warden,  Bengal  army,  and  by  him  (who  d. 

12  June,  1857)  has  one  dau.,  Priscilla  Emilia  Jane. 

3  Arthur  Forbes,  M.A.,  Rector  of  Instow,  Devon,  m.  1825, 
Harriet,  dau.  of  Thomas  Furley  Forster,  Esq.,  of  Wal- 
thamstow  ;  and  d.  3  July,  1866,  having  had  issue, 

Arthur  Forster,  of  South  Australia,  b.  1S26;  m.  30  Dec. 

1851,  Jean,  youngest  dau.  of  James  Gordon  Morgan, 

Esq.,  M.D.,  of  Barnstaple,  and  has  issue,  Arthur,  6. 

1  April,   1856;  a  son,  6.   1858;    Jane,  6.   1852;  Mary 

Elizabeth,  ft.  1854,  deceased. 
Richard,  of  Morphett  Vale,  South  Australia,  6.  1827  ;  m. 

19  June,    1856,   Marcella  Adelaide    Cornelia,  dau.   of 

James  Elton,  Esq.  of  North  Stoke,  co.  Oxford,  and  has 

a  son,  Richard  Elton,  b.  26  March,  1857. 
Benjamin  Furney,  of  Morphett  Vale,  South  Australia, 

b.  1836. 
George  Aylmer,  of  Morphett  Vale,  South  Australia,  6. 

Thomas  Fumey,  6.  Feb.  1845.  Edward. 

Harriet  Mary,  h;.  6  March,  1855,  Charles  Constantine 

Bruce,  Esq.  of  Adelaide,  South  Australia,  only  surviving 

son  of  Capt.  William  Bruce,  E.I.C.S.    She  d.  3  April, 

Isabella.  Emily.  Adelaide. 

Susanna.  Priscilla  Lord. 

1  Priscilla  Emilia,  b.  25  July,  1790,  of  Northam  Cottage, 
d.  at  Seorole,  Benares,  13  Sept.  1846. 

2  Isabella  Anne,  of  Northam  House,  North  Devon. 
IV.  Heskt  Jesse,  of  whom  presently. 

▼.  Frederick,  of  Ballymacreasc,  m.  Julia,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Vereker,  Esq.  of  Roxborough  {s(e  Bueke's Peerage,  GoaT), 
and  by  her,  who  d.  1747,  had  issue, 

1  John,  of  Lisheen  Castle,  co.  Tipperary,  and  of  Madoc 
Hastings,  Canada  West;  to.  1st  Catherine,  dau.  of  John 
Eotton,  Esq.  of  Bath,  and  had  issue, 

Charles  Hexbt,  of  Lisheen  Castle,  Templemore.  J.P.,  6. 
1821;  s.  1856;  m.  1st,  1846,  Anne,  dau.  of  Major 
George  Jackson;  2ndly,  1849,  Anna,  dau.  of  Fergus 
Langley,  Esq.,  and  has  by  her,  with  other  issue,  a  son, 
Charles  Edward,  6.  1854. 

Frederick,  in  Canada. 

Catherine,  hi.  Butler,  of  Drom,  co.  Tipperary. 

2  Frederick,  Lieut.  R.N.,  dccexsed. 

3  Henry  Vereker,  formerly  Bengal  cavalry,  m.  Miss  Jopp, 
s.  p. 

4  Charles  (Rev.),  formerly  Chaplain  at  Prince  Edward's 
Island,  afterwards  Curate  of  St.  John  the  Evangelist, 
Durdham  Down  ;  to.  17  Sept.  1726,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of 
William  Tyeth,  Esq.  of  Pillihead,  near  Bideford,  Devon, 
and  had  issue, 

Charles  Frederick,  Lieut.  3rd  West  India  regt.,  to.  23 
Sept.  1858,  Jessica  Mary,  eldest  dau.  of  Alexander 
Dunscombe,  Esq.  M.D.,  of  the  Grange,  Antigua,  West 
Indies,  and  Clifton. 

William,  of  New  York,  m.  1  Nov.  1858,  Caroline  Tupper. 

John  Vereker,  in  Australia. 

Elizabeth  Lucy,  m.  SO  Oct.  1858,  her  kinsman,  Arthur 
Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Northam  House,  Bideford,  Devonshire, 
and  Australia  (mentioned  above). 

Julia  Henrietta  Camilla. 

1  Julia,  HI.  George  Duncan,  Esq. 

2  Camilla.  3  Harriet,  d.  unm. 

I.  Elizabeth,  m.  Rev.  Charles  Tuckey,  and  has  four  sons  and 
four  daus. 

II.  Deborah,  m.  George  Hely,  Esq.,  and  has  six  sons  and 
seven  daus. 

The  4th  son, 

Henry  Jesse  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Castle  Incy,  co.  Tipperary,  m. 
Ellen,  dau.  of  Thomas  Garde,  Esq.  of  Ballina  Curra,  co.  Corlt 
(see  that  Fanuly),  and  dying  1816,  left  issue, 

I.  John,  of  Lloydsboro'.  ii.  Thomas,  d.  unm. 

III.  Henry,  of  Farrinrory,  co.  Tipperary,  m.  1822,  Harriet 
Amelia,  youngest  dau.  of  Sir  John  Craven  Garden,  Bart., 
and  has  issue, 

I  Jesse,  of  Ballyleck  House,  co.  Monagan,  J.P.,  Capt.  and 
Adjutant  Monagan  Militia,  late  Capt.  47th  regt.,  b.  23  Feb, 
1824;  Hi.  14  Dec.  1853,  Ellen,  eldest  dau.  of  George  Vin- 
cent, Esq.  of  Erinagh,  co.  Clare,  and  has  issue, 

Henry  Craven  Jesse,  b.  8  Feb.  1855. 

Josephine.  Coralie.  Fanny  Kathleen. 

1  Frances  Maria,  to.  26  March,  1840,  Andrew  Wauchopc, 
Esq.  of  Niddrie  Marischall,  Midlothian,  and  d.  25  June, 
1858,  leaving  issue. 

2  Josephine  Julia  Helen,  Hi.  1st,  19  Blay,  1846,  Henry 
Robert,  3rd  Lord  Rossmore;  and  2ndly,  18  June,  1863. 
Major  G.  W.  Stacpoole,  of  Eden  Vale,  co.  Clare. 

3  Coralie  Augusta  Frederica,  Hi.  17  June,  1848,  William 
FitzWilliam  Burton,  Esq.  of  Burton  Hall,  co.  Carlow. 

IV.  William,  Hi.  Kate,  only  dau.  of  John  Harris,  Esq.  of 
Waterford,  and  had  issue. 

I.  Mary  Anne,  m.  Rev.  Thomas  Hoare,  youngest  son  of  Sir 
Edward  Hoare,  2nd  bart.  of  Annabelle. 

II.  Eliza  Lucy,  m.  Mr.  Morris,  and  d.  s.  p. 

The  eldest  son, 

John  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Lloydsboro'  and  Cranagh,  B.A.  of  Trin. 
Coll.  Dublin,  b.  16  March,  1790;  hi.  21  July,  1810,  Debby  Ann, 
dau.  of  John  Lloyd.  Esq.  of  Cranagh ;  d.  9  Feb.  1868,  bavins 
had  issue, 

John  Jesse,  his  heir. 

Richai-d  Jesse,  Lieut.  59th  regt.,  d.  unm.  14  Oct.  1847. 

Elizabeth  Anne,  m.  15  Dec.  1S40,  John  Dawson  Hutchinson, 

Esq.  of  Timoney  Park,  co.  Tipperary,  and  d.  s.  p.  3  March, 

Ellen  Eliza,  m.  John  Stratford  Collins,  Esq.,  Barrister-at- 

Law,  and  d.  17  Nov.  1852,  leaving  issue. 

He  d.  11  Jan.  1864,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  sor., 

John  Jesse  Lloyd,  Esq.  of  Lloydsboro"  and  Cranagh,  m. 
Blary,  dau.  of  Edmund  Nathaniel  William  Fortescue,  Esq.  of 
Fallapit,  and  d.  1871,  leaving,  with  two  other  sons  and  a  dau., 
an  elder  son  and  heir,  Hesey  Jesse,  now  of  Lloydsboro'. 

Arms — Paly  of  eight  or  and  arg.  Crcxt — A  lion  rampant 
arg.  holding  in  the  dexter  paw  a  snake  ppr.  Motto — Ynir  o 

.Seat— Lloydsboro',  near  Templemore,  co.  Tipperary. 


See  preceding  Memoir. 


Lloyd,  Geoege  Whitelocke,  Esq.  of  Straneally 
Castle,  CO.  Waterford,  and  Caltou,  co.  York,  D.L., 
W.  E.  of  York,  J.P.  for  the  former  co.,  and  High 
Sheriff  thereof  1859,  h.  30  Maj,  1830  ;  educated 
at  Trin.  Coll.  Cambridge ;  m.  1st,  14  Sept.  1854, 
Selina  Jane,  dau.  of  Arthur  Henry,  Esq.  of  Lodge 
Park,  CO.  Kildare  (and  Eliza  his  wife,  dau.  of  Georgo 
Gunn,  Esq.  of  Mount  Kennedy,  co.  Wicklow),  and 
by  her  (who  d.  11  Jan.  1860)  has  issue, 

I.  William  Wbitelocke,  b.  5  May,  185C. 

I.  Evehne  Selina.  u.  Augusta  Frances  Jane. 

III.  Selina  Mary. 
Mr.  Lloyd  m.  2ndly,  Feb.  1861,  Lady  Anne  Mar- 
garet Butler,  2nd  dau.  of  Somerset  Eichard,  3rd 
Earl  of  Carrick. 

Hl'lICaflC. — This  family  Is  supposed  to  descend  from  the 
Lloyds  of  Llanirixys,  co.  Denbigh. 

Gamaliel  Lloyd,  of  Mattersey,  co.  Nottingham,  d.  1  Nov. 
1661,  leaving  issue  by  his  wife,  Anne  Briggs,  of  Wigan,  in 





CO.  Lancaster,  Geokge,  liis  heir;  Gamaliel;  William,  whose 
representatives  are  now  llie  Booths  of  Gkndon,  Xotts ;  John  ; 
Anne,  ra.  Joseph  Smethurst,  and  had  a  numerous  posterity. 
The  eldest  son, 

George  Llotd,  h.  1650,  settled  at  Manchester,  and  d.  1728, 
leaving  by  his  wife,  Martha  Whittaker,  of  Newton  Heath,  co. 
Lancaster,  an  only  survivinR  son, 

Gamaliel  Llotd,  of  Manchester,  Merchant  and  Manufac- 
turer, 0..  1749,  leaving  by  Elizabeth  his  wife,  dau.  and  co-heir 
of  John  Carte,  M.B.,  of  Manchester,  who  d.  30  Sept.  1763,  an 
only  child, 

Geoege  Lloyd,  Esq.,  M.B.  Cantab.,  F.E.S.,  D.L.  for  West 
Fading  co.  York,  who  purchased  Hulme  Hall,  near  Man- 
chester, and  resided  at  Barrowby,  near  Leeds,  where  he  d. 
4  Dec.  1783.  He  m.  1st,  Eleanor,  dau.  of  Henry  Wright,  Esq. 
cf  Offerton,  co.  Chester,  by  Purefoy  his  wife,  dau.  of  Sir  Wil- 
oughby  Aston,  Bart.),  and  by  her  had  an  only  child, 

I.  John,  F.R.S.,  of  Snitterton,  m.  Anne,  dau.  and  heir  of 
James  Hibbins,  M.D.,  and  had  issue, 

1  George,  of  Wclcombe  House,  co.  Warwick,  High  Sheriff 
1306;  b.  7  March,  1768;  d.  uyim.  11  July,  1831. 

2  JouN  Gamaliel,  Bencher  of  the  Middle  Temple,  .5.  his 
brother  in  Wekombe  House,  High  Sheriff  co.  Warwick 
1S32,  d.  unm.  1837. 

3  Charlotte,  m.  4  May,  1802,  Rev.  Thomas  Warde  (refer  to 
Warde  of  VLopton  lIoiLst).  4  Purcfoy,  d.  v.nia. 

Mr.  Lloyd  m.  2ndly,  Susannah,  dau.  of  Thomas  Horton,  Esq. 
of  Chaddcrton,  co.  Lancaster,  sometime  Governor  of  the  Isle 
of  Man  under  the  Earl  of  Derby,  and  father  of  Sir  William 
Horton,  Bart.,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Gamaliel,  his  heir. 

II.  George,  from  whom  descended  the  Llotds  of  Stockton 
JIall  {refer  to  titat  FamU;/). 

HI.  Thomas,  of  Hosforth  Hall,  Lieut. -Col.  Commandant  of 
the  Leeds  Volunteers,  d.  at  Kingthovpe  House,  near  Picker- 
ing, 7  April,  1828.  He  m.  Anne,  dau.  of  Walter  Warde, 
Esq.  of  Kew  Grange,  co.  York,  and  had  issue, 

1  George,  of  Coatham,  co.  York,  b.  25  May,  1780.  He  in. 
1st,  1820,  Marian  Cliri.stina,  5th  dau.  of  Alexander  JIacloan, 
Esq.  of  Col,  CO.  Argyll,  by  whom  (who  u!.  1821)  he  had  no 
issue.  He  rn.  2ndly,  7  June,  1825,  Elizabeth,  2nd  dau.  of 
William  Kookcs  Leeds  Serjeantson,  Esq.  of  Camp  Hill, 
near  llipon,  and  d.  1844,  leaving  issue, 

Thomas  William,  of  Cowsby  Hall,  Northallerton,  J. P. 
and  D.L.,  b.  182G,  educated  at  Trin.  Coll.  Cambridge; 
in.  1849,  Elizabeth  Ann,  3rd  dau.  of  Prancis  Uenyon 
Hackett,  Esq.  of  Moor  Hall,  co.  Warwick. 

George  Walter,  Commander  It.N. 

John  George,  d.  loJG. 

Caroline  Anne. 

Marianne  Jane,  m.  April,  1863,  Major  Eowen  Cooke. 

I.  Anno. 

II.  Susannah,  m.  Rev.  Henry  Wray,  and  has  two  sons  and  a 

III.  Elizabeth,  m.  1780,  Thomas  Batcson,  Esq.,  and  bad  an 
only  son,  Robert,  created  a  baronet. 

The  eldest,  son  of  the  2nd  marriage, 

Gamaliel  Llotd,  Esq.,  Alderman  of  Leeds,  and  Mayor  1799, 
resided  at  Bury  St.  Edmund's,  and  afterwards  in  Great  Ormond 
Street,  London,  where  he  d.  31  Aug.  1817.  By  his  wife  Eliza- 
beth, dau.  of  James  Attwood,  Esq.,  he  had  issue  (with  two 
daus.,  1  Mary  Horton,  ra.  Stephen  John  Winthorp,  M.D.,  and 
2  Anne  Susannah,  rii.  Leonard  Horner,  Esq.,  F.R.S.),  an  only 

William  Horton  Llotd,  Esq.,  F.L.S.,  possessor  of  estates 
in  cos.  York,  Lancaster,  and  Derby,  6.  10  Feb.  1784;  m. 
13  April,  1826,  :\Liry,  4th  and  youngest  dau.  of  George  White- 
locke,  Esq.  of  Seymour  Place,  Bryanston  Square,  London,  and 
Fortoiseau,  near  Paris  (a  great-grandson  of  Sir  Bulstrode 
Whitelocke,  by  Mary  his  wife,  dau.  of  David  Roche,  Esq., 
Alderman  of  Limerick,  and  d.  18  Feb.  1849,  having  had 
issue,  Gamaliel,  6.  12  Juno,  1827,  d.  6  Nov.  1830;  and  the 
present  Geoege  Wuitelock  Llotd,  Esq.  of  Strancally  Castle. 

Arms — Arg.,  three  lions  dormant  in  pale  sa.  Crest — A  demi- 
arm  in  scale  armour  the  hand  naked  ppr.  the  cuff  arg.  grasping 
a  lizard  vert. 

Heal — Strancally  Castle,  Villierstown,  co.  Waterford. 


Llott),  John,  Esq.  of  Gloster,  King's  Co.,  J.P., 
D.L.,  s.  by  will  1860  to  the  estates  of  Col.  Hardress 
Lloyd,  of  Gloster,  for  some  years  Lieut.-Col.  South 
Down  Militia,  and  M.P.  for  the  King's  Co.  He  m. 
14  Nov.  1872,  Susannah  Frances  Julia,  2ud  dau.  of 
John  Thomas  Eosborough  Colclough,  Esq.  of 
Tintern  Abbey,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  co.  Wexford,  and 
has  issue, 

I.  John  Hardress,  b.  14  Aug.  1874. 

II.  Evan  Colclough,  b.  1877. 

I.  Mary  Louisa  Arthurina  Gwendoline  Colclough^  h.  28  Aug, 

II.  Susan  Frederica  Lilian  May,  6.  4  Sept.  1875. 

III.  Alice  Maude  Josephine,  b.  14  April,  1878. 

Sfcii— Gloster,  Shiurone,  King's  Co. 


See  p^'sceding  Memoir, 

See  Vaughan  of  Golden  Grove. 


Tlie  late  Geoege  Locn,  Esq.  of  Drylaw,  co.. 
Edinburgh,  F.G.S.,  J.P.  for  cos.  Lancaster  and 
Sutherland,  and  D.L.  for  the  latter,  called  to  the 
Bar  1817,  made  Q.C.  18G3,  M.P.  for  the  Wick 
Burghs,  1868  to  1872,  Capt.  Staffordshire  Yeomanry, 
h.  1811  ;  m.  1836,  Catherine,  eldest  dau.  of  Joseph 
Pilkington  Brandreth,  Esq.  M.D.,  of  Liverpool, 
and  d.  1877,  leaving  four  daus. 

iLllTCilflC. — James  Locn,  Merchant  and  Burgess  of  Edin- 
burgh, ra.  II  Oct.  1610,  Margaret  Barclay,  of  the  same  city, 
and  was  .?.  by  his  eldest  son, 

James  Locn,  Esq.  of  Drylaw,  Treasurer  of  Edinburgh,  h. 
27  Aug.  1612,  who  was  s.  by  his  son, 

James  Loch,  Esq.  of  Drylaw,  b.  2  May,  1650,  m.  Isabel,  dau. 
of  Sir  George  Foulis,  of  Ravelston,  and  had  issue  (with  three 
daus.,  the  eldest  of  whom  Janet,  ra.  1710,  Edward  Majoribanks, 
Esq.  of  Hallyards),  George,  his  heir;  .John,  of  Edinburgh, 
Merchant,  who  ra.  Margaret,  dau.  of  Sir  William  Menzies,  ol 
Gladstone,  and  left  at  his  decease  1756,  an  only  son,  William, 
father  of  John,  of  Rarham,  and  James,  Joint  King's  Remem- 
brancer for  Scotlaiid.  He  d.  12  Nov.  1690,  and  was  s.  by  liia 
eldest  son, 

George  Locn,  Esq.  of  Drylaw,  b.  28  March,  1078;  in.  Jean, 
dau.  of  George  Foulis,  Esq.  of  Ravelston,  and  was«.  by  his 
elder  son, 

James  Locn,  Esq.  of  Drylaw,  6.  16  Aug.  1693;  m.  14  Jan. 
1748,  Frances,  dau.  of  the  Hon.  William  Erskine,  son  of  David, 
4th  Earl  of  Buchan,  and  dying  14  Nov.  1759,  left  a  dau.,  Mar- 
garet, rn.  her  cousin,  James  Loch,  Esq.,  and  a  son  and  suc- 
cessor, 1 

George  Locn,  Esq.  of  Drylaw,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Adam, 
Esq.  of  Blair,  co.  Kinross,  and  sister  of  the  Lord  Chief  Com- 
missioner Adam,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 

James,  his  successor. 

John,  formerly  51. P.  for  Hythe,  a  Director  of  the  East  Indic 
Company,  of  the  Australian  Society,  &c.,  ra.  Marion,  dau 
of  Archibald  CuUen,  Esq.,  K.C.,  and  left  a  son,  George  John. 
deceased,  and  a  dau.  Marion,  in.  Edward  Majoribanks,  Esq 

William,  in  the  Bengal  Civil  Service,  who  left  issue,  Georp 
William,  William,  Charles,  Mary,  Eliza,  and  Charlotte,  d 

Francis  Erskine,  Admiral  R.N.,  m.  Miss  Jcssc  Eobertson 
and  d.  13  Feb.  186tf,  leaving  issue. 
Mr.  Loch  d.  1788,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

James  Locn,  Esq.  of  Drylaw,  b.  7  May,  1780,  an  Advocate 
and  M.P.  for  Kirkwall,  ic;  in.  10  Aug.  1810,  Ann,  youii;.'o.^ 
dau.  of  Patrick  Orr,  Esq.  of  co.  Kincardine,  and  d.  1»50 
leaving  issue, 

George,  M.P.,  of  Drylaw. 

Granville  Gower,  b.  1813,  Capt.  R.N.,  C.B.,  killed  185.3. 

William  Adam,  b.  1814.  Thomas,  6.  Isl6;  d.  1858. 

James  Patrick,  b.  1819;  and  d.  18-24. 

John  Charles,  6.  1825. 

Henry  Brougham,  b.  1827,  C.B.,  distinguished  in  China,  nov 

Lieut. -Governor  of  the  Isle  of  Man ;  in.  186'2,  Elizabeth,  dau 

of  the  late  Hon.  Edward  Villiers. 
Anne  Marjory,  d.  1836. 
Mary  Clementina  Marion,  ra.  Capt.  Sir  Frederick  Kicolson 

R.N.,  and  d.  1851. 

Anns — Arg.,  a  saltier  engrailed  sa. between  in  the  flanks tW' 
swans  naiant  in  lochs  ppr.  Crest — A  swan  devouring  a  pcrcl 
ppr.    Motto — Assiduitate  non  dcsidia. 

Siat — Cottage,  Bishopsgat«,  Staines 






Locke,  Wadham,  Esq.  of  Cleve  House,  Seend, 

0.  Wilts,  J.P.,  High  Sheriff  1847,  b.  4  July,  1803  ; 

•   1st,  1828,  Caroline,  dau.  of  Henry  Thompson, 

[.  of  Skelton,   Yorkshire,   and  by  her  has  one 

lu'viving  child, 

I.  Elizabeth,  m.  1857,  Capt.  Lamb. 

le  m.  2ndly,  21  April,  1844,  Albinia,  dau.  of  John 
lalton,  Esq,  of  Sleningford  Hall,  co.  York,  and 
■"iUiugham  Castle,  co.  Lincoln,  and  by  her  has  issue, 

I.  Wadham,  late  Lieut.  94th  foot,  h.  1815. 

II.  Ernest  Dalton  Borough,  h.  1843. 

III.  Ceeil  John  Hay,  6.  1852. 

IV.  Norcliffe  Eobert  Sutton,  d.  youngr. 

V.  Francis  Alexander  Sydenham,  h.  1S61. 
Ti.  Arthur  Guy  Nerille,  b.  1864. 

VII.  D'Arcy  Victor  Thomas  Andrews,  6. 18C7. 

II.  Eachel  Ethel  Albinia  Laura. 

III.  Albinia  Johanna  Selina. 

\Ir.  Locke  was  formerly  an  officer  iu  the  1st 
Dragoon  Guards. 

iLtncagC. — For  some  account  of  this  family,  refer  to  the 
li^Uman's  Mariazhie  for  1792,  p.  798. 

AVabham  Locke,  Esq.  of  Eondeford  House,  co.  Wilts,  to. 
Vnne,  dau.  of  James  Sutton,  Esq.,  and  (/.  28  June,  1799,  was  s. 
)y  his  only  son, 

Wadham  Locke,  Esq.  of  Eowdeford  House,  h.  26  Oct.  1779, 
r.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  of  Wilts  1804,  and  M.P.  for  Devizes 

"2;  m.  23  Sept.  1802,  Anna  Maria  Selina,  dau.  of  Francis 
veil,  Esq.  of  Hurdcott  House,  Wilts,  and  by  her  (who  d. 
>  July,  1838)  had  issue, 

Wadham,  now  of  Cleve  House. 

Francis  Alexander  Sydenham,  of  Eowdeford,  Wilts,  6. 31  July, 

1804;  1)1.  1  Dec.  1835,  Katharine  Harriott,  dau.  of  Admiral 

Sir  Thomas  Fellowes,  C.B.,  by  Catherine  Mary  his  wife, 

dau.  of  Sir  William  Abdy,  Bart.,  and  has  had  issue,  Wadham 

Fellowes,  b.  3  Feb.  1838,  d.  30  July,  1854;  and  Katharine 

Selina,  m.  Col.  Morant. 
John,  E.I.C.S.,  Bengal,  now  of  Chicklade  House,  Wilts,  m. 

Frances  Augusta,  dau.  of  Thos.  Moore  Wayne,  Esq.  of  South 

W^anborough,  Hants,  and  has  three  daus. 
Anna  Maria  Selina,  m.  1st,  George  Purefoy  Jervoise,  Esq. ; 

and  2ndly,  Francis  Marx,  Esq. 
Elizabeth  Sarah,  d.  14  Nov.  1833. 
Anne,  m.  4  Jan.  1838,  Eev.  Henry  Paddon,  eldest  son  of  J. 

Paddon,  Esq.  of  Fareham. 
Louisa,  m.  1st,  William  Lawrence  Colquhoun,   Esq.;  and 

2ndly,  J.  Dunlop,  Esq.  of  Tolcross,  Glasgow. 
Katharine  PoweU,  m.  George  Duberly,  Esq.,  Col.  77th  regt. 
Frances  Isabella,  m.  Henry  Duberly,  Esq.,  Capt.  8th  Hussars. 

Mr.  Locke  d.  21  Oct.  1835. 

Arms — Per  fcss  az.  and  or,  a  pale  counterchanged,  three 
hawks  with  wings  endorsed  of  the  la>t.  Crest — A  hawk  wings 
endorsed  holding,  in  the  beak  a  padlock  or. 

iSeat— Cleve  House,  Seend,  Melksham,  Wilts. 

William  Eliott,  Esq.,  M.P.  for  co.  Se  kirk  for  twenty-four 
years,  lSOG-30,  m.  1792,  Marianne,  only  child  of  Allan  Lock- 
hart,  Esq.  of  Cleghorn  (representative  of  the  Lockuakts  of 
CUghorn),  and  assumed  the  surname  of  Lockhabt.  By  her  he 
had  issue, 

John,  12th  Light  Dragoons,  killed  at  Waterloo. 

Allan,  late  of  Borthwickbrae  and  Cleghorn. 

Walter,  H.E.I.C.  Civil  Service,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  —  Proctor, 
Esq.,  and  d.  s.  p.  in  India  1850. 

William,  Major  Madras  Native  Infantry,  in.  Dora,  dau.  of 
George  Clerk  Craigic,  Esq.  of  Dumbarnie;  and  d.  in  India, 
1855,  leaving  issue,  WiUiam,  b.  1840;  George,  R.N.,  6. 1841 ; 
Walter,  b.  1847;  Mary;  and  Dora. 

Gilbert,  E.N.,  d.  on  board  H.M.S.  "  Diamond,"  1S24. 

Jane.  Margaret. 

Mr.  Lockhart  d.  1832,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Allan  Eliott-Lockhabt,  Esq.  of  Borthwickbrae  and  Cleg- 
horn,  J. P.  and  D.L.  for  the  cos.  Lanark  and  Eoxburgh,  and 
Lord-Lieut,  of  Selkirk,  called  to  the  Scotch  Bar  1824,  M.P.  for 
CO.  Selkirk  from  1846  to  1862,  b.  1S03;  m.  1830,  Charlotte, 
5th  dau.  of  the  late  Sir  Eobert  Dundas,  Bart,  of  Beech  wood, 
and  had  issue, 

I.  William,  now  of  Borthwickbrae  and  Cleghorn. 
n.  David,  b.  1834. 

III.  Allan,  Capt.  Eoyal  Engineers,  b.  1837 ;  d.  1865, 

IV.  Eobert  Dundas,  Capt.  Eoyal  Artillery,  6, 1841. 

V.  Charles  Walter,  b.  1850. 

I.  Matilda.  ii.  Marianne  Elizabeth. 

ra.  Eobina.  iv.  Catherine  Henrietta. 

V.  Mary  Dora.  vi.  Jane  Margaret. 

Mr.  Eliott-Lockhart  d.  15  March,  1878. 

Arms — Quarterly :  1st  and  4th,  gu.,  three  boars'  heads  erasefl 
arg. ;  2nd  and  3rd,  vert,  on  a  bend  engrailed  arg.  a  baton  az. 
within  a  bordure  of  the  last  charged  with  four  mullets  and  as 
many  crescents  alternately  of  the'second.  Crests — 1st,  A  boar's 
head  erased  arg. ;  2nd,  A  dexter  hand  holding  a  spear  ppr. 
Mottoes — Sine  labe  fides ;  and,  Hoc  majorum  opus. 

(Seats — Borthwickbrae,  Hawick ;  and  Cleghorn,  co.  Lanark. 


Eliott-Lockhaet,  William,  Esq,  of  Borth- 
wickbrae, CO.  Selkirk,  and  Cleghorn,  co.  Lanark, 
b.  1833,  educated  at  Harrow,  late  Capt.  26th  Came- 
roniaus  and  74th  Highlanders ;  m.  1866,  Dorothea 
Helen,  eldest  dau.  of  Sir  Walter  Elliot,  K.C.S.I.,  of 
^Volfelee,  and  has  had  issue, 

I.  Allan  AsnxoN,  6.  1867.  ii.  Walter  Blair,  6.  1879. 

III.  Norman,  6.  1871;  d.  1872.  i.  Mary  Charlotte. 

ILtUrilCIC. — Thomas  Eliott,  of  Bewlie  (claiming  descent 
from  a  branch  of  the  family  of  Eliott  of  Stobbs),  m.  Margaret, 
dau.  of  William  Scott,  of  Chamerlan  Newton,  and  was  s.  by 
his  eldest  son, 

William  Eltott,  6.  1658,  m.  Isabel,  dau.  of  William  Scott, 
of  Sinton,  and  had  a  son  and  successor, 

William  Eliott,  Esq.  h.  1069,  rd.  Margaret,  dau.  of  John 
Scott,  of  Sinton,  and  was  father  of  a  son  and  heir, 

John  Eliott,  Esq.,  »i.  1st,  1753,  Margaret,  dau.  of  Alex- 
ander Murray,  Esq.  of  Crinfiletie,  which  lady  d.  s.  p. ;  and 
2ndly,  1764,  Margaret,  dau.  of  Walter  Laing,  Esq.,  by  whom 
he  had, 

William,  his  heir.  W.alter  (Lieut.-Col.),  d.  1808. 

Miirgarct,  ?ii.  David  Simpson,  Esq.  of  Know,  and  was  mother, 
inter  (dios,  of  Gen.  Sir  James  Simpson,  G.C.B.,  Commander- 
in-Chief  in  the  Crimea, 

The  eldest  son, 


LoCKHAET,  G-E^ME  Alexaxdek,  Esq.  C.B.,  of 
Castle  Hill,  co.  Lanark,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  Major-Gen. 
in  the  army,  late  Lieut.-Col.  78th  regt.,  entered  the 
army  1837,  retired  on  full  pay-lS67 ;  b.  23  Jan. 
1820 ;  s.  his  half-brother,  Dec.  1873  ;  m.  1861, 
Emily  TJdney,  dau.  of  James  Brebner,  Esq. 

3LinCclQC.—{Sce  Burke's  Peerage  and  Baronetage). 

SiE  James  Lockhakt,  6.  1596 ;  a  Lord  of  the  Court  of  Session 
in  Scotland,  and  afterwards  Lord  Justice  Clerk,  as  Lord  Lee, 
in  the  time  of  Charles  I.,  m.  twice.  By  his  1st  wife,  Helen, 
dau.  of  Alexander  Fairly,  of  Braid,  he  had  no  issue ;  by  his 
2nd,  Martha,  dau.  of  Sir  George  Douglas,  of  Mordington 
(brother  of  James,  Lord  Torthorwald),  and  Maid  of  Honour  to 
Charles  I.'s  Queen,  he  had,  with  two  daus.,  four  sons,  i.  Wil- 
liam (Sir),  the  famous  Statesman ;  ii.  George  (Sir),  ancestor 
of  Sir  Norman  Macdonald  Lockhakt,  Bart,  of  Lee  and  Cam- 
wath ;  III.  John  (Sir),  of  Castle  Hill,  appointed  by  Charles  II. 
one  of  the  Senators  of  the  College  of  Justice,  and  a  Lord  of 
Justiciary ;  and  iv.  Robert,  killed  in  the  Civil  Wars. 

The  late  Eobert  Lockhart,  Esq.  of  Castle  Hill,  m.  1st,  9  Oct. 
1804,  Eliza,  dau.  of  Eichard  Newman  Newman,  Esq.  of  Thorn- 
bury  Park,  CO.  Gloucester,  and  had  issue  by  her,  who  d.  April, 

James  Sinclair,  his  heir. 

Eobert  Alexander,  Major  80th  regt. 

John  Hamilton,  b.  24  Nov.  1814,  deceased. 

Mary  Emilia. 

Eliza  Anne,  m.  1825,  John  Percy  Henderson,  Esq.  of  Foswejl 
Bank,  co.  Perth.  Susan.  Anne  Nisbet. 

Mr.  Lockhart '/ii.  2ndly,  1817,  Charlotte  Simpson,  dau.  of  Capt. 
William  Mercer,  Bengal  army,  by  whom,  who  d.  1869,  he  had 
further  issue, 

William  Mercer,  6.  I8I8,  drowned  1849. 

Gr«me  Alexander,  C.B.,  now  of  Castle  Hill. 

George  Dimcan,  6.  1821. 

Charlotte.  Frances  Charlotte  Mercer.  Louisa. 

Elenora  Jane.        Margaret  Douglas.  Hoberta  Emilia. 

Barbara  Forbes. 

Mr.  Lockhart  d.  1850,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

James  Sinclair  Lockhart,  Esq.  of  Castle  Hill,  J.P.  and 
D.L.,  6.  11  Sept.  1803;  d.  1873,  and  was  «.  by  his  half-brother, 

Major-Gen.  Gb.E3ie  Alexander  Lockhart,  C.B.,  of  Castle 

Arms — Arg.,  a  man's  heart  gu.  within  a  fetterlock  sa.  on 
a  chief  az.  three  boars'  heads  erased  of  the  first.  Crest — A 
boar's  head  erased  ai'g.     Motto — Corda  serata  fero. 

Seat — Camncthan  House,  Wishaw,  N.B. 






LocKHAET,  Datid  Eiaie,  Esq.  of  Wickelshaw, 
and  Milton  Lockliart,  co.  Lanark,  Lieut. -Col.  107tli 
foot.  Col.  Lockhart  represents  in  the  male  line 
the  LoCKHAETS  of  Cleglwrn  and  in  the  female 
line  through  the  Soiieevilles  of  Corehouse,  is  heir 
of  the  Somervilles  of  Cambusnethan,  descendants 
of  John,  3rd  Lord  SomervUle. 

ILtlttaSC— The  first  Lockhart  of  Wicketshaw,  was  Snd 
eon  of  Sm  Stephen  Lockhart,  of  Clcghorn,  co.  Lanark,  Armour 
Bearer  to  King  James  III.  of  Scotland.  The  raale  line  of  the 
elder  son  of  Sir  Stephen  failed  at  the  death  of  Allen  Lockhart, 
Esq.  of  Cleghorn,  1805.  (For  the  female  line  refer  to  Elliot- 
LocKHAET  of  CUghorn  and  Borthwkkbrof..)  The  elder  line  of 
T\"icketshaw  failed  1776,  at  the  death  of  Sir  William  Lockhart 
Denham,  Bart,  of  Westshiel. 

Stephen  Lockhart,  of  Wicketshaw,  co.  Lanark,  m.  (contract 
dated  27  Aug.  1606)  Grizel  Carmichael,  of  Hyndford,  sister  of 
the  1st  Lord  Carmichael,  ancestor  of  the  Earls  of  Hyndford, 
and  had  a  2nd  son, 
Egbert  Lockhart,  of  Birkhill,  co.  Lanark,  grandfather  of 
William  Lockhart,  of  Birkhill,  who  m.  Violet  Inglis,  niece 
and  heiress  of  James  Somerville,  of  Corehouse,  and  had  two 
sons,  I.  Major-Gen.  William  Lockhart,  d.  1817,  leaving  three 
<laus.,  and  three  sons  in  the  army,  who  d.  s.  'p. ;  and  ii.  John. 
The  2nd  son, 

Eev.  John  Lockhart,  D.D.,  had  by  his  1st  wife,  Elizabeth, 
Dinwiddle,  of  Germiston,  a  son,  William,  his  heir,  of  whom 
presently,   and  two    other  sons,   d.   young.      He  ot.   2ndly, 
EUzabeth,  dau.  of  the  Kev.  John  Gibson,  and  by  her,  who  d. 
1834,  left  at  his  decease  1842, 
John  Gibson  Lockhart,  D.C.L.  Oxon ;  ;n.  1820,  Charlotte 
Sophia,  eldest  dau.  and  heiress  of  Sir  Walter  Scott,  Bart, 
of  Abbotsford;  and  d.  1854,  having  had  issue,  several  sons, 
d.  unm.,  and  a  dau.  Charlotte,  m.  19  Aug.  1847,  James 
Eobert  Hope,  Esq.,  Q.C,  who  assumed  the  additional  name 
of  ScoTT,  and  became  of  Abbotsford.     She  d.  20  Oct.  18-58, 
leaving  an  only  surviving  chUd,  Mary  Monica,  of  Abbots- 
ford, m.  21  July,   1874,    Hon.  Joseph  Constable  Maxwell, 
who  has  assumed  the  additional  surname  of  Scott. 
Lawrence,  D.D.,  late  of  Wicketshaw. 
Eobert,  m.  1854,  Marion,  dau.  of  John  G.  Kinnear,  Esq., 
d.  s.  p.  1859. 
Eichard,  Lieut,  in  the  army,  drowned  in  India,  1826. 
Archibald  Inglis,  Col.   in  the  army,  C.B.,  late  Lieut.-Col. 

Commanding  the  92nd  Highlanders. 
Violet,  d.  unm.  1849. 

The  eldest  son, 

William  Lockhart,  Esq.,  D.L.,  of  Jtilton  Lockhart,  repre- 
sented CO.  Lanark  from  1S41  till  his  decease,  lie  m.  16  April, 
1822,  Mary  Jane,  dau.  of  Sir  Hugh  Palliser,  Bart.  Mr.  Lock- 
hart, who  was  representative  of  Sir  William  Lockhart-Denham, 
Bart.,  mentioned  above,  having  re-acquired  part  of  the  old 
family  estate,  adjoining  the  Barony  of  Milton  Lockhart, 
directed,  by  deed  of  entail,  that  his  heirs  and  successors 
should  always  bear  the  name  and  arms  of  Lockhart  of  Wicket- 
shaw. Dying  1856  without  issue,  he  was  s.  by  his  half- 

The  Rev.  Lawrence  Lockhart,  D.D.,  of  Wicketshaw  and 
Milton  Lockhart,  co.  Lanark,  and  Germiston,  near  Glasgow, 
J. P.  and  D.L.,  Incumbent  of  Inchinnan,  co.  Eenfrew,  from 
1822  to  1860,  6.  1796;  m.  1st,  1825,  Louisa,  dau.  of  the  late 
David  Blair,  Esq. ;  and  2ndly,  1849,  Marion,  eldest  dau.  of  the 
late  William  Maxwell,  Esq.  of  Dargavel,  co.  Kenfrew,  and  had 
issue  to  survive, 

I.  David  Blahi,  now  of  Wicketshaw  and  Milton  Lockhart. 

II.  Lawrence  WiUiam  Maxwell,  Lieut.-Col.  2nd  Eoyal  Lan- 
arkshire Militia,  late  Capt.  92nd  Highlanders,  m.  18G0, 
Katharine,  younger  dau.  of  the  late  Gen.  Sir  James  Eussell, 
K.C.B.,  of  Ashestiel,  co.  Selkirk,  and  has,  with  other  issue, 
a  son, 

Lawrence  Archibald  SomervUle,  6.  1860. 
in.  WUliam  Stephen  Alexander,  H.M.'s  Indian  army. 
IV.  James  Somerville.  v.  AJexander  Francis  Maxwell. 

VI.  Walter  Somerville. 
I.  Elizabeth  Catherine. 

u.  Louisa  Matilda,  m.  1863,  Thomas  Eudd,  Esq. 
in.  Violet  Sophia,  m.  1860,  Thomas  Maxwell,  Esq.,  M.D., 

Bengal  army,  6th  son  of  the  lat«  William  Maxwell,  Esq.  of 

Dargavel,  and  has  issue. 

Dr.  Lockliart  d.  1876. 

Arms — Arg.,  on  a  bend  dexter,  between  three  boars'  heads 
erased  az.,  a  man's  heart  ppr.  within  a  fetterlock  or.  Cnst — 
A  dexler  hand  holding  a  boars  head  erased  ppr.  Mollo— 
Feroci  fgrtior ;   and  Corda  serata  pando. 

Seat — MiltouLockhart,  Carluke,  co.  Lanark. 


See  Wood. 


LocETEE,  The  Eev.  Edmund  Leopold,  M.A., 
of  Plymouth,  Devon,  Eeetor  of  Westcote  IJarton, 
CO.  Oxon,  1852,  b.  17  May,  1816  ;  m.  28  May,  1839, 
Julia  Mary,  dau.  of  the  Kev.  Thomas  Woodforde, 
M.A.,  Rector  of  Ansford  and  Pointington,  Somerset 
(see  Family  o/'Woodfoede),  and  has  issue, 

I.  Edmond  Stocghton  Braithwaite,  Capt.E.A.,  6. 19  April, 

1842.  u.  Arthur  Woodforde,  h.  18  June,  1844. 

ni.  Harry  Penrose,  b.  10  March,  1846. 
IV.  Walter  Nevill,  Lieut.  Eoyal  Artillery,  6.  4  April,  1849. 
I.  Eosa  Mary. 

iLt'ltCagC— We  Cna  that  the  Lockyers  located  at  Much 
Wenlock,  Salop,  a.d.  1498,  and  thence  deduced  in  the  Visitation 
of  that  CO.  to  the  year  1622.  From  this  family,  the  Lockyers  ol 
Devon  claim  presumptive  descent. 

Nicholas  Lockter,  bapt.  29  May,  1711,  eldest  son  of  Eev. 
Nicholas  Locluer,  Vicar  of  Luppitt,  Devon,  and  grandson  o^ 
Nicholas  Lockyer,  of  Honiton,  tmvp.  Charles  II.,  d.  2  April* 
1762,  leaving  by  Joan  his  wife  (who  was  buried  9  Dec.  1799)^ 
nine  sons.  The  9th  of  these,  Tho.mas,  who  was  father  of  a 
numerous  family,  settled  at  Wembury,  Devon,  and  dying 
9  Sept.  1S06,  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son,  Thomas  Lockter,  Esq. 
of  Wembury  House,  brother  of  the  distinguished  oEScers,  Capt, 
Nicholas  Lockyer,  C.B.,  E.N.,  and  Major-Gen.  Henry  Frederick 
Lockyer,  C.B.,  K.H.,  who  d.  Aug.  18G0.  The  representation 
of  the  family  eventually  devolved  on  the  8th  son, 

Edmund  Lockter,  Esq.  of  Plymouth,  J. P.  and  D.L.  Devon, 
6.  18  Sept.  1750;  r,i.  17  March,  1782,  Eleanor,  dau.  of  Francis 
Penrose,  Esq.  of  Durian,  Cornwall,  d.  21  Feb.  1836,  having  had 
issue  (with  one  dau.,  Eleanor  Margaret  Penrose,  m.  Admiral 
Sir  Samuel  Pym,  K.C.B.)  a  son, 

Edmund  Lockter,  Esq.,  M.D.,  F.L.S.,  &e.,  5.  28  Oct.  1782; 
til.  Eliza  (who  d.  5  Oct.  1863)  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Capt.  Thomaj 
Patrickson  Braithwaite,  E.N.  (of  the  family  of  Braithwaite,  ol 
Briars,  Westmorland)  and  d.  Dec.  1816,  leaving, 

Edmund  Leopold,  successor  to  his  grandfather. 

Ellen  Marv,  -iii.  George  Balston,  Esq.  of  Poole,  Dorset,  who 
d.  s.  p.  18.=i2. 

Eosa  Elizabeth,  m.  Eev.  T.  L.  Whcelor,  M.A.,  of  Bromwicl 
House,  CO.  Worcester,  and  d.  1838,  leaving  issue. 

Arras — Az.,  on  a  chevron  arg.  between  three  lions  rampant 
or,  as  many  ants  fessway  ppr.  Crest — On  the  sea  a  ship  undei 
sail  her  three  topsails  hoisted  ppr.  the  main  topsail  charged 
with  a.  lion  rampant  gu.  the  fore  and  mizen  topsails  charged 
each  with  an  ant  ppr.,  a  red  ensign  flying  and  a  pendant  arg; 
at  the  main  top-gallant  masthead  charged  with  a  cross  aA 
Mollo — Sedulc  et  secunde. 

/tea iiience— Westcote  Barton,  near  Oxford. 


THE     HIGH     BEECHES,     AND      BEECH 


LoDEE,  EoBEET,  Esq.  of  Whittlebury,  co.  North- 
ampton, and  The  High  Beeches  and  Beach  House 
Sussex,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1877,  h.  1823  .i 
m.  1847,  Maria  Georgiana,  dau.  of  Hans  Busk,  Es(j 
and  grand-dau.  of  Sir  Wadsworth  Busk,  and  has 
with  other  issue, 

Edmund  Giles,  6.  1849;  m.  Marion,  3rd  dau.  of  W.  E 
Hubbard,  Esq.  of  Leonardslea,  Sussex. 

Mr.  Loder  is  son  of  the  late  Giles  Loder,  Esq.  Oi 
Wilsford,  Wnts,  who  d.  1871,  by  Elizabeth,  hi 
•wife,  dau.  of  John  Higginbotham,  Esq. 

Seats — Whittlebury  Lodge,  Towcastcr;  The  High  Beeches 
Crawley;  Beech  House,  \\'orthing.  Town  House — 42,  Gr08 
venor  Square,  W. 


Lofttj3,'Wiiiiam:  James,  Esq.  of  Ballnermine  ant 

Oldtown,  CO.  Dublin,  C.B.,  Maj.-Gen.  in  the  army 

!  late  3Sth  regt.,  b.  7  Jan.  1822  ;  m.  28  Dec.  1865 

1  Emmehne  Louisa   Charlotte,  dau.  of    Hildebran( 





[eredith  Parratt,  Esq.  of  Efllngliam  Ilouse,  Surrey, 
ad  grand-dau.  of  Sir  Thomas  Apreecc,  Bart.,  and 
as  issue, 

I,  William  Henbt  Gbaktlet,  &.  G  June,  1S70. 
I.  Fucia  Harriet  Emmeline. 

en.  Loftus  is  heir  male  of  the  family  of  Loftus. 

5.tnr?l0C.— Edward  Loftus,  of  Swincshcad,  in  the  parish 
f  Caversham,  co.  York,  had  two  sons, 

Robert,  ancestor  of  the  Viscoumts  Loftos,  extinct  in  the 
male  line. 
Adam,  of  whose  line  we  treat. 

lie  2nd  son, 

Adam  Loft0S,  D.D.  Trin  Coll.  Cambridce,  Chaplain  to 
Jueen  Elizabeth,  and  to  Thomas,  Earl  of  Sussex,  her  Viceroy, 
rhom  he  accompanied  to  Ireland,  was  consecrated  Archbishop 
i  Armagh,  2  March,  1563  (patent  20  Jan.),  being  then  only 
wenty-eight  years  of  age.  He  was  elected  to  the  Deanery  of 
It.  Patrick's,  Dublin,  1504-65,  and  held  that  dignity  in  com- 
wndam  with  the  Primacy  till  1567,  when  (Aug.  8)  he  was 
nuislated  to  the  See  of  Dublin.  He  was  twice  Keeper  of  the 
ireat  Seal,  and,  1578,  was  appointed  Lord  Chancellor  of  Ireland, 
rhicb  high  office  he  held  with  his  bishoprick  till  his  death, 
laving  been  mainly  instrumental  in  the  establishment  of  the 
Jniversity  of  Dublin,  he  was  appointed  by  charter  the  iivst 
?rovost,  which  office  he  resigned  in  1594.  He  d.  "  worn  out 
yith  age  "  6  April,  1605,  age  70,  having  been  an  Archbishop 
brty-two  years.  The  Archbishop  m.  Jane,  eldest  dau.  of 
Idam  Purdon,  Esq.  of  Lurgan  Eace,  co.  Louth,  and  by  her 
lad  twenty  children,  of  whom  seven  d.  young;  the  survivors 
jrere  five  sons  and  eight  daus.  Of  the  latter,  Anne,  the  5th 
iau.,  was  wife  of  Sir  Henry  CoUey,  and  direct  ancestress  of  the 
Duke  of  Wellington,  <S:c. ;  of  the  former,  two  only  left  issue, 
aamely  the  eldest  and  the  4th.  His  eldest  son.  Sir  Dudley 
Loftus's  line  is  represented  in  the  female  line  by  the  Marqcess 
DF  Ely  ;  but  the  male  line  of  this  Sir  Dudley  became  extinct  in 
1783,  on  the  death  of  Henry,  4th  Viscount  Loftus  of  Ely.  The 
Archbishop's  4th  son  and  eventual  heir, 

I  Sir  Thomas  Loftus,  Knt.  of  Killyon,  co.  Mcath,  Constable  of 
■  the  Castle  of  Wicklow,  received  in  ICIO  a  grant  of  the  monas- 
[tery  of  Clonard,  with  other  lands  in  Meath.  He  m.  Ellen,  dau. 
of  Kobert  Hartpole,  of  Shrule,  Queen's  Co.,  and  widow  of 
Francis  Cosby,  Esq.  of  Stradbally  Abbey,  in  the  same  co.,  and 
having  by  her  four  sons  and  two  daus.,  was  s.  on  his  death, 
!14  Dec.  1635,  by  his  eldest  surviving  son. 

Sib  Dudley  Loftus,  of  Killyon,  Lord  of  the  Manors  of 
Killyon  and  Clonard,  who  m.  Cecilia,  dau.  of  Sir  James  Ware, 
Knt.,  Auditor-General  of  Ireland,  and  d.  1648,  leaving  an  only 
son  and  heir, 

Thomas  Loftus,  Esq.  of  Killyon  and  Clonard,  m.  1st, 
Susanna,  dau.  of  Henry  Elkenhead,  Esq.,  and  had  an  only 
son  to  leave  issue,  Dudley  Loftus,  Esq.  of  Killyon,  whose 
male  line  became  extinct  in  1824,  when  the  estates  passed  to 
the  Magan  family,  who  now  represent  this  branch  of  the 
Loftus  famOy  in  the /e»iaie  line.  Mr.  Loftus  m.  2ndly,  Letitia, 
dau.  of  Essex  Digby,  D.D.,  Bishop  of  Dromore,  and  by  her  had 
(with  Adam,  d.  an  infant)  an  only  surviving  son, 

Simon  Loftus,  Esq.,  Lieut.-Col.  15th  foot  d.  (about  1741)  at 
Jamaica,  of  the  wounds  he  had  received  at  the  siege  of 
Carthagena.  He  ra.  Hannah,  dau.  and  co-heiress  of  Henry 
Johnson,  Esq.  of  Clara  Castle,  co.  Kilkenny,  by  whom  he  had 
issue,  I.  Arthur,  M.P.,  Major  22nd  foot,  d.  s.  p.  1781; 
II.  Hen-ry,  of  whom  presently;  iii.  Dudley,  Lieut,  in  the 
army,  killed  at  Carthagena  the  same  year  as  his  father;  and 
I.  Mary,  who  m.  the  Rev.  John  Elrington,  and  was  mother  of 
the  late  Major  Elrington,  Fort  Major  of  the  Tower  of  London. 
The  2nd  son, 

Henry  Loftus,  Esq.  of  Sackville  Street,  Dublin,  M.P. 
successively  for  Fethard,  Bannow,  and  Clonmines,  m.  Diana, 
dau.  of  William  Bullock,  Esq.  of  Sturston  Hall,  Norfolk, 
eldest  son  of  Thomas  Bullock,  Esq.  of  Shipdham,  and  dying 
Dec.  1792,  aged  67,  left  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  M.P.,  Capt.  1st  Horse  Guards,  d.  s.p.  1791. 

II.  William,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  Arthur  (Rev.),  m.  Ellen,  dau.  of  Duke  GifFord,  Esq.  of 
Castle  Jordan  (commonly  called  Sir  Duke  Gifford,  Bart.), 
and  left  issue, 

1  Henry  Duke,  a  Major  in  the  army,  m.  Mary  Ann,  eldest 
dau.  of  the  late  Gen.  Loftus  (gee  belmo),  but  d.  s.  p.  1822. 

2  Arthur,  of  Rathangan,  Capt.  R.N.,  m.  Anne  Abigail, 
only  child  and  heir  of  John  Grey,  Esq.  of  Athy  and 
Rathangan,  co.  Kildare,  and  d.  May,  1861,  leaving  (with 
a  dau.,  Jane  Grey,  m.  1856,  James  Cuffe  St.  George,  Esq.) 
a  son,  Arthur  John,  Gent.  Usher  to  the  Queen,  0. 1  May, 

1817,  late  Capt.  18th  Hussars,  m.  8  Jan.  18G3,  Lady 
Catherine  Henrietta  Mary  Loftus,  dau.  of  John,  2nd 
Marquess  of  Ely,  and  has  three  daus.,  Adeline  Henrietta, 
Hilda  Mabel  Gunnora,  and  Eleanor  Lucia  Edith. 
S  William  Thomas,  Capt.  in  the  army,  m.  Ellen,  dau.  of 
Capt.  William  Felix  Brady,  lOth  foot,  and  left  issue,  at 
his  decease,  1825,  one  son  and  a  dau.,  both  d.  young. 
The  2nd  son, 

William  Loftus,  Esq.  of  Kilbride,  co.  Wicldow,  and  Wim- 
polc  Street,   London,  a  General  Officer,    Col.  2nd  Dragoon 
Guards,  and  Lieutenant  of  the  Tower  of  London,  M.P.  both  ia 
the  English  and  Irish  Parliaments,  b.  1752;   m.  1st,  18  Feb. 
1778,  Margaret,  dau.  and  co-heiress  of  MackerellKing,  Esq.  of 
Lissen  Hall,  co.  Dublin,  and  by  her  (who  d.  17S6)  had  issue, 
Henry,  Col.,  Capt.  Coldstream  Guards,  d.  s.  j).  1823. 
AViLLiAM  Francis  Bentinck,  of  whom  presently. 
Mary  Anne,  vi.  Major  Henry  Duke  Loftus,  and  d.  s.  p.  18H. 
Harriet,  m.  4  Aug.  1804,  Thomas  Bouike  Eicketts,  Esq.  of 
Combe  House,  co.  Hertford. 
Gen.  Loftus  m.  2ndly,  7  May,  1790,  Lady  Elizabeth  Townshend, 
only  surviving  dau.  of  George,  1st  Marquess  Townshend,  by 
liis  1st  wife.  Lady  Charlotte  Compton,  Baroness  Fekkeks  op 
Chartley,  and  had  by  her  (who  d.  1811)  further  issue, 

I.  George  Colby,  late  of  Woodland,  Dorset,  J. P.  and  D.L., 
Licut.-Col.  Dorset  Militia,  6.  15  Feb.  1791;  ni.  1821, 
Catherine,  dau.  and  sole  heiress  of  John  Feaver,  Esq.  of 
Woolland,  which  lady  c^  s.  p.  13  Dec.  1842.  Lieut.-Col. 
Loftus,  who  was  formerly  in  the  Scots  Fusilier  Guards,  and 
served  throughout  the  Peninsular  war,  c^.  5  Nov.  1861, 
aged  71. 

II.  Arthur,  M.A.  of  Clare  Hall,  Cambridge,  6.  7  Jtdy,  1795; 
7/1.  10  Aug.  1836,  Mary  Anne  Uay,  only  child  of  the  Rev. 
William  Eay  Clayton,  and  by  her  (whorf.  14  Sept.  1856)  has 
had  issue.    (.See  Loftus  of  Breconash  Lodge.) 

ui.  Charles,  of  Wyndham  Lodge,  Tregonwell  Eoad,  Bourne- 
mouth, formerly  R.N.,  afterwards  Lieut.  Coldstream  Guards, 
and  Major  Norfolk  Yeomanry  Cavalry,  b.  21  Sept.  179G;  ra. 
1st,  Feb.  1825,  Jane,  dau.  of  Col.  John  Dixon,  of  Gledhow, 
CO.  York,  and  had  issue  a  dau.,  Charlotte  Lydia,  ra.  6  July, 
1854,  William  R.  Wynn,  Esq.,  eldest  son  of  Capt.  Edward 
Wynn,  and  d.  Nov.  1876.  He  ra.  2ndly,  4  Feb.  1869,  Ann 
Sophia,  dau.  of  the  Eev.  Robert  Louth,  son  of  Dr.  Louth, 
Bishop  of  London. 

IV.  Fen-ers,  late  Capt.  and  Licut.-Col.  Grenadier  Guards,  Col. 
3rd  West  Yorkshire  Jlilitia,  6.  24  June,  1798;  to.  11  Oct. 
1832,  Louisa,  only  cliild  of  the  Rev.  John  Bastard,  of  AYest 
Lodge,  Dorset;  and  d.  9  Oct.  1877,  having  had  issue,  two 
sons  and  one  dau., 

1  Ferrers  Compton  Clarges,  Capt.  3rd  West  Yorkshiro 
MlUtia,  h.  21  Dec.  1833. 

2  Douglas,  late  Grenadier  Guards,  &.  11  Aug.  1837;  m. 
29  July,  1862,  Laura  Ann  St.  John  Mildmay,  dau.  of  the 
late  Capt.  and  the  Hon.  Mrs.  Lawrence  Shawe,  and  has 
issue,  Dudley  Ferrers,  b.  12  Feb.  1864,  St.  .John  Douglas 
Townshend,  6.  22  April,  1866;  Violet  Maria  Charlotte  • 
and  Diana  Audley  Hillier. 

1  Georgiana  Elizabeth,  ra,  5  July,  1S60,  Eev.  Dixon  BrowD, 
of  Unthank  Hall,  Northumberland. 

V.  Frederick,  Capt.  in  the  army,  b.  17  Nov.  1799;  m.  1833, 
Frances,  dau.  of  the  late  Col.  Richard  Phayre,  E.I.C.S.,  of 
Shrewsbury,  and  d.  s.  p.  3  Dec.  1860. 

I.  Charlotte,  m.  24  March,  1812,  Lord  Charles  Vere  Ferrers 
Townshend,  who  d.  5  Nov.  1853  :  she  d.  21  March,  1860. 

II.  Elizabeth  Georgiana  Ann,  ra.  1834,  George  Best,  Esq.  of 
Eastbury  House,  Compton,  Surrey,  and  d.  6  Nov.  1873, 
leaving  issue. 

III.  Ann  Harriet  Margaret,  d.  1825. 

IV.  Jane  Perceval  Compton,  m.  7  Sept.  1833,  H.  Corbet 
Singleton,  Esq.  of  Aclare,  co.  Meath,  and  has  issue. 

Gen.  Loftus  d.  15  July,  1831,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  surviving 

Lieut.-Gen.  William  Francis  Bentinck  Loftus,  of  Kil- 
bride, Col.  50th  regt.,  6.  17  Aug.  1784;  ra.  9  Oct.  1819,  Mar- 
garet Harriet,  dau.  of  Archdeacon  Langrishe,  2nd  son  of  the 
late  Eight  Hon.  Sir  Hercules  Langrishe,  Bart.,  and  by  her 
(who  d.  7  Aug.  1874)  had  issue, 

William  Jajies,  of  Ballnermine  and  Oldtown. 
Henry,  6.  9  March,  1823,  Major  71st  Highlanders,  d.^mm.  in 
IncUa,  2  Nov.  1862. 

Mary  Harriet  Anne,  to.  11  July,  1848,  George  Augustus 
Cranley  Onslow,  Esq.,  who  d.  13  AprU,  1855,  leaving  an 
only  son,  William  HilUer,  who  s.  in  1870,  to  the  Earldom  of 

Elizabeth,  ra.  1st,  9  Jan.  1855,  Capt.  Edward  Charles  Ralph 

Sheldon  (son  of  the  l.ate  E.  R.  C.  Sheldon,  Esq.  of  Brailcs 

House,  CO.  Warwick,  M.P.  for  that  co.),  who  d.  s.p.  Nov. 

1867 ;  and  2ndly,  7  April,  1870,  Major-Gen.  Sir  Archibald 

Little,  K.C.B. 

Lieut.-Gen.  Loftus  was  one  of  the  Esquires  to  the  Marquess  of 

Ely,  at  the  installation  of  the  Knights  of  6t.  Patrick,  1819.  HO 

d.  13  Sept.  1852. 

Arras — 1st  and  4th,  sa.,  a  chevron  engrailed  erm.  between 
three  trefoils  shpped  arg. ;  2nd,  gyronny  of  eight  pieces  arg. 





and  sa.,  a  saltiro  engrailed  between  four  fleurs-de-lis,  all 
counterchanged ;  3rd,  az.,  a  cross  or,  with  drops  of  blood 
upon  it,  between  four  pelicans  or  (these  arras  were  granted  to 
Archbishop  Loftus  and  his  male  descendants).  Crest— A.  boar's 
head  couped  and  erect  arg.  langucd  gu.  Mottoes — Prend  moi 
tel  que  je  suis.    Around  the  crest,  Loyal  a  mort. 


Loftus,  Geoege  William  Feeeaes,  Esq.  of 
Breconash  Lodge,  Norfolk,  b.  23  Jan.  1839,  educated 
at  Trin.  Hall,  Cambridge ;  m.  21  Jan.  1861,  Barbara, 
dau.  of  Benjamin  James,  Esq.  of  Norwich.  Mr. 
Loftus  s.  by  will  1860  to  the  property  of  his  maternal 
grandfather,  the  Kev.  WilUam  Ray  Clayton,  Rector 
of  Ryburgh,  Norfolk,  who  in  1830,  s.  his  elder 
brother,  Samuel  Clayton,  Esq.  of  Churchman's 
House,  Norwich,  and  who  purchased  Breconash 
Lodge,  1862. 

iLt'llCilQC. — AETHtJE  LoFTrs  (2nd  son  of  Gen.  Loftus, 
Lieut,  of  the  Tower  of  London,  by  his  2nd  wife.  Lady  Eliza- 
beth, dau.  of  George,  1st  Marquess  Townshend,  by  his  1st  wife, 
Charlotte,  Baroness  de  Ferrars  and  Compton,  dau.  and  heiress 
of  5th  Earl  of  Northampton),  ia.  10  Aug.  1836,  Mary  Anne  Ray 
Clayton,  only  child  of  the  Eev.  William  Kay  Clayton,  Eector 
of  Ey burgh,  and  had  issue, 

George  William  Feekars,  now  of  Breconash  Lodge. 

Elizabeth  Charlotte  Anne,  d.  Oct.  18.37. 

Mary  Anne  Compton,  d.  19  July,  1855. 

Seat — Breconash  Lodge,  Norwich. 


LoMAX,  James,  Esq.  of  Clayton  Hall,  co.  Lancas- 
ter, D.L.,  m.  Nov.  1845,  Frances  Cecilia  Verda, 
eldest  dau.  of  Charles  Walmesley,  Esq.  of  Westwood. 

ILlltCaflC. — Richard  Lomax,  Esq.  of  Pilsworth,  was  owner 
of  a  freehold  estate  at  Burnshawe  Tower,  in  the  vale  of  Tod- 
morden,  which  by  deeds,  some  sans  date,  is  proved  to  have 
been  in  the  possession  of  the  family  from  a  very  early  period, 
lie  rii.  Rebecca  Heywood,  of  Urmston,  sole  heiress  of  the 
Grimsiiawb  of  Clayton,  through  her  mother,  Diary,  dau.  of 
John  Grimshaw,  Esq.  of  Clayton.    Their  son  and  heir, 

James  Lomax,  Esq.  of  Clayton  Hall,  m.  Elizabeth  Lord,  and 
had  (with  a  dau.,  Elizabeth,  m.  Michael  Francis  Trappes,  Esq. 
of  Nidd  HaU,  co.  York)  three  sons,  Richard  Grimshaw,  of  whom 
presently;  James,  Capt.  in  the  Royal  Lancashire  Volunteers; 
and  John,  d.  young.    Tlie  eldest  son, 

EicHARD  Grimshaw  Lomax,  Esq.  of  Clayton  Hall,  m.  July, 
1797,  Catharine,  dau.  and  heiress  of  Thomas  Greaves,  Esq., 
Banker,  of  Preston,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Eichaed,  d.  s.  p.  aged  22.       ii.  John,  heir  to  his  father. 

III.  James,  of  Clayton  Hall. 

IV.  William,  in  holy  orders  ot  the  Church  of  Eome. 
▼.  Edmund. 

^1  Shades  }  ''°*^  ^^  ^"'^  "^^^'"^  °^  ^^^  ^lurch  of  Eome. 

VIII.  Thomas,  m.  20  June,  1837,  Mary  Frances,  dau.  of  the 
Eev.    Charles   Sanders,    Vicar   of   Ketton   with   Tixover, 
Rutland,    son    of   Edward    Sanders,    Esq.,    by    Christian 
Woolston,  his  wife,  and  has  had  issue, 
1  Richard  Grimshaw,  d.  1852.        2  John,  d.  1847. 

1  Mary,  m.  William  Francis  Segar,  Esq.  and  has  a  dau., 
Helen  Mary  Maxima,  b.  27  Aug.  1829. 

2  Helen,  m.  10  Jan.  18G6,  T.  B.  Trappes,  Esq.  of  Stanley 
House,  Clitheroe,  Major  1st  Royal  Lancashire  Militia, 
and  has  issue. 

3  Gwendalene  Elizabeth,  d.  184G. 
I.  Elizabeth,  d.  unm.  Sept.  183G. 

Mr.  Lomax  d.  20  Jan.  1837,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 

John  Lomax,  Esq.  of  Clayton  Hall,  b.  9  Aug.  ISOl,  J. P., 
who  5)1.  29  Nov.  1836,  Helen,  2nd  dau.  of  John  Aspinall,  Esq. 
of  Standen  Hall,  co.  Lancaster,  but  d.  s.  p.  15  July,  1849,  and 
was  s.  by  his  brother,  the  present  James  Lomax,  Esq.  of 
Clayton  Hall. 

Arms — Quarterly:  1st  and  4th,  per  pale  or  and  sa.,  on  a 
bend  cottised  erm.  three  escallops  gu.,  for  Lomax;  2nd,  arg., 
a  griffin  segreant  sa.  armed  or,  for  Grimsuaw;  3rd,  arg.,  a 
cross  sa.  between  four  bezants,  for  Clayton.  Crest — Out  of  a 
mural  crown  a  demi-lion  gu.  collared  and  holding  an  escallop. 
Motto — Fato  prudcntia  major. 
Seat — Clayton  Hall,  Accrington. 


LoMBE,  Rev.  Henet,  of  Bylaugh,  Norfolk,  B. A., 
J.P.,  b.  1819 ;  m.  25  April,  1849,  Louisa,  dau.  of 
Thomas  Brown  Evans,  Esq.  of  North  Tuddeuham. 

^inCKQC—'E.DvrAVfD  Lombe,  who  was  living  at  Weston 
Norfolk,  in  1688,  was  first-cousin  of  the  fatier  of  Sir  Thoma- 
Lombe,  Knt.,  Alderman  of  London,  who  with  his  brothei 
John,  organized  silk  manufacture  in  Great  Britain,  and  erecteo 
the  silk  mills  at  Derby,  temp.  George  I.  and  II.  His  wil 
is  dated  1703,  and  he  left  by  his  wife,  Misa  Sporle,  three  sons 
and  two  daus., 

I.  Edward  of  Melton,  High  Sheriff  co.  Norfolk  1714,  d.  «.  p. 
1738.  n.  Thomas,  had  a  dau.,  Mary,  d.  v/nm. 

III.  John  (Rev.),  Rector  of  Seaming,  Norfolk,  d.  g.  p. 

I.  Elizabeth,  Mrs.  Warner,  ii.  Maey,  of  whom  hereafter. 
The  youngest  dau., 

Mary  Lombe,  m.  John  Ease,  Esq.  of  East  Dereham,  and  had 

I.  John  (Sir),  who  assumed  the  surname  of  Lombe,  of  whom 
hereafter  as  Sir  John  Lombe,  Bart. 

II.  Edward,  of  Gall,  m.  Virtue  Repps,  of  Sail;  and  d.  1804, 
leaving  four  daas., 

1  Virtue,  hi.  Richard  Paul  Jodrell,  Esq.  of  DuflSeld,  M.P. 
and  had  a  son, 

Sir  Richard  Paul  Jodbell,  who  s.  to  his  uncle's 

2  Sophia,  m.  Robert  Marsham,  Esq.  of  Stretton  Strawless. 

3  Anne,  ni.  Rev.  Bernard  Astley. 

4  Mary,  rn.  1787,  Thomas  Browne  Evans,  Esq.  of  North 
Tuddenham,  and  had  issue  (see  Evans  of  North  Tudden- 
harn).    Her  third  son, 

Henry  (Rev.),  assumed,  1862,  the  surname  and  arms  of 
Lombe,  under  the  will  of  his  great-uncle,  Sir  John 
Lombe,  Bart. 

The  eldest  son, 

Sir  John  Lombe,  Bart,  of  Great  Malton,  assumed  by  Act  of 
Parliament  the  surname  of  his  maternal  ancestors  in  lieu  of 
that  of  his  paternal,  in  1762,  and  was  created  a  Baronet  10  Dec. 
1783,  with  remainder  in  default  of  male  issue  to  his  brother, 
Edward  Hase,  Esq.  of  Sail,  and  to  his  heirs  male,  and  in  default 
of  such  to  heirs  male  of  his  niece,  Virtue,  wife  of  Richard 
Paul  Jodrell,  Esq.  Sir  John  d.  unm.  27  May,  1817,  when  his 
title  passed  to  his  grand  nephew.  Sir  Richard  Paul  Jodrell. 
His  estates  vested  under  his  will  in  his  first  nephew. 

Rev.  Henry  Lombe,  of  Bylaugh,  who  assumed  the  surname 
of  Lombe  in  lieu  of  Evans,  1862,  in  eomphance  with  the  testa- 
mentary injunctions  of  his  great-uncle.  Sir  John  Lombe, 
Bart,  of  Great  Melton,  b.  1792 ;  m.  1818,  Sophia,  dau.  of 
Thomas  Cubitt,  Esq.  of  Honing  Hall,  Norfolk,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Henry  (Rev.),  B.A.,  now  of  Bylaugh. 

n.  Thomas  Robert.  in.  Edward.  iv.  Charles. 

I.  Katherine  Mary.  ii.  Mary  Jane. 

Eev.  Mr.  Lombe  d.  10  Oct.  1878. 

Arnis — Az.,  two  combs  in  fess  between  a  broken  tiltinjy 
spear  barways  or,  one  piece  in  chief,  the  head  towards  the 
dexter,  the  other  h.ilf  in  base,  a  canton  arg.  Crest — Two  lilting 
spears  in  saltire  or,  ea..'li  having  a  pendent  gu.  Mollo — Pro- 
positi tenax. 

Seat — Bylaugh  Park,  East  Dereham,  Norfolk. 


Long,  Waltee  Hume,  Esq.  of   Rood  Ashton,- 
Wilts,  b.  13  July,   1854  ;  educated  at  Harrow  and 
Ch.    Ch.   Oxford,   s.   his    father    16    Feb.    1875; 
m.  1  Aug.  1878,  Lady  Dorothy  Blanche  Boyle,  4th 
dau.  of  the  Earl  of  Coi'k  and  Orrery,  K.P. 

JLinCarfC. — The  family  of  the  Longs  of  Wiltshire  was 
settled  at  a  very  early  date  at  South  Wraxall.  A  branch  of 
the  name  was  anciently  seated  at  Potterne  and  Little  Cheverell, 
in  the  same  co.  and  vicinity ;  and  the  traditions,  as  banded 
down  for  several  generations  in  this  particular  branch,  and 
recorded  on  their  monumental  inscriptions,  *  as  well  as  the 
mural  mention  made  of  persons  of  the  same  name  in  wills,t 
and  various  documents  at  very  remote  periods  by  different 
contemporary  members  of  the  family  of  Wraxall  and  of  that 
settled  at  Potterne,  afford  presumptive  evidence  that  the 
ancestor  of  this  branch  derived  liis  descent  from  one  of  the 
early  sons  of  the  House  of  Wraxall,  about  the  time  of 
Henry  VIII. 

John  Long,  Esq.  of  Marston,  in  the  parish  of  Potterne, 
Wilts  (who  made  his  will  and  d.  1597),  m.  Anne,  dau.  of  John 
Merewether,  Esq.  of  Great  Cheverell,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1626) 
had  six  sons  and  three  daus.    The  2nd  son, 

*  An  inscription  in  the  church  of  Steeple  Ashton,  Wilts, 
commemorates  Richard  Long,  of  Rood  Ashton,  the  grandson 
of  Thomas  Long,  of  Little  Cheverell,  Esq.,  as  being  "  of  the 
ancient  family  of  the  Longs  of  Wraxall,"  Wilts. 

t  Sir  Thomas  Long,  Knt.  of  Wraxall,  in  his  will,  dated  1508, 
makes  a  bequest  to  Joan  Burley;  and  Thomas  Long,  of  Pot- 
terne, 1567,  also  bequeaths  to  Joan  Burley. 





Thomas  Lono,  Esq.  of  Little  ClievercU  and  MelkBliam,  Wilts, 
!iapt.  1579,  served  the  office  of  High  Shcrief  for  Wilts  1652. 
lis  will  was  dated  1G54,  and  he  was  buried  at  Little  ChevcrcU, 
;May  of  the  same  year.  He  m.  a  dau.  of  —  Floycr,  of  the 
indent  family  of  that  name  in  Devon,  and  left  issue, 

John,  High  Sheriff  far  Wilts,  1GG8 ;   d.  without  issue. 

BicHARD,  ancestor  of  Long  of  Hood  Ashtoti,  of  whom 

Thomas,  ancestor  of  Lon3  of  Prcshaw,  Hants  (see  next 

William,  ancestor  of  the  Longs  of  Baynton. 

'he  2nd  son, 

BicHARD  Long,  Esq.  of  CollinKbourne  Kingston,  Wilt^,  in. 

•  April,  1657,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Edward  Long,  and  sister  and 

leir  of  Henry  Long,  Esq.  of  Rood  Ashton,  Wilts  ;  and  d.  167C, 

caving  issue, 

Henry,  his  heir,  bapt.  20  May,  1G58;  m.  Anne,  dau.  of  .lohn 

Long,  Esq.,  andsisterof  Hope  Long,  Esq.  of  South  Wraxall ; 

and  dying  31  March,  16S6,  left  a  son  and  heir,  Henry,  m. 

Ellen,  dau.  of  William Trenchard,  Esq.  of  Cutteridge,  Wilts; 

and  d.  1727,  having  had  three  sens,  who  all  d.  s.  p.,  and 

four  daus,,  Ellen,  ih.  John  Thresher,  Esq.;  Elizabeth,  m. 

Eobert  Colebroolic,   Esq.;   Diouysia,   d.  unm.   180G;  and 

Mary,  d.  unm.  1816. 

EicHARD,  of  whose  line  we  have  to  treat. 
Dorothy,  m.  Richard  Kenn,  M.D.,  of  Chippenham,   17  Oct. 

1685,  and  had  issue. 
Dionysia,  bapt.  23  Jan.  1661 ;  m.  Edward  Thresher,  of  Brad- 
ford, and  had  issue. 

The  2nd  son  of  Richard  Long  of  Collingbourne, 

BicHARD  Long,  Esq.  of  Rood  Ashton,  bapt.  7  April,  1663  ; 
i».  1st,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Thomas  Long,  of  Monkton,  after- 
irards  of  Kowden,  Wilts,  and  had  issue,  Richard  ;  and 
Thomas,  who  d.  unm.  1711.  He  m.  2ndly,  Grace,  dau.  of  John 
Stileman,  of  Steeple  Ashton,  and  relict  of  John  Martyn,  of 
Hinton,  in  the  same  parish,  who  d.  without  issue,  April,  1746. 
Mr.  Long  d.  19  Jan.  1729-30,  and  was  «.  by  his  only  surviving 

BiCHABD  Long,  Esq.  of  Rood  Ashton,  m.  Anne,  sole  dau. 
ind  heir  of  John  Martyn,  Esq.,  by  whom  (who  d.  aged  71)  he 
bad  issue, 

Eichard,  his  heir. 

John,  D.D.,  Follow  of  All  Souls'  Coll.  Oxford,  Rector  ot 
Chelsfield,  in  Kent.     He  d.  unm.  17  Oct.  1797,  aged  On. 

Anne,  2nd  wife  of  Gifford  Warriner,  Esq.  of  Conock,  Wilts. 
She  d.  without  issue  1815. 

Elizabeth,  m.  1764,  Rev.  Richard  Pocock,  A.B.,  Rector  of 
Mildenhall,  Wilts,  great-grandson  of  Dr.  Edward  Pocock, 
the  Orientalist.    She  d.  18  Sept.  1805,  aged  83. 

Ellen,  m.  Daniel  Jones,  Esq.  of  Bradford.  She  d.  17  May, 
1794,  aged  63,  leaving  by  him,  who  rf.  1772,  aged  48,  Daniel 
Jones  Long,  Esq.,  who,  by  the  will  of  Walter  Long,  Esq. 
of  Bath,  took  the  name  and  arms  of  Long,  and  d.  without 
issue,  1827. 
Mr.  Long,  of  Rood  Ashton,  d.  6  May,  1760,  aged  68,  and  was 
(.  by  his  son  and  heir, 

Eichard  Long,  Esq.  of  Rood  Ashton.  He  m.  Meliora,  dau. 
of  Sir  John  Lambe,  and  relict  of  Joseph  Poulden,  Esq.  of 
Iml  er,  Wilts,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Richard  Godolphin,  eldest  son  and  heir. 

u.  John,  of  Monkton  Farleigh,  i>.  1768;  m.  Mrs.  Lucy  Anne 
Kinnear,  dau.  of  Rev.  John  Warneford,  of  Corpus  Christi 
Coll.  Oxford,  Camden  Professor  of  Ancient  History ;  who 
d.  11  Feb.  1812,  aged  48,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

1  John,  of  Monkton  Farleigh,  and  of  Baynton,  Wilts,  J. P. 
and  D.L.,  b.  14  Aug.  1793;  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Ed^vard 
Daniel,  Esq.,  Barrister-at-Law,  and  had  issue, 

John,  h.  28  April,  1822 ;  d.  Jime,  1840. 

Walter  Henry,  b.  5  Oct.  1823 ;  d.  Feb.  1857. 

Edward  Moreton,  b.  13  Dec.  1833;  d.  April,  1835. 

francis  Stanhope,  6.  24  April,  1835. 

Edward  Morton,  b.  22  Sept.  1836. 

Emma  Mary.        Katherine  Elizabeth.        Flora  Louisa. 

2  Walter  (Rev.),  6.  1795 ;  m.  Anne,  dau.  of  Rev.  E. 

1  Katherine  Elizabeth  Mary. 

2  Lucy  Anne,  d.  May,  1807.         3  Sophia,  d.  4  Nov.  1800. 
Mr.  Long  d.  20  Oct.  1833. 

I.  Ellen  Anne. 

II.  Dionysia,  b.  29  Oct.  1766;  m.  31  March,  1792,  John 
Bodmin  Vince,  2nd  son  of  Henry  Chivers  Vince,  Esq.  of 
Clilt  Hall,  Wilts.     She  d.  23  April,  1814. 

Mr.  Long  d.  3  Sept.  1787,  aged  69,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 
Eichard  Godolphin  Long,  Esq.  of  Rood  Ashton,  bapt. 
12  Kov.  1761,  M.P.  for  Wilts  1806-18.  He  m.  Florentina,  dau. 
of  Sir  Bourchier  Wrey,  Bart,  of  Tawstock  Court,  Devon,  by 
Ellen  his  wife,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  John  Tlircslier,  Esq.,  and 
Ellen  Lone  his  wife,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1835,  and  was  buried 
at  Steeple  Ashton)  bad  issue, 

Walter,  his  heir. 

Richard,  lute  of  Bulliol  Cnll.  Oxford,  d.  vvm.  1825. 
Ellen,  111.  1812,  Joliu  Walniesley,  Esq.  of  Wigan  and  of  Bath. 
Florentina.  Anne  C:ithoririe. 

Dionysia  Meliora,  ))!.  6  Dec.  1838,  Rev.  Joseph  Medlicott, 
Vicar  of  Potterne,  Wilts. 

Mr.  Long  d.  1835,  aged  74,  and  was  .ij.  by  his  son, 

Walter    Long,    Esq.     of    Rood    Ashton,     Wraxall,    and 
Whaddon,  J. P.  and  D.L.  for  cos.  Wilts,  Somerset,  and  Mont- 
gomery, formerly  Major  Royal  Wiltshire  Yeomanry  Cavalry, 
M.A.  of  Ch.  Ch.  Oxford  (1812),  elected,  1835,  M.P.  for  North 
Wilts,  b.  10  Oct.  1793;  m.  1st,  3  Aug.   1819,   Mary  .A.nne,  2nd 
dau.  of  the  Right  Hon.  Archibald  Colquhoun,  of  Killermont, 
CO.  Dumbarton,  Lord  Register  of  Scotland,  and  by  her  (who 
d.  15  March,  1866)  had  issue, 
Walter,  b.  27  Sept.  1823;  m.  Avarina  Brunetta  Herbert,  of 
Doliorgan,  co.  MontgoTnery;  and  d.  s.  p.  at  Rome  17  April, 
1847.     His  wife  li.  2G  Jan.  previously. 
Richard  Penroddocke,  of  whom  presently. 
Henry  William,  b.  12  June,  1829,  B.-A..  of  Trin.  Coll.  Oxon, 
Rector  of  Hilperton,  Trowbridge,  Wilts,  presented  by  his 
father  1854;  m.  1868,  Jane,  dau.  of  Edwyn  Statham,  Esq. 
of  South  Lambetli,  Surrey;  d.  s.  p.  30  Jan.  1876. 
Mary  Anne  Catherine,  m.  1st,  Bryan  Edward  Duppa,  Esq.; 
and  2ndly,  John  Philip  Green,  Esq.  of  The  Templc-ti-ees, 

Flora  Henrietta,  m.  26  April,   1853,  Charles  Penruddocke, 
Esq.  of  Corapton  Park,  Wilts  (see  thatfciniil/i). 
Jane  Agnes,  rn.  26  Aug.    1860,   Charles  Forbes,    Esq.   of 
Moriack  Castle,  N.B. 

Mr.  Long  m.  2ndly,  15  April,  1857,  Mary  Bickerton,  eldest  dau. 
of  Rear-Admiral  Sir  James  Hillyar,  K.C.B.,  K.C.H.,  and  widow 
of  Rev.  Sir  Cecil  Augustus  Bisshopp,  Bart.  Ue  d.  31  Jan. 
1867,  and  was  s.  by  his  2nd  son, 

Richard  Penruddocke  Long,  Esq.  of  Rood  Ashton,  Wilts, 
and  Dolforgan  Hall,  co.  Montgomery,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  High 
Sheriff  of  Montgomery  1858,  M.A.  Trin.  Coll.  Cambridge, 
1852,  elected,  1859,  M.P.  for  Chippenham,  M.P.  North  Wilts 
1865  to  1868,  b.  19  Dec.  1825;  m.  4  Oct.  1853,  Charlotte 
Anna,  only  child  of  W.  W.  F.  Hume  (now  Dick),  Esq.  of 
HumewooU,  M.P.  for  co.  Wicklow  {see  that  Samibj),  and  had 

I.  Walter  Hdme,  now  of  Rood  Ashton. 

II.  Richard  Godolphin  Walniesley. 
HI.  Robert  Chaloner  Critcliley. 

IV.  Henry  Hope  Giffard,  d.  June,  18CG. 

V.  William  Hoare  Bouchier. 

I.  F'lorence  Frideswidc. 

II.  Margaret  Henrietta  Georgiana.        in.  Charlotte  Ethel. 

IV.  Frances  Laura  Arabella. 

V.  Maud  Avarina  Millesainte. 

He  d.  16  Feb.  1875. 

/4rms — Sa.,  semee  of  crosscs-crosslet  and  a  lion  rampant  arg. — Out  of  a  ducal  coronet  or,  a  demi-lion  rampant  arg. 
Motto — Pieux  quoique  preux. 

Sea(— Rood  Ashton,  near  Trowbridge,  Wilts.  Cht&s— Carl- 
ton ;  White's ;  Berkeley ;  and  National. 



Long,  Walter  Jervis,  Esq.  of  Preshaw,  co. 
Southampton,  and  Muchelney,  Somerset,  J. P.,  b. 
26  June,  1816  ;  m.  16  Aplil,  1839,  Emily  Jane, 
eldest  dau.  of  Edward  Moi'ant  Gralc,  Esq.  of  Upham, 
Hants,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Walter,  of  Belmore,  Hants,  J.P.,  h.  2  March,  1840 ;  liifc 
11th  regt.;  m.  26  April,  1866,  Fanny,   2nd  dau.  of  Col. 

Vansittart,  and  has  issue, 

Walter  Vansittart,  b.  27  Nov.  1868. 

Robert  Walter,  b.  14  July,  1875;  d.  24  April,  1876. 

Ethel  Fanny,  6.  12  Feb.  1867. 

Florence  Gertrude,  d.  an  infant. 

Katherine  Teresa,  6.  17  Jan.  1871. 

Helen  Philippa,  b.  17  April,  1372;  d.  25  April,  1875. 

Mildred  Bertha,  b.  14  Dec.  1873. 

Mina  Louisa,,  6.  8  Oct.  1876. 

Evelyn  Alice. 

II.  Jervis  Morant,  b.  30  Jan.  1843  ;  d.  22  March,  1870. 

III.  Reginald  Gambler,  b.  1851.  iv.  Carnegie,  b.  1355. 

I.  Emily  Mary. 

II.  Agnes  Louisa  Georgina,  to.  15  April,  1869,  W.  Macalpinc 
Leny,  Esq.  of  Dalswinton,  N.B.,  and  has  issue. 

III.  Edith  Chica  Sophia,  to.  5  May,  1876,  Charles  Severne, 
Esq.  IV.  Adela,  d.  24  June,  1872. 

V.  Jessie  Annie,  m.  6  Oct.  1874,  William  Barnes,  Esq.  of 
The  Grove,  near  Exeter. 

VI.  Florence  Gertrude,  d.  4  Jan.  1868. 

ilUl^aflC— Thomas  Long,  of  Devizes,  6.  1617,  3rd  son  of 

u  S 





Thomas  Long,  Esq.  of  Little  Cheverell,  Wilts  {refer  to  the  Tpre- 
ceding  Article)  succeeded,  by  the  will  of  his  father,  1654,  to 
the  lands  in  Potterne,  called  Wallens.  He  m.  1st,  Alice,  dau. 
of  Thomas  Hawliins,  of  Chippenham,  and  relict  of  Richard 
Foreman,  of  the  same  place.  She  d.  1641,  without  issue.  He 
'm.  2ndly,  Margery,  dau.  of  Richard  Flower,  Gent,  of  Devizes, 
and  by  her  (who  rf.  1691)  had  (with  seven  daus.)  six  sons, 

RicHABD  Lo.NG,  the  ard  son  of  Thomas  Long,  of  Devizes, 
/).  1  Aug.  166.5,  was  Alderman  of  New  Sarum,  and  served  the 
office  of  Mayor  of  that  city.  He  m.  Jan.  1C79,  Alice  fvie; 
and  d.  12  July,  1724,  leaving  (with  eight  daus.)  five  sons.  The 
3rd  son, 

Walter  Long,  Esq.  of  New  Sarum,  of  Preshaw,  Hants,  and 
of  Muchelney,  Somerset,  High  Sheriff  of  WiUs  1745,  b.  30  April, 
1690;  m.  Ist,  20  Dec.  1717,  Mary,  dau.  of  Robert  Morley, 
Gent,  of  Hursley,  Hants,  and  by  her  (who  d.  11  April,  172^) 
had  (with  three  daus.,  who  d.  in  infancy)  one  son,  Walter,  of 
Muchelney,  Somerset,  and  of  Lincoln's  Inn,  Bencher  of  that 
.Inn  of  Court,  and  Judge  of  the  Sheriff.?*  Court,  d.  v.nm.  1807. 
Mr.  Long  m.  2ndly,  13  April,  1727,  Philippa,  dau.  of  John 
Jilackall,  of  London,  Merchant,  by  EUzabeth,  dau.  of  Charles 
Michel],  Esq.  of  Chitterne,  and  d,  15  Jan.  1769,  aged  7d, 
leaving  issue, 
John,  of  whom  presently. 

Samuel,  Esq.  of  New  Sarum,  h.  1735 ;  0..  unm.  Jan.  1812, 
aged  76. 

William,  Esq.  of  Marwell  Hall,  Hants,  and  of  Muchelney, 
Somerset,  6.  10  June,  1747;  m.  Alice,  dau.  of  Edmund 
Dawson,  Esq.  of  Warton,  co.  Lancaster;  and  d.  s.  p.  24 
March,  1818. 
Philippa,  b.  1729 ;  m.  John  Grove,  Esq.  of  Fern,  Wilts;  and 
d   1805,  aged  7.5,  leaving  issue. 

Elizabeth,  b.  1730:    to.   10  July,  1759,  Edward  Rudge,  Esq. 
of  Abbey  Manor,  Evesham,  Worcester,  and  of  the  City  oj 
Ba:h.    She  d.  1820,  aged  90. 
Anne,  b.  1732;  m.  Mr.  iieriley,  and  d.  without  issue  at  a 
great  age. 

Lucy,  rf.  17  Nov.  1762. 
Eleanor,  b.  7  Sept.  1730;  d.  15  Blarch,  1824,  aged  87. 

The  eldest  son  of  the  second  marriage, 

JouN  Long,  Esq.  of  Preshaw,  Hants,  b.  1723;  m.  4  Oct. 
1779,  Ellen,  dau.  and  eventual  heiress  of  Robert  Hippisloy 
Trenchard,  Esq.  of  Stanton  Fitzwarren,  Wilts,  and  of  Abbott's 
Leigh,  Somerset,  and  relict  of  John  Ashfordby,  Esq.  of  Ches- 
hunt,  CO.  Hereford.  She  d.  Nov.  1788,  aged  43.  He  d.  10 
Maj,  1797,  aged  69,  and  was  «.  by  his  only  son, 

Walter  Long,  Esq.  of  Preshaw,  co.  Southampton,  M.A., 
J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1824,  of  Oriel  Coll.  Oxford,  B.A. 
1809,  M.A.  1812,  b.  24  Nov.  1788;  m.  12  Feb.  1810,  Lady  Mary 
Carnegie,  eldest  dau.  of  William,  7th  Earl  of  Northesk,  G.C.B., 
Admiral  of  the  Red,  and  Rear-Admiral  of  Great  Britain,  and 
by  her  (who  d.  7  March,  1875)  had  issue, 
I.  Walter  Jervis,  now  of  Preshaw. 

u.  WUIiam,  of  Bath,  of  Balliol  Coll.  Oxon,  B.A.  1839,  M.A. 
184.3,  J.P.  for  Somerset,  b.  15  Aug.  1817  ;  m.  13  April,  1 841, 
Eliza  Hare,  only  child  of  James  Hare  Joliffe,  Esq.,  and  by 
her  (who  is  deceased)  had  issue, 
1  William,  b.  22  Jan.   1843,  late  an  officer  46th  regt.,  ra- 
1867,   Anna  Maria,  dau.  of  the  late  Henry  Hunter,  Esq., 
Capt.  5tli  Dragoon  Guards,  and  has  issue,  William  Edward 
6.  21  Feb.  1873,  and  six  daus. 
2  John  Neale  Henry,  b.  1849. 
1  Elizabeth  Mary  Diana. 

III.  John,  of  Walberton,  J.P.,  Sussex,  late  lOth  Hussars,  l<. 
14  Dec.  1818;  m.  14  July,  184'2,  Georgiana  Frances,  eldest 
dau.  of  Sir  Simeon  Stuart,  Bart.,  and  has  issue, 

1  John  Stuart  Lindsay,  R.N.,  b.  10  Dec.  1847. 

2  Charles  James,  Lieut.  R.H.A.,  b.  1819. 
8  Alfred,  b.  1852. 

1  GcorginaSelina,  d.  an  infant. 

2  Georgina  Selina,  d.  at  Venice,  1857. 

IV.  George,  J.P.  Hants,  b.  23  Dec.  1823  ;  m.  3  Feb.  1845,  Elira 
Margaret,  dau.  of  Capt.  W.  Strong,  44th  regt.,  and  hm 
issue,  1  George  Edward,  b.  11  May,  1852;  2  Charles  Walter, 
6.  10  Nov.  1858;  1  Mary  Jane;  2  Elizabeth;  3  Georgiana, 
m.  Rev.  Charles  Burrough;  4  Jane;  5  Ellen;  6  Lucy. 

I.  Mary,  d.  young. 

II.  Ellen. 

III.  Elizabeth  Mary,  m.  26  Feb.  1833,  John  Etherington 
Welch  Rolls,  Esq.  of  the  Hendre,  co.  Monmouth,  J.P.  and 
D.L.,  and  has  issue  (.see  lltat  Family). 

TV.  Alice,  d.  young. 

V.  Mary  llippisley,  deceased. 

VI.  Georgina  Eleanor,  m.  9  Aug.  1849,  Richard  Bowden 
Smith,  Esq.  of  Vernall.",  Hants. 

VII.  Lucy,  III.  2  July,  1840,  William  P.ames,  Esq.  of  Exeter; 
and  d.  1850.  vili.  Jane. 

Mr.  Long  d.  5  Jan.  1871. 

Arms,  &c. — .\s  IjOng  of  Rood  Askton. 

Heal — Preshaw  House,  near  Bishop's  Waltham,  Hants. 


Long,  Samuel,  Esq.  of  Bromley  Hill,  Bromley, 
Kent,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  ShenfC  1863,  late  Lieut.- 
Col.  Grenadier  Guards,  b.  May,  1799  ;  m.  1st,  18 
April,  1825,  Lady  Louisa  Emily,  2nd  dau.  of 
Edward,  13th  Earl  of  Derby,  K.G.  (she  d.  11  Dec. 
fDllowing);  2ndly,  1827,  Sydney,  dau.  of  Arthur 
Atherley,  Esq.,  M.P.  for  Southampton  ;  3rdly,  1854,- 
Emily,  2nd  dau.  of  Charles  John  Herbert,  Esq.  of 
Muckruss,  Killarney ;  and  4thly,  1866,  Hon, 
Eleanor  Stanley,  Maid  of  Honour  to  the  Queen, 
dau.  of  Edward  Stanley,  Esq.  of  Cross  Hall,  and 
Lady  Mary  his  -wife.  Col.  Long  has  issue  by 
liis  third  wife,  three  daus., 

I.  Jane  Emily,  b.  22  Jan.  1855;  m.  20   Aug.   1873,   Hon. 
Richard  M.  W.  Daw.son,  3rd  son  of  the  Earl  of  Dartrey. 

II.  Mary  Euphemia,  b.  8  May,  1856. 

III.  Susan  Martha,  b.  29  April,  1859. 

Etneage.— This  family  is  of  Wiltshire  origin,  where 
various  branches  of  that  name  have  been  established  for 
several  centuries. 

Jobs  Longe,  of  Nethcravon,  in  that  co.,  d.  1630,  leaving, 
by  Catherine  his  wife,  a  second  son, 

T1.M0THY  Longe,  b.  1610;  m.  Jane,  only  dau.  of  Rev.  Oliver 
Brunsell,  Vicar  of  Wroughton,  Wilts ;  and  dying  1691,  had 
issue,  Timothy,  Rector  of  St.  Alphage,  d.  unm.  14  Sept.  1665; 
and  Samdel. 

Samdel  Long,  2nd  son,  b.  1638,  accompanied  the  expedition, 
under  Pcnn  and  Venables,  which  conquered  Jamaica,  1C55,  as 
a  Lieut,  in  Col.  D'Oyley's  regt.,  with  whom  he  was  connected, 
and  was  further  appointed  Secretary  to  Cromwell's  Commis- 
sioners. He  received  large  grants  of  land  in  that  island,  where 
he  became  a  Col.  of  Horse,  Chief  Justice,  Speaker  of  the 
Assembly,  and  one  of  the  Council.  He  d.  1683,  and  had,  by 
his  wife  Elizabeth  (who  re-married  Rev.  John  Towers,  Rector 
of  Swaffham  Bulbeck.  and  d.  1710),  with  three  daus.,  of  whom 
the  eldest,  Elizabeth,  b.  1670,  m.  1st,  Henry  Lowe,  Esq.  of 
Goadby  Marwood,  co.  Leicester,  and  2ndly,  Henry  Smallwood, 
Esq.,  three  sons,  one  of  whom  alone  survived, 

Charles  Long,  of  Longville,  Jamaica,  and  of  Hurts  Hall, 

Saxmundham,  Suffolk,   b.  1679,  M.P.  for  Dunwich  1716;  d. 

1723.    He   m.   1st,   1099,   Amy,   eldest  dau.  of  .Sir  Nicholas 

Lawes,  Knt.,  Governor  of  Jamaica,  and  had  issue  by  her  (whe 

d.  1702),  a  dau.,  Elizabeth,  6.  1701,  m.  John  Hamerton,  Esq., 

Secretary  to  South  Carolina,  and  d.s.p.  1772;  and  an  only  son, 

I.  Samuel,  b.  1700,  a  Capt.  in  Queen  Caroline's  Dragoons, 

and  Keeper  cf  the  King's  Palace  at  Newmarket,  to.  Mary, 

2nd  dau.  of  Bartholomew  Tate,  Esq.  of  Delapre  Abbey,  co. 

Northampton  (by  Mary,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Edward  Noel, 

E.sq.  of  the  Gainsborough  family),   and  co-heir  with  her 

sister  Catharine  to  the  ancient  Baronies  of  Zouche  of  Har- 

ringworth,  St.  Maur,  and  Level  of  Carv.    He  d.  1757,  and 

had,  with  three  daus.,  1  Catherine  Maria,  b.  1727,  to.  Sir 

Henry  Moore,   Bart.,  Goveinor  of  New  York;  2  Susannah 

Chariotte,  b.  173.3,  m.  1st,  George  Ellis,  Esq.,  by  whom  she 

had  the  late  George  Elli?,  Esq.,  the  accomplished  author  of 

the  Barb/  Enylisk  Poets,  &c.,  and  2ndly,  Lieut.-Gen.  Sir 

David  Lindsay,   Bart.  ;    3  Amelia  Elizabeth,  6.   1740,   m. 

Samuel  Heming,  Esq. ;  three  sons, 

1  Robert,  b.  1729;  rrt.  Lucy,  dau.  of  George  Ann  Cooke, 
Esq.,  Gentleman-Usher  to  George  II.  and  George  III., 
and  by  that  lady  (who  m.  2ndlv,  .John  Bagshall,  Esq.; 
add  3rdly,  Comte  de  la  Salle)  had  three  daus., 

Jane  Catherine  Sarah,  m.  John  Oliver,  Esq.  of  Hoole 

Hall,  CO.  Chester,  and  has  issue, 
Mary    Charlotte,    m..  her  cousin,    Samuel    Scudamore 

Heming,  Esq.,  and  left  issue. 
Lucy  Ann,  m.   1790,  Thomas    Bayley  Howell,   Esq.  of 

Prinknash  Park,  co.  Gloucester,  and  left  issue,  . 

2  Charles,  Lieut.  49th  foot,  who  d.  .1.  p.  1756. 

3  Ei>h'ahd,  b.  1734,  Barrister  of  Gray's  Inn,  accompanied 
his  brother-in-law.  Sir  Henry  Moore,  to  Jamaica,  as  Secre- 
tary, was  afteiwards  appointed  Chief  Judge  of  the  Vice- 
Admiralty  Court,  Jamaica,  and  was  author  of  a  history  of 
that  island.  He  m.  Mary  Ballard,  dau.  and  heir  of  Thnmas 
Beckford,  Esq.,  and  relict  of  John  Pallmer,  Esq.,  by  whom 
(who  d.  1797)  he  had  issue, 

Edward  Beeston,  his  heir. 

Robert  Ballard,  a  Lieut.-Gen.  in  the  army,  and  Lieut.- 

Col.  15th  Hussars;  d.  v.nrn.  1825. 
Charles  Beckford.  m.  Frances  Monro,  dau.  and  heir  of 

Lucius  Tucker,  Esq.  of  Norfolk  Street,  Park  Lane  (by 

Fnmces,  dau.  and  heir  of  William  Jenkyns,  Esq.,  Capt. 

Royal  Horse  Grenadier  Giurds),  and  d.  1836,  leaving 

1  Mary  Henrietta. 


Hp  1839,  louving  issue. 

Catliarine,  m.  Richard  Dawkins,  Esq.,  and  d.  1826, 
k'avins  issue. 

Cluirloito,  m.  G  Juno,  1701,  Sir  George  Pococke,  Bart. 
Klizabetli,  ),i.  Lord  lleiiry  Jlulyneux  Howard. 
Mr.  Long  d.  1813,  and  was  s.  by  his  oldest  son, 

Kdward  Beeston  Long,  Esq.  of  Hampton  Lodse,  m. 
Mary,  dau.  of  John  Thomlinson,  Esq.,  M.l'.for  Suyninj?, 
and  heir  to  her  grandfather,  John  Thomlinson,  Esq.  of 
East  Barnet,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1818)  he  had  issue, 
Edward  Noel,  Ensign  Coldstream  rcgt.  of  Foot  Guards, 
lost  on  his  passage  to  Spain,  1809. 
Henry  Lawes,  his  heir. 

Trederick  Beckford,  Inspector-Gen.  of  Prisons  in  Ireland, 
m.  Maria  Elizabeth,  oth  dau.  of  James  Daniell,  Esq., 
and  left  issue. 

Mary,  m.  Charles  Devon,  Esq.  of  Rackenford,  Devon,  and 
has  issue. 

Charlotte,  m.  George  Grenville  Pigott,  Esq.  of  Doder- 
shall  Park,  Bucks;  and  d.  s.  p.  18i3. 
Mr.  Long  d.  1825,  and  was  «.  by  his  son, 

He.nrt  Lawes  Long,  Esq.  of  Hampton  Lodge  and  East 

Barnet,  J. P.,  m.  2.5  July,  1822,  Lady  Catharine  Walpole, 

youngest  dau.  of  the  3rd  and  sister  of  the  late  Earl  of 

Orford,  and  d.  1868,  leaving  issue, 

Henbtt  Charles  Dudley,  of  Hampton  Lodge;  d.s.p. 

7  June,  1870. 
Charlotte  Caroline  Geokgiana,  of  Ilampton  Lodge,  to. 
6  Dec.  1849,  Henry  Howard,  Esq.  of  Greystoke  Castle, 
Cumberland,  who  </.  7  Jan.  187.5.  Catharine  Beatrice. 
Emma  Sophia,  m.  16  April,  1855,  Francis  William  Hast- 
ings, Lieut. -Col.  R.A.,  3rd  son  of  Col.  Sir  Charles  H. 
Hastings,  G.C.H.  Mary  Elizabeth. 

Florence  Louisa  Jane,  m.  17  July,  1855,  Turner  A.  Macan, 

Esq.  of  Cardiff,  co.  Armagh. 
Sophia  Horatia  Churchill,  ni.  20  Feh.  1855,  Major  Jer\-oise 
Clarke  Jervoise,  Esq.,  R.  W.  Fusiliers,  eldest  son  of  Sir 
J.  Clarke  Jervoise,  Bart,  of  Idesworth  Park,  Hants. 
Isabella  Henrietta  Theodora,  m.  24  Feb.  1809,  Thomas 
Barnard,  Esq.,  M.P.,  of  Cople,  Beds. 
Mr.  Long  m.  2ndly,  1703,  Jane,  dau.  and  heir  of  Sir  William 
Beeston,  Knt.,  Governor  of  Jamaica,  and  relict  of  Sir  Thomas 
Modyford,  Bart.,  by  whom  (who  d.  1724)  he  had  issue, 

n.  Charles,  6.  1705,  of  Hurts  Hall;  m.  Mary,  dau.  and  heir 
of  Dudley  North,  Esq.  of  Glenham  Hall,  SutTolk,  nephew  of 
Francis,  1st  Lord  Guildford,  Lord  Keeper,  (fee.    He  c(.  1778, 
leaving  by  this  lady  (who  d.  20  Aug.  1834)  two  sons, 
Charles,  of  Hurts  Hall,  6.  1748  ;  to.  his  cousin  Jane,  dau. 
of  Beeston  Long,  Esq. ;  and  d.  1813,  having  had  issue  two 
sons,  Charles  and  Dudley,  both  of  whom  d.  young. 
Dudley,  of  Glenham  Hall  and  Hurts  Hall,  M.P.,  assumed 
the  name  of  NaRXH,  I).  1749 ;  ui.  1802,  ihe  Hon.  Sophia 
Anderson  Pelham,  dau.  of  the  1st  Lord  Yarborough ;  and 
d.  s.  p.  1829. 

in.  William,  a  Lieut,  in  the  Earl  of  Pembroke's  Dragoons, 
6.  1706 ;  d.  unm.  IV.  Beeston,  of  whom  hereafter. 

I.  Jane,  6.  1709;  to.  1st,  Roger  Drake,  Esq.  of  Shirley, 
Surrey  ;  and  2ndly,  the  Marquess  D'Aragona,  of  Modena. 

n.  Anne,  b.  1713;  to.  Rev.  Philip  Carter,  Vicar  of  Tunstall. 

III.  Susannah,  d.  unm.  1820,  aged  103. 
The  3rd  son  of  Charles  Long,  of  Longville,  by  his  2nd  wife, 

Beeston  Long,  Esq.  of  Carshalton  Park,  Surrey,  b.  1710; 
m.  1745,  Susanna,  dau.  and  heir  of  Abraham  Cropp,  Esq.  of 
Eichmond,  Surrey ;  and  d.  1785,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Samuel,  his  heir.  ii.  Richard,  d.  unm. 

III.  Beeston,  of  Combe  House,  Surrey,  a  Bank  Director,  m. 
1786,  Frances  Louisa,  eldest  dau.  of  Sir  Richard  Neave, 
Bart. ;  and  dying  1820,  left  issue, 

William,  of  Hurts  Hall,  near  Saxmundham,  Suffolk,  J. P. 
and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1843,   b.  1802;  to.  20  Oct.  1830, 
Eleonora  Charlotte  ilontagu,  sister  of  Sir  Edward  Poore, 
Bart,  of  Rushall,  Wilts,  and  has  a  son, 
Willlam  Beeston,  of  Hurts  Hall,  J.P.,  h.  1833;    to.  II 
May,  1859,  Arethusa  Marianne,  4th  dau.  of  Sir  Charles 
Robert  Rowley,  Bart. ;  and  other  issue. 
Caroline  Jane,  d.  1824.  Amelia  Ann,  d.  s.  p. 

Maria,  m.  Henry  Seymour  Montague,  Esq. ;  and  d.  1832, 
leaving  issue. 

IV.  Charles  (Sir),  G.C.B.,  P.C.,  &c.,  created  a  Peer  as  Baron 
Farnborough,    1826 ;  to.  1793,  Amelia,  eldest  dau.  of  Sir 

,  Abraham  Hume,  Bart. ;  but  d.  s.  p.  17  Jan.  1838,  when  the 
title  became  extinct. 

T.  George,  1st  Lieut,  of  the  "Superbe,"  killed  at  the  storm- 
ing of  Trincomalee,  1782,  unm. 

■VI.  William,  Canon  of  Windsor,  Rector  of  Pulham,  Norfolk, 
and  of  Sterntield,  Suffolk,  d.  s.  p.  1835. 

VII.  Richard,  d.  unm. 

I.  Sarah,  m.  1734,  Sir  George  William  Prescott,  Bart. 

n.  Jane,  to.  Charles  Long,  Esq.  of  Hurst  Hall;  d.  s.  p. 

m.  Susannah,  to.  Rev.  George  Chamberlayne. 
Mr.  Lolig  d.  1785,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Samuel  Long,  Esq.  of  Carshalton,  M.P.  for  Ilchester,  and 




High  Sheriff  for  Surrey  1790;  to.  1787,  Lady  JaneMaitland,  4tii 
dau.  of  James,  7th  Earl  of  Lauderdale,  K.T.,  and  by  her  (who 
TO.  2ndly,  Lieut. -Gen.  Sir  William  Houston,  G.C.B.)  he  left,  at 
his  decease,  1807,  two  sons  and  a  dau., 

I.  Samuel,  now  of  Bromley  Hill. 

II.  Charles  Maitland,  Rector  of  Settrington,  co.  York,  and 
Archdeacon  of  the  East  Riding,  0.  16  Aug.  1803;  to.  1st, 
10  June,  1834,  Harriet  Ellice,  and  by  her  (who  d.  3  June, 
1835;  had  a  dau.,  1  Harriet  Helen,  m.  1858,  Rev.  Henry  Ruck 
Keene.  He  m.  2ndly,  11  April,  1839,  Anna  Maria,  dau.  of 
Sir  Robert  Wigram,  Bart.,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1856)  has 
issue,  I  Samuel,  Capt.  R.N.,  b.  5  Jan  1840,  m.  15  Oct. 
1868,  Alice  Jane,  5th  dau.  of  Right  Hon.  Sir  James  Wigram, 
and  has  issue,  Samuel  Charles,  b.  29  Sept.  1869,  Wilfred 
James,  b.  20  Aug.  1871,  Bernard,  6.  4  Sept.  1872,  George 
Edward,  b.  4  Oct.  1873,  Mary  Katharine,  b.  6  June,   1878; 

2  Charles  Wigram,  b.   5  Oct.  1842.  Capt.  R.H.  Artillery; 

3  William  Houstoun,  b.  8  Nov.  1843 ;  4  Edward  Maitland, 
6.  19  JiUy,  1848;  5  George  Boswall,  6.  3i  July,  1849,  lost 
at  sea  in  1873;  6  Loftus  Sidney,  b.  5  March,  1854;  2 
Eleanor,  6.  7  Nov.  1844  ;  3  Jane  Elizabeth,  b.  6  Feb.  1846. 

UI.  Mary  Turner,  b.  15  May,  1805 ;  d.  24  Feb.  1838. 

The  Archdeacon  d.  6  Oct.  1875. 

Arms — Quarterly :  1st,  sa.,  a  lion  passant  arg.  holding  in  the 
dexter  paw  a  cross-crosslet  fitchee  or,  on  a  chief  of  the  second 
three  crosses-crosslet  of  the  field,  for  Long  ;  2nd.  per  fess  or  and 
gu.  a  pale  counterehanged,  three  Corni-sh  choughs  ppr.,  for 
Tate;  3rd,  gu.,  ten  bezants  a  canton  erra..  for  Zouch;  4th, 
arg.,  two  chevronels  gu.  in  chief  a  label  of  five  points  az.,  for 
St.  Maub.  Crest — Out  of  a  ducal  coronet  or,  a  liju'shead  arg. 
guttee  de  sang.     Motto — Pieux  quoique  preux. 

Scat — Bromley  Hill,  Bromley,  Kent. 


See  Lo^'G  of  Beomley  Hill. 


Long,  Foetesque  Walter  Eellett,  Esq.  of 
Dunston,  Norfolk,  I.  11  Dec.  1S43 ;  s.  his  father 
26  Feb.  1874. 

^tnCiTCJC— TJev.  Bohert  Churchman  Kellett,  son  of 
Robert  Cowan  Kellett  and  his  wife.  Miss  Churchman,  adopted 
the  surname  and  arms  of  Long.  He  ?)i,  Jane,  only  child  of  the 
Rev.  Nevill  Walter,  Rector  of  Berghapton,  Norfolk,  and  (■'. 
1841,  leaving  by  her,  who  d.  I84S, 
Rodebt,  his  heir. 

Henry  Churchman,  Rector  of  Newton  Flotmau  1835,  and 
Incumbent  of  Dunston  1841,  to.  18  Sept.  1838,  Charlotte- 
Emma,  dau.  of  Lieut. -Gen.  Sir  R.  Harvey,  and  has  issue, 
Henry  Walter,  6.  12  July,  1840;  d.  24  Jan.  1858;  Edwin 
Cowan,  6.  11  April,  1852,  d.  21  Nov.  1866;  Octavius  NevUl, 
b.  30  Dec.  1857 ;  Emma  Julia ;  Beatrice  Jane  Myrrha,  d. 
1866;  Alice,  d.  1866;  Alma;  Cecilia;  Magdalena;  Olivia 
Augusta,  d.  1864;  and  Celeste  Henrietta,  (/.  1866. 
Anna  Kellett,  d.  1861.  Mary,  d.  1873. 

Jane,  m.  Oct.  1836,  Charles  Dormer,  Esq.,  and  d.  a  widow, 
Feb.  1855. 
The  elder  son, 

Robert  Kellett  Long,  Esq.  of  Dunston  Hall,  co.  Norfolk, 
J.P.,  High  Sheriff  1856,  of  Trin.  Coll.  Cambridge.  B.A.  1825, 
M.A.  1832,  Capt.  East  Norfolk  Militia,  6.  4  May,  1804;  to. 
16  March,  1843,  Maria  Louisa,  eldest  dau.  of  William  Fortescue, 
Esq.  of  Writtle  Lodge,  Essex,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1846)  had, 

I.  Fortescue  Walter  Kellett,  now  of  Dunston. 

II.  Charles  Hamilton  Kellett,  B.A.,  Vicar  of  Swinderby, 
1876,  b.  !9  April,  1845;  m.  Edith  Mary,  dau.  of  Edward 
Lyon,  Esq.  of  Johnson  Hall,  EccleshaU,  and  has  issue, 

Ernest  Kellett,  6.  15  Jan.  1874. 
Edward  Fortescue,  b.  4  Dec.  1876.  Ethel, 

in.  Ernest  Henry  Kellett  (Rev.),  B.A.  Ch.  Ch.  Oxford,  6.  "Oct. 
1846 ;  m.  31  Jan.  1877,  Elizabeth  Margaret  Beresford,  dau. 
of  Rev.  John  G.  Beresord,  of  Bedale  Rectory,  co.  York. 

He  d.  26  Feb.  1874. 

Arms — Quarterly :  Long,  Kellett,  Walter,  and  Nevilli;. 
Crest— \  greyhound  collared  and  chained.  Motto— i'exel  ad 
astra  virtus. 

Seat — Dunston,  near  Norwich. 


LoNGE  (Rev.),  Robert,  of  Spixworth  Part,  Nor- 
folk, Vicar  of  Coddeiiham  cum  Crowfield,  IjDswicli, 
Suffolk,  s.  his  brother  in  1872  ;  b.  6  Nov.  1800 ; 
m.  Margaret  Douglas,  dau.  of  the  late  Rev.  Charles 
Davy,  Rector  of  Barking,  Suffolk,  and  by  her  (who 
d.  30  Sept.  1873)  has  issue, 
I.  Robert  Bacon,  Lieut.   Norfolk    Artillery  Militia,  b.   30 
March,  1830;  m.  20  Jan.  1853,  Caroline  Elizabeth,  dau.  of 
the  late  Rev.  Charles  Orman,  and  has  issue. 

3  s2 





II.  Francis  Davy,  b.  25  Sept.  1831 ;  m.  Sara  Rose,  dau.  of 

Bev.  Thomas  I'atteson,  Rector  of  HamWodon,  Hants. 
in.  John,  Ij.  20  Aug.  1832;  to.  12  June,  1856,  Maria  E.,  only 
dau.  of  the  late  Richard  B.  Martin,  Esq.  of  Hemingstone 
Hall,  Suffolk. 
I.  Margaret  Charlotte  Anne,  m.  C  Feb.  1801,  Rev.  llcary  Ware 
Schreiber,  5th  son  of  the  late  Lieut. -Col.  Schreibcr,  of  Hill 
House,  Melton,  Woodbridge,  Suffolk.  ii.  Charlotte. 

^LilXCZQt. — The  Parish  Registrar  of  Aswelthorpe  mentions 
one  Thomas  Longe  going  to  the  King's  host  at  Nottingham  in 
the  year  1485.  The  5th  in  descent  from  William  Longe,  of 
Hingham,  who  d.  1557, 

Feancis  Longe,  Esq.,  Recorder  of  Yarmouth  (only  child  of 
Robert  Longe,  Esq.  of  Reymerston,  co.  Norfolk,  by  Elizabeth 
his  2nd  wife,  dau.  of  Sir  Francis  Bacon,  one  of  the  Judges  of 
the  Court  of  King's  Bench),  purchased  the  estate  of  Spixworth. 
He  m.  Susanna,  dau.  and  heir  of  Tobias  Frere,  Esq.,  and  by 
her  (who  d.  1681)  had  issue,  to  survive  youth,  two  sons  and 
three  daus.    Mr.  Longe  d.  Dec.  1734.    His  2nd  son, 

Fbancis  Longe,  Esq.  of  Spixworth  and  Reymerston,  6.  Aug. 
1689 ;  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Edward  Godfrey,  Esq.  of  Risby, 
Suffolk,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1767)  had  issue, 

I.  Francis,  his  heir. 

II.  John  (Rev.),  Rector  of  Spixworth  and  Chaplain  to 
Geoeoe  111.,  b.  July,  1731 ;  ra.  Dorothy,  dau.  of  Peter 
Elwin,  Esq.  of  Booton  and  Thirning,  Norfolk,  by  whom 
(who  d.  1810)  he  left  at  his  d(,  Sept.  1800,  John,  his 
heir;  and  Robert,  of  Catton  Lodge,  Norfolk,  D.L.,  0.  1760, 
d.  s.  p.    The  elder  son, 

John,  Vicar  of  Coddenham,  Ipswich,  Suffolk,  h.  April, 
1765;  m.  1st,  6  Nov.  1790,  Charlotte,  dau.  and  co-heir  of 
the  late  John  Browne,  Esq.  of  Ipswich,  and  by  her  (who 
d.  21  May,  1812,  aged  50)  had, 

1  Francis  Bacon,  Ij.  1798;  d.  Jan.  1819. 

2  John,  late  of  Spixworth. 

3  RoiiEKT  (Itev.),  now  of  Spixworth. 

4  Henry  Browne  (Rev.),  h.  17  March,  1803;  m.  31  Aug. 
1830,  Anne  Margaret,  eldest  dau.  of  Lieut.-Col.  Alexan- 
der Nicholson,  of  East  Court,  co.  Gloucester,  and  of 
"DfToi-d,  Suffolk,  and  had,  Henry  Cochrane,  d.  an  infant, 
1849:  CeciliaJane;  Margaix't  Frances;  Louisa;  and  Rosa. 

1  Charlotte  Dorothy,  m.  6  Dec.  1822,  Major-Gen.  Robert 
Martin  Leake,  and  d.  s.  p.  9  March,  1868,aged  61. 
Rev.  John  Longe  m.  2ndly,  Frances,  dau.  of  Col.  Ward, 
of  Salhouse,  Norfolk,  who  d.  s.  p.    He  d.  3  March,  1834. 
Frauds  Longe  0..  Oct.  173.0,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Feancis  Longe,  Esq. of  Spixworth  and  Reymerston,  b.  June, 
1726;  High  Sheriff  for  Norfolk  17.52.  He  to.  Tabitha,  dau.  of 
John  Howes,  Esq.  of  Morningthorpe,  and  by  her  (who  d.  Nov. 
1760)  left  at  his  decease,  Feb.  1776,  an  only  son  and  heir, 

Feancis  Longe,  Esq.  of  Spixworth,  b.  April,  1748;  High 
Sheriff  1786 ;  to.  Katherine,  2nd  dau.  of  Sir  George  Jackson, 
Bart.,  but  had  no  issue.  He  d.  July,  1812,  and  was  s.  (at  the 
decease  of  his  widow,  1828)  by  his  cousin, 

John  Longe,  Esq.  of  Spixworth  Park,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  h. 
14  July,  1799;  to.  10  June,  1829,  Caroline  Elizabeth,  eldest 
dau.  and  co-heir  (with  her  sister.  Lady  Wetherell  Warneford) 
of  the  late  Lieut.-Col.  Warneford,  of  Warneford  Place,  Wilts, 
and  niece  of  Henry,  4th  Viscount  Ashbrook,  which  lady  d. 
29  Aug.  1846,  aged  51.     Mr.  Longe  d.  1872. 

Arms — Gu.,  a  saltier  engrailed  or,  and  on  a  chief  of  the  last 
three  crosses-crosslet  of  the  first.  Cnsl — A  lion  sejant  gu. 
holding  a  saltier  engrailed  or. 

fiv'i — Spixworth  Park,  near  Norwich;  Coddenham  Vicarage, 
Needham  Market.  . 


LoNGFiELD,  liicHAED,  Esq.  of  LoiigueviUe,  CO. 
Cork,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sherife  1833,  Member 
for  CO.  Cork  in  the  last  Parliament  of  William  IV., 
1835-37,  h.  7  May,  1802;  m.  1st,  1832,  Harriet 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  John  M'Chutock,  Esq.,  M.P.  of 
Drumcar,  co.  Louth,  by  the  Lady  Elizabeth  his 
wife,  and  by  her  (who  d.  at  Florence,  27  April, 
1834)  had  an  only  child, 

I.  John,  89th  regt.,  b.  29  Nov.  1832 ;  d.  returning  from  the 
Crimea,  20  Oct.  1855. 

He  m.  2ndly,  18il,  Jemima  Lucy,  dau.  of  Wyrley 
Birch,  Esq.  of  Wrethara  Hall,  Norfolk,  by  Cathe- 
rine Sarah  his  wife,  dau.  of  Jacob  Eeynardson, 
Esq.  of  Holywell,  co.  Lincoln,  and  by  her  has  issue, 

II.  Richakd  Edmund,  M.A.,  J. P.,  b.  6  June,  1842;  m.  Sept. 
1872,  Alberta  Charlotte,  dau.  of  William  Howard  Russell, 
Esq.,  LL.D.,  and  by  her  has  issue,  Richard  William,  6. 
18  Dec.  1874;  Lewis,  b.  8  Dec.  1875;  Sybil  Mary,  b.  13 
June,  1877. 

II.  Augustus  Henry,  6.  5  May,  1845. 

III.  Lewis  Pryor,  b.  4  March,  1848  ;  d.  11  Sept.  185G. 

I.  Kathleen  Elinor,  d.  30  June,  1870. 

II.  Johanna  Jemima. 

ILlltragC— John  Longfield,   Esq.  of  Denbigh,   Wales, 
1652,  afterwards  of  the  city  of  Dublin,  d.  intestate;  adminis- 
tration granted  8  March,  1669-70.     He  had  two  sons, 
Robert,  h.  in  Denbigh  1652,  obtained  an  extensive  grant  of 
lands  in  cos.  Westmeath,  Meath,  Clare,   under  the  com- 
mission of  grace,  by  patent  dated  15  April,  1085.    He  resided 
at  Kilbride,  co.  Meath. 

John,  ancestor  of  the  Longueville  and  Castle  Mary  families. 
The  2nd  son, 

John  Longfield,  Esq.,  J. P.,  b.  1653,  settled  at  Castle  Mary, 
near  Cloyne,  co.  Cork.  He  d.  22  April,  1730,  aged  77.  By 
Mary  his  wife,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  William  Hawnby,  Esq.  of 
Mallow,  he  had  issue, 

I.  Robert,  of  Castle  Mary,  J. P.,  6.  1688;  m.  1731,  Margaret, 
dau.  and  co-heir  of  Richard  Geering,  Esq.  of  Dublin,  M.P., 
and  d.  11  March,  1765,  aged  77,  having  had  issue, 

1  John,  of  Castle  Mary,  b.  3  July,  1733;  m.  (license  dated 
10  March,  1755)  Alice,  dau.  of  Thomas  Tilson,  Esq.,  and 
left  at  his  decease  an  only  son, 

Robert,  of  Castle  Mary,  M.P.  for  the  borough  of 
Donegal,  m.  April,  1778,  Elizabeth,  sister  ot  the  1st; 
Lord  Lismore,  and  dau.  of  Thomas  O'Callaghan,  Esq. 
of  Shanbally,  co.  Tipperary,  by  his  2nd  wife,  Hannah, 
dau.  of  John  Rogersou,  Lord  Chief  Justice  of  the  King's 
Bench,  and  d.  s.  p. 

2  Richard,  of  Longueville,  co.  Cork,  J.P.,  High  ShcrifT 
for  CO.  Cork  1758,  M.P.  for  Charleville  1701,  and  after- 
wards for  CO.  Cork ;  b.  1734.  He  was  created,  1795,  Barojj 
Longueville  of  Longueville,  and  in  1800  advanced  to  the 
ViscooNTCY  OP  Longueville.  His  Lordship,  who  was 
Governor  of  co.  Cork,  and  a  Representative  Peer  for 
Ireland,  to.  1750,  Margaret,  dau.  of  Richard  White,  Esq., 
and  aunt  to  Richard,  1st  Earl  of  Hantry,  but  d.  8.  p. 
23  May,  1811,  when  the  honours  expired. 

1  Anne,  m.  Roger  Conner,  Esq.  of  Connerville. 

II.  John,  of  whom  presently,  as  of  Longueville. 

III.  Hawnby,  of  Cork,  m.  29  June,  1733,  Mary,  dau.  of 
Christopher  Vowell,  Esq.  of  Ballyorane,  co.  Cork,  and  d, 
31  July,  1741,  leaving  by  her  (who  had  predeceased  him, 
Sept.  1738)  an  only  child, 

Susanna,  b.  19  Feb.  1734-5,  m.  Richard  Parker,  Esq. 

IV.  William,  of  Cork,  b.  1710;  who,  by  Mary  Goodman  his 
wife  {b.  23  Nov.  1719;  d.  5  Aug.  1739),  had  at  his  death, 
1777,  an  only  child, 

John  Longfield,  Esq.,  M.D.,  of  Cork,  m.  1775,  Elizabeth, 
dau.  of  John  Conroy,  E.sq.,  and  aunt  to  the  1st  baronet  of 
that  name,  and  had  (with  other  children,  who  d.  s.  p.)  a 
3rd  son,  Robert,  m.  April,  1815,  Mary,  2nd  dau.  of  .lohn 
Martin,  Esq.  of  Cork,  and  had  an  only  child  and  heir, 
Mary  Elizabeth,  who  to.  her  first-cousin,  David  Beatty, 
Esq.  of  Borodale,  co.  Wexford. 

I.  Helena,  m.  1708,  Theodore  Vansevenhoven,  of  Cork. 

II.  Elizabeth,  m.  John  Tooker,  Esq.  of  BuUindinish,  co., 

III.  Anne,  m.  Richard  Uniackc,  Esq.  of  Mount  Uniacke,  co. 

IV.  Marf,  TO.  1720,  Walter  Lavitt,  Esq.  of  co.  Cork. 
v.  Henrietta,  m.  Rev.  Thomas  Squire. 

VI.  Deborah,  m.  Nov.  1731,  James  Peircy,  Esq.  of  co.  Cork. 

VII.  Bryana,  m.  Rev.  William  Bucknor,  of  Croom,  co. 

The  2nd  son, 

John  Longfield,  Esq.  of  Longueville.  J. P.,  6.  24  June, 
1095;  TO.  12  Sept.  1738,  Susanna,  dau.  of  Mountifort  Westropp, 
Esq.,  and  left  at  his  decease,  5  April,  1705,  two  sons, 

John,  his  successor,  of  whose  line  we  treat. 

Mountifort,  ancestor  of  the   family   now  of   Castle  Mary 
(refer  to  tUal  Article). 
The  elder  son, 

John  Longfield,  Esq.  of  Longueville,  J.P.,  High  Sheriff  co. 
Cork  1775,  M.P.  for  Mallow,  b.  5  July,  1741  ;  to.  24  June,  1704, 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  William  Foster,  Esq.,  and  first-cousin  of  the 
Right  Hon.  John  Foster,  created  Lord  Oriel,  by  whom  he  had 

I.  John,  his  successor. 

II.  Mountifort  (liev.).  Vicar  of  Desertserge."!,  co.  Cork,  and 
many  years  J.P.  for  that  co.,  ri).  1st,  Nov.  1790,  Grace,  dau. 
of  William  Lysaght,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 

1  John,  TO.  Miss  Cotter,  and  had  issue, 

2  Mountifort  (Right  Hon.),  P.C.,  Q.C.,  LL.D.  of  Trinity 
College  Dublin,  1831  (B.A.  1823),  became,  1825,  a 
Fellow  of  that  University,  and  Professor  of  Political 
Economy  31  Oct.  1832.  He  resigned  his  Fellowship  for 
the  Professorship  of  Feudal  and  English  Law  29  Nov. 
1834.  This  eminent  Jurist  was  appointed,  1847,  a  Com- 
missioner of  the  Incumbered  Estates  Court,  and,  1858, 
Judge  of  the  Landed  Estates  Court,  wliich  he  has  re- 





signed.  lie  was  b.  1802,  and  m.  18-15,  Elizabeth,  dau. 
of  Andrew  Armstrong,  Ksq. 
3  Robert,  of  BIcrrion  Square,  Dublin,  M.A.  of  Trin.  Coll., 
Dublin,  called  to  the  Irish  Bar  183-1,  appointed  Q.C.  1852, 
elected  M.P.  for  Mallow  185U,  l>.  1810;  m.  ISIO,  Char- 
lotte, dau.  of  George  Stawell,  Esq.  of  Crobeg,  co.  Cork, 
and  d.  18G8. 

1  Elizabeth,  in.  Daniel  Conner,  Esq.  of  Manch,  and  has 

2  Mary,  m.  —  M'Carthy,  Esq. 

3  Grace,  m.  John  Bcasley,  Esq. 

The  Rev.  Mountifort  Longfield  m.  2ndly,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of 
Col.  William  Conner,  and  had  further  issue, 

4  George  (Kev.),  M.A.,  Fellow  Trinity  College  Dublin, 
18-12;    m.   28   July,    1859,    Mary   Webb,    eldest   dau.   of 

.N...iuuiiel  Webb  Ware,  Esq.,  and  d.  3  Nov.  1878,  leaving 

6  Henry,  m.  Eleanor,  dau.  of  the  late  N.  Webb  Ware,  Esq. 
C  Richard  (Rev.),  Rector  of  Mogeely,  m.  Wilhelmina,  dau. 

and  co-heir  of  the  Rev.  James  GoUock. 

7  William,  m.  18G5,  Frances,  eldest  dau.  of  the  late  Rev. 
Richard  Conner,  of  Downdaniel,  Rector  of  St.  Anne's, 
Shandon.  ti  Thomas.  9  Foster. 

4  Mary. 

5  Frances  Patience,  m.  Lieut.-Gen.  John  Longfield. 

III.  AVilliam,  called  to  the  Irish  Bar  179-1,  d.  s.  p. 

IV.  Henry,  of  Waterloo,  co.  Cork,  J. P.,  m.  Mary,  only  dau. 
and  heiress  of  John  Powell,  Esq.  of  Sea  Court,  co.  Cork, 
and  d.  1851,  leaving  issue, 

John  Powell,  late  of  Waterloo,  J.P.,  B.A.  of  Trin.  Coll. 

Dubhn,  late  Lieut. -Col.  Royal  Cork  Artillery  Militia,  b. 

1817;  m.  1848,  Louisa,  6th  dau.  of  the  late  Rev.  Matthew 

I'urcell,  of  Burton,  co.  Cork  {see  that  Fam'dy). 
Henry,   b.   1828;  m.  1857,   Eliza  Augusta,  only  child  and 

heiress  of  William  Purcell,  Esq.  of  Altamira,  co.  Cork, 

and  d.  1871.  Robert,  d.  unm.  1864. 

Elizabeth,  m.  John  Power,  Esq.  of  Roskcen,  co.  Cork,  J. P. 
Eachel,  m.  Rev.  William  Nehgan,   LL.D.,  Rector  of  St. 

Mary's,  Shandon,  co.  Cork. 
Mary,  ni.  1st,  Robert  Longfield,  Esq.  of  the  Castle  Mary 

branch  (which  see);  and  2ndly,  1854,  George,  2nd  son  of 

Tliomas  Lucas,  Esq.  of  Richfordstown,  co.  Cork  (see  that 

Patience,  m.  6  Jan.  1848,  Daniel  Conner,  Esq.  of  Manch, 

CO.  Cork  (see  that  Famili/). 
Dora,  m.  Edward  Francis  Roche,  Esq.,  J. P.,  of  Johnstown 

House,  CO.  Cork. 

I.  Patience,  the  1st  wife  of  John  Wallis,   Esq.  of  Drishane 
Castle,  CO.  Cork  (see  that  Famih/}. 

II.  Elizabeth,  m.  George  Stawell,  Esq.  of  Crobeg,  co.  Cork. 

Mr.  Longfield  d.  1815,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

John  Longfield,  Esq.  of  Longueville,  Lieut. -Col.  in  the 
army,  J.P.  and  High  Sheriff  1829,  6.  May,  1767  ;  m.  15  Oct. 
1797,  Eleanor,  dau.  of  John  Lucas,  Esq.  of  Mount  Lifias, 
King's  Co.  (see  that  Fa.rail;/),  and  by  her  (who  d.  Nov.  1858) 
had  issue, 
Richard,  now  of  Longueville. 

John,  Lieut.  Gen.,  C.B.,  Col.  29th  regt. ;  m.  29  April,  18G1, 
Frances  Patience,  dau.  of  the  late  ilev.  Mountifort  Long- 
field,  of  Churchill,  Rector  of  Desertserges,  co.  Cork,  and  has 
a  son,  John  Edmund,  b.  14  April,  1865. 
Margaret  Eleanor,  ra.  21  Aug.  1820,  Thomas  Wood  Craster, 

Esq.,  D.L.,  of  Craster  Tower,  co.  Northumberland, 
Ehzabeth,  'ni,.  1836,  Rev.  Edmund  Lombard. 
Col.  Longfield  d.  18  Oct.  1842. 

Arms — Gu.,  a  chevron  erm.  between  seven  crosses-crosslet 
fltchee.     Crest — Out  of  a  ducal  coronet  a  dcmi-lion  rampant. 
Motto — Parcere  subjectis. 
Seat — Longueville,  near  Mallow,  co.  Cork. 


Longfield,  Mountifort  John  Courtenay, 
Esq.  of  Castle  Mary,  co.  Cork,  h.  16  Oct.  1858. 

iLHIC<I0C. — For  the  earlier  portion  of  this  pedigree  refer 
to  Longfield  of  Lonrruerille. 

The  younger  son  of  John  Longfield,  Esq.  of  Longueville, 

MocNTiFORT  Longfield,  Esq.,  who  inherited  the  estates  of 
Castle  Mary  from  his  cousin,  Lord  Longueville,  6.  22  Aug. 
1746,1)1.  (license  22  June,  1778)  Frances,  dau.  of  John  George 
Sateman,  Esq.  He  was  Col.  of  the  City  of  Cork  Militia,  and 
■was  M.P.  for  Enniseorthy,  and  many  years  for  Cork.  He  d. 
8  June,  1819,  having  had  issue,  two  daus.,  Margaret  and 
Letitia,  and  three  sons,  i.  Richard,  rji.  Maria,  dau.  of  Henry 
Bruen,  Esq.  of  Oak  Park,  and  d.  1819,  leaving  two  sons,  who 
lioth  d.  unm.  1833;  ii.  John,  d.  s.  2'. ;  and  iii.  Rouert,  of 
whom  we  treat.    The  3rd  son, 

Rev.  Robert  Longfield,  of  Castle  Mary,  m.  Cherry,  dau.  of 
Thomas  Hugo,  Esq.  of  Drumeen,  co.  Wicklow,  and  had  issue, 

MoDNTiFORT,  of  Castle  Mary. 

Bobert,  a  Lieut,  in  the  army,  ?;;.  Mary,  dau.  of  Henry  Long- 
field,  Esq.  of  Waterloo,  co.  Cork,  and  by  her  (who  m.  2ndly, 

George  Lucas,  Esq.)  left  at  his  decease,  1849,  one  dau 
Mary  Jane. 
William  Henry,  m.  Elizabeth  Mary,  dau.  of  Mathcw  Brink- 
ley,  Esq.  01  Parsonstown,  co.  Meath,  and  has  issue,  one  son 
and  two  daus., 

William  Mountifort. 

Florence  Letitia.  Edith  Caroline. 

Thomas  Hugo,  Rector  of  St.  Paul's,  Cork,  d.  unm.  17  March. 
1869.  ^ 

Frances  Anne,  m.  Richard  Beare  Tooker,  Esq.,  J. P.,  Capt. 
Royal  Cork  City  Artillery  Militia,  and  d.  28  April,  la66, 
having  had  issue. 

Cherry,  m.  1851,  William  Oliver  Jackson,  Esq.  of  Ahancsk 
and  Castleview,  co.  Cork,  and  d.  1862,  leaving  issue. 

Margaret,  d.  unm.  Kmlly,  d.  unm.  1854. 

Elizabeth,  m.  1853,  Maziere  John  Brady,  Esq.,  Barrister-at- 
Law,  2nd  son  of  the  Right  Hon.  Sir  JIazierc  Brady,  Bart., 
formerly  Lord  Chancellor  of  Ireland,  and  has  issue. 
The  Rev.  R.  Longfield  d.  1843,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Mountifort  Longfield,  Esq.  of  Castle  Mary,  J. P.,  D.L., 
High  Sheriff  1855 ;  rn.  1840,  Caroline  Adgusta,  sole  surviving 
child  of  George  Courtenay,  Esq.  of  Ballyedmond,  co.  Cork, 
and  had  issue, 

Mountifort  John  Courtenay,  now  of  Castle  Mary. 

Narcissa  Caroline.  Cherry  Elizabeth. 

Louisa  Margaret,  m.  19  April,  1869,  George  Sackville 
Berkeley,  Esq.,  Capt.  R.E. 

Anne  Catherine,  deceased.  Margaret  Eleanor. 

Emily  Blanche  Mary,  m.  1  Oct.  1872,  Henry  Philip  Constan- 
tine  Dillon,  Esq.,  Lieut.  R.E.  Letitia  Geraldine. 

Caroline  Augusta  Rose,  deceased. 

Adeline  Maude  Felicia,  m.  4  June,  1874,  Charles  AugustU3 
Rochfort  Boyd,  Esq.,  Lieut.  R.E.,  2nd  son  of  George  Augus- 
tus Rochfort  Boyd,  Esq.  of  Middleton  Park,  co.  Westmeath. 

Frances  Amy  Georgina. 

Clara    >  ^^^^^>  deceased. 
He  d.  8  Nov.  1864. 

Arms,  &c. — Same  as  Longfield  of  Longuevillel 
Seat — Castle  Mary,  near  Cloyne,  co.  Cork. 


Longueville,  Thomas  Longueville,  Esq.  of 
Penylan,  Salop,  b.  7  July,  1803 ;  m.  9  Oct. 
1838,  his  cousin  Anne,  2ncl  dau.  of  Charles  Thomas 
Jones,  Esq.  of  Oswestry,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Conway,  d.  young,  1854. 

II.  Thomas,  b.  29  April,  1844 ;  m.  29  June,  1868,  Mary 
Frances,  only  surviving  child  of  Alexander  Robertson, 
Esq.,  late  of  Balgownie  Lodge,  co.  Aberdeen,  and  has  a 
son,  Regi.vald,  b.  26  March,  1869,  and  Edward,  b.  22 
Dec.  1877. 

III.  Charles  Henry,  6. 15  May,  1843;  d.  SO  June,  1854. 
I.  Anna  Maria. 

iLtnCatJC— The  Longuevilles  were  formerly  Lords  of 
Overton  Longueville,  co.  Huntingdon,  and  of  Wolverton,  co. 
Bucks.  During  the  civil  wars  of  the  reign  of  Charles,  they, 
as  royalists,  suffered  loss,  having  previously  sold  and  ex- 
hausted a  considerable  portion  of  their  estates  in  the  cause 
of  the  support  of  the  Stuarts. 

Thomas  Jones,  Esq.  of  Wrexham,  Capt.  Merionethshire 
Militia,  b.  1740  (eldest  son  of  Thomas  Jones,  and  Maria 
Margaretta,  his  wife,  eldest  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Sir  Thomas 
Longueville,  Bart,  of  Prestatyn,  co.  Flint),  had  by  his  1st 
wife,  Jane,  an  only  son,  i.  Thomas  Longueville,  of  whom 
hereafter.  By  his  2nd  wife,  Anne  Lloyd,  he  had  (with  a  son, 
Richard,  and  a  dau.,  Elizabeth,  both  rf.  s.  p.)  other  children, 
II.  Edward,  m.  Charlotte  Stevens,  and  was  father  of  the  Rev. 
Harry  Longueville  Jones,  M.A. ;  iii.  Hugh,  of  Larkhill,  co. 
Lancaster  (m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Heywood,  Esq., 
and  had  several  children,  sec  Joji'ES  of  larkhill);  iv.  Charles 
Thomas,  of  Owestry,  m.  Maria  Welch,  and  had,  with  other 
issue,  a  son,  Charles  Wilding  Jones,  who  m.  Mary,  eldest  dau. 
of  William  Preston,  Esq.  of  Fairview,  near  Liverpool,  youngest 
son  of  Robert,  2nd  son  of  Richard  Preston,  Esq.  of  Hilhom 
House  and  EUel,  in  Cockerham,  co.  Lancaster;  i.  Anne,  m. 
James  Boydell,  Esq.;  ii.  Harriett,  m.  Francis  Edge  Barker, 
Esq. ;  and  iii.  Maria,  m.  Thomas  Lowndes,  Esq.  The  only  son 
of  the  1st  marriage, 

Thomas  Longueville  Jones,  Esq.,  .'.  to  the  estate  of  Pres- 
tatyn, under  the  will  of  his  cousin,  Richard  Wilding,  Esq.,  and 
assumed,  accordingly,  the  surname  and  arms  of  Longueville. 
He  m.  Anne,  dau.  of  John  Gibbons,  Esq.  of  Oswestry,  and  had 

Charles  Henry,  d.  s.  p.       Thomas  Longueville,  of  Penylan. 

John  Gibbons,  m.  Agnes,  dau.  of  Swainson,  Esq.  of  Liver- 
pool, and  had  issue,  Edith  and  Cecile. 





Sara  Harriette,  m.  Peter  HeywoocI,  Esq.  of  Wakefield,  and 
d.  s.  p.  Anne,  d.  unm.  Helen  Maria  Eliza. 

Arms — Gu.,  a  fess  danccttte  erm.  between  six  crosses- 
crosslet  arj;.  Crest — A  talbut's  head  gu.  cared  arg.  gurged 
with  a  collar  danccttce  of  the  second.     Motto — Till  then  thus. 

meat — fcnylan,  Oswestry,  Salop. 


LoNGWOETH,  John,  Esq.  of  Glyuwood,  co.  West- 
meath,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  SherifC  1859  and  1865. 

ILtltCaffC. — Feancis  Longwoexh,  Esq.  of  Creggan  Castle, 
was  s.  by  his  son, 

Fkancis  Longwokth,  Esq.  of  Creggan  Castle,  who  d.  1742, 
leaving  issue,  John,  George,  Fkancis.    The  3rd  son, 

Fbancis  LoNGwoRTH,  Esq.  of  Creggan  Caslle,  m.  Elizabeth, 
dau.  and  co-heir  of  Thomas  Dames,  Esq.  of  Kaihmoyle,  King's 
Co.,  and  had  issue,  John,  vi.  1787,  Alicia,  dau.  of  John,  Lord 
Kilmaine;  Francis,  of  whom  presently ;  Thomas,  who  assumed 
the  name  of  Dames  (see  Dames  of  GreealiiU)  ;  George,  m.  Anne 
Phillips;  William,  d.  1855;  Eliza,  in.  Itev.  Samuel  Lucas; 
Catherine,  m.  J.  Bailey;  Mary,  m.  John  Wakeley,  of  Balihur- 
ley.  King's  Co.    The  2nd  son, 

Francis  Longworth,  Esq.  of  Glynwood,  to.  1st,  3  Jan.  1795, 
Sarah,  dau.  of  John,  1st  Lord  Kilmaine;  and  2ndly,  Anne, 
dau.  of  James  Whitaker,  of  Spark  Brook,  co.  Warwick,  and 
had  issue, 

Francis,  d.  1856.  John,  now  of  Glynwood. 

Thomas,  Vicar  of  Bromfield,  Shrewsbury,  m.  Emma,  dau.  of 
Thomas  Charles  Bridges,  of  The  Lodge,  Salop,  and  rf. 
1SG5.  George,  d.  1847. 

Alicia  Harriet,  to.  Henry  Norwood  Trye,  Esq.  of  Leck- 
hamptoa  Court,  co.  Gloucester,  and  d.  1866. 

Anne,  m.  Col.  Young,  of  Barton  End,  co.  Gloucester. 

Seats — Glynwood  and  Creggan  Castle,  Athlone ;  and  Oat- 
field,  Ballinasloe,  co.  Galway. 


LoPDELL,  John  Joseph,  Esq.  of  Eaheen  Park, 
Atlienry,  co.  Galway,  J. P.,  Hon.  Major  Galway 
Militia,  b.  13  Jan.  1826 ;  m.  16  April,  1861,  Cathe- 
rine Mary,  only  surviving  dan.  of  John  Adams, 
Esq.  of  Ballydevitt,  co.  Londonderry,  J.P.,D.L.,  and 
High  Sheriff  for  that  co.  in  1862,  and  has  issue, 

I.  John  Robert,  h.  27  Jan.  1866. 

II.  Christopher  Thomas,  b.  G  March,  1870. 

III.  James,  6.  7  April,  1874. 

I.  Lizzie  Annie.         ii.  Louisa  Jane.         in.  Katie  Frances. 

IV.  Mabel  Violet. 

ILinCaflC. — The  Lopdells  of  Athenry  are  descended  from 
Lopdell  of  Mulpit,  near  that  town,  who  left  two  sons,  John 
and  Christopher;  John  d.  1707,  leaving  two  daus.,  his  co- 
lieiresses,  the  eldest  m.  John  Whaley,  Esq.;  the  2nd  m. 
Alderman  Evans,  of  Kilkenny.  Christopher  left  issue,  James, 
of  Cranagh,  rf.  unm. ;  Christopher,  of  Derryowen,  co.  Clare, 
d.  unm. ;  and  John,  of  Athenry  House.    The  3rd  son, 

John  Lopdell,  Esq.  of  Athenry  House,  rf.  21  May,  1705, 
leaving,  by  EUzabeth  Ffaircloth  his  wife,  who  rf.  3  June,  1809, 
Christopher,  James,  WiUiani,  all  rf.  xmm.,  and  Joslph,  of 
whom  we  treat.    This 

Joseph  Lopdell,  Esq.  of  Raheen  Park,  m.  May,  1791, 
Matilda,  eldest  dau.  of  Eobert  Ormsby,  Esq.  of  Edenhill,  co. 
Galway,  Piovost  of  Athenry,  a  descendant  of  Col.  William 
Ormsby,  M.P.  for  that  borough,  and  rf.  March,  1822,  leaving 
by  her,  who  survived  till  1845, 

John,  of  Eaheen  Park. 

Eobert  Ormsby,  rf.  unm.  Dec.  1830. 

James,  in.  Nov.     1823,    Hai-riet,    2nd    dau.    of   Lieut-Col. 
Flemyng,,  and  is  decea.sed. 

Catharine,  rf.  unm.  15  Oct.  1875. 

Martha,  m.  Sept.  1823,  William  Kogcrs,  Esq.,  of  Carraminna, 
CO.  Galway,  and  has  issue. 
The  eldest  son, 

John  Lopdell,  Esq.  of  Eaheen  Park,  J. P.,  B.A.,  6.  25  Feb. 
1792;  called  to  the  Irish  Bar  1818;  m.  9  Jan.  1823,  Jane, 
eldest  dau.  of  Peter  Blake,  Esq.  of  Corbally  Castle,  co.  Galway, 
by  Mary  his  wife,  dau.  of  the  Hon.  John  Browne,  5th  son  of 
the  1st  Earl  of  Altamont,  and  had  issue, 

I.  John  Joseph,  now  of  Eaheen  Park. 

II.  Henry  Eobert  (Ecv.),  h.  13  April,    1832,   Incumbent  of 
KilmastuUa,  co.  Tipperary. 

III.  James,  b.  27  May,  1836;  m.  27  Aug.  1864. 

IV.  Francis  Blake,  6.  22  Dec.  1846  ;  in.  24  April,  1877. 

I.  Maria.  ii.  Elizabeth.  in.  Louisa. 

IV.  Emily,  to.  12  March,  1867,  Willoughby  C.  Newton,  Esq. , 
of  Newton  Park,  co.  Wicklow,  and  Waterloo  Koad,  Dublin  i 
{see  Newton  of  Carrickfergus),  and  has  issue. 

V.  Matilda,   m.    22    Feb.   1877,   Eev.    Francis    J.  Costello, 
Incumbent  of  O'Brien's  Bridge,  co.  Clare.         vi.  Jane. 

Herf.  3  Oct.  1871. 
Seat — Eaheen  Park,  Athenry. 


LovEDAT,  John  Ed'waed  Taylor,  Esq.  of 
WilUamscote,  co.  Oxford,  J. P.,  b.  12  Mai'c'.i,  1845 ; 
s.  2  Aj)ril,  1875  ;  m.  1874,  Margaret,  eldest  dau.  of 
Alexander,  and  the  Hon.  Anne  Cheape,  of  Latho- 
char,  CO.  Fife,  and  has  issue, 

Thomas,  6.  16  Aug.  1875. 
Anne,  6.  11  July,  1877. 

iLtUtittfC. — Thomas  Lovedat,  Esq.  of  Caversham,  Oxon, 
6.  1619;  rf.  1681;  m.  1st,  1670,  Letitia,  dau.  of  Clement  Throck- 
morton, Esq.  of  Hascley,  co.  Warwick,  and  by  her  (who  rf. 
1674)  had  a  dau.,  Letitia,  rf.  young.  He  m.  2ndly,  1679, 
Mary,  dau.  of  Michael  North,  Esq.  of  Christchurch,  Surrey, 
and  by  her  (who  rf.  1724)  had  a  son, 

Thomas  Loveday,  Esq.,  m.  1703,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Wilham 
Lethieuillier,  Esq.  of  Clapham,  Surrey,  great-grandson  of 
John  Lethieuillier,  of  Vallancine,  in  Hainault,  who  suffered 
death  in  the  time  of  the  Duke  of  Alva's  persecutions  {sei 
Borke's  Heraldic  lUaslrations,  pi.  95),  and  had  by  her  (witii 
a  dau.,  Martha,  m.  1774,  William,  son  of  Dr.  Edmund  Gibson, 
Bishop  of  London)  one  son, 

John  Loveday,  Esq.  of  Caversham,  Oxon,  in.  1st,  1739, 
Anne  Maria,  dau.  of  William  Goodwin,  Esq.  of  Arlesoote,  co. 
Warwick,  and  by  her  (who  rf.  1743)  had  one  son,  John,  of 
whom  presently.  He  m.  2ndly,  1745,  Dorothy,  dau.  of  Har- 
rington Bagshaw,  Esq.  of  Bromley,  Kent,  which  lady  rf.  1755 ; 
and  3rdly,  1750,  Penelope,  dau.  of  Arthur  Forrest,  Esq.  of  the 
Island  of  Jamaica,  and  by  her  (who  rf.  1801)  had  issue, 

Arthur  (Rev.),  Fellow  of  Magdalen  Coll.  Oxford,  rf.  1827. 

Penelope,  to.  1st,  1796,  Rev.  'William  Benwcll,  Rector  of 
Chilton ;  and  2ndly.  1808,  Rev.  John  Hind.  Vicar  ot  Fiadon. 
She  rf.  1846.  Sarah,  rf.  1832.  Maiy,  rf.  1840. 

The  only  son  of  his  1st  marriage, 

John  Loveday,  Esq.,  D.C.L.,  to.  1777,  Anne,  dau.  and  heirosi* 
of  William  Taylor  Loder,  Esq.  of  Williamscote.  and  by  her 
(who  rf.  29  Jan.  1837)  had  four  sons  and  one  dau., 

I.  John,  of  Williamscote. 

II.  William  Taylor,  late  of  Williamscote. 

III.  Thomas  (Eev.),  of  Magdalen  Coll.  Oxon,  B.D.,  formerly 
a  Fellow  of  that  College,  1818,  formerly  Rector  of  East 
llsley,  Newbury,  Berks,  b.  11  Feb.  1781) ;  in.  1831,  Mary,  dau. 
of  the  Ven.  Ralph  Cliurton,  Archdeacon  of  St.  David's,  and. 
rf.  1873,  having  by  her  (who  rf.  17  July,  1845)  had  issue, 

1  John  Edward  Taylor,  now  of  Williamscote. 

1  Marianne. 

2  Anna  Sarah,  to.  1850,  Rev.  Edward  Norman  Pocliin, 
Vicar  of  Sileby,  co.  Leicester,  and  has  issue. 

3  Emma  Penelope,  in.  1865,  Henry  Hoper,  Esq.  of  Cow- 
fold,  Sussex,  and  has  issue.  4  Augusta. 

5  Ellen  Jane.  6  Lucy  Elizabeth. 

IV.  Arthur,  of  Doctors  Commons,  6.  8  July,  1791  ;  to.  1825, 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  George  Well.'!,  Rector  of  Wistou, 
Sussex,  and  rf.  1877,  having  had  two  sons, 

1  A'-thur  (Rev.),  M.A.  Balliol  Coll.  Oxford,  b.  24  Sept. 
1826:  in.  1859,  Elizabeth  Lucy,  dau.  of  Rev.  Benjamin 
Lefroy,  Rector  of  Ashe,  Hants,  and. has  issue,  three  sons; 
and  a  dau.,  who  rf.  1868. 

2  George,  of  Doctors  Commons,  6.  18  April,  1828;  m.  1st, 
1865,  Caroline  Martha,  dau.  of  John  Ward,  Esq.,  C.B., 
and  by  her  (who  rf.  1867)  has  one  dau.;  he  //;.  2ndly, 
Magalene,  eldest  dau.  of  Eev.  G.  F.  Turner,  Rector  of 
Rede,  Sutfolk,  and  has  issue,  a  son,  George,  b.  1876. 

I.  Anno,  rf.  20  Jan.  1855. 
The  eldest  son, 

John  Loveday,  Esq.  of  Wilhamscote,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High 
Sheriff  1841,  of  Brazenose  Coll.  O.icford,  D.C.L.  1841,  M.A. 
1808,  b.  8  Jan.  1785 ;  rf.  19  Oct.  1864,  and  was  s.  by  his  brother. 

Rev.  William  Taylor  Loveday,  of  Williamscote,  co.  Oxford, 
and  Arlescote,  co.  Warwick,  b.  15  July,  1787  ;  rf.  2  April,  1875. 

^rms— Quarterly :  1st  and  4th,  per  pale  arg.  and  sa.,  an 
eagle  displayed  -nith  two  heads  counterchanged,  armed-mcm- 
bered,  and  ducally  gorged  or;  2nd  and  3rd,  erm.,  on  a  chief 
indented  sa.  three  escallops  arg.  Cnst—Xn  eagle  displayed 
with  two  heads  as  in  the  arms.     Molto—Cwm  priiui  luce. 

^•,«(.s— Willia-.nscote,  near  Banbury,  Oxon;  and  Arkscotc, 
CO.  Warwick. 






LOVEIili    OF    COLE    PARK. 

LoTEit,  Peter  Audlet  Datid  Aethue,  Esq. 
7f  Cole  Park,  Wilts,  h.  10  Dec.  1S37. 

?£tllEajJC. — John  Harvet,  Esq.  (son  of  IIurIi  Harvey, 
.,  and  granilson  of  Ralph  Harvey,  Esq.,  of  Tibenham 
se  father,  Eohert  Harvey,  Esq.,  Comptroller  of  the  Custom 
ise,  ra.  Sarah,  sister  and  co-heir  of  Hugh  Audley,  Esq.  of 
Inner  Temple)  was  of  Cole  Park,  Wilts,  and  was  buried  in 
mesbury  Abbey,  1712.  The  grandfather  of  the  present 
;  jjsessor  of  the  estate, 

Teter  Haiivet  Lovell,  Esq.  of  Cole  Park  (son  of  Peter  and 

.Sarah  Lovell),  m.  Charlotte,  4th  dau.  of  the  Venerable  William 

U'illes,  Archdeacon  of  Wells,  4th  son  of  Dr.  Willes,  Bishop  of 

'      h  and  Wells ;  and  d.  1841  (hiswidow  in  1ST3),  leaving  issue, 

-ETER  Audloy,  his  heir. 

John  Harvey,  in.  1843,  Emma,  dau.  of  the  late  Sir  Christo- 
pher Bethell  Codrington,  Bart.,  and  has  issue. 
William  Willes  (Rev.),  deceased. 

yrancls  Kredorick,  m.  1846,  Lady  Rose  Somerset,   dau.   of 
the  7th  Duke  of  Beaufort,  and  has  one  sou  and  four  daus. 
Charlotte,  r,i.  W.  St.  George,  Esq. 
Jane  Grace,  m.  Gen.  Shawe,  late  Coldstream  Guards. 
Frances  Sarah,  hi.  Count  Guidoboni  Viseonti. 
Harriet  Jane,  m.  Gen.   Lovelace  Walton,  Into  Coldstream 
Guards.  Julia,  deceased. 

The  eldest  son, 

Peter  Acdlet  Loveli,,  Esq.  of  Cole  Park,  J.P.  and  D.L., 
formerly  an  officer  7th  Dragoon  Guards,  h.  22  llarcli,  1808  ,  ra. 
23  Feb.  1857,  Mary  Jane,  dau.  of  the  late  David  Pugh,  E-^q., 
M.P.  of  Llanerchydol,  co.  Montgomery,  by  Anne  his  wife, 
only  dau.  and  heiress  of  Evan  Vaughan,  Esq.  of  Bcgiiildy ;  and 
('.  8  March,  1869,  leaving  a  son,  the  present  Peter  Acdlet 
r>.\viD  LovELL,  Esq.  of  Cole  Park. 

ArvM — Arg.,  a  chevron  az.  between  two  squirrels  gn.,  each 
cracking  a  nut.    Crest— X  squirrel  sejant  ppr.  cracking  a  nut. 
^L:'.t — Cole  Park,  near  Malmesbury. 


LovEii,  Edwaed  Lotell,  Esq.,  of  Chilcote 
!Manor,  "Wells,  and  of  Diuder,  Somerset,  J. P.,  h.  20 
Aug.  1845  ;  m.  23  Oct.  1867,  Caroline  Georgina, 
youngest  dau.  of  tlie  late  George  Denistoun  iSeott, 
Esq.  of  Lorelhill,  Windsor  Forest,  and  has  had  issue, 

I.  Edwin  Scott  Lovell,  6.  28  July,  1868. 

II.  Charles  Edmund  Lovell,  h.  10  July,  1S69. 

III.  Arthur  Clifton  Lovell,  6.  24  July,  1871. 

IV.  Lilly  Lovell,  b.  26  Sept.  1875. 

tttHCajC— Joseth  Lovell  Lotell,  Esq.  of  Wells,  Somer- 
set (who  inherited  Chilcote  Manor  from  his   tincle,    George 
Lovell,  Esq.  of  Wells,  who  d.  1785),  6.  1780;  m.  Jan.  1810, 
Margaret,  eldest  dau.  of  Edmund  Broderip,  Esq.  of  Wells;  and 
d.  21  Dec.  1842,  having  had  issue, 
Edward,  who  s.  his  father  in  Chilcote,  &.  Nov.  1804;  to.  1S3I, 
Anne  Mitchell,  dau.  of  Jolin  Eodon,  Esq.   of  Vere,  in  the 
Island  of  Jamaica;  and  d.  s.  j).  22  Sept.  1857,  and  was  «.  by 
his  brother. 
Edmund,  .?.  1806;  d.  unm.  11  Sept.  1831. 
Edwin,  late  of  Chilcote  Manor,  and  of  Dinder. 

The  3rd  son, 

Edwin  Lo\-ell,  Esq.  of  Chilcote  Manor,  in  Wells,  and  Dinder, 
Somerset,  6.  7  May,  1808;  m.  14  Sept.  1836,  Elizabeth  Char- 
lotte, eldest  dau.  of  the  late  Edmund  Broderip,  Esq.  of  Cos- 
sington,  Somerset,  and  d.  21  May,  1877,  having  had  issue, 

I.  Esdaile  Lovell,  late  a  Capt.  in  the  army,  6.  25  May, 
1837;  TO.  22  Nov.  1866,  Arthurina  Maria,  dau.  of  the  late 
Rev.  Charles  Drake,  of  Huntshard,  Devon,  and  has  two  sons. 

u.  Charles  Lovell,  Barrister-at-Law,  J. P.,  6.  14  Nov.  1839; 
TO.  14  Sept.  1868,  Ellen,  youngest  dau.  of  William  Edye, 
Esq.  of  Stoke,  Devon;  d.  1  Jan.  1871. 

in.  Edward  Lovell,  now  of  Chilccte  Manor  and  Dinder. 

1.  Lilly.  II.  Frederica  Georgina. 

m.  Blanche  Caroline  Frances,  d.  1848. 

Arms — Arg.,  a  chevron    sa.  between  three  wolves'  beads 
erased  gu.     ( 'rest — A  talbot  arg. 
cSeais— Chilcote  Manor,  and  Dinder,  A\ellB. 

LoTETT,  PniLLirs  Cosby,  Esq.  of  Liscombe, 
Eucks,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1863,  formerly 
a  Capt.  Mercantile  Marine,  b.  1821  ;  m.  1st,  18  Aug. 
1846,  Catherine,  dau.  of  Peter  Sniithwick,  Esq.  of 
Parranlough,  co.  Tipperary,  and  had  a  son, 

Philip  Cosbi,  6. 1847,  deceased. 

He  m.  2ndly,  8  Nov.  1870,  Emcline,  2nd  dau.  o£ 
the  late  William  Snell,  Esq.  of  Plymouth,  and  by  hcff 
has  issue, 

Willlam  Gouch  GnnsiNs,  6. 1S7I. 
Percival  Cosby,  b.  29  Jan.  1874. 
Emeline  Myra,  6.  21  Nov.  1875. 

Capt.  Lovctt  s.  to  the  Liscombe  estate  under  the 
will  of  Elizabeth  Anne  Lovctt,  eldest  dau.  of 
Jonathan  Lovett,  Bart. 

IttltCajr.— The  family  of  Lovett  is  of  Norman  extraction, 
and  is  authentically  reduced  from  Richard  de  Louet,  iciiip. 
CoNQDESTORis.  (FoF  detailed  particulars,  see  Burke's  Extinct 

Sir  Robert  Lovett,  of  Liscombe,  High  Sheriff  co.  Bucks 
1608,  d.  1643,  leaving  by  Anne,  his  2nd  wife,  dau.  of  Richard 
Saunders,  Esq.  of  Dinton,  eight  daus.  and  four  sons,  Rodekt 
of  Liscombe,  Sheriff  of  Bucks  1604 ;  Edward,  of  Corfe  (whose 
son,  Robert,  of  Liscombe,  d.  nam.);  Christopher,  of  whose 
line  we  treat;  and  Laurence,  of  Eythorp.    The  3rd  son, 

Christovher  Lovett,  was  fir.^t  settled  as  a  Merchant  in 
Turkey,  but  subsequently,  in  160O,  removed  to  Dublin,  of 
which  city  he  became  Lord  Mayor.  He  m.  Frances  O'.More, 
dau.  and  heir  of  Roger  O'More,  and  had  (with  four  daus., 
Anne,  hi.  1st,  William  Tighe,  Esq.  of  Riuland,  and  2ndly, 
Judge  Coots;  Frances,  wife  of  Maior-Gen.  Pearce ;  Mary,  rii. 
Medhop  Lloyd,  Esq. ;  and  Rebecca,  wi.  Jonathan  Ashe,  Esq. 
of  Ashe  Grove,  co.  Tipperary)  three  sons,  Christopher,  John, 
and  Edward.    The  eldest  son, 

Christopher  Lovett,  Esq.,  inherited  Liscombe,  co.  Bucks, 
at  the  decease  of  his  first  cousin,  Robert  Lovett,  Esq.,  but 
dying  unm.,  he  was  s.  by  his  brotlier. 

Col.  John  Lovett,  of  Liscombe,  m.  1st,  Susannah  Horton, 
widow,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Laurence  Lovett,  Esq.  of  Eythorp, 
and  had  two  sons, 

I.  Robert. 

II.  Christopher,  m.  Jane  Willington,  widow,  dau.  of  Alex- 
ander Cosby,  Esq.  of  Stradbally,  Queens  Co.,  and  was 
father  of 

Robert,  who  m.  Miss  Howell,  and  had  issue, 

1  John,  d.  unm. 

2  Sackville  Hatch,  J.P.,  Comptroller  of  Taxes  in  Ireland, 
m.  1st,  his  cousin  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Lovett,  and  by  her 
had  issue, 

Jonathan  Vaughan,  in.  Miss  Daunt,  and  had  a  son, 
Sackville  (who  rf.  1849),  and  several  daus.    He  d.  1850. 
Fanny,  to.  Ludovick  J.  Grant,  Esq.,  2nd  son  of  the  late 
Sir  A.  Grant,  Bart.,  and  rf.  1840. 

Mr.  Sackville   Lovett  to.  2ndly,  Bridget,  joungest  dau. 

of  Jonathan  Seaver,  Esq.  of    Heath  "Hall,   J. P.,   High 

Sheriff  of  cos.  Armagh  and  Monaghan,  and  by  her  liaJ 


Richard  Donougitmore  Lovett,  Esq.  (Home  View, 
Cheltenham),  30th  male  representative  of  the  Lovett 
family,  m.  19  Jan.  1854,  Amelia  Lilias  Jane,  youngest 
dau.  of  Samuel  Fyler,  Esq.  of  Down  Street,  Piccadilly, 
and  Twickenham,  Middlesex. 

Eobert,  formerly  Rector  of  Trinity,  Bath,  then  Vicar  of 
Islington,  Bovey  Tracey,  now  Rector  of  Caiindle  Bisho;), 
Sherborne,  Dorset,  m.  1st,  Frances,  dau.  and  heiress  of 
"William  Aldwin  Soames,  Esq.  of  Langdon  Hills,  Essex, 
and  by  her  (who  rf.  Aug.  1853)  has  issue,  1  Robert 
Jonathan  Arden,  6.  4  Nov.  1851 ;  1  Eliza  Fanny  Ara- 
bella, deceased;  2  Sarah  Alice  Bridget  Engainc;  and 

3  Myra  Isabel  Florence,  deceased.  He  m.  2ndly,  27  July, 
1863,  Elizabeth,  youngest  dau.  of  the  late  Huuli 
Lumsden,  Esq.  of  Pitcaple,  Sheriff  of  Sutherland,  and 
J.P.  and  D.L.  for  co.  Aberdeen,  and  by  her  has 
issue,  2  Sackville  Hatton  Harry  Verncy,  b.  29  April, 
1864;     3  William  Edward  Turrille,  b.  6  June,   1865; 

4  Neville  Ernest,  6.  16  F'eb.  1869;  5  Richard  Gordon 
Beresford,  6.  17  April.  1870;  6  Henry  Cosbv  Lcix,  6. 
24  Dec.  1871 :  4  Mabel  Edith,  b.  21  Sept.  1873. 

Henry,  in  India,  m.  Miss  Rogers,  and  left  issue. 
Catherine,  m.  W.  W.  Henry,  Esq.,  eldest  son  of  Mr. 

and  Lady  Emily  Henry,   and  nephew  of  the  Duke  of 

Leinster,  rf.  1861. 
Jane,  ni.  Richard  Swift,  Esq.  of  Lynn,  co.  AVcstineath, 

J.P.  Eliza. 

Susan,  m.  Rev.  L.  F.  Thomas,  son  of  Major-Gen.  Lewis 

Thomas,  C.B.  Anne,  rf.  v.nm. 

3  Verney,  Capt.  50th  foot,  m.  Jane,  dan.  of  —  Gore,  Esq., 
and  had  i.^sue,  George  W.  M.,  Capt.  50th  foot. 

4  Philips  Cosby,  Comptroller-General  of  Excise,  m.  Re- 
becca, dau.  of  Joseph  Gubbins,  Esq.  of  Maid-stonc  C;ustle, 
and  was  father  of  Philips  Cosby  Lovett,  Esq.  now  of 
Liscombe  House,  Bucks. 

5  John  Beresford,  to.  a  dau.  of  —  Knipe,  Esq.,  and  was 
father  of  several  daus.,  and  one  son,  the  Rev.  Robert 





Lovelt,  Rector  of  Pickwell,  co.  Leicester,  who  is  married, 
and  has  (with  daus.)  two  sons,  Beresford,  C.S.I.,  Capt. 
Eoyal  Engineers,  H.M.'s  Indian  army;  and  Edmond. 

He  m.  2ndly,  Mary,  dau.  of  Ralph  Verney,  Viscount  Fer- 
managh, add  had  two  sons,  Verney,  M. P.;  and  John,  Capt. 
R.N.,  who  both  d.  unm.  Col.  Lovett  d.  1710,  and  wass.  hy 
his  son, 

RoBEET  Lovett,  Esq.  of  Liscombe,  co.  Bucks,  and  Kings- 
well,  CO.  Tipperary,  High  Sheriff  of  King's  Co.  He  m.  Sarah, 
dau.  of  Jonathan  Ashe,  Esq.  of  Ashe  Grove,  and  hast  (with 
three  daus.,  Susannah,  m.  Jonathan  Darby,  Esq.  of  Leap 
Castle,  King's  Co. ;  Mary,  d.  v.nm. ;  and  Lettice,  wife  of 
Damer  Darby,  Esq.)  three  sons,  of  whom  the  eldest  survivor, 

Jonathan  Lovett,  Esq.  of  Liscombe  and  Kingswell,  High 
Sheriff  co.  Tipperary,  ra.  Eleanor,  dau.  of  Daniel  Maasergh, 
Esq.  of  Macrony,  co.  Cork,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Jonathan  (Sir),  of  Liscombe,  created  a  Bart.,  to.  Sarah, 
dau.  of  Jonathan  Darby,  Esq.  of  Leap  Castle,  and  had 
one  son,  Robert  TurvUle  Jonathan,  d.  1807;  and  three 
daus.,  Elizabeth  Anne,  of  Liscombe :  Letitia ;  and  Ara- 
bella, who  all  d.  unm.  Sir  Jonathan  d.  12  Jan.  1812,  when 
the  baronetcy  expired. 

II.  Vebnet,  D.D.,  Prebendary  of  Lismore,  and  afterwards 
Treasurer  of  St.  Finbars,  Cork,  and  Chaplain  to  the  Prince 
of  Wales,  s.  to  the  Irish  property,  and  was  of  Kingswell, 
He  TO.  Frances  Mary,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Henry  Gervais, 
D.D.  of  Lismore,  Archdeacon  of  Cashel,  and  had  issue, 

1  Jonathan  Henry,  Ambassador  and  Resident  at  the  Court 
of  Persia,  d.  unm.  2  William,  R.N.,  d.  unm. 

3  Henet  William,  of  Kingswell,  d.  unm.  18  i4. 

1  Elizabeth,  m.  Col.  Cameron. 

2  Melisina  Henrietta,  m.  Rev.  Henry  Woodward,  Rector 
of  Fethard,  son  of  the  Bishop  of  Cloyne,  and  is  deceased. 

3  Frances  Mary,  m.  John  Ashton  Yates,  Esq.  of  Diugle 
Head,  CO.  Lancaster. 

Dr.  Lovett,  d.  Feb.  1825. 

I.  Mary,  ra.  Richard  Weeks,  Esq.  of  Limerick. 

II.  Eleanor,  m.  Jonathan  Darby,  Esq.  oi  Leap  Castle. 

HI.  Jane,  m.  John  Bennet,  one  of  the  Judges  of  the  King's 
Bench  in  Ireland. 

IV.  Susanna,  in.  William  Henn,  Esq.,  Master  in  Chancery, 
son  of  William  Henn,  Esq.,  one  of  the  Judges  of  the  King's 
Bench  in  Ireland. 

V.  Elizabeth,  ra.  John  Pigott.  Esq.  of  Cappard,  Queen's  Co. 

Arms — Quarterly:  1st  and  4th,  sa.,  three  wolves'  heads  or; 
2nd  and  3rd,  arg.,  three  wolves  passant  in  pale  sa.  Crest — -A. 
wolfs  head  erased  sa. 


1354,  Lieut.  60th  Royal 
31  July, 


Lovett,  Thom:as  Heaton,  Esq.  of  Belmont, 
Salop,  J. P.,  Col.  of  the  Nortli  Shropshire  Volunteers, 
retired  1869,  and  formerly  Major  98th  regt.,  h.  1 
May,  1817;  m.  22  Nov.  1851,  Cecil  Ehzabeth, 
eldest  dau.  of  Wilson  Jones,  Esq.  of  Hartsheath 
Park,  CO.  Flint,  and  by  her  (who  d.  3  Feb.  1S76) 
has  issue, 

I.  Hubert  Richaed,  &.  30  March 

II.  Henry  Wilson,  Lieut.   13th  Light  Infantry,  6 

III.  Arthur,  h.  25  Oct.  18G3. 

IV.  Richard  Dale,  b.  3  Jan.  1S70. 

I.  Margaret  Josephine.  n.  Cecil  Helen. 

III.  Lucy,  d.  9  Nov.  1800.  iv.  Evelyn  Grace. 

V.  Mabel  Bessie.  vi.  Ethel  Ehzabeth. 

?LtlICil(IC. — Joseph  Lovett,  Esq.,  was  son  of  Joseph 
Lovett,  who  m.  Ann  Redding,  of  co.  Lincoln,  and  lived  at  Mount 
Sorrell,  co.  Leicester;  he  is  said  to  have  been  descended 
from  Joseph  Lovett,  of  Newington,  co.  Warwick,  one  of  the 
Lovetts  of  Liscombe.  Mr.  Lovett  m.  17  June,  1704,  Mary, 
2nd  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Thomas  Dale,  Esq.  of  Greenhead 
House,  CO.  Stafford,  and  d.  1754,  having  had  (with  two  daus., 
Sarah  and  Anne,  both  d.  %i:nm.)  three  sons,  Kiehard,  b.  16  Jan. 
1705,  d.  v.nm.  7  June,  1727;  Jcseph,  of  whom  presently ;  and 
Dale,  b.  1721,  who  m.  Ehzabeth  Belford,  and  d.  s.  p.  The  2nd 

Joseph  Lovett,  Esq.,  h.  18  Sept.  1714  ;  m.  11  July,  1743, 
Anne,  dau.  of  William  Sherman,  Esq.  of  Newcastle,  co.  Staf- 
ford, and  had  (with  two  daus.,  Margaret,  d.  young  1745 ;  and 
Mary,  m.,  but  d.  s.  p.)  three  sons,  i.  William,  6.  7  Aug.  1747, 
d.  unm. ;  il.  Thomas,  b.  13  Aug.  1749,  m.  30  May,  1780,  Jlary, 
dau.  of  Thomas  Jones,  Esq.,  and  d.  13  July,  1801,  leaving  one 
son,  Richard,  b.  19  Aug.  1781,  who  d.  unm.  23  Sept.  1814; 
HI.  John.    The  youngest  son, 

John  Lovett,  Esq.,  of  Belmont,  h.  11  May,  1754 ;  n.  29  June, 

1782,  Anne,  dau.  of  Edward  Venables,  Esq,  of  Liverpool,  and 
d.  May,  1795,  having  had,  witix  several  daus.  (who  d.  ia 
infancy),  four  sons, 

I.  John,  b.  26  May,  1786;  d.  nam.   1814. 

II.  Joseph  Venables,  late  of  lielmont. 

III.  William,  6.  27  Aug.  1791 ;  d.  unm.  1807. 

IV.  Thomas,  of  Fernhill,  Salop,  b.  27  Aug.  1702;  m.  19  Fel). 
1835,  the  Hon.  Emily  Henniker,  3rd  dau.  of  John  Minct, 
3rd  Lord  Henniker,  and  dying  Feb.  1863,  left  issue, 

1  John  Hennikee,  of  Fernhill,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  b.  1836;  r,i. 
1859,  Laura,  youngest  dau.  of  Philip  Morier,  Esq.,  H  M.'s 
Minister  at  Dresden,  and  has  issue,  Horace  William 
Fitzroy,  Roger,  d.  9  March,  1878,  Thomas,  and  Constance 

2  William,  b.  1843. 

1  Emily  Anne.  2  Mary. 

3  Louisa  Elizabeth.  4  Anna  Sophia,  d.  1872. 
The  2nd  son, 

Joseph  Venables  Lovett,  Esq.  of  Belmont,  J. P.,  D.L., 
High  Sheriff  1847,  formerly  Lieut,  in  the  army,  6.  1  Au^.  1787; 
ra.  24  April,  1815,  Margaret,  2nd  dau.  of  Richard  Hcaton,  Esq. 
of  Plas  Heaton,  co.  Denbigh  {see  that  Family),  acniX  by  her  (who 
d.  1851)  had  issue, 

Thomas  Heaton,  now  of  Belmont. 

Joseph  Venables,  6.   18  April,   1825,  formerly  in  the  R.N., 

retired  Major  of  Shropshire  Militia,  m.  1871,  Lucy,  2nd  dau. 

of  Col.  E.  Corbett,  M.P.,  of  Longnor  Hall,  Salop,  and  has 

issue  one  son,  Rowland  Joseph  Venables,  6.  April,  1872. 
John  Richard,  6.  21  Aug.  1826,  Col.  in  the  army,  retired  on 

full  pay. 
Sarah  Anne.  Henrietta  Mary,  d.  1832. 

Caroline.  Emily,  d.  1842.  Isabella  Margaret. 

Mr.  J.  V.  Lovett  d.  15  Jan.  186G,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 
Thomas  Heaton,  now  of  Belmont. 

Arms — Arg.,  three  wolves  passant  in  pale  sa.     Crest — A  wolf  , 
passant  ppr. 
5eaJ— Belmont,  Salop,  near  Chirk,  co.  Denbigh. 

See  preceding  Memoir. 


"Lovr,  John,  Esq.  of  Sunvale,  co.  Limerict,  J.P. 
and  D.L.,  High  Sherifp  1852,  M.A.  Trin.  Coll- 
Dublin,  1833,  Ban-ister-at-Law,  b.  8  Jan.  1813  ;  m. 
2  Dec.  1841,  Sophia  Georgiana,  only  dau.  of  George 
Mahon,  Esq.  of  Mount  Pleasant,  co.  Mayo  (youngest 
son  of  Ross  Mahon,  Esq.  of  Castlcgar,  co.  Galway, 
by  his  wife  Lady  Anne  Browne,  dau.  of  1st  Earl  of 
Altamont),  by  Sophia  his  Avife,  eldest  daa.  of  David 
Ker,  Esq.,  of  Portavo  and  Montalto,  co.  Down, 
and  has  issue, 

I.  Geoege  Peter,  b.  20  July,  1843,  B.A.  Oriel  Coll.  Oxford, 
late  Capt.  8th  Hussars. 

II.  John  Maxwell,  b.  20  Nov.  1844,  Capt.  46th  regt. 

I.  Sophia  Georgiana,  d.  1  March,  1848. 

II.  Henrietta  Catherine,  m.  27  Jan.  1868,  W.  J.  Scarlett, 
Esq.,  late  Capt.  5th  Dragoon  Guards,  and  has  issue  sons 
and  daus. 

ILlUCJlflC* — Simon  Low  settled  in  Ireland  about  the  year 

Peter  Low,  Esq.  of  Lowtown,  co.  Limerick,  J.P.  and  D.L. 
(2nd  son  of  Simon  Low,  by  Elizabeth  Blackmore  his  wife,  wlio 
d.  1800),  m.  1811,  Louisa,  eldest  dau.  of  Sir  Richard  Butler, 
Bart,  of  Garryhundon  and  Ballintemple,  co.  Carlow,  and  dying 
1842,  left  issue, 

John,  now  of  Sunvale. 

Richard  Butler,  late  Capt.  53rd  regt.,  m.  1841,  .Ann.T,  dau.  of 

Montifort  Westropp,  Esq.  of  Mellon,  co.  Limerick,  and  by 

her,  who  d.  1858,  had  issue,  two  sons  and  three  daus.    He 

d.  Nov.  1868.  Henry,  6.  1826;  d.  1860. 

Sarah,  rn.  18  Aug.  1831,  William  Musscndcn,  Esq.  of  Larc'.;- 

field,  CO.  Down,  D.L.,  d.  22  April,  1868. 
Elizabeth,  (ii.  12  July,  1836,  Fioderick  Thomas  Jessop,  Esq. 

of  Doory  Hall,  co.  Longford,  D.L.,  both  deceased. 
Louisa,  ?/!.  Thomas  Waring,  Esq.  of  Waringfieid,  co.  Down, 

both  deceased. 
Kate,  in.  Robert  Ruttledge,  Esq.  of  Bloomficid,  co.  Mayo, 

D.L.,  and  is  deceased. 
Henrietta,  m.  Charles  George  Mahon,  Esq.  of  Mount  Pleasant, 

CO.  Mayo,  D.L.,  who  is  deceased. 

Seal — Sunvale,  Kilmallock,  co.  Limerick. 






Lowe.  Euwaed  Joseph,  Esq.  of  Ilighfickl 
ilouse,  CO.  Nottingham,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  b.  11  Nov. 
.825;  m.  2  Jan.  1819,  Anne,  eldest  dau.  of  George 
iilcock,  Esq.  of  Nottinglaam,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Alfred  Edward  Lawson,  F.S.A..  senior  Capt.  Royal 
Slienvood  Foresters,  or  Nottinshamsliire  rcgt.  of  Militia, 
6.  2  Nov.  1819;  m.  17  July,  1S72,  Gertruite  Kiiiily,  only 
dau.  of  Eev.  George  Otter,  M.A.,  Viear  of  llutknall 
Torkartl,  to.  Nottingluim,  antl  graiul-dau.  of  Rev.  Kclward 
Otter,  M.A.,  J. P.,  Rector  of  BotUal,  Nortluimbeilaiui,  and 
Prebendary  of  York  (whose  younger  brcther,  the  Right 
Rev.  AVilliara  Otter,  D.D.,  became  Lord  Rishop  of 
Chichester  18.3G),  and  has  issue, 

1  Peucival  Edwaud  IIcbst,  b.  23  July,  1873. 
1  Gertrude  Gwenllyan. 

II.  Hugh  Lee  Peyton,  6.  27  Oct.  1S5G. 

»Ir.  Lowe  is  a  Fellow  of  the  Eoyal  Society,  of  the 
loyal  Astronomical,  Meteorological,  Linna^an,  Geo- 
ogical  and  Zoological  Societies,  and  the  author  of 
cveral  scientific  works. 

JLtnrajr.— This  family  is  of  long  standing  in  co.  Chester, 
nd  appears  to  have  been  originally  seated  in  the  eastern  part 
f  that  CO. ;  the  name  being  traditionally  derived  from  an  old 
lansion  called  The  Lowe.  William  del  Lowe,  who  is  shown 
y  ancient  charters  to  have  held  lands  in  Macclesfield  in  1392, 
nd  whose  son,  Thomas  del  Lowe,  was  an  AU'.erman  of  Mac- 
Icsfield,  and  Mayor  of  that  town  1430,  1439  and  1440,  was 
resumably  the  brother  of  Thomas  del  Lowe,  who  d.  Ul."), 
■aving  a  son  Geoffrey  del  Lowe,  who,  according  to  the  Wolley 
ISS.  in  the  British  Museum,  m.  Margaret,  dau.  of  Sir  Peter 
.egh,  Knt.  of  Lyme,  co.  Chester  (and  widow  of  Nicholas 
lundell?),  and  d.  on  the  Monday,  in  the  third  week  of  Lent, 
151.  Peter  del  Lowe,  who  is  assumed  to  have  been  a  son  of 
16  last-named,  settled  in  the  neighbourliood  of  Northwich, 
5.  Chester,  and  by  a  cliarter,  dated  1  Sept.  1473,  testified  that 
e,  together  with  William  Coton,  of  Derby,  John  Ilalyn, 
riestof  Witton,  and  his  three  sons,  Thomas  del  Lowe,  William 
cl  Lowe,  and  Lawrence  del  Lowe,  had  witnessed  a  certain 
harter  of  Thomas  de  Whytington,  of  Eelper,  co.  Derby,  and 
[argery  his  wife.  Of  the  above-named,  Thomas  del  Lowe,  m. 
J71,  Joane,  eldest  dau.  and  co-heiress  of  Thomas  Fawne,  Lord 
f  Alderwasley,  co.  Derby,  and  became  the  ancestor  of  the 
owes  of  that  place;  Lawrence  was  the  progenitor  of  the 
owes  of  Denby  and  Locko  Park,  co.  Derby;  whilst  the 
ascendants  of  William  continued  for  some  generations  in  the 
Sapelry  of  Witton,  CO.  Chester.  There  was  likewise  another 
[)n,  George,  who  left  an  only  dau.  and  heirc.'s  Margaret,  who, 
ccording  to  an  ancient  emblazoned  pedigree  preserved  at 
amerford  Booths  Hall,  was  m.  1479,  to  AVilliam  Swetcnham, 
sq.,  of  Somerford  Booths,  co.  Chester,  and  carried  lands  in 
[acclesSeld,  Pexhall,  and  Bollington  into  that  family.  Of 
lat  branch  which  derived  its  descent  from  William  del  Lowe, 


I  Jons  Lowe,  of  Ilartford,  co.  Chester,  6.  about  the  year 
'367,  and  d.  1632,  devising  by  his  will  that  his  body  should 
I  be  buryed  within  ye  chappell  of  Wytton."  Ry  Eleanor 
I  is  wife  (who  survived  him)  he  had  issue, 

!  I.  George,  of  Hartford,  who  inherited  his  father's  lands  a* 
f  Hartford  and  Northwich,  and  d.  25  Nov.  1669,  and  was 
i  buried  at  Witton.  By  Elizabeth  Coulthurst  his  wife  (who 
j  survived  him,  and  dying  15  March,  1691,  was  also  buried  at 
I    Witton)  he  had  issue  a  son, 

I  John,  of  Hartford,  who  is  mentioned  in  Ormerod's  History 

\  of  Cheshire,  as  having  purchased  a  moiety  of  the  Manorof 

\  Hartford.    He  «!.  21  Dec.  1669,  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Eaton, 

I  Esq.,  and  d.  23  Dec.  1694,  and  was  buried  at  Witton.     He 

I  left  issue,  four  sons,  John,  Robert,  Nathaniil,  and  George, 

I  and  two  daus.,  Mary,  m.  1693,  John  Swynton,  Gent.,  of 

I  Nether  Knutslord,  co.   Chester,  and  Elizabeth,  who  d. 

I  untie.  Jan.  1697. 

I  n.  Robert,  of  Newton  Hall,  co.  Chester,  who  purchased  the 
I  ailvowson  and  impropriate  Rectory  of  Middlewich  from 
I  William,  2nd  Lord  iirercton,  1663,  and  (/.  26  July,  1679,  and 
was  buried  in  the  chancel  at  Middlewich.  By  Eleanor  his 
wifo,  youngest  dau.  of  Richard  Gerard,  Esq.  of  Crewood 
I  Hall,  CO.  Chester,  he  left  issue  two  sons, 
I  1  John,  who  by  his  deed,  dated  15  March,  1677,  conveyed 
I  to  his  younger  brother  all  his  right  and  claim  to  the 
1  advowson  and  impropriate  tithes  of  Middlewich,  whiih 
I  had  been  settled  upon  him  by  his  father,  and  d.  in  that 
i        s:ime  year,  leaving  issue  three  sons  and  one  dau. 

2  .Samuel,  of  Newton  Hall,  who  appears  to  have  rebuilt 
that  mansion,  which  still  remains  in  the  possession  of  his 
descendants,  and  bears  upou  it  the  arms  of  the  family. 

with  the  initi.als  "S.L.,"  and  the  date,  "  1677."  lie  ;». 
Jane,  sole  dau.  and  heinss  of  Janus  John.'on,  Esq.  of 
Sall'ord,  co.  Lancaster,  and  d.  16  Aug.  1702,  having  had 

James,  of  Newton  Hall,  d.  unm.,  and  was  buried  at  Mid- 
dlewich, 20  Out.  1724. 
Robert,  of  Newton  Hall,  and  of  the  Inner  Temple,  Bar- 
rister-at-Law,    J.P.   for  co.    Cheshire,   and  sometime 
Chairman  of  the  Quarter  Sesr-ions,  vihod.s.  2>-,  and  was 
buried  at  Middlewich,  14  April,  1750. 
Martha,  eventual  heiress  in  her  issue  of  this  branch,  m. 
22  Aug.  1692,   Edward  Moreton.  E.sq.  of  Church  Hill, 
Over,  CO.  Chester,  and  was  buriia  at  Over,  30  Aug.  1727. 
Jane,  d.  unm, 
III.  William,  d.  young,  and  was  buried  at  Witton,  24  Ju]y> 
1617.  IV.  John,  of  whom  we  treat. 

This  John  Lowe,  of  The  Hulse,  co.  Chester,  m.  1635,  Ursula, 
dau.  of  Ottiwell  Broome,  of  Lostock  Gralam,  co.  Chester,  and 
by  her  was  father  of 

William  Lowe,  of  The  Hulse,  who  was  b.  about  the  year 
1638,  and  dying  4  Jan.  1697,  was  buried  at  Witton.  He  left 
with  other  issue,  a  son, 

Joshua  Lowe,  of  The  Hulse,  b.  June,  16C0;  m.  1682,  Joane, 
dau.  and  eventual  co-heiress  of  Edward  Banester,  Gent,  of 
Allostock,  CO.  Chester,  and  d.  5  Dec.  1729,  and  was  buried  at 
Wilton.    He  left,  with  other  issue, 

I.  William,  of  the  Hulse,  b.  11  Jan.  1683,  d.s.p.28  June, 
1731,  and  was  buried  at  Witton. 

II.  Joshua,  of  Winchani,  co.  Chester,  b.  1686 ;  m.  Nov.  1732, 
Sarah,  dau.  of  Cranage  Wilkoxon,  Esq.  of  .Sproston  Hall, 
CO.  Chester  (who  d.  9  Jan.  1740),  and  d.  s.  'p.  1  Nov.  1754. 

III.  Edward,  who  inherited  his  elder  brother's  estates,  and 
d.  s.  p.  17  July,  1770,  and  was  interred  amongst  his  ances- 
tors at  AVitton. 

IV.  John,  of  Nether  Knutsford,  co.  Chester,  6. 1694 ;  ni.  Mary, 
dau.  of  John  Twemlow,  Gent,  of  Arclyd,  co.  Chester,  and 
d.  26  Dec.  1772,  having  had,  with  other  issue,  a  son,  John, 
who  d.  s.  p.  m.  V.  Ijaxiel,  of  whom  we  treat. 

This  Rev.  Daniel  Lowe,  M.A.  of  the  University  of  Glasgow, 
6.  at  The  Hulse,  20  Jan.  1696;  settled  first  at  Loscoe  and  after- 
wards at  Norton,  co.  Derby,  where  he  d.  2  Jan.  1776.  He  m. 
1736,  Elizabeth,  youngest  dau.  of  Joseph  Mather,  Esq.  of 
Shipley,  co.  Derby,  and  by  this  lady  (who  d.  9  Jan.  1775)  he 
had  issue, 

I.  Joseph,  of  whom  presently. 

It.  Daniel,  of  Aklcruianbury,  Citizen  and  Woolstapler  of 
London,  b.  24  Aug.  1739  ;  ('.  a  batchelor  at  Derby,  16  July, 
1798.  III.  Joshua,  who  d.  in  his  infancy. 

IV.  William,  6.  21  Dec.  1745;  d.  unm.  4  Nov.  1772. 

I.  Hannah,  d.  an  infant  1741. 

II.  Elizabeth,  m.  Rev.  Peter  Robinson,  M.A.,  Vicar  of  Norton, 
CO.  Derby,  by  whom  she  had  two  sons,  and  d.  3  Nov.  1782. 

III.  Urith,  m.  Samuel  Hardman,  Esq.  of  Manchester,  and  d. 
1  March,  1801,  leaving  issue. 

The  eldest  son, 

Joseph  Lowe,  Esq.  of  Highfield,  co.  Nottingham,  J. P., 
settled  in  co.  Nottingham  about  the  middle  of  the  last  century, 
and  having  purchased  the  Highfield  Park  Estate,  in  the 
parishes  of  Beeston  and  Lenton,  co.  Nottingham  (which 
anciently  had  formed  part  of  the  demesnes  of  the  Clugniac 
Priory,  foimded  at  Lenton  by  William  Peverel,  tern}).  Henry  1.), 
he  erected  thereon  the  present  mansion  of  Highfield.  He  was 
for  many  years  an  Alderman,  and  thrice  filled  the  office  of 
Mayor  of  the  town  of  Nottingham.  He  was  b.  14  Aug.  1737  ; 
m.  Oct.  1765,  Sarah,  sole  dau.  and  heiress  of  James  Hurst, 
Esq.  of  Hurst,  co.  Lancaster,  by  Elizabeth  his  wife,  dau.  and 
eventual    heiress   of    Lawrence  Wilson,   Esq.*   of   Bolton-le- 

*  Lawrence  Wilson,  Esq.  was  descended  from  the  Wilsons 
of  South  Tunlcy  Hall,  in  the  township  of  Wrightington,  co.  Lan- 
caster, the  elder  branch  of  which  family  is  now  represented  by 
Robert  Wilson  Ffrance,  Esq.  of  RawclifTe  Hall,  in  that  co.     He 
m.  Margaret,  sole  dau.  and  heiress  of  Benjamin  Smith,  Gent. 
of  Ashtun-upon-the-Mersey,  co.  Chester,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 
I.  Joseph,  of  Rivington  Hall  and  Little  Lever  Hall,  co.  Lan- 
caster, ;/i.  Abigail,  sole  surviving  dau.  and  heiress  of  John 
Andrews,  Esq.  of  Rivington  Hall  and  Little  Lever  Hall,  by 
Abigail  his  wife,  dau.  and  eventual  of  Thomas 
Crooke,  Esq.  of  Abiam  Hall,  co.  Lancaster,  and  thus  «.  to 
the  estates  of  the  Andrews  family.    He  had  issue  a  son, 
John  Andrews,  who  d.  s.p.  in  his  father's  lifetime,  10  April, 
1760,  and  a  dau.,  Lydia,  who  also  d.  at  an  early  age.    Mr. 
Joseph   Wilson    survived    his  wife   and    childien,   and  d. 
25  July,  1765,  and  was  buried  in  the  parish  church  of  LuUon- 

I.  Slargaret,  d.  unm.  5  June,  1871. 

II.  Elizabeth,  eventually  heiress  of  her  f.imily,  m.  James 
Hurst,  Esq.  of  Hurst,  co.  Lancaster,  and  d.  1  July,  1797, 
having  had  issue,  an  only  dau.  and  heiress,  who  i;i.  Joseph 
Lowe,  Esq.  of  Hi(;hfield  {as  above). 

III.  Sarah,  m.  Rev.  John  Milne,  but  d.  s.  p.  16  April,  1797. 
Mr.  AVilson  d.  at  Manchester,  21  April,  1752,  and  was  there 





Moors,  CO.  Lancaster,  and  d.  20  March  1810,  and  was  s.  by  his 
only  son, 

Joseph  Hcbst  Lowe,  Esq.  of  Hishfield,  6.  31  Aug.  17G6 ;  m. 
S  March,  1783,  Elizabeth,  eldest  dau.of  George  Lagstaffe,  Esq. 
of  Bishop  Auckland,  co.  Durham  (which  lady  survived  her 
husband  and  d.  IS  Feb.  132C),  and  d.  9  April,  1817,  bavins 
had  issue, 

I.  Alfred,  of  whom  presently. 

u.  Sydney,  of  Beeston,  co.  Nottingham,  6.  9  rch.  ISOl ;  d. 

until.  9  June,  1827. 

1.  Elizabeth,  d.  an  infant,  21  May,  1792. 
n.  Elizabeth,  m.  12  May,   1818,  William  Surplice,  Esq.  of 

Woodville,  co.  Nottingham,  and  d.  18  Oct.  1830,  leaving 

HI.  Sarah  Hurst,  m.  6  Sept.  1830,  Eohert  Allan  Brothers, 

Esq.,  and  has  issue  an  only  dau. 

The  elder  son, 

Alfred  Lowe,  Esq.  of  Highfield,  J.P.,  h.  1  Autr.  1789;  r,;. 
30  Oct.   1812,  Charlotte  Octavia,  youngest  dau.  of  Edward 
Swann,  Esq.  of  Nottingham  (who  survived  her  husband,  and 
d.  26  April,  1365),  and  d.  10  Aug.  lS5o,  leaving  issue, 
I.  Alfred  Hurst,  retired  Major  Eoyal  Sherwood  Foresters,  or 
Nottinghamshire  regt.  of  Militia.  6.  10  Feb.  1814;   m.  Nov. 
1837,  Eleanor  Mary,  3rd  dau.  of  Joseph  Shepherd,  Esq.  of 
Cottingham,  co.  York,  and  d.  27  March,  1870,  having  had 
issue,  1  Alfred  Joseph,  b.  15  May,  1847 ;  2  Edward  Bobert, 
6.  15  Mav,  1847,  d.  at  Lagos,  on  the  West  Coast  of  Africa, 
7  April,  1869;  3  Arthur  WiUiam,  b.  16  Feb.  1352;  4  Sydney 
Armerin,  6.  10  Feb.  1360;  1  Eleanor  Maiy  Charlotte,  d.  an 
infant ;  2  Louisa  Agnes ;  3  Augusta  Eleanor. 
It.  Edward  Joseph,  who  s.  to  the  family  estates. 
III.  Arthur  Swann  Howard,    Col.  of  the  Eoyal  Sherwood 
Foresters,  or  Nottinghamshire  regt.  of  Militia,  b.  4  Dec. 
1826  ;  m.  4.  Feb.  1S65,  Louisa  Euth  Harris,  adopted  dau.  of 
Samuel  Courtauld,  Esq.  of  Gosfield  Hall,  Esses,  and  has 

1  Arthur  Courtauld  Willoughby,  6.  3  April,  1866. 

2  Edward  Aubrey  Courtauld,  6.  16  Aug.  1871. 

I.  Charlotte  Lavinia,  m.  14  Sept.  1843,  William  Winstanley, 
Esq.  of  Chaigeley  JIanor,  co.  Lancaster,  J. P.  (who  d.  22  Feb. 
1873),  and  has  issue.  u.  Marianne  Agnes. 

Anns — The  ancient  arms  of  the  familj-  are,  Gu.,  two  wolves 
passant  arg. ;  but  this  branch  bear,  Arg.,  on  a  bend  engi-ailed 
az.  three  wolves'  heads  erased  of  the  first,  within  a  bordure 
engrailed  of  the  second,  quartering  Hckst,  Wilson,  and  Smith. 
Crest — A  wolf  passant  arg.  coUared  and  chained  gu.  the  chain 
reflexed  over  the  back.  Motto — Innocentia  quamvis  in  agro 

Seats — Highfield  House,  near  Nottingham. 


See  Sheebeooee  of  Oxton. 



DErET-LowE,  William  Deeet  ISTathaniel, 
Esq.  of  Locko  Park,  co.  Derby,  J.P.,  late  Capt.  11th 
Hussars,  b.  13  July,  1828 ;  m.  16  Dec.  1876,  Lucy, 
eldest  dau.  of  Fraiacis  Jack,  Yiscount  Kevrry,  eldest 
Son  of  Francis  Jack,  Earl  of  Eilmorey. 

5LtllC3SC. — The  family  of  Lowe,  of  Denby  and  Locko, 
originally  from  co.  Chester,  are  derived  from  the  marriage, 
iernp.  Henry  VI.,  of  Lawrence  Lowe,  Serjeant-at-Law,  with  the 
heiress  of  Eoscll,  of  Denby.  The  last  male  heir,  Eichard 
Lowe,  Esq.  of  Locko,  d.  1785,  having  bequeathed  his  estates  to 
his  kinsman,  Wilham  Drury,  Esq.,  who  assumed  in  conse- 
quence, 1791,  the  additional  name  and  arms  of  Lowe. 

William  Drcet  Holdes,  Esq.,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff 
1854,  eldest  son  of  Eobert  Holden,  Esq.  of  Darley  Abbey,  co. 
Derby,  and  Nuttall  Temple,  Notts,  by  Mary  Anne,  only  child 
of  WiUiam  Drury-Lowe,  Esq.  of  Locko  Park,  s.  to  the  Locko 
property  as  heir  to  his  grandfather,  William  Drcby-Lowe, 
Esq.,  and  assumed  in  consequence  the  additional  surname  of 
DarRT-LowE.  He  was  6.  5  Oct.  1802;  m.  13  Feb.  1827,  Hon. 
Caroline  Esther  Curzon,  youngest  dau.  of  Nathaniel,  2nd  Lord 
Scarsdale,  and  had  issue, 

I.  William  Deurt  Nathaniel,  now  of  Locko. 

u.  Drury  Curzon,  Capt.  17th  Lancers,  b.  3  Jan.  1830. 

ui.  Eobert  Henry,  Capt.  and  Brevet-Major  Grenadier  Guards, 
h.  7  Oct.  1831  ;  m.  15  May,  1862,  Ellen,  eldest  dau.  of  Joseph 
Eocklington,  Esq.  of  Netherall,  Cumberland. 

rv.  Vincent  Francis  Keppel,  b.  1  July,  1847. 

V.  Eichard  Curzon  Sherwin,  b.  23  July,  1849. 

I.  Felicia.  ii.  Caroline  Mary. 

III.  Florence  Catherine,  m.  2  April,  1SG8,  Francis  Nicholas 
Smith,  Esq. 

He  d.  25  Feb.  1877. 

Arms— Qaartetly:  1st  and  4th,  Lowe:  Az.,  a  hart  trippant 
arg. ;  2nd  and  3rd,  Dbcrt  :  Arg.,  on  a  chief  vert  two  mullets  or, 
each  charged  wjth  an  annulet  az.  Crests — 1st,  Lowe:  A  wolf 
pass  arg. ;  2nd,  Drurt  :  A  greyhound  courant  sa.  gorged  with 
u  plain  collar  or,  and  charged  with  two  mullets  gold. 

ianjf  i- 



Selbt-Lowndes,  William,  Esq.  of  Whaddon 
Hall  and  Winslow,  co.  Bucks,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  b.  6 
Not.  1807 ;  m.   1st,  28  June,  1832,  Lucy,  eldest, 
dau.  of  Isaac  Eawliiigs  Hartman,  Esq.,  Coldstreaiii  , 
Gruards,  and  by  her   (who  d.  21  Oct.  1852)  has 
issue,  / 

I.  William,  J.P.,  6.  13  Nov.  1836 ;  m.  24  May,  1867,  Mai 
widow  of  Eyre  Coote,  Esq.  of  Westpark,  Hants,  and  dauj 
of  Lieut.-Gen.  Lechmere  Worrall,  and  has  issue. 

II.  John  William  Fleetwood,  6.  24  Nov.  1833.  j 

III.  Charles  William  Beresford,  6.  24  Oct.  1843.  i 

IV.  Octavius  William  Cotton,  6.  11  Sept.  1345. 

I.  Clara  Essex. 

II.  Lucy  Isabella,  m.  5  Aug.  1862,  Henry  Peach  Kcighlj"' 
Peach,  Esq.  of  Idlicote  Park,  co.  Warwick. 

III.  Cressida  Elizabeth,  ra.  4  Oct.  18G6,  H.  E.  Johnston* 
Scott,  Esq.  of  Wood  Hall,  co.  York,  2nd  son  of  Sir  J.  V«, 
B.  Johnstone,  Bart.  iv.  Florence  Wynn. 

He  m.  2ndly,  20  May,  1854,  Clara,  2nd  dau 
I.  E.    Hartman,   Esq.      Mr.   Selby   Lowndes  hi 
served  as  High  Sheriff  for  Bucks.     He  is  one  o: 
the  co-heu's  of  the  Barony  of  Grandison,  and  also 
co-heir  of  the  Barony  of  Moxtaccte.     His  claim 
to  the  latter  is  now  before  the  House  of  Lords. 

itillCajC. — Eobert  Low.vdes,  a  scion,  it  is  stated,  of  the 
ancient  family  of  Lowndes  of  iciff/i  Ball,  co.  Chester,  settled 
at  Winslow,  co.  Bucks,  early  in  the  16th  century.  He  m.  1576, 
Jane  Croke,  and  had  issue.  (Capt.  Lowndes,  an  early  settler 
in  Virginia,  ancestor  of  the  Lowndes  family  of  Jamestown  in 
that  State,  is  beheved  to  have  been  one  of  the  sons  of  this 
marriage.  He  acquired  a  large  plantation  in  Virginia,  and 
entailed  it  on  failure  of  his  own  issue  on  the  issue  of  the  elder 
son  of  this  marriage).  Mr.  Lowndes  d.  1602,  and  was  s.  by 
his  eldest  son, 

William  Lowndes,  Esq.,  6.  1585;  m.  27  Oct.  1612,  Frances 
Wendover,  and  had  issue,  of  whom, 

I.  Edmund,  6.  1617,  lived  in  Virginia  and  Ncrth  Carolina. 
North  America,  from  1643  to  1658. 
u.  Egbert,  of  whom  hereafter. 

Mr.  Lowndes  d.  6  Oct.  1654;  his  2nd  son, 

Eobert  Lowndes,  Esq.,  h.  1619,  fled  to  America  in  1642, 
where  he  remained  for  eight  years,  and  then  returned  to 
Winslow.    He  m.  1st,  Margaret  Selby,  by  whom  he  had  a  dau., 

Margaret,  m.  John  Lowndes,  of  Jamcstov.n,  Virginia. 
He  m.  2ndly,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Peter  Fitz William,  by  whoa 
he  had,  with  four  daus.,  a  son, 

William,  his  heir. 
Mr.  Lowndes  d.  Jan.  1683,  and  was  s.  by  his  only  son, 

William  Lowndes,  Esq.,  the  well-known  Financier,  who  wai 
Secretary  to  the  Treasury.  He  rn.  1st,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Sir 
Eoger  Harsnett,  Knt.,  and  by  her  (who  d.  16S0;  had  a  son, 
Eobert,  his  heir.  He  m.  2ndly,  1683,  Jane  Hopper,  by  wiiom 
(who  d.  16S5)  he  had  a  dau.,  Anne,  6.  1684,  who  m. ;  and  3rdly, 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Eichard  Martyn,  D.D.,  by  whom  (who  d. 
1639)  he  had  one  son  and  one  dau., 

William,  of  Astwood  Bury,  ancestor  of  Lowkdes-Stoxe, 
Brightwell  Pari;  co.  Oxford. 
Elizabeth,  b.  1688 ;  ra.  Thomas  Duncomhe,  Esq.,  and  d.  1712, 

Mr.  Lowndes  m.  4thly,  1691,  Eebccca,  dau.  of  John  Shales, 
Esq.,  and  had  (with  six  other  sons  and  seven  daus.), 

Charles,  ancestor  of  the  family  of  Lowndes  of  Chesham 
(see  that  name). 

Queen  Anne  conerred  upon  Mr.  Lowndes,  who  was  many 
years  a  member  of  the  House  of  Commons,  and  Chairman  ol 
Ways  and  Means,  and  to  whom  the  nation  is  indebted  foi 
originating  the  funding  system,  the  office  of  Auditor  of  tU( 
Land  Eevenue,  for  life,  in  reversion  to  his  sons,  with  augmen 
tation  to  his  coat  of  arms.    His  eldest  son, 

Eobert  Lowndes,  Esq.  of  Winslow,  co.  Backs,  bapt.  1678 1 
d.  1727,  leaving,  by  Margaret  his  wife,  a  son  and  successor, 

Eichard  Lowndes,  Esq.  of  Winslow,  High  Sheriff  of  Buckf  1  r^ 
1742,  and  M.P.  for  that  co.  1742.  He  m.  Essex,  youngest  dau 
and  co-heir  of  Charles  Shales,  of  London,  by  Anne  his  wife 
2nd  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Thomas  Barrington,  Esq.,  son  of  Si; 
John  Barrington,  Bart,  of  Barrington  Hall,  who  was  third  ii 
descent  from  the  marriage  of  Sir  Thomas  Barrington,  of  Bar 
rin^Lon  Hall,  with  the  Hon.  Wiuiiied  Pole,  granddau.  an( 



al'  Tk. 

«!/    j 
12.    1 






i-hcir  of  Martraret  riantaeenct,  Countess  of  Salisbury,  dau. 
id  sole  heir  ol  Georpe,   DuUc  of  Claieiice,   broilier  of  Kins 
DWARD  IV.  (sfc  Burke's   VicissUuik$  of  Fuiailks).    By  this 
dy  Mr.  Rithard  Lowndes  left  a  son  and  successor, 
William  Lowndes,    Esq.   of   Winslow    and    Whaddon,   co. 
icks,  who  took  the  name  of  Selbt;  he  m.  17GG,  Mary,  dau. 
id  co-heir  of  Thoma.'  Goostrey,  ICsq.  of  London,  by  Mary  his 
fe,  eldest  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Thomas  Anscll,  Esq.  of  Hitch- 
den,  and  Mary  his  wife,  sister  and  heir  of  Jolin  Eleetwood, 
iq.  of  Missenden  Abbey,  co.  Bucks,  and  by  her  (who  c^.  178G) 
id  issue,   I.  William,   his  heir:    ii.  Robert;    ni.  Richard, 
M.,  Vicar  of  Swanbourne;   iv.  Thomas,  LL.B.,   Rector  of 
)i-th  Crawley;  i.  Mary,  m.  the  Rev.  Thomas  Howard,  A.JL  ; 
Anne;    m.   Elizabeth;    iv.    Essex;    v.  Lydia;    vi.  Clara. 
r.  Selby-Lowndcs  d.  1813,  and  was  «.  by  his  son, 
William  Selby  Lowsdes,  Esq.  of  Whaddon  Hall,  M.P.  for 
.  Bucks  1S07-20,  m.  25  Aur.  1806,  Ann  Elcanora  Isabella, 
u.  of  the  Rev.  Graham  Hannier,   Vicar  of  Hanmer,  Flint, 
d  by  her  (who  d.  30  April,  1852)  had  issue, 
.(.  William  .Sklbt,  now  of  Winslow-  and  Whaddon. 
(I.  Thomas  William,  late  of  the  8th  Hussars,  ;-.  8  Oct.  1810. 
,ni.  Richard  William,  of  The  Elms,  Blctchlcy,  J. P.,  b.  2  Oct. 
:  1811;  1,1.  22  Feb.  1842,  Stary  Susan,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Wil- 
liam Fletcher,  F.R.A.S.,  and  has  issue, 
a  Richard  William,  b.  3  Sept.  1848;  m.  18  Dec.  1872,  Kliz.-i- 
beth  Frances,  only  surviving  child  of  Hon.  Henry  Thomas 
Howard,  2ud  son  of  Thomas,  Karl  of  Suflolk,   uud  has 
J  Mary  Isahclla  Maria,  m.  Robert  Augustus  Aspinall,  Esq. 

2  Eleonora  .\nna. 

3  Sophia  Edith,  ni.  Edward  Hanplopc  Watt^  r.=q.  of  Ilans- 
lope  Park,  Bucks.  4  Emily  Hairictt,'. 

5  Madeline  Philippa.  f>  Gertrude  Matilda. 

7  Evelyn  Rose.  8  Clara  Ivy. 

IV.  Harry  William,  late  of  the  15th  Hussars,  6.20  Sept.  1S12, 

r.  Edward  William,  J.P.,  h.  3  Sept.  1813;  m.  23  Sept.  1$^, 
Mary  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Isaac  K.  Hartman,  Esq.,  auU  has, 

1  William  Seymour,  b.  31  July,  1838. 

2  Owen  Charles,  b.  10  Dec.  1843. 

3  Meyrick  Edward,  b.  1848. 

1  Mary  IsabcUa.  2  Mary  JToyric'!:. 

3  Lucy.  4  Clara  Elizabeth. 

n.  Charles  William,  Rector  of  Korth  C-av,icy,  J  P..  h. 
10  Nov.  1815  ;  m.  2  Nov.  1844,  Laura  Anue,  dau.  of  Thomas 
I>elvcs  BrouRhton,  Esq.,  and  has  issue,     • 

1  Charles  William,  93rd  foot. 

1  Henrietta  Jane. 

2  Mary  Jemima,  in.  1870,  J.  S.  EroTVnrigg,  M.A. 

3  Clara  Elizabeth. 

•.  Selby  Lowndes  d.  18  May,  1840. 

inns — Quarterly:  1st  and  4th,  Lowkdes,  arg.,  fretty  az., 
Jh  interlacing,  charged  with  a  bezant,  on  a  canton  gti.  a 
pard's  head  erased  at  the  neck  or;  2nd  and  3rd,  Selbt,  or, 
•ee  bars  sa.  within  a  bordure  wavy  gu. ;  twenty-six  quar- 
ings,  including  Pole,  Plantagenet,  Neville,  ic  t'/>.s(s — 
■.,  A  leopard's  head  erased  at  the  neck  or,  goixed  with  a  laurel 
inch  ppr.,  for  Lowsdes;  2nd,  A  Saracens  head  affrontce  ppr 
eathcd  round  the  temples  or  and  sa.,  belt  and  quiver  ^uUl,  for 
LBT.  JI/o»o— Ways  and  means. 
Seot— Whaddon  Hall,  Stoney  Stratford. 


See  LowNDES-SioifE. 


LCWNDES,  William",  Esq.  of  Chesham,  co. 
acks,  J.P.,  LL.B.  Trin.  Hall  Cambridge,  Bar- 
9ter-at-Law,  b.  28  May,  1834. 

ILllTCilflC. — Charles  Lowndes,  Esq.  of  Chesliam,  co. 
icks.  Secretary  of  the  Treasury,  son  of  William  Lowndes, 
1-.  also  Secretary  of  the  Treasury  (by  Rebecca  his  4th  wife, 

Lowndes  0/  (F/icc/c^on),  to.  Anne,  eldest  dau.  and  coheir 
Charles  Shales,  Esq.  of  London,  by  Anne  his  wife,  dau. 
d  co-heir  of  Thomas  Earrington,  4th  in  descent  from  the 
irriage  of  Sir  Thomas  Earrington,  of  Earrington  Hall, 
~cx,  with  the  Hon.  Winifred  Pole,  granddau.  and  co-heir  of 
ugaret  Plantagenet,  Countess  of  Salisbury,  dau.  and  sole 
ir  of  George,  Duke  of  Clarence,  brother  of  King  Edward  IV. 
Burke's  Rnijal  Fainilies,  Pedigree  xxvi.).    By  this  lady 

.  Secretary  Lowndes  was  father  of 

William  Lowndes,  Esq.  of  Chesham,  a  Commissioner  of 
:cise,  m.  Lydia  Mary,  dau.  of  liobcrt  Osborne,  Esq.,  Coin- 
isioner  of  the  navy,  and  had  a  son  and  successor, 

William  Lowndes,  Esq.  of  Chesham,  m.  Harriet  Wilson, 
dau.  of  John  Kingston,  Esq.  of  llickmausworth,  co.  Herts, 
and  left  issue, 

William,  of  Chesham. 

Charles  (Rev.),  of  Trin.  Coll.  Cambridge,  M.A.,  Rector  of 
Hartwell  and  Little  Hampden,  Aylesbury,  to.  Bucks,  vi. 
Jane,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Thomas  Walker,  Rector  of  Standon, 
CO.  Stafl'ord. 

William  Henry.  Joseph. 

Jlary,  m.  Capt.  Ch.arles  Eaton. 

Elizabeth,  m.  Rev.  Charles  Henry  Tyler,  M.A.,  Rector  of 
Chelwood,  near  Bristol. 

Harriett,  hi.  Capt.  Thomas  Roberts. 

Mr.  Lowndes  d.  1S31,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

William  Lowndes,  Esq.  of  Chesham,  J.l'.  for  cos.  Bucks  and 
Herts,  D.L.  for  the  former  co.,  and  High  Sheriff  1848,  of  Trin. 
Hall,  Cambridge,  B.C.L.  1832,  b.  24  Nov.  1807  ;  m.  1st,  12  Aug. 
1830,  Mary  Harriet,  3rd  dau.  of  Kender  Mason,  Esq.  of  Beel 
House,  Amersham,  and  by  her  (who  d.  18  April,  183C;  had 
two  sons, 

WiLLi.vM,  now  of  Chrsham. 

Joseph,  b.  2  July,  1S35,  Lieut.  26th  regt. 

He  )/i.  2ndly,  15  June,  1837,  Martha,  3rd  dau.  of  Robert  Sutton, 
Esq.  of  Rossway,  co.  Herts,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

James,  b.  22  April,  18.38. 

George,  b.  13  Aug.  1846. 

Katherine  Martha,  deccafed. 

Clara.  Mary.  Anne. 

Mr.  Lowndes  petitioned  for  the  ancient  barony  of  Monthermer, 
and  his  claim  was  referred  to  the  Committee  for  Privileges  of 
the  House  of  Lords.  He  d.  Aug.  1864,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest 
son  William,  now  of  Chesham. 

Arms — Quarterly,  1st  and  Gth,  Lowndes,  as  in  last  Article; 
2nd,  Shales,  gu.,  six  escallops  arg.,  three,  two,  and  one ;  3rd, 
Barmngton,  arg.  three  chevrons  t;u.,  a  label  of  as  many  points 
az. ;  4th,  Pole,  per  pale  or  and  sa.  a  saltire  engrailed  counter- 
changed;  5th,  Plantagenet,  gu.,  three  lions  passant  yuardant 
or.  Crest — Same  as  Lowndes  of  Whaddon.  MoUo — Ways  and 

(beat— The  Bury,  Chesham,  co.  Bucks. 


Lowndes,  G-eoege  Alan,  Esq.  of  Barrington 
Hall,  Essex,  D.L.  for  Essex,  and  J.P.  for  that  co. 
and  Herts,  High  Sheriff  for  Essex  1861,  b.  28  May, 
1829  ;  m.  1st,  13  Nov.  1856,  Helen  E'nma,  2nd 
dau.  of  the  late  Eev.  Ai'thur  Johnson  Danyell,  of 
Kampisham  Manor,  co.  Dorset  (by  Elizabeth  his 
wife,  only  child  and  heiress  of  John  Daniell,  Esq. 
of  Hendford  House,  Somersetshire),  and  by  her  (who 
d.  at  Naples  14  Feb.  1S63)  has  issue, 

I.  Alan  Gardner,  6.  21  Aug.  1857;  d.  7  Feb.  1SC3. 

II.  Alan  Herbert  Watlington,  b.  4  July,  IfcCa. 
I.  Ethel  Helen  Mary. 

He  m.  2ndly,  6  Oct.  1866,  Fanny,  4th  dau.  of  the 
late  George  Farley,  Esq.  of  Henwick  House  and 
Froxraoor  Court,  co.  Worcester.  Mr.  G.  A. 
Lowndes,  whose  patronymic  is  Clayton,  assumed 
the  name  and  arms  of  Lowndes  on  succeeding  to 
the  estates  of  the  late  Thomas  Lowndes,  Esq.  of 
Barringtou  Hall. 

JLincaffC. — George  Clayton,  Esq.  of  Lostock  Hall,  co. 
Lancaster,  by  Dolly  his  wife,  youngest  sister  of  the  1st  Lord 
Gardner,  and  widow  of  Robert  Barrie,  Esq.,  was  father  of 

William  Clayton,  Esq.  of  Lostock  Hall,  6.  18  June,  1790; 
m.  1823,  Mary,  dau.  of  Edward  Ciiadwick  Gobst,  Esq.  of 
Preston  (of  whom  hereafter},  and  by  her  (who  d.  12  Jan.  184'2> 
had  issue, 

Oeorge  Alan,  his  heir. 

Edward-ffarington  (Rev.),  M.A.,  Rector  of  Ludlow,  Salop,  m, 
9  April,  1874,  Victoria  Alexandrina.  youngest  dau.  of  Col. 
Hon.  K.  H.  Clive  and  Baroness  Windsor  (stc  Burke's  Fecrage 
and  Baronetayi),  by  whom  he  has  issue. 

William  Barrie. 

Valentine  Gardner,  Major  Royal  Engineers,  m.  Mary  Ellen, 
2nd  dau.  of  late  P.  Serjeantson,  Esq.  of  Liverpool. 

Francis  Starkie,  Commander  R.N.,  m.  1872,  i:iizabeth  Har- 
riett, dau.  of  Rev.  W.  House,  who  d.  Aug.  1876. 

Eliza  Dolly,  id.  30  April,  1846,  Capt.  Charles  Edward  Stanley, 
who  d.  13  Aug.  181U. 

Mary  Caroline. 

Fiances  Mildred,  d.  20  Sept.  1868. 

31r.  Lowndes  d.  July,  1863,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son. 





J'amiln  of  ^ofonbcs.  | 

KoBEKT  Lowndes,  of  Overton  (grandson  of  John  Lowndes, 
of  Overton,  and  Alice  his  wife,  dau.  of  Randle  llodc,  of  Rode, 
and  onl}'  son  of  John  Lowndes,  of  the  same  place,  by  Alice, 
dau.  of  Robert  Stephenson,  of  Dalby,  co.  Lincoln),  m.  Eleanora 
Eaven,  and  had  a  son  and  heir, 

William  Lowndes,  of  Overton  and  Lea,  in.  Elizabeth,  dau. 
and  co-heir  of  Ralph  Lowndes,  of  Iladley  and  Lea,  and  had 

John,  of  Overton  and  Lea,  who,  by  Anne  his  wife,  had  an 
only  chilli,  Sarah;  la.  Awn.shain  Churcuill,  and  had  issue. 
She  sold  Lea  and  Overton  to  her  uncles. 

Samuel,  drowned  1707. 

Robert,  of  whom  presently. 

Thomas,  who  purchased  (Jverton.     lie  founded  t!ic  Professor- 
ship of  Astronomy  at  Cambridge. 
The  3rd  son, 

Robert  Lowndes,  Esq.,  purchased  Lea  from  his  niece,  Sarah. 
By  Ruth  Graves,  his  1st  wife,  he  had  an  only  child,  Elizabeth, 
<l.  s.  p.  He  rii.  2ndly,  Mary,  nee  Kenyon,  widow  of  the  Rev. 
\\.  Turton,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Edward,  of  Charleston. 

II.  ItOBERT,  of  Pultcrton,  en.  Derby,  sometime  of  Widcombe, 
Somerset,  in.  Elizabeth,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Richard  Millies, 
of  Chesterfield,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1769)  had,  with  a  son, 
Milncs,  d.  s.  p.,  aged  36,  another  son,  the  late  Thomas 
Lowndes,  Esq.  of  Jjarrinftton. 

I.  Mart,  m.  Chadwick  Gorst,  Esq.  of  Preston,  and  d.  1804, 
having  had  issue  by  him  (who  d.  1797), 
Edward  Gobst,  Esq.  of  Preston,  who,  by  Elizabeth  his 
wife,  dau.  of  James  Wigglesworth,  Esq.  had  issue, 

1  Thomas,  of  Palterton,  who  took  the  name  of  Lowndes. 

2  Edward  Chaddocx,  assumed  the  surname  of  Lowndes, 
ra.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  J.  D.  Nesham,  Esq.  of  Houghton- 
le-Spring,  co.  Durham,  and  left  issue  (see  Lowndes  of 
CfiMlecombe),  d.  Sept.  1B72. 

1  Elizabeth.  2  Barbara  Jane. 

3  Mary,  m.  William  Clayton,  Esq.  of  Lostock  Hall, 
and  was  mother  of  the  present  Mr.  Lowndes  of  bur- 
rington  Hall. 

4  J>orothy  Anne,  m.  William  Adam  Hulton,  Esq.,  Ear- 
rister-at  Law,  and  had  issue. 

y( /•!/!.?— Quarterly,  1st  and  4th,  Lowndes,  arg.  fretty  az.  on 
a  canton  sa.  a  lion's  head  erased  or;  2nd  and  3rd,  Clayton, 
arg.,  a  cross  engrailed  sa.  between  four  torteaux.  Cresta — 
Lowndes,  A  lion's  head  erased  or;  Clayton,  A  dexter  arm 
embowed,  the  hand  grasping  a  dagger,  the  point  to  the  dexter, 
all  arg. 

Smt — Earrington  Hall,  Hatfield,  Broad  Oak,  Essex. 

Note. — A  branch  of  the  House  of  Overton  was  formerly 
seated  at  Bostock  Hall,  co.  Chester,  and  afterwards  at  Hassal 
Hall  in  the  same  co.,  a  scion  of  which  settled  in  South  Carolina, 
Korth  America.     They  descended  from 

John  Lowndes,  of  Bostock  Hall,  Gent.,  son  of  Rtchard 
Lowndes  and  grandson  of  William  Lowndes,  Esq.,  Unvp.  Queen 
Elizabeth,  a  descendant  of  a  younger  son  of  the  House  of 
Overton,  who  purchased  Bostock  Hall  in  that  reign.  He  m. 
Jane,  dau.  of  John  Weld,  Esq.  of  Weld  House,  and  sister  and 
co-heir  of  William  Weld,  Esq.  of  Hastal  Hall,  by  whom  (who 
d.  Feb.  1690)  he  had  ten  children.  He  d.  18  May,  1667.  Of 
his  children, 

1.  Richard,  his  heir,  was  bapt.   13  Oct,   1015,   and  was  s. 
14  Jan.  1709,  by  his  son, 

Richard,   h.  Oct.    1673,   whose  great-grandson,  William 
Lowndes,  Esq.  of  Hassal  Hall,  b.  179.%  (/.  s.  p.  and  be- 
queathed all  his  estates  to  his  niece.  Miss  Susana  Kirkby 
Keddal,  his  sister's  dau. 
It.  Charles,  bapt.  6  Dec.  lOSS,  who  had,  by  Sarah  his  wife, 
a  son, 

Charles,  who  settled  in  early  life  in  the  Island  of  St. 
Christopher,  or  St.  Kitts,  in  the  West  Indies,  and  later 
removed  to  Charleston,  South  Carolina.  He  in.  Ruth, 
dau.  of  Henry  Rawlins,  and  d.  March,  1736,  leaving 
three  sons, 

1  William,  whose  grandson,  John,  was  Surveyor-General 
of  Dominica,  and  d.  1812. 

2  Charles,  a  Planter  in  Colleton  County,  and  Provost 
Marshal  for  South  Carolina  in  17o2,  m.  Jeanuie  Perry, 
and  (I.  1763,  leaving  a  son,  Charles. 

3  Rawlins,  Provost  Marslial  for  South  Carolina  1742, 
was  called  to  the  Colonial  Bar.  He  opposed  the  British 
Government  throughout  the  War  of  Independence,  and 
was  appointed  President  of  South  Carolina  10  March, 
1778.  He  was  three  times  married,  1st,  I.")  Aug.  1748, 
Amarinthia,  dau.  of  Thomas  Elliott,  of  Rantoule.';, 
d.  s.  p.  14  Jan.  1750  ;  2ndly,  23  Dec.  1751,  Mary  Cart- 
wright,  of  Charleston,  by  whom  he  had,  with  four 
daus.,  two  sons  to  survive,  Thomas  and  James;  and 
3rdly,  Sarah  Jones,  of  Georgia,  by  whom  he  had  a 
son,  William.  He  d.  at  Charlestown  2t  Aug.  1800,  and 
from  him  descends  the  present  family  of  Lowndes 
of  South  Carolina. 


Lowndes,  Edwaed  Chaddock,  Esq.  of  Palter- 
ton  Hall,  CO.  Derby,  and  Castle  Combe,  Wilts,  J.P., 
h.  6  Dec.  1833,  M.A.  Trin  Coll.  Cambridge,  High 
Slieriff  Wilts  1874.  This  gentleman,  son  of  the  late 
Edward  Chaddock  Lowndes.  Esq.  (previously 
Gorst),  assumed  the  surname  and  arms  rf 
Lowndes  by  royal  license,  18  July,  1853,  in  com- 
pliance -with  the  testamentary  injunction  of  his 
great-unclcj  Eobert  Lowndes,  Esq.  of  Palterton. 

3LilTCil3C. — Mr.  Lowndes  is  a  descendant  of  the  very 
ancient  family  of  Lowndes,  formerly  of  Leigh  Hall  and 
Overton,  Cheshire  (see  preceding  Memoir).  His  father, 
Edward  Chaddock  Lowndes,  Esq.  (formerly  Edward  Chad- 
dock  Gorst)  m.  1830,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  John  DowthwaiU 
Neshom,  of  Houghton-le-Spring,  Durham,  and  by  her  (who  ^' 
4  Dec.  1848)  had  issue, 

Edward  Chaddock,  now  of  Palterton  Hall  and  Castlecoml)e,| 

John  Eldon  Gorst,  sometime  M.P.  for  Cambridge,  iii.  Mary; 
dau.  of  the  Rev.  L.  Moore,  and  has,  with  other  issue,  a  sonj 
John  Eldon. 

Henry  Sandiford  Gorst,  d.  1852. 

Thomas  William  Gorst.  Robert  Campbell  Gorst,  R.IT. 

Elizabeth  Jane,  m.  the  Rev.  W.  L.  Clay,  and  has  issue. 

Jlary  Rachel  Gorst. 

Frances  Ann  Georgina  Gorst,  d.  young. 

Emily  Barbara,  to.  Capt.  W.  E.  Gordon,  R.N.,  and  has  issue. 
Mr.  Lowndes  d.  9  May,  185D. 

Arras — Arg.,  fretty  az.  a  canton  gu.  thereon  a  lion's  heai 
erased  or,  quartering  Gorst.  Crest — A  lion's  head  erased  or 
gorged  with  a  wreath  of  laurel  vert. 

Heat — Castlecombe,  near  Chippenham. 


Lowndes,  James,  Esq.  of  Arthurlie,  co.  Renfrew 
J.P.,  b.  1822,  Capt.  in  the  Prince  of  Wales'  roya 
rcgt.  of  Renfrewshire  Militia  ;  appointed  1858  to  tht 
Hon.  Corps  of  Gentlemen-at-Arms  ;  m.  1859 
Eleanor  Jane,  dau.  of  John  Marston,  Esq. 

ILtnCilflC. — This  family  settled  at  a  very  early  period  Si 
CO.  Chester,  and  from  a  younger  branch  of  the  Cheshire  famil; 
of  Lowndes  is  stated  to  have  descended, 

James  Lowndes,  Esq.  of  Arthurlie  (youngest  son  of  MatthM 
Lowndes,  Esq.),  who  purchased  Arthurlie  from  his  nephew 
John  Lowndes,  Esq.,  son  of  his  elder  brother,  John.  He  w 
Katharine,  eldest  dau.  of  Joseph  Taylor,  Esq.,  of  Dorsf 
(whose  grandfather  was  for  many  years  M.P.  for  that  co.),  an 
(/.  27  July,  1813,  leaving  issue,  William,  his  heir  ;  James 
Charles;  John  (Rev.)  M.A.  Queen's  Coll.  Oxford,  m.  ChM 
lotte,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  J.  Bartholomew,  of  co.  Northamptoi 
by  whom  he  had  issue  two  sons  (John,  47th  foot;  and  Jamt 
Bartholomew);  and  Joseph.    The  eldest  son, 

William  Lowndes,  Esq.  of  Arthurlie,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  il 
1817,  Janet,  dau.  of  Adam  Keir,  Esq.,  Banker,  of  Paisley,  an 
d.  Nov.  1849,  leaving  issue,  James,  now  of  Arthurlie;  Adai 
Keir,  d.  31  Jan.  1856;  Isabella;  and  Katherine. 

Arms — Arg.,  fretty  az.  on  a  canton  gu.,  a  lion's  head  eraM 
or.  Crest — A  lion's  head  erased  or,  with  a  wreath  of  laure 

iSeot— Arthurlie,  near  Renfrew,  N.E. 


LowET,  Egbert  William,  Esq.  of  Pomero 
House,  CO.  Tyrone,  B.A..  Brasenose  Coll.  OxfoK 
J.P.  and  D.L.,  M.R.I.A.,  B.arrister-at-Law,  Hig 
Sherifl'  1852,  h.  30  Dec.  1816  ;  in.  1  July,  1855 
Frances  Elizabeth,  youngest  dau.  and  co-heir  C 
Benjamin  Humphrey  Geale  Brady,  Esq.  of  Mour 
Geale,  co.  Kilkenny,  and  has  had  issue, 

I.  Robert  Thomas  Graves,  6.  16  Jan.  1857,  Lieut.  1 
Dragoon  Guards.  ii.  William  Lowry,  d.  young. 

I.  Mary  Ann  Catherine.  ii.  Letitia  Maria. 

iLillCilQC— This  is  a  junior  branch  of  Earl  Belmorc 
family,  and  claims  to  be  descended  from  a  common  ancest( 
witli  the  family  of  Laurie  of  MaxwelUon,  Barts.,  now  extim 
in  the  male  line. 

The  Rev.  James  Lowky,  of  Tullyhog,  6.  1707,  4th  son  i 
Robert  Lowry,  Esq.  of  Ahenis  (ancestor  of  the  Earls  Bei 
more),  by  Anne  his  wife,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  James  Sinclair,  < 
Holyhill,  CO.  Tyrone,  was  Rector  of  Clogherny,  and  altc 
wards  of  Desertcreight,  co.  Tyrone,  where  he  d.  1787.    He  r, 





>•,  elder  ilau.  of  John  Kicharclson,  Esq.  M.r.,  of  Rich 
0.  AriuaRli,   and  sister  of  Mary,  Viscountess  Gosforil, 
11(1-  (who  d.  1771)  he  had  issue, 

KoiiEBT,  of  Pomcroy. 

.  .lolin,  llcctorof  Cloghemy,  m.  1772,  Susannah,  only  child 
;uul  heiress  of  the  llev.  George  UnderwooJ,  Hector  ol  Kcn- 
cutt,  CO.  Oxford,  and  had  issue, 

1  The  Rev.  James  Lowry,  Rector  of  Cloghemy,  6.  3  April, 
1773;  U.  4  Nov.  1852.  He  m.  Harriet,  dau.  of  James 
Duberley,  Esq.  of  Heusham  Hall,  co.  Oxford,  by  whom 
(who  d.  a  Jan.  1843)  he  hud  issue  an  only  child, 
1  Harriet  Jlartha,  m.  William  Owen  Jackson,  Esq.,  Eav- 
rister-at-Law,  deceased.  She  li.  1  June,  1870,  without 
■2  JancLowry,  ;n.  1805,  Charles, Frederick  Barnwell,  Esq., 

now  deceased.      She  d.  1  Sept.  1862,  leaving  issue. 
1    James,  from  whom  the  Rockdale  branch, 
ster,  m.  Thomas  Dickson,  Esq.,  M.l'. 

,  ..lest  son, 
;.iBF.RT  LowBT,  Esq.  of  Pomeroy,  6.  2  Oct.  174S;  d.  1S02; 
17  77,  Eliza,  dau.  of  Major  William  Tighe,  of  Ballyshannon, 
1  by  her  (who  d.  1822)  had  issue, 
.    lames,  14th  Light  Dragoons,  b.  May,  1778  ;  d.  unm.  1807. 

I.  UoBERT  William,  late  of  Pomeroy. 

II.  John,  formerly  8th  regt. 

V.  Armar,  of  4oth  regt.,  wounded  at  Orthes,  d.  18  June, 
1^70,  aged  85. 

, ,  William,  of  Drumreagh,  near  Dungannon,  co.  Tyrone, 
f  irmerly  Commander  R.N.,  m.  1819,  Isabella  (who  d.  21 
N'V.   1873),   dau.   of  the  Rev.   John  Graham,  Rector  of 
V  meroy  and   Mullinagore,  co.  Tyrone,  and  d.  19  April 
1^75,  acred  82,  leaving  issue,  ' 

1  K  birt  William,  late  Lieut.-Col.  47th  regt.,  now  Lieut. - 
Gen.  in  the  army,  served  in  the  Crimea,  and  has  medal 
with  three  clasps,  Turkish  medal  and  five  clasps,  and  the 
Medjidie,  6.  20  March,  1824;  m.  9  June,  1863,  Emily 
Kohesia,  dau.  of  Sir  Henry  G.  Ward,  G.C.M.G.,  Lord 
High  Commissioner  Ionian  Islands,  Governor  of  Madras, 
(fee,  and  has  issue, 

Robert  Swinburne,  Lieut.  R.N.,  6.  4  March,  1854. 
"William  Henry,  Lieut.  21st  Royal  Scots  Fusilior.=,  6.  2 
Dec.  1855.  Henry  Ward,  6.  26  Jan.  ISoJ. 

Charles  E.  Corry,  6.  6  Sept.  1863. 
Arthur  Cole,  6.  18  Sept.  1864. 
James  Herbert,  6.  14  May,  1866. 
Ernest  AVard,  6.  15  Feb.  1871. 
Emily  Hope.  Mary  Georgina. 

2  William  John,  Lieu'*  E.N.,  d.  1864.  3  John  Honry. 

4  James  Arniar,  late  Capt.  47th  regt.  d.  24  April,  ls61. 
He  went  through  the  Crimean  campaign. 

5  Armar  Graham,  Capt.  8th  foot,  formerly  Capt.  41st 
regt.,  with  which  he  served  in  the  Crimea,  and  has  medal 
with  three  cla.*ps,  Turkish  medal  and  5th  class  ot  the 
?Iedjidie.  He  iii.  10  Dec.  1869,  Margaret,  dau.  of  the  late 
Robert  Newton,  Esq. 

1  Elizabeth. 

2  Isabella  Hester,  to.  17  Nov.  1864,  John  Toler,  Esq.,  M.D. 

3  Mary  Grace,  d.  20  Feb.  1857. 

[.  Evcrina,  d.  unm.  ii.  Hester,  d.  4  March,  1863. 

;ii.  Elizabeth,  d.  19  Jan.  1867.  iv.  Maria,  d.  umn. 

Idest  surviving  son, 
...niERT  William  Lowkt,  Esq.  of  Pomeroy  House,  J. P.  and 
L.,  High  Sheriff  co.  Tyrone  1812.  6.   1787;  r,i.  6  Feb.  Isl5, 

:.  only  dau.  of  Admiral  Samuel  Graves,  the  elder  brother 

1  Thomas  Graves,  K.B.,  and  had  issue, 

KmEKT  William,  now  of  Pomeroy  House. 
John  Fetherstonhaugh,  of  Belniore,  co.  Westmeath,  Dora- 
ville,  CO.  Tyrone,  oncl  Fitzwilliam  Place,  Dublin,  B.A.,  Erase- 
i.ose  Coll.  Oxford,  Barrister-atLaw,  J. P.,  ni.  12  Sept.  1854, 
Dorothea  Eliza,  dau.  of  William  John  Moore,  Esq.,  and 
relict  of  George  Foliiott,  Esq.  of  Vicars  Cross,  Cheshire, 
nnd  has  issue,  a  dau.,  Anna  Graves. 

omas  Graves,  R.E.,  killed  at  Sebastopol,  7  June,  1855. 

>ter.  Id.  27  May,  1802,  the  Rev.  Ricliard  Johnston,  Rector 

1  Kilmore,    co.  Armagh  (his  2nd  wife);  and  d.  1  June, 

za  Catherine,  m.  9  Jan.  1850,  Capt.  J.  Herbert  Arm- 

:ong,   of  Kilclare,   King's    Co.,   who  d.   17    Aug.   1873, 

tving  issue. 

iia  Jane,  m.  2  April,  1809,  John  Malone,  Esq.  of  Barons- 

u,  CO.  Westmeath  (his  2nd  wife). 

"is— Sa.,  a  cup  arg.  with  a  garland  of  laurel  between  two 
.  hes  of  the  same,  all  issuing  tliereout  ppr.     Cnst — Two 
1  branches  intcrfretted  ppr.  MoUo  over — Floreant  Lauri ; 
below,  Virtus  semper  viridis. 
i — Pomeroy  House,  Pomeroy,  co.  Tyrone. 


LowRT,  James  Cokey  Jones,  Esq.  of  Eoclxdalo, 

Tyrone,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  la'tc  Capt.  R.A.,  and  now 

ajor  of  the  Prince  of  Wales'  Donegal  Artillery 

Militia,  served  in  India  during  the  snppression  of 
the  Mutiny,  for  which  ho  has  a  medal,  6.  2(5  Jur>e 
1835  ;  m.  20  Oct.  1863,  Elizabeth  Jackson,  2nd  dau. 
of  Thomas  Greer,  Esq.  of  Tullylagau,  co.  Tyrone, 
and  widow  of  the  Kcv.  Thomas  F.  Bushc,  and  haa 
I.  Dorinda  Florence.  ii.  Wilhelmina  Ethel. 

ILtnCntir, — James  Lowrt,  Esq.  of  Rockdale,  co.  Tyrone, 
f3rd  son  of  the  Rev.  James  Lowry,  of  Desertcreight  (see  Lowrt 
of  Pomeroy),  iii.  1785,  Martha,  dau.  of  the  Right  Rev.  James 
Leslie,  D.D.,  Bishop  of  Limerick,  by  his  wife,  Joice,  sister  and 
eventual  heir  of  Thomas  Lyster,  Esq.  of  LystcrQeld,  co.  Ros- 
common, and  by  her  (who  d.  Dec.  1831)  had  issue,  James,  of 
whom  presently,  and  Hester,  m.  to  WiUiam  Chaigneau  Colvill, 
Esq.,  an  eminent  merchant  in  Dublin,  and  a  Director  of  the- 
Bank  of  Ireland.  Mr.  Lowry  d.  7  Jan.  1790,  and  was  s.  by  his- 

James  Lowry,  Esq.  of  Rockdale,  h.  1787  ;  m.  1st,  Harriet, 
youngest  dau.  of  Thomas  Pepper,  Esq.  of  Ballygarth  Castle, 
CO.  Meath,  and  by  her  (who  d.  18  April,  lb34)  had  issue, 

I.  James  Corrt,  his  heir. 

II.  Edward  Leslie,  6.  1811 ;  d.  unm.  9  Nov.  1833. 

III.  Thomas  William,  b.  1814;  d.  uniii.  31  July,  1852. 

IV.  Hercules,  6.  1817;  d.  uam.  27  July,  1851. 

V.  Armar,  b.  8  May,  1821;  Adjutant  2nd  Tower  Hamlets 
Volunteers,  formerly  Capt.  30th  regt. ;  m.  Jane,  2nd  duu.  of 
Joseph  Greer,  Esq.  of  the  Grange,  co.  Tyrone,  and  has  had 

1  Mary  Jane,  d.  30  Jan.  1861. 

2  Harriet  Pepper,  lii.  11  April,  1S72,  Frederick  Stutficld, 

\i.  Octavius,  6.  25  Dec.  1824,  Adjutant  Galway  Militia,  late 
Capt.  96th  regt.,  Major  in  the  army;  i;i.  24  Nov.  1851, 
Arabella,  5th  dau.  of  the  late  James  Jones,  Esq.  of  Mount. 
Edward,  co.  Sligo,  and  has  issue,  1  Thomas  Pepper  Ernest, 
6.  8  Oct.  1852,  Lieut.  1st  West  India  reut. ;  2  William  Hay 
Talbot,  6.  2  Dec.  1854;  I  Julia  Edith  Vivian;  2  Florence- 
Emily  Jane. 

VII.  Robert,  b.  5  Nov.  1826;  m.  17  June,  1S52,  Louisa,  dau. 
of  the  late  Thomas  Braddell,  Esq. ;  and  rf.  without  issue, 
15  Aug.  1864. 

I.  Henrietta  Martha,  to.  28  Aug.  1852,  her  cousin,  Henry 
Lowry  Barnwell,  Esq.,  who  d.  20  March,  1853.  She  rf.  20 
Oct.  1872.  II.  Charlotte,  d.  unm.  July,  1834. 

III.  Joice,  TO.  1st,  her  cousin,  F.dward  Leslie  Colvill  Esq.; 
and  2ndly,  Henry  Loftus  Tottenham,  Esq. 

IV.  Georgina,  ra.  16  Jan.  1852,  WiUiam  Acton,  Esq. 

V.  Mary  Louisa  Pepper,  d.  v.iira.  11  Aug.  1S60. 

Mr.  Lowry  m.  2ndly,  15  June,  1835,  Emily,  eldest  dau.  of 
Joseph  Greer,  Esq.  of  Grange,  co.  Tyrone,  and  by  her  (who  0,. 
22  April,  1851)  had  issue, 

VIII.  Henry  MacGregor,  &.  17  Dec.  1833;  Capt.  and  Brevet 
Major  12th  regt. ;  m.  24  April,  1867,  JIargaret  Eliza,  eldcsli 
dau.  of  Ranulph  Dacre,  Esq.,  and  has  issue,  I  Henry  Dacre, 
b.  Aug.  1868;  2  Hubert  Leslie,  b.  1870. 

VI.  Emily,  m.  25  Oct.  1873,  John  Richardson,  Esq.,  of  Trew- 
mount,  CO.  Tyrone.         vii.  Martha  Leslie,  d.  3  July,  1862. 

Mr.  Lowry  d.  14  June,  1847,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

James  Cokrt  Lowrt,  Esq.  of  Rockdale,  Q.C.,  Master  of  tho 
Court  of  Exchequer  in  Ireland,  b.  I  Nov.  1809 ;  m.  1st., 
Dorinda,  2nd  dau.  of  the  late  James  Jones,  Esq.  of  MounD 
Edward,  co.  Sligo,  Capt.  co.  Sligo  MiUtia,  and  by  her  (who 
d.  8  Feb.  1845)  had  issue, 

James  Corrt  Jones,  now  of  Rockdale. 

Edward  Leslie  Barnwell,  b.  27  May,  18.37,  late  Capt.  81st 
regt. ;  to.  1st,  27  April,  1865,  Eliza  Anno,  only  child  of 
Thomas  Taylor,  Esq.  of  Earsdon,  co.  Northumberland,  by 
whom  (who  d.  23  Dec.  1809)  he  has  issue,  i.  Evelyne  Eliz.-.; 
II.  Maud  Ethel.  He  »;.  2ndly,  18  June,  1872,  Edith  Clar.i. 
Ilalyman,  only  child  of  Samuel  Saimders,  Esq.,  and  bus 
surviving  issue,  i.  James  Taylour,  21  Aug.  1875;  ii.  UiiUa, 
Clara  Leslie;  iv.  Joice  Leslie. 

Thomas  Pepper,  b.  13  July,  1839 ;  d.  Jan.  1847. 

George  Pepper,  6.  22  July,  1843. 

John  Robert  ColvUl,  b.  19  Dec.  1844;  A.B..  T.C.D.,  Indian 
Medical  Staff:  m.  26  April,  1871,  Adela  Hastings,  dau.  of 
William  J.  B.  Lyons,  Esq.  He  d.  19  July,  1873,  and  hia 
widow  re-married  J.B.  Allanson,  Esq. 

Harriett,  );i.  30  Jan.  1858,  Michael  Obins  Seeley  Jones,  Esq. 
who  d.  5  April,  li-GO. 

Eliza,  m.  29  Sept.  1863,  John  Twigg,  Esq.,  Barristcr-ai-Law, 
Mr.  Lowry  to.  2ndly,  Ellen,  widow  of  Frederick  Gamble,  Esq. ; 
and  3rdly,  1853,  Jane,  eldest  dau.  of  Booth  Jones,   Esq.  of 
Strydagh,  co.  Sligo,  by  whom  he  bad  a  son, 

Somerset  Thomas  Corry,  b.  21  March,  1855. 
He  d.  20  June,  18C9. 

Arms,  frext.  and  Ji/o/toc.!— Same  as  Lowrt  (/ fojiiaoy. 
Seat — Rockdale,  Dungannon,  co.  Tyrone. 






LowsLET,  Luke,  Esq.  of  Hampstead  Norrcvs, 
Berks,  Patron  of  that  Living  and  tlie  neighbouring 
Living  of  Hermitage,  b.  7  Aug.  1828  ;  m.  12  July, 
1865,  Mary  Maria,  younger  dan.  of  William  Dewes, 
Esq.  of  Wyld  Coui-t,  Berks,  by  whom  he  has  issue, 

I.  Lionel  Dewe,  6.  12  May,  1866. 

n.  Warin  Ashbel,  6.  20  June,  1867. 

m.  Gerald,  b.  28  Dec.  1868. 

IV.  Horace,  b.  6  June,  1870. 

Y.  Montagu,  b.  24  Sept.  1872. 

I.  Miriam  Marie,  6.  26  April,  1874. 

II.  Naomi  Ella,  6.  9  July,  1876. 

ICtltCagC— This  family  claims  descent  from  Sir  ATilliam 
Lisle,  a  Knight  and  High  Sheriff  for  the  co.  of  Ecrks  in 

William  Lowslet.  Esq.  of  Kingston  Eakcpuze,  in.  April, 
1616,  Christian,  relict  of  James  Horter,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  had 
issue,  one  son, 

William  Lowslet,  Esq.,  h.  1610;  m.  14  Sept.  1042,  Frances, 
dau.  of  Edmund  Knyvett,  Esq.,  of  Norfolk,  by  whom  he  had 
issue  two  sons,  William  and  John,  and  one  dau.     He  d.  1671. 

William  Lowslet,  Esq.,  elder  son,  6.  1  Sept.  1644  ;  m.  Nov. 
1674,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Walter  Haycroft,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  had 
issue  three  sons,  .Joseph,  Richard,  and  John.  lie  sold  his 
lands  near  Abingdon,  but  left  remainder  to  his  eldest  son, 

Joseph  Lowslet,  Esq.  6.  7  March,  1G81';  rn.  27  March,  17.32, 
Mary,  dau.  of  James  CoUins,  Esq.,  co.  Berks,  by  wnom  he 
left  at  his  decease,  Oct.  1750,  with  a  dau.,  Elizabeth,  a  son, 

Joseph  Lowslet,  Esq.,  6.  1733;  m.  Sept.  1757,  Elizabeth, 
dau.  of  Andrew  Clack,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  had  issue  two  sons 
and  two  daus.  He  bought  and  handed  down  property  at 
Cherrington  and  Minchinhampton,  co.  Gloucester.   He  ('.  1811. 

John  Lowslet,  Esq.,  elder  son,  b.  1760;  m.  Mary,  dau.  of 
Thomas  Holliday,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  had  issue  two  daus.,  Mary 
and  Harriett,  but  no  son.  His  dau.  Mary,  b.  1804,  m.  24 
April,  1845,  George  Williams,  M.A.  of  Withenford,  co.  Wor- 
cester, and  their  dau.  and  heiress,  Mary  Caroline  Eleanor,  6. 
1846,  m.  1868,  William  Wright  Hoole,  Esq.  of  Crooksmore 
House,  CO.  York. 

Joseph  Lowslet,  Esq.  a  younger  son,  6.  19  Sept.  1765;  m. 
Mary  Bosley.  He  inherited  from  his  f,\ther  the  Berkshire 
property,  and  bought  in  1816  the  estate  of  Hampstead 
Norreys,  co.  Berks,  which  he  handed  down.  He  d.  23  April, 

Job  Lowslet,  Esq.,  of  Hampstead  Norreys,  elder  son,  of 
above,  6.  20  Nov.  1790;  m.  5  Nov.  1827,  Ruth,  dau.  of  William 
Robinson,  co.  Berks.  He  collected  a  large  library  of  antique 
books,  which  he  handed  down.  He  d.  8  July,  1S55,  leaving 

I.  Lute,  now  of  Hampstead  Norreys. 

II.  Jethro,  b.  12  June,  1834;  to.  2  Feb.  1856,  Mary,  only 
dau.  of  J.  Matthews,  Esq.,  co.  Berks. 

III.  Obed,  M.R.C.S.,  L.S.A.  of  London;  h.  7  May,  1833;  m. 
19  July,  1871 ;  Mary,  only  dau.  of  R.  Robinson,  Esq. 

IV.  Barzillai,  Capt.  R.E.;  b.  19  Sept.  1840;  -.a.  28  Jan.  1873, 
Ada  Mansfield,  elder  dau.  of  J.  H.  Pollard,  Esq.  of  Deme- 
rara,  British  Guiana. 

I.  Adah,  b.  18  Jan.  1846;  to.  30  April,  1878,  John  War- 
rington Morris,  Esq.  of  Richmond,  Surrey. 

Anns — Or,  a  fcss  between  two  chevrons  sa.,  the  one  in  chief 
accompanied  of  three  crescents,  two  and  one  gu. — On  a 
chapcau  gu.  turned  up  erm.  a  millstone  arg.  with  milliind  or. 
Motto — An  I  may. 

Stat — Hampstead  Norreys,  near  Newbury. 



LowTHER,  William  Goeges,  Esq.  of  Shrigley 
Hall,  CO.  Chester,  Lieut.  E.A.,  h.  11  Feb.  1850  ;  m. 
1874,  Hiirriet  Agnes,  only  dau.  of  Rev.  Edward 
Leigh  Bennett,  Rector  of  Long  Sutton,  co.  Lincoln, 
and  has  a  son, 

William  Ebnest  Huntingfoud,  6.  4  Dee.  1876. 

iLCllCTtQC— This  is  a  younger  branch  of  the  very  ancient 
family  of  Lowthcr,  raised  to  the  Peerage  in  1696,  under  the 

title  of  LOXSDALE. 

Sib  Christopher  Lowtheb,  of  Lowther,  co.  Westmorland 
(whose  eldest  son.  Sir  John,  was  great  grandfather  of  the 
1st  Lord  Lonsdale),  had  a  5th  son,  William,  father,  by  his 
wife  Eleanor,  dau.  of  Anthonj'  Wclbury,  of  Castle  Eden,  of 
Sir  Hichabd  Lowtuer,  who  m.  Isabel,  2nd  dau.  of  Sir  Richard 
Fletcher,  of  Uuiton,  and  was  father  of 

GEORfiE  LowTOEB,  of  SkWne  Abbey,  co.  Meath,  who  m 
Frances,  dau.  of  Henry  Piers,  Esq.  of  Tristernagh,  and  wai 
father  of 

Edward  Lowther,  Esq.  of  Kilrue,  co.  Meath,  who  m.  Marj,   j 
dau.  of  Patrick  Cusack,  of  Gerardstown,  and  was  father  of 

George  Lowther,  Esq.  of  Kilrue,  M.P.  ;  m.  1711,  Jane,  daa  I 
of  Sir  Tristram  Bere.-ford,  and  sister  of  the  1st  Earl  of  Typooi  I' 
(see  Peerage — Waterford),  and  had,  with  two  daus.,  of  whoir  '' 
the  youngest,  Sophia,  m.  Rowley  Hill,  Esq.,  M.P.,  two  sons, 
Gorges,  of  whom  presently. 

Mabcus.  MP.,  who  ,n.  1743,  Catherine,  sister  and  heir  o; 
Sir  Eduurd  Crofton,  Bart.;  assumed  the  name  and  arms  o 
Crofton,  and  was  created  a  Baeonet  (see  Peerage — Lobl 

The  elder  son. 

Gorges  LowrnEB,  Esq.  of  Kilrue,  for  fifty  years  M.P.  fot 
Meath,  m.  Judith  Usher,  only  sister  of  St.  George,  Lord  St. 
George  (whose  only  dau.  Emilia  Olivia,  m.  AVilliam  Robert, 
2nd  Duke  of  Leinster,  and  had,  with  a  dau.,  Sophia,  m.  Col. 
William  Irvine,  of  Castle  Irvine,  co.  Fermanagh,  a  son  and 

George  Lowtheb,  Esq.,  of  Kilrue  and  of  Lowther  Lodge, 
CO.  Dublin,  m.  Frances,  dau.  of  Chambrc  Brabazon  Ponsonby, 
Esq.  of  Ash  Grove,  and  grand-niece  of  Brabazon,  1st  Earl  of 
Bessborough,  by  whom  he  had  issue. 

Gorges,  his  heir,  of  whom  presently.  ^, 

Chambie  Brabazon  Ponsonby,  Rector  of  Orcheston,  Willl^ 
m.  Miss  Coffin,  and  d.  1832,  having  had  aa  only  son, 
Beresford,  who  d.  young. 

Frances.  Sophia  Jane,  Mrs.  Alcock. 

Juliana,  m.  1803,  Capt.  Thomas  Penruddocke,  of  the  Cold- 
stream Guards,  3rd  son  of  Charles  Penruddocke,  Esq.,  M.P., 
of  Compton  Chamberlayne,  co.  Wilts  (see  Jiat  FamUy). 
Mr.  Lowther  d.  1785.    His  eldest  son. 

Gorges  Lowther,  Esq.  of  Hampton  Hall,  Somerset,  and 
formerly  of  Kilrue,  which  he  sold,  M.P.  for  Ratoath  1790-1800, 
an  officer  5th  Dragoon  Guards,  6.  1769;  »i.  1st,  July,  1794, 
Julia,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Thomas  Huntingford,  and  niece  of 
Dr.  Huntingford,  Bishop  of  Hereford,  by  whom  (who  ci.  1832)  he 
had  issue, 

I.  Ponsonby  (Rev.),  d.  unm.  in  Canada,  19  July,  1854. 

II.  St.  George,  of  Brading,  Isle  of  Wight,  late  69th  refjt., 
111.  1st,  Miss  Amos;  and  2ndly,  Mina,  dau.  of  A.  Golding, 
Esq.  of  Maiden  Earley,  and  has  issue  only  by  2nd  marriage, 

I.  Bebesfobd.  II.  Lancelot. 

He  d.  10  March,  1871. 

III.  Bebesford  (Rev.),  b.  1813;  J.P.,  B.A.  Exeter  Coll. 
Oxon,  Vicar  of  Vowchurch,  near  Hereford,  and  Domestic 
Chaplain  to  the  Earl  of  Lonsdale  ;  m.  1849,  Laura  Alice, 
3rd  dau.  of  Lieut.-Gen.  Horsford. 

IV.  Brabazon,  of  Shrigley  Hall,  Macclesfield,  co.  Chester, 
J. P.,  B.A.  Mcrton  Coll.  Oxon,  to,  Jan.  1847,  Ellen  Jane, 
only  child  of  the  late  Thomas  Legh,  Esq.,  LL.D.,  F.A.S., 
of  Lyme  Park,  co.  Chester,  and  d.  1877,  having  had  issue, 

1  Brabazon,  6.  7 Sept.  1847,  deceased;  2  William  Gorges, 
now  of  Shrigleyl;  3  Henry  Crofton,  b.  26  March,  1858; 
1  Eleanor  Constance. 

V.  Marcus,  of  Thornton,  Ryde.  Isle  of  AVight,  Post  Capt. 
R.N.,  m.  Emily,  Countess  of  Lerchenfcldt. 

VI.  William  Ponsonby,  d.  in  New  Zealand,  1842. 

I.  Julia,  m.  the  Rev.  Harry  Lee. 

II.  Rosalie,  )    , 

III.  Frances  Juliana,  f  «•  «»^'«- 

IV.  Maud,  m.  1st,  Thomas  Legh,  Esq.  of  Lyme,  co.  Clie?teT: 
and  2ndly,  A.  J.  Deschamps  De  La  Tour,  Esq.  of  Milford, 
Hants.  V.  Blanche,  to.  Allen  Dent,  Esq. 

VI.  Sophia,  m.  W.  M.  Bridger,  Esq.  of  Halnaker  House, 
Sussex,  and  The  Chantry,  Bradford-on-Avon,  co.  Wilts,  and 
had  issue. 

Mr.  Lowther  m.  2ndly,  2  April,  1834,  Julia,  2nd  dau.  of  the 
Rev.  Walter  Trevelyan,  2nil  son  of  Sir  .John  Trevelj-an,  Bart, 
but  by  her,  who  survived  him,  had  no  issue.  He  d.  23  Feb. 
1854,  aged  85. 

Arms^Or,  six  annulets  sa.  three  two  and  one.  Crest — A 
dragon  passant  arg.     Motto — Magistratus  indicat  virum. 

Seat — Shrigley  Hall,  Macclesfield. 




LoxDALE,  James,  Esq.  of  Castle  Hill,  co.  Cardi- 
gan, J.P.  and  D.L.  for  the  cos.  of  Stafford,  Salop, 
itnd  Cardigan,  High  Sheriff  co.  Cardigan  1867,  M.A. 
St.  John's,  Cambridge,  Barrister-at-Law,  b.  7  Oct. 

iLtnCilgC— This  family  traces  its  descent  from 
Robert  Loxdale,  who  lived  at  Mere  Town,  parish  of  Forton. 
CO.  Stafford,  on  his  own  estate,  by  inheritance,  in  the  time  of 
HsjiBT  VII.   He  m.  Joan  Undyrwood,  by  whom  he  had  one  son, 






MicnAEL  LoxDALE,  of  Mere  Town,  who  ?».  1559,  Alice  Grct- 
rk(>.  and  (/.  April,  1694,  leaving  two  sons  and  three  daus. 
lest  son, 

EKT  LoxDAi-E  of  Mcrs  Towh,  bapt.  27  Dec.  15G4,  had  by 
;ied  his  wife,  three  daus.  and  one  son, 
.MAS  LoxDALE,  of  Mere  Town,  bapt.  19  Dec.  1599,  whom. 
iali  Worthington,  by  whom  (who  was  buried  22  July,  1655) 
li:ul  three  sons  and  seven  daus.    The  eldest  son, 
John  Loxdale,  of  Mere  Town,  b.  lG-13  ;  m.  and  had  issue, 

■    Thomas  Loxdale  (Rev.),  M.A.  Trin.  Coll.  Cambridge,  b. 
Dec.   1675,   Vicar  of  Scighford,  and  Kector  of  Forton, 
'.  Stafford,  which  he  resigned  in  1721,  and  became  Kector 
if  Tixal— "a  man  of  learning  and   fond  of   antiquarian 
risearchcs,"  author  of  "Parochial  Antiquities  of  Stafford- 
ire,"  and  other  local  histories  in  JISS.,  cited  in  Shaw's 
-Staffordshire."  He  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Francis  Eld,  Esq. 
.  Leighford,  and</.  s.  p. 

Richard,  b.  Oct.  1680  ;  d.  ».  p.  7  Jan.  17.32.  He  was 
ic  tirst  of  the  family  who  settled  at  Shrewsbury,  wliere  he 
1  raitised  as  a  Solicitor.  He  was  an  Ensign  in  the  "  Artillery 
rtL;iment  raised  voluntarily  by  the  inhabitants  in  the  year 
171.5,  in  opposition  to  the  rebels,"  under  Lord  Viscount 
11.  Joseph,  of  whom  hereafter. 

■j-  third  son, 

-EFH  LosDAtE,  b.  8  Jan.  16S2,  settled  at  Stafford,  of  which 
lie  was  Mayor  in  1745.      He  m.  Mary  Thorley,  of  kin  to 
;im  of  Wykeham,  the  Founder  of  Winchester  and  New 
.:  ,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  of  whom  hereafter. 

II.  Joseph,  d.  s.p. 

I  Anne,  m.  Eichard  Warren,  of  Stafford;  c?.  Oct.  1791, 
leaving  issue  three  sons  and  one  dau.  Deborah. 

10  eldest  son, 

Thomas    Loxdale,  6.  29  July,   1720,  Mayor  of  Shrewsbury 

71;  m.  Hannah  Skitt,  by  whom  he  left  issue, 

I.  Thomas,  J.P.  and  D.L.  for  Salop,  b.  3  April,  1757;  d. 
•25  Jan.  1842;  m.  his  cousin,  Deborah  Warren,  by  whom  he 
l:;id  one  dau., 

Anne,  m.  her  cousin,  John  Loxdale,  Esq.,  and  d.  10  July, 


II.  .JosEPn,  of  whom  hereafter. 

HI.  Richard,  b.  March,  1769;  m.  Jane  Jeffreys;  andfZ.  April, 

1?48,  leaving  four  sons. 
!.  Mary,  b.  1754;  m.  the  Rev.  Thomas  Eden,  M.A.,  Rector  of 

Alvcrcott,    Oxon,  and  Illmington,  co.  Warwick,  and  had 

i.-sue,  William  Henry  Loxdale  Eden,  b.  10  Aug.  1783,  d. 

Dec.  1868,  without  issue. 
II.  Anne,  m.  the  Rev.  Thomas  Coke,  of  Jesus  Coll.  Oxon, 

D.C.L.,  author  of  a  Commentary  on  the  Bible,  and  a  friend 

of  Wesley,  and  active  member  of  the  Wesleyan  Conference. 

She  d.  without  issue  in  1812. 
m.  Sarah,  b.  10  Dec.  1760;  m.  Rev.  Thomas  Hill,  Esq.  of 

Alcaston  Manor,  Salop;  and  d.  s.  p.  Dec.  1848. 

r.  Loxdale  d.  20  April,  1793.    His  2nd  son, 
Joseph  Loxdale,  Esq.,  6.  12  Aug.  1759;  m.  11  Fob.  1790, 
ana  Maria,  dau.  of  William  Wood,  Esq.  of  Bayston,  Salop, 
id  had  issue, 

L  Tliomas  Wood,  6.  March.  1791 ;  d.  s.  71.  Jan.  18.'57. 
U.  Joseph,   b.  20  Aug.  1793,  Mayor  of  Shrewsbuiy  1S30; 
d.s.p.  March,  1838. 
m.  jA>rES,  now  of  Ca.'stle  Hill. 

IV.  John,  J.P.  for  Salop  and  Mayor  of  .Shrewsbury  1840-.'i9, 
and  1873,  b.  29  Aug.  1799:  m.  1st,  Anne  Loxdale,  his  cousin, 
as  above;  2ndly,  Anna  Rice,  dau.  of  Rev.  John  Watson, 
D.D.,  Vicar  of  Ringstead-cum-Denford,  and  Great  Dnding- 
ton,  CO.  Northampton,  by  whom  (who  ./.  1  Jan.  1860)  he  had 
issue,  John  Watson,  GeoiTrey  Watson  Peele,  Reginald 
James  Rice,  and  Mary  Jane  Rice ;  he  r,i.  3rdly,  Jane  Phillips 
Bradley,  widow  of  J.  Bradley,  Esq.  of  Lombard  Street. 

V.  George  Henry,  6.  12  March,  1804;  m.  Sarah,  dau.  of  His 
Honour  George  Bagot,  High  Sheriff  of  British  Guinea,  by 
whom  he  had  issue  three  sons  and  five  daus. 

▼I.  Richard  Skitt,  d.  an  infant. 

I.  Anna  Maria,  b.  7  April,  1792;  d.  1863,  having  m.  the  Rev. 
Frederick  Holmes,  M.A.,  Professor  at  Bishop's  Coll.  Cal- 
cutta, leaving  issue  by  him  three  sons  and  one  dau. 

n.  Sarah  Elizabeth,  ra.  John  Nathaniel  Williams,  Esq.  of 
Castle  Hill,  and  d.  14  Oct.  1867,  without  issue. 

ni.  Henrietta  Sophia,  6.  3  April,  1802 ;  d.  s.  p.  20  March, 
1842.  r     ,  ,  I  , 

TV.  Charlotte  Emilia,  h.  Jan.  1806;  d.  s.  p.  Dec.  1831. 
▼.  Emma  Louisa,  b.  1  Feb.  1809;  d.  s.  p.  7  April,  lb69. 
V.  Laura  Matilda,  b.  April,  1812  ;  d.  s.  p.  Oct.  1820. 

r.  Loxdale  was  Mayor  of  Shrewsbury  1797,  and  for  upwards 
'  half  a  century  High  Steward  and  Deputy  Recorder  of  the 
orough  of  Shrewsbury.    He  rf.  April,  1846. 

Arms — Enn.,  on  a  chief  sa.  three  lions  rampant  or.    Crest — 

bull's  head  coupcd  ppr. 

&ai— Castle  Hill,  Aberystwyth,  co.  Cardigan. 


LoTD,  Lewis,  Esq.  of  Monk's  Orchard,  Kent, 
J.P.  for  Surrey,  High  Sheriff  1863,  and  a  Commis- 
sioner of  Lieutenancy  for  the  City  of  London,  b. 
10  Aug.  1811 ;  m.  19  June,  1845,  Frances  Harriet, 
dau.  of  the  late  Admiral  the  Hon.  Frederick  Paul 
Irby,  C.B.,  of  Boyland  HaU,  Norfolk. 

3L  t  II CiUflC.— Edwakd  Lotd,  Esq.  of  Coombe  House,  Surrey, 
an  eminent  banker,  ?re.  1809,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Joseph  Taylor,  Esq. 
of  Blackley,  co.  Lancaster,  and  both  d.  Jan.  1863,  leaving  issue, 

Lewis,  now  of  Monk's  Orchard. 

Edward,  of  Lillesden,  Kent  (see  that  3Temoir). 

William  Jones,  of  Langleybury,  Herts  (.tr<;  thnt  Mcnoir). 

Sarah,  m.  H.  B.  Benyon,  Esq.  of  Rounday  Lodge,  Leeds, 
who  d.  1849;  she  d.  1858,  and  left  four  children. 

Catherine,  m.  1844,  T.  Dyce  Nicol,  Esq.,  M.P.,  and  has  five 

Hannah,  m.  W.  Entwistle,  Esq.  of  Rushulme,  Manchester, 
who  d.  1865,  and  had  four  children. 

Fanny,  m.  1847,  James  Sydney  Stopford,  Esq. ;  andd.  1856, 
without  issue. 

Stai — Monk's  Orchard,  West  AViekham. 


Lotd,  Edwaed,  Esq.  of  Lillesden,  Ha'svkhurst, 
Kent,  J.P.  and  D.L.  co.  Lancaster,  J.P.  Kent,  High 
Sheriff  1876,  late  Lieut.-Col.  6th  Lancashire  R.V., 
6.  19  April,  1820;  vi.  12  March,  1846,  Caroline 
Louisa,  eldest  dau.  of  the  late  John  Frederic  Foster, 
Esq.  of  Sale  Priory,  co.  Chester,  aud  Keiupstone, 
Beds,  and  has  issue, 

I.  FKEDEnic  Edward,  6.  April,  1856. 

II.  Llewellyn  Foster,  6.  June,  1861. 

I.  Mary  Louise. 

II.  Elinor  Sarah,  jn.  21  Sept.  1876,  George  John,  eldest  son 
of  George  C.  Courthope,  Esq.  of  Whiligh,  Sussex. 

in.  Frances  Helen.  iv.  Margaret  Foster. 

V.  Caroline  Foster. 

Mr.  Edward  Loyd  is  2nd  son  of  the  late  Edward 
Loyd,  Esq.  of    Coombe    House,  Surrey    {see  pre' 
ceding  3Iemoir). 
Seat — Lillesden  Hawkhurst. 


Lotd,  William  Jones,  Esq.  of  Langleyburr. 
Herts,  J.P.,  High  Sheriff  1861,  Patron  of  two 
Livings,  b.  1821 ;  m.  1848,  Caroline  Gertrude,  dau. 
of  tlie  late  J.  H.  Vivian,  Esq.,  M.P.  of  Singleton, 
CO.  Glamorgan,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Lewis  Vivian,  Grenadier  Guards. 

II.  Edward  Henry.  ui.  William  Graham. 
IV.  Arthur  Heneage. 

I.  Gertrude  Sarah  Loyd.  11.  ITarriet  Edith. 

III.  Dulice  Gwendoline. 

Mr.  W.  J.  Loyd  is  3rd  son  of  the  late  Edward  Loyd, 
Esq.  of  Coombe  House,  Surrey  (see  Lotd  of 
Monk's  Orchard).  He  was  educated  at  Eton  and 
Trin.  Coll.  Cambridge,  and  graduated  B.A.  1843, 
M.A.  1846.  He  is  a  Commissioner  of  Lieutenancy 
of  The  City  of  London,  and  Commissioner  of 
Public  Works  Loan.  He  unsuccessfully  contested 
Eye  in  1868. 
5e«<s—Langlebury,  Watford;  and  Hern  Cliff,  Bournemouth. 


LiTAED,  Geoege  AtTGUSTrs,  Esq.  of  Blyborougli 
Hall,  CO.  Lincoln,  J.P.,  b.  25  Sept.  1824 ;  711.  23 
Aug.  1855,  Maria  Louisa  Elizabeth,  4th  dau.  of 
the  Rev.  Joseph  Story,  of  Bingfield,  co.  Cavan. 

ItijlCaSC— The  Luards  came  from  France  at  the  Revoca- 
tion of  the  Edict  of  Nantes.  The  first  of  this  fan.ily  in 
England  was 

Robert  Abraham  Luabd,  from  Caen,  Normandy,  who 
settled  in  London,  and  m.  a  Miss  Verbecq,  by  whom  he  left  an 
only  son, 

Peter  Abraham  Luard,  Esq.,  6.  1703,  who  became  a  great 
Hamburgh  merchant.  He  was  one  of  the  leading  men  cf 
London  who  signed  an  address  to  his  Majesty  George  II., 
offering  their  services  to  defend  him  against  the  Pretender, 





1745.  This  gentleman  ra.  1st,  Miss  Myre,  by  whom  he  hact  a 
Bon,  Peter  Robert,  of  whom  presently.  He  in.  2nclly, 
Henrietta  Gabriella,  dau.  of  the  Eev.  James  Abraham  Gilbert, 
Chaplain  to  William  III.,  by  Catherine  his  wife,  dau.  of  John 
Pierre  Boullier,  Esq.,  and  had,  besides  two  daus.  (one  m.  Mr. 
Davis,  and  the  other  Mr.  Cazelet)  a  son, 
I.    William,  m.   27   Sept.   1764,   Anne,  only  dau.   of  John 

Wright,  Esq.  of  Hatfield  Priory,  Essex,  and  by  her  (who  d. 

3  March,  1799;  left  at  his  decease,  29  Jan.  1802, 

1  John,  6.  1  June,  1766;  n.  17  Aug.  1795,  Charlotte  Lucy 
Kynaston,  of  the  ancient  family  of  Kynaston  of  Hard- 
ioick,  Salop,  and  had  issue,  1  Thomas  William,  «i.  4  Nov. 
1835,  Louisa  Goorgina  Sophia,  eldest  dau.  of  Plcv. 
Thomas  Morgan,  LL.D.,  Vicar  of  Hampton,  Prebendary 
of  Wells,  and  had  issue  an  only  child,  Thomas  Davies,  m. 
1858,  his  cousin,  Charlotte  Eliza,  dau.  of  Robert  Luard, 
Esq.,  and  d.  leaving  two  daus.,  Ellen  Christine ;  and 
Mariana  Florence ;  2  Peter,  d.  Jt?i7)i. ;  3  John,  C.B.,  Col. 
in  the  Bengal  army,  ra.  Louisa  Mitchell,  and  has  issue  ;  4 
Kobert  Davies,  a  Judge  in  India,  m.  Marianne,  2nd  dau.  of 
Lieut.-Gen.  Sir  Lionel  Smith,  Bart.,  G.C.B.,  G.C.H.,  and 
has  issue,  of  whom  the  2nd  dau.,  Charlotte  Eliza,  m.  1st, 
1858,  her  cousin,  Thomas  Davies  Luard,  Esq.,  and  2ndly, 
Capt.  Field,  R.N.  ;  1  Charlotte,  m.  the  Kev.  Richard 
Downes,  d.  s.  p. ;  2  Eliza,  m.  the  Rev.  Charles  Shukburgh. 

2  Peter,  who  assumed  ihe  additional  surname  and  arms  of 
Weight,  on  inheriting  the  estate  of  Hatfield.  He  in. 
Mary  Anne  Bennett,  and  had  issue  five  sons  and  four  daus. 
(me  Wright  of  HatjieUl  Priory). 

3  William  Wright  (see  Ldard  of  The  Lodge). 

1  Mary  Anne,  rn.  Oct.  1796,  George  Hyde  Wollaston,  Esq. 

2  Henrietta,  m.  Charles  Brown,  Esq.,  who  changed  his 
name  to  Hunt. 

Mr.  Luard  d.  1768;  liis  son  by  hts  1st  wife, 

Peter  Robert  Luard,  E.sq.,  b.  25  Dec.  1727  ;  m.  .Jane,  dau. 
of  Zachariah  Bourryau,  Esq.,  a  wealthy  West  Indian  pro- 
prietor, who  possessed  estates  in  Granada  and  St.  Kitts,  and 
who,  1747,  purchased  the  estate  of  Blyborough,  co.  Lincoln, 
from  the  family  of  Southcolc.  By  this  lady  Mr.  Luard  had 
issue,  Peter  John,  of  whom  we  treat;  Francis,  711.  Miss  Shawe, 
and  had  issue;  and  Harriet,  jji.  Hungerford  Spooner,  Esq., 
and  d.  1832.    Mr.  Luard  d.  1802.    His  eldest  son, 

Peter  John  Ldard,  Esq.  of  Blyborough,  Capt.  4th  Dragoons, 
m.  1783-4,  Louisa,  dau.  of  Charles  Dalbiac,  Esq.  of  Hunger- 
ford  Park,  by  his  1st  wife,  Miss  De  Visme,  and  by  her  had 

I.  Charles  EocRRTAr,  his  succes.=;or. 

II.  Peter  Francis,  M.D.,  b.  10  Sept.  1786;  m.  1816,  Mary 
Magdalene,  dau.  of  William  Morgan,  Esq.,  and  had  issue, 

1  Peter  William,  b.  1817  ;  m.  1st,  Emma  Anne,  dau.  of 
Capt.  J.  Hodson,  E.I.C.S.,  which  lady  d.  1841.  He  m. 
2ndly,  Emelia Frcdcrica,  dau.  ofMaj.Crommelin,E.I.C.S., 
and  has  issue  two  sons  and  a  dau.,  Peter,  0.  1843 ;  Neville 
Edward,  b.  1848;  and  Emelia  Lucy. 

2  George  Francis,  6.1821;  in.  1843,  Jane,  dau.  of  Lieut. 
G.  Hamilton,  and  has  issue  one  son  and  three  daus. 

3  Henry  Reynolds,  b.  1828,  Capt.  R.E.  ;  in.  Caroline 
Leggatt,  and  d.  1870,  leaving  a  son  and  a  dau. 

4  Philip  Edward,  b.  1831,  Lieut.  R.N. 

1  Anne  Louisa,  d.  xniin.  1827. 

2  Lucy,  }7i.  Rev.  Arthur  Charles  Luard,  Vicar  of  Wadworth. 

3  Mary,  in.  1849,  Joseph  Stirling,  Esq.,  Capt.  It.N.,  and  has 
two  sons  and  one  dau. 

III.  George,  b.  1788,  was  Major  (half-pay),  served  in  the 
Peninsula  and  at  Waterloo;  d.  umn.  Dec.  1847. 

IV.  John,  Lieut.-Col.  late  10th  regt.,  served  in  the  R.N., 
1802-7,  entered  4th  Dragoons  1809,  served  in  the  Peninsula, 
and  was  at  AVaterloo  and  Bhurtpore,  &.  5  May,  1790;  m. 
1826,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Col.  William  Scott,  E.I.C.,  and 
dying  1875,  left  issue, 

1  Richard  George  Amherst,  b.  29  July,  1827,  Major-Gen., 
served  in  the  Crimea  and  China,  and  in.  1863,  Hannah, 
dau.  of  H.  Chamberlin,  Esq.  of  Narboro,  Norfolk,  by  whom 
he  has  five  sons  and  one  dau. 

2  John  Dalbiac,  b.  31  Oct.  1831,  late  82nd  regt. ;  d.  1860. 

3  Frederic  Peter,  Major  Bengal  Staff  Corps,  served  in  the 
Indian  Campaigns  1857-8,  and  at  Pekin  with  Fane's  Horse  ; 
TO.  1870,  Lydia,  dau.  of —  Palmer,  Esq.  of  Jerusalem. 

4  Charles  Henry,  b.  1837,  Major  R.E. ;  in.  1869,  Amelia, 
dau.  of  —  Martin,  Esq.,  and  has  issue. 

1  Elizabeth  Louisa. 

2  Susan  Anne  Maria,  m.  1876,  Gerald  W.  Martin,  Esq., 
Bengal  Staff  Corps  ;  and  d.  Nov.  1877. 

V.  Henry,  a  Banker,  6.  4  Dec.  1792;  in.  1825,  Jane,  dau.  of 
—  lUchards,  Esq.,  and  has  issue,  Ifenry  Richard,  Charles 
William,  William  Richard,  and  Louisa. 

VI.  Edward  (Rev.),  M.A.,  St.  John's  Coll.  Camb.,  Rector  of 
Winter-slow,  Salisbury,  1846,  b.  1795;  in.  July,  1821,  Julia 
Darandu,  dau.  of  Edward  Coxe,  Esq.  of  llampstead,  and  has 

1  Edward  Charles,  h.  11  April,  1826. 

1  Emma  Amelia,  in.  1851,  C.  R.  Freeling,  Esq.,  and  has 
issue.  2  Julia 

VII.  Robert  Luard  Selbt,  of  the  Mote,  Ightham,  Kent,  J.P., 

Brevet-Major  and  late  Capt.  R.A.,  b.  24  Oct.  1800;  m.  Ist, 
June,  1833,  Mary,  3rd  dau.  of  the  late  Col.  Richard  Elmhirst, 
of  West  Ashby,  co.  Lincoln,  an;l  by  her  had  issue, 

1  Robert  Reginald,  Ensign  9th  foot,   6.  15  March,  1837, 
accidentally  killed  1857. 

2  Charles  Edward,  Capt.  B.E.,  6.  13  Oct.  1839. 

Major  Luard  m.  2ndly,  Oct.  1850,  Lewis  Marianne,  eldest 
dau.  and  co-heir  of  Prideaux  John  Selby,  Esq.  of  Twizcll 
House,  Northumberland,  and  The  Mote,  Ightham,  Kent 
(on  whose  death  Major  Luard  assumed  the  surname  of 
Selbt),  and  widow  of  Charles  John  Bigge,  Esq.  of  Linden, 
and  by  her  has  issue, 

3  Bertram  Selby,  b.  1853. 
1  Beatrice. 

vni.  Octavius  (Rev.),  M.A.  of  St.  John's  Coll.  Camb.,  b.  21 
June,  1804,  Rector  of  Aunsby,  co.  Lincoln,  m.  Maria,  dau. 
of  W.  C.  Booth,  Esq.  of  Twemlow,  co.  Chester,  and  has 
three  sons  and  two  daus. 

I.  Louisa  Susannah. 

Capt.  Luard  d.  23  May,  1836,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Charles  Bodrryad  Luaud,  Esq.  of  Blyborough,  b.  16  ApriJ^ 

1785;  m.  23  Aug.  1821,  Henrietta,  eldest  dau.  and  of 

John  Armytage,  Esq.  of  Northampton  (brother  of  the  late  Sir 

George  Armytage,  Bart.),  and  had  issue, 

George  Augustus,  now  of  Blyborough. 

John  Godfrey,  b.  21  Oct.  1829;  m.  17  Oct.  1861,  Frances,  dau. 

of  Thomas  W.  Lawford,  Esq.,  and  d.  5  Nov.  186'2,  leaving 

a  son,  John  Godfrey,  b.  13  Dec.  1862. 
Frederic,  Capt.  R.A.,  b.  3  Feb.  1831;  d.  umn.  27  April,  1858. 
Alfred,  b.  30  Jan.  1832;  m.  18  Oct.  1866,  Edith,  2nd  dau.  of 

J.  Johnson,  Esq.  of  Sunnyside,  Canada  West,  and  has  issue. 
Arthur  Charles  (Rev.),  B.A.,  b.  30  Jan.  1832;   m.  '23  July, 

ISGl,  Lucy,  eldest  dau.  of  Peter  F.  Luard,  M.D.,  and  haft 

Henriette  Louisa,  m.  April,  1845,  the  Rev.  Thomas  Booth 

Wright,  M.A.,  Rector  of  Broughton,  co.  Lincoln,  2nd  son  of 

the  Rev.  Godfrey  Wright,  of  Billiam  House,  co.  York. 
Louisa,  d.  umn.  18  April,  1845,  aged  19. 
Maria  Jane,  d.  unm.  27  April,  1845,  aged  16. 

Mr.  Luard  d.  26  May,  1855. 

Arms — Quarterly  :  1st  and  4th,  sa.,  a  lion  rampant  arg.  hold- 
ing between  the  paws  an  estoile  pierced  of  the  last,  for  Luard; 
2iid,  gu.,  a  chevron  between  three  estoiles  pierced  arg.,  for 
Bourryau  ;  3rd,  gu.  a  lion's  head  erased  between  three  crosses- 
crosslet  arg.,  a  crescent  for  difference,  for  Armytage.  Crent — 
Ademi-lion  rampant  )ipr.  holding  between  the  paws  an  estoile 
pierced  arg.   il/o^o— Prospice. 

Seat — Blyborough  Hall,  Kirton-in-Lindsay,  co.  Lincoln. 




Lttaed,  William  G-aenham,  Esq.  of  The  Lodge, 
Witham,  Essex,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  C.B.,  Eear-Aclmiral 
R.N.,  b.  1820  ;  m.  1  April,  1858,  Charlotle,  3rd 
dau.  of  the  Rev.  Henry  Du  Cane,  of  The  Grove, 
Witham,  and  has  issue  (with  eight  daus.), 

I.  William  Dd  Cane. 
III.  Herbert  Du  Cane. 

II.  George  Du  Cane,  d.  1873. 
IV.  Arthur  Du  Cane. 

ILtUCaflC— William  Wright  Luard,  Esq.  of  The  Lodge, 
Witham,  Essex,  J.P.  and  D.L.  (3rd  son  of  William  Luard,  Esq., 
half-brother  of  Peter  Robert  Luard,  Esq.  of  Blyborough,  co. 
Lincoln  {refer  to  that  Family),  b.  31  Aug.  1786;  to.  10  Oct. 
1815,  Charlotte,  only  child  of  Thomas  Garnham,  Esq.  of 
Felsham  Hall,  Suffolk,  and  d.  13  Aug.  1857,  having  had  issue, 

William  Garnham,  now  of  The  Lodge. 

Thomas  Garnham,  b.  24  May,  1821 ;  m.  19  May,  1847,  Jane 

Anne,  dau.  of  James  Inglis,  Esq.  of  Norwood,  Surrey,  and 

has  a  son,  Thomas  Inglis. 
Alexander  Garnham,  b.  1827;  d.  2  Aug.  1829. 
Frederick  Garnham,  b.  22  June,  1829 ;  d.  4  Feb.  18.')7. 
Bixby  Garnham,  b.  20  Jan.  1835;  in.  Clara  Isabella  Sandfortl, 

dau.  of  the  Rev.  .John  Bramston,  Vicar  of  Witham,  and  has 

a  son,  Frederick  Bramston,  and  other  children. 
Charlotte  Garnham,  in.  28  June,  1836,  Jacob  H.  Patti^on,  Esq. 
Henrietta  Garnham,  in.  25  June,  1844,  the  Rev.  Reginald  Guy 

Bryan,  and  d.  3  Jan.  1849. 
Jane  Garnham. 
Elizabeth  Garnham,  in.  2  July,  1845,  the  PvCV.  Frederick  John 

Ross  Laurence,   of  Exeter  Coll.  Oxon,  S.C.L.,  Hector  ol 

Tiptree  Heath,  Essex,  and  Rural  Dean. 
Mary  Anne  Garnhan. 
Helen  Garnham,  m.  the  Rev.  William  Raynes,  Tutor  of  Clare 

Coll.  Camb. 

.<4n)!.<!— Quarterly :  1st  and  4th,  as  Luard  of  Bbiborovxili ; 
2nd,  Wright  of  Hatfield  ;  3rd,  Garnham  of  FeUham,  &uj)uUi' 
Crest — As  Blyborough. 

Seat — The  Lodge,  Witham,  Essex. 






Lucas,  Edwaed  Sctjdamore,  Esq.  of  Castle 
Shane,  co.  Monaghan,  J.P.  and  D.L.  eo.  Hereford, 
and  J.P.  CO.  Radnor,  Lieut.  Hereford  Militia,  b. 
1853  ;  s.  his  uncle  1874. 

iLlliragr.— In  the  eavly  part  of  tlie  17th  century,  several 
members  of  the  Lucas  family  niisrated  from  England,  and 
settled  in  the  sister  island,  where  their  descendants  still  remain, 
in  the  cos.  of  Clare,  Cork,  King's  Co.,  and  Monaghan.  In  the 
last  they  acquired,  partly  by  purchase  and  partly  by  royal 
c;rant,  considerable  estates,  which  were  erected  into  a  manor 
liy  patent  of  Charles  II.,  16S3,  "to  be  called  the  Manor  of 
Jastle  Shane,"  and  the  principal  part  of  which  has  ever  since 
.ontinued  in  the  family. 

Francis  Lucas,  Esq.,  the  first  of  Castle  Shane,  whoso  will, 
iated  15  Oct.  1057,  was  proved  8  Dec.  1G57,  m.  Mary  Poyntz, 
md  by  her  (who  m.  2ndly,  Robert  Moore,  Esq.)  had  a  dau., 
Lucy,  the  wife  of  Charles,  son  of  Sir  Toby  Poyntz,  and  five 
ions,  Francis,  Robert,  William,  Richard,  and  Charles.  The 

Francis  Lccas,  Esq.  of  Castle  Shane,  6.  164G,  d.  about  1705, 
md  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Francis  Lucas,  Esq.  of  Castle  Shane,  M.P.  for  the  borough 
if  Monaghan  from  1713  to  1747.  He  d.  unm.  in  the  latter 
.-ear,  and  was  s.  by  his  brother, 

Edward  Lucas,  Esq.  of  Castle  Shane,  in.  1st,  Elizabeth,  dau. 
if  Thomas  Smyth,  Esq.  of  Drumcree,  co.  Wcstmcath;  and 
'.ndly,  Abigail,  Mrs.  Brooke,  widow,  ndd  Hancock.  By  the 
ovmer  he  had  (with  three  daus.)  two  sons,  i.  Thomas,  who 
'.  '-.p.,  leaving,  by  Alice  his  wife,  dau.  of  William.  6th  Lord 
31ayney,  several  children,  of  whom  Edward,  the  eldest, 
nherited;  and  Francis,  of  Grenan,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Hugh 
•Livage,  Esq.  of  Ardkeen,  co.  Down.  Mr.  Lucas  d.  1756,  and 
va,^  s.  by  his  grandson, 

Edward  Lucas,  Esq.  of  Castle  Shane,  M.P.  for  co.  Monaghan, 
,!.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Francis  Savage,  Esq.  of  Ardkeen,  and 
Kill,  with  other  issue, 

Francis,  of  Castle  Shane,  d.  s.  p.  1789. 

Charles,  of  whom  presently. 

I'.ilward  (Rev.),  m.  Elizabeth  Ann,  dau.  of  Thcophilus 
Clements,  Esq.  of  Rathkenny,  and  was  father  of  Thcophilus 
Edward  Lucas,  who  took  the  name  of  Clements. 

'he  2nd  son, 

Cuakles  Lucas,  Esq.  of  Castle  Shane,  Barrister-at-Law,  m. 

-t.  1786,  Sarah,   eldest  dau.  of  Sir  James  Hamilton,  Knt.  of 

'!   iiaghan;  and  2ndly,  Louisa,  dau.  of  Evatt,  Esq.  of  Mount 

ise.    By  the  former  he  left  at  his  decease,  1796,  an  only 

iiiiJ  and  successor. 

Right  Hon.  Edward  Lucas,  of  Castle  Shane,  J. P.,  High 
Sheriff  1817,  M.P.  co.  Monaghan  1834-41,  and  Under-Secretary 
■f  State  for  Ireland  1841-46,  sworn  of  the  Privy  Council  there 
Mo,  &.  27  Sept.  1787;  iii.  1812,  Anne,  2nd  dau.  of  William 
'.iixton,  Esq.  of  Ardee  House,  co.  Louth,  M.P.  for  Ardee,  and 
;ail  issue, 

I.  Francis,  formerly  Lieut.  46(h  rcgt.,  d.  unm.  1S46. 

II.  Edward  Willlam,  of  Castle  Shane. 

i:i.  Fitzhcrbert  Dacre,  7)i.  24 May,  1852,  Laura  Adelaide,  only 
child  of  Lieut.-Col.  John  Lucy  Scudamore,  of  Kentchurch 
Court,  CO.  Hereford,  and  had  issue  by  her  (who  m.  2ndly, 
1S59,  John  Donegan,  Esq.  of  Carrigmore,  co.  Cork),  Edward 
■Scudamore,  now  of  Castle  Shane.  Mr.  Lucas  d.  30  Sept. 
1857,  of  a  wound  received  the  previous  day  at  Lucknow, 
where,  as  for  lour  months  previously,  he  had  acted  as  a 

IV.  Charles  Piorrcpont,  Capt.  Bengal  N.I.,  b.  1825. 

V.  Gould  Arthur,  of  Lower  Ucomanzi,  Natal,  late  Capt.  73rd 
mgt.,  now  R.M.,  6.  1829;  m.  1857,  Cliristabella,  dau.  of 
William  Allen,  Esq.  of  Liscongill,  co.  Cork. 

I.  Catherine  Anne,  m.  1852,  Samuel  Fitzherbert  Filgate,  Esq., 
J. P.,  of  Hillsborough,  co.  Down. 

II.  Anna  Isabella.  iii.  Isabella  Florinda. 
"lisht  lion.  Edward  Lucas  d.  12  Nov.  1871,  and  was  s.  by  his 

r.DWAKD  William  Lucas.  Esq.  of  Castle  Shane,  J.P.  and 
'  I..,  Lieut.  88th  regt.,  who  was  b.  1819;  d.  1874,  and  was  s. 
liis  nephew,  now  of  Castle  Shane. 

I /•»!.? — Arg.,  a  fess  between  six  annulets  gu.     Crest — Out  of 
'ileal  coronet  or,  a  denii-griffin  wings  expanded  gu.    Moito 
—Mat  religione  parentum. 
'itaj — Custle  Shane,  near  Monaghan. 


LrcAS,  Akthuk   Hyde,  Esq.  of  Eathealy,  co. 
irk,  J.P.,  late  Capt.  in  H.M.  45th  regt.,  and  now 

Major  South  Cork  Light  Infantry  Militia,  b.  28  Oct. 
1812  ;  m.  July,  1864,  Elizabeth  Frances,  dau.  of 
the  Rey.  Samuel  Adams,  of  Cregg,  Fermoy. 

JLtlttTttJC. — The  Rathealy  branch  of  the  Lucas  family 
settled  at  Youghal  about  the  year  1640. 

Jasper  Lucas,  a  Merchant  at  Youghal,  d.  circa  1630,  m. 
Jane,  dau.  of  John  Atkin,  Esq.  of  Minehead,  Somerset,  and 
was  father  of 

Jasper  Lucas,  m.  11  May,  1C85,  Jane,  eldest  dau.  of  Samuel 
Hayman,  Esq.  of  Youghal,  and  widow  of  John  Vaughan,  Esq. 
of  the  same  town,  and  by  her  (who  d.  13  Dec.  1718)  had  issue, 
John,  his  heir ;  Jasper,  ancestor  of  the  Richfordstown  branch; 
Samuel,  buried  at  Y'oughal,  27  Dec.  1694;  Atkin,  bapt.  1  Jan. 
1697,  d.  Feb.  1700;  Elizabeth,  r,i.  26  Dec.  1708,  Henry  Rugge, 
Esq.  of  Ballydaniel,  Recorder  of  and  M.P.  for  Youghal.  He  d. 
9  Sept.  1710,  and  was  .5.  by  his  eldest  son, 

John  Lucas,  an  Alderman  of  Youghal,  m.  19  Oct.  1714, 
Elizabeth,  eldest  dau.  of  Arthur  Hyde,  Esq.  of  Castle  Hyde, 
and  had  issue,  Arthur  Hyde,  his  heir;  three  other  sons,  who 
d.  'unm.;  and  two  daus.,  Jane,  m.  Alderman  James  Uniacke, 
of  Youghal;  and  Ehzabeth,  m.  Hull  Attfield,  Esq.  He  d. 
12  June,  1732,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Arthur  Hyde  Lucas,  of  Grange,  near  Fermoy,  b.  6  March, 
1715-16.  He  m.  4  June,  1750,  Jane,  dau.  of  James  Smyth, 
Esq.  of  Rathcoursey,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1805)  had  issue, 
Arthur;  Henrietta,  m.  1st,  1774,  Thomas  Bernard,  Esq.  of 
Palace  Anne,  and  2ndly,  Richard  Perry,  Esq.  of  Cork,  and 
d.  1838;  and  Elizabeth,  6.  1753,  d.  vnm.  1838.  He  d.  13  May, 
1788,  and  was  s.  by  his  surviving  son, 

Arthur  Hyde  Lucas,  now  of  Rathealy,  b.  3  Oct.  1757  ;  ra. 
3  Sept.  1806,  Frances,  dau.  of  Henry  Adams,  Esq.  of  Cregg 
Fermoy,  and  d.  4  Sept.  1830,  leaving  issue, 

Arthur  Hyde,  now  of  Kathealy. 

John,  6.30  Aug.  1816;  to.  Mary,  dau.  of  Laurence  Corban, 

Esq.  of  Kilworth,  co.  Cork,   and  d.  1  Dec.   1857,   leaving 

Arthur  John  and  Mary  Corban. 
Henry,  Capt.  and  Adjutant  South  Cork  Militia,  6.  28  July, 

1827  ;  TO.  6  Sept.  1864,  Emma,  dau.  of  William  Whitla,  Esq., 

and  has  issue,  Arthur  Hyde;  Henry  John;  William;  and 


Anne,  d.  unvi.  Harriet.  France.?. 

Emma  Jane,  to.  10  Feb.  1855,  Samuel  Smith,  Esq.,  M.D.,  and 

d.  11  Oct.  1855.  Sarah  Maria. 

Catherine,  d.  unm.  26  Sept.  1859. 

Arms — Or,  a  fess  between  six  annulets  gu.    CresJ— Out  o^ 
a  ducal  coronet  or,  a  wyvern's  head  gu. 
Scat — Rathealy,  near  Fermoy,  co.  Cork. 

■ ♦ 


Lucas,  John  Eashleigh,  Esq.  of  Richfords- 
town, CO.  Cork,  J.P.,  m.  4  May,  1865,  Alice,  eldest 
dau.  of  Eichard  H.  Purcell,  JEsq.  of  Burufort,  co. 
Cork,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Jasper,  6.  1868. 

I.  Amy.  IT.  Elizabeth. 

5LtU£fC(JC.— This  is  a  younger  branch  of  the  Eathealy 

family  {refer  to x>rccedmri Article) . 
Jasper  Lucas,  of  the  Rathealy  family,  was  father  of 
Thomas  Lucas,  Esq.  of  Richfordstown,  co.  Cork,  jiz.  Dorothy, 
younger  dau.  of  Thomas  Evans,  Esq.  M.P.,  of  Miltown  Castle, 
CO.  Cork  (see  that  Faraily)  and  had,  with  three  daus.,  an  only 

Jasper  Evans  Lucas,  Esq.  of  Richfordstown,  ra.  1787,  Hester 
Rashleigh,  of  Cloncoose  (of  a  family  originally  from  Fowey, 
Cornwall),  and  d.  1822,  leaving  issue  by  her  (who  d.  1855), 
Thomas,  his  heir. 

John  Evans,  to.  15  Aug.  1829,  Elizabeth,  dan.  of  James 
D'Arcy  Evans,  Esq.  of  Knockaderry,  co.  Limerick,  and  by 
her,  who  d.  28  Dec.  1845,  had  issue,  of  whom  a  dau., 
Arabella,  survives. 

Jasper  Evans  (deceased),  m.  Arabella  Cox,  of  the  Manor 
House,  Dunmanway. 

Dora,  i/i.  1st,  Patrick  Brown,  Esq.;  and  2ndly,  James  Nelson 
Crofts,  Esq. 

Hester  (deceased)  m.  Edward  Henry  Herrick,  Esq. 
Catherine,  widow  of  James  Boyle,  Esq. 
The  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lucas,  Esq.  of  Richfordstown,  J.P.,  6.  Nov.  1788, 
m.  June,  1814,  his  cousin,  Dora,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  John 
Rashleigh,  Esq.  of  Cloncoose  (descended  from  the  Cornish 
family  of  that  name,  which  see),  and  has  issue, 

John  Rashleigh,  now  of  Richfordstown. 
George,  m.  1854,  Mary,  dau.  of  Henry  Longfield,  Esq.  of 
Waterloo,  co.  Cork,  and  widow  of  Robert  Longfield,  Esq.  of 





the  Castle  Mary  family,  and  has  issue,  George,  Thomas 

Kashleigh,  and  Dora. 

Patrick  Browne,  Major  10th  regt.  m.  Miss  Gumbleton. 
Jasper,  Capt.  47th  regt.,  m.  Anne,  dau.  of  the  late  William 

Crooke  Eonayne,  Esq.,  and  by  her,  who  d.  June,  1&65,  had 

issue  John  Eashleigh  and  Dora. 
Eobert,  late  of  the  73rd  regt.,  deceased. 

Mr.  Lucas  d.  22  Jan.  1864. 

Arms,  &c. — As  Lucas  nf  Rithfnhj . 

Seat — Eichardstown,  Cionakilty,  co.  Cork. 


Laitcastee  -  LrcAs,  Samuel  Lucas,  Esq.  of 
"Wateringbury  Place,  Kent,  J.P.  for  Xent  aud 
Devon,  I..  3  June,  1828  ;  m.  4  July,  1848,  Mary 
TelTerton,  2nd  dau.  of  the  Hon.  and  Rev.  William 
Eden,  and  his  -wife  the  Dowager  Lady  Grey  de 
Kuthyn,  and  has  issue, 

I.  WiLLLAM  Matthias  Lakcasteb,  6.  27  April,  1849. 

II.  Charles  Eden  Lancaster,  b.  16  June,  1864. 

I.  Mary  Helewise  Ursula. 

II.  Flora.  III.  Katharine  Elizabeth. 

This  gentleman,  ■who  is  son  of  the  late  Samuel  Lan- 
caster, Esq.  (who  d.  1841),  by  Mary  Frances  his 
■wife,  dau.  of  Matthias  Prime  Lucas,  Esq.  of  Water- 
ingbury  Place,  and  grandson  of  Samuel  Lancaster, 
Esq.,  and  Sarah  Pierce  his  wife,  assumed  the  sur- 
name of  Lucas,  in  addition  to  his  patronymic  La>'- 
CASTEE,  1849,  on  succeeding  to  the  estates  of  his 
maternal  grandfather,  Mathias  Prime  Lucas,  Esq. 
of  Wateringbury  Place,  Lord  Mayor  of  London 
1827.  He  has  one  brother  and  two  sisters,  riz., 
Matthias  WiUiam,  m.  1864,  Helen,  ■widow  of  Capt. 
Eritton,  U.S.A.  ;  Mary  Catherine,  m.  1859,  to 
"Walter  John,  eldest  son  of  Walter  Paul,  Esq.  of 
Highgrove,  co.  Gloucester;  and  Ehzabeth  Anne, 
ra.  1861,  to  Alexander  James  Russell,  Esq. 

^i-/;2^— Quarterly;  1st  and  4th  Lucas;  2nd  and  Srd,  Lan- 
caster.    Crests — 1st,  Lucas;  2nd,  Lancaster. 
Siat — Wateringbury  Place,  near  Maidstone,  Kent. 

LuCT,  Hexht  Spexcee,  Esq.  of  Charlecote 
Park,  CO.  Warwick,  h.  28  Nov.  1830 ;  s.  on  attaining 
Lis  "majority  ;  High  Sheriff  of  War^wickshire  1857  ; 
of  Ch.  Ch.  Oxford,  B.A. ;  m.  5  July,  1865, 
Christina,  eldest  dau.  of  Alexander  Campbell,  Esq. 
of  Monzie,  co.  Perth,  by  Christina  his  wife,  dau. 
and  sole  heir  of  Sir  Dimcan  Cameron,  Bart.,  of 
Eassifem,  co.  Inrerness,  and  has  issue  foiu"  daus., 

I.  Ada  Christina,  6.  23  April,  1866. 

II.  Constance  Linda,  6.  22  March,  1867. 

III.  Sibyl  Mary,  6.  7  March,  1868. 

IV.  Joyce  Ahanore,  6.  14  May,  1871. 

iltUCaCJC.— Thukstane  de  Charlecote,  supposed  to  have 
been  a  younger  son  of  Thurstane  de  Montfort,  of  Beldes  jrt,  co. 
■VN'arwick,  Umip.  Eichabd  I.,  was  father  of 

Sib  Walter  de  Charlecote,  upon  whom  Henry  de  Mont- 
fort conferred  the  village  of  Charlecote,  and  the  grant  was 
confirmed  by  Eichard  I.    Sir  Walter  left  a  son. 

Sir  William  de  Lcct,  the  first  of  the  Charlecotes  who  bore 
that  surname,  and  Sir  William  Dugdale  surmises  that  he  did 
so  because  his  mother  might  have  been  the  heir  of  some 
branch  of  the  great  baronial  family  of  Ldct,  so  named  from  a 
place  in  Normandy.  From  Sir  William  descended  the  great 
and  distinguished  family  of  Loot,  so  prominent  in  the  records 
and  annals  of  England. 

Edmlnt)  Luci,  Esq.  of  Charlecote,  &.  1492  (son  and  heir  of 
Sir  William  Lucy,  Esq.,  K.B.,  of  Charlecote,  grandson  of  Wil- 
liam Lucy,  Esq.  of  Charlecote,  and  great-grandson  of  Sir 
Thomas  Lucy,  Esq.  of  Charlecote,  M.P.  for  co.  Warwick,  one 
of  the  retinue  of  John  of  Gaunt),  a  soldier  of  high  repute  in 
the  reign  of  Henry  VII.,  commanded  a  division  of  the  Eoyal 
army  at  the  battle  of  Stoke.    His  great  grandson, 

SiB  Thomas  Luct,  of  Charlecote,  M.P.  for  co.  Warwick, 
vho  rebuilt,  1  Queen  Elwabeth,  the  Manor  House  with  brick, 
OS  it  now  stands,  was  knighted  a  few  years  afterwards,  and  is 

commemorated  as  the  prosecutor  of  William  Shakspeare  for 
deer  stealing  in  his  park  of  Charlecote.  Sir  Thomas  put  up  a 
fine  monument  to  his  wife  Joyce,  ■which  is  still  in  Charlecote 
Church.  The  Poet  has  satirized  the  Knight  under  the  cha- 
racter of  Justice  Sliallow.  Sir  Thomas  Lucy  m.  Joyce,  dau. 
and  heir  of  Thomas  Acton,  Esq.  of  Sutton,  co.  Worcester,  and 
had  a  dau.,  Anne,  in.  Sir  Edward  Aston,  Knt.  of  Tixhall;  with 
an  only  son,  liis  successor,  in  1600, 

Sib  Thomas  Luct  of  Charlecote,  mi.  1st,  Dorothy,  dau.  of 
Nicholas  Arnold,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  had  one  surviving  child, 
Joyce,  the  wife  of  Sir  William  Cooke,  of  Highnam.  Sir 
Thomas  m.  2ndly,  Constance,  dau.  and  heir  of  Eichard  Kings- 
mill,  of  High  Clere,  Hants,  and  had  by  that  lady,  with  several 
daus.,  six  sons,  viz.,  i.  Thomas,  his  heir;  ii.  Eichard, 
knighted  Jan.  1617,  and  created  a  baronet  the  March  follow- 
ing. His  male  line  and  title  expired  with  his  grandson.  Sir 
Berkeley  Lucy,  of  Facombe,  Hants,  whose  only  dau.  and  heir, 
Mabt  Luct,  ra.  the  Hon.  Charles  Compton;  iii.  George,  slain 
in  France ;  rv.  William,  the  eminent  Dr.  Lucy,  Bishop  of  St. 
David's,  grandfather  of  William  Lucy,  Esq.  of  Castle  Carey, 
Somerset,  and  of  George  Lucy  Esq.  of  Pembroke;  v.  Eobert, 
d.  in  France,  1615,  s.  'p. ;  ■vi.  Francis,  living  1682,  M.P. 
for  Warwick.  Sir  Thomas  Lucy  d.  1605,  and  lies  buried 
in  a  chapel  on  the  north  side  of  the  church  of  Charlecote, 
where  a  splendid  monument  was  erected  to  his  memory  by 
Dame  Constance,  his  widow.    He  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son. 

Sib  Thomas  Luct,  of  Charlecote,  Member  for  co.  Warwick 
in  six  successive  Parliaments.  He  i)i.  Alice,  dau.  and  heir 
of  Thomas  Spencer,  Esq.  of  Claverden,  in  the  same  co.,  and 
had  issue, 

li   Pobebt'      (.successively  of  Charlecote,  whose  male  issue 

iii.  Kichar'd,  j     '^  ^=^"°'=^- 

IV.  FuCLK  (Sir),   TO.  Isabella,  dau.  and  sole  heir  of  John 

Davenport,  Esq.  of  Henbury,  co.  Chester,  and  had,  with 

other  issue, 

1  Davenport,  who  eventually  inherited  Charlecote;  d. 
v.-iviii.  1690. 

2  George,     ")     -who  both  became  of  Charlecote,  and  both 

3  WiLLIAJI,    J  d.  s.  p. 

4  Fulke,  m.  Elizabeth  Mason,  of  London,  and  was  father 
of  Thomas  Luct,  -who  s.  his  uncle,  the  Eev.  William 
Lucy,  D.D.,  at  Charlecote,  Feb.  1723-4;  and  of  Geobgk 
Luct,  who  inherited  from  his  brother,  and  d.  unni. 
1  Dec.  1786. 

1  Lucy,  m.  the  Eev.  John  Hammond.  The  grandson  of 
this  lady. 

The  Eev.  John  Hammond,  occurs  in  the  sequel  as 
eventual  inheritor  of  CHABLECoxk  and  the  estates  ol 
the  Lucr  family. 

I.  Constance,  to.  1st,  Sir  William  Spencer,  Bart. ;  and  2ndly, 
Sir  Edward  Smith. 

II.  Bridget,  m.  Sir  Bryan  Broughton. 

III.  Alice,  m.  Sir  William  Underbill. 
rv.  IMary,  to.  Sir  Matthew  Herbert. 
v.  Elizabeth,  m.  Sir  John  Walcot. 

Sir  Thomas  Lucy,  of  whom  it  was  said  that  "his  tables  were 
ever  open  to  the  learned,  and  his  gates  never  fast  to  the  poor," 
d.  Dec.  1640.  The  Lady  (Alice)  Lucy  put  up  a  most  splendid 
monument,  by  Bomini,  in  white  marble,  to  her  husband's 
memory,  which  also  is  in  Charlecote  Church.  From  him 
derived,  4th  in  descent. 

The  Eev.  John  Hammond,  being  described,  in  George  Lucy, 
his  predecessor's  will,  as  the  next  person  in  remainder  to 
whom  stood  limited,  after  his  decease,  without  male  issue, 
the  family  estates,  and  grandson  of  the  Eev.  John  Hammond 
and  Alice  Lucy,  2nd  dau.  of  Sir  Fulke  Lucy  and  Isabella 
Davenport.  Mr.  Hammond  assumed  the  surname  and  arms 
of  Luct  only,  by  sign  manual,  9  Feb.  1787.  He  -m.  Maj-,  1788, 
Maria,  dau.  of  John  Jane,  Esq.  of  Bentley  Hall,  co.  Stafford, 
and  (Z.  12  Jan.  1823,  leaving  issue  two  sons, 

George,  his  successor. 

John  (Eev.)  b.  1790,  M.A.,  educated  at  Winchester  Coll.  .ind 
Trin.  Coll.  Cambridge,  appointed  Eector  of  Hampton-Lucy 
1815,  and  Vicar  of  Charlecote  1823,  J.P.  for  co.  Warwick, 
d.  Oct.  1874. 

The  elder  son, 

George  Luct,  Esq.  of  Charlecote,  6.  8  June,  1798,  M.P. 
from  1820  to  1830,  for  Fowey,  and  High  Sheriff  for  co.  War- 
wick, 1831 ;  TO.  2  Dec.  1823,  Mary  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Sir  Jolin 
WilUams,  Bart,  of  Bodelwyddan,  co.  Flint,  and  d.  30  June, 
1845,  having  had  issue, 

William  Fulke,  of  Charlecote,  h.  10  Sept.  1824;  d.  unm. 

1  July,  1818. 
Henrt  Spencer,  now  of  Charlecote. 
Herbert  Almeric,  d.  3  Aug.  1840. 
Eeginald  Aymer,  deceased. 
Edmund  Berkeley,  6.  1842;  m.  18C9,  Laura  Margaret  Mul-   / 





grave,  dau.  of  WiHiam  Stundish,  Tsq.  of  Duxbury  Park, 

CO.  Lancaster;  and  has  a  dau.,  Blanche  Susan  Maiy,  b. 

30  Nov.  1874. 
Mary  Kmily,  m.  21  Oct.  1S47,  Thomas  Lloyd  Fitz-Hugh,  Esq. 

of  Ph'is  Power,  CO.  Denbigh. 
Caroline,  m.  2  Sept.  1857,  Charles  Powlctt  Lane,  Esq.  of 

Badgeniorc,  co.  Oxford,  and  c^.  5  March,  18G1. 

.<4n)w— Gu.,  three  lucies  or  pikes  hauriant  between  nine 
erosses-crosslet  arg.  Cnst — In  a  ducal  coronet  gu.  a  boar's 
lica<l  coupcd  erm.  between  two  wings  displayed  tusked  and 
crined  or.     Motto — V>y  truth  and  diligence. 

Sent — Charlecote  Park,  Warwick. 


See  Sandxs  Lumsdaine. 


Lttmsdaine,  Stamfoed.  Egbert,  Esq.  of  Latlial- 
lan,  CO.  Fife,  J.P.  aud  D.L.,  late  Capt.  Fife 
Artillery  Militia,  b.  6  Sept.  1831 ;  m.  14  Jau.  18G4, 
Anna  Maria,  2ud  dau.  of  Capt.  David  Briggs,  R.N., 
and  has  issue, 

I.  Montague  Stamford  Robert,  deceased. 

I.  Maude  Amy.  ii.  Gertrude  Annie. 

III.  Lilly  Maria  Morrieson. 

ittllCaCir. — John  Lumsdaine,  Esq.,  Major  in  the  E.I.C.S., 

Srd  son  of  Robert  Lnmsdaine,  Esq.  of  Innergellie,  co.  Fife, 
purchased  the  estate  of  Lathallan  in  17S7,  and  ilyiug  4  Oct. 

1823,  was  s.  by  his  son, 

James  Ldmsdaine,  Esq.  of  Lathallan,  J. P.,  m.  27  Oct.  1S2-1, 
Miss  Sophia  Lindesay,  of  Balmuni;o,  co.  Fife,  and  had  issue. 
Mr.  Lumsdaine,  who  was  from  an  early  period,  up  to  the  year 

1824,  on  the  medical  staff  of  the  Bengal  Establishment,  d. 
22  Dec.  1853,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  surviving  son, 

William  Lindesay  Limsdaine,  Esq.  of  Lathallan,  h.  4  Sept. 
1828.    He  d.  v/am.  1859,  and  was  s.  by  his  next  brother, 

John  Small  Lumsdaine,  Esq.  of  Lathallan,  J.P.  and  D.L., 
6.  1829;  d.  unm.  4  Oct.  1860,  and  was  s.  by  his  only  surviving 
brother,  the  present  Mr.  Lumsdaine,  of  Lathallan. 

y4/-i/is— Same  as  those  of  the  Innergellie  family  (.see  Sandys- 
LtMSDAiNE),  viz.,  az.,  a  chevron  or,  between  a  buckle  and  a 
nxilt's  head  couped  in  chief,  and  an  escallop  in  base  arg., 
within  a  bordure  of  the  second.  Cixsi — A  heron  dfcvoui"ing  a 
salmon  all  ppr.     Motto — Beware  in  time. 

Stat — L«tthaUan,  Colinsburgh,  co.  Fife.j 


LlTMSDEX,  Heney,  Esq.  of  Pitcaple  Castle,  D.L. 
nidJ.P.  CO.  Aberdeen,  Lieut. -Col.  Loudon  Scottish 
'Iifle  Volunteers,  b.  14  March,  1825;  m.  5  July, 
-SriO,  Edith  Jane,  youngest  dau.  of  the  Eev.  Robert 
^iimuel  Battisconibe,  M.A.,  Yicar  of  Barkway,  aud 
-icctor  of  Eeed,  co.  Hertford,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Hugh  Robert,  6.  4  Feb.  1864. 

n.  Walter,  b.  20  April,  1865. 

III.  Henry  Charles,  6.  27  Oct.  1873. 

IV.  James  Gordon,  b.  19  Nov.  1875. 

I.  Edith  Isabella.  ii.  Alice  Charlotte, 

ill.  Eleanor  Theresa.  iv.  Katherine  Evelyn. 

v.  Charlotte,  rf.  an  infant,  vi.  Mary  Caroline, 
vii.  Margaret,  d.  young. 

illUCagr. — Lumsden  of  Pltcaple  is  a  branch  of  Lumsden 
'  Cushnie.  The  founder  of  this  family,  Thomas  de  Lumsden, 
alet  of  Lumsden  of  that  ilk,  in  co.  Berwick,  received  from 
lean,  Earl  of  Fife,  a  grant  of  the  lands  of  Drum  and 
iland,  in  co.  Fife,  aud  of  Easter  and  Wester  Medlar,  co. 
rdeen.  The  precise  date  of  this  transaction  is  unknown, 
charter  having  been  lost  (Robertson's  Index,  p.  68);  but 
iiust  have  been  previous  to  1353,  in  which  year  the  Earl 
I.  Thomas  de  Lumsden  was  Vice-Comes  of  co.  Fife,  and 
name  appears  frequently  in  charters  and  other  documents 
ncctedwith  co.  Aberdeen  in  the  middle  of  the  14th  century, 
afe  conduct  was  granted  to  him  by  Edwakd  IIL,  dated 
odstock,  29  May,  1349  (Rotuli  Scotiae  1729),  probably  to 
otiate  the  ransom  of  the  Earl  of  Fife,  who  was  taken 
■oner  at  the  battle  of  Durham,  1346,  and  returned  to  Scot- 
l  1350.  The  lands  he  acquired  were  inherited  by  his 
I  endant, 

TuoMAs  Lumsden,  of  Couland  and  Medlar,  who  bad  two 

sons,  I.  James,  who  s.  to  Couland  ;  and  ii.  Rodebt,  of  Median 

d.  14S0,  leaving  two  sons, 
THOMas,  m.  Marjory  Gordon,  and  d.  149.'),  leaving  one  dau., 
Margaret,  ui.  1st,  William  Johnstone,  of  that  ilk ;  and  2ndly, 
William  Forbes,  of  Corsindae. 
Robert,  ni.  Isobcl,  dau.  of  John  Forbes,  of  Terpersie,  and  d. 
1516,  leaving  nineteen  children.  Of  these,  the  eldest  son 
was  Thomas,  who  was  killed  at  the  battle  of  Floddcn,  Icavinrj 
two  sons,  James,  d.  1550 ;  and  John,  who  eventually  a.  to 
the  property.    This 

John  Lumsden,  of  Cushnie,  who  d.  1588,  had,  by  a  2nd 
marriage,  with  Elizabeth  Menzies,  three  sons  and  one  dau., 

John,  his  heir,  m.  Janet,  dau.  of  John  Mortimer,  of 
Craigicvar,  and  had  a  son,  Robert,  who  d.  s.  p. 

Alexander,  of  Clova,  m.  Christian  Irvine,  and  d.  1625, 
leaving  a  son,  Robert,  of  whom  presently. 

Arthur.  Elizabeth,  m.  John  Burnett,  of  Leys. 

Robert  Lumsden,  son  of  Alexander  Lumsden,  of  Clova,  :. 
to  Cushnie  on  the  death  of  his  cousin.  He  m.  Agnes,  dau.  of 
Leith  of  Bucharn,  and  left  issue, 

Alexander,  his  heir,  m.  Elizabeth  Leith,  and  rf.  1714, 
leaving  one  son,  David,  who  m.  a  dau.  of  Sir  John  Forbes, 
2nd  bart.  of  Craigievar,  and  rf.  without  male  issue  1718. 

John,  Yd.  Agnes,  dau.  of  Gordon  of  Auchlyne,  and  rf.  1716, 
leaving  two  sons,  Harry,  who  s.  to  Cushnie  on  the  death  of 
his  cousin  David,  and  from  whom  the  late  Rev.  H.  T.  Lums- 
den, of  Cushnie  was  descended ;  and  Charles. 

Robert,  ra.  a  dau.  of  Forbes  of  TuUoch  ;  killed  1690,  leaving 
one  son,  John. 

James,  m.  a  dau.  of  Chalmers  of  Balnacraig,  and  left  two 
sons,  Robert  and  John. 

William,  m.  Jean  Gordon,  and  left  three  son«,  1  .Tames, 
d.  s.  p. ;  2  Alexander,  of  whom  presently;  and  3  William, 
m.  his  cousin,  Rachel,  dau.  of  Charles  Lumsden,  of  Ilarlaw; 
the  eldest  son  of  this  marriage,  Harry,  bought  the  estates 
of  Clova  and  Auchinduir  from  John  Lumsden,  of  Cuslmie, 
1782,  aud  entailed  them  on  a  series  of  heirs,  1st,  his  nephew, 
the  late  Sir  Harry  Niveu,  Bart.,  who  m.  a  dau.  of  Gen. 
Hay,  of  Rannes,  and  rf.  s.  /).;  2ndly,  his  nephew,  the  late 
Harry  Leith  Lumsden,  who  also  rf.  s.  p. ;  and  Srdly,  the 
late  Henry  Lumsden,  2nd  son  of  Harry  Lumsden,  of  BeJ- 
helvie,  of  whom  presently. 

Alexander  Lumsden,  2nd  son  of  the  above  William  Lums- 
den aud  Jean  Gordun  his  wife,  m.  Isobel,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Mr. 
Seaton,  and  had  issue,  i.  Harry,  d.  s.  p. ;  ii.  .John,  of  whom 
presently ;  and  iii.  Alexander,  m.  Jane  Robertson,  and  had 
issue,  the  late  Alexander  Lumsden,  of  Glenbogie.  The  eldest 
son  to  leave  issue, 

John  Lumsden,  vi.  Christian  Stephen,  and  had  i.  Harrt,  of 
whom  presently;  ii.  John;  in.  William;  iv.  Geoige;  v.  James; 
VI.  Benjamin.    The  eldest  son, 

Harry  Lumsden,  of  Belhclvie  and  Pitcaple,  m.  1781,  Cathe- 
rine, dau.  of  Hugh  McVeagh,  by  Margaret  his  wife,  dau.  of 
Harry  Lumsden,  of  Cushnie,  and  d.  1833,  leaving  issue, 


Henry,  who  s.  as  licir  of  entail  to  the  Auchindoir  estates, 
m.  1st,  Catherine,  dau.  of  John  Tower,  Esq.,  and  had  by 
her  three  sons,  Harry:  John,  killed  at  Lucknow  1857 ;  and 
Hugh,  rf.  184.5;  and  tivedaus. ;  and  2ndly,  Mary  Anne,  dau. 
of  Sir  Thomas  Kirkpatrick,  Bart,  of  Closeburn,  and  had  by 
her  four  daus.     He  <(!.  1856. 

Thomas,  of  Belhelvie,  Col.  Bengal  Artillery  and  C.B.,  m.  Hay, 
dau.  of  John  Burnett,  Esq.  of  Elrick,  and  had  issue,  Harry, 
John,  Thomas,  Peter,  William  (killed  at  Delhi  1858),  Hugh 
David,  and  five  daus. 

WiUiam,  James,  of  Balmedie,  ra,  1st,  Margrvret,  2nd  dau.  of 
John,  Viscount  Arbuthnott;  2ndly,  Mary  Elizabeth,  dau.  cf 
Matthew  Thompson,  Esq.  of  Manningham  Lodge,  co.  York, 
by  whom  he  has  issue,  Harry,  and  three  daus. ;  3rdly,  Wil- 
helmina,  dau.  of  Col.  Forbes  Leith,  of  Whitehaugh. 

Clements,  m.  Jane,  dau.  of  James  Forbes,  Esq.  of  Echt,  and 
d.  1853,  leaving  issue,  Henry  William,  James  Forbes,  aud 
four  daus. 

The  eldest  son. 

Hugh  LfM-ouN,  Esq.  of  Pitcaple,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  Sheriff  of 
Sutherland,  b.  22  April,  1783;  m.  1st,  30  April,  1813,  Frances, 
2nd  dau.  of  Alexander  Brebner,  Esq.  of  Lairney,  and  had  by 
her  an  only  dau.,  Christina, '«(.  Rev.  George  Bain.  He  a. 
2ndly  8  July,  1824,  Isabella,  4th  dau.  of  Walter  Fergus,  Esq. 
of  Strathore,  co.  Fife,  by  whom  he  had, 

Hentiy,  now  of  Pitcaple. 

Walter,  H.E.I.C.S.,  b.  27  June,  1834,  d.  4  April,  1872. 

Charlotte  Fergus,  deceased. 

Catherine  Edith,  m.  her  cousin,  Lieut.-Col.  H.  W.  Lumsden, 
late  Royal  Artillery.  Isabella,  deceased. 

Elizabeth,  m.  Rev.  Robert  Lovett  (see  Lovett  of  LiicomJie). 

Mr.  Lumsden  d.  27  Jan.  1859. 

Arms—krg.,  a  chevron  sa.  between  two  otters'  heads  coupcd 
in  chief  gu.  and  an  escallop  in  base  vert.  Crest— \  naked  arm 
grasping  a  sword  ppr.     Motlo—J)c\  dono  sum  quod  sum. 

Seat— Pitcaple  Castle,  Pitcaple,  co.  Aberdeen. 

3  T  2 







Lttscosibe,  John,  Esq.  of  Combe  Eojal,  Devon, 
J.P.  and  D.L.,  b.  11  Oct.  1806. 

3LtUC<tSC. — This  family  is  of  long  standinpr  in  Devon, 
and  we  find  Hugh  de  Luscorabe,  9  Edwakd  I.,  was  im- 
pannelled  the  second  man  on  a  jury  between  the  King  and  the 
Countess  of  Devon,  Isabella  de  Fortibus.  The  Combe  Eoyal 
family  is  a  branch  of  the  Luscombes  of  luscomlc,  who  were 
seated  at  Luscorabe  in  the  reign  of  Hesrt  V. 

John  Lcscombe,  of  Luscombe,  m.  the  dau.  of  Stone  of 
Huish,  and  was  father  of  Henry  Luscombe,  who  r,i.  Maria, 
dau.  of  John  Fortescue,  of  Fallapit,  and  had  a  son,  John 
Luscombe,  who,  by  Johanna  his  wife,  dau.  of  John  Giles,  Esq. 
of  Bowden,  was  father  of  Henkt  Lcscojibe,  who  m.  Alice,  dau. 
of  Nicholas  Fry,  Esq.  of  Tarty. 

John  Luscomde,  Esq.  High  Sheriff  of  co.  Devon  17-!0,  pur- 
chased the  estate  of  Combe  Royal.  He  -m.  1st,  Margaret,  dau. 
of  Henry  Martin,  Esq.  of  Totnes,  by  whom  he  had  a  son  and  a 
dau.  He  vi.  2ndly,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  George  Prestwood,  Esq. 
of  Botenford,  and  was  s.  at  his  decease  by  his  son, 

John  Ldsbombe,  Esq.  of  Combe  Royal,  m.  Juliana,  dau.  of 
George  Prestwood,  Esq.,  but  d.  s. p.,  when  the  estates  devolved 
upon  the  grandson  of  his  sister  Elizabeth, 

John  Ldscombe  Manning  (only  son  of  Richard  Manning, 
Esq.),  who  assumed,  under  the  will  of  his  uncle,  by  royal 
license,  the  surname  of  Lcscombe.  He  m.  Sarah,  dau.  of  James 
Hawker  Esq.,  Capt.  E.N.,  of  Plymouth,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

John,  his  heir,  now  of  Combe  Eoyal. 

Edward  Knighton,  b.  1816 ;  m.  Anna,  eldest  dau.  of  Capt. 
William  M'Culloch,  R.N.,  of  Barholm,  co.  Kirkcudbright, 
and  d.  6  Feb.  1867,  leaving  issue,  John,  6.  1848,  and  Ed- 
ward Godfrey  Sevmour.  James,  d.  3  Feb.  1867. 

Sarah,  d.  8  Dec.  1870. 

Elizabeth,  m.  William  Fletcher,  Esq.,  Capt.  E.N. 

Jane,  m.  Charles  AVhyte,  Esq.,  Inspector-General  of  Military 
Hospital.s,  d.  3  Jan.  1840. 

Dora,  m.  Eev.  Charles  Egerton  Dukinfield,  son  of  Sir  Henry 
Dukinfield,  Bart.;  d.  20  May,  1868. 

Mary,  ni.  John  Elliot,  Esq.  of  Kingsbridge. 

B.ed.  10  Jan.  1831. 

Arms — Arg.,  on  a  pile  az.  a  lion  rampant  guardant  crowned 
or.     Crest — A  demi-lion  rampant  guardant  crowned  or. 
Seal — Combe  Eoyal,  near  Kingsbridge,  Devon. 


LrsHiNGTON,  Edmund  Law,  Esq.  of  Park 
House,  Kent,  M.A.  Trin.  Coll.  Cambridge,  b.  10 
Jan.  1811  ;  m.  14  Oct.  1842,  Cecilia,  dau.  of  the 
late  Rev.  Gr.  C.  Tennyson,  LL.D.,  of  Somersby, 
and  has  siuTiving  issue, 


ILtncagC. — Stephen  Lushington,  Esq.  of  Sittingbourn 
(son  and  heir  of  Thomas  Lushington,  Esq.  of  Sittingbourn, 
and  grandson  of  Augustus  Lushington,  of  Sittingbourn,  living 
A.D.  1633)  purchased  the  fee  simple  of  the  manor  of  Eodmer- 
sham.  He  m.  1st,  Catherine,  only  sister  and  heir  of  John 
Godfrey,  Esq.  of  Norton  Court,  by  whom  (who  d.  at  the  age 
of  twenty-seven,  28  Aug.  1700)  he  had  an  only  child,  Thomas 
Godfrey,  his  heir.  He  m.  2ndly,  Jane  Petley,  relict  of 
Edmond  Fowler,  Esq.  of  Ash,  and  by  her  had  (with  two  daus.), 
I.  Stephen,  who  d.  g.  p.;  Franklyn,  Capt.  E.N.,  killed  on 
board  the ''  Burford"  man-of-warat  thesiege  of  Guyra,  19  Feb. 
1743;  III.  Henry,  D.D.,  7)1.  Mary,  dau.  of  Archdeacon  Altham, 
and  had  issue,  Stephen,  of  Southill  Park,  Chairman  of 
the  E.I. Co.,  created  a  Baronet  in  1791 ;  William,  of  Marks 
Hall,  Essex,  M.P.,  and  Alderman  of  London;  and  Henry, 
who  was  assassinated  in  the  East  Indies;  iv.  William,  Col.  in 
the  army,  ra.  Jane,  dau.  of  Col.  WilUam  Southwell  (of  the 
family  of  the  Viscounts  Southwell),  and  had  two  daus.,  his 
co-heirs,  Jane,  rn.  John  Eeilly,  Esq.  of  Scarvagh,  co.  Down, 
and  Mary,  d.  young.  Mr.  Lushington  d.  1718,  and  was  s.  by 
his  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Godfrey  Lushington,  Esq.  of  .Sittingbourn,  who 
VI.  1st.  Dorothy,  dau.  of  John  Gisbourne,  Esq.,  and  had  by 
her,  Thomas,  who  d.  s.  'p.  1748;  William,  Capt.  in  the  army, 
d.  unm.  1763;  James  Stephen,  eventually  heir;  and  Cathe- 
rine wife  of  John  Cockin  Sole,  Esq.  Mr.  Lushington  i/i.  2ndly, 
1752,  Miss  Barbara  Skeere,  of  Doddington.  He  d.  3  Aug.  1757, 
aged  57.     His  youngest  son. 

The  Eev.  James  Stephen  Lushington,  of  Eodmersham,  in 
Kent,  Prebendary  of  Carlisle  Vicar  of  Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 
and  of  Latton,  Essex,  m.  1st,  Mary,  dau.  of  the  Eight  Eev. 

Edmnnd  Law,  D.D.,  Bishop  of  Carlisle,  and  had  by  her, 
Thomas  Godfrey,  who  d.  1819;  Edmund  Henry,  his  heir; 
and  Maria  Catherine,  wife  of  the  Eev.  Thomas  Edwards, 
LL.D.  He  7/1.  2ndly,  Mary,  dau.  of  the  Eev.  Humphrey 
Christian,  of  Docking,  Norfolk,  and  had  four  other  sons  and 
two  daus., 

I.  William  John,  of  Eodmersham,  one  of  the  Commissioners 
of  Parliamentary  Inquiry,  who  m.  Barbara,  dau.  and  co- 
heir of  James  Wilson,  Esq.  of  Kendal,  and  d.  1845,  leaving 
issue,  one  son,  Charles  Hugh,  and  four  daus. 

II.  Eight  Hon.  Stephen  Rumbold,  of  Norton  Court,  near 
Faversham,  Kent,  P.C,  J. P.,  Hon.  D.C.L.  Oxon.  He  was 
Private  Secretary  to  Lord  Han-is  1795-99,  M.P.  for  Eye 
1807-12,  for  Canterbury  1812-30  and  1835- 17,  Chairman  of 
Committees  of  the  House  of  Commons,  Joint  Secretary  of 
the  Treasury  1824-27,  Governor  of  Madras  1827-35 ;  P.C. 
1827 ;  b.  May,  1776 ;  r,i.  1st,  9  Dec.  1797,  Anne  Elizabeth, 
eldest  dau.  of  the  1st  Lord  Harris;  and  by  her  (who  d. 
25  March,  1856)  had  issue, 

1  Stephen  George,  Commissioner  of  Customs. 

2  James  Stephen,  formerly  Private  Secretary  to  the 
Governor  of  Madras. 

3  George  Thomas,  m.  Marianne  Gordon,  but  d.  «.  p. 

4  William  Hurdis,  m.  Caroline  Menzics,  but  d.  s.  p. 

5  Eichard. 

G  Charles  Manners,  6.  1819,  Capt.  East  Kent  Rifles,  and 
late  M.P.  for  Canterbury,  M.A.  Oxon,  afterwards  a 
Fellow  of  All  Souls'  Coll. ;  m.  5  May,  1846,  Henrietta, 
elder  sister  of  Sir  Stafford  Northcote,  Bart.,  M.P. ;  andd. 
Nov.  1864,  leaving  issue.  His  dau.,  Agnes,  m.  1870, 
Walter  Phillimore,  Esq. 

1  Mary  Anne,  m.  James  Beckford  Wildman,  Esq.  of  Chil- 
ham  Castle. 

2  Anne  Elizabeth,  m.  Eev.  C.  F.  Newell. 

The  Right  Hon.  S.  R.  Lushington  m.  2ndly,  Marianne,  dau. 
of  James  Hearne,  Esq.  of  Great  Portland  Street,  London, 
which  lady  d.  28  June,  1864.    He  d.  19  Jan.  1873. 

III.  James  Law  (Sir),  G.C.B.,  6.  1779,  General  in  the  army, 
and  Chairman  of  the  East  India  Company,  M.P.  for  Peters- 
field  1825,  for  Hastings  1826,  and  for  Carlisle  from  1827  to 
1832.  He  i/i.  1836,  Miss  Rosetta  Sophia  Costen,  and  d.  1S59, 
without  issue. 

IV.  Charles  May,  one  of  the  Circuit  Judges  on  the  Madras 
Establishment,  m.  Miss  Ansell. 

I.  Paulina. 

Ji.  Dorothy  Christian,  ni.  Guy  Lenox  Prendergast,  Esq. 

The  Rev.  Mr.  Lushington  d.  1801,  and  was  «.  by  the  son  of  his 
first  marriage, 

Edmund  Henry  Lushington,  Esq.  of  Park  House,  Barrister-  > 
at-Law,  one  of  the  Puisne  Judges  at  Ceylon,  subsequently  Chief  j 
Commissioner  of  the  Colonial  Board  of  Audit,  and  Master  of| 
the  Crown  Office,  6.  1766;   ni.  1st,  Louisa,  dau.  of  Faulknor 
Phillips,   Esq.  of  Manchester,  by  whom    he    had  one  child, 
Louisa,  who  d.  1819;    and  2ndly,  Sophia,   dau.  of  Thomas 
Philips,  Esq.  of  Sedgley,  near  Manchester,  by  whom  he  hud 
issue,  'j 

I.  Edmund  Law,  now  of  Park  House. 

II.  Henry,  Chief  Secretary  at  Malta,  d.  vnm.  1855. 

III.  Thomas  Davies,  Madras  Civil  .Service,  m.  Mary,  dau.  oi 
Charles  May  Lushington,  Esq.;  and  d.  1858,  leaving  i,ssue, 
1  Thomas  Godfrey;  2  Arthur  James;  3  Henry;  4  Lionel 
Edmund ;  1  Mary  Catherine. 

IV.  Franklin,  Barrister-at-Law,  formerly  Member  of  the 
Supreme  Council  in  the  Ionian  Islands,  now  a  Metropolitai 
Police  Magistrate,  m.  Kate  Maria,  dau.  of  Eev.  Jamef 
Morgan,  and  has  George  Henry  Fitzjames;  Franklin; 
Louisa  Gertrude ;  Mildred  Helen. 

I.  Sophia,  d.  1823.  ii.  Maria  Catherine. 

III.  Emily.  iv.  Marianne  Harriet,  d.  1823. 

V.  Eosa,  d.  1833.  vi.  Ellen  Eliza. 
VII.  Louisa  Sophia,  d.  1854. 

Mr.  Lushington  d.  1839. 

Arms — Or,  on  a  fess  wavy  between  three  lions'  heads  erasei 
vert  langued  gu.  as  many  ermine  spots.  Crest — A  lion's  hesi 
erased  vert  charged  on  the  erasure  with  three  ermine  spots  01 
ducally  gorged  arg.    Motto — Fides  nudaque  Veritas. 

Stat — Park  House,  Maidstone,  Kent. 


FowNES-LuTTEELi,  Geoege,  Esq.  of  Dunste 
Castle,  Somerset,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  187^ 
b.  27  Sept.  1827 ;  w.  26  Aug.  1852,  Anne  Elizabef 
Periam,  youngest  dau.  of  tbe  late  Sir  Alexande 
Hood,  ]3art.,  M.P.  for  West  Somerset,  and  lias  issut 

I.  Alexander,  Lieut.  Gren.  Guards,  6.  I  June,  1855. 

II.  Hugh  Courtenay,  Lieut.  Rifle  Brigade,  b.  1857. 

III.  Edward,  b.  1858.  iv.  Claude  Mohun,  b.  1867. 
I.  Mary.  ii.  Beatrice. 
JLtUCajJC— In  the  time  of  Henry  III.,  Sir  Andrew  Lr 

TBELL  was  Baron  of  Irnliam,  co.  Lincoln.   His  2nd  son.  Ale 





AMDEB  LuTTRELL,  reccived  from  his  father  a  grant  of  the  manor 
of  East  Quantoxhead,  which  has  continued  in  the  family  ever 
Bince.    The  fourth  in  descent  from  this  Alexander, 

Sir  IIucu  Luttrell  (son  of  Sir  Andrew  Luttrcll,  of  Chilton, 
Devon,  by  Lady  Elizabeth  Courtcnay  his  wife,  dau.  of  Hugh, 
Earl  of  Devon)  resided  at  Dunster  Castle,  which  his  mother. 
Lady  Elizabeth,  had  purchased  from  the  family  of  Mohun ;  he 
was  Member  for  Somerset  in  the  reign  of  ISichard  II.,  and 
successively  for  that  CO.  and  Devon.  In  8  Henry  IV.,  Sir  Hugh 
gained  a  suit  at  law  against  Edward  Plantagenet,  Duke  of  York, 
and  the  other  heirs  of  John,  Lord  Mohun  of  Dunster,  by  which 
he  obtained  possession  of  the  honours  and  castle  of  Dunster, 
Lordship  of  Carhampton,  &c.  He  was  afterwards  Hanger  of 
Blackmore  Forest,  Dorset,  a  Privy-Councillor  to  King  HenryV., 
Seneschal  of  Normandy,  and  one  of  the  commanders  under  that 
martial  monarch  at  the  reduction  of  Harfleur,  anno  1415, 
and  at  the  memorable  siege  of  Rouen.  Sir  Hugh  m.  Catherine, 
dau.  of  Sir  John  Beaumont,  Knt.  (From  a  younger  son  of 
theirs,  Robert  Lcttreli.,  who  d.  15  Henry  VI.,  seised  of  the 
castle  and  lands  of  Lutlrellstown.  co.  Dublin,  descended  the 
well-known  Irish  family  of  Luttrell,  of  which  were  the  extinct 
Earls  or  Carhampton).  Sir  Hugh  was  s.,  1431,  by  his  eldest 
son,  Sir  John  Luttrell,  a  Knight  of  the  Bath  at  the  coronation 
of  Henry  IV.,  father  of  Sir  James  Luttrell,  who  was  made 
a  Knight-Banneret  at  the  battle  of  Wakefield,  14C3,  and  fell 
fighting  under  the  standard  of  Lancaster,  1471.     His  son. 

Sir  Hugh  Luttrell,  is  mentioned  by  HoUingshed  and  other 
historians  amongst  the  persons  of  note  in  the  West  who  joined 
the  Earl  of  Richmond  at  his  landing,  and  were  afterwards 
instrumental  in  quelling  the  Devonshire  insurrection.  When 
the  successful  issue  of  Bosworth  placed  the  crown  upon  Ricli- 
mond's  head,  as  Henry  VII.,  the  estates  of  Sir  Hugh  Luttrell 
were  immediately  restored,  and  he  was  subsequently  created  a 
Knight  of  the  Bath  at  the  coronation  of  the  Queen,  1487.  His 
son  and  heir, 

Sir  Andrew  Luttrell,  Knt.  of  Dunster  Castle,  m.  Margaret, 

dau.  of  Sir  Thomas  Wyndham,  and  had  several  sons;  from  the 

3rd,  Richard,   sprang  the  Luttrells  of  Hartland,  Honnibere, 

Sandon  Court,  and  Chelsea.    He  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son. 

Sir  John  Luttrell,  knighted  at  the  taking  of  Edinburgh 

I  and  Leith,  36  Hrnry  VIII.,  and  created  a  Knight-Banneret  at 
the  taking  of  Tester,  I  Edward  VI.  From  him  descended  the 
eminent  family  of  Luttrell  of  Dunster  Castle,  of  which  the 

1  eventual  heir, 

I      Margaret  Luttrell  (only  child  of  Alexander  Luttrell,  Esq. 

I  of  Dunster  Castle,  by  Margaret,  his  wife,  dau.  of  Sir  John 
Trevelyan,   Bart.),   ra.   Feb.   1746,   Henry    Fownes,   Esq.   of 

!  Kethway  House,  Devon,  and  she  and  her  husband  assumed  the 

I  additional  name  and  arms  of  Luttrell.    She  had  issue, 

I      John,  her  heir. 

;      Francis,  Commissioner  of  Customs,  m.  Charlotte,  youngest 

'        dau.  of  Francis  Drewe,  Esq.  of  Grange. 

Alexander  (Rev.),  Rector  of  East  Quantoxhead,  m.  had 
issue,  and  d.  1810. 

Mr.  and  Mrs.  Luttrell  were  s.  by  their  eldest  son, 

John  Fownes-Luttrell,  Esq.  of  Dunster  Castle,  M.P.  for 
Minchead,  who  m.  3  Aug.  178'.i,  Mary,  eldest  dau.  of  Francis 
Drewe,  E.sq.  of  Grange,  Devon,  and  by  her  (who  d.  20  March, 
1830)  had  issue, 

I.  John,  his  heir. 

II.  Henry,  successor  to  his  brother. 

III.  Francis,  Lieut. -Col.,  late  of  the  Grcn.  Guards,  of  Kilvc 
Court  and  Wotton  House,  Somerset,  m.  Feb.  18'i4,  his 
cousin,  Emma  Louisa,  dau.  of  Samuel  Drewe,  Esq.  of  Ken- 
sington, and  dying  Jan.  1862,  left  surviving  issue, 

1  George,  now  of  Dunster  Castle.  2  Francis. 

1  Augusta  Margaret. 

2  Mary  Anne,  i/i.  Henry  A.  Bosanquet,  Esq. 

IV.  Alexander,  of  Exeter  Coll.  Oxon,  B.C.L.,  Rector  of  East 
Quantoxhead,  Bridgwater,  Somerset,  J. P.,  m.  May, 
18-4,  Jane,  dau.  of  SVilliam  Leader,  Esq.  of  Putney,  and 
has  issue, 

1  Henry  Aclnnd,  of  Badgworth  Court,  Somerset,  M.A., 
J. P.,  b.  18J6;  m.  1857,  Mary  Anne,  dau.  of  Joseph 
Euscombe  Poole,  Esq.,  and  has  a  dau.,  Eva. 

2  John  Alexander,  of  Edington,  Bridgwater,  R.N.,  m.  Jan. 
1870,  Margaret,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Alexander  Henry 
Fownes-LuttrcU,  Vicar  of  Minchead,  Somerset,  and  has 

1  Fanny  Henrietta,  m.  April,  1861,  John  Blommart,  Esq. 
of  Willett  House.  Somerset. 

2  Florence,  )/i.  July,  18.t1,  Hon.  Richard  Augustus Bethell, 
afterwards  2nd  Baron  Westbury,  and  has  issue. 

V.  Thomas,  B.A.  Exeter  Coll.  Oxon,  Vicar  of  Carhampton, 
and  Incumbent  of  Dunster,  Somerset,  J. P. 

1.  Mary  Ann,  deceased.  ii.  Margaret,  deceased. 

ni.  Harriet,  d.  C  April,  1870,  aged  81. 

Mr.  Luttrell  d.  16  Feb.  1816,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 
John  Fownes-Luttrell,  Esq.  of  Dunster  Castle,  J. P.  and 

D.L.,  b.  26  Aug.  1787.    He  U.  xinm.  1857,  and  wass.  by  his 

next  brother, 
Henry   Fown-es-Luttrell,   Esq.  of  Dunster  Castle,  J. P., 

B.A.  of  Brascnose  Coll.  Oxon;    M.P.  for  Minehead  1810-22, 

and  a  Commissioner  of  the  Board  of  Audit  1822-49,  b.  7  Feb. 

1790.     He  d.  6  Oct.  1867,  and  was  s.  by  his  nephew,  George, 

now  of  Dunster  Castle,  eldest  son  of  the  late  Col.  Francis 

F'ownes-Luttrell,  of  Kilve  Court. 

Arms — Quarterly,  1st  and  4th,  or,  a  bend  between  six 
martlets  sa.,  for  Luttrell;  2nd  and  3rd,  az.,  twi>  eagles 
displayed  in  fess,  and  a  mullet  in  base  arg.,  for  Fownes. 
Crtst — Out  of  a  ducal  coronet  or,  a  plume  of  five  feathers  arg. 
Supporters  (as  borne) — Two  swans  collared  and  chained.  Molt» 
— Quaesita  marte  tuenda  arte. 

/Seat— Dunster  Castle,  Taunton. 

See  Baexeby-Lutley. 


LrxFORD,  Rev.  Geoege  Cceteis,  M.A.,  oE 
Higham,  Sussex,  J.P.,  m.  1839,  Ann  i\Iatilda, 
Pauline,  youngest  dau.  of  Sir  Josias  Henry  Stracey, 
4th  bart.,  and  has,  with  other  issue, 

George  Bentinck,  Capt.  23rd  R.  W.  Fusiliers,  6. 1842. 

JLtllCaSC— The  family  of  Luxford  is  of  old  standing  in 
Sussex.  In  an  account  given  of  the  nobility  and  gentry  who 
contributed  to  the  defence  of  the  country  at  the  time  of  tl.e 
Spanish  invasion,  15SS,  two  Luxfords  are  mentioned  in  con- 
nection with  Sussex,  viz.,  Luxford  of  Westmeston,  and  Lux- 
ford  of  Hurstpierpoint,  and  from  the  former  the  HighauK 
family  is  descended.  The  estates  are  in  the  parishes  of  Ilails- 
ham,  Salehurst,  Beckley,  Ikelsham,  Guldeford,  and  Playden, 
Sussex ;  and  in  Stowe  and  Witersham,  Kent.  The  family  hoUV 
the  lay  rectory  of  Hailsham,  in  which  church  is  their  burying 
place;  as  well  as  the  royalty  of  the  island  of  Oxney,  Kent.. 
The  late 

John  Luxford,  Esq.  of  Higham,   J. P.  and  D.L.,  6.  175G; 
ill.  1S02,  Catherine  Sarah,  dau.  of  Jeremiah  Curteis,  Esq.  cf 
Rye,  and  left  issue, 
I.  John  Odlarne,   of  Higham,  Sussex,  J. P.,  formerly  an 
officer  Royal  Dragoons,  and  J. P.,  m.  1843,  Marion,  dau.  oi  ' 
Robert  Wallas,  Esq.  of  Madeira,  and  left  issue, 
1  John   Stewart  Odiarne    Robertson    Luxford,    6.    1851, . 
assumed  the  prefix  surname  of  Robertson. 
1  Harriott  Mary.  2  Marion  Frances, 

n.  George  Curteis,  now  of  Higham.  i.  Lydia  Mary. 

Ar;ns — Or,  on  a  pile  az.  three  boars'  heads  couped  of  the 
field.     Crest— A  boar's  head  erased  at  the  neck  gu.,  holding  iu- 
the  mouth  a  spear  or,  headed  of  the  first. 

&ti£— Higham,  Hurst  Green,  near  Lewes,  Sussex. 


Maeiox  LrxirooEE,  Elizabeth  Cc>>'ixGnAM', 
m.  1877,  W.  Treror  Roper,  Esq.,  and  Axne  Dove, 
m.  1871,  Gr.  D.  Lees,  Esq.,  co-heiresses  of  Kershike, 
Hoist ock  and  Meldon  Manors,  and  Okehauipton 
Park,  DeroD,  s.  their  father  1876. 

JLinCajfC.— This  family  is  of  antiquity  in  Devon,  and  was 
formerly  seated  at  Okeliampton,  for  which  borough  John 
LuxMooRE,  Esq.  of  Coomb  Park,  Devon,  was,  towards  the  clo.-o 
of  the  last  century,  returned  to  Parliament,  but  afterwards 
unseated  on  petition.  He  rn.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  William  Cun- 
ningham, Esq.,  and  left  issue  five  sons  and  two  daus. ;  of  the 
former,  the  2nd  was  Charles,  of  whou)  presently;  and  tho 
4th,  Thomas  Bridgenian,  Major  of  Volunteers  daring  the 
French  war,  1S02  to  1815,  m.  1792,  Miss  Cartwright,  and  had 
three  sons  and  three  daus.,  1  Eliziibeth;  2  Patience,  Mrs. 
James;  3  Mary  Cunningham,  Mrs.  Robert  Lethbridgc-  tho 
2nd  son  was  the  late  Kev.  John  Luxmoore,  M.A.,  late  Scholar 
of  Pembroke  Coll.  Camb.,  and  lately  of  Kerslake.  The  2nd 
son  of  John  Luxmoore,  of  Coomb  Pi'rk,  was 

Charles  Lux.moobe,  Esq.,  who  pos;e?scd  the  Manors  of  Hal- 
stock  and  Meldon,  Devon,  and  the.  estates  thereto  attached, 
including  the  Park  of  Okehampton,  for  .many  generations  in 
the  possession  of  the  Courtenays.  lie  d.  1834,  and  was  s.  by 
his  nephew. 





Rev.  John  Luxmooke,  M.A.,  of  KerslaUe,  Halstock,  and 
Meldon  Manors,  and  Okeliampton  Park,  Devon,  Eector  of 
Llanymynecli,  Salop,  b.  18  Jan.  IS02;  s.  his  uncle,  Charles 
Luxmoore,  Esq.  1834;  in.  1st,  1829,  Isaliella,  2nd  dau.  of  William 
Scott,  Esq.  of  Clifton  and  Broadgate,  Devon,  by  whom  he  had 

I.  Isabella,  d.  6  May,  1844.  Ii.  Mahion. 

III.  Elizabeth  Cunningham. 

He  m.  2ndly,  1850,  Anne,  2nd  dau.  of  Jonathan  Steele,  Esq. 
of  Poole,  Dorset,  and  had  by  her  an  only  child, 

IV.  Anne  Dove. 

He  m.  3rdly,  1857,  Elizabeth  Harnett,  3rd  dau.  of  Felix  Boylan, 
Esq.  of  Dublin,  and  d.  12  July,  1876,  when  he  was  s.  by  his 
three  daus.,  his  co-heiresses. 

Arms — Arff.,  a  chevron  sa.  between  three  moorcocks  ppr. 
Crest— A  battle  axe  erect  ppr.    ilff);;o— Securis  fecit  securum. 
Seat — Kerslake,  Okehampton,  Devon. 



See  Ames. 


LtalIt,  Geoeqe,  Esq.  of  Hedley,  Surrey,  and 
Findon,  Sussex,  J.P.,  formerly  Grovernor  of  the  Bank 
of  England,  M.P.  forWhitehaven  from  1857  to  1865, 
b.  1819 ;  m.  1st,  1845,  Eleanor  Harriett,  only  child  of 
the  Kev.  J.  Manley,  which  lady  d.  1853  ;  and  2ndly, 
1855,  Frances,  eldest  surviving  dau.  of  D.  Cave, 
Esq.  of  Cleve  Hill,  co.  Gloucester,  and  has  issue, 

I.  George  Arthuh  Cave. 

II.  Henry  Claud.  in.  Charles  Noel. 

I.  Constance  Mary.  ii.  Frances  Beatrice. 

III.  Margaret  Emmeline.  iv.  Agatha  Mary. 
V.  Marian  Cecil. 

3LtUCag;0.— John  Ltall,  Esq.,  son  of  George  Lyall,  of 
Graystone  Lees,  co.  Berwick  (wherein  the  name  of  Lyie  or  De 
Lyle  may  be  traced  for  many  generations),  established  himself 
in  London,  and  finally  at  Findon,  Sussex,  where  he  d.  1805, 
and  left  issue, 

George,  who  s.  him,  and  d.  1853. 

John,  Col.  in  the  Indian  army,  d.  1817. 

William  Rowe,  D.D.,  Dean  of  Canterbury,  d.  1857. 

Hazeldine,  Lieut.  R.N.,  d.  1824.  Alfred  (Rev.),  d.  18G5. 

Margaret,  m.  W.  Pearson,  Esq.  of  Harblodown,  Canterbury, 
and  d.  1855. 

Jane,  m.  George  Darling,  Esq.,  M.D.,  of  London,  and  d. 
The  eldest  son, 

George  Ltall,  Esq.,  who  s.  his  father  at  Findon,  repre- 
sented the  city  of  London  in  several  Parliaments,  and  was 
Chairman  of  the  East  India  Company  during  the  Affghan  war, 
•one  of  the  most  critical  periods  of  Indian  hi.story;  he  took  a 
leading  part  in  the  foundation  of  many  of  the  commercial 
undertakings  of  his  time.  He  m.  Margaret  Anne,  only  child  of 
.John  Edwardes,  Esq.,  and  by  her  had  the  following  issue, 

John  Edwardes,  Advocate-General  of  Bengal,  vi.  Julia,  dau. 
of  John  Davis,  Esq.,  and  d.  at  Barrackpore,  1815. 

George,  now  of  Hedley  and  Findon. 

William  Hearle  (Rev.),  Rector  of  St    Dionis  Bnckchurch, 
London,  m.  Susan,  dau.  of  Sir  Thomas  Grant,  K.C.B. 

Margaret,  m.  the  Kev.  J.  C.  Wynter,  and  ''.  1852. 

JVIary,  in.  William  Forsyth,  Esq.,  y.C,  M.P.  for  Marylebone, 
and  d.  1864. 

Arms  (as  borne  hy  the  famU;/)—lnt  and  4th,  az.,  a  bend  be- 
tween six  crosses-cro.s.slct  fitchee  or;  2nd  and  3rd,  gu.,  frclty  or. 
Crest — A  cock  or,  combed  and  wattled  gu.    Motto — An.  I.  May. 

Scat— Hedley,  Epsom,  Surrey. 


LvDEKEEB,  Gerard  Wolff,  Esq.  of  Harpenden 
Lodge,  St.  Albans,  co.  Herts,  J. P.  for  that  co.  and 
Beds,  a  Deputy  Chairman  of  Quarter  Sessions  for 
Herts,  M.A.  Trin.  Coll.  Cambridge,  and  of  the 
Inner  Temple,  Barrister-at-Law,  b.  10  July,  1811 ; 
m.  20  July,  1848,  Martha  Margaret,  youngest  dau. 
of  Thomas  Peake,  Esq.,  Scijeant-at-Law,  and  has 

I.  Richard,   6.  25  JtiTy,  1849,  B.A.  Trin.   Coll.    Camb.,  a 
Member  of  the  Geological  Survey  of  India. 

II.  John,   b.   21  Oct.  1850,  M.A.   Trin.  Coll.    Camb.,  Bar- 
rister-at-Law of  the  Inner  Temple. 

III.  Arthur,  6.  22  April,  1853,  Lieut.  Herts  Militia. 

IV.  Edgar,  6.  9  May,  1863. 

JLt'ltfiigr. — It  appears  from  the  Dutch  Secretary  Records, 
Book  nil,  p.  38,  that  a  grant  of  lands.  Long  Island,  was  made 
to  Richard  Ltdekker,  on  the  10th  December,  1654 ;  he  is 
believed  to  have  been  a  Captain  in  the  Royal  Navy  of  Holland, 
and  to  have  been  s.  by  his  son,  Gerard  Ltdekker,  whose  son, 
Richard  Ltdekker,  in.  Miss  Kennedy,  the  lands  being  con- 
firmed 7  Sept.  1763,  to  his  son,  the  Rev.  Gerard  Ltdekker, 
B.A.  of  Yale  Coll.  Connecticut.  On  the  breaking  out  of  the 
war  this  gentleman  early  attached  himself  to  the  Loyalist 
party,  and  distinguished  himself  by  his  active  exertion  in  op- 
po-sition  to  the  revolutionary  principles.  He  retired  to  New 
York;  his  property  of  Ilackensack,  N.I.,  in  Albany  and  Long 
Island,  having  been  confiscated.  He  arrived  in  England  a.d. 
1783,  and  dying  1793,  left,  by  Elizabeth  Colcy  his  wife,  three 
sons,  I.  Richard,  his  heir;  n.  William,  d.  1840;  iii.  John,  6. 
1778,  the  eminent  South  Sea  ship-owner  and  munificent  bene- 
factor of  the  Seamen's  Hospital,  d.  23  July,  1832. 

Richard  Ltdekker  (the  eldest  son),  6.  1772,  M.D.,  of  St. 
Peter's,  St.  Alban's,  m.  10  Sept.  1808,  Elizabeth,  dau.  and 
heiress  of  Robert  Wolfe,  Esq.  of  Roxwell,  Essex.  He  d.  19  Dec. 
1844,  and  his  widow,  7  Jan.  1854,  their  issue  being  one  son, 
Gerard  Wolfe,  above  named,  and  one  dau.,  Cornelia,  of  Hall 
Place,  St.  Alban's. 

Seat — Harpenden  Lodge,  near  St.  Alban's,  Herts. 



Ltle,  Hugh  Chetham,  Esq.  of  Cairnagariff,  co. 
Donegal,  Major  E.A,,  m.  5  June,  1860,  Juanita 
Henriquita,  eldest  dau.  of  Admiral  Duntze,  and  lias 

had  issue, 

I.  Hugh,  d.  in  infancy. 

II.  George  Samuel  Bateson,  b.  23  July,  1865. 

III.  Henry  Duntze,  b.  6  Dec.  1866. 

IV.  Hugh,  b.  28  July,  1875. 

I.  Juanita  Henriquita,  d.  in  infancy.  ii.  Catherine. 

III.  Gertrude  Caroline.  iv.  Rosario  Teresa. 

V.  Eva  Gwendoline. 

3LintHQt. — This  family  has  been  settled  in  the  North  of 
Ireland  for  a  considerable  time. 

Hugh  Ltle,  Esq.  of  Coleraine,  was  m.  previously  to  1717  to 
Eleanor,  dau.  of  Hugh  Bankhead,  of  Kilotin,  co.  Londonderry, 
and  by  her  had  issue,  with  two  daus.  (Elizabeth,  wife  of  Hugh 
Carmichael,  Esq.  of  Dublin,  and  Martha,  Mrs.  Bryan),  an  only 

Hnon  Lyle,  Esq.  of  Coleraine,  b.  20  Feb.  1717;  m.  6  July, 
1749,  Eleanor,  dau.  of  Samuel  Hyde,  of  co.  Lancaster,  and  of 
Belfast,  and  had  issue  by  his  said  wife,  who  survived  him, 
three  sons  and  three  daus., 

I.  Hugh,  of  Jackson  Hall,  co.  Londonderry,  b.  30  Dec.  17.56, 
m.  Sarah,  dau.  of  Thomas  Greg,  and  left  at  his  decease, 
1812,  three  sons  and  four  daus., 

1  Hugh.  2  Thomas.  3 

1  Elizabeth.  2  Eleanor.  3  Mary, 

II.  Samuel,  of  whom  presently. 

III.  James,  of  Philadelphia. 
I.  Mary.  II.  Eleanor. 

The  2nd  son, 

Samdel  Ltle,  Esq.  of  The  Oaks,  b.  13  April 
Sheriff  CO.  Fermanagli  1806,  m..  17  Aug.  1787,  Esther,  dau.  of 
John  ,\cheson,  Esq.  of  Londonderry  (who  d.  4  Feb.  1844),  and 
d.  25  Dec.  1815,  leaving  issue, 

I.  HnoH,  of  Cairnagariff,  co.  Donegal,  Treasurer  of  the 
CO.  Londonderry,  m.  Catherine,  dau.  of  —  Bateson,  Esq., 
and  had  issue  a  son,  the  present 

Hugh  Chetham  Ltle,  Esq.  of  Cairnagariff,  Major  Royal 

II.  Achcson,  of  The  Oaks,  Londonderry,  Lord  Lieut,  and 
Custos  for  that  co.,  6.  13  March,  1795;  m.  5  April,  1825, 
Eleanor,  2nd  dau.  of  James  Warre,  Esq.,  by  Eleanor  his 
wife,  dau.  of  Thomas  Greg,  Esq.  of  Belfast,  and  d.  1870, 
having  had  issue, 

1  James  Acheson,  of  The  Oaks,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  Parrister- 
at-Law,  b.  4  Feb.  1827;  m.  6  Aug.  1851,    Ida  Elizabeth 
2nd  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Francis  Ruttledge,  of  Bloomfield,  co. 
Mayo,  and  has  issue, 
Felton  Henrt  James  Acheson,  b.  25  May,  1861. 
Francis  Acheson,  b.  4  March,  1865. 

Margaret   Eleanor   Acheson,    b.   27    April,    1853;  in.  6 
Jan.  1876,  her  cousin  Hugh  Lyle,  eldest  son  of  Samuel 
Lyle,  Esq.,  the  younger. 
Eleanor  Ida  Acheson,  b.  18  Feb.  18G3. 

4  Sarah 

1761,   High 





1  Gcorgina  Achcson,  /,;.   Lieut.-Col.   J.  I'onsonby  Cox, 


2  Eleanor  Augusta  Achcson,  m.  4  Sept.  1855.  Fclton 
KreUcric  William  Ilervey,  formerly  Capt.  13th  Li^ht 
Dragoons,  and  afterwards  one  of  the  Inspectors-Gcneial 
of  Prisons  in  Ireland,  who  d.  31  March,  IsGl  :  his  widow 
m.  2udly,  1869,  S.  G.  Kathhone,  Esq.  of  Allerton,  co.  Lan- 

3  Esther  Emily  Acheson,  m.  6  Feb.  18G2,  William  Rath- 
bone  Esq.,  M.P.,  of  Greenbank,  Liverpool. 

4  Florence  Acheson,  hi.  i  Aug.  1874,  the  Eev.  G.  Gal- 
braith,  of  Lower  Cumber,  co.  Londonderry. 

III.  Samuel,  6.  18  Feb.  1801 ;  m.  2  May,  1843,  Margaret,  dau. 
of  John  Stephenson,  of  Knockan,  co.  Londonderry,  and  d. 
18  Aug.  18G8.  IV.  James,  d.  unvi. 

I.  Eleanor,  d.  unm. 

II.  Sarah,  m.  Thomas  Batt,  Esq.  of  Rathmullcn,  co.  Donegal. 

III.  Mary,  vi.  Henry  Sole  Sandys,  Esq. 
Seat — Cairnagariff,  co.  Donegal. 


Lxxcn,  MAEcrs  Nicholas,  Esq.  of  Earna,  co. 
Galwaj,  J.P.,  D.L.,  High  Slierifi'  18G9,  formerly 
Lieut.  33rd  regt.,  b.  12  Sept.  1836;  m.  8  Mny, 
18G7,  Blanche,  only  dau.  of  Count  Jiiliuz  Marylski, 
of  Warsaw,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Nicholas  Mahcus,  6.  16  April,  18C8. 

II.  Arthur  Sarsfield,  6.  5  June,  1874. 

I.  Ida.  II.  Ethel.  m.  Violet. 

IttncatJC. — The  family  of  Lynch,  of  which  was  James 
Lynch,  the  inflexible  Mayor  of  Galway  1494,  is  of  very  ancient 
standing  in  the  province  of  Connaught,  and  ranks  amongst  the 
«riginal  settlers,  known  by  the  name  of  "  The  Tribes  of  Gal- 
vray."  In  an  old  manuscript  in  Ulster's  Office,  William  le 
PsTiT  is  stated  to  have  been  ancestor  of  the  Lynch  family  in 
Ireland,  of  which  many  branches  still  exist  in  high  respecta- 
bility in  cos.  Galway  and  Mayo. 

The  greater  portion  of  the  Earna  property  came  into  the 
Lynch  family  by  the  marriage  of  the  direct  ancestor  of  the 
present  proprietor  with  the  heiress  of  the  O'Hallokans,  the 
foun'Jalions  of  whose  castle  are  still  to  be  seen. 

Makccs  Ltnch,  Esq.  of  Barna,  descended  from  the  marriage 
of  William  Lynch  and  the  heiress  of  O'Halloran,  m.  1684, 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  OUver  Browne,  Esq.  of  C'oolaron,  and  was 
father  of 

Nicholas  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Barna,  m.  1719,  Mary,  dau.  and 
heiress  of  Neptune  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Lettermullin,  co.  Galway. 
Their  only  son, 

Maeccs  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Barna,  m.  1742,  Anstace,  dau.  of 
Maurics  Blake  Esq.  of  BalUnafad,  co.  Mayo,  and  had  issue, 
■with  three  daus.  (of  whom  Julia  m.  1874,  Hyacinth  D'Arcy, 
Esq.  of  KiltuUa),  two  sons,  the  younger  of  whom,  James,  ((. 
leaving  one  dau.  and  heiress,  m.  Maurice  Blake,  Esq.  of 
liallinafad,  co.  Mayo.  Mr.  Lynch,  whose  will,  dated  28  Nov. 
1787,  was  proved  6  July  1795,  was  s.  by  his  elder  son, 

Nicholas  Ltsch,  Esq.  of  Barna,  m.  1765,  Catherine,  only 
dau.  and  heiress  of  Henry  Blake,  Esq.  of  BaUinahill,  co.  Gal- 
way, 2nd  son  of  Blake  of  Lehinch,  co.  Mayo,  and  by  her  had, 
with  five  daus.,  one  son, 

Makccs  Blake  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Barna,  in.  1st,  Jan.  1792, 
Jane  Mary,  dau.  of  Slark  Byrne,  Esq.  of  Mullinahacli,  Dublin; 
and  2ndly,  1796,  Clarinda,  2nd  dau.  of  John  Seagrave,  Esq.  of 
Cabra,  co.  Dublin  (see  that  Family),  by  whom  at  his  death,  Jan. 
1829,  he  left  issue,  five  daus.  (Catherine,  Jane,  Frances, 
Clarinda,  and  Henrietta),  and  an  only  son, 

Nicholas  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Barna,  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  of 
Calway  town  1843,  6.  22  Feb.  1804;  m.  24  Nov.  1S35,  Eliza, 
2nd  dau.  of  Stephen  Grehan,  Esq.  of  Rutland  Square,  Dublin 
(by  Margaret  his  wife,  dau.  of  George  Ryan,  Esq.  of  Inch  (ice 
that  Family),  and  had  issue, 

Marccs  Nicholas,  now  of  Barna. 


Mr.  Lynch  d.  22  Nov.  1862. 

Artiu — Az.,  a  chevron  between  three  trefoils  slipprd  or. 
Crtit  (adopted  by  the  family;  —  A  rose  tree  p^ir.  MuUo— 
Semper  lidtlis. 

Scat — Barna,  Galway. 

for  Galway  co.  and  town,  and  for  co.  Clare,  was 
High  Sheriff  for  Galway  1858,  and  Clare  1S6G, 
and  for  Galway  co.  1870,  h.  1831 ;  m.  18G5,  Fanny, 
2ud  dau.  of  the  late  Sir  Thomas  N.  Redington, 
K.C.B.,  of  Kilcoruan,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Mark,  b.  1866.  ii.  Thomas  David. 

III.  William  Patrick, 

I.  Ellen.  II.  Fanny. 

IttllCilSC. — Mark  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Rcnmore,  co.  Galway, 
h.  1684;  1/1.  Jane,  only  dau.  of  Nicholas  Biggs,  Esq.  of 
Jamaica,  and  had  two  sons,  Patbick,  his  heir ;  and  Nicholas, 
d.  s.  'p.    The  elder  and  heir, 

Patrick  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Renmorc,  6.  1714;  m.  1747,  Anne, 
sister  of  Sir  Charles  ffrench,  Bart,  of  Castle  tTrcnch,  and  aunt 
of  Thomas,  1st  Baron  ffrench,  and  by  her  had,  with  two  daus., 
who  both  d.s.]).,  two  sons,  Mark,  of  whom  presently;  and 
Martin,  Barrister-at-Law.    The  elder  son, 

Mark  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Duras  Park,  co.  Galway,  6.  1755;  m. 
1785,  Barbara,  only  child  of  Stephen  Burke,  Esq.,  of  Ower, 
CO.  Galway,  and  by  her  had  one  son, 

Patrick  Marcus  Lynch,  late  of  Duras  Park. 
He  la.  2ndly,  1792,  Victoire,  dau.  of  Richard  Wolsey  Cormick, 
Esq.  of  Wolsey  Park,  in  the  island  of  Granada,  by  Lucy  Bai-- 
bara  his  wife,  sister  of  Sir  George  Leonard  Staunton,  Bart., 
and  by  her  had  issue  at  his  death,  1822, 

George  Staunton,  now  of  Clydagh  House,  co.  Galway, 
(/  ffer  to  Lynch  Staunton). 

Henry  Cormick,  Capt.  H.E.I.C.S.,  Madras,  h.  1801;  m.  1838, 
Charlotte,  dau.  of  J.  Brock  Wood,  Esq.  of  Huntingdon  Hall, 
CO.  Che.ster,  and  had  a  son,  George  Staunton,  b.  1839, 
Lieut.  Hants  Artillery  Militia.  Capt.  Lynch  s.  to  the  estate 
of  Leigh  Park,  near  Havant,  Hants,  1859,  on  the  death  s.  p. 
of  his  cousin,  Sir  G.  T.  Staunton,  Bart,  (see  Staunton),  and 
d.  in  the  same  year,  having  assumed  the  additional  name 
and  arms  of  Staunton. 

Richard  M.,  of  Glenard,  co.  Galway,  J.P.,  m.  Georgiana, 
dau.  of  the  Rev.  G.  Varennc,  D.D.,  Rector  of  Stapleiiurst, 
Kent,  and  has  a  dau.,  Anna  Varenne. 

Charles  ffrench. 

Lucy,  rii.  Richard  IMartyn,  Esq.  of  Galway,  deceased. 

Jcannette  Victoiro,  m.  Abraham  F.  lioyse,  Esq.  (2nd  son  of 
the  late  Thomas  Eoyse,  Esq.  of  Nantenant  House,  co. 
Limerick),  deceased.  Margaret,  d.  unm. 

The  eldest  son, 

Patrick  Marcus  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Duras  Park,  and  Renmore 
Park,  J. P.,  High  Sheriff  1845,  b.  1785;  ra.  1620,  Ellen,  only 
dau.  of  John  Wilson,  Esq.  of  Belvoir,  co.  Clare,  and  has  issue, 

John  Wilson,  now  of  Duras. 

William  Joseph,  an  officer  19th  regt.,  6.  1835,  d.  1874. 

Barbara,  m.  1851,  Lieut.-Col.  Geoghcgan,  H.E.I.C.S. 

Ellen,  TO.  1855,  Edward  Thomas  Stapleton,  E.'q. 

Eliza.  Mary  Jane.  Fanny. 

He  d.  1864. 

Arms — Az.,  a  chevron  between  three  trefoils  slipped  or. 
CreH — A  lynx  passant  cowardcd  ppr.     Motto — Semper  lidelis. 

Sw.ts — Duras,  Kinvara,  co.  Galway;  Eenmore,  Galway; 
Belvoir,  Sixmilebridge.    Club — Junior  United  Service,  S.  W. 


Ltnch,  John  Wilson,  Esq.  of  Duras  Park, 
and  Renmore  Park,  co.  Galway,  Capt.  and  Hon. 
Major  Galway  Militia,  D.L.  for  Galway,  and  J.P. 

See  Lynch-Staunton. 


Lynch,  Edwaed  Pateick,  of  Partry  House,  co. 
Mayo,  a  Major-Gen.  in  H.M.  Indian  army,  Knight 
of  the  Lion  and  Sun,  m.  Emily,  dau.  of  Capt. 
Stirton,  of  Earlswood  House,  Eeigate,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Henry  Blosse,  6.  1856,  Lieut.  54th  regt. 

I.  Sarah  Jane,  m.  Major  Scott,  Bengal  Staff  Corps. 

II.  Elizabeth,  to.  Capt.  Marryott,  lioyal  Engineers. 

III.  Louisa  Caroline.  iv.  Constance  Emily. 
V.  Victoria. 

JL {lira Cjr.— Joseph  Lynch,  Esq.,  descended  from  Lynch, 
of  Currendulla  Castle,  co.  Gahvuy,  >/i.  Margaret  Blake,  of 
Ballinafad,  and  was  father  of 

Henry  Blosse  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Partry,  Major  73id  foot,  who 
ra.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Robert  Finnis,  Esq.  of  Uythe,  Kent,  and 
had  issue, 

John  Finnis,  of  Partry,  d.  unm.  ISS."). 

Edward  Patrick,  Majoi-Gencral,  now  of  Partry. 

Henry  Blosse,  Capt.  Indian  Navy,  C.B.,  b.  24  Nov.  1807;  m. 
Aug.  1838,  Caroline,  dau.  of  Col.  Robert  Taylor,  of  the 
Bombay  Army,  H.M.'s  Minister  at  Bagdad,  and  had  issue, 





III.  Caroline. 

I.  Quested  Finnis,  6.  1850;  d.  unm. 
1.  Kose.  II.  Alice. 

He  (I.  1873. 

Arms — Arg.,   a  chevi-on  between  three  trefoils  slipped  or. 
Cr'.st — A  lynx  passant  cowarded  ppr.  Motto — Semper  constans 
St  fidelis. 
Seat — Patry  House,  Ballinrobe,  co.  Mayo. 


Lynch,  Anthony  Joseph,  Esq.  of  Lavally,  co. 
Galwaj,  J.P.,  m.  10  Feb.  1872,  Henrietta,  dau.  of 
Eicbard  D'Arcy,  Esq.,  J.P.,  of  Welfort,  co.  Galway, 
and  has  surviving  issue, 

Thomas  Maubice  Joseph. 

Catherine  Mary  Josephine. 

ILtUCagC. — The  history  of  the  Lynch  family  is  closely 
interwoven  with  the  annals  of  the  town  of  Galway.  Their 
name  is  connected  with  some  of  its  most  interesting  traditions, 
and  is  of  constant  occurrence  amongst  those  of  its  mayors  and 
foremost  citizens.  Various  public  edifices  stand  as  monuments 
of  the  share  which  they  took  in  its  affairs,  and  several  old 
sculptured  houses  bear  testimony  to  the  opulence  which  they 
enjoyed  in  the  best  days  of  their  native  town. 

Do-MiNicK  Lynch,  Fitz-John  Fitz-Andeew,  of  Galway, 
grand-nephew  of  James  Lynch,  who  is  believed  to  have  re- 
enacted  the  stern  justice  of  the  first  Brutus,  had,  amongst 
other  issue,  a  son, 

Jeffket  Lynch,  of  Galway,  who  was  M.P.  1613.  He  m. 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Browne,  of  Kilskeagh,  co.  Galway,  and  left, 
amongst  other  issue,  a  son, 

John  Lynch,  of  Galway,  and  afterwards  of  Lavally,  co.  Gal- 
way, 'M.  30  July,  1641,  Mary,  dau.  of  William  Lynch  Fitz- 
Andrew,  Esq.  of  Galway,  by  Catherine  his  wife,  widow  of 
Henry  French,  of  Movilla  Castle,  co.  Galway,  and  dau.  of 
Martin  D'Arcy,  of  Galway,  and  had,  besides  two  elder  sons, 
Dominick  and  Patrick,  both  of  whom  d.  s.  p.,  Thomas,  his 
heir;  and  Stephen,  who  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Sir  Henry  Lynch,  of 
Currendalla,  co.  Galway.  In  the  Cromwellian  forfeitures, 
this  John  Lynch  seems  to  have  suffered,  as  an  Athlone  decree 
adjudged  to  him  two-thirds  of  his  former  estates.  That  they 
■were  extensive  appears  from  the  award  of  the  Loughrea  Com- 
missioners, in  pursuance  of  that  decree,  whereby  he  became 
re-possessed  of  denominations,  including  5,000  acres  of  Straf- 
ford survey.  The  present  family  estate  of  Lavally  is  included 
in  this  award,  and  is  believed  to  have  been  previously  enjoyed 
hy  him  as  portion  of  his  wife's  ancestral  estate  of  Movilla. 
His  eldest  surviving  son, 

Thomas  Lynch,  of  Lavally,  m.  18  Aug.  1C70,  Eleanor  Martyn, 
of  Cuale,  whose  family  representatives  now  reside  at  TuUyra, 
and  had  a  son,  Martin,  his  heir,  and  two  daus.,  Mary  and 
Anne.  The  family  had  to  endure  further  confiscations  after 
the  Restoration,  and  on  21  July,  1691,  Thomas  Lynch  Fitz- 
John  accepted  a  certificate  patent,  leaving  him  little  more 
than  a  tenth  part  of  what  his  father  had  received  by  way  of 
award  from  the  Loughrea  Commissioners.  Tliis  residue  again 
included  the  present  family  estate  of  Lavally.   The  son  and  heir, 

Martin  Lvnch,  of  Lavally,  ni.  18  April,  1702,  Joan,  dau.  of 
Peter  French  Fitz-Henry,  of  Galway,  and  had  issue,  Thomas, 
his  heir;  Peter;  John;  Nicholas;  Jeannet;  and  Eleanor.  The 
eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Lavally,  whose  will,  dated  24  Feb. 
1773  was  proved  21  Dec.  1793.  He  m.  11  Feb.  1740,  Julia, 
dau.  of  D'Arcy  Hamilton,  Esq.  of  Fahy,  by  Catherine  his  wife, 
dau.  of  Eobert  French,  Esq.  of  Eahasane,  co.  Galway,  and 
had,  besides  a  dau.,  Joanna,  a  son  and  successor, 

Martin  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Lavally,  m.  24  June,  1769,  Margaret, 
dau.  of  Edward  Burke,  Esq.  of  Cruchduff,  co.  Mayo,  and  had 
issue  three  sons  and  five  daus.,  Anthony,  his  heir;  Martin; 
Edward;  Julia:  Joanna;  Margaret;  Mary;  and  Catherine.  He 
was  s.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Anthony  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Lavally,  m.  27  July,  ISOl,  Cclia, 
dau.  of  Thomas  Burke,  Esq.  of  Loughgeorge,  co.  Galway,  and 
had  issue,  Martin,  who  s.  his  father;  Edward,  d.  s.  j). ; 
Thomas,  who  s.  upon  the  death  of  his  brother,  Martin; 
Anthony,  who  d.  s.  p.;  Francis,  who  m.  31  July,  1841; 
Harriett,  dau.  of — Blake,  Esq.  of  Hollypark,  co.  Galway; 
and  Catherine,  who  d.  s.  p.  Anthony  Lynch  d.  1B24,  and  was 
8.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Martin  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Lavally,  d.  s.  p.,  and  was  s.  by  his 

Tho.mas  Lynch,  Esq.  of  Lavally,  J. P.,  m.  14  Jan.  1828, 
Eosina,  dan.  of  Thomas  Tighe,  Esq.  of  Lar.igh,  co.  Uoscommon, 
and  Newfort,  co.  Galway,  and  had  surviving  issue. 

I.  Anthont  Joseph,  now  of  Lavally.         li.  Francis. 
I.  Cecilia,  ra.  19  July,  18G5,  John  Fallon,  Esq.  of  Netterville 
Lodge,  CO.  Galway. 

Mr.  Lynch  d.  10  Aug.  1872. 

Arms — Az.,   a  chevron  between  three  trefoils   slipped  or. 
Crest — A  lynx  passant  cowarded  arg.    Motto — Semper  tidelis. 
&ai — Lavally,  Craughwell,  co.  Galway. 


I/YON,  William,  Esq.  of  The  Hall,  Goring, 
Sussex,  J. P.,  late  Major  8th  Hussars,  and  formerly 
M.P.  for  Seaford,  m.  1860,  Louisa,  dau.  of  Henry 
Valentine  Smith,  Esq.,  and  has  issue, 

I.  William  Francis  Henry. 

II.  FitzRoy  David.  in.  Nathaniel  John. 

JltncaflC— John  Lyon,  Esq.  of  Brechin  (from  the  Easter 
Ogil  branch  of  the  noble  House  of  Glamis),  m.  Elizabeth  Burn, 
also  of  Brechin,  and  had  issue.    The  elder  son, 

John  Lyon,  Esq.  of  Castle  Lyon,  co.  Perth,  and  Kinnaird, 
CO.  Fife,  m.  Jane,  dau.  of  Alexander  Ochterlony,  Esq.  of  Pit- 
forthy,  Angus,  aunt  and  representative  of  the  gallant  Major- 
Gen.  Sir  David  Ochterlony,  Bart.,  G.C.B.,  who  d.  unm.  1825 
(see  Burke's  Extinct  Baronetacie).    Their  2nd  son, 

David  Lyon,  Esq.  of  Portland  Place,  London,  and  of  Jamaica, 
m.  Isabella,  eldest  dau.  of  John  Read,  Esq.  of  Cairney,  co. 
Forfar,  by  Anne,  only  dau.  of  William  Guthrie,  Esq.  of  Clcp- 
pington,  and  had  issue, 

John,  his  heir,  late  representative,  d.  v.nin.  at  Paris,  1858. 

James,  of  AVoolavington,  Sussex,  m.  Frances  Harriett,  dau. 
of  Major-Gen.  Thewlea,  of  Eookwood,  co.  Eoscommon,  and 
d.  1S5G,  having  had  issue,  Edmund  David,  James  Caris- 
brook,  Gertrude,  Mary,  and  Eleanor. 

David,  of  Goring  Hall  and  Balentore  Castle,  co.  Forfar, 
J. P.  and  D.L.,  formerly  M.P.  for  Beeralston,  m.  18.8, 
Blanche,  dau.  of  Eev.  Edward  and  Lady  Charlotte  Bury, 
and  d.  «.  p. 

George,  m.  Victorine  Louise,  dau.  of  Monsieur  Joseph  Bl«nc, 
of  Marseilles,  by  his  wife,  Adele  Antoinette  Cecil  de  Perez- 
zone,  and  by  her  left  one  dau.,  Adele  Antonia  Desere  Loaise. 

William,  now  of  The  HaO,  Goring,  late  Major  8th  Husars, 
and  M.P.  for  Seaford. 

Elizabeth,  ra.  4  Jan.  1822,  John  Cavendish,  3rd  Lord 
Kilmaine,  andt?.  1  Dec  1834,  leaving  issue. 

Isabella,  ra.  1st,  James  Weddcrburn,  Esq.,  who  d.  1834;  and 
2ndly,  8  Oct.  1836,  Sir  Charles  Howe  Fremantlc,  G.C.B., 
Admiral  E.N.,  2nd  son  of  Admiral  Sir  Thomas  Fremauile, 
Bart,  G.C.B.    She  d.  his  widow,  26  Dec.  1876. 

Mary,  d.  unm.  1818,  at  -Montauban,  in  France. 

Agnes,  ra.  17  Feb.  1829,  Col.  John  Fremantle,  C.B  ,  Cold- 
stream Guards,  Aide-de-Camp  to  Her  Majesty,  aud  has 

Emily,  ra.  8  May,  1828,  Col.  the  Hon.  Nathaniel  Henry 
Charles  Massy,  brother  of  the  3rd  Lord  Clarina. 

Arms — Arg.,  a  lion  rampant  az.  armed  and  langucd  within  a 
double  tressure  flory  and  counterflory  gu.  Cre^t—K  lady  to 
the  girdle  holding  in  her  right  hand  the  royal  thistle  inclosed 
in  a  circle  of  laurel  ppr.  in  allusion  to  the  alliance  of  Sir  John 
Lyon  with  Jean,  dau.  of  King  Eobert  II.  Mottoes— ^n  te 
Domine  speravi,  for  Lyon  ;  Prudentii  et  aaimo,  for  OciiiEtt- 


Heat — The  Hall,  Goring,  Sussex. 


Lyon,  Thomas  Heney,  Esq.  of  Appleton  Hall, 
CO.  Chester,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1867,  late 
Lieut.  R.N.,  sometime  Capt.  in  the  Militia,  b.  28 
Oct.  1825  ;  m.  1st,  24  July,  1860,  Vanda,  3rd  dau, 
of  Lord  Winmarleigh,  which  lady  d.  17  July,  1861 ; 
and2ndly,  11  June,  1872,  Edith  Grace,  only  dau.  of 
William  Hill  Branckcr,  Esq.  of  Bisj^ham  Hall,  CO. 

ILinCaSC— The  family  of  Lyon  is  of  Scottish  descent. 
The  ancestor  of  the  branch  before  us,  Thomas  Lyon,  b.  about 
1626,  served  in  the  Scots  Greys,  and,  having  left  his  native 
country,  settled  at  Warrington,  co.  Lancaster,  where  he  pur- 
chased property,  and  d.  1G94,  leaving  issue,  by  Dorothy  his 

John  Lyon,  of  W.nrringtnn,  who  purchased  estates  in  Apple- 
ton.  He  was  b.  1688,  and  ia.  Margaret,  dau.  and  co-heiress  of 
Thomas  Edwardson,  of  Peel  House,  co.  Lancaster,  by  whom 
he  had  issue, 

Thomas,  his  heir. 

JIatthevi',  of  whom  hereafter,  as  successor  to  his  brother. 





Ellen,  ni.  Kdward  Pemberton,  Esq.  BI.D.,  nf  AVaninston, 
grandfather  of  the  late  Ui^ht  Hon.  Thomas  reinbtrtuii- 
Leigh,  ereatt'd  Lord  Kingsdown. 

The  elder  son, 

Thomas  Lyon,  Esq.  of  Warrington,  .■!.  to  the  Appleton  pro- 
perty, but(i.  uilM.  -9  Dec.  1771),  wlien  the  estates  devolved  on 
his  brother, 

Mattuew  Lton,  Esq.,  b.  171G;  m.  Ellen,  dan.  and  co-liciross 
of  James  FairclouRh,  Esq.  of  Wigan,  and  left  issue  at  his 
decease,  8  June,  1782,  with  a  dau.,  ICllen,  i/i.  Joseph  Turr, 
Esq.  of  l"ir  Grove,  West  Derby,  two  sons, 

I.  Thomas,  his  heir. 

II.  James,  liector  of  Prestwich,  co.  Lancaster,  in.  Mary,  only 
dau.  of  Edmund  Itadcliffe,  Esq.  and  liad  issue, 

1  James  EadclitTc,  Kootor  of  Pulford,  co.  Chester,  6. 
11  July,  1785;  xi.  18  May,  1814,  Frances,  dau.  of  George 
Clayton,  Esq.  of  Lostock,  and  had  issue. 

2  Thomas,  devisee  of  his  uncle,  and  lute  possessor  of 
Appleton  Hall. 

3  Edmund,  M.D.,  of  Manchester,  6.  23  Jan.  1790;  d.  Jan. 

4  John,  K.N.,  h.  5  Feb.  1797 :  d.  at  the  Cnpc  of  Good  Hope, 
1821.  5  Matthew,  6.  12  July,  ISUO. 

6  George,  6.  14  Oct.  1801. 

1  Ellen,  m.  Rev.  Edmund  Corser, 

2  Sarah  Anne,  m.  liev.  Henry  Fieldins:. 

3  Mary,  m.  Hev.  George  Dutcard,  M.A.,  Incumbent  of 
Barnard  Castle  1847,  an  Hon.  Canon  of  Durham,  and 
Master  of  St.  John's  Hospital,  Barnard  Custle. 

rhc  elder  son, 

Thomas  Lyon,  Esq.  of  Appleton,  J.P.,  Lieut.-Col.  Warrington 
Volunteers,  6.  15  Nov.  175G;  d.  unm.  18  Sept.  1818,  having 
fleviscd  his  estates  to  his  nephew, 

Thomas  Lyon,  Esq.  of  Appletou  Ilall,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  6. 
2  Dec.  1786;  m.  28  Feb.  1820,  Eliza,  youngest  dau.  of  George 
Clayton,  Esq.  of  Lostock  Hall,  co.  Lancaster;  and  d.  17  Aug. 
1859,  leaving  issue, 

Thomas,  b.  29  June,   1823;  m.  Dec.  1SG3,  Iluleva,  dau.  of 

Baron  Posse,  of  Alsponga,  Sweden. 
Thomas  Henry,  now  of  Appleton  Hall. 
Charles,  b.  29  Nov.  1832. 
Francis,  b.  11  Jan.  1834,  MajorR.H.A. ;  m.  1863,  Flora,  2na 

dau.  of  the  Hon.  A.  Annesley,  and  sister  to  Lord  Valentia, 

and  has  four  sons  and  a  dau.  Agnes  Gardner. 

Eliza  Mary,  m.  the  late  Archdeacon  Grunall,  who  d.  s.  ri. 

27  Nov.  1867. 
Georgiana,  m.  May,  1802,  R.  A.  Cross,  Esq.,  M.P.  for  S.  W. 

Lancashire.  Adelaide. 

Arrai — Arg.,   a  lion  rampant  vert.      Crest — A  lion's  head 
jrased  arg.     Mntto — Pro  rege  et  patria. 
£ctti— Appleton  Hall,  near  Warrington,  co.  Chester. 

LYONS    OP    OliD    PARK    AND 

Lyons,  William  Thomas  Beistow,  Esq.  of  Old 
Park,  and  Brookhills,  co.  Antrim,  J.P.  and  D.L., 
Bigh  Sheriff  1866,  I.  12  Aug.  1812  ;  s.  18-49;  m. 
Feb.  1840,  Julia  Maria,  dau.  of  James  Jones,  Esq. 
)f  Mount  Edward,  co.  Sligo,  and  has  issue, 

I.  William  Henry  Holmes,  b.  31  July,  1843. 

II.  Robert  Colville  Jones,  [6.  26  Oct.  1844,  formerly  43rd 
Light  Infantry;  m.  Dec.  1869,  Helen  Caroline,  dau.  of 
John  Le  Motte,  Esq.  Isle  of  Guernsey,  and  has  issue, 

Cecil  Colville,  deceased. 
Edward  Colville,  b.  9  Jan.  1873. 
Guy  Carey,  6.  16  Oct.  1875. 
in.  Henry  Rennith  Thomas,  b.  6  June,  1850. 
I   IV.  James  Bristow,  6.  14  Oct.  1853. 
V.  Clarence  Edward,  6.  10  Feb.  1856,  deceased. 
1.  Eliza,  TO.   1865,  Robert  Cunningham    Thomson,  Esq.  of 
Castleton,   Belfast,  J.P.  for  co.  Antrim,   formerly  Capt. 
2nd  Queen's  Own  regt. 
If.  Julia  Maria,  deceased. 

III.  Dorinda  Anna  Henrietta. 

IV.  Edith  Arabella  Louisa  Florence,  m.  June,  1877,  Henry 
Martin  Moorsom,  Esq.,  late  Capt.  Rifle  Brigade,  grandson 
of  Admiral  Sir  Robert  Moors. mi,  K.C.B.,  M.P. 

▼.  Constance  Adela  Hastings,  ,/■.  April,  1871,  John  Robert 
ColTillo,  4th  son  of  James  Corry  Lowry,  Esq.,  Q.C.  of 
Eockdale.  co.  Tyrone  (who  d.  1873) ;  and  2ndly,  May,  1875, 
John  Bath  Allanson,  Esq.  of  Minmanton,  co.  Carnarvon, 
eldest  son  of  Thomas  Allanson,  Esq.  of  Tals  Kyddy,  St. 
Columbs,  Cornwall.  vi.  Julie  Marie  Louise. 

HinCiigr.— This  family  is  of  Scottish  extraction. 

David  Lyons   left  Scotland  during  the  commencement  of 

the  18th  century,  and  settled  at  Belfort.     Me-.n.  1742,  Jane, 
dau.  of  Col.  Makic,  and  had  two  sons  and  six  daus., 

I.  Tno.MAS,  of  whom  presently. 

II.  Henry,  of  2,  Jlountjoy  Sciuare,  Dublin,  m.  Grace,  dau.  oJ 
Robert  Smith,  Esq.  of  co.  Meatli. 

I.  Blary,  ,a.  Samuel  Ashniore,  E.sq.  of  Belfast,  and  had  issue, 
represented  by  Gen.  Charles  Ashmorc,  Col  30th  foot,  of 
Clover  Hill,  co.  Antrim. 

II.  Elizabeth,  m.  John  Brown,  Esq.  of  Peter's  Hill  and 
Solitude,  Belfast. 

III.  Jane,  m.  James  Bill,  Esq.  of  Wilmont,  Belfast. 

IV.  Sarah,  d.  unm. 

V.  Eleanor,  tn.  FrcdrieUc  Holmes,  Esq.,  BarrLster-at-Law, 
Middle  Temple,  London.  vi.  Anne,  d.  unm. 

David  Lyons  c^  1775  ;  his  eldest  son, 

Thomas  Lyons,  Esq.  of  Old  Park,  b.  1747;  m.  1774,  Sarah, 
dau.  of  Andrew  Armstrong,  Esq.  of  Dublin,  and  had  issue, 

I.  Henry,  his  heir. 

II.  William  Holmes,  successor  to  his  brother. 

III.  Edward,  d.  unvi. 

I.  Eliza,  d.  unm.  u.  Juliana,  d.  unm. 

Thomas  Lyons  d.  1807,  and  w.ns  .s-.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Henry  Lyons,  Esq.  of  Old  Park,  b.  1776,  d.  unm.  1839,  and 
was  s.  by  his  brother, 

William  Holmes  Lyons,  Esq.  of  Old  Park,  b.  1781;  m.  1811, 
Anne,  dau.  of  Rev.  William  Bristow,  'Vicar  of  Belfast,  anrt 
Sovereign  of  the  town,  by  Rose  his  wife,  dau.  of  George  Cary, 
Esq.  of  Red  Castle,  co.  Donegal,  and  luid  issue. 

William  Thomas  Bristow,  now  of  Old  Park. 

Mr.  Lyons  d.  Feb.  1849,  and  was  s.  by  his  only  son, 

William  Thomas  Bristow  Lyons,  Esq.,  now  of  Old  Park 
and  Brookhill. 

Arms— Par  fess  or  and  gu.,  a  lion  rampant  within  a  tressure 
flory  counterehanged  holding  in  his  paws  an  annulet  az.  and 
in  chief  two  trefoils  vert.  Crest— A  dcmi-lion  rampant  az. 
holding  in  his  paws  an  annulet  or,  therein  a  trefoil  vert. 
Motto— In  te  Doniine  speravi. 

6't'ttis— Brookhill,  Lisburn ;  and  Old  Park,  Belfast. 


Lyons,  Heney,  Esq.  of  Croome  House,  co. 
Limerick,  J.P.,  D.L.,  High  Sheriff  1860,  b.  18  May, 
1828  ;  m.  14  May,  1873,  Olivia  Millicent,  eldest  dau. 
of  Lord  Eobert  Montagu,  M.P.,  by  his  1st  wife, 
Ellen  Mary,  only  child  of  John  Cromie,  Esq.  of 
Cromore,  co.  Londonderry,  and  has  issue, 

James  Denis,  b.  28  Sept.  1877. 

Mary  Eleanor. 

ILinrilflC— This  family  is  of  Milesian  origin,  a  branch  of 
the  O'Lyehane,  O'Liathan,  or  O'Lehan  race,  having  settled  in 
the  CO.  Limerick  from  the  co.  Cork,  in  the  early  part  of  the 
seventeenth  century. 

James  O'Lyne  settled  at  Croonie,  co.  Limerick,  and  d.  at 
Croomo  House,  1740,  leaving,  with  one  dau.,  a  son,  his  suc- 

Denis  Lyne,  or  Lyons,  Esq.  of  Croom  House,  6.  1689;  ni. 
1723,  Mary  Lenhan,  by  whom  (who  d.  29  Dee.  1774)  he  had 

I.  James,  b.  1729,  settled  in  Limerick,  and  m.  20  Oct.  1757. 
Mciry,  dau.  of  David  Hourugan,  Esq.,  and  d.  8  June,  17b8» 
having  had  issue, 

1  Dennis,  6. 4  Nov.  1761 ;  d.  unm.  6  Nov.  182G. 

2  David,  6.29  Sept.  1765;  d.  -unra.  1799. 

3  James,  b.  20  Oct.  1767;  d.  tuim.  Sept.  ISil. 

4  Christian,  d.  unm.  16  Dec.  1836. 

1  Johanna,   ra.  29  June,    1801,    Richard    England,   and 
d.  s.  p.  June,  1836. 

2  Mary,   m.  28  Aug.    1799,   John    Kelly,    Esq.,   and   d. 
15  March,  1830,  leaving  issue  (■.■c.'  Kelly  of  Roci:stoicii). 

II.  Dennis,  of  whom  hereafter. 

I.  Catherine,  r,>.  14  June,  1760,  .James  Scully,  Esq.  of  Kil- 
feacle,  co.  Tipperary,  and  d.  30  June,  1818,  leaving  issue 
(see  SccLLY  of  Mantle  Hill). 

IT.  Mary,  m.  6  Aug.  17U8,  John  Canny,  Esq.  of  Ballycascy, 
CO.  Clare,  and  d.  25  Nov.  1823,  leaving  issue. 

Mr.  Lyons  d.  22  Nov.  1777.     His  2nd  son, 

Denis  Lyons,  Esq.  of  Croom  House,  J.P.,  b.  1749;  m. 
9  Aug.  1779,  Christian,  eldest  dau.  of  Thomas  C;isey,  Esi|., 
M.P.,  by  whom  (who  d.  Aug.  1823  ;  he  d.  5  July  1809)  he  had 

I.  Denis,  b.  6  Oct.  1782;  d.  unm.  30 March,  1803. 

II.  Thomas,  b.  9  Blay,  1784;  </.  young. 

III.  James  Dennis,  b.  5  July,  1785,  his  successor. 

IV.  Henry,  b.  27  June,  1786;  d.  intm.  10  Jl.ireh,  1837. 

V.  John,  b.  2  July,  1789;  m.  21  Sept.  1819,  Helen,  dau.  of  D. 





Daly,  Esq.,  who  d.  2G  Jan.  1875.    He  d.  IS  June,  1828,  and 
had  issue, 
1  John  Edward,   &.  27    June,    1823 ;    m.  24    Oct.   18G8, 
Gertrude,  dau.  of  Rev.  F.  Henson,  and  d.  10  Oct.  1877. 

1  Christian,  m.  1852,  Thomas  Galway,  Esq. 

2  Helena,  m.  18.54,  Daniel  Cronin  Coltsman,  Esq.  of  Glcn- 
flesk  Castle,  Killarney. 

VI.  Thomas,  h.  2G  Jan.  179.5;  d.  unm.  1822. 

I.  Helen,  m.  20  Oct.  1802,  Itoger  Scully,  Esq.,  and  d.  April, 

II.  Johanna,  m.  15  Oct.  1811,  Daniel  Clanchy,  Esq.  of  Char- 
Icville,  and  d.  30  Dec.  1840. 

III.  Christian,  d.  3  Jan.  1S55. 

IV.  Mary,  d.  Jan.  1820. 

Mr.  Lyons  d.  5  July,  1809,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  surviving 

James  Denis  Lyons,  Esq.  of  Croome  House,  J.P.,  D.L.,  High 
Slieriff  1853,  i.  5  July,  1785;  r,i.  31  March,  1818,  Bridgette, 
eldest  dau.  of  John  Kennedy,  Esq.  of  Limerick,  by  whom  (who 
d.  30  Aug.  1873)  he  had  issue, 

I.  Denis,  b.  21  May,  1822;  d.  unm.  16  Kov.  1841. 

II.  John,  6.  10  Aug.  1823;  d.  unm.  10  April,  1818. 

III.  Henrt,  now  of  Croome  House. 

!V.  Thomas  Casey,  Col.  in  the  array,  C.B.,  b.  9  July,  18?9; 
ra.  6  Jan.  18G3,  Helen,  dau.  of  George  Young,  Esq.  of  Apley 
Towers,  Eyde,  and  has  issue, 

Henry  George,  b.  11  Oct.  18G4. 

Helen  Amy. 

V.  James,  Capt.  Royal  Artillery,  6.  3  Feb.  1832  ;  d.  12  June, 

VI.  Edward,  &.  28  Nov.  1836,  Major  Royal  Artillery;  m. 
15  May.  18G2,  Alice  Smith. 

I.  Anna  Maria,  m.  10  Feb.  1840,  George  Sampson,  Esq.  of  St. 

Catlierine's,  co.  Clare,  and  has  issue. 
51.  Christina,  m.  3  July,  1844,  James  Morrogh,  Esq.  of  Old 

Court,  CO.  Cork. 
HI.  Mary  Jane,  d.  12  April,  1825. 

IV.  Helena. 

V.  Bessie,  d.  4  Nov.  1841. 

VI.  Frances  Hortense,  d.  26  April,  1857. 

Yd.  Wilhelmina,  m.  29  April,  1876,  Michael  Russell,  Esq.  of 
Glcnmore,  co.  Cork,  and  d.  14  March,  1877. 

Mr.  Lyons  d.  2  April,  1853,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest  surviving 
SdcU — Croome  House,  Croome,  co.  Limerick. 

liYONS    OF    liEDESTOWN. 

The  late  John  Charles  Lyons,  Esq.  of  Ledes- 
town,  CO.  Westmeath,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  High  Sheriff 
1816,  formerly  Capt.  Westmeath  Militia,  b.  22  Aug. 
1792 ;  s.  his  grandfather  1803  ;  m.  1st,  14  March, 
1820,  Penelope  Melesina,  only  dau.  of  Hugh  Tuite, 
Esq.  of  Sonna,  co.  Westmeath,  by  whom  (who  d. 
10  Feb.  1855)  he  had  issue, 

I.  Charles,  6.  7  Feb.  1821 ;  d.  unm.  24  Feb.  1859. 

I.  Mary  Ann    Melesina,   m.   1848,    James  Malley,   Esq.  of 

He  m.  2ndly,  12  Nov.  1856,  Frances  Ellen,  3rd 
dau.  of  Thomas  Walsh,  Esq.  of  Bellevue,  co.  West- 
meath (by  Frances  Ellen  his  wife,  2nd  dau.  of 
Edmond  L'Estrange,  Esq.  of  Turin,  co.  Westmeath) , 
by  whom  he  has  further  issue, 

II.  John  CnAnLEs,  b.  1  Feb.  18G1. 

III.  Charles,  h.  17  Feb.  18G3. 

II.  Caroline  Constance. 

III.  Mary  Ann  Camilla. 

iLtUCitgC— In  the  reign  of  James  I.,  Capt. 'Williaih  Lyons 
purchased  the  estate  of  Clonarrow,  afterwards  called  River 
Lyons,  and  other  lands  in  King's  Co.,  and  received  a  grant, 
3  Charles  I.,  of  the  townland  of  TuUynally,  with  part  of  the 
great  wood  of  Fercall,  Kind's  Co. 

Henry  Lyons,  Esq.  of  River  Lyons,  m.  Anne,  6th  dau.  of 
George  Rochfort,  Esq.  of  Gaulstown,  by  Lady  Elizabeth  Moore 
bis  wife,  youngest  dau.  of  Henry,  3rd  Earl  of  Drogheda,  and 
had  three  daus.,  Anne,  m.  John  Nixon,  Esq. ;  Elizabeth,  m. 
Robert  Barry,  Esq. ;  and  Henrietta,  m.  1780,  Robert  Garden, 
Esq.     Henry  Lyon's  brotlier, 

John  Lyons,  Esq.,  Major  in  the  army,  purchased  Ledestown, 
CO.  Westmeath,  1715.  He  m.  Elizabeth,  relict  of  Lieut. -Col. 
Richard  Ashe,  and  dau.  of  Henry  Williams,  Esq.,  Deputy- 
Governor  of  Antigua,  and  had  issue, 

Charles,  his  heir. 

John,  of  Drogheda,  Capt.  in  the  army,  m.  Dorothea,  dau.  of 
Sir  Thomas  Montgomery,  and  had  three  sons,  of  whom  the 

2nd,  Hugh,  took  the  additional  name  of  Montgomery,  ant 
was  ancestor  of  the  Leitrim  family  (see  Lyons-Montgomebi 
of  Bdhavel). 
Henry,  of  Belmont,  Deputy-Clerk  of  the  Council  and  Deputj 
Muster-Master-General,  m.  and  had  an  only  child,  Louisa. 
m.  1752,  Chambre  Brabazon,  only  son  of  Major-Gen.  th( 
Hon.  Henry  Ponsonby,  brother  of  the  1st  Earl  of  Bess- 

Samuel,  settled  in  Antigua,  and  is  presumed  to  have  beer 
ancestor  of  the  present  Lord  Lyons. 

Margaret,  m.  Hans  Widman,  Esq.  of  Hanstoun,  co.  West 
ineath.  Mary,  m.  Hugh  Bowen,  Esq.  of  Mullingar. 

Anne,  to.  Isaac  Smith,  Esq.  of  Anncville. 
Elizabeth,  m.  Glasgow  Thompson,  Esq. 
The  eldest  son, 

Charles  Lyons,  Esq.  of  Ledestown,  High  Sheriff  co.  West 
meath,  1731,  Col.  of  Militia,  m.  1723,  Christiana,  dau.  o 
Robert  Mason,  Esq.  of  Mason  Brook,  co.  Galway,  and  hai 

John,  his  heir.  Charles,  Major  60th  regt.,  d.  unm.  1799 

Margaret,  to.  1764,  Theophilus  Bolton,  Esq. 
Alicia,  d.  unm. 

The  elder  son, 

John  Lyons,  Esq.  of  Ledestown,  High  Sheriff  1778,  m.  17C5 
Caroline,  3rd  dau.  of  Lieut. -Col.  John  Dcgennes,  of  Portar 
lington,  and  d.  1803,  leaving  issue, 

Charles  John,  Capt.  12th  Light  Dragoons,  b.  1766 ;  to.  1791 

Mary  Anne,  youngest  dau.  of  Sir  Richard  Levinge,  Bart. 

and  by  her  (who  la.  2ndly,   1798,  Anthony  Adams  Reilly 

Esq.  of  Roebuck,  co.  Cavan)  he  left  at  his  decease,  v.  yi. 

Jlay,   1796,  an  only  child,  the  late  John  Charles  Lyons 

Esq.  of  Ledestown. 
John  Robert,  Capt.  69th  regt.,  d.  unm.  1801. 
Tcnison,  Capt.  12th  Dragoons,  b.  1769;  m.  1812,  Eleanor,  dnu 

of  David  Frazer,  Esq.,  Barrister-at-Law,  and  d.  1832,  leaviii; 

i.ssue.  Henry,  d.  young. 

Margaret  Christiana,  m.  1806,  Rev.  Samuel  Auchmuty. 
Caroline,   m.   1812,  Mark  Anthony  Levinge,   Esq.,   and  d 

11  March,  1856.    He  d.  1847.  Frances,  d.  unm.  1793 

Arms — Sa.,  a  chevron  erm.  between  three  lions  .<;cjan 
guardant  arg.  Ci-est — On  a  cap  of  maintenance  a  lion's  IJcai 
erased.     Motto — Noli  irritare  leones. 

Heat — Ledestown,  Mullingar,  co.  Westmeath. 


Ltslet,  William  G-eeaed,  Esq.  of  Pewsham 
Wilts,  b.  1831 ;  s.  1873  ;  m.  27  Jan.  1869,  France 
Elizabeth,  only  dau.  of  Sir  Charles  Hugh  Lowthei 
Eart.  of  Svvillington  and  Wilton  Castle,  co.  Yorl 
and  has  issue. 

SLtltCatJC. — This  family  of  Lysley,  or  Lyley,  is  stated  t 
have  held,  until  1774,  lands  at  Harewood,  Lyley,  MirficU 
Kirkheaton,  Rothwell,  and  Warmlicld,  co.  York. 

William  Lysley,  Esq.  of  Warmfield,  co.  York,  son  c 
Thomas  Lysley,  and  Dorothy  his  wife,  of  the  family  of  Army 
tage,  m.  16  Oct.  1705,  Anne,  dau.  of  J.  Sampson,  Esq.  c 
Pontefract,  and  was  father  of 

Richard  Lysley,  Esq.  of  Warmfield,  m.  3  Dec.  1749,  Ann( 
dau.  and  heir  of  James  Pitt,  Esq.  of  Goldhall,  co.  York,  an 
relict  of  John  Harrison,  Esq.  (whose  uncle,  J.  Harrison,  Esq 
was  M.P.  for  co.  Lincoln),  and  had  two  sous, 

Richard,  some  time  Collector  of  the  Customs  at  Dominicr 
TO.  Mary,  dau.  of  James  Perkins,  Esq.  of  Penystone,  cc 
York,  and  had  an  only  child,  Richard  Perkins,  who  d.  unn 
at  Dcmcrara,  1801. 

William,  of  whose  descendants  we  treat. 
The  younger  son, 

William  Lysley,  Esq.  of  Warmfield,  m.  14  April,  1774,  Anr 
dau.  of  William  Barker,  Esq.  of  Wakefield;  and  d.  179: 
leaving  an  only  son, 

William  John  Lysley,  Esq.,  F.S.A.,  of  Mimwood,  Hert; 
and  Pewsham,  Wilts,  J.P.  and  D.L.  for  Herts,  and  Hig 
Sheriff  of  that  co.  1851,  of  the  Inner  Temple,  Barrister-at-Lav 
and  M.P.  for  Chippenham  since  1859,  b.  12  Dec.  1791;  ii. 
3  Dee.  1828,  Caroline,  dau.  of  John  Marshall,  Esq.  of  Ardwic 
House,  CO.  Lancaster,  and  had  issue, 

I.  William  Gerard,  now  of  Pewsham. 

II.  Warine  Bayley  Marshall,  b.  1833;  m.  1859,  Lavini: 
eldest  dau.  of  Col.  Du  Vernet,  and  has  a  son. 

I.  Sarah  Maria,  m.  1862,  Henry  Gillctt,  Esq. 

II.  Caroline  Gertrude,  to.  1865,  Rear  Admiral  S.  H.  Dcrr 
man,  R.N. 

He  d.  1873. 

^r))i.s— Quarterly :  1st,  gu.,  a  lion  passant  guardant  arg 
ducally  crowned  or;  2nd,  or,  a  less  between  two  chevrons  sa 
both  for  Lysley;  3rd,  or,  a  bend  vair  between  three  hurts,  f( 
Pitt  of  Goldhall;  4th,  as  the  1st,  with  three  mullets  axi 





pierced  of  the  dold  in  chief,  also  for  Ltslev.  C/Tsis— Ist,  On 
II  chapoau  gu.  tuiiu'd  up  erni.  :i  millstone  arg.  with  niillrlml 
or;  2nd,  A  cubit  arm  in  armour,  the  liand  in  a  gauntlet 
grasping  a  war-mace  all  ppr.  from  the  handle  of  the  mace  a 
chain  iicmlant,  encircling  the  arm  or.  jl/r.(;o— forward. 
Scat — Pcwsliam,  ucar  Chippenham,  Wilts. 


Ltsoxs,  Loeexzo  Geoege,  Esq.  of  HempstccT 
Court,  CO.  Gloucester,  J.P.,  b.  6  Aug.  1839 ;  s.  liis 
father  1877 ;  m.  Oct.  18G2,  Victoria,  clau.  of  Gen. 
Sir  William  Richards,  K.C.B.,  aud  by  her  has  had 

I.  William  Lokenzo  Geokoe,  6.  July,  1SC3. 

II.  Daniel  George,  </.  isur. 

in.  Arthur  Charles  Fotheringham,  6.  1SC8. 

IV.  George  Lorenzo,  rf.  1870. 

V.  Samuel  Victor  Davies,  6.  1S74. 

VI.  Clement  Francis,  rf.  1875. 

I.  Ethel  Teresa,  d.  1875.  ii.  Mabel  Susan. 

III.  Gwendoline  Catherine. 

IV.  Victoria  Georgiana,  d.  1874. 

V.  Marguerite  Henrietta. 

itt'lICTlJC. — This  family,  which  has  been  established  for 
learly  three  centuries  in  co.  Gloucester,  is  traditionally  said 
0  have  migrated  thither  from  Wales.  Leland,  in  his 
'tinemr;/,  makes  mention  of  the  Lysans  as  inhabiting  the 
own  of  Neath,  in  co.  Glamorgan,  temp.  Henry  VIII. 

William  Letson,  Lison.  or  Ltsons,  bought  an  estate  called 
Tetherlay,  or  the  Lower  Lay,  in  the  parish  of  Westtiury-on- 
evern,  1G06.  By  Anne  his  wife  he  had  issue,  i.  John,  his 
icir;  II.  Arthur,  of  Hempstcd,  co.  Gloucester;  iii.  Thomas, 
if  Worcester,  Mayor  of  that  city  1651,  who  proclaimed 
JnARLEs  II.  King  of  Great  Britain;  iv.  Daniel,  of  whom 
iresently.    The  4th  son, 

Daniel  Ltsons,  Esq.,  6.  Nov.  1604;  m.  Sarah,  dau.  of 
:iutterbuck,  Esq.  of  King's  Stanley;  and  d.  1674,  leaving  a 
on  and  successor, 

Daniel  Ltsons,  Esq.,  5.  1643;  m.  Anne,  dau.  of  Nicholas 
Vebb,  Esq.,  and  was  s.  at  his  decease,  IC8I,  by  his  son, 

Daniel  Lysons,  Esq.  of  Hempstcd,  6.  1672;  m.  1693,  Eliza- 
icth,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Thomas  Ridler,  Esq.,  and  left,  witli 
even  other  children,  who  d.  $.p..  Daniel,  his  heir ;  and  John, 
/L.D.,  Fellow  of  Magdalen  Coll.  Oxford.    The  eldest  son, 

Daniel   Ltsons,   Esq.  of  Hempstcd,   6.   1   Dec.   1697 ;    vi. 

0  Feb.  1725,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Samuel  Mee,  Esq.  of  Glou- 
ester,  and  had  issue  (with  five  daus.,  of  whom  Elizabeth,  in. 
ohn  Reeve,  Esq.,  and  Mary,  m.  Stephen  Woodifield,  Esq.) 
wo  sons.    The  elder, 

Daniel  Ltsons,  M.D.,  of  Hempsted  Court,  Fellow  of  All 
ouls'  Coll.  Oxford,  b.  21  March,  1727;  ni.  6  Dec.  1768,  Mary, 
au.  of  Eichard  Rogers,  Esq.  of  Dowdeswell,  co.  Gloucester, 
ut  dying  without  issue,  was  «.  by  his  brother. 
Rev.  Samuel  Ltsons,  M.A.,  b.  28  Dec.  1730,  Rector  of  Rod- 
larton  and  Cherington,  in.  Mary,  dau.  of  Samuel  Peach,  Esq. 
f  Chalford,  co.  Gloucester,  and  had  issue, 
Daniel,  his  heir. 

Samuel,  b.  17  May,  1763,  Barrister-at-Law,  Keeper  of  the 
Records  in  the  Tower,  an  eminent  writer  on  British  topo- 
graphy and  antiquities.    He  d.  1819. 
Mary,  6.  1765;  m.  Charles  Brandon  Trye,  Esq.,  F.R.S.,  of 
Leckhampton  Court,  co.  Gloucester. 
Elizabeth,  b.  1772;  m.  John  Marshall  Collard,  Esq. 
Ir.  Lysons  d.  1804,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 
Rev.  Daniel  Ltsons,  M.A.,  F.R.S..,  F.A.S.,  H.S.,  and  L.S., 
f  Hempsted  Court,  the  celebrated  topographer  and  antiquary, 
uthor  of  Magna  Britannia,   ifv.,  b.23  April,    1762;  m.  1st, 
801,  Sarah,  eldest  dau.  of  Lieut. -Col.  Thomas  Carteret  Hardy, 
f  the  York  Fusiliers,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1808)  had  issue, 
Daniel,  d.  1814,  aped  10  years. 
Samuel,  late  of  Hempsted. 

Sarah,  6.  1802;  m.  6  Oct.  1831,  Rev.  John  Haygarth,  Rector 
of  Upham,  Hants;  andd.  18  May,  1833,  having  had  issue 
a  dau.,  Josepha,  d.  unm.  1846. 

Charlotte,  b.  1807;  to.  at  Naples,  14  Nov.  1825,  Sir  James 
Carnegie,   Bart,  of  Southesk,  N.B. ;    and  (/.  April,    18-18, 

1  having,  with  other  issue,  a  son,  James,  Eaul  of  Southesk. 
i'e  m.  2ndly,  Josepha  Catherine  Susanna,  dau.  of  John  Gilbert 
!  coper,  Esq.  of  Thurgarton  Priory,  Notts,  and  had  by  her, 

ho  rf.  1868, 

Daniel,  Lieut. -Gen.  (Sir),  K.C.B.,  Quartermaster -Gen., 
entered  the  army  a.s  Ensign  1st  Hoy.als  1834,  served  during 
Kchcllion  in  Canada  1S38-9,  appointed  Depufy-A.s.sistant- 
Quartermastor-Gen.   1838,  promoted  Brigade  Btajor  at  Bar- 

bados 1843-4,  served  throughout  the  Crimean  AVar  in  com- 
mand of  Royal  Welsh  Fu.siliers,  and  in  command  of  2nd 
Brigade  Light  Division  (Officer  of  Legion  of  Honour,  3rd  class 
Order  Medjidie  and  Sardinian  Medal) ;  Quaitermastcr-Geii. 
in  Canada,  1862-7,  Brigadier-Gen.  Malta  1868-9,  utAldershot 
1869-72,  Commander  Northern  District  l»72-4,  QM;irlcr- 
master-Gen.  1876;  b.  1  Aug.  1816;  m.  1st,  Harriet  Sophia, 
dau.  of  Charles  Bridges,  Esq.  of  Court  House,  Overton.  :ind 
has  issue,  1  Daniel  Charles  William,  b.  15  July,  lSu7 ;  i 
Henry,  b.  13  July,  1858;  3  Charles,  6.  8  April,  1860;  4  Fred- 
erick Bridges,  6.  3  June,  1861.  He  m.  2ndly,  Anna  Sophia 
Biscoe,  dau.  of  Rev.  Robert  Tritton,  of  Morden,  Surrey. 
Catherine  Susanna. 

Mr.  Lysons  d.  3  Jan.  1834,  and  was  .■!.  by  his  sennnd  son. 

Rev.  Samuel  Ltsons,  of  Hempsted  Court,  J. P.,  b.  17  March, 
1806,  graduated  at  Exeter  Coll.  Oxford,  B.A.  1831,  M.A.  1835. 
lie  was  Rector  and  Patron  of  Rodmarton,  co.  Gloucester, 
appointed  1833 ;  Rural  Dean  of  Gloucester  1805,  Hon.  Canon 
Gloucester  Cathedral  1867.  He  m.  1st,  1  Jan.  1834,  Eliza 
Sophia  Theresa  Henrietta,  eldest  dau.  of  Major-Gen.  .Sir 
Lorenzo  Moore,  K.C.U.  and  C.B.,  and  by  her  (who  rf.  1846) 
had  issue, 

I.  Arthur  Charles,  h.  1836;  d.  18-5.5. 

II.  Lohenzo  George,  now  of  Hempsted. 

III.  Edmund  Hicks  Beach,  b.  1842,  Lieut.  R.M.,  m.  18C9, 
Honora  Mary,  dau.  of  Rev.  W.  Henley  Jervis,  and  has 
issue,  a  son,  b.  Dec.  1872;  a  son,  b.  Sept.  1876;  and  other 

IV.  Daniel  George  (Rev.)  B.A.  Oxon,  Rector  of  Rodmarton; 
b.  1844;  m.  7  April,  1869,  Katlie)-ine  .Vnne,  4th  dau.  of 
Thomas  C.  Eyton,  Esq.of  Eyton  Hall,  and  has  issue,  Hubert 
Bertram  Daniel;  Noel  Hiklcbrand ;  and  four  daus. 

I.  Alice  Elizabeth. 

II.  Clementina  Agnes,  m.  Rev.  Francis  Jolm  Atwood,  and 
has  issue. 

He  m.  2ndly,  11  March,  1847,  Lucy  (who  d.  26  Oct.  1871),  dau. 
of  Rev.  John  Adey  Curtis  (by  Albinia  Frances  his  wife,  who, 
after  the  death  of  her  husband,  assumed  her  family  name  of 
Hayward  in  addition  to  Curtis,  in  compliance  with  a  request 
in  her  father's  will).  He  m.  3rdly,  1  Nov.  1872,  Gertrude 
Savery,  dau.  of  Simon  Adams  Beck,  Esq.  of  CUeam,  Surrey, 
and  by  her  had  issue, 

V.  Nigel  Lucius  Samuel,  b.  187G. 

III.  Gertrude  Teresa  Lucy. 

He  d.  27  March,  1877,  and  was  s.  by  his  son,  Lorenzo  George, 
now  of  Hempsted. 

Arms — Gu.,  on  a  chief  az.  a  bend  nebulee,  from  which  issue 
the  rays  of  the  sun  ppr.  Cre,?;— No  crest  is  assigned  to  this 
family  in  the  Herald's  Visitation  1672,  but  they  '.lave  borne  lor 
nearly  three  centuries.  The  sun  rising  out  of  a  bauk  of  clouds 
ppr.     Motto — Valebit. 

Seat— Hempstcd  Court,  near  Gloucester. 



Ltstee,  The  Very  Rev.  James,  of  Ljstcrlleld, 
CO.  Roscommon,  M.A. ,  late  Rector  of  the  Union  of 
Tashinny,  co.  Longford,  1840,  appointed  14  Nov. 
1854 ;  late  Dean  of  Leighlin,  now  Dean  of  Ontario, 
b.  7  Sept.  1810 ;  m.  12  Jan.  1837,  Maria  Sarah,  .3rcl 
dau.  of  the  Rev.  George  Keating,  Vicar  of  Edge- 
worthstown,  and  has  issue, 

I.  Anthont,  b.  1838. 

I.  Jane  Lctitia,  m.  1861,  Rev.  George  T.  Huston  Barton, 
B.A.,  eldest  son  of  Rev.  George  Barton,  Vicar  of  Killbrew, 
CO.  Meath.  ii.  Ehzabeth  Emily. 

jLtltCdfJC— This  family  claims  to  be  descended  from  the 
Listers  of  co.  York.  Osbaldiston  Lvsteb,  Esq.,  an  adherent 
of  Cromwell,  acquired  considerable  estates  in  co.  Roscommon. 
He  left,  it  is  stated,  several  sons,  of  whom  were, 

I.  John,  of  Corrakip. 

II.  Anthony,  of  Lysterfield,  co.  Roscommon,  whose  will, 
dated  31  Aug.  1745,  was  proved  13  March,  17-!(i:  by  Eliza- 
betli  his  1st  wife,  dau.  and  heir  of  Richard  Warren,  Esq., 
he  had  a  dau.,  Joyce,  'ni.  the  Right  Rev.  James  Leslie, 
I'.D.,  Bishop  of  Limerick,  and  had  a  son, 

Thomas,  of  Lysterfield,  m.  June,  1742,  Mary,  dau.  of 
Bolcyn  Whitney,  Esq.,  K.C.,  Jl.P.,  and  left  an  only  child, 
Elizabeth,  wife  of  Robert  Robinson,  M.D.,  and  mother  of 
an  only  child,  Elizabeth  Robinson  Lystcr,  yii.  '25  May, 
1785,  F'rederick  Trench,  1st  Lord  Ashtown. 

III.  William,  of  Grange,  co.  Roscommon,  father,  by  Chris- 
tiana his  wife,  of 

Thomas,  of  Grange,  and  afterwards  of  Athleague,  who  m. 

twice  :  his  2nd  wife,  .Mice,  was  widow  of  Sir  John  Aylmer, 

Bart.    By  his  1st  wife  he  left  at  his  decease,  1726,  two 


1  William,  of  Athleague,   whose  will,  dated  26  June, 

1722,  was  proved  4  Aug.  1772.     He  i/i.  Margaret,  dau. 





of  Bryan  Gunning,  Esq.,  and  widow  of  John  F.dwnnls, 
Esq.,  andl)y  her  (who  m.  3rdly,  Capt.  Francis  Houston, 
and  4tlily,  Theobald,  Viscount  BourliC,  of  Mayo)  had  a 
son,  Jolin,  and  three  daus.,  Ehzabeth,  d.  unm. ;  Jane, 
■wife  of  Christopher  Kirwan,  Esq.,  who  took  the  name 
of  Lyster,  1S06 ;  and  Margaret,  m.  1st,  William 
O'Dwycr,  Esq.,  and  2ndly,  Richard  Eumbold,  Esq. 
2  Thomas,  of  Grange,  Col.  in  the  army,  d.  1790,  leaving 
(by  his  wife,  whod.  1750)  foursons,  Lieut.-Col.  Anthony 
Lyster,  of  Grange  (who  m.  Anna  Clcland,  and  left,  with 
several  daus.,  two  sons,  Thomas  St.  George,  who  sold 
the  estate ;  and  Anthony,  of  Stillorgan,  b.  1797,  m. 
Marcia  Deborah,  5th  dau.  of  the  late  James  Tate,  Esq. 
of  Ballintaggart,  co.  WicUIow,  and  has  a  son,  Harry 
Hammon,  Lieut.-Col.  Indian  army,  V.C,  Major  Bengal 
Staff  Corps) ;  John,  father  of  Benjamin,  Capt.  R.A. ; 
Thomas;  George  William;  and  daus.,  of  whom  Sophia, 
m.  1812,  Rev.  Sir  Harcourt  Lees,  Bart. 

The  eldest  son, 
John  Ltsteb,  Esq.  of  Corrakip,  m.   Elizabeth  Bcllew,  of 

Mount  Bellew ;  and  d.  1784,  leaving  a  son  and  successor, 
Anthony  Lyster,  Esq.  of  New  Park,  co.  Westmeath,  whose 

will,  dated  14  Oct.  1751,  was   proved  9  Nov.  1754;  he  in.  1733, 

Mary,  dau.  of  Bryan  Geoghegan,  of  Castletown  Geoghegan, 

and  had  issue, 

I.  Matthew,  of  New  Park,  Capt.  9th  Dracroons,  High  Sheriff 
1775,  hi.  1771,  Helena,  dau,  of  Ignatius  Kelly,  Esq,  of  Car- 
gins ;  and  ci!.  1797,  leaving  issue, 

1  Anthony,  of  New  Park,  Capt.  4th  Dragoon  Guards,  &. 
177i; ;  d.  unm.  1800. 

1  Elizabeth,  w.  Is08,  Ralph  Smythe,  Esq.  of  Barbavilla, 
CO.  Westmeath. 

2  Helen  Jane,  m.  a  French  nobleman;  and  d.  s.  fi. 

II.  James,  of  whom  we  treat. 

III.  Christopher.  iv.  Michael. 

I.  Elizabeth,  vi.  Miles  Dowdall,  Esq.  of  Cluwne,  co.  Mcath. 

II.  Chrisiian. 
The  2nd  son, 

James  Lyster,  Esq.  of  Lystcrfield,  co.  Roscommon,  J. P., 
High  Sheriff  1799,  m.  Isr,  Letitia,  dau.  of  J.  Woods,  Esq.  of 
Rossmead,  co.  Westmeath,  and  by  her  had  one  .son,  Anthony, 
of  whom  hereafter.  He  in.  2ndly,  the  dau.  of  John  Burke, 
Esq.  of  Tyaquin,  co.  Galway,  and  by  her  had  issue, 

James,    '/;;.   1st,   his  cousin,  the  Hon.  Elizabeth  Hamilton, 
relict  of  the  Hon.  Charles   Hamilton;    and  2ndly,   Anne, 
relict  of  Edward  Mills,  Esq.  of  Fairymount,  co.  Roscummun ; 
and  d.  s.  p.  1840. 
John,  Lieut,  in  tlie  2nd  regt.,  killed  in  Egypt. 
Thomas,  Lieut.  Gfith  regt..  Killed  in  Portugal. 
Matthew  Walter,  m.  Lucy,  dau.  of  Col.  Caulfeild,  of  Cenown, 
CO.  Westmeath. 

Emily,  m.  Capt.  Zobel,  fiSth  regt. 
Mary,  m.  Edward  O'Beirne,  Esq.  of  Dublin. 
Marcella,  m.  M.  Trimble,  Esq.,  Lieut.  Uth  regt. 
Eliza,  d.  1825.  Eleanor. 

The  only  son  of  the  1st  marriage, 

Anthony  Lister,  Esq.,  Lieut.-Col.  in  the  army,  and  High 
Sheriff  for  co.  Roscommon  1815 ;  in.  1S08,  Jane,  dau.  of  George 
Fosbery,  Esq.  of  Adare  Farm,  co.  Limerick  ;  and  d.  May,  1841, 
having  had  issue, 
James,  present  male  representative. 
Thomas  Rice,  Lieut.  R.E.,  ./.  at  Barbados,  21  Feb.  1.942. 
George  Fo.sbcry,  C.E.,  Engineer  of  the  Liverpool  and  .Mersey 
Docks,  7».  184s,  Mis3  M.E.  Saunderson,   dau.  of  the  Hun. 
T.  Saunderson,  of  Antigua,  and  hasi-ssue,  John  Saunderson  ; 
Anthony   George;    Thomas   liice   Somerville;    and  Mary 
Georgina  Jane. 
Christina,  r,i.  1841,  Henry  Hoyle,  Esq.  of  Little  Harwood 

Hall,  Blackburn,  co.  Lancaster,  and  has  issue. 
Letitia,  d.  unm.  1837. 

Armf: — Erm.,  on  a  fess  sa.  three  mullets  or.  Crrsi — .K  stag's 
head  issuing  from  a  ducal  coronet  all  ppr.  il/otto— Retiueus 
vestigia  faniae. 

Jiesidence — Ontario,  Kingston,  Canada  West. 


MacAdam,  Thomas  Stannaed,  Esq.  of  Black- 
water,  CO.  Clare,  and  Borde  Hill,  Sussex,  Lieut.- 
Col.  3rd  West  York  Militia,  J.P.  co.  Clare,  and 
Sussex,  I.  Sept.  1S27  ;  m.  1st,  Jan.  1855,  Eliza 
Chivers,  dau.  of  John  Seddou  Bower,  Esq.  of 
Broxliolme  House,  co.  York,  aud  by  her  (who  d. 
9  Oct.  1856),  has  issue, 

1.  Philip  Bower,  h.  G  Oct.  185G. 

He  m.  2ndly,  Sept.  1858,  Ellen  Jane,  onlv  dau.  of 
AVilliam  D'Arcy  Preston,  Esq.,  Capt.  E.N.,  of 
Borde  Hill,  Sussex,  aud  by  her  has  issue, 

II.  Frank  Robert  Preston. 
I.  Charlotte  Honor. 

III.  Waller. 
:i.  Grace. 

ILtlTCatJC. — The  MacAdams  are  of  ancient  .Scottish  origin, 
and  claim  descent  from  CUn  Gregor. 

The  first  of  the  family  who  obtained  footing  in  Clare  was 
the  Cromwellian  officer  Col.  John  MacAdam,  who,  in  tlio 
Parliamentarian  interests,  for  a  considerable  time  held  Bun- 
ratty  Castle,  and  (1641)  most  gallantly  defended  it  during  it.i 
protracted  siege.  He  was  ultimately  killed  there,  and  under 
its  walls  still  lie  his  remains. 

Philip  MacAdam  purchased  the  estate  of  Blackwater,  in  co. 
Clare,  from  James  Craven,  Esq.  in  1684.  He  ci.  1694,  and  was 
.?.  by  his  son, 

Philip  MacAdam,  who  d.  unm.  24  June,  1729;  and  his  next 
brother,  John  Craven  MacAdam,  a  naval  officer,  having  been 
killed  (unm.)  in  the  South  Seas,  he  was  s.  by  his  only  surviving 

Thomas  MacAdam,  Esq.  of  Churchland  House.  He  d.  1752. 
His  eldest  son  (by  his  wife  Honor  O'Ryan,  dau.  of  Terence 
Grace  O'Ryan,  Esq.  of  co.  Tipperary), 

Philip  MacAdam,  Esq.  of  Churchland,  m.  2  Aug.  1755, 
Catherine,  2nd  dau.  of  Rev.  Bassett  Dickson,  of  Knockdrum- 
assell,  CO.  Limerick,  and  left  issue,  with  daus.,  two  sons, 

I.  Thomas,  his  heir. 

II.  John,  rn.  the  dau.  of  G.  Vincent,  Esq.  of  Parteen  House, 

00.  Clare. 
The  eldest  son, 

Thomas  MacAdam,  of  Churchlands  and  Blackwater,  6. 
12  Jan.  1762;  in.  1st,  1783,  Jane,  only  dau.  and  heiress  of 
Peter  Tyndal,  Esq.  of  Dublin,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1793)  left 
issue,  with  one  dau.,  two  sons, 

I.  Philip,  his  heir. 

II.  Thomas  Hutchin.son,  h.  1792;  m.  1827,  Charlotte,  4tli 
dau.  of  John  Lannigan  Stannard,  Esq.  of  The  Grange,  co, 
Kilkenny;  and  d.  1836,  leaving  issue, 

1  Thomas  Stannard,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Brown,  Esq., 
J. P.,  of  Clunboy  House,  co.  Clare. 

2  Robert  Stannard. 

1  Charlotte.  2  Jane. 

Mr.  MacAdam  in.  2ndly,  1796,  Catherine,  dau.  of  J.  DIck.-on, 
Esq.  of  Limerick,  by  whom  he  left  issue  an  only  child, 

III.  David  Hastings,  b.  1798. 

Mr.  MacAdam  d.  1825,  and  was  .?.  by  his  eldest  son, 

Philip  MacAdam,  Esq.  of  Blackwater  House,  b.  1789,  Capt. 
3rd  West  York  MiUtia;  in.  1825,  Elizabeth,  3rd  dau.  of  John 
Lannigan  Stannard,  Esq.  of  The  Grange,  co.  Kilivcnny;  aucl 
d.  2  Sept.  1855,  leaving  issue, 

I.  Thomas  Stannard,  now  of  Blackwater. 

II.  Philip  Henry,  „(.  18G4,  Helen,  d;iu.  of  Miles  O'Reilly, 
Esq.,  Judge  of  London  County,  Canada,  and  has  i.ssue. 

III.  .lohn  Stannard. 

I.  Elizabeth  Matilda,  m.  1875,  William  Waller,  Esq.,  J.P.,  ol 
Prior  Park,  co.  Tipperary.  ii.  Kate. 

III.  Martha  Roger,  m.  1865,  Henry,  3rd  son  of  Major  Johl 
Vereker,  of  Limerick  (deceased). 

^?-iiis — Vert,  across  calvary,  in  the  dexter  chief  a  mullet 
and  in  the  sinister  a  crescent  all  or.  Motto — In  hoc  sigm 

Hod — Blackwater  House,  co.  Clare,  near  Limerick.  Club*- 
United  Service,  Pall  Blall;  County  Clare  Club,  Ennis;  CounCJ 
Limerick  Club,  Limerick. 

, '^ 


M'Adam,  CHRiSTorHEB,  Esq.  of  Balloclimorrie 
CO.  Ayr,  6.  11  March,  1807;  m.  29  March,  1837 
Eleanor,  dau.  of  Edward  Stephens  Trelawny,  Esq 
of  Coldriuick,  Cornwall,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1852, 
Itad  issue, 

1.  Ellen  Jane. 

II.  Agnes  Henrietta,  d.  unm. 

III.  Emily  Darell  Louisa,  vi.  1874,  Charles  Dudley  Maynard 

Esq.,  M.R.C.S. 

ILtnCn0C. — The  M'Adams  of  Waterhmd,  co.  Kirkcud 
bright,  cl;um  descent  from  Gregor  M'Gregor,  Chief  of  th' 
Clan  Gregor,  whose  2nd  son,  Gregor,  Capt.  of  the  clan,  fled,  i 
is  stated,  to  the  south  country,  and  was  taken  and  executed ll 
Edinburgh.    His  son,  it  is  handed  down, 

Adam  M'Gregor,  being  compelled  to  change  his  name 
called  himself  Adam  M'Adam;  he  was  ancestor  of 

GiLiiERT  M'Adam,  served  heir  to  his  father  2  Aug.  1662.  H 
was  a  strenuous  supporter  of  the  reformed  religion  in  Scot 
land.    He  was  tried  and  banished  the  coimtry  for  harbourii), 





lUc  famoiia  John  Walsh  and  other  leaders  of  the  insurrection, 
wlio  ilctl  from  Bothwell  field.  HavinR  been  ransomed,  he  re- 
turned, and  whilst  at  prayer  in  a  cottage  in  Kirkmichael,  co. 
Ayr,  was  surprised  and  shot  by  a  party  of  soldiers  under  the 
Lairds  of  Colzean  and  Ballochmyle,  1680.  lie  m.  a  dau.  of 
James  Dun,  of  Benwhatt,  and  had  a  son  and  successor, 

James  M'Adam,  who  was  served  heir  to  his  father  1G86. 
He  7)1.  a  lady  of  the  Cunningham  family,  appears  to  have 
<Z.  1687,  and  was  s.  by  his  son, 
James  M'Adam,  m.  Janet  Craufurd,  by  whom  he  had, 
James  M'Adam,  his  heir,  m.  1715,  Margaret,  dau.  and 
heiress  of  John  Reid,  of  Mid  Helliar,  co.  Ayr,  and  had  issue. 
The  eldest  son, 

James  M'Adam,  of  Sauchrie,  co.  Ayr^  J.r.,  D.L.,  one  of 
the  founders  of  the  first  bank  in  the  town'of  Ayr,  m.  Susanna, 
dau.  of  John  Cochrane,  of  Waterside,  and  had  issue  two  sons, 
I  James,  Capt.  in  the  army,  d.  unm.  17G3,  and  Joun  Locdon, 
,  of  whom  presently;  and  eight  dans.,  of  whom  the  eldest, 
Margaret,  m.  William  Logan,  Esq.;  and  the  4th,  Grissell,  m. 
Adam  Steuart,  Esq.    The  2n6.  son, 

John  Locdon  M'Adam,  celebrated  for  the  reformation  of 
the  public  roads  of  the  kingdom,  ni.  1st,  175G,  Gloriana  Mar- 
jraretta,  dau.  of  William  NicoO,  of  Islip,  Suffolk  co..  Long 
Island,  America,  lineally  descended  from  Col.  NicoU,  Equerry 
to  the  Duke  of  York  (James  IL)  at  the  taking  of  New  York. 
At  the  close  of  the  American  revolutionary  war,  Mr.  M'Adam 
wont  early  in  life  to  America,  and  on  his  return  purchased 
^  ichrie,  CO.  Ayr.  He  d.  26  Nov.  1S36,  in  the  81st  year  of  his 
He  had  issue, 
William,  his  heir.  James,  d.  an  infant. 

James  NicoU  (Sir),  knighted  1834  ;  d.  30  June,  18.^2. 
John  Loudon,  r,i.  Marianne,   dau.  of  Joseph  Hcllicar  and 
Henrietta  Gresley ;  and  d.  21  March,  I8o7,  aged  58,  having 
had  issue,  Charles  Loudon,  d.  June,  1861 ;  Alice  Mary;  and 
Stlina  Henrietta. 

Anne,  m.  Capt.  James  Sanders,  E.N.  and  C.B.,  and  left  issue. 
tJlorianaMargaretta,  d.  unm. 
Giorgina  Keith,  d.  7  March,  1869. 
;Mr.  M'Adam  m.  2ndly,  Miss  De  Lancy,  but  had  no  issue.    His 
tliU'st  son, 

William  M'Adam  d.  23  Feb.  1S36,  a  few  months  before  his 
f'ithcr.    Hem.  3  June,  1799,  Jane,  dau.  of  Capt.  Tickard,  of 
13th  Light  Dragoons,  and  had  by  her  (who  d.  23  June, 
.1)  issue, 

William,  heir  to  his  grandfather. 
CiiRisTOPnER,  present  head  of  the  family. 
George,  ni.  Theresa,  dau.  of  William  Ecclcs,  and  has  issue, 
1  William  Edward.  2  George  Christopher. 

3  Loudon  Tenner.  4  John  Alfred, 

.■i  Frederick.  6  Henry  Martyn  Eccles. 

7  Allan  Earnest. 
1  Annie  Selina  Campbell.       2  Isabella  Theresa. 

Selina,  rf.  1871. 

Su^ian  Cochrane  Craufurd,  m.  George  Natheam,  and  has 
issue.  Jane,  m.  Capt.  John  Townsend. 

William  M'Adam,  of  Ballochmorrie,  co.  Ayr  (Sauchrie 
having  been  sold),  Surveyor-Gen.  of  Turnpike  Roads  in  Eng- 
lund,  s.  his  grandfather  1836.  He  d.  28  Aug.  1861,  aged  58,  and 
was  s.  by  his  brother. 

Arms — Vert,  three  arrows  paleways,  barbed  and  feathered 
arg.      Cre.H — A   stag's  head  erased    ppr.      Siqyporttrs — Two 
S  iracens  naked  ppr.    Mottoes — Above  the  crest :  Calm;  under 
arms  :  Crux  mihi  grata  quies. 
...U — Ballochmorrie,  co.  Ayr. 


Someetille-Macalesteb,  Chaeles,  of  Kennos, 
!.  Ayr,  Hon.  Lieut.  -  Col.  Ayr  and  Wigto's^ii 
Militia,  D.L.  and  J.P.,  Chief  of  the  Clan  Alester,  in 
Kintyre,  b.  15  Sept.  1799  ;  m.  Jan.  1828,  Mary 
Adeline  Brabazon,  only  child  of  the  late  Edwai'd 
T.yon,  Esq.  of  Dublin,  an  ofEcev  K.N.,  by  Anna 
(  iitherine  his  ■wife,  dau.  and  co-heiress  of  George 
i'redevick  Wynstanley,  Esq.  of  Philipsburgh,  co. 
'  Dublin,  and  by  her  (-who  d.  1861)  has  had  issue, 

I.  Charles,  6.  13  March,  1830;  m.  1867,  Williamina  Pollok, 
youngest  dau.  of  William  Pollok  Morris,  Esq.  of  Craig, 
CO.  Ayr,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1872)  he  had  issue,  Charles 
Godfrey,  6.  1SC8;  Henry;  Janet;  Mary;  Violet. 

II.  Edward,  b.  14  June,  1834.  iii.  James,  d.  1837. 

I.  Anna  Catherine,  d.  16  Aug.  1855. 

II.  Jessie,  (/.  2  July,  1845. 

m.  Mury  AdeUne,  m.  1864,  Hay  Boyd,  Esq.  of  Townsend, 

CO.  Ayr,  formerly  Lieut.-Col.  20th  regt.,  D.L.,  J. P.,  and 
has  a  dau.,  Mary  Elizabeth. 
ILtllCilftC. — M'Alester,  of  the  Loupe,  is  descended  in  a 
direct  line  from  Alaster,  or  Alexandeb,  eldest  son  of  Angus 
Mob,  Lord  of  the  Isles  and  Kintyre,  a.d.  1284. 

Alexander  acquired  large  additions  to  his  territories  by 
marriage  with  Amie,  one  of  the  daus.  and  co-heiresses  of 
Ewin  de  Ergadia,  but  having  espoused  the  cause  of  Baliol,  ia 
opposition  to  the  claims  of  Robert  Bruce  to  the  Scottish  throne, 
he  was  defeated  by  that  monarch,  who  besieged  him  in  his 
principal  stronghold  of  Castle  Swain:  being  forced  to  sur- 
render, he  was  imprisoned  in  Dundonald  Castle,  where  he 
died.  His  possessions  were  bestowed  on  his  younger  brother, 
Angus  Oge,  who  assumed  the  Lordship  of  the  Isles,  and  from 
whom  are  descended  the  various  chieftains  of  the  M'Donald 
tribes.  But  the  M'.A.lesters  possessing  that  jus  sangni-iiis  of 
which  no  forfeiture  could  deprive  them,  claim  to  represent  the 
ancient  Lords  of  the  Isles,  as  lineal  descendants  and  heirs  male 
of  Alester,  eldest  son  of  Angus  Mor,  who  was  the  son  of 
Donald,  the  son  of  Reginald,  son  of  Somerled,  Lord  of  the 
Isles,  and  Thane  of  Argyll  a.d.  1040,  the  common  ancestor  of 
the  Clan  Donald,  Clan  Dugall,  and  Clan  Alester,  known  also 
as  the  Clan  Ean-Dubh.  The  sons  of  Alester,  with  their  ad- 
herents, being  driven  from  the  Isles,  sought  refuge  on  the 
mainland,  and  obtained  possession  of  several  strongholds  in 
Knapdale  and  Kintyre.  On  the  overthrow  of  the  dynasty  of 
the  Isles,  in  the  reign  of  James  IV.,  a.d.  1493,  they  became  a 
separate  and  independent  clan,  under  their  chief  Ean  Dcbh, 
who  fixed  his  residence  at  Ardpatrick,  in  South  Knapdale,  and 
for  several  generations  his  descendants  retained  the  patronymic 
of  Vic-Ean-Dubh.    He  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Charles,  appointed  Steward  of  Kintyre  a.d.  1841.  He  was 
s.  by  his  son, 

Angus  Vic-Ean-Ddbh,  styled  also  Angus  M'Alester,  of  the 
Loupe.  He  is  mentioned  in  the  Register  of  the  Privy  Seal, 
A.D.  1515.    He  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Alexander,  mentioned  in  Piicnirn's  Criminal  TrioJg  as 
having  incurred  the  penalty  of  forfeiture,  for  treasonably 
abiding  from  the  army  of  Sulloway,  but  obtained,  in  1540, 
remission  of  the  sentence  for  himself  and  fifteen  of  his  clan. 
He  left  a  son. 

Hector  M'Alester,  who  did  not  long  survive.  He  was  s. 
by  his  son, 

Alexander  M'Alester,  who,  in  1573,  obtained  a  charter 
from  Archibald,  Earl  of  Argyll.  His  name  appears  on  the 
Roll  as  one  of  those  who,  by  Act  of  Parliament,  were  called 
upon  to  deliver  hostages,  whose  lives  were  to  be  held  respon- 
sible for  the  obedience  of  their  chiefs.  At  his  death  his  son 
and  successor, 

Godfrey  M'Alester,  was  yet  a  minor.  In  1591,  he  obtained 
a  charter  from  the  Earl  of  Argyll,  and  therein  is  designated 
Gorrie  M'Eachine  Vic-Alester-Vic  Ean-Dubh.  At  an  early 
age,  he  became  the  hero  of  a  tragedy  still  remembered  in  the 
Highlands,  the  heads  of  which  arc  given  in  Pitcaii-n's  Criniincl 
Trials.  He  took  an  active  part  in  most  of  the  feuds  and  con- 
flicts of  the  troubled  period  in  which  he  lived.  He  closed  his 
turbulent  career  about  the  beginning  of  tlie  17th  century,  and 
was  buried  at  lona,  in  the  tomb  of  his  ancestors.  His  statue, 
in  black  marble,  %vas  to  be  seen  there,  within  the  last  century. 
He  was  s.  by  his  son, 

Hector  M'Alester,  who  had  charters  from  the  Earl  of 
Argyll  for  the  lands  of  Loupe  and  others,  being  tliereiu 
designated  Hector  M'Gorry-Vic-Eachine-Vic-AUister-Vie  Ean- 
Dubh.  He  ra.  11  March,  16'20,  Margaret,  dau.  of  Campbell,  of 
KiUierry.    His  son  and  successor, 

Godfrey  M'Alester,  of  Loupe,  m.  a  dau.  of  Sir  Robert 
Montgomerie,  of  Skelmorlie.     His  son  and  successor, 

Alexander  M'Alester,  supported  the  cause  of  Jasies  VII. 
to  the  last,  and  was  engaged  at  the  battles  of  Killicrankie  and 
the  Boyne.  He  in.  Jane,  dau.  of  Sir  James  Campbell,  Bart,  of 
Auchenbreck,  by  whom  he  had  a  numerous  family.  (The  3rd 
son,  Duncan,  settled  in  Holland,  and  was  father  of  Gen. 
Robert  M'Alester,  who  commanded  the  Scots  Brigade.)  The 
eldest  son  of  Alexander, 

Hector  M'Alester,  d.  without  issue,  and  was  s.  by  his 

Charles  M'Alester,  m.  Christina,  dau.  of  Lament,  of 
Lamont,  by  whom  he  had  two  sons,  Angus,  his  heir;  and 
Archibald,  who  for  many  years  commanded  the  35th  regt. 
He  d.  a  Lieut. -Gen.,  leaving  a  large  family.  His  eldest  son, 
Charles,  was  Lieut.-Col.  of  the  Ceylon  Rifles. 

Angus  JI'.Vlester,  who  s.  his  father,  in.  his  co'..sin  Jane, 
dau.  of  JI'Donald  of  Ardnacroish,  and  cousin  to  the  celebrated 
Flora  M'Donald,  and  was  s.  by  his  only  son, 





Charles  M'Alesteb,  J.P.  andD.L.,  Lieut.-Col.  Commandant 
1st  Ayrsliive  Local  Militia,  b.  13  Jan.  1705  ;  m.  23  JIarcli,  17U2, 
Jessie,  dau.  and  lieiressof  William  Somerville,  of  Kennox,  co. 
Ayr,  by  his  wife  Lilias,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Gabriel  Porter- 
field,  of  Ilapland,  and  had  issue, 

Charles  Somerville  M'Alestee,  present  representative. 

James,  of  Chapcltown. 

AVilheluiina,  d.  1874.  Jane,  d.  1S71. 

Col.  Somerville  M'Alesterc?.  Oct.  1847. 

Arms—0\;  an  eagle  displayed  gu.  armed  sa.  sui-mounted  on 
the  breast  of  a  galley  of  the  first,  a  border  of  the  third,  charged 
•with  three  crosses-crosslet  fitchee  arg.  Crest— A.  dexter  arm 
in  armour  erect,  tlie  hand  holding  a  dagger  in  pale  all  ppr., 
motto  over,  Kortiter.  Motto — Per  mare  per  terras.  .Sit/i- 
porttrs — Dexter,  a  bear  pierced  in  the  back  with  an  arrow ; 
and  sinister,  an  eagle  all  ppr. 

Seat — Kennox  House,  Stewarton,  co.  Ayr. 


Macalistee,  Keith,  Esq.  of  Glenbai-r  and  Cour, 
CO.  ArgyU,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  h.  13  Nov.  1803  ;  m.  1st, 
3  June,  1830,  Mary  Agatha,  only  dau.  of  Eobert 
Campbell,  Esq.  of  Skipness,  by  Eugenia  bis  wife, 
dau.  of  Eicbard  Wynne,  Esq.  of  Folkingbam,  co. 
Lincoln,  and  has  issue, 

I.  JIatthew  Charles  Beodie,  late  of  Crubasdale,  Capt.  90th 
Highland  Borderers,  J.P.,  6.  6  31ay,  1838 ;  '„i.  11  Aug. 
1869,  Augusta,  2nd  dau.  of  Capt.  Ilenry  Lees. 

I.  Agatha  Cecilia  Constance. 

II.  CaroUne  Elizabeth  Villiers,  m.  W.  Green,  Esq. 

III.  Elinor  Georgina.  iv.  Eliza  Gordon. 

He  m.  2ndly,  3  Aug.  1858,  Alexandrina  Georgina 
Cunningham,  dau.  and  co-heiress  of  "W.  Millar,  Esq. 
of  Monkcastle  and  Moukridden,  co.  Ayr,  and  has 
II.  Norman  Godfrey,  5.  3  Feb.  1S61. 

ILtnCaffC— This  branch  of  the  clan  Macalister  claims 
descent  from  the  Lords  of  the  Isles. 

Ranald  Macalister,  Esq.  ni.  Anne,  dau.  of  Macdonald  of 
Eingsborough,  had,  with  several  daus.,  five  sons,  i.  Alex- 
ander, of  Strathaird ;  ii.  Keith,  of  Torrisdaile  and  Loup,  a 
Gen.  in  the  army ;  m.  John,  a  Col.  in  the  army;  iv.  Matthew, 
of  whom  we  treat;  v.  Norman,  a  Col.  in  the  army,  and 
Governor  of  Prince  of  Wales  Island.    The  4th  son, 

Matthew  Macalister,  Esq.  of  Barr,  Col.  in  the  army,  m. 
1st,  Miss  CampbeU,  of  Glensaddel ;  and  2ndly,  23  Dec.  1802, 
Charlotte,  youngest  dau.  of  James  Brodie,  Esq.  of  Brodie, 
and  Lady  Margaret  Duff,  his  wife,  dau.  of  William,  1st  Earl 
of  Fife.  He  d.  23  Dec.  1829,  aged  72,  leaving  by  his  2nd  mar- 
riage, an  only  son,  Keith  Macalister,  now  of  Glenbarr  and 

iSeai— Glenbarr  Abbey,  Greenock. 


II.  Richard. 
I.  Caroline. 

II.  Eliza. 

III.  Geoi-ge. 
m.  Edith. 

IV.  Annie. 

Arms — Az.,fretty  or,  onafess'arg.  aboarpassantgu.  Crej(t--| 
A  salmon  naiant  ppr.     Motto — Virtus  sub  pondere  crescit. 
SmI — Drumcashel,  Castle  Bellingham,  co.  Louth. 


Aethtie,  Macan,  Esq.  of  Drumcashel,  co.  Louth, 
h.  25  July,  1852 ;  m.  7  Aug.  1877,  Mary  Louisa 
BelHngham,  eldest  dau.  of  Lieut.-Col.  Eellingham, 
of  Castle  BeUiugham. 

ItUTCitfJC. — The  MacCanns,  ancient  chiefs  in  Ulster, 
■were  of  the  race  of  MacMahon  of  Oriel.  Their  Clanbrassail 
estates  were  confiscated  in  the  sixteenth  century  with  those 
of  the  chieftains  who  joined  O'Neil's  party,  except  a  small  por- 
tion called  Desart,  near  Armagh,  which  was  afterwards  sold. 
The  senior  line  terminated  with  Glasney  Macan,  whose  only 
dau.  and  heir,  Elizabeth,  m.  John  Hamilton,  Col.  in  the  army 
of  James  II.,  killed  at  the  battle  of  Aughrim,  6th  son  of  Sir 
George  Hamilton,  Knt.  of  Donalong.  Thomas  McCann  was 
Sovereign  of  Armagh  in  the  middle  of  the  eighteenth  century. 
His  numerous  family  changed  the  form  of  the  name  into 
Macan,  and  one  of  the  sons  buying  property  in  Louth, 
established  the  family  in  that  county, 

Robert  Macan,  Esq.  of  Drumcashel  (grandfather  of  the 
present  representative),  m.  1783,  Hannah  Bagwell,  by  whom 
(who  d.  1S24),  he  left  at  his  decease,  in  1808,  a  son, 

Richard  Macan,  Esq.  of  Drumcashel,  vi.  28  Nov.  1848, 
Caroline  Helene  Macaire,  and  had  issue, 

t.  Abthub,  now  of  Drumctishel. 


Macaet>'et,  Caethanach  Geoege,  Esq.  <rfj 
Lissanoure,  co.  Antrim,  b.  11  Aug.  1869,  s.  hi»  [ 
father  29  Aug.  1874. 

ILinraCJC. — Of  the  Auchinleck  branch  of  the  ancient 
Scottish  family  of  Macartney  was  George  Macartney,  Esq., 
m.  1522,  Margaret,  dau.  of  Godfrey  MacCuUogh,  of  Fleet  Bank, 
Kirkcudbright.     His  great-great-grandson, 

George  Macartney,  Esq.,  a  Capt.  of  Horse,  removed  to 
Ireland  1649,  and  settling  in  co.  Antrim,  represented  Belfast 
in  Parliament.  In  1678  he  served  as  High  Sheriff,  and  in  1688, 
proclaimed  King  Willlam  and  Queen  Mary  at  Belfast.  By 
Jane  his  1st  wife,  dau.  of  Sir  Quintin  Calderwood,  he  had, 
inter  alios,  an  elder  son,  James,  one  of  the  Judges  of  the  Court 
of  Common  Pleas  in  Ireland,  temp.  Queen  Anne,  whose  grand- 
daus.  were  Frances  Macartney,  ra.  1748,  Fulke  GreTille,  Esq. 
of  Wilbury,  Wilts;  and  Mary  Macartney,  mi.  1761,  William 
Henry  Lyttelton,  Lord  Westcote.  By  his  2nd  wife,  Elizabeth, 
dau.  of  Sir  Stephen  Butler,  George  Macartney  was  father  of 
George  Macartney,  Esq.,  M.P.  for  Belfast,  who  d.  17  Oct. 
1757,  leaving,  by  Letitia,  his  1st  wife,  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Sir 
Charles  Porter,  Lord  Chancellor  of  Ireland,  a  son,  Geoeob 
Macartntet,  Esq.,  m.  1732,  Ehzabeth,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  John 
Winder,  and  left  one  son,  the  Right  Hon.  Sir  Georgb 
Macartney,  K.B.,  of  Lissanoure,  the  distinguished  diploma^ 
tist,  who  was  created  Baron  SIacartney,  1770,  and  made  Easi. 
1794,  and  d.s.2').  1806;  and  two  daus.,  Letitia,  m.  Godfrey 
Echlin,  Esq.,  and  d.  s.  'p.;  and  Elizabeth,  ra.  John  Balaquier, 
Esq.,  Major  of  Dragoons,  and  d.  1782,  leaving  an  only  dau., 
Elizabeth,  who  m.  1787, 

TuE  Rev.  Teavers  Hume,  6.  1757  (son  of  Gustavus  Hume, 
Esq.  of  Dublin,  State  Surgeon).  He  d.  July,  1805,  having  had 

George,  who  assumed  the  surname  and  arms  of  Macartney. 

Gustavus  Thomas,  b.  1794,  served  in  the  Royal  Artillery  at 
the  battle  of  Waterloo,  and  was  afterwards  in  the  15th 
Hussars,  and  6th  Dragoon  Guards;  d.  unrn.  1846. 

John,  b.  Oct.  1795;  ni.  1st,  Anna  Waller,  dau.  of  Joho 
Parker,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  had  one  son,  Arthur,  79th  High- 
landers, b.  21  June,  1840;  and  two  daus.,  Mary,  m.  Capt, 
Hickey,  1st  Bengal  Lancers;  and  Elizabeth.  He  m.  2ndly, 
Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Major  Stewart,  of  the  Rifles,  by  whom  he 
had  one  son,  John  Stewart,  6.  Aug.  1856.    He  d.  1859. 

Robert  (Rev.),  m.  2  June,  1823,  Mary,  3rd  dau.  of  Michael 
Harris,  Esq.,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1862)  had  issue,  1  Arthur, 
of  Dawson  Street,  Dublin,  6.  17  Aug.  1824;  ni.  14  June, 
1854,  Elizabeth,  2nd  dau.  of  Robert  F.  Rynd,  Esq.  of  Rynd- 
ville,  CO.  Meath,  and  has,  Arthur  Robert,  Lieut,  in  the 
army,  b.  21  Nov.  1856;  Maiy;  and  Florence  Elizabeth; 
2  Gustavus,  Major  38th  rcgt..  Knight  of  the  Legion  of 
Honour;  3  Robert,  Major .55th regt..  Knight  of  the  Legion 
of  Honour ;  4  John  Richard,  Capt.  55th  rcgl..  Knight  of  the 
Legion  of  Honour ;  5  Walter,  38th  regt. ;  and  1,  Elizabeth, 
m.  George  D.  Pakenham,  Esq.,  late  Capt.  •Ith  Bengal 
Light  Cavalry. 

Elizabeth,  m.  1806,  Henry  Brooke,  Esq.,  and  d.  1823. 

Georgiana,  m.  1808,  George  Richard  Golding,  Esq.,  Capt. 
4th  Dragoon  Guards,  deceased. 

Alicia,  r,i.  1823,  Major-Gen.  Oldfield,  K.H.,  deceased. 

Anna,  m.  1830,  F^rancis  Longworth  Dames,  Esq.  of  Green- 
hill,  King's  Co.,  and  d.  1835. 

The  eldest  son, 

George  Macartney,  Esq.  of  Lissanoure,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  6. 
Oct.  1793;  '//I.May,  1628,  Ellen,  only  surviving  child  and  heiress 
of  Townley  Patten  Filgate,  Esq.  of  Lowther  Lodge,  co.  Dublin, 
and  Dromgoolston,  co.  Louth,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1847)  had 

George  Teavers,  his  heir. 

Townley  Patten  Hume,  0.  Jan.  1841,  formerly  Capt.  ISth 
Hussars  and  Scots  Greys,  assumed,  by  royal  license,  dated 
4  June,  1862,  the  surname  and  arms  of  Filgate,  under  the 
will  of  his  maternal  grandfather;  m.  1802,  Tryphena, 
eldest  dau.  of  Right  Hon.  Sir  W.  R.  Seymour  Fitzgerald. 
G.C.S.I.,  Governor  of  Bombay,  and  has  issue  two  sons  and 
two  daus.  Capt.  Filgate  was  Military  Secretary  to  the 
Governor  of  Bombay. 

Martha  Ellen,  m.  1852,  Townley  Filgate,  Esq.  of  Arthurslon, 
CO.  Louth. 

Elizabeth  Jane.  Anna  Sophia. 

This  gentleman,  whose  patronymic  was  Heme,  assumed,  1814, 
the  surname  of  Macartney,  under  the  will  of  his  granduncle, 





Jarl  Macartney.  He  d.  20  Oct.  1869,  and  was  s.  by  his  eldest 

GEonnE  Tbavers  Macartnet,  Esq.  of  Lissnnonre,  formerly 
Japt.  15th  King's  Hussars,  b.  Feb.  1S30;  m.  Oct.  ISG.%  Henrietta 
^ranees,  3rd  dau.  of  the  late  Bobert  Soiytb,  Esij.  of  Gaybrook, 
;0.  Westmeath,  and  had  issue, 

Cartbanacb  George,  his  heir. 

Helen  Henrietta,  0.  July,  1866. 
Jr.  Macartney  rf.  29  Aug.  1874,  and  was  g.  by  his  son,  Car- 
:ban'acb  George  Macartney,  now  of  Lissanoure. 

Arms — Or,  a  buck  trippant  gu.  within  a  borduro  of  the  last. 
yest — A  cubit  arm  erect,  the  hand  grasping  a  rose-branch  in 
lower  all  ppr.    Motto — Mens  conscia  recti. 

Seats — Lis.'janourf,  Ballyuioney,  and  Lowther  Lodge,  Bal- 
iriggan,  CO.  Dublui. 



Ei-iison-Macaktxet,  John  William,  Esq.  of 
rhe  Palace,  Clogher,  co.  Tyrone,  M.P.  co.  Tyrone, 
Barrister-at-Law,  J. P.  cos.  Tyrone  and  Fermanagh, 
ligh  Sheriff  co.  Armagh  1870,  b.  2  May,  1818 ;  m. 
n  May,  1851,  Elizabeth  Phccbe,  eldest  surviving 
lau.  of  the  Eev.  John  Grey  Porter,  of  Kilskeery,  co. 
ryrone,  Belleisle,  co.  Fermanagh,  and  The  Palace, 
;o.  Tyrone  (eldest  son  of  the  Eiglit  Eev.  John 
?orter,  formerly  Lord  Bishop  of  Clogher) ,  by  his 
vife  Margaret  Lavinia,  dau.  of  Thomas  Lindsey, 
Esq.  of  Hollymount  House,  co.  Mayo,  nnd  of  Lady 
Margaret  Eleanor  Lindsey,  dau.  of  Chaiies,  1st  Earl 
)f  Lucan,  and  has  issue, 

I.  William  Grey,  6.  7  June,  1852. 

II.  Thomas  Stewart,  b.  19  Aug.  1854. 
in.  Arthur  Hubert,  6.  28  March,  1857. 
IV.  Henry  John,  6.  26  March,  1859. 

Hr.  Ellison  assumed,  by  royal  license,  4  April,  1S59, 
he  additional  surname  and  arms  of  Macaetxey,  on 
he  death  of  his  maternal  uncle,  the  Eev.  W.  G. 

^amilo  of  Cllisoit. 
Towards  the  end  of  the  reign  of  Jajies  I.,  Thomas  Ellison, 
yoiuiger  son  of  an  eminent  Merchant  of  Newcastle-upon- 
"yne,  went  over  to  Ireland,  and  settled  in  the  north-west  part 
f  that  country.     From  him  descended  William  Ellison,  Esq. 
f  Kocklands  and  Soho,  co.  Mayo,  whose  son, 
The  Rev.  Thomas  Ellison,  r,i.  1731,  Mildred,  dau.  of  Natha- 
liel  Cooper,  Esq.  of  Cappagh  and  Old  Grange,  co.  Kilkenny, 
ly  whom  he  had  issue, 

William,  m.  Miss  Fyvie.  John,  of  whom  presently. 

Thoma.';,  LL.D.,  Eector  of  Castlebar,  m.  Florinda  Norman, 
and  left  issue  three  sons,  Thomas.  William,  and  Frederick, 
all  d.  unm.;  and  three  daus.,  Catherine,  Florinda,  and 

Bingham,  m.  Miss  Crampton,  and  had  issue,  one  .son,  Thomas, 
Royal  Artilleiy,  and  a  dau.  Charlotte,  m.  Pierce  Goold, 
Esq.,  and  had  issue. 

Anne,  m.  George  Binghnm,  Esq.,  co.  Mayo,  and  had  issue 
three  daus.,  the  eldest  of  whom  rn.  Dr.  Arbuthnott,  Bishop 
of  Killaloe.  The  second  m.  1st,  Col.  Vesey,  and  bv  him 
had  an  only  dau.,  m.  Sir  Robert  Arbuthnott:  and  2ndlv, 
James  Kirkland,  Esq.,  by  whom  she  had  a  dau.,  Anne. 
The  third  dau.  of  Mrs.  Bingham  m.  John  Lindsey  Bucknall, 
Esq.  of  Turin,  co.  Mayo,  and  had  issue. 
'he  2nd  son, 

The  Rev.  John  Ellison,  D.D..  Fellow  of  Trin.  Coll.  Dublin, 
lector  of  Cleenish,  Diocese  of  Clogher,  and  afterwards  Eector 
f  Conwall,  Diocese  of  Raphoe,  m.  1776,  Anne,  dau.  of  John 
'Iphert,  Esq.  of  Ballyconnel,  co.  Donegal,  and  had  issue, 
Thomas,  Prebendary  of  Killamery,  Diocese  of  Ossory,  m.  1st, 
1803,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Cox,  widow,  by  whom  he  had  one  dau., 
Martha;  and  2ndly,  1815,  Catherine,  2nd  dau.  of  Abthcb 
!    Chichester  3Iacaetney,  Esq.,  by  whom  he  had, 
I      John  William,  the  present  JIr.  Ellison-SIacartney. 
Annette,  m.  1864,  Henry  Leader,  Esq.  of  Clonmoyle,  co. 

'  ^^V"  <Kev.),   m.  his   cousin,  Amelia,    dau.    of   Wvbrants 
,     Olphert,  Esq.  of  Ballyconnel,  co.  Donegal,  and  had  issue, 
;    John  Wybrants,  Anna  Maria,  and  Anne. 
Anne,  )».  Charles  Colhoun,  Esq.,  who  left  issue,  one  son  and 
four  daus. 

JamiliT  of  llfatartncn. 

'  George  Macartney,  Esq.  (son  of  George  Macartney,  the 
.1st  of  the  Macartneys  of  Blacket,  who  resided  in  Scotland^ 
|3tUed  at  Belfast  1630.    He  m.  Martha  Davics,  of  the  family 

of  Sir  John  Davies,  Knt.,  Attorney-General  for  Ireland  tewp. 

James  I.,  and  had  two  sons, 
George,  who  served  under  the  Duke  of  Marlborough  and 
Prince  Eugene,  had  the  mi.sfortune  to  act  as  second  to  Lord 
Mohun,  when  the  latter  fought  the  celebrated  duel  with  the 
Duke  of  Hamilton,  in  which  both  the  Duke  and  Lord  Mohun 
lost  their  Jives.  At  the  time  of  his  death  he  was  a  Lieut.- 
Gcn.  in  the  army.  Commander  in-Chief  of  the  Forces  in 
Ireland,  Governor  of  Portsmouth,  and  Col.  of  the  Car- 
bineers. Isaac. 

The  2nd  son, 

Isaac  Macartney,  Esq.,  possessed  a  large  estate  in  the  north 
of  Ireland,  and  served  as  High  Sheriff  of  co.  Antrim  1690. 
He  m.  Anne,  sister  and  co-heiress  (with  her  sister,  the  wife  of 
John  Macdowal,  of  Freugh,  and  grandmother  of  Patrick 
Macdowal,  Earl  of  Dumfries)  of  John  Haltridge,  Esq.  of  Dro- 
more,  Downshire,  M.P.  for  Killyleagh,  and  had  issue, 

George,  High  Sheriff  of  Antrim,  whose  representative  was 
the  late  Rev.  Arthur  Macartney. 
William,  of  whom  hereafter. 
Grace,  m.  Sir  Robert  Blackwood,  Bart. 

The  2nd  son, 

William  Macartney,  Esq.  M.P.  for  Belfast,  m.  Catharine, 
dau.  (by  Elizabeth  Montgomery  his  wife)  of  Thomas  Bankcs, 
Esq.,  of  the  family  of  Bankcs  of  Corfe  Castle,  Dorset,  and  had 
Arthur  Chichester,  his  heir. 

John,  of  Lish,  co.  Armagh,  created  a  bart.  22  July,  1799. 
The  elder  son, 

Arthur  Chichester  Macartney,  Esq.  of  Murlough,   co. 

Down,  Kings  Counsel,  hi.  Anna,  dau.  of  Rev.  Samuel  Lindsey, 

of  Turin  Castle,  co.  Mayo,  and  by  her  (who  d.  1841)  had  issue, 

Wn-LiAM  George,  M.A.,  Vicar  of  Killead,  co.  Antrim,  d.  s.p. 

12  Nov.  18ri8,  having  devised  his  property  to  his  nephew, 

the  present  John  Willlam  Ellison  JIacartney,  Esq. 

Frances,  to.  W.  Huband,  Esq.,  and  had,  with  other  issue,  a 

son  and  heir,  the  late  Capt.  George  Huband,  formerly  of 

the  8th  Hussars. 

Catherine,  m.  1815,  the  Rev.  Thomas  Ellison  («f  supra), 
and  d.  Oct.  1856.  Anne,  d.  unm.  1855. 

Letitia,  d.  unm.  1855.  Matilda,  d.  imm.  1857. 

Mr.  Macartney  d.  29  Sept.  1827. 

^rais— Quarterly :  1st  and  4th,  or.  a  buck  trippant  gu.  within 
a  bordurc  of  the  last,  for  Macartney  :  2nd  and  3rd,  gu.,  on  a 
chevron  between  three  eagles'  heads  erased  arg.  a  trefoil 
slipped  vert,  for  Ellison.  Crests—]  st,  A  cubit  arm  erect,  the 
hand  grasping  a  rose-branch  in  flower  all  ppr.,  for  Macaktney  ; 
2nd,  A  buck's  head  erased  ppr.  charged  on  the  neck  with  a 
trefoil  slipped  vert,  for  Ellison  ;  over  the  1st  crest  on  an  escroll 
the  motto,  Stimidat  sed  ornat.     .iVo«o— Spe  gaudeo. 

6'wf— Clogher  Park,  Tyrone.  Clubs— Cavlton;  St.  Stephen's; 
and  National. 


MacBeaiee,  James,  Esq.  of  Twecdhill  and  Broad - 
meadows,  co.  Berwick,  D.L.,  J.P.,  b.  12  May,  1832. 

HtnCHflC— The  estate  of  Netherwood,  co.  Dumfries,  des- 
cended in  regular  succession  in  the  MacBraire  family  for  many 
generations,  down  to  the  year  1 740,  when  it  was  in  the  posses- 
sion of  Archibald  MacBraire,  the  last  proprietor  of  the  name, 
who  was  compelled  to  alienate  the  entire  of  the  landed  property 
which  had  been  so  long  in  his  family. 

The  present  family  claim  to  be  the  immediate  descendants 
of  Robert,  son  of  Thomas  MacBraire,  of  Newark,  who  was  a 
younger  brother  of  the  Laird  of  Netherwood,  in  the  early  pait 
of  the  16th  century. 

Robert  MacBraire  settled  in  Edinburgh  as  a  Merchant, 
about  the  year  15C0,  and  he  and  his  successors  for  four  gene- 
rations continued  to  reside  there. 

Robert  MacBraire  (great-grandson  of  the  above  Robert), 
eldest  son  of  John  MacBraire,  Merchant  and  Burgess  in  Edin- 
burgh, settled  in  Glasgow,  and  r,i.  25  Nov.  1715,  Margaret, 
eldest  dau.  of  the  Rev.  John  Pettigrew,  Minister  of  the  parish 
of  Meikle  Govan,  co.  Renfrew,  and  left  issue,  James,  Robert, 
Thomas,  John,  of  whom  presently ;  Charles,  Robina,  Marion, 
and  Grizell. 

John  MacBraire,  Esq.,  the  eldest  surviving  son,  Capt.  91st 
foot,  was  killed  (28  May,  1798)  at  Enniscorthy,  during  the 
Irish  rebellion.  He  left  issue,  with  two  daus.,  four  sons,  James, 
Robert,  Frederick,  and  Arthur.    The  eldest  son, 

James  MacBraire,  a  Merchant  in  the  island  of  Newfound- 
land, where  he  filled  several  important  public  situations  in  the 
town  of  St,  John's,  finally,  1817,  retired  to  his  native  country, 
and  soon  afterwards  purchased  the  estates  of  Twecdhill  and 





Broadmeadows.  lie  m.  10  May,  1793,  Elizabeth,  only  dau.  of 
Joseph  Bower,  Esq.  of  Bristol,  son  of  James  Bower,  Esq., 
Earrister-at-Law,  and  had  an  only  surviving  son, 

John  Joseph  MacBraike,  Esq.  of  Tweedhill  and  Broad- 
meadows,  J. P.  and  D.L.,  6.  3  June,  1801  ;  m.  4  Aug.  1831, 
Caroline  Abigail,  dau.  of  Benjamin  Gott,  Esq.  of  Arniley 
House,  CO.  York,  and  had  issue  an  only  son,  James,  now  of 
Tweedhill  and  Broadmcadows.  He  «.  his  father  1832.  Mr. 
MacBraire  d.  1839,  and  wag  s.  by  his  only  son,  James 
MacBeaibe,  now  of  Tweedhill  and  Broadmeadows. 

Arm.'! — Arg.,  a  fcss  between  three  stars  in  chief,  and  a  lion 
rampant  in  base  of  the  last  gu.  Crest — A  lion  rampant  gu. 
Motto — In  defiance. 

iieaU — Tweedhill  and  Broadmeadows,  co.  Berwick. 


M'Call,  Henet,  Esq.  of  Daldowie,  co.  Lauarlr, 
J.P.,  h.  1818. 

iLittC<l0C. — This  family  came  originally  from  co.  Dura- 

Samtjel  M'Call,  a  wealtliy  Merchant,  possessed  properties 
in  Virginia  and  Maryland,  which  his  family  lost  in  the  War 
of  Independence  by  their  loyalty  and  adherence  to  the  British 
Crown.  He  ra.  1st,  6  Aug.  1707,  Isobell,  dau.  of  William 
Blackburn,  Mercliant  in  Glasgow,  by  whom  he  had  one  son, 
Samuel,  who  ra.  in  America,  where  the  family  still  exists.  He 
m.  2ndly,  21  Jan.  1714,  Margaret,  dau.  of  John  Adam,  Mer- 
chant in  Glasgow,  by  whom  he  left  issue, 

John,  ni.  Helen,  dau.  of  E.  Cross,  Esq.,  and  had  issue. 
William.  James,  of  whom  presently. 

George,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  A.  Smellie,  Esq.  of  Easterhill,  and 

had  issue. 

Archibald,  in.  Catherine,  dau.  of  —  Flood,  Esq.  of  Virginia. 
Marion,  m.  John  Anderson,  Merchant  in  Glasgow,  and  had 

Helen,  m.  Andrew  Thompson,  Esq.  of  Faskine,  and  had  issue. 
Margaret,  d.  unm. 

Mr.  S.  M'Call  d.  1759.    His  3rd  son, 

James  M'Call,  Esq.  of  Braeliead,  co.  Lanark,  in.  27  Jan. 
17C1,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Thomas  Reid,  Esq.  of  Saltcoats,  and  liad 

I.  Samuel,  of  Braehead  and  Glyntown,  to.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of 
Hewit  Poole,  Esq.  of  Maylicld,  co.  Cork,  and  had  issue, 

1  James,  late  Lieut.-Col.  8th  Hussars,  of  Braehead  and 
Glyntown.  2  Samuel. 

1  Elizabeth. 

II.  Thomas,  of  Craighead,  in.  Martha,  dau.  of  Charles  Pcn- 
roche,  Esq.,  and  liad  issue. 

III.  John,  of  Ibroxhill,  m.  Isabella,  dau.  of  Archibald  Smith, 
Esq.  of  Jordanhill,  d.  s.  p. 

IV.  .Tames,  of  Daldowie. 

I.  Elizabeth,  in.  David  Russell,  Esq.  of  Woodside,  co.  Stir- 
ling, and  had  issue. 

II.  Helen,  in.  Harry  Wallis,  'Esq.,  son  of  Harry  Wallis,  Esq. 
of  DrLshanc  Castle,  co.  Cork,  and  had  issue. 

III.  Mary,  in.  Fulton,  son  of  John  M'Kerrell,  Esq.  of  Hil- 
honse,  co.  Ayr,  and  had  issue. 

IV.  Margaret,  d.  unm. 

Mr.  M'Call  d.  1803.    His  4th  son, 

James  M'Call,  Esq.  of  Daldowie,  J.P.  and  D.L.,  b.  17S8; 
m.  1815,  Anna  C.  I.  De  Wet,  dau.  of  Ilenricus  Fehrszen,  of 
the  Cape  of  Good  Hope,  by  whom  he  had  issue, 

Henry,  now  of  Daldowie. 
John  Oloff,  of  Ballyhooly,  co.  Cork. 
<5eorge,  J. P.,  Capt.  2nd  Uoyiil  Lanark  Militia. 
Frederick,  J. P.,  in.  G  Dec.  1871,  Charlotte,  dau.  of  William 
Frogatt  Robson,  Esq.,  and  has  issue, 

1  James  Frogatt  De  Wet,  h.  1873. 

2  Frances  Catrina. 

Sarah,  in.  1st,  Lieut.-Col.  E.  D.  Campbell,  C.B.;  2ndly, 
Lieut. -Gen.  Alexander  Maxwell,  C.B.,  and  by  the  latter  has 
issue,  James  M'Call  and  Mary  Alexandra. 


lie  d.  7  Sept.  18C6. 

Arran — Gu.,  two  arrows  saltierv.ise  points  upwards  arg.,  sur- 
mounted by  a  fcss  checque  of  the  second  and  sa.,  between 
three  buckles  of  the  second,  all  within  a  border  engrailed  or. 
CrcH — A  leg  in  armour  coupcd  at  the  calf  ppr.  and  spurred  or. 
.l/otto  — Dulcc  periculum. 

Jiesidence — Daldowie,  near  Glasgow. 

II.  Frederick  Fitzgerald. 
IV.  Justin  Charles. 

Mccarty  of  carrignavak. 

McCarty,  Justin,  Esq.  of  Carrignavar,  co. 
Cork,  Earrisler-at-Law,  m.  Louisa,  dau.  of  Edward 
luLzGrerald,  Majoi"  E.I.C.S.,  aud  Las  issue, 

I.  Gebald  Falkinoe. 
III.  Robert  Capel. 
I.  Isabella. 

iLijtJaflC— Few  pedigrees  in  the  British  Empire  can  be 
traced  to  a  more  remote  or  a  more  exalted  source  than  that  of 
the  Celtic  House  of  M'Carty.  On  the  arrival  of  the  English 
in  the  12th  century,  they  were  styled  Kings  of  Desmond 
and  Cork.  From  Cormac  More,  who  lived  in  the  beginning 
of  the  12th  century,  sprang  two  sons.  Daniel,  the  elder,  .s.  his 
father  as  the  MaeCarty  More;  and  Diarmid,  the  younger, 
founded  the  powerful  House  of  Muskerry.  The  descendant  of 
Daniel  was  created  Earl  of  Clancare  by  Queen  Elizabeth,  15G5 ; 
but,  as  he  died  without  legitimate  male  issue,  his  honours  died 
with  him.  His  last  collateral  male  representative  was  Charles 
MaeCarty  More,  an  officer  in  the  Guards,  who  d.  1770.  The 
dwindled  possessions  of  this  branch  of  the  family  became 
vested  in  his  cousin,  Hebbekt,  of  Muckruss  (see  Bubke's  Vieis- 
situdes  of  Families). 

M'Carty  of  Carrignavar  is  the  chief  of  his  name,  and 
representative  of  the  eldest  existing  branch  of  the  once  sove- 
reign House  of  M'Carty.  The  first  who  bore  the  appellative 
of  M'Carty,  or  son  of  Cartagh,  was  the  grandfather  of  Diar- 
MOD  M'Carty  More,  whom  the  English  found  in  possession  of 
Cork,  and  who  swore  fealty,  gave  hostages,  and  subjected  his 
kingdom  to  Henry  II.  Diarmod  was  slain  by  Theobald 
Butler,  founder  of  the  House  of  Ormonde,  in  1186.  His  suc- 
cessors were  Donald,  Cobmac  Fionn,  Donald  Roe,  Donald 
Oge,  and  Cormac,  all  of  whom  were  distinguished  as  M'Carty 
JloRE  (or  Great),  an  adjunct  continued  in  this  senior  branch 
until  1550,  when  Donald  M'Carty  More,  the  7th  in  descent 
from  the  eldest  son  of  the  last-mentioned  Cormac,  was  created 
Earl  of  Clancare,  in  Kerry,  on  resigning  his  estates  to  Queen 
Elizabeth,  from  whom  he  again  received  the  investiture  ol 
them,  "to  hold  of  the  Crown  of  England  in  the  English 
manner."  This  stock  of  the  M'Carty  More  is  extinct  for  more 
than  a  century ;  but  the  above  Cormac  More  had  a  2nd  son, 
Debmod,  1st  feudal  lord  of  Muskerry,  and  founder  of  that 
potent  House,  who  was  killed  by  the  O'Mahonys,  1367.  Froa' 
him  sprung  in  succession,  as  Lords  of  Muskerry,  Teice-Cob 
mac,  d.  1374;  Teige,  1448;  Cormac  Laidhir  (the  Stout),  1494: 
Cormac  Oge  Laidhib,  who  defeated  the  Earl  of  Desmond  ai 
the  battle  of  Morne  Abbey,  1521,  and  d.  1536;  Teige,  d.  1565. 
Debmod  d.  1570.     His  son, 

Cormac,  Lord  of  Muskerry,  had  his  residence  at  the  Castl( 
of  Blarney,  and  d.  1616,  leaving  two  sons, 
Cormac  Oge,  Lord  of  Muskerry,  the  first  Viscount,  a; 
stated  by  some  writers.  He  d.  in  London  1640,  leavinf 
(with  a  dau.,  Elena,  wife  of  John  Power,  E.sq.,  ancestor  o 
Frances  Power,  wife  of  Richard,  Trench,  Esq.  of  Garbally 
a  son,  Donald,  1st  Earl  of  Clancarty,  whose  male  line  ii 
extinct.  Donald,  or  Daniel. 

The  second  son  of  Cormac, 

Donald  or  Daniel  M'Carty,  built  the  Castle  of  Carrigna 
var.   His  son,  by  Katherine  his  wife,  a  dau.  of  Stephen  Meade 

Charles  (Cormac)  M'Carty.  Esq.  of  Carrignavar,  in.  Cathe 
rine,  dau.  of  David  Roche,  7th  Viscount  Fermoy,  and  was  I 
at  his  decease  by  (the  son  Of  his  son,  Daniel,  and  Elizabetl 
Matthew  his  wife)  his  grantlson, 

Charles  M'Carty,  Esq.  of  Carrignavar,  in.  Lucy,  dau.  o 
Morgan  Kavanagh,  Esq.  of  Borris,  but  dying  without  issu 
1761,  he  was  s.  by  his  nephew, 

Daniel  M'Carty,  Esq.  of  Carrignavar,  son  of  Dan5( 
M'Carthy  and  Grace  Fitzgerald  his  wife),  in.  1751,  Elizabet 
Geraldina,  dau.  of  Gerald,  24th  Lord  Kingsale,  and  had  issue 
JnsTiN,  d.  s.  jj.  1775;  Robert,  successor  to  his  brother;  an 
Elizabeth,  in.  Maurice  Uniacke  Atkin,  Esq.  of  co.  Cork.  Ml 
M'Carty  d.  1703.    His  2nd  son, 

Robert  M'Carty,  Esq.  of  Carrignavar,  in.  1784,  Jane,  dai 
of  Joseph  Capel,  Esq.  of  Cloghroe,  and  had  issue, 

JnsTiN,  his  heir.  Joseph,  d.  uvm.  1821. 

Elizabeth,  rn.  1811,  Joseph  Deane  Freeman,  Esq.  of  Castk 
cor,  CO.  Cork. 

Mr.  M'Carty  d.  1823.    His  son, 

Justin  M'Carty,  Esq.  of  Carrignavar,  h.  19  March,  1786 
in.  29  May,  1810,  Isabella,  dau.  of  Caleb  Falkiner,  Esq.,  elde; 
son  of  Sir  Riggs  Falkiner,  Bart.,  by  whom  ho  had  survivii) 

Robert,  h.  14  April,  1811 ;  in.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  John  Hyd' 
Esq  of  Ca,stle  Hyde,  co.  Cork,  and  has  issue,  Justii 
Florence,  Bessy,  Gei-aldine,  Marie,  and  EUinor.     He  d.  186. 

Justin,  now  of  Carrignavar. 

Frederick  Caleb,  M.D.,  ii!.  1st,  1845,  Frances  Anne,  dau. 
John  Samuel  Beamish,  Esq.  ;  and  2ndly,  Miss  Jane  O'Dri 
coll,  and  d.,  leaving  by  the  latter  one  dau.,  Isabella  t 

Joseph  (liev.),  late  in  the  E.l.  Co.'s  military  service,  w 






dan.  of  the  Ven.  William  Thompson,  Archdeacon  of  Cork, 

l)y  whom  he  has  several  children. 
Lydia,  m.  Lowther  Forrest,  Esq.,  E.I.C.S. 
Jane,   m.  1st,    Eev.  Horace   Townsend;    and  2ndly,    1845, 

William  Barton  Leslie,  Esq.  of  Court  Macsherry,  co.  Cork. 
Isabella,  »i.  Alexander  Ross,  Esq.,  E.I.C.S. 
Elizabeth,  m.  George  Pakenham,  Esq.,  and  is  deceased. 
3Iary    Geraldine,    m.  1st,    Thomas   Charles   Morton,    Esq., 

liarrister-at-Law ;  and  2ndly,   William    Browarigg  Elliot, 

Esq.,  grandson  of  the  late  Lord  Minto. 
Kose.  Ellinor. 

Ue  d.  I8C4. 

Arms—Arg.,  a  stag  trippant  pil.,  attired  and  unguled  or. 
Crest — A  dexter  aim  couped  below  the  elbow  erect,  cloaked 
with  mail  arg.,  the  hand  ppr.  holding  a  newt  of  the  last.